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Star Watch - Bon Bon the Birthday Clown

Ah finally, here we are! The episode that kicked off the mid-season hiatus and made the entire fandom cry at once. I have waited patiently. I know what lies ahead at the very end, but I don’t know the journey there. I have a feeling we’re going to have a lot of screenshots… 

Aww, Bon Bon’s design is so cute! And that’s something to be said - not every animated clown can pull off “cute”. For most people, it’s more along the lines of “terrifying” or “traumatizing” or “why did I ever watch IT oh god why”.

In the case of the SVtFoE universe, it’s “he’s a WITCH!” 

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Need a new show to watch?

As Wander Over Yonder is ending, I’ve been seeing a bunch of posts asking about what shows people should check out next. So, here’s my recommendations for shows you should check out!!

The 7D - This is a VERY underrated show on Disney XD but it’s so precious!! The 7D is based off of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but it takes place 30 years before the movie (though some can say the show is different form the movie) It’s a happy show with fantastic humor and wonderfully talented voice actors! (Bill Farmer, Maurice LaMarche, Billy West, Scott Menville, Stephen Stanton, Dee Bradley Baker, Kevin Michael Richardson, etc.) and has a ton of special guest stars! If you were a fan of Tiny Toons and Animaniacs, many of the people that worked on those shows worked on this one as well! This show has the same fate as Wander because it’s ending in September (#SaveThe7D), but everyone should check out this adorable dwarf show!! It airs on Saturdays at 9:30 am EST!

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Star Vs. The Forces of Evil - I like to call Star the new ‘break-out’ star of Disney XD, but this show doesn’t disappoint! It’s a colorful show full of great characters and suspenseful moments in it! Season 2 is starting on July 11th 10:30 am EST, so you should go watch Season 1 to get ready for the next season!!

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Penn Zero Part-Time Hero - Another underrated Disney XD Show, but I absolutely love Penn Zero! What’s great about this show is that the characters go to different dimensions and have different designs for that world! The animation is fantastic and the characters are great! Check it out, and Season 2 will be coming soon this year!

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We Bare Bears - I think WBB is super cute show! It’s a nice break away from the darker shows on Cartoon Network. Having these precious bears in these real life situations make for a wonderful show! I really recommend it if you haven’t seen it!!

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Harvey Beaks - One of my favorite shows on Nickelodeon at the moment! Harvey Beaks is an adorable show with great characters in it! What I love about this show is that C.H. Greenblatt who made Chowder also created this show and such a happy little show! I love it a lot and you guys should check it out too!!

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The Loud House - I’m finishing up on watching this show, but it’s really great so far! I love the animation because it reminds me of a comic strip style! And all the characters are so great in this series! I can’t wait to see what else this show has in store!!

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Those are my recommendations for shows to check out!! And if you need help finding these shows, just tell me! <333

Thank You, Mokuba

“They’re more than fiction. They were there for me even if they weren’t real. They were there when you weren’t. They’re more than you think they are.”

-By behindtheplottwist

(Warning: This ended up being longer than I intended. Forgive me!)

Yugioh was one of the first anime shows I watched growing up. When I was little, I hated Kaiba. The villian is always the bad guy right? Such arrogance that matched a black heart. So why should I cheer for him? Why would anyone? 

But you did Mokuba. 

I wanted Yugi to win, like the main hero always does, and he did. Over and over again. But when you first came on that screen, I never knew how much a fictional character could have such an impact on my life. You didn’t get a big role. You were the little brother. Seto Kaiba’s little brother. A supporting character. No. Stop. You weren’t. You can’t be.

 Because why did I learn so much from you than everyone else? Why did your actions speak so much louder to me than the main cast ever could? 

Because you’re an inspiration

I saw Kaiba and saw a cruel narcissistic cold-hearted person. Then you came out of nowhere, a sweetheart, a sincere good little kid with a giant heart of pure gold and showed me something else.(Despite your manga and season 0 appearances)

 I saw a black heart gone cold. You saw a broken one. And you tried your best to keep it from completely falling apart into nothing. You stood by him. You supported him when no one else would. Why? There’s more to people than what you see on the outside. You taught me that. 

Then I heard about your family. I heard about your parents. The orphanage. The bullies. The pain. The suffering. The sadness. But still you smiled through it all. At your age, how did you continue to go on and live life dealing with what you did? Some of us still can’t even do it. I’m still struggling with it. Ignorance is bliss they say? No, don’t make me laugh. 

You knew what was going on.

 You cried on that swing, missing a father who may or may not have loved the son that took his wife away. You looked back at the relative that dropped you off in the orphanage and held on to your brother’s hand as you stared ahead into the faces of lost hope among the other orphans.When that monster walked into the orphanage, your face held worry. When he took you to your new “home”, you knew what was going on. That’s why you tried to reach out to your brother with those cards.  

Even when you’re brother ignored you while you lived in that vast empty mansion under you’re “step-father”, you still loved him. Even when he tried to kill you- you…still stood by him. Promised to wait for him forever. 

Forgave him.

How do you forgive so easily? 

Your flesh and blood hurt you. Neglected you. Abandoned you.

But still you love him anyway.

 Forgiving someone is one of the hardest and seems like one of the most impossible things to do. You did it even before Yugi reached the elevator to go duel your brother didn’t you. How? You really are amazing you know that? 

Because you didn’t see a monster, you saw someone hurt, broken and beaten down. 

