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pairing: peter parker x reader

word count: 1.4k

summary: you’re sick, but that doesn’t mean peter doesn’t want to see you. also: he’s a total dork who’s really in love and very much enjoys making you blush.

author’s note: i don’t know how i feel about this but it’s ok!!!!! also look at me actually posting!!!!! good job em!!!

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Awaken [Hunger Games!Ivar x Reader]

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Notes: This is part two to Bloodbath, which I you can find here. I hope you enjoy!

Y/N/N = Your Nickname

Warnings: NSFW, sweet!Ivar, maybe you’re alive?? You’ll just have to find out!

I gasp for air as my eyes snap open. Tubes are protruding out my body, some pumping liquid in and others assisting with my breathing. I want to panic, but it seems like that would be a bad idea. 

Men and women in lab coats rush around me, poking at my damaged flesh. My blood is still on the visible patches of my skin. I look up to my reflection and the print of Ivar’s lips in my blood lies on my forehead.  

“I am supposed to be dead.” I say, eyeing one of the doctors who was checking my IV.

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I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt. 6

“Ashton Fletcher Irwin,” I say bringing my hands back to his hair, pushing it off of his face. “I think about you all the time you’d think I was obsessed. These last few weeks have been hell being away from you and when I saw you in the supermarket I almost cried. I’d do anything to go back in time and make you mine when I first had the chance. I’m so in love with you,” I say with my whole heart. “Oh baby,” he says rubbing his hands up and down my back, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that,” he says. “I love you so much, y/n. I’m never letting you go, I don’t care what anyone thinks. You’re mine,” he says staring into my eyes.
“I fucking knew it” a voice behind us says as we turn around and see Calum looking like he’s ready to kill us.

Part 5 —-> I Don’t Love You Anymore pt-5

My eyes widen and body tightens as panic courses its way through my veins. This is it, I tell myself, this is where I die. “Calum,” Ashton and I both say at the same time, “This isn’t what you think,” I finish, removing my hands from Ashton’s pillow soft curls. Calum’s chocolate brown eyes look back and forth between me and Ashton a few seconds before her erupts in laughter. Not a “you just told a funny joke so I’m laughing, laugh” he was cackling like a maniac. The veins in his neck pushing towards the surface, little droplets of spit falling down his chin, he has a painful expression on his face, he looks scary. “Cal, are you alright?” Ashton asks. “Oh, I’m fine,” Calum starts, calming himself down, “I just find it funny how I asked you, Ashton, if anything was going on between you and y/n and you told me nothing was going on. I fucking knew you guys were screwing around!” Calum shouts with such ferocity I jump off Ashton’s lap. “Calum,” I whisper out in attempt to calm him down, “We’re not screwing around,” I say as he continues throwing eye daggers at Ashton. “She’s right, Cal,” Ashton speaks up, rising off the couch, his leather jacket making funny noises. “We’re in love,” Ashton finishes as he intertwines our hands. “Bullshit!” Calum speaks storming over to Ashton with his fists balled up. “Calum wait!” I scream moving in front of Ashton. “Move out of the way, Y/N!” he demands finally looking at me, his eyes are blood shot red, I’m not sure if it’s because of his irritation from me and Ash, or the alcohol in his system, probably both. “No!” I shout back, “You’re not going to beat up your best friend!” I scold. “EX-best friend,” he says, emphasizing ex, he continues scowling as he now is toe-to-toe with me. “You don’t mean that, Calum” I say softly staring into his fiery eyes, “Just like we didn’t mean to hurt you,” I finish. “Oh! Really?” Calum gasps, putting his hand over heart. “Well I guess it’s okay since you didn’t mean to,” he mocks me, his voice seeping with sarcasm. “Y/n, I told you how I felt about you two being together, and you turn around and do this? How did you not mean to hurt me?” Calum snaps at me, staring into my hazy eyes. “I’m sorry,” I say, guilt flooding my body, am I about to break up Cashton? “Yes, y/n you are sorry, a sorry son of a—

“Hey! Don’t you talk to her like that!” Ashton snaps, moving from behind me. “Shut the hell up, Ashton! I don’t want to hear anything you have to say,” Calum snaps at him, shoving me out the way and making me stumble, and I curse y/b/f/n for making me wear these painful heels. “Ashton Fucking Irwin always after my leftovers,” Calum spits at him while he sizes up Ashton then pushes his chest. “I said,” Ashton starts while straightening his jacket, “Don’t fucking talk about her like that,” he finishes pushing Calum back. “What, those sluts you pick up from the bar can’t get you off anymore so you decided to go snooping through my trash?” Calum taunts smirking devilishly and unknowingly breaking my heart once again. Does he really see me as his trash? I watch the anger rise through Ashton’s fist as he pulls it back and slams it into the tan boy. “Ashton no!” I scream, trying to pull him away from Calum but fail miserably, it was like pulling Mt. frickin’ Everest! Before I could think, I witness Calum give Ashton two sharp blows to his stomach, making Ashton double over. “Guys! Stop!” I plead, tears threatening to spill from my eyes. “Don’t fight over me, I’m not worth it!”

