if you go there go with me

Moira says “curious” when Mercy rez her. 

Imagine a wounded Moira being rescue by Mercy and realizing she got the whole angel attire not out of pride but because, in case she arrives too late, Mercy wants the injured ones to have a recomforting image before they leave this world 

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

Meaning, where, try as hard as as you may, mistakes pile up, dissatisfaction in yourself mounts, & nothing you do bears any fruit? Where you’re driven to the point of wanting to throw in the towel & throw it all away. Nothings worth this much of a hassle, anyway…

That’s been the past few days for me, at least.

But, in regards to poor Jimbo here, I imagine it’s hard to fight the forces of evil when you can’t even fight the demons [or trolls] inside yourself.

Okay, so I know that some people are expecting some angst when Yang realizes that Blake didn’t come back for her, but consider this: Blake saw an entire room of people she knows and loves, but her focus and priority was Yang. She might not have come back specifically for her, but I bet that means something to Yang, that she was finally someone’s priority (and not just anyone’s but Blake’s). It might just counteract that, especially since Yang has no reason to think that Blake came back for her.

hey can you marry a musical just asking for a friend

in unrelated news i’m going to be thinking about the grinning man for the foreseeable future

The closer I get to the ending of Transference, the better I feel about what I have planned for you guys. Thanks to all of you who have sent supportive messages and expressed your patience and understanding as I prepare the last three chapters. Because of you guys, I’ve been able to stay motivated and engaged enough in the process to write over 20k words in the last three weeks, which is miraculous for me at this time of year, and I’m even not finished yet. 😎 

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thank you for contributing to the destruction of the character of rose lalonde

oh this is copypasta i feel so honored to get it

took u long enough tho someone already tried to pull this with me

dont know if i will be productive in the next days


BiReginaMillsWeek: I’m not much of a writer these days, but I am SO happy to support this week and hope everyone checks out all the amazing work people I admire so much in our awesome fandom are conjuring here