if you get annoyed by this it's probably a good thing you don't personally know me

my experiences with overwatch characters
  • genji: despite all the 'i need healing' memes, they're usually pretty nice. they know the entire team is watching and waiting for them to crash and burn
  • mccree: either spawn from hell or just here to have a good time (usually the latter). will probably try to say hi at the enemy spawn
  • pharah: very friendly. will almost never get their ult to go off but won't be salty about it. thanks healthpacks
  • reaper: KINKY. either cursed as shit or will say hello to anything and everything. anyone that mains reaper has dreamt of him crushing their head between his monster thighs
  • solider 76: VANILLA. it's okay though, most people want to fuck him but can't explain it
  • sombra: definitely only here to have a good time since she's basically useless until the devs give her a monster buff. if the player spams the boop voiceline you will hear that noise in your nightmares forever
  • tracer: very high chance they're gay. very high chance one of the enemy team will switch to tracer because they're annoying
  • ana: absolute sweethearts who will risk life and her other eye to keep you alive. secretly enjoys watching the person she's nanoboosted lose their fucking mind trying to make the most of it though
  • lúcio: again, really sweet. unless they're on ilios in which case he's public enemy number one and even if he's on your team you shoudn't trust him
  • mercy: probably picked healer because everyone else picked genji and hanzo. alternatively, a masochist. if the pistol is used a lot they probably mained medic in TF2 and don't fear god or death
  • zenyatta: most likely play competitive too much. another top tier picks for gays but they probably have clinical depression
  • symmetra: [flicking teleporter on and off] welcome to my reality welcome to my reality
  • reinhardt: in the top three most likely to say hi in spawn. please get behind him
  • roadhog: this one is skin dependent. normal roadhogs are like your weird uncle but roadhogs with the islander or junkenstein's monster skin are maniacs and will hook your entire ancestral line across the map
  • winston: i've only ever seen like three. cryptids
  • zarya: tied with tracer and zenyatta as a pick for gays. a good zarya will take your bullets and shove them back up your ass at mach-1 speed
  • d.va: the chaotic good of the universe. probably has play of the game before the match has even started
  • bastion: probably tried to play bastion in competitive once and that was enough. anyone that places him on that elevator thing in hollywood is a scorpio
  • hanzo: they take skirmish way too seriously
  • junkrat: THE CHAOTIC EVIL TO D.VA'S CHAOTIC GOOD. the sound of a riptire is actually an effective tactic to kill the enemy team irl because half of them will have a stroke out of stress
  • torbjörn: lava eating machine. all of them are cursed and i'm personally afraid of him
  • widowmaker: 57 shots, 1 kill. if they're using the odile skin they're probably a straight male
  • mei: fuck you to hell

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Mister do you have any suggestions for a daddy who has issues punishing his little? She was abused heavily throughout childhood and has issues with being spanked more than an small occasional swat barring a rare mood for it. Time outs and restrictions are effective for her and she responds to them better but she does struggle with intense guilt afterwards if I'm not careful with how I phrase what she's done wrong. I also struggle because she is so precious I don't want to see her saddened.

DADDY 101: PUNISHMENTS and the abused little.

Often times a little can have severe trauma from certain ways shes been treated in regards to being punished in the past. What I have commonly found is that its been at the hands of an inexperienced, albeit fake daddy who saw 50 shades of dumpsterjuice and watched a couple of hogtied.com porn videos and thought he was the end all be all daddy of the year… 

regardless of how she arrived at her now very fragile state, you as the good daddy have a job of rehabilitating her, while also replacing the negative with positives and realizing that she doesnt trust you.

Apologies if it hurts your ego.. but its the truth. She has learned not to trust anyone in regards to her safety, so you have a big job on your hands in turning it all around. She was probably never properly taught what she had done wrong, why it was wrong, and why she needed to be punished in the first place… and then she probably didnt get aftercare, ever.

These acts of anger and aggression have caused her to associate the behavior of punishment as being abuse and a very negative thing.

However there is hope. And realize… spanking isnt always the appropriate punishment. 

Positive reinforcement 

The first thing above all else when giving a punishment is to be patient. Never punish while angry, upset, annoyed, or out of a calm position of complete control over your emotions. Punishments do not always have to take place right away.. .and sometimes, given the environment or atmosphere its best to wait.

When the time does come, things should properly explained to the very last dotting of the i and crossing of the t. 

Always explain the benefit of the action before correcting the action.

Explain what was done wrong, why it was wrong, why you need to punish her, affirm that you love her, and make her understand why and how what you are about to do is for her benefit.

“How do I do that? What do I say?”

The punishment fits the offense. You know her better than I do… You know how its going to be beneficial and teach her valuable lessons that will help her grow. Thats up to you.

Everything with a purpose, and that purpose is to benefit her more than it does you. Always.

Littles often tend to see mistakes as failure. and failing daddy is equivalent to just shoving a sword through their chest. Distinguish between the two. Mistakes are not failures… they are motivational tools with which we can grow and learn and become better. We can take the positives (including what we learn from punishment) and apply them to our future for growth. We discard the negatives because they are worthless. Above all, realize that mistakes are good. Mistakes are growth. Mistakes are forward progress. 

We only fail when we absolutely give up and stop trying.

After you have established positive affirmation pre-punishment, then move on with whatever the punishment is. If its a long punishment like not being able to play video games for a week, or being barred from energy drinks and such… be supportive and positive during the process.

She knows what she did wrong. She doesnt need you brow beating her with it the whole time shes being punished. 

Then when the punishment is over.. aftercare,… aftercare.. aftercare.

If you don’t, you’re going to end up with a repeat offender who eventually evolves into a brat.


