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honestly, that was the best episode of the entire season. it had everything. j’onzz being a protective space dad, winn and lyra being disgustingly cute (just get a room already), james as guardian capturing a lex luthor look-alike, alex beating the crap out of said lex luthor look-alike, danvers father-daughter drama, lillian luthor being an extra ass dramatic ass binch, maggie getting more than 2 minutes of screen time, brian, sanvers ride-or-die dream team, salmonella’s mommy and daddy finally arriving to drag his ass back to space, kara’s own character arch actually being developed, lena luthor and her lunch dates eyebrow raises and hearteyes, supercorp rising (literally and figuratively!), storylines that parallel troubling real life issues, and most importantly, the danvers sisters believing and supporting each other again

I’m so proud of Fall Out Boy for making music that evolves with them and makes them happy. I mean this is kind of what Pete listens to and he DJ’s . Patrick does re-mixes for other bands like this. Is it different? Fuck yeah but shit if they never move on from what they were they’d never have left small basements and bars in Chicago. Yeah it’s ok to miss the old sound but the rule they tell you in music is you gotta evolve or you’re never gonna get anywhere. So bravo to the guys for trying this. The cool thing is if you don’t like it you have those old albums to blast and enjoy, and if you like this then that’s great too.

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I am so proud of u for getting through all this discourse bravo!! Curious: could you rate the bnha beebies according to most fashionable? We only ever see them in their uniforms minus a few outside scenes, so I wanna know what you think! You could rate their costumes too! Love ur blog for all the hell it creates 😄

“getting through all this discourse” I wish,,, thanks though 

So….who’s the most fashionable? 

please note that I myself have no fucking sense of fashion


Yuuga Aoyama: surprisingly stylish. sometimes. if he can remove the glitter. stop putting glitter. stop. no we don’t need the tiny mirroRS STO- 5/10

Mina Ashido: cute, but has a slight tendency to wear those garish animal print clothes. like neon pink with leopard print. also strange patterns. but if it’s important, she looks pretty damn good. 7/10

Tsuyu Asui: froggy. cute dresses. simple blouses and skirts. in winter, those fluffy earmuffs and coats and mittens. cute, simplistic style. nice. 9/10

Tenya Iida: kind of a ‘old man’ kinda style. button up shirts with sleeves. pants. belt. a modest, sensible style for a modest, sensible person. 8/10

Ochaco Uraraka: cute, simple style. similar to tsuyu’s, but with a tendency towards graphic tees or animal print shirts. shorts, skirts. nice. 9/10

Mashirao Ojiro: casual, laid back style. t-shirts with kanji, pictures, that kind of thing. he’s underrated, but he’s got good sense. 8.5/10

Denki Kaminari: He’s actually pretty good at the fashion side of things. casual, with occasional accessory like a chain round the neck or on his pants or whatever. 8.5/10

Eijiro Kirishima: my boy got that casual game. similar to kaminari but he’s usually got some kind of loud graphic tee on with a pattern or some band or something. 8.5/10

Koji Koda: dresses simple. nothing really noteworthy. neat. i mean he looks like he’s made of rock… 6/10

Rikido Sato: those one-word on them t-shirts + shorts kinda guy. simple. casual. nothing really noteworthy either. 6/10

Mezo Shoji: likes camo patterns a little too much. tank tops are his go-too. does he have different face mask things? 7.5/10

Kyouka Jiro: punk, metal-y kinda style. band t-shirts, choker, spike bracelets, skirt, kinda thing. combat boots, probably. it works pretty well for her though. 7.5/10

Hanta Sero: so you’d think he’d be ok but. sero what. are you wearing? please change into something less…baggy? those clothes look too big for you. 6.5/10

Fumikage Tokoyami: he’s a Cool Guy. Pretty good style too. Nice. 9/10

Shouto Todoroki: he can’t control most of his life so he makes up for it by dressing up real good. 9/10

Toru Hagakure: her clothes are the only thing you can fucking see so yeah she pays some attention to them. but then again she’d rather just not wear them so. 7/10

Katsuki Bakugo: ok who the Fuck let him be so good at this. unfair. pisses people off. baggy pants, open button up with shirt underneath kinda guy. 9/10

Izuku Midoriya: more than half his wardrobe is all might t-shirts or related merch. when dressed casual, it’s usually pretty simple. 8/10

Minoru Mineta: how the hell. he actually looks pretty ok. 8/10

Momo Yaoyorozu: great style. rich girl, so she’s well educated in those things. 9.5/10


costumes…maybe later.

