if you had just tried a little harder

The Fitting (Part 13)

(Secrets are getting harder to keep and Jungkook’s jealousy and insecurity are taking a toll on him.) 

Warnings:  9500+ words.  Oral. Intercourse.  A little more realism than I think some people will be expecting.  

You didn’t want him.  At least not tonight.

 That thought rattled through Jungkook’s mind as he sat in the back of the taxi on his way home.  You had refused him because you wanted to be alone.  Because you weren’t in the mood.  Jungkook closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the seat while he tried to process what had just happened.  You had refused him before, when you were worried about being caught by others at work, but you always made arrangements to sleep with him later.  Tonight was different.  Tonight you refused him, not because you were afraid of being seen, but because you simply didn’t want him.

 It wasn’t supposed to be this way.  Jungkook had planned this first date so carefully, making sure to take you to an out of the way neighborhood so you could relax and not worry about being seen.  He picked the most expensive restaurant in that neighborhood for dinner because he wanted to show you he could appreciate the finer things, that he had money to spend on you, that he wanted to treat you like you were special.  He read dozens of movie reviews before picking that stupid, boring foreign film where everyone was rambling on with lengthy speeches about god-knows-what and all the money was spent on costumes and none on special effects.  

He hated those kinds of movies, but he knew you loved them and the most important thing was that you have a good time.  And you really did seem to be having a good time.  

 Meeting your cousin had been an unexpected hiccup at the beginning of the night – but Jungkook was actually grateful for it.  Although the interaction was uncomfortably awkward, meeting her meant that the relationship was one step closer to being public.  One person close to you now knew your secret.  Jungkook anxiously awaited the day when everyone close to the both of you knew that you were a couple.

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Y’all, Lana’s acting during that kiss was phenomenal

At first she’s almost smiling, like she had been waiting for this moment from the second she saw Robin alive again. And then her face falls, and her brow pinches, almost like she’s confused, like she doesn’t understand why it’s not right. And what got me the most was how she pushes into him, like she’s trying to force the kiss to feel right, like if she tries a little harder it will work. And then you can see the moment she stops kissing him back, the moment she gives up and lets him finish kissing her. She just opens her eyes, watches him as he pulls away from her, and her hope sinks away. 

All in the span of 10 seconds. 

in her shadow || nine.

word count: 1.8k
summary: “I was going to find a way to have her.”

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Who wears short shorts?

Hello, Love bugs!

Dan X Reader

warnings- Smut, Swears.

May you please do one where the reader likes wearing short shorts around the house and dan and Phil think they’re teasing them? Smut at the end maybe? Thnx x x - Anon

It was finally spring and you were going to take full advantage. You had pulled out the shorts that you had to hide away for two seasons. You and the boys were going to hang out to enjoy the spring by going to get a coffee and then sit indoors with the windows open while doing some work. 

Walking to the boy’s door you couldn't help the smirk on your face. It was a beautiful day and you were about to spend it with two cuties. You and Phil had been friends forever. After he introduced you to Dan it was like he was like you had found your long lost friend. You swore the two of you were best friends in a past life.You called Phil to tell him to bring his ass downstairs.

“Moshi Moshi!” You shook your head even if he couldn’t see it he had a feeling you were giving him the look through the phone.

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Joker Imagine - Self harm

Anonymous said:

Hi! Can you write one where joker finds out the reader is selfharming? Like when he catches he doing it?

!!!! WARNING !!!! 


Side note: I’m not trying to romanticise self harming in any way. It was requested and (warning, an opinion is coming!) I think that people should write anything really. I mean, for some murder can be an awful topic. If no one wrote about crime, there would be no detective stories, comics etc. Just saying! 

Originally posted by won-der-land89

Your P.O.V.

The pain was one feeling that made me feel alive. I didn’t feel completely empty, numb and dead inside when I made myself feel something. When the blood tickled down my skin or the electricity pinched me, I felt alive. Funny how a few weeks ago I was scared to do this, so terrified that my boyfriend the Joker would find it. I still was, but I reached a point where I couldn’t stop.

I cut myself, not so it was super obvious, but sometimes here and there. What I mostly did was something different. I used a few wires and a battery to give myself shocks. It hurt like fuck and rarely left marks. Of course my skin was bruising but J wouldn’t suspect a thing. It was better so. He wouldn’t understand anyway.

I was a disgrace, a stupid girl who couldn’t do anything right. I felt like J would kill me off sooner or later because no one would want someone like me around for too long. Right? Who the fuck would put up with me for longer than a couple months? I was surprised J hadn’t realized what kind of a fool I was by now.

It was Monday evening in Gotham city. J was out somewhere with his goons so I was all alone in the penthouse. The day had been okay so far, but then things turned upside down when I was alone. My thoughts were clogged with bad memories, all the negative things people had told me, my super awful years and simply depressing thoughts. Like Joker hated me, he only used me, the entire world hated me. Stuff like that.

A couple hours passed and then I found myself in our purple bedroom, sitting on the floor close to the bathroom just in case I had to hurry there. I stared at the electricity gadget in front of me. My vision was a little blurry because I had been crying earlier. Tonight seemed worse. I needed something worse than some shocks. ‘’Fuck it’’ I spat out and got up, walking hazily to the bathroom. I opened a white drawer and grabbed a razor. The small cold metal could do a lot of bad things.