1.) explain the offense, affirm her good behavior otherwise, give a reason for the punishment, affirm that shes a good girl she just made a mistake. affirm that mistakes are not bad. Explain the benefits of the punishment

2.) Give the punishment with affirmation.

3.) when its completed give affirmation that she did well, that you are proud of her for receiving it, and that you love her.


For someone who has been heavily traumatized by abuse, this is going to take a long time and a lot of patience to get through. baby steps… start with simple punishments like lines, time out (if its in person, never ignore your online LDR little), refraining from a sweet drink or something for an hour, etc… little things build up to make something great and big come to life. So work with a slow hand of mercy..

and also be merciful to yourself. You WILL get frustrated… you WILL feel like its not working. But also realize that you are the pillar of stability and strength in her life and she is constantly looking to you for validation.

 Be strong, and make her stronger.

DP AU where almost everything is the same except Danny’s ghost form is a bird. A really tiny, fluffy bird.

Danny has no idea why considering he doesn’t even care for birds all that much. And why something so tiny!? And cute.. suffice to say, he does not tell his friends about this development due to sheer mortification.

Birdghost!Danny’s first and main weapon of choice is the ghostly wail. He can still turn intangible/invisibility/etc. but is rather fragile and weak in regards to physical combat. Is much faster and nimble to make up for it.

Amity Park’s reception of their new guardian bird ghost is.. pretty good. Someone out there gets the brilliant idea of turning birdghost into the city/town mascot. Really popular with the young and the elderly. Bird watching becomes a rather popular hobby and there are a bunch of commemorative bird baths/houses/feeders put up.

Danny meanwhile has a little better time juggling school with ghost hunting because who in the world would suspect a ghost-bird secretly being a boy? (Wes dodged a bullet here) Danny does however develop some interesting quirks. Like the urge to sing in the morning whenever he wakes up, the urge to go upwards when in danger, an aversion to poultry based foods (to Sam’s delight), and being easily distracted by shiny things.

And because i need some Danny and Vlad interaction in my life, Bitter Reunions does not happen. Instead of pining after Maddie and hating Jack, Vlad is more of a cynical, world-hating recluse (still rich af tho). Danny happens to find out about Vlad being a halfa from the ghost vultures that are still under Vlad’s employ (it’s tough being an intelligent non-humanoid ghost being yanno? They’ll sometimes get together to complain or chat, avian solidarity and all that).

So one day Danny as ghostbird shows up at Vlad’s mansion, sees what a gloomy person Vlad is, and decides this man needs to get out more or something. So Danny takes it upon himself, as his self-appointed mission, to become THAT BIRD. You know, that one. The one that makes its nest right outside your window and sings its guts out every single morning at the crack of dawn. Yeah.

Shenanigans happen. It takes a while for Vlad to figure out that it’s a ghost bird that is haunting him and not, you know, a living one (and then he wonders what the heck he’s done to warrant this). Danny keeps his human half and above bird level intelligence a secret (though Vlad has suspicions).

Time passes and Vlad comes to the realization that ghostbird isn’t a complete nuisance and maybe he kinda sorta enjoys that ectoplasmic avian’s companionship? Of course, ghostbird can’t be there all the time, because Danny has school and stuff (Vlad doesn’t know that though). So one day Vlad decides to catch ghostbird and make it his official pet. Cue ghost-proof birdcage, ghostbird!Danny’s shock and horror (because Danny really wasn’t expecting it) and Vlad being all excited because he’s not completely alone anymore.

Danny though is completely in shock that he’s in this situation and really worried about the situation at home and school and just kind of clams up in his internal debate on whether to reveal his human side or not. Vlad meanwhile is really sad and disappointed how non-responsive his birdghostfriend is and has second thoughts about caging ghostbird.

Just as Danny is about to reveal himself, Vlad decides to let ghostbird go because if you love them you must set them free and all that jazz. Danny hightails it outta there with DAMAGE CONTROL blaring in his mind whilst Vlad dramatically stares off into the distance all bittersweet, sure that this was the right thing to do, but sad that he probably irrevocably damaged his friendship with ghostbird.

Ghostbird shows up next Saturday morning at 5:30 instead of 6:00 screaming the most annoying song because THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE VLAD.

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Ahhhh I'm not good with these requests things and idk I don't wanna rush you or force you to do it or anything but what would it be like if each main Mystic messemger character ran their own kingdom?

~I might be running with this ? so forgive me lol. 

◉ Yoosung 

  • If he had a kingdom, he would be an elf king ????
  • He’d be the youngest king to rule
  • But everyone loves him because he’s so kind and caring
  • I see him as an elf because he’s extremely smart, he values those that are near and dear to him especially family, he’s gentle but can be brave when he needs to be 
  • He would probably take a lot of walks in the forests of the kingdom to watch the animals and gather herbs 
  • He would be very very involved in the affairs of his subjects 
  • Yoosung would walk around the towns and if he see’s any injustices he is stepping in 

◉ Jumin 

  • Everyone is a little scared of him
  • Like, no one in the kingdom really sees him ? 
  • Or knows him
  • He hides himself away but he runs the kingdom very efficiently 
  • The truth is that he just doesn’t care to be so public 
  • He likes to keep to himself 
  • He isn’t mean but he is strict and expects his castle to be run a certain way 
  • SUPER good at communications with other kingdoms and lands to establish trades 
  • People are usually scared to ask him for help but when they actually do, they find that he is surprisingly kind and diplomatic 
  • He will do whatever he can to ensure that his subjects are happy and safe 
  • People that work in the castle are crazy loyal to him

◉ Zen 

  • Knight King
  • Classic style 
  • He is a king but his true heart lies in doing the classical knight stuff 
  • He lives to joust 
  • He’s often training and gets annoyed when he is called to do actual work like looking over treaties and paperwork etc 
  • His advisors keep pushing him to pick a queen, and they hold SO MANY balls for him 
  • But he always leaves early and never pays attention to the girls that throw themselves at him 
  • He thinks he will rescue his true love one day and they will live happily ever after 