Johnny, Kick a Hole in the Sky 3/7

“Oh gods then on Tuesday I promised Mama I’d run some errands for her so Jack said he’d love to come along. Day 2 was supposed to be the best! Small introductions the book said, there’s nothing I love more than a day about me.”

 “Of course being my awesome self I could have sworn I had the cookies for Carl when I left the house!”

Day 2 – Small Introductions


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Soldiers pt. 1 [Yoo Shi Jin]

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Summary: In which you are recovering from a heartbreak that Yoo Shi-Jin has brought upon you when he accidentally kissed your sister. Becoming the new Captain of Bravo team they make your broken heart full again.

Word Count: 1 410 words

Type: Soldier! Au

Pairings: Reader x Yoo Shi Jin

A/n: I just finished watching DOTS and i’m crying so much. It’s really good and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the characters. The way they portrayed their assigned roles made me fall in love with the show. I wish there will be a season two but knowing Kdramas they mostly just leave it on season 1. Enjoy :) ~ Admin Megan xx

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Seven days ago, I applied to renew my passport. Seven! Only seven days ago, and somehow the new one is in my hand right now.

Bravo, Japan–I know I complain about you, but wow. You get shit done. Bravo, American Embassy. Bravo everybody. This is great.

4. A Shocking Elimination

And by shocking, I mean utterly predictable. As I said last week, the judges were already decided that Kyle was the next to go, they just gave eir the “gift” of one more week. Considering that Kyle got to embarrass eirself trying to dance and watch eir girlfriend throw multiple temper tantrums, I bet Kyle considered these extra days a real privilege!

For crying out loud, Kyle’s own girlfriend was ready for her to go home!

*Yeah, I know Marissa is not actually Kyle’s girlfriend, but it’s so easy/fun to rile her up that I’m calling her that anyway. Don’t say that Kyle didn’t try to make it happen, though!

To be fair, Kyle seemed to know this elimination was coming, too.

The weirdest part was watching eir awkwardly force eirself to say, “I love you guys, too” to the judges when she wasn’t feeling it. It was in the same unconvincing tone Marissa would have responded to Kyle with if Kyle had dropped a surprise “I love you!” on her.  

In the end, the judges don’t like Kyle’s dancing skills.

Sorry, they hate it.

Well, technically they really like the way she spins her hat, which they consider a “glimmer” of hope, but that glimmer is not enough for them.

If that’s what they were waiting for more of though, all the more reason to send Kyle home. The hat spin is totally out-of-character for Kyle, a performed moment of extroversion from a introverted person. Just like Tyra never gave Allison Harvard the win because she was unable to view introversion positively (models are whacky, I’m sure whacky person Tyra assumes) these judges are not going to name a more restrained character the winner, especially in the Boss cycle.

It’s a shame, because for once, we finally get to see that Kyle possesses an understated sense-of-humor. When the choreographer tells Kyle, “You kind of was looking a little awkward here and there, but you stayed true to you,” Kyle correctly translates the sentiment:

And then of course, before leaving the house, Kyle manages to get it in an impression of Tyra Bank’s infamous meltdown on Tiffany. That’s the kind of shit you probably couldn’t get away with if Tyra were still around, so bravo to Kyle for going for it now that the coast is clear.

[P.S. Here’s a related opportunity for me to mention the Tiffany interview that went up on Buzzfeed so you’ll stop sending me the link. It’s a good read, but for as long as it is, light on actual insight from Tiffany. GOOD THING YOU CAN READ MY INTERVIEW WITH TIFFANY FOR THAT KIND OF STUFF.]

Anyway, good luck Kyle. And give Starr a call, why don’t you? Unlike Marissa, she doesn’t seem to be looking for any space in a relationship.