I looked at my almost clean wrist. It was very tempting since I used to cut my legs. J would see if I had a lot of scars on my wrist. One couldn’t be too obvious. So I took a deep breath and placed the sharp metal on my wrist, pressing it gently to add pressure.Then I just stared at it with my heart beating harder than normally. I just had to drag it, down, then it would be done.

‘’Come on now’’ I growled at myself, getting angry because I couldn’t find the guts to do it. Then I leaned against the bathroom wall and I tried again. I just couldn’t. My gut twisted because I was a little pissed off with myself. ‘’Do it you sick idiot! It’s not like anyone cares’’ I spoke out loud once I saw my reflection in the mirror. I saw an ugly worthless girl. I gritted my teeth and then let the anger take the best of me. I made a deep cut and then I dropped the razor on the white tile floor. It took me a couple seconds to realize what I had done.

Blood started oozing out of the fresh cut and it hurt more than I expected. ‘’Oh no’’ I whispered and quickly pressed the wound with my clean hand. I made a huge mess! J would get so mad if he saw a ll this blood! ‘’Shit shit shit’’ I hissed under my breath and hurried to another drawer, pulling out a towel. Then I fell down on my knees and I tried to clean the blood. It just soaked the green towel and my bleeding wound kept making a mess. Before I could do anything else, I was stopped.

‘’What the hell is going on?’’ I heard a very familiar voice by the bathroom door. My entire body froze on the floor, every single muscle and cell just tensed up once Joker’s voice rang through my ears. How long had he been here?

‘’Accident..it was an accident’’ I lied with fear in my voice. Then I started getting lightheaded. I felt like I could just go to sleep for years. But I was also scared shitless now that J caught me. ‘’Don’t..lie’’ He tried to say as calmly as he could, but Joker wasn’t the best anger controller. I could tell that he was fucking disappointed in me. The way he spoke sent a shiver down my spine.

I fucked up.

‘’I’m not lying’’ I whispered with tears in my throat. Suddenly I felt like I could sit on the floor all night. I ignored eye contact and I focused on breathing. In and out.. in and out..

Joker growled something under his breath and I could tell that he struggled to keep as calm as he was. Then he kneeled down in front of me, roughly grabbing the towel and then my arm. I had to bite my lips so I wouldn’t start whimpering when he pressed the towel on my cut, pressing it so the bleeding would stop. He faced down so I couldn’t see if he was super angry or sad. It honestly scared me a little bit.

‘’I swear I-I’ll clean up’’ I broke the silence, because it was killing me. Suddenly J raised his head so he could face me. His red lips were pulled into a thin line and there was a dark, perhaps dull twist in his icy eyes. I tried my best to look into his eyes without crying, but it didn’t take long to fail. His silence was just awful because I knew what he was thinking, what he was doing. 

Tears blurred my vision and before I knew it they were rolling down my face. My body started trembling and then I sobbed quietly. Why wasn’t he speaking to me? ‘’Why?’’ I finally heard his voice. Now he sounded both angry and somber. I covered my  eyes with my other hand and I tried to wipe away my tears, but I couldn’t stop crying. It’s like all my feelings I had kept inside wanted to burst out. I opened my mouth to speak, but I couldn’t. I didn’t know how to explain it to someone who could react in ways I couldn’t imagine. Even tho he was my boyfriend..

Joker did the unexpected. He scooted right next to me and pulled me closer to him by wrapping his strong arms around me. I leaned against his chest. Soon after he started comforting me the best he could, which was a lot coming from him. J ran his fingers up and down my back, slowly, but so I felt his presence. Then he let me cry. I felt like a kid, crying wildly before it could speak. That was exactly my situation.

‘’What made you do this?’’ He asked me with a raspy voice when I calmed down a little bit. I grabbed the towel hard and I tried to take a deep breath. I had nothing to lose anyway so I could tell him anything. ‘’My thoughts’’ I started with a small voice. I had to tell him, because knowing J he wouldn’t let me off the hook until I told him the truth and if there was a person behind something. Once a guy yelled at me in the club because I apparently bumped into him, ruining his outfit with a drink. J shot the guy in the head, just like that.

‘’My thoughts are so mean to me, it’s like I have a bully in my head’’ I tried to explain something. Then I sniffled and blinked a couple tears away. J played with my hair and let me continue. So I simply told him anything that came to my mind. I told him about my past, my bad childhood, stupid exes and how the voices in my head seemed to get louder and more cruel. Everything.

‘’I just feel so worthless, like you’ll dump me soon and then I’ll have nothing’’ I whispered, partly hoping that he couldn’t hear that part. Suddenly he stopped playing with my hair, making me nervous. I hadn’t looked up to him while talking so I didn’t know his mood. I turned a little so I could look at his face. He seemed surprisingly sad. His red lips were parted a little bit and his eyes were very tedious. First he looked into my eyes, then my tearstained cheeks and my wrist where his eyes stayed. 

A wave of guilt slapped my face. I made him look so sad. It’s all my fault..