“You’re right, y/n. You’re not worth it, but that didn’t stop him from being a dick and breaking the bro code,” Calum spits at me. “Don’t you ever tell her she’s worthless. Just because you couldn’t see what you had when you had her doesn’t mean she isn’t worth it!” Ashton says shoving Calum so hard he stumbles and falls to the ground. Ashton walks away from him and walks over to me, “Babe, don’t listen to him, you’re so perfect,” his hazel eyes stare deeply into mine, “You’re worth more than life itself. I love you, y/n” he finishes, wiping away the tears from my eyes. His body engulfs mine and once again the curly hair boy’s warmth comforts me, no one will ever comfort me like Ashton. I don’t know how but just his touch makes all my worries wash away. Ashton warmth disappears and I open my eyes to see that Calum has snatched him away. “Calum, I’m done fighting. I love you man, you’re my brother and I’d do anything for you but, I’m in love with y/n, and we’re gonna go have that cup of coffee and afterwards, I’m gonna ask her to be my girlfriend and after she says yes, I’m gonna take her home and make her feel real good,” Ashton confesses, pleading with Calum but all his confession does is pisses Calum off even more. Calum tackles Ashton to the ground and starts punching like a mad man. “OH MY GOSH!” I scream in fear running speed-walking towards the boys. I pull on Calum’s shoulders, damn those stupid broad shoulders and bulged biceps, it’s impossible. I pull and tug on him with all my might and Calum doesn’t budge; I watch Ashton let Calum pound him to nothing as I plead, beg and cry for Calum to stop when another solution comes to mind.

I run to find Michael or Luke whose probably somewhere making out with y/b/f/n. I find Michael drunkenly dancing with Niall and Shawn to the Macarena, but instead of doing the actual steps, they’re doing some bird-picking type dance. I weakly laugh at the silly boys, well I can’t get Michael because then I’ll have to say what happened in front of Shawn and Niall and I’ll be the girl who ruined the party of the year. “Hey, Y/N!” I hear y/b/f/n shout behind, I turn around and luckily Luke wasn’t too far behind. “Luke!” I scream out in relief and push past y/b/f/n to which she frowns. “Ashton and Calum are fighting!” I tell him, “What’s new?” he jokes, his icy blue eyes full of happiness, “They’re like a married couple” he giggles out like someone just told him a funny joke. I always found Luke’s innocence amusing and beautiful in a sense, but there’s no time to gush over the sweet boy now. “No, Luke, look!” I say shifting his body towards the back of the club. “Oh my gosh!” Luke gasps as he runs towards the brawling boys, Calum socked another good punch to Ashton’s jaw. “Calum, stop!” Luke screams, running after Luke, leaving a confused y/b/f/n behind. “Enough!” Luke yells, pushing Ashton off Calum bringing attention to the scene to a few bystanders. “What the hell is going on!” Luke demands from the two as they just glare at each other as their chest rise and fall heavily. Calum’s got a few bruises on his face from earlier but Ashton looks horrible. The whole left-side of his face is turning purple, his bottom lip is split and his nose is bleeding pretty bad. The blood starts seeping in to between his lips and he spits. Only a few seconds past but it feels like minutes, “Somebody better answer me!” Luke demands shocking all of us, this is rare, seeing Luke upset.

“He called Y/N a slut!”

“He slept with Y/N!”

They continue overlap one another, shouting blames of what the other had done, most of their words were pure exaggerations. “STOP!” Luke shouted once again, “Y/n, what happened?” Luke asked me as my stomach dropped to the floor. I don’t want to say what happened in front of these people. “Y/n?” Luke asks, signaling me to say something. I look around at the mini crowd around us, now consisting of Niall, Shawn and semi-sober Michael. “What’s going on?” Michael asks seriously standing next to Luke. “I….uhh…” I stutter and turn to Ashton who gives me a reassuring look, “It’s fine babe” he tells me, causing Mike and Luke to look at us weird. “Me and Ashton we uhh…” I pause to clear my throat, “…we love each other,” I say looking at the ground, “And Calum isn’t okay with it but we’re gonna see what happens between us,” I finish, timidly “That’s fucked up!” Michael says immediately taking Calum’s side. “They basically said, ‘Fuck Calum’s feelings, let’s fuck each other instead’” Calum announces making us feel unnecessary guilt. “We didn’t sleep together!” Ashton and I scream at the same time, anger now filling me up I look at Ashton and he winces as he touches his lip, he needs to disinfect it. “Not yet!” Calum adds, “You should’ve seen them, she was practically riding him on that bloody couch!”

