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Hello!!!! Your writing is amazing and your characterization is so on point I love it!!! Could I maybe request some platonic!reader headcanons with the Paladins + Allura and Coran? Like as friends not necessarily lovers? If that makes sense I'm sorry if it doesn't, anyway you're fantastic and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!

;;OMG thank u sooo much dude!!! I hope u have a great awesome day too, & tysm for sending!!!<3 

Lance -

  • Pun buddies? pun buddies
  • No one else on the castleship gets Lance’s sense of humor as much as they do, so they’d be doubling over laughing together over the same joke for hours
  • They’d be so attached at the hip that even Blue would grow to like them
  • When Lance and [Y/N] are in the same room with Keith, beware
  • Lance: [flexes] You: [gunshot noises]
  • They talk for hours about how much they miss Earth, Lance would really be comfortable unravelling his emotions with them when they’re alone
  • “Shiro, I let [Y/N] use my bayard and now the control panel in my lion is busted and they need to be grounded this instant.”

Shiro -

  • [Y/N] would be his favorite kid
  • Out of everyone, he lets [Y/N] touch his robotic arm the most because he’s that comfortable with them
  • Always notices when they’re sulking and is there to put the dad hand on their shoulder before asking what’s wrong
  • “No, you can’t make my galra arm into a cheese dispenser… Pidge already tried.”
  • He’d let them tease him a lot
  • When Shiro can’t sleep, they stay up together either reading or taking leisurely walks around the castle whilst talking about anything irrelevant

Hunk -

  • They’re always bragging and supporting each other, their friendship is the most iconic one on the ship
  • “Sorry, I’m busy that day. Me and [Y/N] are having our scheduled 10 hour nap.”
  • Hunk would make them the cutest best friend charms that everyone else is jealous of
  • *[Y/N] walks in* Hunk: This is amazing
  • Don’t tell me Hunk totally wouldn’t want to bake all kinds of sweets with them 
  • One time the mice ate their left-over cheesecake and they cried for 2 hours straight
  • Hunk teaches them how to fix things like car engines and panels, because who knows? It might come in handy someday
  • Piggy back rides

Keith -

  • Team mullets are the future
  • They’d watch movies together all the time, if Keith ever fell asleep during one he’d wake up to popcorn in his nose and a unibrow. Keith has had enough
  • They’re so jokingly mean to each other all the time even Lance can’t tell what’s a real roast and what’s not
  • “We had a bonding moment.” “Keith, I literally could’ve died.”
  • [Y/N] does Keith’s hair for him sometimes (puts it up) and Keith can’t even complain because they. actually made it look decent?
  • If Keith has been training nonstop, [Y/N] would have to physically stop him and help him to a nice cold cup of space juice and a towel 
  • Actually so caring towards each other behind closed doors

Pidge -

  • If there’s anyone Pidge can ramble to about mechanics, it’s [Y/N]
  • They tease each other lots, if [Y/N] does something remotely embarrassing, they won’t hear the end of it
  • Usually they accompany each other in the control room just to look out at the galaxies passing by, talking about Earth and their families
  • “Prank together, die together”
  • Cut the bristles off of Keith’s AND Lance’s toothbrushes 
  • Whenever something mysteriously malfunctions in the castle, all fingers point towards them
  • When one of them is sick, the other takes care of them and stays by their side all day just to keep them company

Allura -

  • [Y/N]’s the only one Allura’s gonna cut slack for when they’re sulking during training
  • Allura would let [Y/N] do her hair when she’s too tired to untangle it in the mornings
  • Together, they’d convince Lance to teach them how to knit so that they can make the mice little sweaters
  • “We should knit some for the paladins too, but make them all pink and oversized.” “[Y/N], this is why we’re friends.”
  • Allura likes hearing about Earth from them, and over time she grows to love the planet solely because of the way they described it
  • Whenever Lance starts one of his pickup lines, they say ‘no’ simultaneously 
  • When Allura learns more about human customs from them, she can’t stop giving the paladins high fives
  • “Allura, WHO ARE YOU FLIPPING OFF?” “[Y/N] told me this finger means I love you?”

Coran -

  • He, Keith, and [Y/N] ALL make up team mullets are the future
  • Coran would teach them all kinds of Altean recipes, most of which don’t even look edible
  • “This is either space juice or a poisonous drug and I guess I’m about to find out.” 
  • Someone has to keep Coran’s stache looking as clean as it is
  • The mice always try to eavesdrop on their conversations to pile receipts for Allura but they’re always talking about orbs? 
  • They educate Coran on cryptids and now he goes around calling everyone (specifically Keith) a cryptid
  • Finally Coran doesn’t have to be alone in the control room during the night because his friend won’t stop talking about Earth, and he doesn’t mind

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I'm so glad you're a nice, approachable, and cool demon unlike a few other horror youtubers. Its awesome that you can joke around lightheartedly with your audience :3

I love to joke, I just don’t get to do it often. That’s why my social accounts often surprise people.

