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To all my writers out there, particularly fanfic writers because I am one and I’m feelin this hardcore

  • It’s okay that you haven’t written for a while, you can take breaks.
  • You can start writing again whenever you want, you don’t need an excuse.
  • If you would still like an excuse, here it is: I want you to start again, you should totally do it.
  • It’s ok if you’re out of practice, you’ll pick up traction again.
  • We’re all learners and its good to have role models, but try to be better than the writer were before, and try less to be ‘as good as’ someone else.
  • It’s alright to abandon a piece if you have no enthusiasm or passion left for it.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly dramatic.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly ridiculous.
  • Write the crackfic, write the rarepair, or write the popular pair. Write what you want to write.
  • Yes someone has probably written this scene before.
  • Write it anyway if you want to write it.
  • Yeah that trope has probably been done a million times.
  • Use it anyway if you want to use it.
  • Probably there are people who are tired of reading about that AU.
  • Write it anyway, they don’t have to read it.
  • Respect your audience, but don’t let other people dictate what you create.
  • Reblog your own work. Be proud of it. You deserve to pat yourself on the back.
  • I’m proud of you, you’re doing great.
  • Keep writing, keep making stuff. People will care. 
  • Future you will especially care.

“Except when it’s no,” Andrew said.

Neil put a plastic-wrapped finger to Andrew’s chin, guiding his head up for another kiss. “If you have to keep asking because–I’ll answer it as many times as you ask. But this is always going to be yes.”

“Don’t ‘always’ me.”

“Don’t ask for the truth if you’re just going to dilute it.”

Kim's jealousy : Part Two
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Kim:</b> Jason, help me. This green ranger dont deserve our little Trini.<p/><b>Jason :</b> "Our"?<p/><b>Trini :</b> She got a name: Tommy Oliver. And she have great skills.<p/><b>Kim:</b> I have great skills too !<p/><b>Trini:</b> She's gorgeous.<p/><b>Kim:</b> I'm f*cking gorgeous too.<p/><b>Jason:</b> Guys. I cant tell if you're fighting or flirting !<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p><p/><b><p/></p>

this is my newest background for my desktop - hopefully these adorable dorks will inspire me not to fail all of my assessment this term


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oh my god. i would follow you to the ends of the earth, no one can RANT like you. You're so fucking salty and full of fucking SASS, it's honestly fucking inspiring. Tell me who to kill my king

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I will tell you when the time is right. 


Now that this comic is becoming more serious and stuff, I’d just like to point out that…

My view on this comic has changed tremendously.

When I first started this comic, I had no idea that it was going to actually get any kind of popularity, and now I have 90+ followers??

When I jokingly said to my friend that we should start an ask blog, I didn’t expect this…positive reaction.

I mean, if you read the first few pages of the comic, there wasn’t any real story planned out. It wasn’t until a few serious asks came in that I asked my friend to come up with the story line.

which she did for a while, until she cut off communication with me…

So I had to take care of the story line and art by myself, which at the time, was extremely stressful, and I had actually planned on leaving the comic without telling anyone.

But luckily I didn’t, and this version of gaster I created was given a chance at a story.

Since I wasn’t the one writing the story line before though, things shot off in a different way than they were probably supposed to, and now looking back at some of the asks, it may seem a little strange.

I’m uncomfortable with this fact, but I hope to straighten things out by the end of this comic.

I’m droning on a little, so I’ll get to the point. I want to thank you all for sticking by me and supporting me with this comic. It was because of you guys that this blog is still up and running.

So thank you all for staying with gaster and trying to help him.

Lets see if we can free him from the void :3

I just want to say something because even though i personally haven’t seen it on my dash, I’ve seen post that mention that some people agree with Sonja? Or hate Even?? And that just makes no sense to me so, have this story. 

I don’t have any sort of mental illness but I grew up around someone who does. My aunt. She has schizophrenia. 

Growing up I saw her have a couple of episodes. I heard my mom discuss her medications, her behavior, her doctors appointments. Running off to take care of her during the episodes I didn’t witness. Felt and witnessed the anxiety and fear for my aunts safety and well being. Through all this the one thing I never grew up with? The idea that she was wrong. That she was bad. That she was “crazy”. I never really saw her differently from any other member of my extend family. 

 Her kids though, they had a problem. 

You see, my aunt’s ex husband was not a good guy. He treated her disorder as something to blame on her. As if she somehow brought it on herself. My cousins grew up with the same mentality. There is a lot of other stuff here but I won’t talk about that. The story i want to talk about is this one.

A couple of years after her divorce my aunt met someone. My cousins weren’t thrilled about this. They accused him of taking advantage of my aunt. Then after 2 years of dating and one big episode, my cousins decided to commit her. My aunts boyfriend was having none of that. He fought for her. And he won.  

I remember my mother asking him if he was sure, if he wanted to take on the responsibility of taking care of her. Do you know what he said? He said she’s always been his responsibility because he loves her. 

They’ve been together nearly 20 years. My aunt hasn’t stopped having episodes. She hasn’t stopped taking medication. It’s been ups and downs. But I never ONCE doubted his love for her. HE NEVER ONCE DOUBTED HER LOVE FOR HIM. They have and continue to live a full happy life together.

Having a mental illness does NOT invalidate someones personhood. It does NOT invalidate their emotions. It does NOT invalidate their trauma. It absolutely does NOT make them unlovable or incapable of love. 

In conclusion: Even deserves everything good and pure in the world and Sonja needs to grow up and get that Even doesn’t need a babysitter, he needs a partner. And she clearly isn’t it. 

This 7 foot tall (on its hind legs) hound skeleton was unearthed in May of 2014 at the ruins of the Leiston Abbey in Suffolk, England. Veterinarians estimate that the massive canine would weigh minimum of 200lbs. Some people believe this ancient skeleton to be the body of the legendary Hellhound, Black Shuck. To put the size into perspective, the current World’s Tallest Dog, Rocko the Great Dane, is 7 feet tall, however, he only weighs 167 lbs compared to the skeleton’s estimated 200. 

As of the time of this post, proper results of the carbon dating taken on the skeleton cannot be found in public records.