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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 1,205
A/N: Finally a Jeff imagine! I’ve been waiting to try and finish other requests before I made this one but there was a ton of Alex requests, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE <3 I didn’t want it to be back to back Alex so I decided to mix it up a bit. Also, sorry if the ending is crappy :( Hopefully this is a good one, feel free to send in requests for ships, preferences and other imagines! Enjoy! <3
Warnings: None
(Y/C/N) = Your crush’s name
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff

   “So, what do you think?” You came out twirling in the short, off the shoulder, navy blue dress that you’d purchased earlier this week. Your high school crush had asked you out on a date, and you wanted to make sure that you looked presentable. For you, it was only appropriate to ask your best friend Jeff Atkins for help. He’d known you for the longest time and surprisingly had nice taste in dresses. Of course you’ve been on a date before, but this time you wanted everything to be perfect. However, ever since you had asked Jeff for help, he had been acting really weird and you didn’t know what was up with him. You’d decided to brush it off, thinking it was some personal issue, but something told you it was a bit more than that.
“So?” You played with the hem of your dress and looked down, Jeff had been sitting there silent for a while now and it really had you worried. “Do you not like it?” Pushing a strand of loose hair behind your ear, you frowned and looked up at him. “N-no! Yes! I mean…you look great.” “But” “But?” You sighed, “Jeff please don’t lie to me, if I don’t look good then-” He stood up from his spot on the couch and walked over to you, putting his hands on your bare shoulders, “You look amazing, and as far as I’m concerned, (Y/C/N) is the luckiest guy ever to able to have such an amazing girl like you.” His words made you smile and a rosy tint dusted your cheeks. “Thank you, Jeff…” You stood on your toes to kiss his cheek and ran upstairs to grab your purse. “Well I need to get going, or else I’m going to late! Are you gonna stay here?” Jeff muttered out a small ‘yeah’ and plopped back down onto the couch, picking up the remote and flipping through the channels. “Don’t wait up!” You giggled and jogged over to your car sitting on the side of the street in front of your house. Turning the key, you started the car up and made your way to Rosie’s diner.
   You had had about three milkshakes at this point and you were completely livid, but also sad. (Y/C/N) stood you up and it was the most discouraging thing ever. Maybe you would’ve understood a bit more if he would’ve texted you or called you, but he didn’t. You were feeling insecure, and wondered exactly what it was that made him change his mind about wanting to date you. You already had other insecurities that you’ve been dealing with, and now this? Pulling out your phone you dialed Jeff’s number, hoping that he would pick up. “Hello?” “J-Jeff?” You’d promised yourself that you wouldn’t cry but you couldn’t hold the tears back any longer. You were feeling so broken and rejected. “What happened?” he asked, worry defined in his voice. You could only shake your head and sit there, you wanted him to get it without you having to say it. He was really good at that, an expert at understanding you. “I’m coming to you okay? Stay there.” The line went dead, and you buried your face in your hands.
   Not too long after, Jeff had entered the diner and sat in the booth across from you.  He placed his hands on your wrists and moved them from covering your face. “He stood you up.” If anything it was more of a statement then a question, to which you nodded your head. “I promise the next time I see him I’m gonna-” “Don’t, please.” You smiled weakly at him, putting your hand on top of his to calm him down. Jeff let out a sigh and got up to slide into the seat next to you, he was angry and it really showed. However you didn’t need to him be angry with (Y/C/N), you needed him to comfort you. Placing his arm around your waist, he brought you closer to his body and wiped your tears away with his thumb. “Do you want to know why I’ve been acting strange this week?” You wondered why he’d brought this up at a time like this, but you’ve been curious since that day. “Sure.” He paused for a minute before answering, “I was jealous.” Coughing a little, you took the warm glass of water sitting on the table and took a sip. “Jealous?” You questioned. “Hear me out. You’ve always made me very happy. When you asked me to help you because you had a date…I mean I was happy for you but angry at myself. I was angry because I knew I was going to lose you-” “Jeff, you’re never going to lose me. We’ll always be best friends.” Jeff’s mood had completely changed, and there was something there that had tugged on your heart. “You don’t get it do you? I don’t want to be your best friend. I want to be more than that, and seeing you so hyped for another guy made me realize that I love you. I was angry because I felt that all these other guys were gonna try to play you, and look at where we are now. I know I can give you the world, you just have to let me.” You thought about it for a minute before giving Jeff an answer. “Okay.” It felt weird for a second, your best friend becoming your boyfriend, but you knew that Jeff would make sure you only had the best. He grabbed your car keys, then pulled you outside. Opening the door for you, you got in the car and giggled at the gentleman that he was. “Where are we going?” “You’ll see.”
The car ride was pretty quiet, much like your surroundings. You were about ready to drift to sleep until you felt the car stop. “This is it.” Jeff got out of the car and walked around to your side to let you out. You followed him to the wooden fence that prevented you from falling, and the view of the city absolutely was breathtaking. “Woah…” you gasped, leaning forward over the fence a little. “Easy there tiger,” Jeff laughed while placing his hands on your hips to stable you, “It’s…beautiful.” Your eyes twinkled at the bright lights that shone down below. “Not as beautiful as you.“ You giggled looking back at him, “You’re an idiot Jeff Atkins.” “Yeah but you love it,” he said shrugging. “Ever since you’ve announced your crush on (Y/C/N), I’ve always thought you deserved better than him. Now you’ve got it.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and leaned up to kiss him. “You’re really confident aren’t you?” “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a little confident.” He flashed you one of his most famous smiles and captured your lips in another heated kiss.
   "Hey, since we’re dating now does that mean I get to wear your jacket?“ You looked up at him hopeful as he responded, "Of course, anything for you babe.” Squealing you pulled him with you to sit on the hood of the car, enjoying the view for another few hours before finally heading home.





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*You can ask me for an OC with a official character
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*They can be from any fandom (Undertale, Hetalia, SVTFOE, SU, etc). *If I don’t know the character, I’ll ask you to send me a picture of them
*They can also be OCs
*You can ask me for an OC with a official character
*The Full body can contain three(3) characters
*The bust only can Have one(1) character
*The Icon can have two(2) characters
*They will have a simple background

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Nobody Needs to Know || Pt. 3

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 4

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Request: “please write the next chapter to nobody needs to know!!! i’m so hooked on it x”

Prompts: #38 “He better only be just a friend.”

Warnings: I honestly didn’t intend the ending to be the way it is, but I was feeling it.

A/N: I’m overjoyed at the response this got! If you like my writing, feel free to comment or go to my ask box and request something you’d want to read. I’ll probably do a part 4, as this seems to be something you guys want to continue and honestly I’m having fun writing it :) 

My requests are always open!

Tag List: @captainsuperfangirl, @kitschkylo, @imperfectanatomy, @latenightbooknerd, @keepcalmandflywithtoothless @markedbymymistakes

You aren’t sure how long you stand out there, taking strength from the friends that stayed in the cold to prepare for any outcome. What you are sure of is that Jughead watched the entire exchange, seeing him turn away through the window just as the group dispersed and started the trek to Archie’s house.

Veronica calls an emergency sleepover, and it was unanimously decided that it would be at Archie’s house. Betty’s mom didn’t like V or Archie, Veronica was almost one hundred percent sure her mom would jokingly flirt with you three to embarrass her, and having your parents ask what was wrong is exactly the conversation you did not want to have.

On the way there, everyone calls their respective parents.

“No, dad, we’re all just missing each other lately and want to spend some time at Archie’s.”

Your dad, protective and yet also thinks he’s a comedian, pretends Archie is news to him. “Who is this boy? Is he nice? He better not be ginger. Back in my day,” you groan, “they just didn’t have souls. Now I’ve heard they steal them!” He laughs, but you just roll your eyes.

“Dad, I know you know Archie. We’re walking there now, I’ll text you once we get there. His dad is there right now but I think he’s going out later, so no worries about me being unsupervised nor any jokes about being killed in my sleep by a creepy old man.”

“He’s leaving later though, huh?” You sigh, knowing exactly where this is going.

“Dad, you’ve known Archie for years. This joke isn’t funny anymore, just annoying. Actually, anymore implies it was funny the first time you did it when I was twelve. No, gingers aren’t heartless. Yes, you know Archie. He lives a block over. No, we won’t be doing any canoodling, he’s just a friend.” You hear your friends all laugh, knowing exactly what your dad is trying to pull. He’s done it to everyone. You distinctly remember him once questioning you about a “dog of a friend” sleeping in your bed, pretending as if he hadn’t just bought the family a dog the day prior.

“He better only be just a friend.”

“Goodbye, dad.”

“Night. kiddo. Have a good time. Don’t forget to let me know when you all get to Archie’s.”

“Will do.”

You send off a text to your father as you walk in the door, heading straight to the kitchen. Everyone’s stomach had growled on the walk here, making the group realize that the capital-i Incident had prevented anyone from eating a full meal.