◉ Jaehee 

  • Honestly, Elizabeth 1st anyone???? ((this isn’t a cat joke lol))
  • She is crazy about supporting the arts 
  • Often attends the plays and performances of her kingdom 
  • She is actually a pretty stern Queen 
  • It’s not that she is cruel, but if someone is breaking the rules then she will not hesitate to bring them to justice and she won’t feel bad about it 
  • She travels often
  • She enjoys seeing the lands around her kingdom and tasting the food from the villages 
  • Being a Queen is a lot of pressure for her sometimes so she will dress down and walk around to better interact with her subjects and be free of some stress
  • It makes her happy to feel like a normal person every now and then 

◉ Saeyoung  

  • He’d constantly have competitions where he could watch his subjects battle it out 
  • He grew up as a poor kid in the village and was found to be an heir so he took over
  • Sneaks out of the castle A LOT 
  • You could find him at his favorite inn/tavern place stuffing his face 
  • Castle food is great but its not the food he grew up with 
  • Tries to constantly bribe Saeran into dressing up and pretending to be him so he can be free of all of the boring stuff he would have to do 
  • One of his favorite things is riding his horse 
  • If they’re going on a hunt, no one can keep up with him 
  • Him and his horse have a special bond and they’re lightning fast when they get into open terrain 

god apparently we need to get some things straight about this Rose Christo business, because the way that certain parts of tumblr respond to things like this is really poor.

“take what is posted on kiwifarms with a grain of salt” is a good, healthy practice that allows you to verify information.

“everything that is posted on kiwifarms is automatically false/made up/a lie by virtue of being posted on kiwifarms” is stupid as hell.

i don’t like kiwifarms, and i don’t think that should come as a surprise to anybody, but that doesn’t make everybody who posts on KF is wrong about everything. the fact that her brother posted information, which Rose then presumably read and posted about on her (public!) twitter, makes it very likely that he’s telling the truth about this situation.

the world is not divided into “people whose morals align with mine” and “evil, hatemongering liars who never tell the truth.” stop playing into cushy lies that make you feel good inside. stop enabling people’s sob stories in some fucked up attempt to increase the diversity of your world view. stop insisting that truth is in the hands of the person who claims victim status the fastest.

Rose Christo, whatever her intentions or beliefs, is operating on a fact of certain tumblr circles. that fact is that social capital is awarded to people based on aspects of their identities or experiences–people of color, LGBT people, abuse survivors, et cetera are given more of a platform and are more celebrated than others. there are some legitimate reasons for this, but the way that it folds out in these circles often leads to a couple of things:

1. people faking their identities for an extra boost/personal attention/gain of that social capital;
2. people insisting that anybody who claims these identities must be telling the truth, because otherwise you’re upsetting the status quo of giving them an elevated status.

if you say that Rose Christo fabricated any part of her story, then you’re accused a lesbian of color who survived child abuse and the foster care system of lying. that leads to backlash on anyone who doubts the story, whether they’re on tumblr or on kiwifarms. people KNOW this when they claim oppressed identities that they don’t actually have.

(for the record, i’m not saying that all of her story was fabricated. i’m not saying that she never went through abuse, that she isn’t a lesbian, etc. i’m saying that all of these things together, with whichever parts are lies, are protective against criticisms and accusations.)

and if those accusations are specifically coming from somebody from kiwifarms–well, you can just breathe a sigh of relief now. surely somebody from KF is maliciously making up lies. they say “autistic” as an insult and they bully people, so why would any individual member of the forum /ever/ be telling the truth? Rose’s morals are better than [Rose’s brother]’s morals, so we have a clear winner here! no need to delve deeper into the story in any sense, because we can just let social capital via X Identity solve it for us.

like…no. that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works. care more about the pursuit of truth than about picking apart the membership of anyone involved. look at how each person is respectively acting, look at who is providing evidence.

this is getting rambly. also, please don’t come whining to me about defending KF. i do not give a shit about KF. i give a shit about what’s being said there, but i’d care just as much if it was posted on facebook or here or something. this performative “wellllll he’s from kf so hooooow could this be truuuuue?” bullshit is just annoying to me either way.

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Hi!! First of all, I really enjoy your blog, it's probably my favorite! Now, could you please recommend me some (more like tons) of Destiel High School AU's?? I want to read some good stuff today. Thank you and gave an incredible day!

Hello!! Well thank you very much for the compliment!!

I don’t read a ton of high school AUs but i found these in my ao3 bookmarks

Out of Hand by @whelvenwings

Summary: When Castiel starts getting beaten up at school, his neighbour Dean knows that he has to do something. Cas has it hard enough already - his blue hair, piercings, and unique attitude mean that he spends most of his time at school alone, anyway. Meanwhile, Dean’s popular enough to bring Castiel some respite from the bullying; or, that is, he would be, if only Cas was connected to Dean in some way. As a friend, perhaps. Or even as a boyfriend, maybe…

There Must Also Be a Lock by @whelvenwings

Summary: Cas sighed. Prom season. Never his favourite time of year.
And perhaps the worst part of the whole thing was how the seniors were expected to ask out their dates.
“Padlocks!” Balthazar had announced, rattling a box full of them under the noses of the front row of the class the morning before. “Anyone ever heard of the Pont des Arts? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? I thought not. I am surrounded by philistines.”
“Balthazar, you had to google it two days ago,” Cassie had heckled from the back, and the rest of the class had laughed. Balthazar had sneered teasingly back at Cassie, and left the box of padlocks on the teacher’s desk at the front of the room.
Castiel knows exactly who he wants to ask to be his date to prom. When he sees Dean handing his padlock away, he knows that he must have lost his chance forever. Ignoring his best friend is hard, but easier than trying to pretend he isn’t upset. But when the night of the prom comes around, whose name will be on Dean’s padlock?

