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The weeks bleed by, but the hole in Hajime’s heart only grows in size.

Everywhere he looks, every step he takes, everywhere he turns-

He’s reminded of Tooru.

The café with the adorable drinks that Tooru loves, where he always orders one far too big to finish by himself. The restaurant they like to frequent when they go out together, where Tooru would always order pizza because he knows how much Hajime likes it. His favourite bookstore. The gym they’d go to together, the Domo fridge magnets that Tooru gave him that Hajime knows he should get rid of, throw out, but he can’t-

It hurts.

They try to talk, once, but it doesn’t end well. It only ends in tears and rips open the wound again, leaving it fresh and throbbing, the focus of all of Hajime’s attention. Every breath he takes, his heart aches.

It fucking sucks, but there’s not much he can do about it.

Moving on sounds appealing, but every time he thinks about a future with no Tooru in it he just ends up lying in bed and crying, so he’s pretty sure he’s not ready for that yet.

With all of these thoughts banging around in his head, making a home where they’re not wanted, he’s really not sure why he turns on the television late that evening when he knows that Tooru’s team is playing.

He just wants to… check.

Just see, and make sure that he’s there. That he’s alright.

Maybe that’ll make it all hurt less, if Tooru is doing okay.

He can only hope, anyway.

The television flicks on, and the sight of Tooru has his breath catching in his throat. He clutches the remote a little bit tighter, eyes watching Tooru as he moves around the court.

He’s in top form, tonight, like always.

His eyes serious, his form perfect; he serves and plays exactly as Hajime would always expect him to. It almost seems like he’s not even affected.


Hajime catches the way his smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes.

They win, but-

Tooru doesn’t celebrate like he usually does. He’s not swept away in the joy, in the happiness, like he usually is. He doesn’t smile into the camera, there are no frills, no nothing.

Rather, he gives a sort of… sad smile, to one of his teammates, who slaps him on the back as they leave the court.

The whole exchange leaves Hajime with a weight in the pit of his stomach. He feels like he’s swallowed lead, the taste still stinging his tongue. He tips back the rest of his glass of water, but that only seems to make the feeling worse, his stomach churning uncomfortably.

Of course, the reporters are all over Tooru. They meet him and his teammates right as they’re coming out of the gymnasium, still looking tired but fresh enough, having changed from their uniforms. Tooru’s not at the front of the pack, like usual, but as soon as the reporters come out, Tooru steps out to the front to talk.

Hajime’s finger hovers over the power button on his remote. Seeing him is one thing, but hearing his voice-

Then Tooru opens his mouth and Hajime’s swept back up in all those feelings he’s been trying to ignore ever since he walked away - ever since he made the choice to walk away.

God, he misses him so much, but he can’t. He can’t, can’t go back to how they were, it won’t happen-

“I have something I need to talk about,” Tooru says into the microphone, his expression shifting into something a little more serious, and Hajime’s grip on the remote loosens.

His mouth feels dry as Tooru continues, and focusing on his words gets a little bit more difficult, until, until-


Hajime clicks the volume on the television up ten times, rapt attention on the screen.

He did not just say that, did he?

Hajime drops the remote down onto the couch, leaning a little closer to the television, in some vain hope that it might help him understand, because he can’t have heard that, right-

“Yes, I’m in love with the most wonderful, amazing, caring man,” Tooru clarifies, with a smile on his face.

Yeah. Hajime heard him right. Tooru just-

In front of a room full of reporters, fans, his fellow athletes-

On live television-


He doesn’t turn the television off. He barely manages to step into his shoes, not even tying the laces up properly. He hardly remembers the run over to Tooru’s place, because he has to go, he has to-

It’s eerily reminiscent of the last time he sat outside of Tooru’s apartment and waited for him, except now, now, Hajime has a whole other set of thoughts screaming around in his head.

Tooru loves him, he loves him, he told the entire world that he loves him. They don’t have to hide anymore, they can be together-

Every second that Hajime spends sitting on those steps feels like an eternity. He taps his foot while he waits, trying to collect all of his thoughts, organize them somehow so that he can communicate them to Tooru, so that he can explain how he’s feeling, what he wants for them. How much he loves him.

