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"Some progress is indeed better than no progress. <3 And some relaxation sounds perfect. We all do believe in you, but try not to feel pressured by that, okay? We're just trying to support you as best we can. <3"

“Yeah, everyone’s feeling the pressure right now… for some of the younger Healing students, this is their first taste of independence, and older monsters like me have that drive to prove ourselves. So I guess it’s about time I took some time for myself.”

“But knowing you guys have my back, it helps! As did going to see G the other day, heh… he knows that I want to move in now, but of course he still has to clear everything with the boys.”

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I love that you have so much faith in Jongin, that he will pull through despite all the troubles he's had to face in 2016. I see that a lot among Jongin stans in twitter too, actually. I guess I just want to say thank you, because when I find myself worrying about him too much or missing him too much, you guys give me the reassurance I need to know that in the end, Jongin will be fine. And he will come back better than ever; laughing and dancing on stage again happily like he used to :D

Awwh that is really sweet ;~; It would be a lie to say that I never broke down before.. but really, like you said, being around positive people helps a lot. Seeing negative things just drain my energy. But Jongin plays the best part, how he just went and smiled through it, being so strong and still determined go to some schedules. He did his best to interact and go closer to his fans during the concert too and just.. doing his best. It’s like he lit up every time he sees fans cheering and smiling with him so we can’t help but to cheer him on too xD

For someone with determination and passion like him, I think he won’t have any trouble going back up there again. It just needs time :)

Hey guys.

Sorry I wasn’t as active these couple of days

The reason I said I’m seeing my mouth shut is because I want to change this blog and make it happier

So I won’t tell you why I am depressed anymore, but I would be bothered with this.

But anyways. I’m back, I’m ok I guess, and I’m hoping to do my projects, do all the art I owe, and try to be a better person.

Someone made this for me and I almost cried, hope is the one thing I always loose. But when people comfort me, and give me gifts

I smile

Please look out for each other, including me.

Depression is a real thing

Our problems are a real thing

And sometimes we can’t do it alone

So please, take care of everyone

More art coming soon

Reblog and tell a friend

Art trades and requests are closed

Until zen

..and if you wanna know what’s been going on, message me

Something curious that I’m not sure translates well when it comes to Karamatsu’s painful fashion is his infamous sunglasses. In Western countries, sunglasses are as functional as they are cool, and lighter colored eyes are more prone to sensitivity toward the sun. Dark brown Japanese eyes are typically more resistant to the sun. For a first hand account, when I wear sunglasses in Japan, I always receive stares for doing so. You will not see a lot of sunglasses there outside from (usually) young people wanting to make a fashion statement. 

Because eye contact is so important in Japanese communication (it’s how emotions are understood), I find Karamatsu’s sunglasses especially interesting as he is someone who resists being his “true self” (i.e., when his cool guy voice cracks). Whether or not this was intentional or just him following Western fashion trends the same way he picks up English words is anyone’s guess, but I thought it might be interesting to point out the anomaly in his fashion and perhaps part of the reason why people find it so cringe-inducing. 

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Does the carrot have a crush on anyone?

You guys really want to see the Carrot shipped, don’t you? Very well, let’s talk about Papyrus’ romantic life then. Warning for long rant ahead.

Paps isn’t a man of pretentions on the sentimental area (or any area really). He doesn’t hope or aspire for things, instead he just stands around and takes what is freely given to him. This is true for both his platonic bonds as well as romantic ones. He rarely pursue any kind of relationship with anybody, and doesn’t insist if the other person cease to be interested in keeping contact with him. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t care, of course. Papyrus’ number one priority is and will always be his brother, but he still has a few bonds that he considers important to keep too, a few people he gifts with his particular brand of affection.

The thing is, Paps’ way of showing love would be what a lot of romantic partners would consider… lacking, in a sense. He’s a chill guy, he isn’t the kind of lover that concentrate all his attention in romantic gestures, in fact dating him would probably feel to most like hanging out with a friend you can kiss. There is no iniciative on his part, and a lot of people could confuse this with disinterest, specially when coping to the idea that they would always be second to his brother in winning his attention.

So, even if he does attract his good number of admirers because of his wits and charisma, there is not a lot of people who can cope with being in the kind of relationship he can provide. There needs to be a lot of development and selfless affection mixed with a good dose of patience and willingness to adapt in anybody who would look to have a long-term relationship with him.

That said, is not like we haven’t given the possibility any thought. In fact, we’ve given it A LOT of thought (and still are), but characters sometimes tend to develop themselves while the story advances, so it’s still early to point fingers in any direction. Although… we do have some worthy candidates that we consider would be strong enough to face the challenge, given the right circumstances.

For example, there is everybody’s favorite Goatdad.

A timid but adorable bag of jello with huge dreams and ambitions.