There Goes Your Heart by you_idgits

Summary: Deanna is having the worst day.
It probably has to do with the whole getting-punched-in-the-face thing.
It gets a lot better when Cas, the cute new girl from her English class, shows up and breaks Alastair’s nose.

Silly Love Songs by @puppycastiel

Summary: Every year, for Valentine’s Day, the Lawrence High School Choir sells sing-o-grams for their incredibly popular, annual fundraiser. Sam is a freshman who sings alto in the choir; his brother is a senior with a crush on his best friend. So when February 14th comes around once again, Sam is more than willing to play the messenger.

Shakes-queer: A Comedy by @ozonecologne

Summary: "I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married" AU.
(Conveniently, a comedy usually ends in marriage.)

The Nuances in Flirting by @thebloggerbloggerfun

Summary: Based on the tumblr prompt: “HS AU with popular!Dean and popular!Cas, they’re those two annoying guys who make funny (but also obnoxious) comments in every single class, and make stupid, flirtatious remarks to each other like “Cas looks pretty hot today guys” or “I’m totally dating Dean, everyone” etc. Only thing is, they’re secretly in love, but neither will admit it.“

You May Say That I’m a Dreamer by @envydeanwrites

Summary: Dean’s been a fan of the men’s figure skating for as long as he can remember. He’s always been fascinated by how the contestants move on the ice, contort their elegant bodies into beautiful positions and land each jump with grace – not that anyone at school knows this, they only know Dean as the tough-man soccer player. When Dean’s favourite under twenty-one’s figure skater transfers to his school, sparks fly.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger by @destieldrabblesdaily

Summary: Castiel’s younger sister Anna wants to go to the school dance with Dean Winchester, but she doesn’t have the guts to ask him. Instead, she asks Cas if maybe he can do it for her and be the messenger. The tricky part? Castiel has feelings for Dean too.

Dear Diarist by @whelvenwings 

Summary: One day, Dean finds a diary hidden on top of the lockers at his high school, and he’s totally not planning on reading that much of it - until he catches sight of his own name at the top of a page. It seems like the writer has a crush on him. Dean knows who he wants the mystery person to be - he’s had a crush on a certain blue-eyed physicist since forever - but there’s no way it could be Castiel. That’d be just too good to be true - right?

And if you need more than those

All of Shirley’s high school AUs on Ao3

All of Emily’s high school AUs on Ao3

And Shirley’s high school AU tag on Tumblr

Those are all the fics/resources I can think of for now!! Hope it helps!

Bonus OT3 Drabble: Slinky


This. This is entirely the fault of @blackkatmagic and @nellynee, and this ask-post over on blackkat’s blog. Because I just cannot resist the challenge of ‘why break up one ship for another when you can have both as a healthy triad?’ So I wrote it, even though I never actually got far enough to meet two-thirds of this ship in canon, and most of the characterisation is based on blackkat’s fics (although probably not half so good as hers).

Because really, who could resist this; “Spunky young power couple seduces village creepy shut in. Everyone is confused.

OT3 for this prompt: Minato/Orochimaru/Kushina from Naruto.

“If I have to sit and listen to you gabbing on about weird obscure jutsu, then I’m going to do it over ramen, you know!” Teuchi smiled at the sound of his best customer approaching the restaurant, presumably with her boyfriend in tow. Sure enough, when Kushina pushed the curtain aside, she was preceded into the restaurant by a sheepish looking Minato. Kushina followed, pulling another man in after them by the wrist.

The redheaded jounin manhandled Konoha’s own snake sannin into the seat next to Minato, then plonked herself down in the seat on Orochimaru’s other side. “You didn’t have to sit and listen.” The man snapped at Kushina, clearly very annoyed with her. “We are quite capable of holding a conversation without you.”

Kushina scoffed at him, flapping a hand. “Please. Minato wouldn’t know what to do with you if I left the two of you alone for more than five minutes, you know.” Orochimaru failed to come up with a retort, looking baffled and irritated in equal measure.

Minato, on the other hand, turned very red and started spluttering. “That’s not- You can’t just- What are you- Kushina!” The last word came out as a whine, and Minato dropped his head against the counter.

“Don’t be such a ditz, pretty boy.” Kushina chided, and then turned to Teuchi before Minato could respond. “The usual, please, Teuchi-san! Plus whatever this awkward turtle wants.” She nudged Orochimaru with her elbow to indicate who she meant. It was a good thing she had, because ‘awkward turtle’ was not a descriptor Teuchi would ever have applied to him on his own. He started cooking up Kushina and Minato’s usual, even as he raised an eyebrow at Orochimaru.

Orochimaru ignored him in favour of glaring at Kushina. “He’ll have the shoyu tamago ramen with extra eggs.” Minato put in, recovering from embarrassment as fast as he ever did. It was a good thing he could do that, Teuchi thought, since he was dating someone like Kushina, who got a kick out of embarrassing people.

Orochimaru switched his glare to Minato. “I don’t recall asking you to order for me.”

“Did I get it wrong?” Minato asked, caught somewhere between innocent and smug. Obviously he hadn’t, because Orochimaru looked twice as likely to murder him, but conspicuously didn’t say a word. Minato beamed like the sunrise. “So, you were explaining the connection between space-time seals and blood jutsu?” He prompted brightly. Orochimaru sighed heavily, but answered with a long explanation that went entirely over Teuchi’s head. It clearly didn’t go over Minato’s head, because he was staring in rapt attention as Orochimaru talked, in a way that made Teuchi feel oddly like he was intruding on something private.