Rummaging through Archie’s fridge, you hear the soft plunks of pillows and blankets being tossed to the floor in preparation for the sleepover.

You know the conversation that is to come. How long is it acceptable to stand alone in a kitchen before it gets suspicious?

Sighing, you grab the pasta sauce, tomatoes, and spinach from the fridge then head to the pantry for pasta noodles.

Your friends mercifully tend to their nest making and allow you to make dinner while giving you time alone. You feel a scalding sensation on your hand and look up, rubbing the burn.The time on the microwave reads 9:56 pm, and you realize you’ve been standing at the stove for twenty minutes while the pasta has has been bubbling over, the splash hitting your hand as it spilled.

After scooping everyone a serving into a bowl, you set all of the food on Archie’s coffee table in the center of the room, surrounding which are the blankets they’ve artfully laid out. Stopping only to bid a farewell to Fred as he walks out the door, you take the spot in the center and curl up, letting the warmth from the bowl seep into your freezing fingers.

Your friends thank you for the dinner, and a while is spent with only the sound of Archie flipping the channels on the television.

It’s Betty that dissipates the silence.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. He said something about you and we thought you had told him and I feel so bad about-”

“Don’t,” you say with a sigh. You set your bowl onto the table and slip further into your blanket. “It’s my own fault. If I had just realized before it was too late that I had a crush, then I maybe could have distanced myself.” You look at all three surrounding you, and give a small smile. “I’m sure he just needs time, like he said. We’ll be fine in a couple days.”

Veronica slams her bowl down. “I just don’t get it!” Everyone’s head snaps to her. “You both seemed so enthralled with each other, I was sure he felt the same way. Or at least that he cared enough to not drop you just because you had the audacity to feel more for him than he might for you,” she finished sarcastically.

You shake your head, hoping that she won’t be too angry at Jug. He hadn’t done anything wrong, after all. “It’s just a bit awkward now. We’ll get over it. I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

“So,” Archie starts, a little hesitant, “You, uh, haven’t exactly told us what happened,” he points out, hand rubbing the nape of his neck.

And so the story begins. You tell them his reaction after they had left the diner, the hurt you felt. When you start to tell them about your plead with him for the two of you to move past it, the spiral of panic about being left out of the group, they stop you.

“Whoa, Y/N, slow down for a minute. Why would you ever think that?” Betty asks, concern coloring her voice.

“Don’t you ever, for even a second, think that we would stop caring for you just because there’s tension between you and Jughead.” Her fierce protectiveness is evident as Veronica scoots closer to you, throwing her arms around you.

“Yeah, Y/N/N. You’re pretty cool and stuff, we wouldn’t do that to you.”

Everyone laughs as Archie gets embarrassed, not knowing how to comfort you but trying his best. A sudden warmth starts in your stomach as you realize the support that your friends have shown all night.

“Thank you guys. I appreciate you hanging out with me as I wallow in pity,” you say, scrunching your nose at the thought of you in the middle of self-pity. You grab the remote from Archie. “Let’s find the worst movie currently streaming and just relax, yeah?” Everyone agrees, and the rest of the night is spent critiquing whatever movie was the subject of your fancy, support coming from the mere presence of such wonderful friends.

After the sleepover had dispersed the next morning, Archie heading off for Saturday football practice and the three girls all agreeing a shower was in order, you head home.

Once you shut your door, the bliss of being alone hits. You love your friends, and them being there despite you insisting everything was fine meant a lot, but you really needed to time to process by yourself.

The steam from your shower is stifling, but something about the scalding water makes you feel truly cleansed.

You check your phone: no messages. You turn the ringer on and the volume up, before tossing it across the bed and starting up your laptop.

Ten minutes pass. You check that you did, in fact, turn your ringer on. You did. No messages.

An hour passes, and you turn your phone off and then back on again, checking the signal. Full bars. No messages.

You throw your phone into a drawer. When you leave your house, your bedroom door is still open.

Gingerbread Man/Grayson Dolan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request: Yay, I love her so much too and I totally agree! ^3^ Okay, here’s the deal: I was thinking of having plots that revolve around the songs Gingerbread Man and Play Date for the twins… The only challenge that I’ve encountered is figuring out which one should correspond to who, heh. What do you think? I’ve been leaning towards pairing Gray with GM and Ethan with PD personally. ~ 🎀

Request: Can you do a dominant grayson smut pleaseeeeee❤️❤️❤️❤️

Playdate/Ethan Dolan

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Put A Ring On It

♥ Hi Guys, so here we go with another fulfilled request. I hope you guys like this one and @moderndeathsblog as well. Like always feel free to leave some feedback, send a request, drop an ask, whatever is on your mind. Found any mistakes feel, free to tell me I would love to fix them. Deutsche Version auf meiner Masterlist!

Request: Hi! Can you do one where tony and the reader are engaged but he postpones the wedding a lot so she starts to get mad at him and gives him the silent treatment and at one party steve flirts with her thinking they have broken up! Lol smut then!

  • Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
  • Summary: Tony postones your wedding and it was just a question of time, til you get mad.
  • Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, brief fighting
  • Words: 1873

A wide smile graced your lips as you walked with bulging shopping bags through the  shopping center. You got yourself the one or another new piece of clothing, which would  your fiance love as well. 
You were on your way to the exit to go back home. When you arrived at the escalators, your eyes fell on a electronics shop, in the shop windows were huge flat screens on which the news were running.

Your heart stopped beating and your breath caught in your throat as you read the headlines, followed by a picture of you and your fiance.

~ Wedding of Tony Stark and Y/N Y/L /N postpones for the third time! How stable is the relationship of New York’s dream couple really? ~

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I don't remember | Jughead x Reader | Part 2

*PART 1*| *PART 3*

Summary: You wake up after the big party, definitely not in your bed, and you don’t remember how you got here. To be honest, you don’t remember anything that happened last night. Why are you not wearing your dress? Why you do you have a big bruise on your arm? Why are you in Jughead Jones’ apartment? What does all this have to do with Reggie? And why you don’t remember anything, even getting drunk?

Words: 1363

Warnings: MISTERY, cursing, alcohol, bad decisions, some sexual content, presumptions of rape, suppositions about a date rape drug. You are reading at your own risk. Sorry.

A/N(IMPORTANT): I am very glad that so many of you liked the first part. When I started to write this, I did not expect to write a story like this. I hope you will like the second part. Please after reading this, read some fluff. Now the important part: I have dyslexia so forgive me for my grammar, because I’m trying to write correctly, but it does not always work. So I’m sorry again. 

Feel free to send my any requests, asks etc.
Also, the thoughts are write in italic.

“The problem is that you wasn’t drunk (Y/N),” he said.

“W-what?” My voice was shaky

How quick could I get to the front door?
Jughead was (much/a little bit/-) taller, but maybe I could reach them faster. Of course, if the door is not closed. I could also choose a window, but this one look like really tricky to open.

“Maybe you want to change first?” He asked, and my mind started to work faster. 

I need to get out of here. Now

I threw the clothes he gave my into the air, and I reached the front door. I pressed the handle.  

Closed. Fuck. I should choose the window.


“This was amazing,” I said when I finished my drink “What did you add to it?”

His eyes opened wide, but he smirked and said: “I am not telling you, it’s a secret.”

I laughed. “Then I would like another “secret”, but first let’s go dance.“


“I want to leave! If you don’t let me go, I will start screaming” Jughead was shocked. Probably he didn’t expect that I will act like this.

“Wait what… No no (Y/N) it’s not like that.”

“Open the door!”

“(Y/N)” He began to approach me.

“Stay away!” I said quickly. He stopped and put his hand into his pocket. He took out the keys.

“I am not forcing you to stay here (Y/N). You can leave whenever you want” He threw the keys, and I caught them.

“The biggest one,” he said.

I slowly opened the door still looking at him. It was right key. 
It calmed me a little.

“Ok, what happened” I crossed my arms. I needed answers, but I still didn’t trust him. Why should I?
I felt dizzy. The room started to be vague.

What was happening? I didn’t drink or eat  anyth… Oh God, he made me a coffee. And I drank it.
“Hi guys!” Veronica and a guy who I didn’t know walked to us.

“Hi!” I said

“(Y/N) you don’t know my brother. This is Oliver, Oliver this is (Y/N)” Reggie introduced us.

“Nice to meet you (Y/N)!” He was taller than Reggie, but they were very similar. No wonder why Veronica was looking at his face with admiration. He was very very handsome.

“You too.” He smiled. He had a gorgeous smile!

“Guys, someone puked on the stairs, and the beer had finished.” said some tall blonde boy who just barged through a crowd.

“It’s not even midnight!” Reggie looked at his brother and then at us.

“I take the beer,” Oliver said.

“So that means I going to deal with the stairs” Reggie rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Yup, little brother. Excuse us ladies. We will be right back.”

My vision went blur. I was falling. I felt the strong hand on my waist.

“No,” I said, but Jughead didn’t let me go.

“Calm down. Just sit on the chair. You will not black down in my house again.”