‘’Why haven’t you told me anything before?’’ He wanted to know, this time being the one avoiding eye contact. My heart skipped a beat. I expected him to pull out his gun and put a bullet through me. ‘’Because I didn’t want to bother you J. I-I didn’t want to seem weak’’ I explained myself carefully. J shut his mouth and looked at me again. Then he put his big hand on my cheek, gently. ‘’You’re not weak baby. Damn..’’ He growled and tilted his head from side to side. He was probably debating inside his head whether he should sound harsh or try to stay calm.

‘’You took down a group of armed men by yourself, you managed to get a cold man like me to feel things. Remember when we met?’’ He questioned me with a deep and raspy voice. I nodded, wondering why he brought that up. ‘’You weren’t scared. While everyone else were down on the floor, scared for their lives, you stood out. You walked up to me and I could have shot you, but no. You were so brave. So you’re not weak. If you were weak, you’d be dead by now’’ He told me very honestly without sugarcoats.

‘’But you must promise me something, and I’m not letting you break that promise’’ He warned me seriously. I knew what he would say, but I still waited. ‘’Don’t ever, I mean never ever do this to yourself again’’ He tried to make a deal. The tone in his voice was harsh and I knew why. He wasn’t playing around. ‘’I promise’’ I sighed and faced down, feeling ashamed. I couldn’t do anything right.

J touched my jaw and made me look at him. ‘’I trust you kitten, I really hope you can keep it. The next time you feel this way, speak to me. We can either talk and be like normal people, or go and find a toy to torture. You don’t have to hurt yourself when there’s plenty of people around’’ He suggested  seriously with a small smile. The suggestion sure sounded more thrilling.

‘’I’m sorry J’’ I apologized and sighed. I knew I’d have a scar on my wrist to remind me of this whenever I saw it. ‘’Mmh’’ J breathed out and shut his eyes.I didn’t even want to picture what it would be like to find him in my shoes and me in his. If I ever saw J so broken, I’d break too. Did he feel the same way about me? Or was I in deeper than he was? I had no idea and I didn’t want to find out.

‘’Let’s clean you up’’ He declared after a while. Then he got up and helped me on my feet as well. After sitting down and bleeding for a while, standing made me lightheaded. J put his hands on my shoulders so I could let my blood flow and clear my head. ‘’Thanks’’ I murmured silently. Damn this crying made my head hurt.

‘’And just so you know, after a bath and sleep we’re going to find your old bullies and torture them’’ J let me know and then he started filling the tub. I looked at him, first without an expression but then the corners of my mouth carved into a wicked smile. He truly cared about me. ‘’I can’t wait’’ I replied and then the flame of revenge burnt down my misery, at least for the moment.

I’d make them suffer for ruining me..

Do You Understand?

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluffy Smut and a little comedy

Word Count:3,350

Warnings: Sexual Content

A/N:I started this a while ago but I didn’t finish it until now. *pats self on back* Anywhooo, Namjoon tutor smut *Mind Blown*

The moodboard was made by me. I don’t own any of the photos. Credit to the owners:)

Math was never your forte. It was your most boring class in fact. You tried to occupy yourself with something else every second you could which resulted in this class being the only one you were barely passing. You weren’t stupid. Far from it. It’s just that this class always had you falling asleep and you barely put up an effort to fight it. You didn’t care for the subject and that made it your only weak subject.

When your math professor called you by to speak about your grade however, you definitely paid attention. He assigned you a study partner to help you improve your knowledge of what you knew in his class. You weren’t upset but you didn’t want to waste anyone’s time when you knew a little effort could go a long way. You were forced to meet your study buddy tomorrow and were given the address to meet them at. No more information, just that.

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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“I can’t hear you, Futakuchi!!!!”

“If I had just tried… just a little bit harder back then…”

Please do not repost gifs

Let Me Fix Us || c.h.

ofc my love x

I M A G I N E 

“Guys, give me my phone back!” You urged, chasing Luke around the dressing room as Michael and Ashton stood around watching us. “I need my phone back, Luke!”

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Drabble Request from @rosereidgibbshotch - Hope you like it, love. ;)
Lucifer with prompt #86 - “Am I scaring you?” 
Words: 386
Warnings: None. 

You did your best to ignore the way Lucifer’s gaze was burning into the back of your head, the intensity of it strong enough that you were worried your hair much catch fire. The way he loudly licked his thumb before sharply flipping each page of the otherwise ignored book laying open in his lap. Every sound coming from behind you sent a jolt through your body, leaving you on the edge between terrified annoyance and inconvenient arousal. Having the Devil at your back was not something you felt you’d ever get used to.

Taking a slow and deep breath, you tried to calm your rapidly fraying nerves, closing your eyes lightly as if it might help to block out the intrusive sounds. Each breath bringing with it a deeper sense of peace as your tense muscles relaxed and your heart reclaimed it’s easy tempo.

“Must be a good book” Lucifer posed, his voice hovering right next to your ear as he leaned in over your shoulder.

You gave a yelp of surprise before remembering yourself, your eyes shooting open as you instinctively leaned away from him. The hammering in your heart jumped to overdrive while you turned in your chair to stare at him in bewilderment.

A smile etched onto his face as he leaned in closer, resting one hand on the table and the other on the arm of your chair, spinning it so you were facing him as his head cocked in amusement.