He served up their ramen, and was not surprised when Minato and Orochimaru mostly ignored theirs in favour of their discussion. He was surprised when it took Kushina several seconds to lift her cheek off her fist and stop staring at them long enough to start scarfing down her usual three bowls of ramen. She caught his look the first time she came up for air, and shrugged unrepentantly. “What? They’re total dorks, you know, but they’re my dorks now.

Orochimaru choked on his first bite of ramen. “Excuse me?” He demanded.

“Well, you are, aren’t you?” Kushina asked, smirking. “We’re a package deal, slinky; buy one get one free. If you want to get some this evening, instead of just staring at Minato like he’s a prime steak and you’re starving, you’re going to have to learn to dance with both of us, you know.” She paused, her smirk slowly unfurling into a predatory grin with far too many teeth. “Last chance to run screaming.”

The stunned look on Orochimaru’s face turned, once again, to murderous annoyance. “I think I should be saying that to you.” He hissed, leaning forward into her personal space to loom over her. Teuchi was a bit worried, although on whose behalf he wasn’t quite sure.

Kushina laughed, and shocked just about everybody when she closed the distance between them and kissed him. Minato whimpered quietly, staring at them with his mouth hanging open, while Teuchi was just trying to figure out when the world had gone insane. Kushina drew back looking infinitely smug. “Bring it on.”

a sports movie
  • me: (straightening my black-and-white striped ref shirt thoughtfully) ok so both teams seem to really want the ball
  • me: like, a lot.
  • me: i have, ah, worked this out myself.
  • me: through ~observation.
  • (a pause in case either team wants to compliment me for my deep understanding of sports)
  • both teams: (confused silence)
  • me: (quickly) and all of you trained super hard to get here; you have drilled and practiced and probably even done push-ups!
  • me: and you each managed to coordinate your outfits perfectly with your whole group, like, dang, you guys, color me impressed.
  • both teams: (confused silence, growing more annoyed by the second)
  • me: on a narrative level? which is the only level on which i understand anything (lol thanks, humanities degree)? you all *deserve* the ball. both sides, you've earned it. like, really, it's a shame we can't chop the thing in half and divide it evenly between you, haha
  • both teams: (nervously looking around for the real referee)
  • me: (pulling a sword out of nowhere) OR CAN WE?
  • top sportsperson of team a: jesus, what's wrong with you?!
  • top sportsperson of team b: playing this sport is our passion AND our livelihood. our bodies will only hold out for a few years at this level of abuse before we'll all need to retire, so if you destroy the object at the center of this game, you are robbing all of us. not to mention every single person in the stands, who paid to be here and have likely been looking forward to this for a long time. I know it may seem stupid or frivolous to you, but people care about this game.
  • top sportsperson of team b: *I* care about this game.
  • me: (twisting my wrist so that the light glints off the blade) but are you SURE? half is better than a chance you might end up with none at all.
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: my teammate is right. please put the sword down. you clearly don't know how to use it anyway, you're holding it like a pen.
  • me: ah, well in that case..........
  • me: congratulations, team b! you've won the big game!
  • me: your uncompromising love of the ball was greater than your selfish desire to possess it.
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team a: dude, we clearly didn't want you to destroy the ball either, did you not hear my colleague yelling at you?
  • me: oh shit, i was unprepared for this.
  • top sportsperson of team b: did you just call us *team b*? we're literally wearing our team names *on our bodies*.
  • top sportsperson of team a: also, way to rip off king solomon. did you seriously think none of us have read the bible?
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team a: oh, and by the way? it's called a puck.
  • me: um...
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: please don't joke like that, she's obviously uninformed enough to take you seriously.
  • me: wait, so...IS it a puck?
  • (the second-most prominent sportspeople of their respective teams stare at each other. one's glare says "don't you dare ruin my funny joke." the other's says "if you don't lay off, we will be here all goddamn day, just come clean" but i am unable to tell which player's glare conveys which sentiment.)
  • top sportperson of team a: please, just tell us, where did you hide the actual referee?
  • top sportsperson of team b: oh god! chris! is chris okay?!
  • me: (yelling over my shoulder as i run off the area of play) look, you're finally agreeing on something! (attempting to flee to the stands and blend into the crowd) see how good it feels to find common ground?
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: uh, we can still see you. you're still wearing your fake ref shirt, and also, more to the point, you're still yelling.
  • me: (as I throw my counterfeit ref jersey at a stunned drunk man, his face painted in the unmistakable colors of team a) i think we've all learned an important lesson today
  • me: about the true meaning of................
  • me: .....hockey....?
  • second-most prominent sportsperson of team b: NO.
  • me: ..........athletics.....?
  • top sportspersons of teams a and b, simultaneously: somebody, catch her!
  • (i am cornered by a vendor selling souvenir foam fingers, who, caught up in the adrenaline of the moment, unwisely tries to punch me in the gut with a foam-covered fist, which glances harmlessly off me.
  • (we both laugh, and become best friends.)
  • (ironically, team b does in fact win the big game.)
  • (i never learn conclusively whether or not it was hockey.)
omg their letters TT^TT

Shim Changmin to Jung Yunho

To the world’s strongest dancing machine Yunho-hyung,

Hi~ hyung, who am I, I’m the ‘Choikang-debut’ (and a bunch of descriptives that OP didn’t manage to catch), your dongseng, Changmin.

At an happy occasion such as this where we get to be together with our fans, and with hyung looking so happy! Yet, I’m forced to share my feelings to hyung in front of all these people, oh, no, it’s to confess, because I deeply love him. But I can’t help but feel a bit annoyed at SM Ent for making me do it, because as hyung knows, I’m shy in front of strangers. But despite feeling embarrassed and put on the spot, I’ve decided to gather my courage and wrote this letter.

