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ok :) 11&8 with gibbs ❤

11 - making out
8 - “I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody.”

Making out in Jethro’s basement wasn’t as glamorous as you thought it would be. It smelled strongly of sawdust, the wood dug almost painfully into your back, and it had quickly gotten a little hot; though, that could be blamed on the kissing.

And yet, you could deal with all of that, because Jethro was kissing you in his basement. Upon joining the team, this was something that completely came out of left field. Just a thing that happened without either of you planning on it.

The kiss broke, but only because your lungs were screaming for air. Jethro’s forehead pressed against yours as he tried to catch his breath, as well. But his eyes were locked onto yours; bright blues with smoldering, dilated pupils. His eyes made it a little harder to breathe. “I love you. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anybody.”

The words fumbled out without your consent, but before you could say anything to take back what was just said, Gibbs just gave a smirk and leaned forward, capturing your lips in another kiss. And the passion coming from that kiss told you that he probably felt the same.

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Companion. Chapter one

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Warnings: Drug mention. Past Drug use.


Looking down at your discharge papers you sigh as you read through the list of steps to get clean. You’ve read those steps countless times, and even tried them twice. Living in a small town in the middle of nowhere made breaking those addictions just a little bit harder.

Throwing the papers into the back seat of your beat up 67 bug that had been your home for the past three years. You didn’t care when you were going as long as you never looked back.

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gangs reaction to a girl that's hard to get

Pony— he’s so fucking worried about being rejected or that she doesn’t like him. It would take the help of friends or a major confidence boost for you guys to be hooked up if you’re playing hard to get.

Soda— he fucking loves it because he isn’t used to it. He’s not insulted because he’s never had a girl NOT like him, so he knows what you’re playing at.

Darry— feels a lil rejected at first?? But when you drop more hints he just tries harder and may even do it back a little. Thinking more high school Darry here, but even current it applies.

Steve— is so rejected and pissed. Makes it sooo hard for you and will stop at nothing to make you jealous.

Two-Bit— ups his game 10000000% and borderline harasses you trying to win you over.

Dally— plays into it, gets sexual real quick, very much enjoys it, likes it better than a girl just saying yeah.

Tim— doesn’t play into it much because he figures if you wanna be with him, it’ll happen. He’s not gonna force you. But he does say a few slightly seductive things and try to make you jealous just because he can. Tim takes jealously to a whole new fucking level.

Johnny— thinks he’s not giving off enough vibes?? Asks all the guys if they think you like him, and tries with more obvious hints.

Randy— Acts like Ponyboy. He kind of ignores you a little because he feels played or rejected. He’s just extremely clueless. But unlike Ponyboy, Randy will eventually confront you with it. Once you go pretty far w it, he’ll realize and get sick of it. He’ll confront you and kiss you or something. It’ll be cute.

Bob— Just like Dally. Egos are extremely large smh. It depends on how bad he wants her, too.

rory’s thirteen and it’s fathers day and usually lorelai blocks the day out to help her forget that chris hasn’t called in months and they go for a movie but rory just knows and she feels kinda…hollow and empty? she fidgets and holds back tears bc she doesnt her mom to think that she’s not enough or anything but she just wants her dad to want her and asks herself why she couldnt have had a dad that tried a little harder? and at the end of the day lorelai takes her to luke’s and maybe he sees that sadness in her…he knows what that emptiness is like and so he makes her a chocolate milkshake and puts an enormous amount of whipped cream on it and gives it to her on the house and maybe thats when she starts to really believe that you know…she does have a dad that wants her and does have a dad that tries and maybe that emptiness starts to fill up, at least just a little

Missing You

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 1303 

As the days went by, it was getting harder to feel happy without hearing from him.

He was constantly busy with no time to pick up the phone and see if you were alright. Occasionally you got a FaceTime or a text from him asking you how things were but, it was always when he was exhausted from the schedules during the day.

Though you didn’t mind, just hearing his voice was perfectly fine with you. As you savoured every moment of it. You had tried your best to sound happy on the phone with him but, little did he know that as soon as he hung up you’d when or if you’d even hear from him again.

But, it happened every time a constant loop that you wanted to end but knew that you couldn’t live with yourself if you did.

Now, you were lying in your bed restless from thinking about Seungcheol and how much you missed the feeling of being in his arms. Your hands grasping the sheets beside you, but to be met with an empty cold feeling.

That’s when the familiar ringtone played from your phone making you jump out of your dad state as a smile broke on your face. You scrambled to pick up your phone on your dresser answering the call as soon as you got your hands on it.

“Hello,” his voice was slightly raspy and tired but nevertheless, it was the voice that you loved hearing so much. Though you could undoubtedly hear the smile in his voice.

“Hello~” A smile radiated from your face as soon as you heard his voice.

“How’ve you been, it’s been so long since I’ve gotten the chance to talk to you.” You heard shuffling in the background as though he was getting up from a spot.

“I’ve been alright. But, how’re you? How’re your schedules? I’ve watched all your performances, you guys are amazing.”