“Am I scaring you?” he asked, bringing his face down until it was nearly touching yours. A look passed over him as his eyes dragged upwards that was somewhere between how easily he could destroy you, and how easily he could get you to want him to.

“No!” you replied defensively, unable to stop yourself from pulling backwards as far as the chair would allow. You quickly realized your error in replying so hastily and tried to salvage what little dignity you had left.

“But you are starting to get on my nerves” you finished in a rush of breath, regretting the words the second they left your lips.

The smile on his face only grew, spreading into a menacing yet sinfully captivating grin as a flash of red shined behind his eyes.

“Maybe I just need to try a little harder then…”

Send In Your Drabble Requests

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If you only knew

Word Count: 1.3K+
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader (No gender specified)
Summary: Kurt is terrified of how much he likes you, so he begins praying to God to make his feelings for you disappear. When that doesn’t work, he’s sure he has to punish himself for feeling the way he does. Based on this headcanon by @ichimatsu-boi and this request.
Warnings: Mentions of self-harm.

The first time Kurt saw you, he hadn’t been able to understand why, all of a sudden, he’d felt like there were little birds flapping their wings wildly inside his stomach.

You had been a student at Xavier’s already when he got there– but he hadn’t gotten to meet you properly until two weeks after his arrival, when you had come looking for Jubilee to finish a project you two were doing together. You had introduced yourself to Ororo, Peter, Scott and then… to him. You had offered your hand with a bright smile, and when he touched it, he felt like a jolt of electricity had run from his fingers directly to his heart.

He didn’t know what that meant.

The next time he was face to face with you was when you had come to him and Jubilee with a plate filled with cookies you’d baked yourself, offering them some. When he’d tried them and told you they were delicious, your entire face had lit up– and the little birds had returned to his stomach, flapping their wings even harder than the first time. Something in him told him that he needed to see you shining that brightly again because of something he’d said– desperately.

He didn’t know what that meant.

You spent a lot of time outside given the fact that your mutation was directly connected with nature, and every time he saw you sitting on the grass, making little flowers appear on the ground with just the sheer power of your will, his hands started sweating and his heartbeat increased dramatically.

He didn’t know what that meant.

It wasn’t until he caught Scott and Jean kissing one time and something deep inside him told him he wished he could do that with you that he finally knew what everything you made him feel meant.

He liked you.

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Joker Imagine - Project 6277 PART 11

Previous part: Part 10


Joker’s P.O.V.

Y/N had been down there for a little too long. I expected to see her at the surface but I saw nothing. Was she dead? Suddenly I felt like I took her here too early. I wasn’t really sure what to do. This waiting made me anxious. Why wasn’t she coming up?! ‘’Oh for fuck’s sake’’ I growled and threw away my jacket.  I gathered speed and then I jumped off the edge, falling down towards the pool of acid.

The chemicals burnt my clothes as I dove under. I had gotten used to it but I still didn’t enjoy this feeling. After trying to find Y/N, I felt her body. Quickly I wrapped my arms around her and I kicked us to the surface. There I found the small platform where I could stand on. 

Y/N’s body was limb. Her eyes were closed and she didn’t move.I started to feel really bad now. Had this killed her? Did I jump in too late?

But then her eyes opened and she gasped for air. A smile appeared on my face as I saw life in her. She was covered in the acid but she was still beautiful. Already now her E/C eyes seemed brighter. She looked at me and she seemed confused. I was so happy that she didn’t die like most people in acid. It caused laughter to roar out of my mouth.

It worked!

Y/N held onto my arms and she raised her head a little bit. Then I leaned down to kiss her lips that tasted sour because of the chemicals. She kissed me back and then I knew this was perfect. The fun could begin!


We arrived at the penthouse a little later. The first and most important thing we did was getting in the shower. We walked into the master bathroom where I started undressing Y/N from the clothes she still had. The chemicals had burnt them pretty badly already. She didn’t mind at all that I took off her clothes. She just looked a little shy.

‘’Was it as bad as you thought it would be?’’ I asked her and then I hooked my fingers around her panties. I started to drag them down her legs but I kept my eyes directed to hers. They were really bright! Knowing that my plan had been working so far made me so happy in a sick and twisted way.

‘’Nope’’ She replied with a sweet smile. That’s when I got up and got rid of my broken clothes. It didn’t take long until we were both naked. Y/N’s skin had turned lighter because of the chemicals. Even her hair was bleached.I knew for sure that I had to redye my hair soon.

‘’You’re so beautiful’’ I purred and put my hands on her hips. Y/N blushed and looked at my tattoos instead of my eyes. She was still so pure, so innocent. I pushed her gently so she was leaning against the white tile wall. Then I turned the shower on and let the warm water run. I grabbed Y/N’s jaw and made her look at my face.

‘’Do you trust me?’’ I asked Y/N seriously. She nodded lightly. I let my hand travel down the side of her body until I touched her thigh. Her breath hitched in her throat. ‘’It’s going to be okay kitten. Tomorrow will be so much more fun’’ I promised softly. The water hit us and I let her rinse off the chemicals first. As she got cleaner, I saw her way better. She was absolutely stunning. Her wounds and bruises were completely gone now. She looked so clean. I couldn’t wait to give her tattoos and leave marks on her body that she wouldn’t mind.