He’s too far lost in his thoughts, and he doesn’t even hear Tooru’s footsteps as he walks up the walkway, slowing the closer he gets to his steps.

Tooru drops his gym bag to the ground, and Hajime looks up at the noise.

Their eyes meet, and Tooru looks so, so scared. There’s already tears forming in the corners of his eyes. Hajime needs to talk, needs to say something-

“Hajime?” Tooru’s voice is quiet and nervous. He takes a step closer, and all Hajime can do is nod, standing up and opening his arms.

Tooru throws himself against Hajime and suddenly, words don’t seem to matter quite as much. Hajime holds him close and Tooru’s just here. He’s clutching his shirt, sobbing into his neck, filling his lungs with his scent, his scent that he’s missed so much-

“You’re here,” Tooru whispers, pressing his face against Hajime’s chest. He pulls a hand up to wipe away his tears, lifting his face up so that they can look at each other. Really look.

“You told everyone,” Hajime says, pressing their foreheads together. Tooru laughs, swallowing back more tears.

“I had to,” Tooru says, opening his eyes and giving Hajime an honest smile. “I couldn’t keep lying anymore… not when it was going to cost me you.” He grins, and Hajime is struck by how much he wants to kiss him, right now.

So he does.

It’s not very coordinated - Tooru laughs into it, and Hajime cups his cheeks to wipe away some tears with his thumbs. Hajime can’t help but smile, and when he pulls away, he moves his hands down and laces their fingers together.

Tooru laughs again, bringing their joined hands up to brush away some more tears. “Do you want to come in?” He asks, smile bright and voice warm. “I have something that I’ve been meaning to give you…”

Hajime squeezes his hands, and nods. “Yeah. I’d love to.”

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May I can request a headcanon about the lord's reaction when one of the maids interrupts the war concil because the MC has overwork herself and collapsed? Please for Nobunaga, Yukimura, Kojuro, Hideyoshi, Shingen and Mitsunari. Thanks for that (^-^)

Hey. Can I request something? Sometimes I wonder if the MC does not overwork herself. So may I can request a headcanon how he lords would react when one of the maids run to them and told them that the Mc has collapsed because she has overwork herself. My favourite lords would be Nobunaga, Inuchiyo, Kojuro, Ieyasu and Mitsunari.

Ohh, since I’ve got a similar ask I had them both under the same post~ I hope you don’t mind nonnie >:O

Nobunaga would leave the war council and entrust Mitsuhide to take care of it. He would rush to MC’s side as soon as the words reach his ears, “That foolish girl never knows when to rest.” He’d mumble about how she doesn’t care about herself when it comes to work and how she doesn’t listen when he tells her to rest. In contrast, when he sees her laid down in the bedding with a tired look on her face, he take cares of her and makes sure that she doesn’t leave the bed till she recovers completely.

Yukimura would be out the door before the maid gets to finish her sentence. He’d rush to MC’s room and have everything she might need ready near him. He would make sure that she’s resting after that and wouldn’t allow her to leave the bed. While she’s resting he’d brush her hair to the back and whisper soft words to her as he presses a kiss to her temple. “MC… please get well soon.”

Kojuro eyes travel to Masamune immediately. Masamune nods to him as he understands what he’s asking for, and Kojuro excuses himself before rushing out the room. His hair and clothes would be disheveled from the force he used to get to her. As soon as his eyes saw her tired body, he feels a sense of relief because she doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything of that sort. On the other hand, he feels guilty for not noticing how tired she is. He’d ask one of the maids about what happened to her and would eventually ask the doctor as well. “My precious girl…” He’d whisper to her as she slept her tiredness away. “I know work is important to you, but so are you to me.”