“They’ve been great, it makes me happy to know that you watch all of them. How do I look on camera, super good looking am I right?” He chuckled and you smiled at his jokes but, that just reminded you that the only time you can get to see him nowadays is through a screen. The smile that you had slipped off of your face and that immediate feeling of loneliness found its way back into your heart.

“(Y/N)? You still there, you okay? You never pause in a conversation with me,” his voice was filled with concern and sincerity.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” your voice cracked mid-sentence giving you away. “I just really, really miss you Seungcheol. It’s not the same without you. I miss being able to see you and go to bed with you beside me and hug you when I’m upset. I just miss you so much,” you covered your mouth to muffle your crying as tears dropped from your eyes onto the blanket beneath you.

“Finally,” you heard Seungcheol whisper.

“What?” You asked confused still trying to get your crying under control. He sighed on the other line.

“Nothing, but baby, stop crying.” You wiped your eyes gently, sniffling softly. “How much to you miss me again?”

“So much that it hurts, I miss my Cheollie so much,” you heard some more fiddling on the other end of the line.

“Then go open your door,” you felt slightly confused at first, and then you froze. You dropped your phone in shock and immodestly cans to your sense and ran to open your front door. Your fingers fumbled over the door having lost their coordination with the thoughts running through your head and excitement rushing through you.

Once you finally opened the door you were face to face with an incredibly handsome, cute, sweet and undeniably real Seungcheol right in front of you.

He had the brightest grin on his face and his arms were wide opening welcoming you into them. You were so shocked and happy that tears immediately began to fall from your eyes.

You immediately jumped into his open arms, clinging to him as you wrapped your legs are his waist. His hands quickly wrapped around you to hold you tight in his embrace. You held onto him so tightly, nuzzling your head into his shoulder, feeling as though you’d lose him, or he’d disappear if you let go.

He stepped into the house closing the door behind him with his foot being sure not to let you go. He rubbed your back soothingly and kissed your neck gently whispering comfort into your ears.

“It’s alright I’m here now,” you cried softly, finding comfort in his embrace. Soon letting yourself down and wiping your eyes, feeling silly for crying over him. Looking at you with longing eyes he smiled softly at you, being amazed that he was finally seeing you after so long.

“Ya! Why didn’t you call? You shocked me so much,” you hit his arm numerous times in anger, but he laughed it off.

“I wanted it to be a big surprise,” he said pulling you back into his embrace. “And it was,” he looked at your eyes filled with excitement and love.

His eyes looked over your lips and then back up at your eyes. Seungcheol placed his right hand directly in the small of your back, holding you close to him. His left hand swiftly, slipping behind your neck with his thumb resting on your cheek. He looked deep into your eyes, your arms moving to situate right around his neck.

“There’s been one more thing that I wanted to be able to do when I saw you.” He smirked and smiled right at you, leaning his head in just close enough that his lips were balanced right in front of yours. You felt as goosebumps ghosted over your skin.

“What’s that?” You teased feigning cluelessness, keeping your eyes wide and innocent.

“This,” he used his hand to bring your lips to his. Your eyes closed as you focused on Seungcheol and the familiar feeling you hadn’t felt for the longest time. His lips were soft and warm against your lonely ones, moving ever so gently, having you melt into him. His palm pressed lightly into the small of your back, pulling you in, to mould perfectly to his body, right where you belonged.

Seungcheol lips formed into a smile against your own as he pulled back to look at the love of his life right in front of his eyes. He couldn’t help but blush, having to look away from your gaze out of embarrassment. But, once he looked back up, his eyes connected with yours and, you felt the pace of his heartbeat increase. Giving you a cute dimpled smile he pulled you back into his warm embrace rocking side to side.

“Even though I haven’t told you yet. I missed you so much, (Y/N). So, so much. I didn’t spend a day without thinking about you, and I was extremely down on the days that I hadn’t gotten to talk to you. I’m still so sorry, but I just want you to know…” His embrace became tighter as though he couldn’t believe that you were right there with him in his arms. “That I love you so much.” The sincerity and warmth in his voice had you feeling fuzzy on the inside and caused your heart to start beating out of your chest.

“I love you too, Cheollie,” you said exiting his embrace to give him a soft peck and to boop his nose. “Now come on, we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Imagine having an awkward moment with Spencer that forces you to share your feelings.

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[Based on the “Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.” prompt, requested by @wholockdemon ; part 1

After a long case, you just wanted to relax. You had avoided everyone after that night at the bar. Specially Spencer. He had tried to catch your eye, but never really approached you the first few days. Then you tried harder to not be in the room alone with him during cases. You always asked to be paired up with anyone but him. Hotch was a little suspicious but didn’t ask questions. You figured he had heard something from someone.

Neither you or Spencer said a word to each other for weeks outside of work, not even when you went out. It surprised you that he even agreed to hang out with the team after work since he had never shown any interest before. And you noticed Jessica wasn’t hanging around either.

“Come on (Y/N),” Emily said to you, one Saturday night after getting back home from a case. Pulling you towards the dance floor, Penelope followed you both close behind. You started to dance together and then a guy sneaked up behind Emily and started to dance with her. You and Penelope looked at each other and smiled, moving slightly away and dancing with each other. You would sneak some glances in the direction where Spencer and Derek were sitting and you noticed they seemed deep in conversation. Not the usual vibe from Derek at the bar.