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There was a one shot you wrote a while ago of injured Young Knight Obi-Wan and teenage Anakin crash landing on a planet and Obi-Wan tries to hide his injury for Anakin's sake. If you're up to it, a continuation of that fic once they get rescued would be awesome. Thank you so much and I adore your writing!!

“That’s…Knight Vos, isn’t it?” Anakin stared up from where a familiar ship with a smudge of yellow painted on was approaching the downed shuttle they had continued to use as refuge as no one had come to search for them.

“Yes, yes it is Anakin. It seems we’re going to have to listen to his awful jokes again.” Obi-Wan sighed quietly before tilting his head, feeling another presence. “And Feemor.” He smiled at that.

“Feemor’s here?” Anakin squinted at the ship then shifted to pick up his pack when the ship landed, smiling as the ramp lowered for them to get on.

“Ahoy there!” Quinland grinned at them. “Need a passage into town or back home to the temple?”

“Since I have no idea who shot us down, the capitol makes more sense.” Obi-Wan offered back as he slowly picked up his pack and headed up the ramp after Anakin who was happily chattering to Quinlan about pilot stuff.

Feemor was further inside the ship, smiling when Obi-Wan got closer. “We picked up the distress beacon while passing by the planet, you were lucky, this wasn’t the original route we were going to take back to the temple.” He stood, standing to hug his linage brother. “What happened and are you alright?”

“We got shot down, and I, in my infinite gooberish way, was not buckled to my seat.” Obi-Wan leaned into the warm hug of the other.

“And the crash would have shaken you around…Obi-Wan…”

“I know, I know. At least Anakin was fine.” Obi-Wan sighed and pulled back, smiling at Quinlan when the other came over as the ramp was raised. “Thank you for the pickup, we did kind of need it.”

“I’d say, whoever shot you guys down were aiming for destruction, got the motors well and a bit more to the left and they would have exploded instead of just shutting down from what I could tell.” The Kiffar shook his head.

And then he slapped Obi-Wan on the back.

Something Obi-Wan would normally take without much noise but this time it made him cry out as he hunched in on himself, his free hand resting on his ribs as he groaned in pain.

“…Master! You are even more injured then you said!” Anakin stared at him.

Obi-Wan sighed and sent Quinlan a dark look before smiling reassuringly to Anakin. “Nothing bacta and rest wont help Anakin, I promise.”

“Uhu, lets pretend we believe that.” Feemor took Obi-Wan’s pack from him and gestured for him to sit where the blond had been moment before. “Let me take a look Obi-Wan.”

“Honestly, bacta wil-ah!” Quinlan quickly jabbed him in the chest and then made him sit when Obi-Wan was distracted. “Low…blow.” The copper haired knight wheezed.

“Yeah well, you don’t like medical so its easier to just force you.” Quinlan offered cheerfully before looking at Anakin. “See, this is why you must never listen to Obi-Wan when it comes to his health. He’s stupid about it.”

Obi-Wan sulked as Feemor got his wintergear undone and then started on tabards and tunic to get to flesh.

Quinlan shook his head as Obi-Wan’s furred chest came into view, covered in mottled bruises in various shades. “Okay, how bad?”

“Obi-Wan, how bad, tell me what I’m working with here.” Feemor frowned as he carefully touched the others chest.

“…At least four broken ribs and a fractured vertebrae.”


“I didn’t want to worry you Anakin.” Obi-Wan tried carefully before groaning as Feemor started to carefully press on his chest, feeling the other test him with the Force.

“Make that eight broken ribs Obi-Wan, two fractured vertebrae and a concussion. Its amazing you haven’t punctured your own damn lung. Quinlan, set destination for a medical center, this goes beyond what I can heal or treat.” Feemor sighed as Quinlan saluted him and went to the front. “And you, I’m going to strap you to the gurney onbord because you are liable to aggravating and making this all worse.”  He pointed at the copper haired knight. “Stay here.” Feemor went to find the gurney.

Obi-Wan sighed then looked to Anakin who crossed his arms over his chest, frowning at him.

“Oh don’t give me that look.”

Anakin raised both his eyebrows at him.