We’ve known each other for almost sixteen years now, although so many things have happend in between, I was able to continue to this day because I conquered it all with hyung. We’ve had many days of happiness, we’ve also had a lot of tiring times, no? So that’s why I believe that it’s because I see my big bro who is by my side always embracing everything with your passion and always putting in the most effort that I was able to continue til today.

Everytime I feel the burning of your passion, it feels like a bubbling oil field from beneath the ground, like an oil field in Texas USA… ah… actually, huyung’s massion is even more incredible than that.

Why? Because oil fields dry up eventually, but hyung’s passion is inexhaustable like energy from the sun. So amazing, my handsome hyung (heart❤)

I’m joking, but in truth as long as I’m with my hung who is so much more innocent, more passionate and more kind-hearted than I am, I believe that we can walk together a further, sparkling future!There are too many things I am thankful to you and my gratitude is too great to put into words, even though I knew this beforehand, but I believe that with hyung there’s nothing we can’t accomplish. So hyung is the most amazing hyung! (hoho^O^).

Ok this embarrassing letter is approaching its end. Hyung, don’t get sick in the future, stay healthy! We’re no longer at that age anymore, so don’t dance so much okay? Even though your passionate stage manners and imposing aura is important, but that kind of passion is too much burden. Our bodies, in specific my body is frail, I’m already worried that it might be falling apart. Even though hyung is a solid and a real manly man, but please don’t forget that I’m a frail and tender, will get blown over by a gust of wind, glass-made Seoul-boy.

No matter the time, let’s always be like the way we are now, a group who will expand out of Asia and aim for the world with best stage and best music, all in all, hyung is the best, absolutely handsome, that is all.

2017 September 24, 

The practice was supposed to start at but hyung is late so am writing a letter instead at 6.02pm and waiting for hyung, Changmin 

P.S.: This life I’m going to exhaust my all til the very end, come next life, maybe we can distribute some of that passion to others, I’m not opposed to reliving this life (shy #∀#)

Jung Yunho to Shim Changmin

To the adorable Chandolla:

Writing a letter like this, it’s a bit embarrassing. Though I’m not good with words, but being able to read the letter out on stage, it’s a new experience.

These fourteen years, no, including trainee era is sixteen years now. We met each other as high schoolers, and the time has passed so quickly. The first time I met Changmin you were still innocent, and all this time, be it hard, or happy, crying, or laughing, you always stood silently by my side, I’m so~ thankful.

Actually, our styles are not the same, and personalities are different as well, us two being TVXQ together is not an easy thing, but when I’m with Changmin, there are always more happy days than hard and trying ones.

When faced with times of adversary, there’s no despair, you always continue on silently in your own way. As time pass I’ve come to understand that this is the real you, who shares the same values as me, and even during hard times always act like it’s fine. Hyung is not very good at expressing feelings, so even if it’s embarrassing, I wouldn’t have made it on my own, because you were there, I was gained so much more strength.

2010 at the CB stage in SMT, was probably the most nervous time bar none, when I held your hand, I had felt, maybe the two of us can set foot on a new path.

Before army service at the Japanese live, I cried like a child, That time, you patted my back and comforted me, right? Changmin seems to have become more dependable than hyung, you make me grow in ways like a rival would, stays by my side like my family would, calming me, looking at you who forces me to turn and re-examine myself, I feel like I’ve grown as well.

TVXQ is almost 14 years old. We who have grown up in the army seem to have become more mature, from now on let’s continue being the charismatic TVXQ, ok? 

Thank you, love you, Changmin-ah! 

170930 Your Present in Seoul

*** translated from a fan who went to live and transcribed their letters to chinese***  

starrbomb  asked:

I love your Percy Jackson au. If anything I'd vote for a shance ending. If you don't mind me asking , what would everyone's powers be? And if Zarkon and Lance are connected, would lance more to shove it in others face or to be more of a mole on Zarkon's army?? It's a really REALLY cool idea. Usually the Percy Jackson au's I see have lance as aphrodite's kid and I'm so glad yours takes a much different path.

i see lance as aphrodite’s kid everywhere and i’ll be honest, i dont really get it

I’m not sure if you wanted this much information but um, opps? More of this for people reading the answer who didn’t see the other post

To their abilities! (note my resource for this is the wiki because, again, i’ve yet to read the books)


  • he avoids using his abilities like the plague so no one’s really sure what he’s capable of
  • like hades, he radaites fear and death but you probably wouldn’t notice because his whole personality is an attempt to counter this.  He’s funny and cheerful so as to try not to intimidate people (he tends to annoy them instead, much to his dismay), and he tries to keep control of his negative emotions so he doesn’t do things like poison the ground (like nico can when he’s nervous)
  • Cryokinesis (the ability to manipulate cold tempertures and things like ice and snow) is probably the one power he has and likes.  Like with his aura he’s also very good at this.  he makes a lot of ice sculptures, espically when he’s in a bad mood
  • Hypnokinesis (the ability to manpiulate sleep patterns and dreams) is one Lance really likes to hide, mostly because he tries to help insomniacs in the camp get sleep (this includes Pidge, Shiro, and on occasion Allura) and he doesn’t want people to know he’s the one doing it
  • Umbrakinesis (the ability to control darkness and the shadows) is the ability Lance hates the most.  He’s incredibly unpracticed in it so while he has this power he really needs to work on it before it resembles something you know, useful 
  • Naturally (hehe) he also has necromancy although it’s another one he doesn’t practice, however it comes naturally to him so he doesn’t need to practice it all that much.  i’m thinking accidently using his necromancy is the reason he’s at camp halfblood