“They’re probably having a man to man conversation,” Penelope said, close to you. “You know the usual.”

You nodded and kept dancing along. A few minutes later, Derek joined you and you were all dancing together when you felt someone’s hand brush against your butt randomly.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt!“ you heard a voice say close to you. You turned and saw Spencer blushing deep red.

“Well then, pretty boy. Not what I meant but okay,” Derek said, grinning at Spencer.

“Shut up Derek,” you said, rolling your eyes. “Do you always have to have a dirty mind?”

Him and Penelope just laughed and kept dancing. You turned to see Spencer shuffling awkwardly away from you in the crowd. You followed him and touched his shoulder once you were back at the table. “It’s okay, don’t worry about it..” you said and he nodded. “I know it was an accident.”

“Yes it was. I’m so sorry.” Spencer blushed again and glanced down at the table. A waitress came, flashed a smile at him as he ordered a drink and you decided to order one for yourself as well. She barely glanced at you and walked away, still smiling at Spencer. You groaned and he turned to you.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, his confusion showing.

“The waitress. She was practically undressing you with her eyes.” You chuckled and shook your head. “I mean, you have a girlfriend. Women need to chill.”

“Chill?” He raised his eyebrows, his confusion growing.

“Oh, sorry I mean, women need to stop trying to come on to every good looking guy they see. At all. Or at least acknowledge that the girl next to them might be their girlfriends.” You shrugged and he nodded slowly. You saw him smiling and poked his cheek. “So.. why are you smiling?”

“Well first, I’m pretty sure you called me good looking,” he said, his grin growing slightly. “And second, is that what it took for you to talk to me? For me to accidentally touch your butt?”

You laughed and elbowed him softly. “Oh you’re funny, but no.” You bit your lip and fiddled with your hands. “I’m sorry I just .. I felt awkward. With what happened. And I.. I honestly didn’t know if it’d be awkward to talk or not talk…”

“If it was, you should have told me, we could have done something. You’re a good friend (Y/N),” Spencer said, touching your shoulder for a moment. “And I agree about the women thing by the way. For all she knew, you could be my girlfriend.”

You shrugged and kept fiddling with your hands. You looked up and saw Penelope, Derek and Emily, all staring at both of you with smiles on their faces. You shook your head and they pretended they weren’t looking. The waitress came back and almost threw down your drink on the table, splashing some on your skirt. She got so close to Spencer as she set down his drink, you thought her obvious fake boobs would fall off. “Anything else you need?” she asked, her face really close to his.

“Um, uh..” Spencer said, obviously very uncomfortable by how close she was. Before you knew it, you were out of your chair, pushing her away and pulled him against you. Sitting on his lap, your lips crashed down on his and he responded almost immediately. He raised a hand to stroke your cheek and his arm went around your waist, as his lips moved with yours. His lips were warm and soft, just like you remembered from the first time he kissed you.

This time, you kissed him first and a few seconds later, you pulled away wondering what he’d think.

“He’s good.” You smiled at the waitress, who just gave you a dirty look and walked away. You sat back down on the chair and took a big gulp from your tequila. You turned to Spencer slowly and he looked back at you. “I figured you needed some help.”

“(Y/N), what was that?” His eyes were wide at first but then went back to their normal size. “I mean, first you don’t say anything to me after I kiss you and now you kiss me.”

“I know, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have. You have Jessica and I-”

“No, um, I don’t actually…” he interrupted quickly. “I broke things off. Morgan and Garcia saw what happened and talked to me about it. They convinced me to tell Jessica the truth. I did and after a bit, she was willing to try and move past that, but I couldn’t.” You finished your drink and bit your lip, avoiding his eye. “(Y/N), I’m in love with you. Morgan convinced me today to finally come clean to you. And I was about to ask you to dance even though, I don’t know how. To show that I really want to be there for you and with you. If you’d let me.” He placed a hand on yours and that made you look up. He seemed really genuine.

“Did you tell Jessica the reason why you broke up with her?” you asked, a little softly but Spencer was close enough to hear you even over the music.

“I did. Frankly, she was not happy. She threw a book at my head.” He chuckled softly. “I think that was the only time I had seen her pick up a book.” You couldn’t help but laugh and squeezed his hand.

“I’m sorry I ran out the other day.” You moved closer to him and gave him a smile. “I wasn’t sure what was going on. I thought you were happy with Jessica. I never told you how I feel about you because you seemed happy. And I was sad that we never got to go on that date you asked me on all those months ago.”

“So, can we have a proper date then?” Spencer asked carefully. “If you’d like, I would love to take you out and show you off.”

“I would really love that.” You smiled at him and he smiled back. “And Spencer?”

“Yes?” His expression changed as you moved your face closer to his.

“I’m in love with you too.” Not letting him answer, you pressed your lips against his again. This time, you weren’t going anywhere. 

where the heart lies -five

Summary: Back to where Lucas and Maya were left off, there’s an issue they have to take care of… that thing being Riley’s actual boyfriend.

“What do you want to talk about, champ?” Maya finally gave in; aware that right now she needed to get rid of a problem at a time.