He walked my to the chair and took away his hands.

“What was in my coffee,” I said quietly


“What was in my coffee Jughead?”
“Girl, we are lucky” Ronnie smirked to me when Reggie and Oliver drifted away.

“The most handsome brothers!”

“I can already hear the rumours.”

“(Y/N) and Veronica the luckiest girls in the school” we laughed

“What are you two laughing about” we heard Archive voice. We turn around. He was holding two drinks.

“Nothing” Ronnie smiled.

“Well I figured out you will probably like something to drink since your partners abounded you.” He handle us the drinks

“I shouldn’t mix the alcohol,” I said hesitantly

“C'mon (Y/N) I made it especially for you” Archie winged.

“You are the second guy who said that in about ten minutes” I rolled my eyes
“Not very original.”

“Yeah thank you Archie for making during especially for (Y/N)” Ronnie acted offended but she smiled

“And this one is “especially” for you Veronica” Archie reflected, but he kept looking at me when I was drinking. I laughed.

“I hope so,” Ronnie said and took her drink.
“I didn’t drug you (Y/N)!”

“That is something, which someone who drugged me would say!” My vision was clear again. He was picking up the clothes. He looked in my eyes and sighed.

“I didn’t drug you. I didn’t force you to anything…” I opened my mouth. “No, let me finish! I didn’t add anything to your coffee. Basically, I didn’t do anything like that. I don’t know the whole story, but I can tell you what I know and what happened. I will understand if you don’t want to. You can leave whenever you want.”

I didn’t say anything. I wasn’t sure what to do. I was curious, but on the other hand,  I was scared.

He rolled his eyes, took his phone out of his pocket and placed it on the table next to me.
“I don’t know where your phone is but you can call whoever you want and check my story. Ok?”


“How are you filling?”

I knew that I shouldn’t mix alcohol! It was wired that I was drunk after two drinks. I didn’t like being drunk, but this time it was surprisingly nice. I felt relaxed when I was dancing. But after about 20 minutes I started feeling dizzy.

“Are you ok?” Kevin asked with concerned look

“I think-k so-o. I n-need s-some air” I said, and I was surprised. I didn’t think I
was so drunk to have a speech problem.

“Girl how much did you drink?” he smirked

“Definitely not enough” Veronica handled me a drink. She already drank about 6 and Archie was still bringing more.

“No, thanks.” The speech problem disappeared, how was that possible?

“C'mon you only drank about 2 and it’s not even midnight. By the way, did someone see Reggie or Olivier?”


“Why I am here with you,” I asked

“You called me,” he answered.

That was wired. Why I phoned Jughead? I didn’t know him. I didn’t talk to him. Something wasn’t right.

“I don’t have your number. How could I called you?”

“You called me from Archie’s phone.”

“I think I need to go home,” I said and started to looking for my purse. Damn it I left it somewhere.

“No (Y/N) stay with us!” Kevin insisted

I saw that Archie was holding a phone, he was texting. I took his phone and opened the contact book.

“No (Y/N)!” Archie tried to stop me and got his phone back. Probably I interrupted some meaningful conversation. I didn’t care. I found the taxi number, but I accidentally press the one above. I saw Jughead name on the screen, and then I heard his voice. He was angry.

“Dude! I told you I’m busy. I don’t care how wasted you are I’m not picking you up.” He hung up.

Archie took the phone out of my hand. “You need some air,” He said. “I will call a taxi for you, ok?”
I nodded

We walked out of Reggie’s house. The cold air was very nice. But I didn’t felt better. Contrary everything went blur again. I sat on the stairs. I felt dizzy and tired.

“Do you want to have a walk? Drive-In is nearby” I heard the voice. It sounded like from under water. Unrealistic. I didn’t recognise it. Maybe it was Archie? I walked out with Archie, right?

Strong hands helped me to stand up. I felt like my feets didn’t belong to me. I looked at the owner of the hands. But everything was nebulous. He was tall. What was his hair colour? Is it’s just the light from the streetlight reflecting in his black hair or there are really red?

“Yeah let’s go,” I said, and he took my hand.


“What are you not telling me, Jughead?” I asked

He didn’t answer.

JB Imagines - Leaked Nudes (Dating) - (Part 2)

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy part 2 ! Be sure to like and follow me for more. Please send me feedback as it’s always appreciated. Will not be taking any requests until July, will be writing exams for a whole month. BTW no hate to Jayde Pierce, I’m sure she’s a lovely person. Much love .xx

(PART 1)

Part 2

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Packed away, back at home in London was where I was. The minute we broke up, I packed away my belongings and me trying to be independent, I thought it would be better if I was staying on my own. That being in an apartment.

Currently I was of course home alone, having an apartment all to yourself isn’t as fun as you think. Seated on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in my hands whilst watching Netflix though is entertaining.

I for one was already dressed in my sweatpants and tank top along with my make up free face. I’m clearly not bothered with how I’m dressed

I was scrolling through Instagram as I came across a post from Justin. The post being about the announcement of Sorry coming out tonight in which he posted 3 hours ago. I have no idea why but I can’t be mistaken for the fact that I think this is either an indirect to me or Selena.

I scrolled further below coming across a fan account (@justinbiebertracker) a picture of Justin snapped by a paparazzi was the post and the caption being “Justin Bieber at Ed Sheeran’s premiere in London, England. (October 22)”

Hold up, why is Justin in London ? When did he even get here ? How did I not even know about this ? I went through the recent posts to see that Justin had arrived just a few days ago. Wow, like okay. Strange.

As I tried to entertain myself further, I went through my other apps such as Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr etc. 20 minutes later after wasting time I had received a text on iMessage. This is Justin. This is (Y/N)

☹ Justin ☹

Is it too late now to say sorry ?

I think it is indeed Bieber.

Cuz I’m missing more than just your body 😏

What are you even doing here in London ?

Wait, here ? You’re in London ? Where ?

Oh please don’t even pretend that you didn’t know..

What are you talking about ? I didn’t know 😌

And why are you even talking to me ? Go talk to your girlfriend 😑

I’m talking to her right now 😊

Boy is you okay ? Is you high ? Are you bipolar ? We broke up remember ? Where is your sudden burst of enthusiasm especially with me, coming around from ? Why don’t you just stick to your other side hoe ☺️☺️

I’m perfectly fine. Babe I came to my senses. I know how wrong I was and realised how much I miss you. I miss seeing your beautiful face, I regret rejecting you to come along with me. I really do. Is their a chance we can meet in person ? 😞

Justin I don’t think so…I went through too much with just this break up. You really hurt me this time. I don’t think I would be able to forget that. It’s going to have to take you a lot more then just an apology text for us to even just be friends 😔

Babe I’m honestly really sorry. I love you so much. I know what I’ve done and the fact that it was terribly wrong. I didn’t know what I was thinking nor what I was going to lose. I can truly imagine all the pain that you’ve been through. I deserve to feel your pain. You don’t deserve any of this. Truth is, sorry is written about you. 👀 I though you should know…

Wow okay..its uh good to know that the song is written about me I guess. Some good tune. I still am really disappointed in you Bieber.

You have every right to (Y/N) I understand.

Just as I was about to reply back, the doorbell had rung. I quickly texted him back as I left my phone aside.

I have a guest over… we can talk later. Bye.

I got up from my position on the couch and made my way towards the door, I opened the door and now stood before me was Justin. “Hey did you miss me ?” He asked as he smiled widely and pecked me on my cheek, he then handed me the bouquet of roses as he made his way inside my apartment. “We were just talking…Justin I’m really worried about you. Did you fall or something, injure yourself in such a way ? What happened to you ?” I asked in a sarcastic manner.

I placed the bouquet in a vase and set it aside on the dining table. Justin seated himself on the couch as I sat next to him. “What brings you here ?” I asked breaking the silence. “You.” He said as then turned to face me. “Me ? Why would you leave the past amazing countries you’ve been to for me ? Justin, remember the fact that you broke up with me. I’ve been through a lot of pain, learnt to dealt with it. I can’t afford to go through this again” I rambled.

“Babe I know that a sorry is not going to help. Though being away from you made me realise how much of an impact you made on my life the past year we’ve been together. You made me change for the better and I honestly haven’t been anymore happier than I am now. My family loves when you’re around as they see how you make me happy. Going on that trip alone…I don’t even know what I was thinking. I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you and I especially shouldn’t have called you what I did or said the words that I had said” he said as he looked down in disappointment.

“I’m speechless” was all I blurted out as a tear dreaded to run down my cheek. He then glanced at me “I feel like shit” he said as I then chuckled. “You deserve to since you seemed to have enjoyed spending time with that bitch Jayde” I said as I scoffed at her name. We both then laughed together, I had a thought of killing his mood the same way he did while he was away in Bora Bora… after all I mean he deserves it. “Justin I forgive you. I love you and haven’t stopped since you’ve been away. Though I have something to confess that you wouldn’t be pleased to hear” I said as i turned into a rather more serious tone.