Hideyoshi eyes would widen as he didn’t expect the news. She was just having a light conversation with him a few seconds ago, did he fail to notice how tired she was? He smiles gently to Inuchiyo before he leaves the war council as to not worry him. As soon as he steps out the door the smile leaves his face and worry overtakes his features. He walks up to MC’s door and stops there for a few seconds before entering her room, his eyes slowly fall to her tired body. He doesn’t make much noise when she’s sleeping, taking a wet cloth and placing it over her temple, neck, and her cheeks to help her relieve the tiredness. “I’m sorry for not noticing this earlier… but I promise to take better care of you next time.” He whispers to her with a broken smile.

Inuchiyo gets up as soon as he hears the news, “What do you mean she fainted?!” He’d leave the room and rush to her side. He constantly reminded her about not overworking herself but here she was now, laying on bed with a high fever and a tired body. He wipes the sweat from her forehead and constantly checks her temperature, while fixing her blanket to make sure that she isn’t feeling cold. He would stay by her side all night long and she’ll wake up to see him laying down beside her while his hand is wrapped warmly around hers.

The war council was about to end when the maid came in to deliver the news to Ieyasu. He was about to scold her for interrupting the meeting but his words faded as the news reached his ears. “That kitchen wench…” He sighs as a frown forms above his eyes and leaves the council to move to MC’s side. He doesn’t waste any seconds and tends to her himself. He gathers his medical supplies and makes a medicine that would help her get better. “She sure knows when to get sick.” He mumbles out as he gazes at her gently, his eyes expressing the worry he has for her.

Mitsunari has just gotten to the war council when the maid rushed after him to deliver the news. His straight face didn’t change as he turned to Hideyoshi after dismissing the maid. Mitsunari was worried and Hideyoshi was able to see that, his eyes, his body, they all show the worry he feels towards MC. Hideyoshi orders Mitsunari to go and check up on MC. He grumbles as he walks to her room, mumbling an insult after the other. “That miserable dullard making me come all this way to check on her.” However, his expression softens when he sees her laying down on the bedding, her eyes shut and her expression softs. He sits next to her and checks on her every couple minutes as he reads through one of his books.

Shingen would find it hard to leave the war council as he wants to make sure that things would go as planned while listening to the others as well. When the maid enters with the news his eyes change, they turn to ones full of unease and worry. He wouldn’t want to leave but his woman needs him now, so he leaves the council as he has already said, shared, and listened to the others opinions and plans. He rushed to MC’s side and kneeled next to her weak body as it laid on the bedding, her face was pale. It was apparent that she had overworked herself to this state. He stayed with her all night and stroked her hair and back, while keeping in mind that she needs to rest every once in a while.

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I hope you're doing alright, beautiful. I know you said work and life was crazy, but I miss seeing your name pop up on my phone. I might have notifications on for you... Anyways, I'm just popping by to say hi and to remind you that I love you and think you're an incredible person and fantastic writer! I'll wait patiently for you as long as you need. <3 <3 <3

My love, I was deeply moved by this message. To feel loved by someone as incredible as you is a true blessing. My life has been crazy and demanding, but what has been scaring me the most is the fact that I think about writing and feel…empty. For two-three weeks now, maybe even longer. Like something is gone and I’m futilely trying to hold on to sand escaping between my fingers. So I’m working, walking, hiking, sleeping, reading, watching series and movies, breathing, thinking - in the hopes that it will come back to me. But what terrifies me the most is the fact that the last time I felt like this, it took me ten years to come back to writing. 

Meanwhile you’re shining and being creative as hell, so I’ll be here to read you and support you! <3


According to my calculations

It has been at least a year since Serena Campbell left to go on secondment/ drink all the wine in the South of France/binge watch all the lesbian TV programmes in existence (shouldn’t take long) so I’d say she can come back now. Okay thanks bye. 

hi i just wanted to say a lot of people may be side eyeing stuff happening this season, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something to side eye! people will have their speculations and if you think it makes sense for you to be cautious, then go for it! but don’t take this fandom’s word for how things will go down this season. a lot of people are making more guesses this season compared to the last because there’s way more of us now, so they’re bound to be correct on some aspects but it doesn’t mean they’ll be right about anything! julie almost always manages to surprise us and the story is creative and wonderful so just let yourself enjoy it that way! if you enjoy reading all the different theories even if they all cant come true, then go for it! but no need to feel like you have to read them or agree with them just to go along with the fandom! <3