You wanted to help.

You always wanted to support him. You know why he does the things he does. You know that having a difficult life doesn’t excuse him. 

After all, you lived that same life, walked down the same road, lost the same parents, shared the same past. Even though everyone forgets you were there too. 

When everyone else abandoned your brother, you didn’t. When no one believed in him, you did. You were there for him. Like he was there for you. Through you I saw a different person in him. 

Through you I learned what true unselfishness, devotion, kindness, and self-sacrificing is. 

You went through a lot…

 You’re mother died after giving birth to you. You never got a chance to meet her. Your father died after that. Your relatives stole and left you. Soon your brother left even if he was still in the same room as you with a different gaze and a different kind of “smile”. Your “new” father didn’t think you were worth a second glance and you were left alone in that house.

 You didn’t have parents to love you. You were convinced your brother did, even if he didn’t show it the right way. After all, he tried but he was still a kid himself. Then he neglected you and you tried to get him back. No matter what. Even when he tried killing you at Death-T. 

Those monsters appeared and you were just a kid-and the experience of death would have crippled you. Then you lost your brother to a coma. Then the kidnappings started. You had your soul taken away and abandoned to shadows in the darkness, alone. You were dangled from a helicopter. Brainwashed. Had your body taken over.

 Kid I could go on. 

But let me tell you something. You’re a soldier. A warrior. You were abused, abandoned, neglected, went through traumatic experiences, and the fact that you continue to smile is something that I cannot put into words or begin to even describe just how much volume that speaks.

 People say showing emotions is a sign of weakness. But you see differently. They see a moment of weakness but you see a moment of strength. Or maybe you’re just that freaking strong. 

Maybe, no one else can see the pain behind that smile. Even so, you keep trying. Because maybe one day, when you smile, your beloved big brother might really smile back at you.

My life was filled with abuse and depression hit me hard. Everytime I watched Yugioh, I felt like I was living through you guys. I saw you laugh and cry, just like I did. I forgot about my own pain when I saw you struggle with yours. 

I loved watching you and your brother.

Smiled and loved the bond between you two. Your devotion to each other is admirable.

Growing up, I learned so much from you than my parents who weren’t around, it makes me a better person today. 

You held my hand. You helped me get through tough times. Thank you Mokie.

The original Yugioh series ended a long time ago and I’m in my senior year of high school. I still rewatch epsiodes. 

Still love seeing Mokuba and Seto. Really miss them. So when I heard about the movie, I was so happy and excited. Especially when I heard the movie revolved around Kaiba.

 Don’t get me wrong, I grew to love him because of Mokuba, but Mokuba will always be my favorite character. 

So I was concerned when the brothers’ lockets were gone. Was concerned about rumors of Mokuba being dead. Then terrified and relieved when I saw Mokuba’s sketch in the cast for the new Yugioh movie.

 But they chopped all his hair off.

 I always loved it long, hope he kept it till adulthood. I hoped he was an adult! But unfortunately the movie is set 6 months after the original not 10 years.

 I always imagined him to grow up as a badass vice president with flaring trench coats and be just as sexy as his big bro :) Maybe be like those cool spy agents haha.

 So I was disappointed when I found out he wasn’t much older. 

But I loved the suit! It almost proves my headcannon that Mokuba won’t abandon Kaiba Corp when he gets older, he’ll still want to work there. 

 But I can’t express the excitement I felt when I saw this.

I’m even more excited now to see this movie! I was worried they’d make him look bad with the new haircut but its actually not that bad. 

It’s so much better than what I expected. Seeing him again, get older (even slightly) just brings back so much emotions I had to write this.

 Even though it’s not exactly what I want or was hoping for- I don’t even care I just wanna see Mokuba again.

 I’m just happy to see him again. 

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I wanna give behindtheplottwist the credit for the other pictures in the beginning, because it was originally his/her concept that I used for the Kaiba brothers pictures.  

Imagine getting Woozi to accompany you as you binge watch a few episodes of your favorite series. After watching for a while, you finally got tired but when you turn to Woozi, you see him very engaged in the show.

BONUS: After seeing him so absorbed in the show, you decided to leave him alone and go take a rest. When you came back, you see him getting all excited and riled up from the show.

Bellarke: Season 1 Statistics

A comprehensive list of all smiles, touches, significant/meaningful looks, and noteworthy conversations shared between Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin

Hey guys! As some of you may know, I recently decided to go back and watch the show from the beginning (because what better time was there than right before finals when I should’ve been studying instead?). Like the total nerd I am, though, I decided to start keeping a record of certain things I believe could prove to be interesting and insightful regarding the development between two of our favorite characters. I originally planned on putting all three seasons into one post, but seeing as this task was already turning into a monster only halfway through season one, I’ll break it up into each season and then possibly give a grand summary following the Season 3 finale.

I did my very best to stick to what I saw being portrayed on screen in order to give the most unbiased information I possibly could. Although this is obviously subject to error I believe I was fairly successful in doing so. In fact, even though I noticed several bits of additional information this time around in comparison to my first time watching, I found that my original viewpoints on nearly everything stayed almost exactly the same.

I’m sharing this information with all of you, for one, because I know how obsessed all of us are with anything and everything Bellamy/Clarke related. Also, if you’re anything like me, you probably feel much more secure by validating your own opinions and arguments through the support of specific examples and concrete facts.

I really hope you find this information to be informative and useful. And now, without further ado, let’s get started!

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