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[Percy, Jason, and Nico in Cabin 13]

Percy: Wow, Nico, this is how you live?

Nico: What were you expecting?

Percy: I don’t know, rock walls, weapons everywhere, a waterfall for a door. I guess I was just picturing the bat cave.

Jason: Why do you need a vase full of lemons?

Nico: The room needed a pop of colour.

Jason: Who are you!?

  • Professor X: Wow. Erik, this is how you live?
  • Magneto: What were you expecting?
  • Quicksilver: I dunno, rock walls, weapons everywhere, a waterfall for a door. I guess I was just picturing the bat cave.
  • Cyclops: Why do you need a vase full of lemons?
  • Magneto: The room needed a pop of color.
  • Cyclops: WHO ARE YOU?!?
The Slytherin Prince

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This is the first request so I hope you enjoy it!

‘Hello! Could you please write a long imagine where i am in Slytherin (and my parents are deatheaters but no one knows that), i am also something like lets call it the Slytherin princess and also Draco has feelings for me and stuff like that’

Summary: You and Draco have been best friends for as long as you can remember. One day in the common room you are trying to guess who his secret crush is.

It was a hot, summer day and you were sitting near the lake with your best friend Draco. He was resting on a large rock, playing his guitar while you skipped rocks and listened to the soft music that he was producing.


You had been friends with Draco since you were really little. You met because both Draco and your parents were death eaters, although Draco was the only person who knew this. While your parents were at a meeting in the Malfoy Manor, you were upstairs playing with Draco, waiting for the meeting to finish. When you both came to Hogwarts you were already best friends, like brother and sister. You were both sorted in to Slytherin and soon became known as the Slytherin Prince and Princess, even though you were not together. The nickname has kind of derived from when we you were little as Draco used to call you ‘Princess (y/n) all the time, and still sometimes does. You have had feelings for Draco for about a year now, but don’t want to tell him, in fear of messing up your friendship. The thing is, Draco has been acting slightly odd lately and you’re not sure why.


You had been sitting on the rock for about an hour and half already and you were desperately searching for a stone, within arms reach, that you could skip across the lake. You finally found one and threw it in to the lake. Instead of skipping it just plopped and sunk straight to the bottom. The sound had made Draco look up.

“Is something up Princess?” He asked softly, placing his guitar to the side.

“I’m bored. Can we go back to the common room?” you whined, trying to convince him to take your side.

“Yeah, of course. My fingers were starting to get sore anyway.” He smiled and then stood up, grabbing his guitar. 

You stood up and then walked to his side, linking your arm with his, before heading up towards the castle. As you were walking down the corridors you passed Pansy Parkinson.

“Hi Draco.” she said with a giggle, trying to be flirty but failing miserably, “Did you want to join me? I was just heading towards the kitchens to get a snack.”

“Uh…no thanks. I’m not hungry anyway…um…thanks…though…uh…bye” Draco smiled awkwardly as Pansy and began to walk away. You looked over your shoulder and saw Pansy glaring at you. You smiled back as sweetly as you could, just to annoy her. It worked too because she looked at Draco one last time before turning away in a huff and storming towards the kitchens. You smirked, mission accomplished.

“Oh my god, that was so awkward!” You said giggling.

“Uh huh, tell me about it. She thinks she actually has a chance? I mean look at me and then look at pug-face, uh I mean Pansy. I’m kidding but still, I would never, ever go out with her. She’s…uh…not my type?” He’s said. He seemed different, he didn’t used to act so cocky. It is really weird how much he had changed in the past few weeks, as if he was trying to impress someone, but who?

“Oh, so you have a type now? Well then what is the Slytherin Prince’s type?” you asked with genuine interest. You were trying so hard to figure out who the person that Draco was trying to to impress was.

“Well, that’s not really what I meant, I don’t have a specific type as such. But, I guess, loyal, funny, smart, courageous, pure-blood,” At this comment you looked up in confusion, because you knew that Draco did not care about people’s blood statuses, but then you realised that you were at the entrance to your common room and pure-blood was the password not a trait. “Trustworthy, devious, and, well I guess it wouldn’t hurt if their face didn’t resemble a pug.” He smiled down at you after he said the last thing and you noticed that he was blushing. If fact you noticed that he had started blushing about halfway through his list. Something was definitely up, and you were going to find out what it was.