“I’m glad you forgive me and love me though what is it that you need to tell me ?” He asked getting eager by the minute. “I have a boyfriend Justin” I said seriously. It was quite for a moment “You’re lying” he smirked. “I’m honestly not. I have a boyfriend Justin” I said trying not to laugh. “What’s his name ?” He asked getting tensed. “Cameron” I said as I leaned back against the couch. “The youtuber ?” He asked and I simply nodded as a reply. “Ohh” was all he said as he then looked down. I took advantage of the moment and had then straddled his lap.

“You’re so gullible sometimes. I’m not a single pringle Justin. I’m taken by you of course. Now, about you being exclusively mine and exposing yourself to -” He then cut me off as he smirked and said “How about you show me I’m all yours ?” He suggested. “Gladly” I grinned as I then crashed my lips on his.

anonymous asked:

Holy snizzle dizz I have an idea. Ok so y/n wakes up and she has a dream that Dally and Johnny die (she basically dreamt the story, but she's in it) and she runs to the Curtis house to see the gang, to make sure the dream didn't actually happen. She runs to Dally and hugs him crying bc of the 'dream' (same for johnny, but y/n is hugging dally longer) and he's surprised bc he and the rest of the gang have no idea wtf is going, and she tells them dream. 1/2

(request con.) and she tells them dream and they’re all taken aback by her dream? Could it be a dally x reader type of imagine? Plz & could it be long and detailed? Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. (I jus read the book anD OMG I NEED AN ALTERNATIVE ENDING BC MY BABIES DIED AND NONONO) ps. I really like your writing And your skills are AMAZING. Also thanks! 2/2


holy snizzle dizz I will try my absolute best to make this imagine what you were thinking. btw I rly love the prompt! and im glad you enjoy my writing (even though sometimes it sucks) :)


You woke up drenched in sweat and trembling in fear. The bed sheets were tangled around your legs.

You had absolutely no idea how your brain came up with the dreams it did. Your dreams usually never scared you at all, but this one did. This dream was vivid and it seemed as if it were real.

It scared you, it really did. At the moment, you were having trouble deciding whether the dream was real or if it was fictional.

It all started when Darry had yelled at Pony for falling asleep in the lot with you and Johnny. Darry pushed Pony and he ran out of his house. He went to the lot and told you and Johnny that you guys were running away.

While the three of you were at the park, you all got jumped by some Socs and they tried to drown Pony and they also started to beat up you and Johnny.

Johnny pulled out his switchblade and killed one of the Socs. when he realized what he had done, he sat on the ground and began to cry. You looked at him and told him to calm down and that everything would be okay. When Pony woke up, you all went to see Dally so he could help you guys.

Dally had told you guys to hop on the 3:15 train to Windrixville. He told you to go to and abandoned church on the top of Jay Mountain and he said to stay there until he came to get you all.

When you all arrived in Windrixville, everyone went to the church and got some rest. Johnny woke up before anyone else so he went to get a week’s supply of food.

And then you all stayed there for what felt like the longest week of your lives.

When Dally finally came to get you all, the first thing he did was take you guys to Dairy Queen and everything was fine until you all went back to the church.

The church was engulfed in flames and you, Ponyboy, and Johnny overheard two adults say that some of the children on the field trip were missing. All three of you quickly ran inside of the church to save the kids.

Even though you all saved the kids, before Dally could get Johnny out, the roof fell in on him and he broke his back and was badly burned.

You all visited the hospital many times and the night of the rumble you all went to tell him that the Greasers had won. He said that there was no point in fighting. Then he looked at Pony and told him to stay gold.

Johnny died right in front of your eyes. You saw Dally break right in front of your eyes.

Dally ran off, broken and unable to be fixed. There was no other choice to him but to die. The only thing he loved was gone, so what was the point anymore?

He ended up robbing a store and being chased by the police. The rest of the gang ran to the park and watched their friend get shot in the chest and slowly die right in front of them. They were all in shock that they had lost two gang members in one night. You saw Dally drop to the ground and that’s when you woke up.

You sat up and wiped your eyes. You were in shock and you were terrified. You were so scared that two of your closest friends had died. You needed to go and see for yourself.

You got up and slipped on a hoodie and a pair of your converse. Then you made your way to the Curtis house.

You knocked on the door and Darry answered. He noticed that your cheeks were tear stained and that you were shaking.

“What’s wrong? Come on in and we’ll talk about it.” Darry motioned you to  come in and you did. You looked around and your eyes immediately landed on Johnny and Dally.

You sighed with relief and ran over to Johnny. You gripped him tight and cried in his shoulder.

“Thank god,” you quietly said.

You let go of Johnny and ran over to Dally and hugged him as well. Even though he didn’t notice, you hugged him for a bit longer.

“What was that for?” Dally asked you.

That is when you explained everything to them. You told them about the dream, how it scared you, and how you thought it was real.

None of them had anything to say. They didn’t know how to respond to that.

After a while you all just talked about it and you figured the gang had had enough of you for one night, so you began you trip home.

“Hey wait up, doll,” you heard a voice yell behind you. You turned around and saw Dally running up to you.

“Can we talk about that dream?” he asked you.

“Look, it was just a dream and I don’t know why it happened but it did. I was worried it was real so I came to check on you and Johnny and it turned out I had just dreamt it. No big deal.”

You started to walk off but Dally grabbed your wrist.

“Don’t leave. I’m still talking to you.”


“Why were you so worried that I died, Y/N?”

“Because you’re my friend. I was so scared that I would have to live the rest of my life without you and Johnny.”

“Oh. And another thing.”


“Did you mean to hug me longer or was I just imagining things?’ He laughed.

“Oh God, you noticed that,” you blushed, putting your head in your hands.

“Yea. Listen, doll, it’s kinda obvious that you’ve got a thing for me. You know that, right?”

“Well now I do.”

“Look, I don’t care. But would you wanna consider being my girl?”

“I thought you were dating Sylvia,” you said in shock.

“The broad was two-timing me while I was in jail, man.”


“So are you in or what? You wanna be my girlfriend or no?”

“Uh, sure. Why not?” you laughed.

A/N: the end! I really hoped you liked this because it literally took me three hours to write. thank you so much for requesting and I am so sorry you had to wait so long. There has been so much going on recently and I just now got around to writing yours since you wanted it to be long and detailed. and btw that ending sucked I am so sorry this probably not at all what you were thinking of. and it looked a lot longer when I was writing it. I apologize this is really bad. :( if you want another imagine, feel free to send in a request at any time!

For You/Isaac Lahey Fluff

Originally posted by babydaddiesclub

Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Heyy first of all i love your writing❤. Can you please do an Isaac imagine where his girlfriend doesn’t know about the supernatural and feels betrayed of isaac and her friends cause they don’t have time for her or something. She distances her from them and in season 3 ducalion takes advantage of it and threat them with her and she finds out. You can make the end like you want. Sorry if that was confusing but please it would make my day😂 Thanks love❤

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BTS Reacts to You Giving Them the Silent Treatment

Hey guys! I got this request a while ago but I had a bit of writer’s block on it, so it’s like way late…. I’m so sorry! I’ll try to do better in the future! My inbox is open to any requests you guys have for any group. There is no limit on the number of groups you add to a request, reaction or scenario. It’ll take longer, the more groups there are, but I’ll work on it as fast as possible. If you have any questions or just wanna talk, feel free to send me a message!


     @mintyoongiisjungshook:  Big Bang and Bts reacts to you giving them the silent treatment.

The basis of this one is that you are upset at them because you had plans to have a date later in the week, and you were really looking forward to it, but they had to cancel because of a last minute rehearsal was added for the upcoming tour.

1. Jin

     Jin would know he messed up as he told you. When you began to give him the silent treatment, he would try to think of the best way to apologize. While you were ignoring him, he would cook your favorite meal. He might have flowers delivered to the apartment and set them in the middle of the table. Once you were both seated, he would take your hand. 

     “I’m sorry, Jagi. I hope that I’m not home enough, but I hope that you can forgive me?” Jin asks, his thumb rubbing circles into the back of your hand.

2. Suga

     Suga would be unsure of how he’s supposed to feel about your reaction. At first, it may not bother him because he’s a quiet individual. After a while, he would begin to feel uncomfortable with the silence. He would sit next to you, staying quiet for a moment before he releases a sigh. 

     “I’m sorry. If I promise to try to come home a little earlier from now on, will you please just talk to me?” Suga pleads, lifting his hand to gently brush your hair out of your face.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope would wear himself out trying to get you to forgive him. He would do aegyo, perform girl group dances, and make a complete fool out of himself. You would have forgiven him a while ago, but you weren’t going to tell him that. Finally, he collapses on the couch next to you, his expression dejected.

      “Jagiya, please forgive me. I really wanted to go and spend time with you, but with the tour so close, this rehearsal is mandatory,” J-Hope pulls you into a tight hug, his face buried in your hair.