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the funny thing is about this bread au, there is actually a recording of Roy's voice actor singing a song about wanting to have a simple life as a baker

Oh knead knead
Pull, pull
It’s time to mold it
Into the shape of a dinner roll

I’m just a simple baker
Trying to make my way
Though my bagels are the best
At the end of the day

I like to make them
At just the right time
So the Lieutenant can hear me
Bust this sick rhyme

I’m going to make them
Over an open fire
Whoosh, whoosh

‘Cause you know my heart 
Burns for bread too
Kaboom, kaboom!

i just logged in and…

   ❛  And there are never really endings, happy or otherwise. Things keep going on, they overlap and blur, your story is part of your sister’s story is part of many other stories, and there is no telling where any of them may lead.  ❜


In the year 2026 the world as we knew it ended. There were many stories spoken about it, and yet one thing remained a constant element of each of them  ——  nature reclaimed what was hers. It started with weather acting out on a grand scale, reshaping the industrialized world. Then the power died down, and with it many resources had gone short ; all of which when lost, created an open way to pick through people one by one. Great numbers were lost to pandemics, cataclysms, finally leaving very few survivors fending for their lives, and searching through wrecks of the Old World. One of them was the legendary Merlin, who began bringing survivors from the entire world to the old lands of British Isles. On top of the ruins a community was formed, that through mutual effort began to pick humanity back onto its feet. With it, magic was reborn, thus new Albion was created!

Now it’s the year 2158. For over one hundred years the community expanded, learning its ways in the new world. As generations kept growing, the occupied lands became larger, and a civilization was hatched from its ashes  ——  creating a world were people were equal, as was love, profession and beliefs. A lot of old crafts and lore made its return to a world where magic is once again roaming free through the lands, creating a balanced mix of scrapped technology and fantasy. A reality where the greatest gift is to give back to others with skill and knowledge, with books being a vital resource of it, and where the people of the lands choose their leaders, who all meet every now and then to discuss the well-being of Albion. And as for Merlin…  he lives by the Crystal Cave quietly overlooking it all.

If you want to join this world, now is your chance! See for yourself where your character lands, and if the peace that’s been kept for the past one hundred and thirty two years will last.

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One of my unsuspecting friends who casually knows I love Avatar: The Last Airbender: Hey I saw this screenshot from a bonus clip video saying Zuko was originally going to be Katara’s love interest. Haha isn’t that crazy? I just thought you might be interested to know that :)

My Zutara ass, who literally has a google doc titled ‘Zutara’ filled with nothing but Book 4 meta and analysis links:

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Okay, so I'm not a huge blog and I'm trying to make my own posts and edits to gain followers. So, if I make a gif or write some meta about destiel.. Am I not supposed to tag it "Dean Winchester"? It sounds like I'll get attacked from bibros for it...Which I honestly don't really care about. Hate from bibros would probably mean I'm doing something right. I'm just wondering for general normal people tumblr etiquette, am I not supposed to tag shipping posts with the characters involved in the ship?

broseph you tag your shit whatever the fuck you want, bibros don’t own the goddamn internet and they certainly don’t own my ass

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Some shidan and garrack ;w; discussing, drinking, just more of them and maybe have shidan ACTUALLY kiss the lady. Uhh idk if you’ve incorporated them modern au but if not canon verse is good! :)


Garrack’s TA startles, and she stifles a laugh. He’s a high-strung kid, more limbs than sense at times, but a hard-worker nonetheless. He doesn’t have the natural aptitude of Ryuu, or the studious heart of Shirayuki, or even Obi’s gift of lateral thinking, but he’s the sort of kid that doesn’t give up. He’ll throw himself against a wall before he’ll walk away from it – or, she can’t help thinking a bit uncharitably, go around it.

Listen, they’ll be hand-pouring gels for month to make up the cost of the boxes he went through only to realize he was using the wrong fucking ones. For fuck’s sake, they have a chart.

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