“I was just wondering, since Riley told me about your art exhibition party… that maybe, you could let me propose to her there?”

In the background, Lucas passed his drink in one big gulp and reached to fill it again. He had managed to make a little out of the conversation going on between his friend and Riley’s boyfriend, but calming his nerves was being a whole harder request when he was unaware of what was going on with both his female friends.

The Texan had tried rushing to reach the brunette a few seconds earlier, only to be stopped by Farkle. Honestly, he had a lot to catch up and Riley had a lot to take in before she could come across facing him. So he agreed, and in his wait for the current events to sink in, he had been drinking and staring at Maya’s conversation with Riley’s date.

He was expecting it to be fine until he saw Maya give Riley’s boyfriend that wicked grin she did when she was beyond pissed and about to flip but still remaining passively aggressive inside. He gulped in the boy’s stead.

“Oh! You mean my special day party! That one? The one I was looking forward to share with my best friend who I haven’t seen in a while, and the people I like the most? That party? But like, champ! Don’t you think Riley deserves a night on her own? Like, if she ever comes around the idea of… I don’t know; share a special night with you, maybe?”

“Well, I mean yes. But like, how would that be any different from your exhibition party? It could be just as special like your toon display…”

Maya was certain her vision blurred to vibrant red for a moment then.

She stood up in a swift movement, alerting Lucas of danger, he made his way to her. Because for as much as he was not a big fan of Riley’s boyfriend, he was even less pleased with the idea of Maya making a mess to a party that seemed to be chaotic enough.

“It is not a toon display! It’s my first art exhibition!” she exclaimed, loudly. Noticing her loud volume, she cleared her throat and continued in a more refined tone as she took a seat again.

“But seriously, what makes you think for example…” her clear eyes searched for the Texan in the room, finding him closer than she expected: resting his back with the seat behind the dump head in front of her. She smiled again, her eyes still fixed in the green eyed boy “…that someone is already making a move to sweep on her feet that cute little girlfriend you have…”Maya turned her head to the door, implying Lucas to go.

It took him by surprise when an arm bumped against him, he whipped his head away from Maya’s direction and came to face to Smackle.

“She’s telling you to go, freakface”. Rather than noticing the nickname she clearly had picked from her husband, he noticed for the first time in the night the presence of his intellectual friend.

“Oh! Hey Smackle, haven’t seen you in a while”.

“Yeah, yeah; greetings can be done later, go get my husband out of your girl’s grip”

“Wait, what do you mean-”

“Just leave!” she pushed him not so delicately for a Smackle to the door.

When the blonde noticed Lucas leaving the place, she took it as a chance to finish the guy off.

“Also, I’m telling you beforehand so you are aware. I am not ever giving you my permission to ask for Riley’s hand. So you might as well leave now, dickhead”.

“Why would I need your permission, you’re not her—”

“I’m the only permission that matters! Screw off” she barked.

AO3 || chapter four >> chapter five >> next tbc…

A Quiet Space

Feliciano always tried her best to keep a cheery appearance. It was best not to let the little things get you down or to become to frustrated when stress started to build up. But lately, it had been hitting her harder.

Being around the kids constantly was starting to drain her cheeriness. Leo cried a lot, and the toddlers were getting less sleep just like she and Ludwig– which meant they were a bit crankier than usual. There were occasional spats and name calling, and more than a few time-outs handed over the course of the past few days.

Normally all Feli needed to get back on her toes was–well, a good orgasm. But it had been /far/ too long since she’d had one of those. She was antsy, and in need of something to get her going. But since she wasn’t exactly revved and ready to go, the Laundry room was the next best thing. It was quiet, away from teh kids, and she could fold in peace.

Feli brushed some hair from her face and peeked out of the door. Wolfgang and Amelia were stationed in front of the Television, fixed on the show they were watching. Leo was asleep in the play pen. It was quiet. An idea sparked,and suddenly it was like a little fire had been set inside of her. “Psst.” She called quietly, looking around for her husband. “Luuudwig?” She cooed.

It’ll All Be Okay

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1134

Summary: The doctor’s appointment is here, and everyone had mixed feeling afterwards.

Part 3 in the Strange Series. Read Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.

Listen to Over the Rainbow cover by Evynne Hollens here!

And here we are! :) All will be revealed soon! Enjoy!

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We Should Do This Again

Day 2: Fake Dating AU
-I included a little waitress AU because who doesn’t love that hehe.