4. Rapmon

     Rapmon’s first instinct would be to get you a gift to make up for it. The problem is, he wouldn’t know what to to get you. This would result in him buying you way too many gifts, some of which you’re not sure why he bought. After seeing how much he thought of you, you couldn’t help but forgive him.

      “I know that this date was important to you, baby. After this tour, I’m taking a whole week off. Will that be enough time to make up for it?” Rapmon’s hands cup your cheeks, his touch soft.

5. Jimin

     Jimin would be beating himself up. He would seem distant because he’s unhappy with himself. It would bother him that you were disappointed in him. He wouldn’t say anything to you, letting you go to bed without him. At this point, you knew he was blaming himself more than you were. He would come to be after he thought you were asleep, holding you close.

     “I love you, Jagi. I’m so sorry we had to cancel. I hope you can let me make it up to you,” Jimin asks quietly, tears wetting his lashes.

6. V

     V would refuse to accept your silence. He would engage in what is best described as aggressive cuddling. What this means is that he would cuddle you and refuse to let you go until you forgive him. You were annoyed at first, but you couldn’t help but succumb to his cuteness.

     “Please don’t be mad anymore. If you forgive me, then we can go get ice cream,” V pleads, biting his lip.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook wouldn’t be sure of what he’s supposed to do. He doesn’t like the fact that you are upset with him but he doesn’t know how to make you feel better. You would be curled up on the couch, facing away from him. He would sit at your feet, gently lifting them into his lap. Quietly, he begins to sing. He would continue to sing and cycle through songs for a while until he felt that you had relaxed.

      “Jagi, I promise that the next day I get off, we will spend the whole day together. We’ll do whatever you want. Just please, forgive me?” Jungkook says softly, his gently massaging your calves.

I hope you guys enjoyed! It’s a shorter reaction, but hopefully you enjoy it. My inbox is open to any requests you guys have for BTS, or any of the other groups listed on my blog.

An In-Universe look at Troyson

In Universe Meta Meta Continued! 

Based on this post

Ok I was looking through the tags and I’m gonna do some posts for the diff Check Please RPF ships (and shipping wars). But I wanted to do it in semi-chronological order which means first we gotta discuss the Kent/Troy aka Kent/Swoops discourse. And if any one has topic requests/questions feel free to send them to my inbox. 

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of a Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.*  

The year is 2009 (and goes as far as 2011). This blog is mostly inhabited by Aces content at this point.

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$20/PWYW commissions!

Hey guys! Job search keeps improving and things are looking up, but I still need some quick money for student loan payments. tl;dr a check I’ve been expecting is late and I need to make up the difference 8′D So I’m bringing up this offer again! $20 is the flat rate I charge for a quickly-colored fullbody sketch! The examples below are a bit higher level of detail than the flat rate, but are a good example of what my style looks like these days.

The loan payments are thankfully a manageable size so just a couple commissions should be enough! I’m not doing limited slots though; I’ll just let you know what number in line you are . Once I’ve got your payment and commission details, you’ll be added to my queue! I can forecast about 2 weeks, if not sooner. (Due to some IRL hecticness, I still have to finish the previous batch of commissions, but those are nearing completion - thank you for your patience!!!)

Recent examples of my work! <3


Pretty much anything goes as far as subject matter, except for p.orn/N.SFW material. I reserve the right to reject any requests that make me uncomfortable for any reason (hate speech, personal squicks, etc.) 

I take payment in USD through PayPal only!

Like I mentioned above, a flat $20 will get you a quickly-colored fullbody sketch, but you’re free to send any amount and I’ll adjust the amount of detail accordingly. You’ll get at least a bust sketch in return! :) You can request more than a single character if you send $40+.

Payment and requests/references can be sent to carliemantel@gmail.com ! Visual references are awesome if you already have them, but if you don’t have any visuals (or don’t like drawing), descriptions accompanied by google-image-searched or stock references work too.

The examples above, and more of my art, can be found both on my main blog ghostfiish (tagged /carliedraws) and my art blog rainbowfiish. (feel free to reblog my art if you can’t afford a commission right now ;0)

Thanks for reading! Signal boosts appreciated <3

purple-hearts-of-oz  asked:

hello, hello, i love the way your headcanons are written. like, they're hilarious. how would RFA + minor trio react to a suave motherfucker MC? a hella smooth and cool MC who could charm the pants off a snake and absolutely loves making people blush. bonus points if they're a tall crossdressing woman

A/N AH YES SMOOTH MY MIDDLE NAME I had a lotta trouble writing this, I’m the least smooth person you’ll ever meet I once bit it standing for the pledge of allegiance. I just; stood up, hit my knee on the chair in front of me, recoiled my knee, and fell flat on my ass. Thank you though!!??? I love you muah <3 I don’t think I’ll be able to get those bonus points this time around im sososo sorry but I can’t think of a way to work the crossdressing in well >.<  feel free to send in a purely crossdressing request when they open up??  -mod cozy <3

- Yoosung, much like yours truly is SO unsmooth he’s constantly tripping over his words and his feet and everything in between
- So he’s S U P E R impressed by you it’s not even funny he asks to become your apprentice at least once a day
- “Oh yoosung, darling, it’s not just something you learn.”
- Also a HUGE blushy mess when ya use your charming powers on him like you thought he’d be
- Picks up on the role reversal quickly and is not happy about it
- Wants to be a maN (Swift as a coursing river, with all the strength of a great typhoon)
- Starts having zen coach him on the side but just really cannot do it rip

- She herself is pretty unfazed by it and she’s just all polite and stuff unless you get her flowers, she Is WEAK to like a bouquet of roses she’ll swoon and blush and the whole nine yards
- Baehee has picked up on it and is hella impressed despite being relatively immune due to her training herself to be unfazable
- Asks you to teach her just a few tricks that she can use when dealing with customers and the like
- You guys actually make a game out of it sometimes
- You’ll like count the amount of people who trip when you strike a certain mini-pose and compare results
- or Or OR
- You take you and your natural charisma to restaurants or bars with baehee and see if you can eat for free by having people around you buy you drinks and meals without directly asking for them
- It’s really funny and you usually have to take home leftovers riP
- You guys are the ultimate duo she makes the plans and you execute them watch out Seoul

- He REFUSES to be outdone
- Cheesy romance lines are his thing???? Wyd MC?????
- Everyone around you guys together needs to wear fucking sunglasses or something because the amount of suave (not the hair product) is dangerous to the naked eye
- You guys don’t get into like, smooth-offs; you get into smooth WARS
- “MC, you look gorgeous as usual.”
- “Oh Zen, you’re ever the charmer. I actually got something for you!” cue a cute lil kiss on the cheek from MC
- “Oh really? Me too, we should go at the same time.”
- “1.. 2.. 3!”
- You both simultaneously pull out the E X A C T S A M E extravagant bouquet of flowers from behind your backs???
- This is just the tip of the iceberg????

- He’s a lot like Zen not that he’d admit it
- He’s lowkey trying to outdo you the whole time bc he’s been RAISED on charisma it’s part of his JOB and you have it down just like that?? Just naturally??? Burn the witch
- He’s used to be on the giving end of charm though so it is a nice change of pace
- If you buy him chocolate or roses or “something that reminded you of him” though
- He’ll return it ten- no, twentyfold
- Will blush and then deny blushing when you give him particularly well-said compliments
- You charm the stockings off of any reporter that comes your way which makes the relationship A THOUSAND times easier like thank our lord and savior Elizabeth the 3rd

- He’s going to embrace the “maiden” roll 110%
- All for swooning and being swept off his feet sign *clap* this *clap* boy *clap* up
- He does shoot back a few “Mcccc you’re cringier than ZEN~” or “Mc, how can I be the cutest when YOU’RE the cutest” so it’s not all one sided at least
- He’s a switch in multiple ways trust me, sometimes he totally likes to be the charmer and sometimes the charmee
- Is incredible in both positions I promise you’ll get the exact reaction or comment you want every damn time
- Turns redder than his ding dang hair if you say something about space or science or anything dorky and relate it to romance or some shit,
- mod cozy isn’t good at being smooth so use your imagination on the dialogue here

- He’s so polite about everything it doesn’t stop here
- At first you’re just making comments like “can I take a picture of YOU this time as proof that angels exist?” yes I stole that from cookie anon
- And he’s just like “Thank you very much sweetheart that’s a lovely sentiment but I’m far from an angel as you know.” Liar.
- And then you get into innuendo territory but like; classy and smooth innuendos
- And he reacts the same way???
- “Hey V I’d like to SEE you out of those clothes.” Fuck that was neither classy nor smooth I really can’t come up with anything not punny so this will have to do guys
- And he’ll respond with “That’s very nice of you MC.” And at this point you’re frustrated??
- Because your charm.
- Ain’t.
- Working???
- Little do ya know, V is planning something for when the two of you get home wink wonk

- Refuses to let you charm them
- Gotta resist (conceal don’t feel)
- They were trained for this, you can expect it’ll be difficult to achieve your goal but you’ll! Get! There!
- “Hey Vandercutie, can you pass me the red pepper? This dish needs it almost as much as I need you.”
- “Here’s your pepper. Don’t pour it too quickly or you risk throwing the balance of the dish off.”
- You may have caught a slight blush on their cheeks though???
- Maybe??
- I think you’re making progress keep at it

- Tries to pretend your smoothness doesn’t affect him
- Because BAD BOYS don’t get swept off their feet shut the hell up he is NOT blushing YOURE blushing
- He tries soooo hard to hide it but ALWAYS fails miserably because he has this cute little habit of playing with his hair when he’s embarrassed or bashful
- Which is a lot thanks to you ;)
- Will try to get you back in that romantic-creepy way of his that he has but you just shoot right back with a compliment or come on of your own???
- No cult organization in the universe could’ve prepared him for this

REQUESTS ARE NOW OPEN!!! (15/05/2017)- (29/05/2017) :D

Hello Immortal Family members <3

I’m opening up requests again (finally)! I just want to make a pinned post pertaining to the types of requests that can be submitted, as well as update you on the whole situation regarding my blog and the way it’s going to be run! So basically, I’m leaving my inbox open to requests for TWO WEEKS (15/05/2017- 29/05/2017). In this time, I will be taking requests for Headcanons, Scenarios, Match-ups and GIF Reactions!