And a trusted friend and confident who can be pretty ruthless when you don’t pay your tab.

All of them are important people in Papyrus’ life that he cares for deeply. All of them have qualities that make them unique and valuable in his eyes. All of them blurry the line between platonic and romantic affection. As far as the story goes, he could end with any of them.

Or he could end with none of them.

Or he could end with all of them.

We’ll see what happens when the time comes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

… Oh, and there is somebody else who consider themself a fourth candidate.

Papyrus isn’t too keen on the idea though.

- Poisond

I’ll Show You Crazy Pt. 6

-well, I guess you guys want a baby! I don’t really see them having a baby, but i tried!

Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5

Words: 1,683

Warning: Violence

“Oh, fuck.” I say louder than expected in the bathroom.

“What did you do now, baby face?” J asks as he walks in the bathroom, expecting to fix something that I broke.

I don’t respond, but only lean over the pregnancy test on the marble counter.

“What’s that?” J snakes over, trying to catch a peak of the strange looking object he’s never seen before.

“I’m pregnant.” I breathlessly say, not looking away from the test.

“You’re what?” J looks at me in disbelief.

“I’m having a baby.” I explain further, eyes still wide.

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so. idk how these sorts of things are supposed to go? i’m not entirely sure what to say cause this is a lot of people i’m gonna be saying this to but. i guess i’ll just say it lol. i’m a trans guy

i’ve been just sort of identifying as agender for a while now, but agender never felt right and nonbinary never felt right either. i tried they/them pronouns for a while and they felt better than she/her but. still never really felt right. and i started getting real freaked out about possibly being trans so i just. told myself i was a girl and being called ‘she’ didn’t bug me but. it really bugs me. i’m a guy, i’ve always been a guy, it’s just taken me 22 years to figure this shit out

so i guess the reason why i’m making a Dramatic™ ass post about this is because i have a decent amount of followers and most of you guys know me by my birth name, c***y.

so. hey guys. i’m cole, my pronouns are he/him, and i’m a dude


- the play was a+ - alfie was a+ -he def got the book - the photoshoot thing is basically that when he came out before the play he was supposed to shoot a few pics with this dude outside the theater but I gave him the book BEFORE then so he basically took a bunch of pictures holding the thing in between his hands very casually xDDDDD if it shows up in the actual shoot I’ll lol forever - more details tomorrow bc we’re both totally out of sorts xD


First, before the movie there was a message paying respects to those we’ve lost. It was after the ads and people were getting hyped, but you could feel the change. Everyone has had these guys influence their childhood. It was very simple, black background white text, but it was sweet.

It was a damn good movie. I like the others but this had me wanting to jump and go WHAT THE HELL at parts and I cried like a bitch (so did most people lmao). Tri is a character based series and this movie REALLY showed it.

There was a lot of interaction between different people, lots of cool plot stuff LIKE DAMN, art was great, music was great, WHERE IS MY KNIFE OF DAY COMPLETE ALBUM COLLECTION AND CONCERT BLU RAY THE FULL SONG IS GREAT, and Meiko’s dad is pretty hot tbh. (Surprisingly. I’m not into older characters/dads? so yeah. he’s cool. seems kinda rad and hot to boot!)

Also: disclaimer: I’m pretty decent at Japanese but I did miss some things, so excuse any errors.


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For quite some time after arriving in the new world, Hope would often have nightmares about his life during the Crystal Age - sometimes they would revolve around his mother’s death back then, but mostly they were desolate dreams about a God who had taken and tormented him.

When his relationship with Lightning deepened, the nightmares tapered off, especially when they started spending the night together. It was as though she really was some form of light to chase his mind away from the darkness.

But even so, some slipped through.

Return to me, my vessel…


I will recreate you, pure and untainted…


You and the new Goddess will be mine…

“Hope, hey. Come on, you’re dreaming.”

His eyes flew open with a sharp gasp. It took him a moment to gather his bearings and calm his racing heart. He had the vague sensation that Lightning was curled up against him, her chest against his back and her arm around his waist.

Seconds later, he heard a murmur in his ear, the familiar voice tinged with concern. “Hope? Are you okay?”

He let out a long, shaky breath, letting his eyes fall closed again as he concentrated on the feel of Lightning’s skin against his and the way her fingers automatically tightened in his when he found her hand.

“Yes,” he finally replied, sounding much calmer. “I’m okay now.”

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Give us one letter from the name of your crush? ;)

//OOC: Hmmm okay. “A” . Good luck with that since it is one of the most common letters and it could be in any part of their name. 

*laughs in a sinister way and disappears into the night* //

BTS Reaction To: Their GF Living Far Away


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“I just want her to be close to me.” (*fake cries*)


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“Oh well…she’s not here, guess I’ll take a nap.”