5 Funniest Moments from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 23 Ep. 7

  • Scorpius: "If I got locked away"
  • Rose: What did you do. Oh my gosh Scorpius what did you fuck up?
  • Scorpius: "...and we lost it all today"
  • Rose: Scorpius what the hell did you do? If you don't tell me now-
  • Scorpius: ..."tell me honestly"
  • Rose: What the fuck Scorpius, what is going on?
  • Scorpius: "...would you still love me the same"
  • Rose: Oh my gosh Scorpius, you are such an idiot.
  • Scorpius: "...If I showed you my flaws"
  • Rose: Okay Scor, I get it, you know muggle songs. Bravo.
  • Scorpius: "...if I couldn't be strong"
  • Rose: Malfoy you can't sing. Please stop singing to me.
  • Scorpius: "...tell me honestly would you still love me the same."
  • Rose: Are you done now or is there more of that song you want to sing?
  • Scorpius: If I did anything that got me locked up would you still love me?
  • Rose: who says that I love you now?
  • Scorpius: ...
  • Rose: of course Scor. Of course I will always love you.
“But You Don’t Have To Be A Dick About It Either”

Requested: Yes

Request: Hi there ! could you do and imagine about the reader being a french and she is sad that they lost but shawn is super happy because portugal and they get into a fight ? Thanks !!! :))

Word Count: 1261

We were both on the edge of the couch, both of our eyes never leaving the tv even for a second. Me being French and Shawn being Portuguese, this match made us and the whole room tense. We were both huge fanatics of soccer, and we both played it a lot. He doesn’t have as much time as he had before to play, but I still do. Soccer is a huge part of me. And of course I had to support my native country during the Euro Cup. “WHAT THE FUCK! DID YOU FUCKING SEE THAT?” Shawn yelled as Ronaldo was on the ground, pretty much crying. “Calm down, it was an accident…” I replied calmly, trying not to lose my patience. “Yeah, well I guess that’s what happens when you play against France.” He replied with a disgusted look, as we both watched Ronaldo being transported on a stretcher to the side of the field. “What the fuck did you just say?-” I scoffed and turned to look at him.

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Pranking Me Pregant

Requested By- Anon

Request- Hey! I was wondering if you could do one where you, Morgan and Spencer have been having a prank war and you’re heavily pregnant with Spencers baby in the midst of the prank war you go into labor and they both think you’re pranking them? And maybe if it’s not too hard they end up delivering the baby?! Thanks! Ps I love your writing!

Person- Spencer Reid/Derek Morgan(?)

Warnings- None?

A/N- I did try to make it to leave off like they were going to have to deliver the baby but I could not actually write that part. I am sorry.

They were at the office filling out paper work. I decided to stop by to surprise Spencer but when I got there I walked right into their prank war, literally. “Ow!” I say as I hit my face on the plastic wrap that is blocking to hallway. “Sorry that was meant for Morgan.” Spencer says waking up to me. “What are you doing here?” He asks. “I just wanted to come surprise you.” “Well it is a very nice surprise.” “Okay, well if you don’t mind, I’m going to sit down now. My feet are killing me.” Spencer helps guide me to his chair. As I sit down the chair collapsed. “Whoa! Sorry Y/n, that wasn’t meant for you.” Morgan says rushing over to help me up. “It’s cool. I think I’m gonna go hang out with Garcia and stay out of this prank war. I walk off in the direction of Garcia’s office I let out a speech and grab the stair railing. I fall to the ground and a pool of water surrounds me. “Y/n, are you okay?” Spencer asks rushing to me. “I’m going into labor!” “Oh my god, we have to get you to a hospital!” “Hold up Reid, bravo, nice try.” “What?” I ask Morgan. “You may be able to pull the wool over his eye but not mine. This is obviously a prank!” “Trust me Morgan this isn’t a prank.” “Wow you’re still going with this?” “It’s not a pra-Ahhh!” I start having a contraction. I try breathing and Morgan laughs. “I need to go to the damn hospital!” I shout. “Whatever.” This goes on for another ten minutes until Garcia walks in. “What the hell is going on?” She asks seeing me on the floor. “I am going into labor but these two idiots keep saying its a prank.” “What the hell is wrong with you two, JJ!” She shouts out. “Yeah what’s up Gar- Y/n, are you okay?” “I need to get to the hosp- Ahhh!” Another contraction. “Why the hell are you still here?” JJ asks after the contraction is done. “These to idiots have been here for ten minutes thinking this is a prank!” I shout at them. “We got to get her to the hospital.” They start to help me up when I scream again. “Well hope you two know how to deliver a baby cause thanks to you, she’s having this kid now, here. Garcia and I are going to run to find a doctor you two get ready, if we don’t find one, you two will have to.” Spencer and Morgan share a look as they both gulp at the idea realizing how stupid they were.