“Beca Mitchell. You’re 25 and haven’t dated since you’ve left college! Don’t you think it’s time to start thinking about spending your life with someone?” We all know who was saying that. The step monster of the family of course, Sheila. She thought she had every right to tell Beca how to live her life. Not even on purpose! No, that’s just how she is! Ever since the Bellas though, Beca knew she had to try a little harder to care about people. So she tried listening and getting involved with her family a little more.
“Fine.” That’s all Beca could say without causing a ruckus in the house these days. Though she’s lived through it for many years now, so ‘no biggie’.
“That Jessie is so old news! My best friend’s son is going to meet you at the cafe around the corner. Doesn’t that sound fun? He’s a head turner I swear!” Beca could only nod as Sheila gestured to the casual diner.
Finally meeting this kid it was everything Beca expected. Yup. The jock who had no real substance to him, except marijuana. The former Bella couldn’t help but chuckle at her thoughts. She was about to open her mouth to speak but she hesitated as her eyes locked on their waitress coming toward them. Tall, blonde, with a scent of cinnamon clouded Beca’s thoughts.
“Oh my god.” Was all the brunette could process. All of a sudden the mood went from boring, to extreme nerves flooding her mind.
All the waitress could do was laugh. That laugh. Ugh, it was the definition of sexy. Keep cool Mitchell. The guy Beca was supposed to enjoy a date with just stared in confusion. This waitress who was a goddess in disguise had her blonde hair in a high, slightly messy bun. Her hair had strands sticking out in all the right ways that seemed to accentuate the blonde’s face. She was so beautiful.
“Hello, I am here to take your order.” She took a pause as she stared at the obviously awkward situation between the two. “Is there a problem?” The blonde spoke with a beautiful, thick, German accent.
“Uh yeah, can you stop being gorgeous?” Beca’s hands rushed to the rescue, covering her mouth and her cheeks turning a bright pink.
“Thank you.” The waitress replied with a genuine smile. Luckily for Beca, the guy she was with could take a hint. He left the situation muttering some homophobic thing under his breath.
“Ha, that boy didn’t seem too happy. What a shame. He could have at least stuck around for a dinner with you.” The blonde’s hand cupped Beca’s cheek. God is this woman a natural flirt? Beca let out a soft giggle, which was so not like her.
“I-um- am actually not that hungry. You wanna sit down and I’ll tip you anyway?” Wow if Beca Mitchell turned soft, then this woman must be a miracle worker. The blonde nodded and sat down. “Judging by the accent, I’m gonna guess you’re from Germany? Major turn on by the way.” Okay Mitchell you gotta shut up before she thinks you’re a creep. Of course, Beca’s mouth didn’t really take orders from her brain, in more ways than one. “Hey you wanna be my girlfriend…fake of course! Ha.. um, god. Let me start from the beginning. My stepmother wants to make sure I don’t end up, you know, forever alone. It would be awesome if you could come to my place whenever you finish working today…Maybe?” Happy she was just finally able to say something she meant to say.
“You know, that sounds like fun. Tiny Maus.”
“My name is Beca, but I think I honestly prefer Tiny Maus.” She raised her hand to stroke the back of her head in an awkward fashion.
“You can call me Luisa.” Luisa, who simply laughed, rose out of the seat across form Beca to wait on some more customers. Winking at her maus as heels clicked away.

When Luisa’s shift was finally over, she put on a leather jacket and helmet. Then she threw her leg over her motorcycle resting in the back of the restaurant. Recalling the address Beca wrote on one of the napkins, Luisa found the house she was supposed to meet her ‘girlfriend’. Standing confidently at the front door, she pulled her hair out of her work bun and fluffed it out a bit with her hands. Somehow it was barely frizzy as the golden hair fell into waves on her shoulder. Though it didn’t show, she was actually pretty nervous, it’s been a while since she felt nerves. Performing with DSM never shook her up like this.
“Hey babe!” Beca answered the door and immediately threw her arms around the blonde’s neck. Luisa quickly responded by allowing her arms to wrap around the smaller girl’s waist.
Sheila poked her head out the door and had a surprised look on. “Beca! What a pleasant surprise! You? Into girls? Oh I mean there’s nothing wrong with that of course!” Beca took it as a compliment, since Sheila was probably thinking deep down 'at least she won’t grow old with 10 cats.’
The two girls sat together in the living room, snuggled on the couch. Sheila questioned Luisa a bit, but then finally left them alone.
“That Sheila means well maus, doesn’t she?” Luisa’s tone was so relaxed, she clearly eased into this 'fake girlfriend’ thing more than she expected.
“Haha I guess so. It get’s annoying when she starts shoving boys down my throat you know?” Beca replied softly.
“In more ways than one I bet.” The German winked. Teasing her little maus gave her pleasure, while Beca was surprised she hadn’t done another word vomit in front of her. Beca laughed and cocked her head up to look at the warm body she was resting against. “You must be a really good actress, Miss stepmonster seems to be leaving us alone.” Luisa laughed at the brunette’s comment. Admiring the way Beca’s bangs framed her face and the way her body was pressed against her own with their lips just inches away. Luisa leaned forward as their lips touched in a delicate way. Though gentile, Beca leaned forward and pushed into the kiss with a little more force than she meant to put in. What seemed like an eternity made Beca realize, that she was the one. Luisa probably agreed since Beca could feel the beautiful German goddess smile into the kiss.
“We should do this again, Luisa.”
“I agree, Beca.” Tears welling up.
A soft sniffle was the only noise between the two after that as they just enjoyed each other’s company.
“By the way… I wasn’t acting.” Luisa’s lips curled upwards as the cutest smile Beca had ever seen appeared on girlfriend’s face.