Some new things that are happening/ on offer:

I am taking Writing Commissions now as a way to manage my time better on this blog. So basically, if you want to request a one-shot or a series of one-shots that are over 1500 words in length then I will be charging a payment of AU$3 (payable via Ko-Fi link/button). If the word-count is higher than 2500 words then I will charge AU$6 (payable via Ko-Fi link/button). I take both SFW and NSFW requests- but if you want a commissioned piece of work, the process is to send me a PM and kinda answer a few questions I have about your request so that I can make sure I’m writing exactly what you want to be reading! I hope that makes sense! So yeah, let me know if you are interested in commissioning a piece of written work off of me- it would really be a great help, and wonderful support too!

I am also taking requests for personalised Love Letters from Ignis, Noctis, Prompto and Gladio. For these, because they will take some time, effort, and I’ll need to go buy some fancy stationery for this, as well as post them out to you guys- I’ll be charging AU$9 per letter (payable via Ko-Fi link/button).

Lastly, I’m accepting random donations too via Ko-Fi (you can find the links/buttons at the end of each of my original posts)! Donating is not mandatory, and I don’t want to force anyone to pay to read my work- I’m still going to be writing for a long time to come- it’s just that if I can earn at least $50 a month from this blog, I can quit my dodgy tutoring gig and have more time to write on the weekends (that is my mum’s condition for me devoting time to my passion/hobby anyways :O)! So any donations will be much appreciated- it just means I can get more content out to you guys at a faster rate! <3

Now, so that I am able to know who has paid for their commissions/letters, it would be much appreciated if you could note down your tumblr username when you make a payment! Just so I can keep track of it! If you have any issues/questions, feel free to send me a PM or directly email me on onthewaytoimmortal@gmail.com. :D

Headcanons/Scenarios/Drabbles (< 1500 words = no cost): For these requests, I don’t need a whole lot of specialised information. Just what you’ve been doing normally should be absolutely fine! <3 So just send in the idea/thing you want to read and I’ll write it and post it up! :) Completely as per usual (I am soooo excited to receive new requests!!! <3 Ya’ll have NO idea how long I wanted to open shop up again!)

Match-Ups (no cost): First time opening up requests for match-ups! So, I know I didn’t study psychology for four years for nothing- let me use this knowledge for some fun! Send me some match-up requests with a brief description of your personality, your preferred orientation, and some of your likes and dislikes and I’ll work my magic to see who your one true love from FFXV is! <3

GIF Reaction Requests: I have discovered the power of GIFs and it is fantastical! Send me a short request about “reactions to” or something along the lines of that, and I’ll use my super sleuth skills to find some GIFs that match the request based on my headcanons <3

I think that’s pretty much it for now. OH YES, one more thing! I’m also RPing now, but given that RPing takes a little time, just contact me about setting up a time-slot or something so we can arrange to actively RP together. I can RP any character you want tbh- but I am pretty well versed with Ignis, Gladiolus and Prompto xD

Okay- all done now! I look forward to receiving your requests loves <3 Thank you so much for joining me on this beautiful writing/blogging adventure and I can’t wait to get more content out to you guys!

P.S: during the 2 weeks that my inbox will be open for requests, I will be working on filling the last 5 requests sitting in my inbox, as well as working on finishing some personal writing projects so that after the two weeks, I can focus solely on completing all your requests as quickly as I can while maintaining a high standard of writing quality! :D Let me know what you guys think about this! I really hope I don’t sound pushy on the whole ‘payment’ front of things- I just want to re-iterate that I will still be writing on this blog for FREE as well xD I might just be a little slower if I can’t quite the tutoring gig, that’s all! <3

MUCH LOVE, IMMORTAL FAM! <3 *hugs you all tight*

- themissimmortal (Moosh) <3

750 Follower Appreciation & Tumblr Awards

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Alright guys!! It’s here but for real this time!

Thanks to all of you who’ve decided over the past few months to follow me! It means a lot, especially because everyone is so helpful and kind!

So in thanks I’ve decided to host another


(Well technically I’m holding two, one VISUAL and one for WRITING)

I’ve updated the schedule for this. Instead of the original plan of holding it this week it will be held the week after the next (from June 26th to June 30th) to give everyone plenty of time to prepare. I also added more details and descriptions to some of the tasks to help you out!! :)


  • You must be following this recycling bin (some people say trash can but come on guys you gotta have more self esteem than that). And I will check whether you are following me or not.
  • You must reblog. Likes do not count. I will check, yet again.
  • You have to tag EACH entry with the appropriate Blog Contest classification and the appropriate task number (SEE ‘TAGGING’ BELOW)
  • *If you do not tag properly* and your tag doesn’t show up in the tagged page that entry will not be graded. (Just so ya know that means that the 2 required tags will have to be the FIRST ones you tag the post with, bc after 5 tags they don’t show up)
  • I am choosing winners *ONLY* based on THESE edits/fanfics/etc. NOT based on previous content or anything else on the blog.
  • Because of this^, I am going to let the last RQ blog contest winners @lilyharvord and @evangeliensamos and all of the runner-ups to compete.
  • There will be one WRITTEN winner and one VISUAL winner. There will be one runner up for each category as well.
  • Entries must be submitted on time, on the day they are meant to be posted. Please schedule/queue them to post between 6am-11pm Eastern US Time (the New York time zone).

**You can only enter ONE of the competitions. You have to choose between either the VISUAL or the WRITTEN competition and put your choice in the tags**


  • Winners will receive: a request for an edit/moodboard/aesthetic, a request for a fanfic/head canon, and either a URL graphic or URL change of choice (I put the urls to choose from under Keep Reading)
  • Runner-ups will receive: a request for a head canon and either a URL graphic or URL change of choice (I put the urls to choose from under Keep Reading)


    ➫ Monday, the 26th: Task 1 = Ship Day  Create a 4x2 moodboard for a rq ship (common, uncommon, whatever). For inspo check out this amazing blog.
   ➫ Tuesday, the 27th: Task 2 = Diversity Day  Create a 3x3 aesthetic for a single poc and/or lgbtq+ character. For inspo check out some of mine.
   ➫ Wednesday, the 28th: Task 3 = Historical Day  Create an edit for any historical figure that we know from the RQ verse (characters only mentioned). These can include Caesar Calore, the tactician that united Norta, Juliana, his daughter, Barr Rambler, one of the first recorded Silvers, Garion Savannah, Tiberias the 3rd, King Onekad Cygnet and more. For ideas look here, or on pages 171-175 (amongst others) in King’s Cage.
   ➫ Thursday, the 29th: Task 4 = Text Day  Create an edit for an interesting/exciting/funny scene or quote from any of the rq books/novellas. I made one a while back, too, check that one out here.
   ➫ Friday, the 30th: Task 5 = Creativity Day  INVENT a silver ability AND a house to go a long with it!! Create a 4 image/gif edit. Describe the ability in 3 sentences and the house (colors, etc) in another 2.


   ➫ Monday, the 26th: Task 1 = Next Generation Tuesday  Write a glance into the future for a child of any rq ship *in the red queen world, not an au* Number of words: 600-850. Ex. Marecal’s daughter, could include appearance descriptions, ability, personality, and please write a little story! :)
   ➫ Wednesday, the 28th: Task 2 = FLUFF Thursday  Write the most adorable thing that you can for a red queen ship. Can have angst but make it cute too. I’d prefer if it was a ship that’s different from the one you used in Next Generation Wednesday. 750-900 words.
   ➫ Friday, the 30th: Task 3 = Creativity Saturday  INVENT a silver ability AND a house to go along with it. Advertise the ability in a concise and persuasive paragraph (4-6 sentences). Ex. ‘Are you tired of _______? Well then ________!’ That part should be a bit satirical of those really bad commercials XD. THEN, make a long head canon of interesting things to use the ability for, more details about the house, and INVENT a character with that ability in that house and tell me about him/her and tell me how he/she uses that ability.