  • Keith doesn’t have much trouble controling his abilities, which tends to make Lance think he’s always showing off but he’s not, he’s just doing his thung
  • finding this out makes lance even more pissed tbh
  • Anyway, Keith obviously has Zeus Authority, meaning things that are in his fathers domain tend to do what he asks
  • Electrokinesis (the ability to control electricity) is probably the thing Keith is best at and it’s also something coran had to ban him from using in combat at cmap halfblood because Keith would literally shock people during battle, like all the time, because he could and it was a good tatic but even in camp halfblood they decided that wasn’t good for the kids and so he’s not allowed to do that anymore
  • He has pretty much zero trouble with electrokinesis and his constant use of it has caused Lance to start calling him a show off, but in reality Keith’s not meaing to show off he’s just doing his thung
  • finidng that out makes lance more pissed tbh
  • Aerokinesis (control of air) is something Keith only ever really uses to fly, however he’s proven he can control the air enough to push people back in battle (something he does after his electrokinesis is banned).  Other than that he either can’t use it or he doesn’t
  • Keith’s ability with atmokinesis (control of the weather) basically boils down to ‘if he’s in a really bad mood it’s probably going to rain’ and that’s about it


  • Being the son of  Aphrodite means Shiro can win your heart with a smile and a soft praise
  • and he does this, on accident, all the fucking time
  • seriously this guy turns people down on the reguar
  • a lot of people think he has at least a limited control of charm speak but no ones quite sure if its magic that makes them listen to him or not (its not)
  • the only true powers he gets from his mother are the sharp focus and clarity that all his half-siblings get.  admittedly, shiro’s has better focus than most of his other siblings but that’s more due to training that it is being gifted 
  • although lance agrues his ability with eyeliner and picking out the perfect shirts to show off those perfect abs is totally because he’s aphordites son.  lance is not wrong
  • his arm gives him some level of umbrakinesis (control over darkness) due to Zarkon’s invovlement in its creation.  Currently, he’s better at control darkness than lance but this would change if lance actually practiced every once in a while
  • Shiro can probably crush skulls using his thighs


  • Hunk is a master at the forge, the things he can make are honestly amazing.  He’s constantly asked to make weapons and help with the growth of the camp and he doesn’t mind helping at all, however very few people get Hunk Orignal Weapons (HOW for short, because no ones sure how he does it).  
  • Lance and Pidge both have HOWs, Lance in particular loves showing his off while Pidge is the type that will brag by beating you up 
  • Hunk does, in fact, have both technokinesis (controling and understanding machines) and limited pyrokinesis (control of fire) however he has trouble using these powers when he’s thinking about it
  • like hunk’s forge will also be at the exact temperture he needs it to be, the flames the perfect height, but he can’t actually summon a spark.  The food he cooks will never burn but he can’t start a campfire.
  • Lance finds that incredibly amusing
  • Pidge just really doesn’t get it, but hey hunk’s always willing to help her out so it’s cool


  • being that Pidge is actually human, she doesn’t have any demigod powers
  • although she does have clear sight
  • she’s also incredibly smart 
  • and she’s able to keep up with hunk, which literally everyone thinks is supernatural in itself


  • Allura is considered a tatical genius even by her siblings.  
  • she could beat your ass with a spoon 
  • i don’t know what more to say really
  • Allura is incredibly skilled in every weapon and could talk her way out of battle as well as she could fight her way out
  • she’s also very good at weaving

Side note: I’ve decided Zarkon is Hades son most definitely, it just fits him better (Keith’s mother was one of the Zarkon’s kidnapped soilders before she joined the BoM)


  • Where do i fucking start this guy is super over powered is2g
  • Like Lance and Hades he radiates fear and death, unlike Lance he doesn’t try to supress this and his aura’s actually pretty close to how strong Hades is
  • Also unlike Lance, he practices Umbrakinesis regularly and is pracically a master
  • he’s also very capable when it comes to geokinesis (earth manipulation)
  • He studies necromancy fully and knows serval rituals Lance just straight up ignores.
  • he’s very capable with osteokinesis (the control and summoning of bones)
  • However, he was always limited when it came to cyrokinesis and he never cared much for learning hypnokinesis as he greatly underestimates the potentional for this ability.  Altough, Zarkon does manage to use hypnokinesis once to enter Lance’s dreams
  • He’s also learnt to control Mist, just because he’s aware of how much that helps his whole take over the world scheme
  • with haggars help he’s also found a way to sort of share his powers, basically he’s found a way to put some of his powers into talismans of sorts, only others to borrow his strength.  currently haggar and shiro are the only people know to have these

As for Lance and Zarkon

  • Zarkon really wants Lance on his side, like he wants all the halfbloods but Lance is more or less his pet project (so is Shiro) and so Zarkon has in fact spoken to Lance before
  • One of these times was the singular time Zarkon managed to use hypnokinesis (admittively with help).  Zarkon entered Lance’s dream and manpiulated things to show Lance the empire Zarkon is currently creating and the empire he is determined to have.  Lance, naturally, refuses to join because um hello evil much! 
  • Because of this dream Lance actually knows well who Zarkon is and what he’s doing but he keeps his mouth shut, not wanting other people to know and not wanting people to think he talks to Zarkon.  This ultimately leads to an awkward moment when Pidge and Shiro find out Lance was well aware of the situation for Pidge’s family and what Shiro had forgotten
  • So in exact answer of your question, Lance defs does not brag about being Zarkon’s half-brother at camp halfblood
  • When Lance does end up joining Zarkon, the elder takes him under his wing to teach Lance the things he was too afraid to learn at camp half blood.  Zarkon decides he much prefers Lance as his heir rather an Lotor
  • I haven’t decided yet if Lance joined Zarkon as a mole, but if not he certainly becomes one because he sees all this suffering and he remembers yeah, no, this is a bad thing
  • While he’s working for Zarkon he does like to bring up that they’re related, mostly because the galra can be dicks to him and it’s fun to watch them squirm


That got slightly out of hand

Sorry not sorry

anonymous asked:

Hey, I noticed that you marked Percy and Annabeth as an OTP, which I didn't know you felt about them, and since I adore your blog, and the way you explain things, and since I'm the only member of the PJATO fandom indifferent to Percabeth, I was wondering if you could explain why they're a good couple and you ship them, the way you did so gloriously with Dick/Babs (who are also an OTP of mine :) It's totally cool if you don't want to though. Thanks!