A couple minutes we were both clean from the chemicals. I was shampooing her hair as she played with her fingers. I just wanted to take care of her. She was as rare as a gem. I could finally care about someone which was weird but I liked it. She was the one person I wouldn’t have to kill if they fucked up. She’s the one person I didn’t want to kill or even hurt.Why? I had no idea but whatever she did to me worked.

Y/N and I washed out bodies carefully. As I stood under the water, she stepped on something slippery and she squealed. I was quick to catch her before she landed on the ground. ‘’Careful’’ I told her with a smile. It made her giggle. The longer we were here the more comfortable she got. Damn she was adorable.

‘’Thanks for catching me’’ She thanked me. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. I liked that. I pressed her against the wall again as I kissed her back. 

Originally posted by one-more-kiss-dear

Y/N moaned into our steamy kiss and it started to turn me on. What she did next surprised me. ‘’I want to J’’ She admitted quietly. I was a little shocked that she was the one to say that. So I let my hand travel between her legs, carefully. ‘’You sure?’’ I wanted to know before doing anything. She nodded and then I pressed her clit. As I started to rub her just slightly, she moaned and held onto me. It just encouraged me to keep going.

I added pressure and went faster, watching in awe how her face changed due the pleasure. ‘’Fuck J’’ She whimpered. ‘’Does my kitten like this?’’ I growled a little bit. ‘’Yes’’ She cried out because I pushed a finger inside her. Damn I knew we were in the shower but I could feel how wet she was. She was really tight as well so I had to be thoughtful. 

Y/N whimpered as I curled my finger. Her lips were parted and she was leaning against the wall. The sight of her like this was magical. I just wanted to make her feel so good. I added another finger which made her squirm a little bit. ‘’Relax pretty’’ I reminded her as I fingered her slowly. Our eyes met and I saw how big her irises were. At first she seemed to handle me a little difficultly. As I kept going she got more used to it.

Y/N’s arms wrapped around my back and her nails dug into my back.’’J I’, so close’’ She let me know with a moan. I held onto the wall. Then I fingered her quicker and I made sure to curl my fingers at the spot that made her moan the loudest. Y/N’s legs were shaking under my touch and her moans got louder.A little while later her warm walls tightened around my fingers and she screamed out my name.

I smirked happily while letting her ride down her orgasm. ‘’J..J oh my god’’ She breathed heavily since I didn’t remove my fingers. I’d make her cum twice. ‘’Relax, daddy will make you feel so good’’ I promised her deeply. Y/N gulped because she was so sensitive. First I fingered her tightness slowly because I didn’t want to overwhelm her yet.

Y/N was flinching a little bit and she was trembling.  Her nails raked my back but I didn’t mind. Then I started fingerfucking her harder which caused her to scream out my name again. She wasn’t even close and I got her screaming. ‘’Daddy I can’t take it’’ She tried to tell me. I doubt she had ever experienced this before. ‘’Just trust me, you can do it’’ I convinced her.

I used my other hand to rub her throbbing clit. I saw how her eyes rolled to the back of her head along with a gasp. She was in pure bliss. I got an even better idea. I grabbed the shower and pointed it on her clit. She jumped at the sudden pleasure and then cried out loudly. ‘’Oh my god..I..I can’t..holy fuck’’ She tried to speak but she was unable to. ‘’Look at me’’ I demanded perhaps a little harshly. Y/N raised her head tiredly and she faced me. Her mouth was agape and her cheeks were heated.

‘’Be a good girl for a daddy now and cum’’ I told her. She smiled and gritted her teeth. To push her over the edge, I pressed the shower right on her clit. She screamed and then for the second time her walls tightened around my fingers. I put the shower away but something else spilled. Y/N squirted right on my fingers.

I gulped and licked my lips. She was moaning even after I removed my fingers. Y/N’s legs were probably shaking so much that she couldn’t even stand without my support. I felt proud of my work. ‘’See? You did it’’ I purred warmly. Y/N looked at me and she looked a little embarrassed. ‘’What’s the matter?’’ I asked her and gently moved my fingers up and down her arm. ‘’I squirted’’ She whispered quietly. It’s like she was ashamed of herself.

‘’Mmh and that was super hot’’ I let her know. I was being 100% honest. Her eyes widened at my response. ‘’Really?’’ She nearly gasped. ‘’Yeah. Don’t be nervous. I’ll make sure to do that again soon’’ I promised her. Y/N seemed really happy now. It’s almost like she could cry.

‘’Now let’s finish up here and get in bed’’ I told her as calmly as I could. My own member was really hard and I had to do something about it soon. Y/N smirked and then I felt her petite hand on my shaft. ‘’I can’t forget about you J’’ She stated with a dangerous hint in her voice. Before I could ask her what she was doing, she got down on her knees in front of me. Holy fuck.

/HAHAHA I’ll end this part here so there’s something for the next part too ;)

Namjoon Scenario: As You Are.

Request: Can I get a angst/(and maybe fluff) scenario w/ Namjoon? Namjoon and the reader have been dating before bts’ debut, however the reader decides to suddenly break up right before his debut and uses the excuse that their relationship will get in the way of his career. Now, in present day, they coincidentally meet up again some how and Namjoon finds out she broke up w/ him cuz she had been diagnosed w/ some sort of debilitating disease and didn’t want to be a burden (she’s still suffering from it in present day). The ending is up to you.