You both sat down on the couch in the common room and were just sitting in silence for a while, it wasn’t an awkward silence though, it was a nice silence. The only reason you weren’t talking was because you were trying to think of a way to casually bring up the mystery girl that you were sure Draco liked.

“So…” you said slowly, he turned to face you in a sign of recognition, “When you were saying the list of traits that were ‘your type’ you were blushing. So, who were you thinking about? Anyone I know?” You smiled, raising your eyebrows at him to try to make him feel uncomfortable. It worked.

“Uh…nobody…well…actually, somebody, but you don’t know them…well you do, more than you think you do…but like you won’t expect it. What I’m trying to say is that if you want to try and guess, you will never guess this person.” He said, starting slowly but then realising that he wasn’t making any sense.

You started to feel jealous of this other girl that Draco liked and you also felt betrayed that Draco hadn’t told you, you were best friends after all.

“Alright then, I’ll guess. I’ll give you 5 names at a time, but first, are they in our year?” You asked, ready to finally know why Draco had been acting weird.

“Okay, and yes they are in our year.” He smiled, knowing that you would never guess who the mystery girl was.

“Okay, Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, Pavati Patil and Padma Patil.” You smirked starting off easy.

“No, no, no, no and nope” He  smirked. And that is how you continued for the next 15 minutes.


“Um, there are only 3 more girls in our grade, Millicent Bulstrode, Eloise Midgen and Susan Bones, and, just a guess because I’m not judging here, but none of those are it.” You sighed out of frustration.

“No, no and no.” He laughed, knowing that his plan was working and you would not be figuring out his secret crush tonight.

“Ok then, so you are either lying to me or you are gay. Are you gay? Like I said before, I’m not judging, I’m just a bit surpr-”

“I’m not gay.” he cut you off, “And i’m not lying either, there is one more GIRL in our year that you haven’t said yet.” He was still smirking, and to be honest it was starting to annoy you.

“Well, you must be lying because the only other girl in our year is me, and that would be ridic-”

He cut you off again, but this time it was with his lips against yours, and you were not complaining. He pulled away and looked straight in to your eyes.

“You got it, too bad you had to go through the whole year to reach it, I have been waiting too long for that kiss.” He smiled, this time with actually happiness and relief that you didn’t pull away and slap him in the face.”I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship…I was really worried that if you found out that-”

Now it was your turn to cut him off. You shuffled closer to him on the couch and  kissed him again, this time for longer and much more passionately.

“I have been thinking the exact same thing, about our friendship, I was scared that it would all be messed up if I let my feelings get in the way.” You confessed, looking down into your lap.

“Well, let me tell you, I’m glad we sorted it out because I could get used to this!” He said before pulling you even closer and kissing you once more.


Thank You so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!! This was the first request that I have written so I hope you liked it! Feel free to send in any requests for imagines and edits! Thank you so much for 100 followers, that is amazing!! Thank You again and Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it!