a sagittarian’s thoughts on the signs

Aries- okay you guys are bomb af. seriously. people think you’re overly aggressive and anger easily, but all i see is warmth. you are warm and comforting but exciting at the same time, like a fire. i could hang out wth you guys 24/7. your energy easily matches mine and i always have fun with an aries.

Taurus- your stubbornness rivals mine, so a lot of times i butt heads with you guys, but you’re rad all the same. i love your strength and your drive when things pique your interest, it’s truly inspiring. nothing can stop you when you set your heart on something and i think that’s amazing. 

Gemini- tbh one of my favorite signs, you guys are so fun to be around. we always have the most interesting conversations and you guys are never boring. i swear i have never laughed harder with anyone else. 

Cancer- a lot of times i clash with cancers, but i admire how understanding you guys can be. sometimes you guys need to work on being a bit quieter and knowing when enough is enough, but your empathy is enviable. 

Leo- okay, you guys can be a bit intense for me sometimes. truly a fire sign to the core. you’re invigorating to be around and always spark the atmosphere with restless energy. i can’t sit still around you guys. 

Virgo- honestly i haven’t met many virgos, but you guys are an interesting sign. sweet but intelligent with a killer personality and a great sense of humor imo. a little meticulous and precise for me, but you guys are A+.

Libra- okay the only libra i know is absolutely sparkling. one of the kindest and sweetest people i know. your energy is a different warmth than that of aries. you’re much more effervescent and sunny and i really love that. 

Scorpio- my favorite water sign tbh. people see your stereotype and just think you’re “evil”, but i only see your passion. truly some of the most caring people i have met have been scorpios. loyal to a fault and full of the secrets others have told you in confidence, you guys are so underrated imo.

Sagittarius- A+. bravo. you’re awesome. i get along so well with all of you. our sign is great bc most of us are super easy going and it’s simple to get along with one another. plus we’re always on the same wavelength. i have so much fun with you guys seriously. ily all.

Capricorn- so three of my best friends are caps. tbh i’m not 100% sure why i’m so drawn to you guys, but your individuality and resourcefulness is truly enviable, and you’re really sweet at your core, even if you try not to show it. i would put my life in a cap’s hands if it ever came to that. 

Aquarius- honestly i don’t really mesh well with you guys sometimes, but i really admire how quirky some of you guys can be. seriously, the way you guys talk is so unique and you pick up on things that go right over my head. sometimes you need to open up more though; it can’t be comfortable, having your feelings trapped inside like that. 

Pisces- truly haven’t had the best experiences with pisces, but you guys have a special place in my heart. your empathy knows no bounds and while you can be really clingy, you really bring out my better side. if you stop being so snarky that is. but your energy is relaxing and soothing; hanging out with you is so refreshing, esp if you share what’s going on in that beautiful brain of yours. i’ve gotten some truly inspiring insight from pisceans. 

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Why would an ex-First Sword of Braavos take on a gig as a weapon trainer for the daughter of a Westerosi Lord ? Isn't it a great step down from his previous position ? What was he even doing in KL anyway ? When Westerosi nobility look for weapons instructors, they usually go for kngihts, not old bravos.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten this question, but I looked and couldn’t find a post where I’d answered it before, so I might as well. 

Syrio took the job precisely because he’s the ex-First Sword. The old Sea Lord died, there was an election, and the new man wanted his own First Sword instead of Syrio, so Syrio needs to find a new job. 