“…Okay fine, but you were panicking and I felt it was best not to alarm you further.”

“Suddenly Bants advice on keeping a close eye on you makes a lot more sense master.” Anakin huffed.

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You're blog is awesome! Could you please, do a scenario on how Uta, Nishki, Yomo, Kaneki and Suzuya would react to someone flirting with their s/o infront of them and not backing off.

Sorry if I didn’t do full scenarios but I hope you still like it! Also I hope I didn’t make any shitty or lame scenarios! T.T

Uta would treat is calmly, however angry or annoyed he may get with the people trying to hit on his s/o. A simple thing as picking up something they’ve dropped, that bloke makes a joke then his s/o is laughing or giggling. In times like this he would just casually walk up to them, snake his arm around them and just say things like “Excuse me,” or “Who are you?” Anyhow, he would treat it calmly and when the bloke would not back off, he would step between him and his s/o, he would lean intimidatingly close to the bloke and would lean forward enough for them to see his eyes. Normally, that would lead them running.   

Nishiki would be mad - he’s very territorial and possessive, and even when it comes to such simple thing as helping out in the book store, he’s already mad. His s/o would innocently giggle at his wits or smile at the lad’s book recommendation, and Nishiki would be at their side immediately. “What the fuck are you doing to my girlfriend?!” He’s emphasise girlfriend. Most guys would back off at this point, but if one responds like “What’s wrong with you man? I was just helping your pretty little lady here!” or anything like that, Nishi wouldn’t hesitate to grab their collar and push the lad on a wall. This only means that you two are “excused” from the book store. 

Yomo would act calm, but wouldn’t necessary be so. He’d probably be annoyed, making sure after the incident he would stick closer to his s/o. The delivery guy was making a conversation with his s/o, with the guy desperately trying to flirt with them. He would walk up behind his s/o, wrap both arms around their waist and ask, glaring: “Do we have any issues with delivering?” and if the guy still doesn’t leave he would slam the door on his face and drag his s/o back to bed. 

Suzuya would act casual and even happy. But he would be angry at the person trying to hit on his s/o. I mean, who needs help with printing at the CCG where people can kill ghouls? Seriously… He would walk up to them, maybe even putting a show that he happen to be in need of printing too, and causally ask: “Getting distracted from work, eh?” People would generally leave at this point; Suzuya is a Special Class Investigator, and any lower rank could find themselves jobless or ghoul bait if he gives off a bad report about them. Else, he would probably threaten them, like “I believe you have work to do but flirting with my s/o, so get back to your job before you’ll have nothing to get back to.” He’d casually say while smiling innocently, intentions much darker.  

Kuro!Kaneki’s s/o was trapped between the lockers and the schools hottest, sporty macho of the school. Any girl from that school would’ve gave anything just to date this guy - but his s/o was already occupied with him and his s/o was intimidated by his presence. So Kaneki would step in, clear his throat and say, “Uhm, Excuse me, you’re talking to my girlfriend!” The big guy would probably laugh off his futile attempts, but he wouldn’t give up, and would just grab the arm of his s/o gently and urge them to leave, which they probably would, happily.

It would piss the living shit out of Shiro!Kaneki if they would try to take his s/o away from him. He got quite possessive over his change of lifestyle, and would not tolerate other people to try to hit on his s/o. I’d imagine he’d storm up to them and kiss hi s/o hard and passionately in front of the lad, then, keeping his arm around his s/o’s waist would ask them [s/o] innocently, “Care to introduce me to them?” If the lad would still be persistent and stay, depending on the location, he may even go far enough as to activate his kakugan, or if the other guy would be a ghoul themselves, then he may even get to point where he would get his kagune out too.  

Request: Hey you're awesome! can you do an imagine where Dean/reader are dating and the reader, Dean and Sam have to go undercover at a high school and some annoying teens try to hit on you Dean gets jealous and does something epic to show that you're his? Thanks!

“I like the school teacher look.” Dean commented as you entered the kitchen.

“Down boy.” You teased, sauntering up to him and pressing your lips to his.

“Woah! Keep it pg!” Sam joked as he walked into the room.

“Oh, shut up. We’re not in school yet.” You said, giving Dean another kiss. “So, what’s the plan?” You asked after a moment.

“You and I are substitute teachers. Dean’s a gym teacher.” Sam informed you.

“Oh, I love a man in uniform.” You purred to Dean.

Sam rolled his eyes and grabbed a briefcase. Soon you were all in the Impala, speeding to the school. A ghost had taken to haunting stressed kids; possessing them and getting them addicted to drugs. Kids had overdosed on drugs more than once.