Dean Ambrose x Reader - Ride Along

The episode starts off with you and Dean playing rock paper scissors to see who has to drive. You win and let out a Ric Flair WOOO. “Oh shut up and get in the car.” Dean rolls his eyes as you do a little victory dance. You and Dean are currently co-ed tag team partners. You were the only one crazy enough to team up with the lunatic since you had your own wild side about you. “Soo… What are we supposed to do with all of this??” Dean gestured to all the camera’s on the dash as he drove. “I guess we are suppose to spill some secrets or something.” You shrug putting your feet up on the dash. “Hey… Hey now respect the car.” Dean smacked your legs down. “This isn’t your car??” You scrunch your eyebrows together in confusion. “Oh yeah…” Dean realized before grabbing your leg and tossing it back on the dash as you giggled. “Well if we are supposed to be spilling some secrets…” Dean finally got to the point of the show. “How about we spill the biggest one we got??” “Fine by me.” You shrug drumming your hands on your knees. “Okay. Me and this chick barely know each other.” “Yup.” You pop the ‘p’ at the end of the world. “First time we ever really talked was the night of team ups.” You smile. “How about we use this time to get to know each other with a game of 20 questions??” You offer looking over to Dean as he passed a car on the high way. “Works for me.” “Alright I’ll start…. Favorite color.” “I don’t know… black??” Dean shrugged. “Your turn to ask a question.” You gesture over to him. “Uhh… Favorite wrestler when you were a kid.” You smirk and cut your eye over to him. “Jon Moxley.” “Bull****” (They bleep the word out). “I’m telling the truth.” “You’re just saying that.” “Call my mom right now. I used to beg her and my dad to take me to ROH shows. I bet she still has my custom Moxley shirt at home.” You proudly admit. “No way.” “Wait I bet I still have a picture of us on my phone hang on.” You scroll through your phone. “This is bull. You’re just saying all this for the sh…” Dean cut off as you showed him a pic on your phone. “Whoa… You’re like what?? 12 in this pic??” “16…” You grumble. They show the pic on the screen. Dean back when he was Jon Moxley had his title over his head as you wrapped your arms around his waist with big smile on your face. “Why didn’t you ever tell me??” “You never asked me.” You shrug and look to the camera in front of you. “Let this be a message to everyone out there… Dreams can come true.” “And creepy stalker fangirls can and will find a way into your life.” You punch Dean in the arm as he laughs at his own joke. “What was that for??” “For calling me a stalker fangirl… I grew up to realize how lame you really were…” You smirked. “Darling I am the farthest thing from lame.” “Says who??” “Says me… and your 12 year old self.” “16!!” “Whatever…” Dean grinned as he got a rise out of you. The episode ends with you and him still bickering like an old couple. Your smiles never leaving your face. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… and thanks to @cutester for helping me out with this one….please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… and let me know if you want some more ridealong fics with other superstars… THANKS AGAIN FOR READING


For my journalism course, I had to do a photo essay for my photography class. A photo essay is essentially telling a story through photos, and a paragraph explaining with the photos are about. I had an idea to do mine related to BFRBs. I knew it would just be super basic, but any passing on of information is a good step. :)

I put out a “call for participants” I guess you could call it over fb, and unposeur is one of the few people who answered. I was best able to coordinate schedules with them, so it worked out! Here’s the finished product, plus a few extras that I didn’t use.

All photos were taken by me. The only editing done was cropping and to change lighting (the lights gave off a really yellow lighting in the bathroom).

Thank you again to Rebecca! Much love and much appreciated. You rock!

I stopped writing after you. I guess I just feel like I have nothing left to say. I poured way too many poems into the palm of your hands just to become a blocked number. My words were never enough for you, I knew that. You needed my hands running through your hair, and I dont mean metaphorically. I mean you needed my physical hands touching your scalp and I could never understand how you could let the miles break our connection when I was the only one who understood how to touch you without ever touching you. Seven months of being your rock and you treat me like dirt but I guess that’s what I get for becoming your inanimate object. And maybe your happy but I recall January 14th of this year being a very sad day. Yes, I remembered. But I think you forget way too often how well I brought you back from the dead. Sometimes I wonder if it was just that your feet hurt too bad and I was the closest thing to lean on. You gave us no other ending than the way we started. You let us become strangers and to tell you the truth, I often find myself wondering if any of it was ever real. Its almost as if all my words to you were only written in pencil since they were so easily erased. Maybe its okay that I lost my only sharpener back in the 7th grade, I have nothing left to say anyway. I’m sorry, who are you again?
—  This is how you say goodbye in the only language I could ever speak to you through

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Hey fic challenge fans! Hope you enjoyed all the Summer Loving that’s come your way in the last month!

So the challenge is over, and here it is–the Big Reveal. It’s masks off for all the fic authors (except, of course, the ones who wish to remain indefinitely anonymous). Check out the list below, see if your guesses were correct.

Maybe you’ll discover that you’ve found a new author you enjoy. Plus you can read any fics you might have missed–there are tons of wonderful stories here! 