43. Falling in love with their best friend’s partner au

43. Falling in love with their best friend’s partner au w/ Liam

He couldn’t understand why every time you walked into the room he was in (with Harry following along behind you like a lost puppy of course), Liam felt his stomach fill with butterflies and he desperately wanted to leave the room to escape them. But, of course, he couldn’t do that every time as it would be suspicious if he left the room just after you entered.

It only made it worse that Harry had invited you to join them for a week or two on tour and, with you being around all the time, it was harder to repress that feeling. Liam tried his best to wrangle up the butterflies but they always seemed to appear. And you were oblivious. Your heart already belong to Harry and Liam knew that he should respect that and get over his little, meaningless crush. But, for some reason, he couldn’t.

And now, Liam was forced to share a hotel room with you and Harry while Louis and Niall shared another room which seemed like his best dream and his worst nightmare combined together.

“Liam,” You sighed, flopping down on the bed adjacent to his. He lifted his head for his pillow to show you he was attentive. “We should do something while we wait for Harry to come back with our Chinese food.”

“Like what?” He felt both nervous and excited to find out what you had in mind.

You thought deeply for a moment before you exclaimed, “We should build a fort!”

And there was no way Liam could say no to you when you were so excited and instantly hopped of the bed and tugged the comforter off your bed the moment he agreed. Liam paused for a moment, observing you as you pushed the couch in the corner closer to wall and laid the blanket over the edge of it. “Are you gonna just lie there and watch me or are you gonna contribute something?”

Liam instantly hopped up and tugged his comforter off as well to assist you.

Minutes later the fort was complete and all the pillows in the room were piled up under it while you turned off all the lights, only leaving the lights from your phones lighting up the fort.

You continue to roll around on the pillows, occasionally bumping into Liam and though he didn’t mind one bit, you apologized each time you knocked into him. “This is so comfy,” You giggled, flipping around to face Liam and send him a grin. “Now all we need is Harry to get back with our food and join us in here.”

Harry. Liam had completely managed to forget about Harry in his short time alone with you. As much as he hated to think it, he was almost glad that Harry was gone because it was much easier to imagine that it was only him who was making you giggle in this carefree way. It was almost easier to imagine that you were Liam’s girl instead of Harry’s girl. But Harry managed to, once again, burst that peaceful, perfect bubble as he entered the room with the takeout bag in tow.

It was then that Liam had to face the facts; he was in love with his best friend’s girl and he had no idea how to get over you… 


SingleDad!Michael was a mess in all honesty. He’d had such a hard time adjusting to having to constantly take care of another living, breathing human. Mike would be the first to admit that he wasn’t a perfect father but he trying his best to take care of his 5 month old baby boy who was most currently crying up a storm. Michael had just change his diaper, fed him and even tried to burp his son although nothing would make him stop. “C'mon little guy, don’t cry, there’s no reason to cry,” he would coo softly, cradling him in his arms, “You need to get some sleep Bud, and so does your daddy,” he would continue only for baby Clifford to cry even harder. “Your mother said you were gonna be just like me but I never cried this much,” he scoffed as he poked lightly at his son’s chubby little belly. His son’s crying would ease up so Michael began to tickle him ever so gently only to allow the crying to cease, and a giggle to escape his incredibly small mouth. “I can’t believe I made you,” Mike would mutter in awe, “You’re so cool.”

“Katie let’s just talk about this.” Luke said from the porch steps where he sat with JR.

“There is nothing to talk about. You killed my husband. That was my job.” She snapped, glaring at him as she tried to push through the barrier.

“Katie you were about to blow up a country. Someone had to do something and I did. I got you out and away from the bomb.” He sighed, watching her put a little strain on the barrier but it held.

“I’m going to gut you like a fish and make sure they see it.” She groaned as she pushed harder, a crack came from under her hands causing Luke to get to his feet.

“You don’t want to do this Katie, it ends with you in a cell and Joey being shuffled between me and dad. You don’t want to do this. It’s not me you’re mad at.” He said, letting go of JR’s leash.

“You are so wrong. I’m going to tear you to shreds, it will take years to clean up the mess I’m about to leave.” She said, finally breaking through the barrier and lunging at Luke, throwing the first swing.


Is that all you have to say, you little bitch? *grabs her by the arms and shoves her against a wall of a building* How does it feel to have your head cracked against a brick wall? Should I do it harder next time? *pulls her back and shoves her back, much harder this time*

*tries hard not to wince, blinking back tears* Go suck a fucking dick, Warren. And get your fucking hands off of me. *struggles against him but he’s obviously much stronger than her*

Always give 100% into a relationship, you don’t want to be thinking years after if you had just tried a little harder maybe things could have been different
Pregnancy Series #32 - Meeting his Family

A/N: Second to last one of this series! I can’t believe it! - Danielle xoxo

Michael: You were feeding Coralee while Michael was trying to change Jameson’s diaper. “(Y/N), I had all this practice, thinking that we were having a girl.I don’t know what to do with a little boy.” You couldn’t help but laugh at him struggle, while he was right you didn’t think it would be that much harder. You’d also been in pain for awhile so you were gonna take just about any laugh that you could get, even if that meant laughing at Michael struggle. He tried again before a nurse came up and showed him how to effectively change a little boy. “Well, lucky for you, Michael, we have a little girl too.” He shook his head out. “You’re right.” You laughed, he was trying and thats what made you love him so much. He just wanted to be a good dad, even if that meant having to make a few mistakes along the way.