Genre: Fluff / Drama

– Y/N? – you told yourself to keep your cool, but Namjoon’s voice was even greater than you remembered,  thrilling a rush of memories to come back.

You held onto your umbrella’s handle to ground yourself, Namjoon was standing there in front of you in flesh and bone, looking at you with a mix of surprise and confusion.

–Namjoon…– last time you saw him in person, you couldn’t look at his eyes because if you did, then you were going to fail and say the complete opposite of what you wanted to, your ex boyfriend always made you a little nervous inside because he was just so handsome, you sometimes couldn’t really think straight. But you met his eyes this time, and he was observing you all over, maybe noticing the little changes here and there on you, maybe wondering what had been of you, did he even think about you now?

You had gone to that exhibition only to accompany a friend, but she messaged you that she couldn’t make it, so you were outside wondering what to do now when you saw Namjoon coming, part of his face was covered with a scarf and a cap but you would have recognized him anywhere. You tried to make yourself invisible but your neon red umbrella didn’t help much with that.

–Hi… I thought it was you so I had to get close and confirm it by myself– he laughed softly, pulling down his scarf a little so his voice didn’t sound muffled. You felt the usual endearment that Namjoon’s smile caused in you and it hurt, because the sensation was too familiar yet foreign now with all the time that had passed.

You smiled softly, still unsure of what to do. –Well, it’s really me… hi Joonie – the usual nickname escaped your lips before you could really refrain yourself.

It had been ages since Namjoon heard your calling him that, it felt nice, and he never noticed he missed it until you pronounced it again. Now he felt somehow lucky of letting Hoseok and Jimin drag him to that place.

He couldn’t look anywhere else, you were still the same, yet so different at the same time. He observed you holding your red umbrella and noticed how you looked paler than before, your hair was shorter, you were skinnier and overall, looking more fragile than the last time he saw you, but you still had the same pretty and flirty smile that could lure him in.

He had so many things left to tell you, back in the day you broke up with him he’d been just to frozen and surprised to manage to say even the slightest of coherent things, and as days passed he’d tried to contact you to no avail and Namjoon’ thought he’d moved on, he’d gotten himself busy, successful, yet seeing you again proved that you still had an effect on him. One of the last things you said was that your relationship just couldn’t be, that he would have too many things to take care of and it would get on the way of his work, that you weren’t going to be the one ruining his dream for him, that you weren’t going to be the burden on his back and those words still haunted him.

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Why I Stopped Babysitting.

(warning: very long story)

The last day I spent with Addy started with a long novel of a text message at six am. His mom, Kathy, had an out of town family emergency. She was incredibly vague about what was actually happening, but insisted that it was urgent, and that I really needed to watch Addy for the day. Since I was on break, and I liked Addy slightly more than I disliked Kathy, I told her I was on my way. When I stepped in the door, she stepped out. She looked disheveled, to say the least.

“Thank you so much sweety, I’ll be home as soon as I can.” Without even waiting for a response she got into her car, and I closed the door.

Addy was on the ground surrounded by a sea of legos.

“Hey, what are you building buddy?” I got as close as I could without crushing anything and squatted down.

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Imagine waking up one day in a world, like ours, but with a parallel society alongside it that outnumbers it, say, ten to one. They dress in strange robes that seem shapeless and have unusual patterns on them you’ve never seen before; they talk of kukesh and sava instead of “right” and “wrong,” and the virtue of maor, and they try to translate these words into your language, but when you try to compare them to things you care about–love, family, individualism, freedom, happiness–they make a face and shake their heads.

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Hold Me (Company X Reader) (Kili X Reader)

Request: @chasseresse7 : Hi! Can I request a reader x company? Where reader obviously joins the company on the quest but doesn’t have a bedroll so they have to share with each member of the company? Lots of angst and fluff! Thanks! I’ve read all of your fics, LOVE your work!!

And for @ashleeann16, who wanted a Kili fic :) xx

Warnings: Mentions of attempted attacks of a sexual nature but no explicit content, if you’re uncomfortable with this, please do not read this request.

A/N: I hope when you asked for angst I didn’t go too far…

Word Count: 1,532

The hard, weathered stone beneath your body did nothing but encourage the crisp chill of the late night air, to crawl through your body. The memory of your absent bedroll taunted you, as your body failed to suppress the shivers that raked their merciless fingers across your unprotected skin.

Though your body was frozen in turmoil, your unconscious mind had wandered to a deeper hell. Images and haunting memories drove stakes through your mind, in the form of fear. Your mind fought valiantly to forget the horrific attack, yet how could you forget, when the memory was still so raw and fresh.

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Found out just now

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

Through all years of your training, The Ancient One was your main teacher. She was the one who found you wandering on the streets of Kathmandu, when you were barely ten years old, with no family, nor safe place to stay. She taught you everything she knew, and told you everything. You were like a daughter to her, and she was like a mother to you. It was safe to say that you loved her more than anything and anyone in the whole wide universe. Also, every time when an entire new student appeared, you were the one who stood by the Ancient One’s side through all his learning.
Yet, you found yourself instantly disliking Stephen Strange, the moment your teacher agreed to finally let him into the Kamar-Taj. To you, he was just like Kaecelius, maybe a little more narrow-minded. You were cold toward him, and told him to leave every time you had an occasion. You didn’t want another person stealing your “mother’s” attention and breaking her heart again, just like Kaecelius did.