And the problem with being a bravo in Braavos is that there are a lot of bravos looking for work, so competition is fierce and underemployment is rampant (hence why so many bravos run protection rackets or resort to mugging or begging with menaces). We don’t know whether the Sea Lord died of natural causes or whether Syrio left in disgrace because the Sea Lord died on his watch, but it could well have been the case either way that he found it difficult to find employment in the city, because it’s not the best branding. 

Alternatively, one of the ways you get work as an ambitious bravo looking to make your name is to kill a bravo with an established name, like say Syrio Forel. Now, the First Sword doesn’t run, but Syrio Forel might have grown weary of killing hot-headed young men and decided to move to somewhere that wasn’t something he had to deal with on a regular basis.

As for why King’s Landing? It’s a big city near to Braavos that doesn’t have a culture of bravos, as most of the Free Cities do (remember, water dancers are from Braavos, but not all bravos are water dancers). And while the nobility might not hire him for their sons, King’s Landing has a thriving merchant community (and not a small number of foreign merchants) who might want their sons to learn the blade even if they’re unlikely to become knights.

Also….he could also be an actual dancing master. A lot of swordmasters taught dance as well - footwork, balance, timing, etc. are critical to fencing so a lot of the skills carry over, the training rooms are essentially identical so if custom flags in one area you make up the difference in the other. 

When the boys are away...


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 As he parked the impala in front of the bunker, he looked at his tired brother. The job had called them away from the home they had come to know, and for Dean he was itching to come home, for more then just the memory foam. You had gotten sick the day before they left and were in no condition to take down a nest of vamps. As he said goodbye to Sam in the hall he could help but think that you were sitting up waiting for him to walk in the door. However when he opened it he found his favorite sight of all, for you were fast asleep. Over your body was laid your light weight plaid blanket, which you had pulled to your chin. You looked so comfortable in his bed, and as he shedded his own layers he heard the soft snore leave your lips, when he finally pulled on his plaid pajama pants he nestled next to you, you rolled over into him and rested your forehead against his chest, his arms wrapping around you. 

“Tough hunt?” You mumbled into him. 

“Nah, just an easy nest, you feelin’ any better?" 

"I did, and then you came back." 

"That a good thing or should I go?” He smiled as your hand found his shoulder 

“No you can stay here I guess." 

"Good cause there is nowhere I would rather be.” He smiled again as he feel asleep to you saying, 

“Dean Winchester, stop being such a chick." 


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 He slammed the front door, his arms filled with groceries from the latest run. He was gone only an hour, he started towards the kitchen, however his breath hitched when he saw you, exactly where he left you. You were seated at the table, your left leg thrown over your left, a book in one hand and the other resting by your face. You were still wearing your skinny jeans and flannel, your face was nude and your hair was just thrown up in a messy bun. To you it was just a causal look but to Sam you looked like a movie star, he always found himself losing his breath when he saw you, and he loved you for everything you were. 

"Did you get my pie?” You asked, your eyes never leaving the book as you turned the page, a smile spread on Sam’s face as he thought of how clever you were. 

“Yup Apple pie with vanilla ice cream. And for Dean, I got pecan." 

"Well sweetie do you want help putting it away?” Your eyes finally met his, and a smile spread across your face when you saw him giving you the look. You loved the look he would give you when he was thinking about how much he loved you. 

“No sweetie, just don’t move.” He suddenly remembered how to walk, and started back towards the kitchen but not before leaning over and kissing your forehead. 

“I love you darling." 

 "Love you more moose." 


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 When he came back to the bunker, he was greeted by the sound of you laughing. As he started down the stairs he saw you seated at the table, your feet kicked up and your attention focused on your computer screen. He walked up behind you to see you watching old cartoons and laughing. He loved hearing you laugh, it was something you guys didn’t do often. He sat next to you and silently watched Along with you, you sensed his presence so you reached towards his hand and started to hold it as you laughed. And he lived every moment of it.

“How’s heaven?” You asked as you watched Johnny Bravo once again get denied a date.

“No as beautiful as right now.” Cas smiled, as you faked gagging.

“Cas, that was so sweet I think I’m going to be sick.”

“Do you want me to heal you?” He asked, tilting his head.

“No baby, I’m better now that you are here.” and silence once again feel between the two of you as you watched cartoons