“Can we please not do this right now!” I shout, the reality of strangers, famous strangers at that, watching this all go down is very embarrassing. I glance at Shawn and he looks at me with puppy eyes, damn, I ruined his birthday. “I’m sorry, Shawn. I didn’t mean to cause trouble,” I apologize to him, “It’s okay, y/n,” he smiles softly, and awkwardness feels the circle. “How ‘bout ‘nother round o’ shots on me!” Niall says to which the crowd cheers and walks away with him to the bar, including Shawn. I mouth “thank you” to my Irish friend and he mouths back, “call me later,” to which I nod. Niall has always been a great advice mentor, he’s like the big brother I’ve always dreamed of having. “Okay, they’re gone. Let’s talk” Calum snaps, stretching his arms out to motion the six of us, me, Calum, Ashton, Michael, Luke and y/b/f/n whose looking pissed right now. “No, I’m done talking to you Calum” I say. “Why? Because you’re afraid because people are finally seeing you for who you are?” a nasally voice says. We all turn around and see Twitter Girl walking up to Calum. “Who the fuck are you talking to?!” I snap at the girl. “Whoa! Don’t talk to her like that!” Calum snaps at me. “This is too much, I gotta go,” I say walking away from the tense back of the room. “Ahh there we go, y/n doing what she does best, walk away from her problems,” Calum jokes. Anger boils inside my blood and just like a tea pot, steam shoots from my ears as I storm towards Calum and slap the living crap out of him. Grunts and gasps were heard and it seems as if the whole VIP area grew silent at the sound of my hand against his hot skin.

“Don’t you ever fucking tell me about walking away from my problems! The only runner in this room is you, Calum Hood! You ran out on us, not me, you did! Your bitch ass couldn’t even tell me to my face, you left a stupid note breaking up with me. I guess our bed no longer kept you warm so you decided to start sleeping at the studio instead of our apartment. I guess you weren’t attracted to me anymore, so you decided to stop touching and kissing me, you decided to stop talking to me, you made the choice to stop loving me!” I shout at him, tears threatening to spill my eyes. “The moment things got tough you decided to run away! You ran out on us, you didn’t even fight for me Calum! Was I not worth fighting for? Was I?!” I scream and I watch his eyes soften and I’m sure it’s my imagination but the red move from his eyes to mine. “I spent every frickin’ day of the last few months crying and wondering what was wrong with me. But now, I realize, nothing’s wrong with me, you’re the one with the problem. Why is it that every time I’m around you I end up broken hearted, crying or angry, we’re not even together and somehow you still manage to hurt me,” I cry out and I feel a warm comfort against my back and I know without a doubt it’s Ashton. “So yes, I’m in love with your best friend, because when I’m around him, he doesn’t hurt me, make me cry or angry. He tells me how beautiful I am, he holds me, he listens, he makes me feel special. He makes me happy, Calum, don’t I deserve to be happy?” I ask him.

“Girl bye,” Twitter Girl says, “You’re just like every other groupie, after you’re finished with one member you move on to the next. After you’re finished with Ashton who’s next, Michael or Luke?” she asks. “Shut up!” Calum shouts at her and she rolls her eyes and storms away. “Yes you do,” I hear y/b/f/n speak up, tears also threatening to spill from her eyes. “You deserve happiness, God knows it’s about time. Who cares if you were dating Calum before, y/n, Ashton is your soulmate. He literally got pounded because he loves you, he’s willing to threaten his bromance to be with you! I’m so sorry I wasn’t supportive,” she says.

“No,” Calum speaks up and everyone turns to look at him. “C’mon mate, give them your blessing I mean look at them,” Luke says, as everyone’s eyes shift to a bloody and bruised Ashton holding my distraught frame. Calum clears his throat, “Ashton, I’m sorry for beating you up. It’s just that despite what everyone thinks here, I did love y/n, she was the first woman I ever did love and she will always hold a special place, right here,” he says pointing to his heart. “Which is why I was so possessive, I know its fucked up, but I didn’t want to see you date anyone because you were mine,” he adds putting his head down to which Ashton leaves me and goes to comfort his friend. “It’s okay, man” Ashton says, “No it isn’t, you guys didn’t deserve the way I acted, I’m sorry, I really am. Y/n you’re an amazing woman, and you’re beautiful. I just said those things so you’ll hate me and get over me. Ashton, mate, I always knew you like y/n more than a friend and I was jealous because at the time I really liked her and you guys had this connection like you were meant for each other. But, I didn’t want to believe that because it hurt too much to know that once again, I was a fuck up and I didn’t deserve y/n. But watching you guys together and hearing you speak about one another, I can’t be the one who holds you back. And honestly?” he continues, “If I wanted to see y/n with anyone else, it would be you, Ash,” Calum finishes, slightly smiling at his bandmate. Ashton gives an award-winning grin but regrets it as he yelps and touches his lip, “Yeah sorry about that,” Calum chuckles, making everyone laugh. “It’s alright mate,” Ashton says pulling the Maori boy into a big hug.