To be honest, you were shocked when Strange haven’t reacted to your insults in offended way, nor he got angry at you. Instead he tried harder on his studies, becoming a great sorcerer in practically no time. He also tried to talk with you, nervousness radiating from his body with his every try, which was weird for him. You didn’t knew why he tried so hard for you approving him being in Kamar-Taj, but yet you found it harder to dislike him with his every try, even though you tried to not to show it.

When The Ancient One died, you were the one who broke down first, clinging to Stephen like a child, crying in his embrace like never before, not letting him go for a long time, not caring about the world anymore.
It took exactly one Stephen Strange and the sight of the world destruction to get you back to your path, and help him and Mordo fight your old friend, Kaecelius and his new master Dormamu. Thought when everything ended, you left Kamar-Taj with not as much as a mere goodbye.
You wanted to retire, leave mystic arts behind you, and leave world for someone who can find the will to fight for it. But apparently, universe got a better plans for you. It manifested itself in the form of a girl, not very younger than you, who called herself Wanda Maximoff, and she also ham magic, but hers was not because of learning mystics arts, but a mutation. You were shocked when you heard it, shocked and interested at the same time. She was the reason why you became the part of the Avengers, even though you promised yourself to not to be a part of such a group. Yet, you found yourself enjoying the time you spend with the team, becoming friends with them almost instantly. You didn’t know anything about them, taking that you spend whole your life in Kamar-Taj, not really caring about the politics and events that took place on the world, never thinking that you would need such a knowledge ever in your life.
At the beginning of your living with them though, you weren’t convinced to become so called “hero”, but you changed your mind when you meet the infamous “Winter Soldier”. The mentally devastated man who lived through Word War, got himself experimented at, and made so much evil in his life, that you found yourself wanting to help him. And yet when you two meet, you greeted him with a handshake and smile on your face, blurted out the first thing that came in your mind, and that was “You look more like hobo, than killing machine Wanda told me about.” At first he looked offended, then in his eyes you were able to see that you hurt his feelings, but before you were able to apologize, which you centrally didn’t even planned to do, man smiled and greeted you too.
“Why don’t you go back to your Tibet Xiaolin?” Your jaw dropped at that. How could he? As an answer to that, you quickly took your slide rind and teleported him right to the said monastery, at the same time teaching him, that it was in China and not Tibet. Who could have guessed that such an old man was such an ignorant ass?
When he did got back, he was so astonished with your magic, that he almost begged you to show him more. That’s how the two of you became friends in almost no time, not counting the two weeks he took to come back from China.

You and Stephen Strange meet again almost year after the death of Ancient One and fight with Kaecelius. He teleported himself to Avengers headquarters after Tony’s invitation. He was happy to see you, and you after such long time of not seeing another sorcerer found yourself hugging him, only then realizing how you missed his presence and personality. Yet it didn’t last long.

“Long time no see, Strange.” He also hugged you, his hands covered with yellow gloves shaking slightly against your back.
“It’s Doctor Strange… or Sorcerer Supreme now.” At those words you backed form him, your eyes wide open, gleaming from already forming tears. He was it in an instant and wanted to explain himself while his cape smacked him on the face, but someone got in his way. To be exact, it was Bucky, hugging you. Strange’s heart stopped for a moment when he was you in arms of a man other than himself.
“Are you ok, doll?”
“yeah, it’s just shock…” You looked at Stephen, watching him for a while. “I… congratulations Mr. Doctor… you are…”
“Second best, but you are retarded, so… I took what they offered, before you changed your mind.” He shrugged and you smiled. Such words from such man, with his ego are very likely to be considered a compliment. You got from Bucky’s arms and punched Stephen’s arm.
“Watch it, or I will change my mind.”

If Wanda haven’t explained it to you, you would die obvious to the fight that was going on between your two friends, Bucky and Strange. Apparently the fight between them was for your attention. The Black Widow, Natasha, laughed at your obviousness, telling you to pay more attention on them. And so you did, which leaded for you feeling embarrassed every time it happened, which were quite a lot, taking that it happened every day, starting over such things as passing you sugar for your morning coffee.
What shocked you most was willingness of Levitation Cape to help Stephen in this war. It would always catch you and pull you to sorcerer, whenever it got an occasion.
You tried not to pay attention to their stupid competition, you really did, but while being in the very center of it, it was almost impossible.
Seeing how uncomfortable you were with it, Tony and Steve took the matter in their hands and scolded the both men, as if they were children.

