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to be honest, i expected piracy in the future to involve a lot more airships and a lot less illegally downloaded music

hi hello hi i am heading towards a pretty cool botanical buddies follower goal over here and in the traditions of tumblr i wanted to ask if you guys wanted me to do anything as a big thank you to everyone? a video maybe, another q&a, a thread? just let me know
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Sigyn’s newest random headcanon:

Edward Nygma says ‘you love me’ more often than he says ‘I love you’.

Doesn’t matter who you ship him with or which universe you’re drawing from, I reckon it’d be the same for most romantic relationships he could be in, and the logic is twofold so bare with me here.

First off, 'you love me’:
- There are a thousand different reasons he says this but most of the time it’s teasing, answering 'because you love me’ when his partner asks why they should bother doing something for him. Or sometimes it’s just a general 'haha you love me’ whenever there’s a little bit of frustration between them (which will either de-escalate the situation perfectly, or make it a LOT worse).
- Sometimes though, it’s insecurity, but of course he’ll never admit that. It’ll be a hidden question, checking for clarification that he is actually loved, just some form of proof that it
is still there and he’s not just imagining it because it’s easy to get paranoid when you’ve known so little love in your life. It won’t be obvious, but his partner will know what he’s searching for and the moment he gets the evidence he needs, he’ll close that vulnerability back up again and probably try and laugh it off like it never happened.

Second part, 'I love you’:
- The main reason he doesn’t say this as often, is because Ed would always far rather SHOW his love than just state it. He will take any opportunity to perform some elaborate act to demonstrate his feelings, because for a performer like Ed, that three word sentence just isn’t enough to get the point across.
- As for the last little sliver of a reason, well, he also might try and claim it doesn’t really fit with his image. He’ll say it’s because The Riddler isn’t the sort of man to go around acting all gooey and sentimental. Truth is he’s just a little bit scared. In so many cases, love is a weakness, and one which can have horrible withdrawal symptoms (and in a lot of his universes he’s already experienced how devastating losing it can be). So denying he’s fallen prey to such a thing or at least not admitting it out loud too often offers him some imaginary protection against that. 
- The only time you’ll hear him say it then, is in a very quiet, very subdued, very private situation, where those words declare strength instead of proclaiming weakness.

All in all, it means he says ‘you love me’ a little more than the average person, and ‘I love you’ a little less. Which is not important information for anyone really, I just like writing about Eddie so je ne regrette rien.

Have a silly headcanon

 After Yuuri wins gold at Pyeongchang. (Because he’s winning gold at pyeongchang and you can’t convince me otherwise. 😛)  Both Viktor and Yuuri get invited to the Children’s Television Workshop (in a world where Sesame Street never ran into funding issues and would never end up behind a pay wall) to talk healthy eating and exercise and sports and to teach Big Bird to “skate”.

When they get there there is a lot of talking, and they introduce Viktor and Yuuri to the kids and the puppeteers they’ll be working with.  One of whom will be the version of “Big Bird” learning to skate.  It’s a skater that both Yuuri and Viktor know from various ice shows and has been working with Disney on Ice.  This is a one time thing.

Viktor being Viktor talks to the writers and wants them to try and squeeze in a small scene so he can give Bert and Ernie high fives because having gay role models is cool!  And because Viktor is Viktor they of course agree.

Most of the time they’re there is sort of improv just talking to the kids about how Yuuri (and Viktor – yeah right) have to eat all sorts of healthy foods in order to be healthy enough to skate.  and they teach a little jumping exercise because what kids don’t love jumping and then they teach the kids and “Big Bird” to skate.  (This part is actually filmed the next day at an outdoor rink (because global warming isn’t a thing in my happy yoi world, ok?) and it’s still cold enough).

When they’re leaving, Viktor gets this stupid sloppy sappy grin on his face and is all  "That was fun.  I want to do it.“  

Yuuri having no idea what Viktor is talking about is all "Disney on Ice?  I mean if you really want to.  You’d make a fantastic prince.”

Viktor is just AGHAST because how could Yuuri not realize that wasn’t what he was talking about at all.“Yuuuuuuri” he’d say and wrap his arms around Yuuri’s shoulders.  "No.  No.  No.  I want to do that.  Be surrounded by kids and Makka and a puppy or two!“

This of course opens Viktor up to teasing when Yuuri finally “gets it” and he says “So you want to teach kids and overgrown puppets skating… there are plenty of kids everywhere but I don’t know where we’ll find overgrown puppets.”