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“I have an idea! I can ride my bike to see her!” (*blissful ignorance*)


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(*lays in bed all day*) “Will I ever see her again?”


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“If I get arrested maybe she will come visit faster.” (*bad V*)


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“I’ll just have to kiss Kookie instead.” (*pretends to kiss Jungkook*)


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“That’s fine I’ll just hug myself for now.” (*internally cries*)

Hope you guys like it! Kudos to the people who made the GIFs! Much Love!

You Matter!

(I’m kinda emotional tonight, and I see on my dash that so are a lot of you guys. Mental illness sucks, and life? Life is so very hard. Trust me, I know. I have so many things wrong with me. 

You guys are so important though! And no, I’m not just saying that. I might not talk to a lot of you, but I still care. I’ll always care. Whatever it is you’re going through, I care. Your feelings are valid. You are valid. And guess what? 

You matter

Things are tough, but I know you guys can get through it. 

I wish I could go to each and every one of you individually and tell you just how much you matter. You are important. You are smart. You are creative! You are all beautiful. 

This probably won’t even mean much coming from me, but you matter. You really do. So please… don’t give up. If you’ve been thinking about ending your life, please don’t go through with it.

There are still so many wonderful things you need to see.

If… any of you see this message, would you mind passing it on, maybe? It could help someone out. And if you notice someone having a hard time, try talking to them. They might be going through something similar. 

I love you guys! Stay strong.)

Rules: Answer the 11 questions the person who tagged you made, then tag others and make up 11 questions of your own. 

Got tagged by @ffsmagnusbane (thank you for tagging me lovely! i apologise in advance for any mistakes, English is not my native language)

1. City  VS countryside? Why? 

Countryside for sure! I like quiet places and being close to nature :) like one day i really want to have a little farm with some cows and sheep and rabbits!

2. Name a person you would like to hang out with for an evening? (Fictional, celebrities, long distance friends?)

I would like to hang out with Clara (@alhecksanderlightwood) because I’d really like to meet her (and little taboulet) in real life :)

3. A picture of your favorite outfit? (On you, in your wardrobe, something from a shop, just something you think look good okay?)

4. Do you know how to play chess?

I tried to learn how to play chess on my computer when i was like 13 but it didn’t work very well.

5. Did you have a movie/book/cartoon character you where scared of as a kid?

No not really. There were cartoon characters that i didn’t like because they were evil but i wasn’t scared of them.

6.  A book you really enjoyed that turned out to be an amazing movie/TV-show and a book that turned out awful?

None of the books i’ve read got turned into a movie or tv-show so I can’t really answer this.

7. How do you feel like doing in front of an audience?

Everytime i had to present a project or talk in front of an audience i got a little nervous but never panicked or anything. I’m an extrovert so i don’t really have a problem with talking in front of a lot of people.

8. Would you rather be a professional singer or an professional author?

Both would be great but i love to sing so I’d like to be a professional singer :)

9. If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

Grand Canyon National Park: Arizona, USA. It looks absolutely breathtaking! 

10. The perfect date?

Maybe do something fun like go to Disneyland :) or just cuddle up on the couch with a blanket over us drink some hot chocolate and watch a good movie. As long as i like the person i’m on a date with i don’t really care about the place.

11.  What’s your favorite thing to get compliments about?

I obviously like to get compliments about my looks but the thing i most like to be complimented about is my personality. Like i get really really happy when people tell me that i’m very kind and am always ready to help :) that’s really nice. 

My Questions:

1. What’s your dream job? Why? 

2. What are 3 things you like about yourself?

3. What’s your favorite word in your native language? Why? 

4. Do you believe in ghosts?

5. What holidays do you celebrate? 

6. You can live one day in a fictional world, which would you choose?

7. What is the best compliment you received? 

8. You can spend the day in someone else’s body, who would you choose and what would you do? 

9. Cat, dog or cow ;)? 

10. What artist would you like to see perform live? 

11.Who inspires you? Who do you aspire to be like?

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Really guys learn to stay in your own tag!!! Im tagging all the ships because it applies to everyone. If you’re hating on a ship (which you have every right to do) don’t tag or mention that ship!!! Censor it like r*cas l*caya etc. Yeah its your blog and you can do whatever you want but you have to understand people are going to get upset seeing hate in their tags. If your goal is to get a response from them then i guess go ahead but don’t get mad that people come onto your posts if you didn’t bother trying to keep it from them. DONT GET MAD IF PEOPLE RESPOND TO HATE/ANTI POSTS IF YOU LEFT IT IN THEIR TAG. okay rant over

So i was asked if I’d ever make an ask blog for my cosplay of this hopeless dork, wdya guys think? Would anyone be interested in seeing me flop about on camera like this moron of a core? :0 I think it’ll be fun! but I’d be interested to know anyone’s thoughts before I do, just so I don’t tread on anyone’s toes or something :o