Thank you so much to all the fabulous writers who participated, and the readers who supported them! VM fandom is the BEST fandom!!

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Dear Zayn Malik

I spent five years of my life looking up to you.
Five years supporting you.
Five years being laughed at for still liking ‘that stupid boyband’.
For five years, you were my rocks.
My knights in shining armour.
My heroes.
My inspiration.
Even when you left, guess who never stopped supporting you?
It was your fans.
The fans that you clearly don’t give two shits about.
Because, after five years of dedication, you couldn’t even be bothered to tweet 'goodbye’.
You didn’t even acknowledge our presence.
Did we care?
Because we respected the fact that you needed time to recover.
Then you let the one you left us for attack us and didn’t even lift a finger to stop it.
And eventually, you insulted the boy who has always defended us.
I thought no member of One Direction could hurt me.
I was wrong.

You were a fantasy from the moment I saw you a few years ago. The guitarist. The guy who dated the hottest chick at that the time. I only discovered this a few years later when I still hadn’t been formally introduced to you. But I always had an idea about you. You were the mysterious guy who didn’t let anyone in. You were the alcoholic, the philosopher. You were the avid reader lost in his own little world. You were the guy who said I was the only one he could connect to. I guess it was about ego boost for both of us. We were both just ideas in each other’s head who were objects to make each other feel better about themselves. I can’t get myself to care for you anymore because you never let me. I tried. I really did. I tried to a point where I actually believed I cared about you and loved you. I never told you I loved you. And perhaps I didn’t let you care for me either. I could’ve made more effort. I could’ve pushed you more but I assumed that it would just crack the eggshells we were already walking on. Perhaps it’s all that it ever was- a fantasy that both of us were mutually trying to turn into reality. I was the girl into your kind music. You liked my face, you liked the fact that I am an artist. Perhaps I was mysterious to you too, though I never tried to be. You liked how I shared the same philosophical beliefs but we never ever discussed them in depth because it was never the ‘right time’ to do so according to you. You thought I’d be your salvation. But someone else can never be a persons salvation. You need to save yourself. But what hurts me is that this fantasy could be turned into reality so easily had both of us been ready to step out of our ego zones and really tried to make an effort. I wish we actually cared for each other because that would’ve been beautiful. I wish we actually meant something to each other more than just objects of our own validation. I wish there was something more. We were almost there. We could’ve been so much better, my love. We could’ve been everything we’ve ever dreamt of. But even this thought is a narcissistic thought which is the very root of the problem. It could’ve been, but it didn’t. In over a year, it didn’t. Hence its obvious that you and I are doomed. We should have never tried. You should’ve never started this. I was happy before you injected the idea of yourself in my head. I truly was alright. I wasn’t ever happy per se but i was better than this. I wasn’t emotionally exhausted. I wasn’t so skeptical of every guy who tries to get with me. I wasn’t so disappointed in men As a whole when it isn’t even their fault, but I can’t help it as of now. It isn’t even your fault. I miss you and I miss the idea of you. But it’s time I kill my little idea of being with the mysterious beautiful and talented guitarist. It’s over and I suppose it’s for good now, no more fooling around, no more breaking each other’s heart. Goodbye, my friend. I know you’ll probably never read this but this is for me (and my tumblr followers lol) and not for you.


I made it! And apparently I placed?! Totally unexpected. They award top 10. I was 10th. Couldn’t be happier for that. Except I didn’t stay for awards. I barely made my flight as is. I got to go through priority because the line was so long. And she took pity on my sweaty, smelly, ouchie self. Guess who forgot deodorant. Yes, this girl. I had my shower wipes that got some of the dirt off (see exhibit 3).

The course was short last year. Long this year. But the Popsicle people were there for 9 of my 10 laps with so many coolers. I know it’s weird to tell people you just met that you love them. But I love them.

Okay, going on 21 hours without sleep, nearly 32 miles ran and 4 Gatorades consumer.

My neighbor just sat down. Oh I pity him. But I’m rocking my badwater hat and el scorcho quarter zip. So he may not know how badass I am (ha ha okay crazy)…but at the very least he’ll laugh at me as I hobble to the bathroom.