When they’re settled into their chartered car and heading back to the airport so they can get back to the rink and training before Worlds, Yuuri quietly says “you know, back in her twenties, when Mari decided she didn’t want kids or a relationship or anything, she went and had some eggs harvested just in case I wanted a family and, well,,… yeah.”

Viktor is totally overcome and throws himself at Yuuri and the driver in the front really wishes he had one of those tinted privacy screens because he gets an EYEFUL, and spend the rest of the drive to the airport tomato red.

This is all thanks to the fact that the goat is watching some vintage sesame street and Ernie bought Bert a puppy and then @shemakesmeforget forced me to write this.  FORCED ME, I say…

  • has a stupid idea writes it in like 5 minutes, shrugs, hits post: 80 notes in less than an hour
  • has the best idea ever, spends days trying to write it perfectly, contemplates posting at least 5 times because it still is not perfect : less than 80 notes in a week

*Realizing that the Q&A livestream, that I though was going to be the actual panel livestream was canceled
*Not being on SDCC
*A sneak peek and some other news are being revealed, and I’m not there
*Nobody is going to stream the SDCC SU panel
*worring about not seeing the panel or the sneak peek
*Realizing that I will never meet the crewniverse and the voice actors.
Also me:

an explanation.

hi guys,

   um, so, as some of u guys may have seen, i haven’t been exactly.. active in the phandom recently. the past month has been a hard one, and i’m sorry that i haven’t been reblogging the content you followed me for. lately, i have come to terms that i have simply moved on from dan and phil, and im terribly sorry for not lasting as long as i wanted to. i mean??? i barely lasted a year in this community, and it was the most fun i have experienced online. i made loads of amazing friends, met tons of great people, but my time in this fandom has come to an end. instead, i have changed my blog to one about musicals and theater, something i am more interested in at the moment! feel free to unfollow me if they aren’t your thing, i completely understand that everyone has different tastes!! 

if we are mutuals, i will continue to follow you. just because im not as involved in the phandom as i used to be does not mean i dislike dan and phil. 

also, a special thank you to all of my friends i have made while in this community!! without you, i probably wouldn’t have stayed as long as i have. 

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i love you all!!

this walk is so powerful to me

the way the gun seems to get lighter
the way the gun gets fired quicker
the way shepard’s steps get quicker
the way shepard’s posture straightens up
the way shepard’s face changes from pained to outright determined

where did that strength come from? was it the implants? or was it just sheer willpower to finally end this war, accepting that they won’t live to see it as the weight of the galaxy lifts from their shoulders for the first time in years?

So uh…I’ve been putting this off as long as possible but…well…

I’m leaving. Leaving home, leaving Tumblr…all social media, really. Today is my last day home for a long time. I’m going on a mission trip, which means no internet access for a year and a half. I’ve been preparing for this for a long time, and even now I’m very shocked how abruptly the due date came up;;;

I don’t report to the MTC until Wednesday, so I’ll still be around until then. The car trip will be very long, so I might still try to do some internet stuff (hopefully dump a ton of sketches gosh) but internet will be kind of unreliable as we travel. I’ll do my best to get some stuff finished off but after that…I’m gone. I’m building up a massive queue (setting to post once a day while gone), but I can’t do much more than that.

So…it was fun. I met alot of amazing people here and on other sites, and I will miss you all terribly as I go on this crazy journey ahead. Thanks for making my experience here a good one (well as good as it can get on this ridiculous site lol)

(Once again, totally disappearing Wednesday, but I’ll try to stick around until then! Just wanted to give some warning…)

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fun fact the trans peter headcanons helped me come out to my parents as trans!! they were super supportive!!

awesome friend!!!! i’m so so happy that turned out well for you!! i hope this is the beginning of a super fun journey for you, full of love!! this is some rad news wow!!!!! and i’m so happy these headcanons have helped you, i send you all my love!!!

I... What

I never expected to hit 100 followers, 200 made me cry… But… 300? Oh my /god/ you guys. I just… I feel like I need to do something? But I don’t know what??? Everything seems to pale in comparison to what you have all given me. I am beyond grateful and have no words for how much you guys, all of you, even the new ones, mean to me and how much I love you. /thank you/. Thank you /so much/.