“Michael, you really need some sleep, honey.” He took Jameson into his arms when the nurse finished. He nodded. “But,” he responded. “We are never going to sleep again. We have two babies now. Two.” He was right, they seemed to have a team thing going on. One would cry, so then the other would start too. It was a vicious cycle already. He sat down in an armchair while you burped Coralee. He was dozing off when there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” You both mumbled. The door cracked open and Michael’s mom popped her head in. “Can we come in?” she asked. “Of course!” You responded You were just happy to see people that weren’t nurses. Both his mom and dad walked in, bringing some things you guys needed for Jameson. Michael popped up at his parents and immediately handed Jameson off to his dad while he hugged his mom. You saw Daryl look down at his grandson, and you had never seen more love in someone’s eyes.

“I’m so glad that you guys are here. I could really use a nap.” They both laughed while his dad looked down at Jameson again and then over at Coralee. His eyes getting teary. “So,” He finally said. “We have two grandbabies.” “Indeed… Trust me its a shock to us too! Little Jamie here hid behind his sister the whole time and we had no idea!” You explained. The doctor had told you it was actually more common then you thought, it wasn’t the first case he had seen. His mom smiled at you and held her arms tentatively out, silently asking if she could hold Coralee. You nodded and passed her over to Karen. They both held your children silently while you and Michael looked on. “You guys got it?” Michael asked. His parents nodded, too awestruck to say anything. “Cool.” He kicked off his shoes and laid himself down next to you. You both were really happy that his parents were meeting the twins but you really needed some sleep. You both fell asleep to the sounds of Michael’s parents cooing over the children. The last thing you saw was Michael’s parents giggling at the two of you, exhausted already from just a few hours. “Sleep well you two, you’re gonna need it.”

Ashton: The ambulance had taken you to the closest hospital in about 30 minutes. It was a haze there. Ashton was on his phone with his mom, telling her where they were taking you and what she should bring (You really didn’t have anything on the tour bus), and your bag you had prepared for the hospital was at home in the kitchen where you had left it. Once you were finally there they took Fletcher for a few tests, just to make sure that he was okay. A few moments later, Anne, Ashton’s Uncle, Lauren and Harry all walked in carrying things for either you or the baby. Ashton’s mom handed him a change of clothes before hugging him tightly. She walked over to you and hunched over to hug you too. “Why couldn’t you wait?” She asked jokingly. You laughed and shook your head.

“Ask your grandson.” She looked around. “(Y/N), you do know that your baby isn’t in here, right?” She asked a bit worried. Ashton walked over. “They had to take him for some tests, to make sure that he was alright. Which I bet he is, if he is anything like his mum. You guys should have seen (Y/N). It was super badass.” His mom lightly slapped his shoulder. “There are children here.” You heard Harry and Lauren both yell out that they weren’t children before she shushed them. Lauren came up to you. “(Y/N), are you ok?” She asked. “Yeah, I’m gonna be fine.” You responded, “I wonder what the meds would have felt like!” Everyone laughed, happy you were able to make jokes. “Where is the baby?” Harry asked. Ashton was going to answer but the door opened and a nurse carried Fletcher in. “Right here.” He said with a smile on his face.

Ashton’s mom and Uncle each had a chance to hold him and love on Fletcher before Ashton took him in his arms. He looked over at his siblings. “Do you guys want to hold him?” He asked. They looked to you for permission, knowing that you were his parent and in charge. You nodded. They looked back at Ashton with huge smiles on their faces. They nodded also. Ashton had them sit in a large chair right next to each other and placed Fletcher on their laps. He crouched down just in case something happened. “Be careful, make sure you hold his head very carefully!” You warned, and Ashton rolled his eyes at you knowing that you were just using your motherly instincts already. “He’s so tiny.. and he looks just like you Y/N! Sorry Ashton!” Lauren smiled as she spoke. “HEY NOW! He’s gonna be a daddy’s boy just you guys watch!”  It was kind of surreal, with everyone in the room looking at Fletcher. He was so new to the world, and it showed on his face. “I can’t believe my baby’s had a baby!” Anne said, looking at you and Ashton. “Believe it mum, he’s gonna change the world someday.”

Luke: Whenever Jason wasn’t in the nursery, he was being held in Luke’s arms. Sometimes, you had to fight with him just to hold your newborn son. You couldn’t blame him though, holding him was quite addicting. While you also wanted to hold him, you were happy that he was letting you get some much needed rest. Sure you could hold him, but you did spend hours in agonizing pain birthing the child. “Hey babe?” Luke asked, while making shapes with his other hand to occupy Jason’s attention. “My parents are gonna come by in a bit, is that alright? Jack and Ben are coming too.” You smiled, you couldn’t wait for them to come. The only people you had seen since Jason was born was Luke and some nurses who helped you to nurse for the first time. “I can’t wait to see them, I bet they’re really excited.” You smiled. “Of course they are, they couldn’t wait for another grandchild. Sooner then expected, but I wouldn’t change this for the world.” You just nodded in agreement, Jason was asleep and you hoped it would stay that way as he had been pretty fussy throughout the morning.