For those entering the VISUAL rq blog contest you must tag all entries with #visual rq blog contest

For those entering the WRITTEN rq blog contest you must tag all entries with #written rq blog contest

Each ENTRY has to be tagged as well, like so (I’m leaving extra spaces to separate each tag):

#visual task 1 rq   #visual task 2 rq   #visual task 3 rq   #visual task 4 rq   #visual task 5 rq

#written task 1 rq   #written task 2 rq   #written task 3 rq


L E T   T H E   G A M E S   B E G I N ! !

Good luck to all of you, I can’t wait to see what you create!

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look under here for the URLs you can win! (I really love some of these!)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I checked the tags page but I couldn't find anything related to this, so I'd like to know what are some fics that have the other boys teasing taekook because they're too cheesy or something like that? Can be a short/long fic really ^^

I’m sure there are many more of these, but this is what I was able to find^^ if anyone knows of more, please let us know!

untitled by JemKay/galaxyfxn - prompt: Taekook normal school day where their friends make fun of them for being so cheesy, ? Thankyou

Love Makes Quite the Fashion Statement  by kimtaehot - Taehyung knits ugly sweaters, and Jungkook wears his heart on their sleeves.

chong! jojun! balsa! (point! aim! shoot!) by nutaella - sunflower <3 to [HEADS UP HOES] sunflower <3: OMG GUYS sunflower <3: MY BOY REPLIED (basically taehyung is the most precious, jeongguk is two hundred percent whipped, yoongi is the best brother, seokjin is a nagging mother, jimin is the bestest best friend, namjoon is the most normal, and hoseok is the meme king and the lonely one)

IMMA BEAT THAT PUSSY by sotaekook - minsugagenius: everytime you say you gave birth to us I wanna puke mommy: I gave birth to ALL OF YOU mommy: YOU CAME OUT OF ME mommy: OUT OF MY VAGINA minsugagenius: …   [minsugagenius left the group]

‘Betterer’ Isn’t a Word by BaekYeolChanBaek - Jungkook’s problem was Taehyung and Taehyung’s problem was Jungkook. Everyone else’s problem was that they were fucking oblivious and needed to Get Together™ soon. They all knew it wasn’t going to happen, though. To be honest, Jimin was ready to just shove them into a closet and call it a day.

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask when the inbox is open^^


Decided to do some promts while writing a Finn Balor imagine and getting old ships done. ^_^ Pick a prompt (or prompts if you like) and send it to me with a person of your choosing from below and I’ll write a short little imagine about them using that prompt :3

(Putting the promts under read more because it’s a long list)

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otaxus  asked:

OHOhO,, HOW ABOUT MC BEING PREGNANT WITHHH TWINS. :"0 if you done something like this then how about mc having an identical twin,,, how would the rfa members+v+saeran react ayyy. TY And I love your hC

Omg, this is so great!Pregnant with twins, the ideas are popping in my head! Thank you for your support.
This is such a cute one!
They know MC is pregnant!
Thank you for your request! I HOPE YOU LIKE IT

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me
My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request. ( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • He was so happy about this pregnancy, a room for the baby, it’s already decorated with neutral colors, so like that they’ll be prepared for it!
  • But then you discovered that you’re pregnant with twins!
  • You’re so excited to tell to Yoosung when he comes back from work you call him
  • “Do you need something love?” He said already desperately, he take a good care of you right now, you are the most precious thing right now
  • A precious thing that is carrying another precious thing, one baby, his child
  • But he doesn’t know that is not one baby that you’re carrying, it’s two babies
  • When you tell him, he’s paralyzed, looks like a statue, you’re so worried about it that you put one hand on his shoulder “…Yoosung?”
  • He looks at you, and without even thinking he hugs you so tightly and starts to cry on your shoulder
  • “You surprise me every time..” He says crying on your shoulder, and then he gets on his knees and put his hand on your belly 
  • “ I’ll give you guys all my love…” He smiles and looks at you 
  • “But we will have to decorate the room again” You two laugh, he’s right, but it’s worth it


  • You discover it yesterday, but he was really tired because of the rehearsal that you decided to wait
  • In the next day, you two were on the couch, he was with his head on your lap, saying a lot of things, about his roles, about this house ( he was seeing some house for you two move in with your kid)
  • Then he looks at you and smiles ( that smile, that one that kills angels) 
  • “I’ll take really good care of this little one princess, just see!This child will be so handsome that I got to keep one eye on this kid!”
  • You laugh, “You don’t say “this little one” when it’s two”
  • He immediately gets up 
  • “What you mean…Two?”
  • “It’s twins.” He stays still, without not even an expression on his face.
  • “This means…That’ll be two beautiful creatures that will born?”
  • You nod, he pulls you from the couch and hugs you kiss your neck while you’re laughing and after that, he looks into your eye
  • “My queen it’s holding my princes or princess, or the two,I’M SO EXCITED!”


  • You’re home, nobody is there,
  • except Elizabeth
  • You called Jumin telling him that you wanted to have a nice dinner with him, he said that he’ll cancel all the meetings for this dinner.
  • Sorry Jaehee, but this time is important
  • You have requested a cake to the chef and in the cake, you want to write “To a new household, with me, my husband, Elizabeth, and our twins!”
  • When he are home, you hugged him and he kisses you passionately “Hello love.”
  • You greet him again, and then you pick his hand and drag him to the table “You want a wine?”
  • You laugh and sit “Wine don’t go well with sweet things, especially a cake.”
  • He froze, he’s scared, did he forget your birthday? It can’t be “…You know I don’t like sweets” He says sitting down, slowly
  • “You’ll like this cake” you smile and then they bring the cake and reveal it to him
  • He looks at it, making some time to read, and then he looks at you and the cake, you, cake, you cake
  • Looks like he doesn’t believe it and then he gives you a big smile, you don’t even think that Jumin could smile like this!
  • He gets up and walks to you and kiss you “There goes my idea of doing a brother or sister to our child” You two laugh and he kisses you again
  • “Thank you, for everything.”


  • He’s excited about that baby
  • He has already bought those cringe the shirts AND HE CAN’T WAIT TO MAKE DAD JOKES
  • It’s going to be so funny!
  • But then you ruined his plans when you discovered that were twins, you walked to him while he was typing something “Hey…Saeyoung”
  • He looks at you after he discovered you’re pregnant, he always gives his attention to you, don’t matter what he’s doing
  • “I’m pregnant..”
  • He laughs “I know MC”
  • “With twins”
  • He gasps, almost choking on his chips and then he looks at you again
  • “Are you serious?” You nod, he looks serious 
  • “I will have to replace those shirts now!”
  •  He says angrily, you just laugh and then he laughs too, getting up and hugging you
  • “You know what they say…Prepare for trouble..” He looks at you waiting for you to finish
  • “And make it double”
  • He smiles at you, a large smile reaches his ears
  • “Oh god…You bless me with  3 angels…I don’t even deserve that!” He kisses you “I love you…And i already love them!”


  • He’s feeling so blessed by this, something in his life was going on the right path for the first time!
  • When you discovered, you’re already smiling thinking about the face he’ll make
  • When you’re there, you stand still in his front while he was sitting on the couch “V..I have something about the pregnancy”
  • He stood up, looking worried “What…? What happened?”
  • He was already thinking of the worst, he never has luck in his life…This is usual
  • “It’s twins!”
  • “What?“ 
  • It’s the only thing he can say before start to cry so much that you got worried
  • "V…Are you alright—”
  • He hugs you really tightly, but after that, he got on his knees and looks up
  • “Thank you for this blessing!Thank you for bringing this woman in my life!”
  • He stood up and kisses you, and then he looks at you, with a large smile on his face, still crying
  • “I don’t have any words right now…Thank you for letting me enter your heart”


  • Here we go
  • He was worried about “not being a good father” but now he passes that phase
  • Now he’s the super protective Saeran, he think everything could make you lose his reason to smile
  • So he’s very careful about everything, he doesn’t even let you cut something for food, he doesn’t even let you make food
  • You’re scared, about how much protective he’ll become
  • But you’ll tell him anyway when you told him he kept his eyes on you without any expression
  • “Are you serious?Twins?Like me and Saeyoung?”
  • You nod and he falls on his knee
  • “Saeran?” You run to him, and he looks at you with tears in his eyes
  • “Mc..I don’t deserve this…I’ve done so bad things…I…” He looks down and after that, he gets up 
  • “No…Stop this Saeran…You’ll be a good father, for our twins…” You smiled and he kisses your cheek smiling
  • He looks really happy “I love you so much Mc…”
  • “What?”
  • “I say that we will need more room…”
  • You laugh, “I love you too Saeran”
  • He gives you a genuine smile and kisses you again, this time on the lips.
Dirty Laundry: Part 5

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.8K
Warnings: Swearing, fluff (yay finally), drunk!Bucky, angst

A/N: Final part of Dirty Laundry! I only ever intended this to be a oneshot, and here I am 5 parts later, haha, so glad everyone’s enjoyed it. I hope you’re satisfied with this ending! I’ve got loads more fic ideas (hope you all like those too, when they get written/finished!), but I’d be keen to give requests a crack, so if you’ve got any, feel free to send them through!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

After more than an hour of listening to Dean Spector talk about the stock market and other business mumbo jumbo that you had no interest in, you were desperately looking for any reason to excuse yourself and escape. You glance towards the bar and spot Bucky staring at you, a frown etched on his face. You smile and wave at him, but his expression doesn’t change; he just finishes the drink in his hand. You know you’re supposed to be waiting for him to come to you, but you really want to get away from this boring suit next to you.