You waded through the sea of teenagers, trying to find your classroom. Kids were sitting on tables and talking to one another. “Hi, I’m Miss. Y/L/N. Mr. Downey is out today.”

“Thank God for small favors.” One boy said.

“Thank God for giving us an angel.” Another chimed in, winking at you.

You rolled your eyes and said, “Your teacher left instructions for you to answer the section questions for chapter 28. After that you can have free time.” You said, then sat down and cracked open a book. You completely ignored the kids for the rest of the period.

You found yourself with nothing to do, so decided to check in on Dean. As you walked into the gymnasium you had to stop and try not to laugh. You pulled your phone out quickly and took a photo. Dean was wearing bright red shorts, and white polo shirt, and high white knee socks. But the best part was the red headband he was wearing. You were going to get that picture framed.

“Faster!” Dean screamed at the running kids, and you walked over to him.

“Excuse me. I think I’m lost.” You said, smiling as Dean looked at you.

A huge smirk spread over his face. “Maybe I could help.” He suggested.

“Miss Y/L/N!” A high voice screamed. You turned and saw some kid holding a basketball. “If I get this in, you have to go out with me!” He stated, turning to the basket.

“Not in your dreams.” You shouted back.

The kid took the shot anyway, and missed. Dean held back some laughter as you rolled your eyes. “Dude, Miss Y/L/N is a mature woman, she wouldn’t go for that crap.” The kid that had called you an angel first period said.

Completely ignoring the kid, you turned to Dean and said, “Do you have any free periods?”

“What do you want a gym teacher for? I’m top of the class, baby.” The kid announced.

“Relax, kid. She wants a real man.” Dean said, no longer able to deal with the children hitting on you.

“Or she wants a man with a college degree.” The kid shot back.

“She wants somebody who can buy alcohol and run a mile.” You chimed in, hoping to shut the kid up.

“Please! Gym teachers are never fit. He may look the part, but he’s probably all flab under that shirt.” The kid stated.

In response Dean grabbed a basketball, stuck his tongue out at the kid, and ran towards the net. You thought he was just going to slam dunk it, but then he jumped in the air, did a flip, then dunked the ball. The kids started clapping and the annoying one huffed in indignation. You walked over to Dean and gave him a kiss. He was way better than some teenager.

(I hope you like it! Sorry for any mistakes!)

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It's been two days since I found out about Erwin's death, still couldn't get over this sad feelings. Eventho you're cruel sometimes, but I got to admit that you're awesome for making such great and lovable characters. Thank you and I love you, mama.

Meanwhile I already wanted to post jokes about it. Good thing I didn’t, huh? ^^’

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Hi you're awesome. Could you do one where one of them is afraid of thunderstorms? Cute comforting ensues?

“You’ve got to be joking,” Beca said incredulously when she felt Chloe standing over her bed, leaning down to poke her shoulder. 

“Okay, not fair, I was, like, quiet as a church mouse this time,” Chloe responded, huffing and nudging Beca more forcefully. “You’ve got the senses of a guard dog.” 

“Or the senses of someone who’s sleeping constantly gets interrupted,” Beca grumbled. Scooting closer to the wall, she threw her covers back to make room for Chloe, who slipped right into the open space. “Your feet are fucking freezing.” 

Chloe giggled and raced her feet quickly over Beca’s calves, moving to intertwine them with Beca’s feet before Beca jerks her legs away with a frustrated sigh. The entire scene only makes Chloe giggle more, so Beca turned around shooting Chloe a well-meaning glare. Chloe put a hand on the pillow space between them, and Beca reached up - despite the irritation written over her face - to run her hands over Chloe’s knuckles. 

“What’s your excuse this time, Beale?” she said it quietly, with a smile poking out of her grimace. 

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You get one (when you're lucky)

I enjoy summer blockbusters. I really do. Big event movies, stunt spectaculars, franchises building upon past entries with in-jokes and new levels of awesome – I am easily pleased. I am so happy, to be just another laughing and awestruck face in a dark room.

But the older I get, the more tired I get by this moment that keeps happening, over and over again – the moment when it becomes clear that a summer blockbuster I’m watching will not be introducing any more female characters of substance. 20 minutes in, 45, an hour – the sensation never changes. The knowledge that we’re beyond the point where one might logically expect another girl to enter the scene and actually matter.