“Meditating?” You looked from your laps to Stephen. He stood at your balcony doors, the cape and gloves gone. He looked just as he did in Kamar-Taj, leaning against your doorframe, arms crossed on his chest. You smiled at him.
“Just thinking.” You watched as he moved from his spot to sat in front of you. “Where is your relict?”
“I left it in my room. Didn’t want it to interrupt.” You raised your eyebrow at his statement.
“Interrupt with what?” At your question, Doctor took your hands in his scarred, shaking ones.
“You know I like you…” Seeing your shocked face he blushed instantly. “Or you found out just now. Either way, I do like you and I did from the first time I saw you. And despite our beginning, which as you know didn’t went good, I really tried to made you warm up to me… despite you trying to do quite opposite. And to be honest I really hoped that you may start to feel something to me, and I know that I’m a little too forward right now, but it do piss me off when I see this metal-hand frozen killing machine near you.” You opened your mouth to speak in defend of your friend, but he squeezed your hands, looking at you with his deep blue eyes. “Please let me finish. I know that I can’t make you come back to Kamar-Taj, nor made you move to sanctum sanctorum, and I don’t intend to of you don’t want to, but maybe there is a possibility of you giving me a chance and going out with me?”
“Strange I…”
“Doctor Strange, Mr. Stark want’s to inform you, that your cape attacking Mr. Barnes got boring, and he requests you to put a stop for this.” Hearing F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice, you looked with amusement on your face, your eyebrow raised slightly.
“Left it in your room for no interruption, Strange?” Doctor cleared his throat, letting your hands go.
“I… better get going.” He tried to go away, but you got up and stopped him before he could made it.
“I will go with you, but there are two conditions.” He nodded at that, murmuring something like ‘anything for you’, at which you smiled. “You will stop harassing Bucky, he is my friend and your stupid competition is really pissing me off, and no one can make me not spend time with him.” Strange groaned but nodded.
“And second one?” You grinned.
“You let me wear the cape. Like for one whole day, no instructions and no grumbling. Then, and only then I will allow you to take the pretty, intelligent, talented, beautiful and very humble, greatest sorceress of all time – me, to a date. And who knows, if you will show me yourself finally in some good light, then I would allow you to walk me to my room’s doors after that.” After the initial shock, Strange nodded, which made you smile. “Great! Now go and get my cape, I want it clean and I want it untouched. Now, shoo. Off you go.” You pushed him out of your room, wide smile on your face. If year ago someone would told that you would agree to go on a date with Strange, you would laugh right into his face, right before sending him to Mount Everest.

Who Cares? (M)

Genre: Smut, fwb!Jimin, university!Jimin, fluff
Word count: 2773
Description: You wouldn’t change what you have with Jimin for anything, the only problem is putting it in words.
Author’s note: It’s been a while since I posted anything, but I read some really nice comments and messages yesterday and finally got inspired to finish something. Like always, I’m not sure if I managed to convey the feelings I had while writing, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.

!Edited, because I wasn’t content with the original version. ><

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anonymous asked:

what do you think of a lot of the su criticism going around? i'm kinda tired of it myself, and while some had good points, i think the majority are overblown, and i wanna hear from someone else who actually likes su

hhh i’ve tried to hold my pettiness about this trend…. but i’ll do one post, because i’m the worst and can’t contain myself.

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Title: Together With You, We’ll Relearn the World 

Pairing: sidlink

Rating: Everyone 

Tags: fluff, sweet, a little bit of sad but not a lot 

A/N: Thank you for the request! This was so super cute and I had SO much fun writing it! Hope you like it! 

Also posted on my AO3 if you’d prefer to read it there! Prompt requests are still open so send ‘em my way if you got ‘em! Comments, reblogs and kudos are much appreciated, thanks! 

Not smiling was proving to be harder than he had originally thought.

Climbing up the steep, grassy incline, the ground slippery underneath his feet, heading towards the small camp they had set up at the base of the hill, Sidon tried to focus on anything other than the small Hylian on his back. This was proving to be a challenge as the slightest glance to his right allowed him a full view of his little Hylian’s face, which just strengthened the urge to beam idiotically.

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Shape of You (2)

GUYS. I just love writing this. I’ve got an idea of where I”m gong and I cannot wait until all the drama and angst unfolds. Here’s chapter two. Thanks for the love =)


Chapter 2

We spent an hour hammering out the details. We got the story down, both of us telling it without faltering. He was right, that would be the leading story, the thing everyone kept asking us once we got to the house. So we made it real, believable considering I didn’t do anything but work and sleep. So we met at the book store, which of course would’ve been oh so romantic if I truly believed in romance.

As we sat there and talked I realized that Cassian wasn’t horrible. I could’ve been his friend, before everything happened. Before I closed myself off. I could’ve laughed at his corny jokes and his stupid comments. I might have even been interested in him if the world hadn’t hardened me into this girl I barely recognized.

Cassian was actually sweet and charming. I had to remind myself a few times that he wasn’t actually my boyfriend.

The waitress told us we were cute when she brought the check. Luke watched us the entire time, especially whenever Cassian would reach across the table and touch me. I didn’t fight it, I let his skin touch mine to get used to it. I had a feeling he was going to push the PDA things. I could already see how much of a challenge this was going to be.

“See the waitress already believes us,” he said as he paid for my coffee and his piece of cake. I fought him, I told him I could pay for my own food. But he told me it was the least he could do since he was about to making more money than he should’ve off of me.

We were standing outside the diner, awkwardly wondering how to say goodbye. I sighed loudly and then stood up straighter. I had let a bubble surround us while we were sitting at that table. Somehow I had forgotten my walls and Cassian’s charm and infuriating laugh got to me. I pushed it away and put up my guard once more.

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