“Hey!” Michael whines, “What about me?” he pouts, “Ahh get in here,” Ashton says, pulling Michael in. “HEY!” Luke shouts even louder, “Get in here!” Calum says and Luke flails over to his band mates and wraps his long limbs around them, yes legs too and surprisingly enough, they were able to hold the lanky boy. “This is priceless, I need a picture!” y/b/f/n says as she captures the precious moment. They all pull away from each other giggling like school girls, “Excuse me boys,” Ashton says as he walks over to me, and even though his face is bruised and bloody, I can’t help but admire how beautiful he is. His gaze is intensely on me as if he could take me right here and now. My eyes shift behind him to the other boys and they all smirk at me, I look back at Ashton and he’s already face to face with me. “Hey” he whispers as his warm hands hold the sides of my face, “Hi,” I smile back at him. He leans in and kisses me so intensely my knees start go weak and his arm snakes around my waist holding me up for support. Our tongues begin to dance and I loudly moan from how good he tastes and feels. I grab his hair and in return he grabs my butt and massages it, making me moan again once more, “Alright get a room,” Calum jokes pulling us away from each other. “Gladly,” Ashton says, “We’re gonna go back to the house,” he announces, his eyes never leaving mine. “Yeah, I think we are too,” Luke says as he tugs y/b/f/n to his side. “I’m tired!” Michael shouts, “Do you want to leave as well?” Calum asks and Michael nods his head. “Let’s go home and play Mario Cart!” Michael squeals as he starts leading the way, “I thought you were tired?” Ashton asks, “Well, I’m not anymore!” Michael replies back with so much sass everyone laughs. Ashton rolls his eyes and huffs out in annoyance knowing that his plans for the night will now be postponed. He grabs my hand and we follow the rest of the group.

“Oh no!” I gasp causing everyone to stop and look at me.  “I broke up Cashton!” Everyone laughs at my flustered state, “Eh, I was filing for divorce anyways,” Calum jokes, “That’s right, Cal’s mine now!” Michael devilishly laughs jumping on the bassist back. I follow suit and jump on Ashton’s back, “Taketh me to thine castle,” I say in a horrific British accent. “Gladly, love,” Ashton says, and we lead the group out the club. The main dancefloor is still full of drunken bodies dancing and grinding to some EDM song. “I’m hungry!” y/b/f/n exclaims, her and Luke walking hand in hand as we finally reached outside. “Yeah, I kind of am too,” I admit. “You’re what?” Calum asks as he comes back from the valet. “We’re hungry,” I tell him, “I could eat,” he shrugs, “Me too,” Luke adds just as the cars come around, that was fast. “I want pancakes!” y/b/f/n says and I roll my eyes, her and her pancakes. “So Ihop?” Calum asks and everyone agrees going to their respective cars. Ashton opens the door for me and gestures for me to enter, “Thank you, sir” I say again in the butchered British accent. Michael starts making his way towards to the backdoor, “Hey mate, ride with Cal and Luke” Ashton whispers to him. “Why?” Michael whines, “But we rode here together,” he pouts. “You can ride home with us,” Ashton bribes, “Okay,” Michael says and walks back to the other car. A few seconds past and Ashton makes his way to the driver’s seat. “Hey, how come Mikey couldn’t ride with us?” I ask confusedly. “Because we’re gonna take a detour,” he says smirking at me as he rubs his hand up and down my thigh. “Ashton,” I whine, knowing what he’s up to, “I’m hungry,” I continue as he starts up the car. “You think you’re hungry now? Wait until I’m done with you,” he says kissing me the same way he did inside the club, he kisses over to my ear, softly biting and sucking it. He retracts his mouth chuckles at the small whimpers coming from my mouth as he speeds off. “Who are you calling?” he asks and I shush him by placing my hand right on his bulge, “Shit,” he whispers. “Y/b/f/n, don’t wait for us, we’re gonna be a while,” I say, massaging him through his now tight pants and hang up. Ashton whispers, “Fuck” and presses down on the gas even harder making me giggle, “Oh baby girl, you don’t even know what you’re in for. I’ve been waiting for this for so long,” he says as he presses down on the gas even harder, going at least 30 over the limit. “Bring it, babe,” I say smirking back at him, tonight is gonna be magical.

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