And then I sit there for the rest of the goddamn movie, thinking about how often this happens, how often I’ve sat in these dark rooms hoping to see more than one woman with real agency. How often I’ve sat there knowing that if the one female character we’ve been generously granted has anything resembling a real personality or backstory, that the (majority male) filmmakers consider themselves American fucking heroes, for treating the woman shown straddling a motorcycle from behind on the posters with the same level of consideration as her dozen male co-stars.

“She’s such a strong female character!” they might say, about their film featuring a ensemble cast of almost exclusively white men. They’re so fucking proud.

Yes, this is a not-so-subtweet directed at “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.” This is me wishing I could take any pleasure in Rebecca Ferguson’s admittedly movie-stealing performance, because if the “MI:” series has one consistent trend, it’s that it treats its female characters as disposable, while finding reason to bring back Ving Rhames time after time.

I like Ving Rhames a lot! I always have! (And if they didn’t bring him back there would also be no black people with any initiative in this movie, which, y'know, is its own thing.) I also like the decision to bring back Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner, two other actors I enjoy watching act on screen.

But remember when the first “Mission: Impossible” featured a team of agents that included three women? THREE FUCKING WOMEN??? I mean, nothing good happened to any of them, but the idea that a team of secret agents could include more than one set of boobs wasn’t horrifying to the franchise… in 1996. It’s 2015. I’ve been watching these blockbusters for decades now… and I’m tired.

Yeah, like I said, I like these sorts of movies. And I enjoyed “Rogue Nation.” But even before the first of several times it made sure that the only lady of substance exposed her skivvies, I was kinda over it. I knew she was what we were gonna get, lady-wise. And worst of all, I knew we were supposed to consider her a victory.

It’s why I’m not super into the Mako Mori Test, to be honest, because as well-intentioned as it is, the fact remains that giving one female character a rich backstory doesn’t make it okay for every other character who matters to be male. IT JUST DOESN’T.

I guess it’s the part of my brain that assumes that summer blockbusters are interested in being daring, are interested in electrifying a female fanbase, are interested in moving beyond the status quo. The part of my brain that hopes that I might go see a new movie and feel like I’m actually seeing something new.

The worst part about getting older is the feeling that that feeling might not come anytime soon. The best part is believing that this shit might change, maybe. The latter… Well, I haven’t given up. But I’m getting tired a whole lot more easily.

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can you do one where you're dating one of the boys and introduce him to your (guy) friends who are really protective over you :) X

idk if you want a blurb or pref so ill do a blurb


so with calum your guy friend would be really protective bc calum gets really touchy with you and he makes jokes that your guy friend doesn’t always like and calum would try his hardest to warm up to your guy friend and eventually calum and your friend would become friends bc cal is awesome so why not

luke would be so intimidated bc he’s a shy little shit and you’d have to keep telling your friend to back off bc luke would get nervous around him bc luke knows how close you too are and he wants to leave a good first impression

michael at first would be like who the fuck is this guy and why is he judging me so hard and he’d have his arm around you the whole time bc michael would be protective and then you’d tell him that he’s just your friend and michael would relax a bit and then michael would make a new friend yay

ashton would be so protective bc your best friend is a guy and he doesn’t want to lose you so he’d be making you laugh the whole time and he’d be so cute and he’d keep his eyes on you the whole time and your guy friend would eventually like ashton for doing that bc he knows that ashton’s a good guy and that he loves you and wont let anything happen to you aw

this sucked im sorry

request here

  • Adam: We need ideas for how to conclude this author story in the finale, so it gives us something interesting to write about next season
  • Writer: How about we have Emma sacrifice herself for Regina because Regina’s worked so hard to redeem herself, and then Rumple will get his dark heart cleaned because, like, he’s totally earned that too with, you know, all his “good deeds”.
  • Eddy: That’s awesome, let’s do it
  • Writer: Oh, wait…. this isn’t the Saturday Night Live writer’s room, I’m in the wrong place! Ignore what I just said, it was meant to be a joke.
  • Adam: Hmm, what? I can’t hear you over Eddy typing up this totally logical season finale

Severus: Mama, I built a wishing well!

Me: Wow, I love the colors you chose; they’re awesome, you little wizard!

Severus: Oooh, I like that. Can you call me a wizard again someday, Mama?

Me: Oh… You bet I will Severus!

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There was heavy rainfall up north from where I live. We were talking about it in class and i said " I guess you say they're having a northern downpour," everyone looked at me like WTF. Nobody got it!! Is something wrong with me? (P.S you're blogs awesome!!!) (P.P.S love from Australia.)

I FEEL YOUR PAIN I always try to make Panic! jokes and no one ever gets them. (and thanks!)