Pushing Dean’s hand off your thigh for the 50th time, you fake a smile and stand, “I’m going to get myself another drink,” you lie, “it was nice to meet you,”

“Oh, I’ll come get one with you,” Dean clearly hadn’t gotten the hint. He stands and snakes an arm around your waist. You try to push him away but it only causes him to tighten his grip on you, “where you trying to run off to, Princess?” his voice is dark and sinister. You nervously laugh and try once more to wiggle free, but Dean’s fingers dig into your side, causing a sting of pain from how hard he’s gripping you. You glance at him, expecting to see a joking expression on his clean-shaven face. But his eyes are dark and there is no hint of humour in his expression.

“Hey! Back off buddy!” Bucky suddenly appears in front of you and Dean. You breathe a sigh on relief. Surely the sight of the Winter Solider will make this creep back off,

“Who the fuck are you?!” Dean spits angrily at Bucky, his hand still painfully digging into your side. You notice Bucky’s metal fist tense. Before a fight can break out, you finally speak up,

“Let go of me.” all politeness now gone from your voice, “I won’t ask again,” Dean chuckles, not noticing the serious look you’re shooting him,

“Don’t be like that, Princess. I’m just having some-” you cut Dean off, with a swift punch to his smug face. His hand immediately lets go of your waist and he stumbles backwards,

“I’m not your Princess,” you spit at him. You hear laughter from all around. Your confrontation had drawn a crowd. Bucky is chuckling and grins at you,

“That was amazing,” he says as he sways and loses his balance. You grunt as you catch him and try to steady him,

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sami zayn { spiders }

   NOTE: So earlier, I posted this idea I had for a one shot. I got several different names and as a result, I’m writing a few different versions of the idea. This one is Sami Zayn’s and it resulted from me wanting to write a slightly more dominant Sami and lots of fluff. Because yasss. So this is the first one, it is Sami Z x reader. 

   TAGGING: @alexablss who is like.. my rad partner in crime. I enjoy talkin to you, girl! Also, since @believe-that-001 liked my last Sami Zayn thing, I tagged ya. Hope it’s okay? If anyone else wants to be tagged ( since I can’t / don’t take requests ) feel free to say something. – Love, Amber

  WARNINGS: Partial nudity, steamy makeout, Amber’s potty mouth ( because I have headcanons about Sami and Swearing…) and yahhh. That’s it basically.

Originally posted by msgem

I hate the eight legged, jillion eyed fuckers, okay? And normally, if I even think I see one, a panic attack of epic proportions occurs. I’m not really sure why, but anyway.. I’d just stepped out of the shower when I felt something crawling down my chest. When I looked down, I screamed bloody murder and swatted at the damn thing, sending it flying, but by then, I’d done it.

I’d woken up my sleeping room mate, Sami. And almost as soon as he stepped into the bathroom, sleepy eyed with his curly red hair sticking up every which way, yawning and staring at me as if I’d lost my damn mind, I felt infintely guilty for waking him because his flight had gotten in at 2, which mean he’d only gotten a solid 3 hours of sleep.
I didn’t feel guilty enough to not launch my nearly naked form against him, hiding my face in his chest as I shook like I’d just witnessed a fucking murder, but I did feel guilty.

“I’m sorry, I just.. Spider.. On my body..” I muttered into his skin, trying to calm down.  Sami groaned quietly and at the time, I honestly figured that it had more to do with me screaming him awake over a stupid spider than any affect I may or may not be having on him..

It hit me a few seconds later when I actually met his gaze… Normally, Sami is the kind of guy who flusters really, really easily.. I mean super easily. I’ve walked around in a t shirt and panties before, just to go grab something out of the dryer to put on and he spent the entirety of the next three hours apologizing because he’d seen me and stammering, or blushing when he’d look at me. This morning, that wasn’t the case. Maybe it was the lack of sleep the poor guy had gotten, maybe it was something else, but.. I felt his lips brush my forehead as his hands moved slowly up and down my bare back.. It hit me that we were both standing there shirtless and his skin felt… warm, comfortable against mine. I could feel the defined chest muscles, the steady and calming thump of his heart as it beat and I bit my lower lip.

“Did you see where it went?” he asked, his voice thicker and somehow, I swear to God, the Canadian accent even sounded more pronounced somehow. His eyes met mine and there was no… Like normally, he’d not be able to meet my eyes if he saw me in any state of undress and I’ve spent the better part of nearly six months since he moved in trying to figure out why, but he was holding my gaze now.

“I.. I don’t know.. I was kinda more worried about keeping it off my tatas.” I muttered the words quietly, stammering just a little as I felt the insides of my thighs getting slick. The way he was acting right now was really turning me on.. Then again, it seems like everything about him lately sort of turns me on. Even the little things…

To my surprise, rather than go red faced, he chuckled, muttered something that vaguely sounded like he’d said “Can’t have that happening.” before disappearing into  the bathroom, appearing in the hallway again a few minutes later with a  magazine, the spider smooshed neatly on top of it.

He threw it in the garbage and then his eyes met mine again. Sheepishly, I muttered an apology. I actually apologized pretty profusely and he shook his head, he shrugged it off.. I swallowed hard when I realized that naturally, we’d migrated closer to one another. His hand lingered at my hip and my hand lingered at his chest. When our hips really brushed, I couldn’t resist anymore and I moved even closer, closing the distance between our bodies so that there was no space left. My fingers played along his chest and I bit my lip as I looked up at him and after a few seconds, I managed to thank him.

“It’s not a big deal. The spider wasn’t even really that big.. I mean not that I blame you for being scared in the first place.” he trailed off, hints of that more awkward side peeking through again for a moment as he shook his head, muttered to himself about how he needed to shut the fuck up before he made things awkward.. But he had me curious, I wanted to know what he was wanting to say so badly.

“I was going to say that I was glad I was the one who was here, who got to kill it? Instead of some other guy?” he bit his lip, his hand smoothed over the back of his head and he swore to himself quietly. It clicked for me then, just what he was hinting at and just why he got so easily flustered around me.

It also hit me why I continued to fluster him and flirt with him… I wanted him back.. I wanted him just as much, if not more.

“Me too.” I admitted, eyes locked on his lips, my own tingling for a taste of his kiss.. A taste that he obliged me a few seconds later when he picked me up, sat me down on the double vanity counter in the bathroom and I wrapped my legs around him, purely on instinct. He gasped against my lips as he rubbed against me, purely on accident, and I knew he had to feel it, I was soaked through. I was practically dripping wet.

“Fuck.” he captured my lip between his teeth, nipping at it, his tongue parting my lips seconds later as his fingers tangled in my hair and his hand went across the back of my neck, pulling my mouth into his even deeper. “Sami?” his name left my lips in the form of a question and it was enough to give him pause, make him look at me.

“Did you not want me to kiss you? Shit.. I’m..”
{ It’s so fucking cute how he does that.} I thought dumbly to myself before quickly shaking my head no, adding in a breathless tone that I’d wanted him to kiss me, but I honestly hadn’t thought he’d ever do it, or that he’d ever even want to kiss me. “Oh no, no.. Trust me.. I wanted you to do that.” I muttered the words against his lips as I slid my arms up, around his neck and played with the hair at the nape of his neck as I put everything into kissing him back.

His hands gripped me tighter, moving me even closer to him as he looked down at me and let out this low growl of approval, tongue slowly trailing over his lip. “I want..” he started, going silent.. He was trying to figure out the best way to say something, I could tell by the thoughtful look in his eyes.. I bit my lip and looked up at him, trying to get myself back under control.

“Yeah?” my lips were back against his again, the word left my mouth and it was swallowed by his when he nipped at my lips hungrily, hands gliding up and down my sides before the one drifted back to my hair and neck to pull me into the kiss deeper.

“I want to be the guy who kills the spiders.” he mumbled the words, breaking the kiss to look at me, almost as if he were waiting on me to answer. I nodded, trailing my fingertip down his chest. “I want to be the girl who flusters you so badly that you almost throw an entire root beer on the kitchen floor.” and he chuckled a little, leaning in. “You  already are.”

“Well then, Sami, you definitely already are.”