“Where’s my grandson!” Liz walked through the door, with Andy, Ben, and Jack trailing behind her. “Hi Mum!” Luke perked up at his mum walking in with his family. “He’s so beautiful Lucas… Well done. You too Y/N, you helped too.” You laughed, you never told Luke but you always did think that his Dad’s joke’s were funny. “I can’t believe you actually managed to reproduce little brother, you go!” “JACK!” His name chorused throughout the room, but you thought it was funny. “Can one of us hold him Luke?” Liz asked, and you wanted to let her but you didn’t know if Luke would give him up. “Yeah Luke, don’t be a baby hog! Let me hold my nephew!” Ben asked. You looked at Luke, raising your eyebrow at him. Finally after a few minutes, he handed Jason over to Liz, who looked at Jason and smiled so wide you thought her face might break. “He looks so much like the both of you, I can’t decide who he looks more like.” You had to agree with her, he did look like a fair mix of you and Luke.

“Well done brother, you made a pretty cute kid!” Ben commented once he was able to hold Jason. Somehow he hadn’t been woken up yet, and it was a miracle. You had a feeling he was definitely going to be a fussy baby, but you didn’t want to be right about the feeling. “Y/N, would you mind if I went home and showered, and got us some new clothes? Guys, would you mind staying here with Jason and Y/N?” You nodded, it would give you a chance for more sleep. Luke kissed you’re forehead and then on the lips. Even after having a baby and dating for so long, you still blushed when Luke kissed you in front of his parents. “Of course Luke, go home and sleep a little bit. We’ll be here if Y/N needs anything.” Andy told him, and after hugging his parents and brothers goodbye, he left the room. “You know now that you mention it, Luke did smell a little bit.” You didn’t know if it was the lack of sleep or the fact that Jack might of actually been right, but you couldn’t stop laughing.

Calum: It had been a little over a day since the twins were born, and you were so happy that they were healthy despite being born a little early. No one had expected the twins to come as early as they did, so no one had been to visit yet since they had been out of town. That morning Calum asked if his family could come visit, and of course you agreed. You also needed a break from constantly switching twins while you weren’t asleep. Even though they were only a day old, they had already gotten into the habit of fussing whenever they weren’t being held. You knew that you and Calum definitely had your hands full with the two of them, and that was before you even got them home. “Knock knock! Where are my gorgeous granddaughters?!” Joy’s voice came from the door that was starting to open. You smiled, and in walked his mum, dad, and Mali-Koa. “They’re in the nursery right now, but I’ll have a nurse bring them in. Good to see you guys!” Calum hugged them quickly, before leaving the room to get a nurse to bring the twins in. It was good to have people around that weren’t Calum or a nurse.

“How are you feeling Y/N?” Mali asked after she gave you a hug. “I’ve definitely felt better, you but I feel good despite having two human beings cut out of my stomach yesterday!” They laughed, but you winced a little due to the stitches in your stomach. “The twins definitely decided to make an entrance didn’t they?” David asked, and you nodded. “Here they are!” Calum wheeled the twins in, who were both asleep thankfully. You almost didn’t want to pick them up and wake them, but you didn’t want to deny anyone the chance to hold them. “Who want’s to hold them first??” Calum asked, and they immediately began fighting to see who got to hold the twins first. Eventually Mali won the argument, and Calum told her to sit down in the chair next to the window. He picked up Mckenzie, and gently put her in one of Mali’s arms. Once he made sure that she was situated, he picked up Madison and set her in the other arm. “Hi little ones.. I’m your Aunt Mali. I cant believe you’re finally here… They’re so tiny you guys…” And you could have sworn she sniffled. Calum took out his phone to take a picture, and his parents did the same. “You two did a really great job, really. They’re beautiful.”

“They have the Hood nose!” Joy commented, looking at her grandchildren. “Oh they definitely do! They have the Hood hair too, look at those full heads of hair. No wonder my heart burn was so bad!” “Hey now, you love my hair!” You started laughing at Calum, he was right, you did love his hair and you were glad the twins had gotten that from him. “They have your eyes though Y/N, they’re gorgeous..” You smiled. Calum helped Mali get up from the chair so that one of his parents could have a turn holding the twins, and once he was finished he sat down on the hospital bed with you. It was the first time the two of you had been able to just sit down and relax since the twins had been born, and it was nice to have Calum just be able to hold you. The room was calm, both of the twins were okay since they were being held and you felt your eyes start to slowly drift close. You were sure his family wouldn’t mind if you slept for a few minutes right? Of course not! “Hey Calum?” You said half asleep, slowly looking up at him. “Yeah babe?” “I love you.” You tried not to yawn as you said it. “I love you too sweetie, thank you for giving me the most beautiful daughters.” He kissed your forehead softly. “Get some rest you two, you’re gonna need it.” Was the last thing you heard from David before you finally fell asleep in Calum’s arms.

(Michael and Ashton written by Phoeby, Calum and Luke written by Danielle)