It’s true, I don’t really post much about Percy and Annabeth, do I? Truth be told, I don’t really post about Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus as much as I should, considering I’m quite a fan.

As for Percy and Annabeth: I honestly think they’re one of the healthiest and most stable couples I’ve encountered in YA fiction (which often tends to feature really unrealistic or dysfunctional romances). I often see fandom criticizing them for being “codependent”, which - aside from being a complete misunderstanding of what the term “codependency” actually means - is seriously misrepresenting their relationship, IMO. Percy and Annabeth are very mutually supportive and make each other a top priority in their lives, which is a good thing, but they’re still two fully independent individuals with relationships and interests outside of each other.

The first thing I really like about Percy and Annabeth is that their relationship was such a slow build. So often you see couples who go straight from having just met to being “in love” without the author taking the time to develop their relationship properly - Riordan himself can be guilty of this, with other couples in the series. But Percy and Annabeth get to know each other over the course of years, and multiple books, before they become a couple. By the time they actually get together, their relationship has developed a really solid foundation of friendship (and those are the kinds of relationships I love most). They know each other really well, they’ve gotten each other through some really tough times, and they’ve bonded over years of shared experiences and adventures. And all this is before they’ve ever so much as kissed.

The second thing I like: They are absolute equals. There are times when Percy’s had to rescue Annabeth, but she’s rescued him at least as many times, and they’re the strongest when they’re working together as a team. And Percy has tremendous respect for Annabeth’s strength and intelligence, which is something you really don’t see enough in the world of controlling “I have to protect you from yourself!” YA boyfriends. Percy is protective of Annabeth, but he’s never controlling and he never doubts her ability to protect herself. 

I also love how completely they wear their hearts on their sleeve about how much they adore each other? I know some of the fandom finds it annoying, but personally I like how open and expressive they are. Especially when you consider how many guys in this genre are all brooding and keep their feelings hidden and blah blah blah, I actually love how Percy is just like “LET ME TELL YOU HOW AMAZING MY GIRLFRIEND IS OMG HAVE I MENTIONED THAT SHE’S BRILLIANT AND BADASS AND HAS PERFECT PRINCESS CURLS, WELL LET ME TELL YOU MORE BECAUSE SHE’S AWESOME *heart eyes*” Like, honestly? That’s awesome. He never stops gushing about how great he thinks she is and how much he loves her, and it’s so important that we see guys in fiction who wholeheartedly and vocally appreciate the women in their lives that way.

I know I mentioned this at the beginning, but MUTUAL SUPPORT MUTUAL SUPPORT MUTUAL SUPPORT. This is probably the #1 thing I look for in a couple, and Percy and Annabeth have it in spades. They’re always there for each other, they talk things through together, they face problems as a team. They survived Tartarus because of the way they were able to lean on each other for support! The fact of the matter is, they’re stronger because they have each other, and that’s something I really love.

Lastly, this is a much more shallow point than most of my others, but… THE SNARK. I have such a weakness for snark (as my blog can attest), and in addition to being incredibly snarky separately, Percy and Annabeth are basically a goldmine of snark and banter when they’re together. I just can’t resist that. ;-)

(PS. Thanks so much for the compliments! <3)

stratdantro  asked:

This may seem like a strange question, but as an artist, do you ever find it hard to get someone to even look at your portfolio? One of my professors is all about cold calling to get our 'foot in the door' but in this day and age I don't think many companies want to be contacted. I feel like clients need to find you now and not vice versa. Just curious if you've had this issue! Sorry if it's weird!

What follows is entirely my two cents and based solely on personal experience, which is limited and somewhat unusual.  But I give it anyway, just in case it’s helpful.

I have had the pleasure, in at least two of my jobs, to end up friends with the person who takes the portfolios, and the cold calls from prospective job applicants. Based on that, I don’t believe studios have ever been enthusiastic to look at portfolios out of the blue, or take cold callers seriously, at least not in the 17 years I’ve known them.  When portfolios came in, they’d go straight in the Portfolio File, which was only delved into when there was a job opening that couldn’t be filled by a past employee or a recommendation. Cold callers, having nothing to show for themselves over the phone, got even less consideration (email is better; you can attach images). Between years of school, I turned up at studios in town in person to ask about interning, and got politely turned away; at one of them the receptionist all but laughed in my face.  So yes, it’s like that, but it’s not a new thing.  It probably isn’t helped these days by the increased volume of art school grads, but it’s not new.

So, what advice do I have? Again, this is highly subjective and based on limited personal experience, but:

1. Don’t be annoying.  A respectful attitude gets noticed: you are taking up a busy person’s time and attention, and if you can signal that you’re aware of this and grateful for the moment they can spend on you (and only make it a moment) they are less likely to brush you off.  They may, still, but you’re lowering it from a guarantee to a probability.

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anonymous asked:

I've heard that autistic people can have trouble with empathy, but it's hard for me to imagine what that is like. I want to write a scene where the autistic character shows how much they care/a large amount of compassion, even though they don't feel empathy at that moment. How would you describe what an autistic character is doing/feeling when they try to comfort another person? Thank you for all your help!

Not all autistic people have low levels of empathy - some people are hyperempathetic (I am sure you know this, question asker, I am just clarifying for our other readers!)

I will use myself as an example and describe what I do and feel when trying to comfort another person:

What do I do?

It depends on a few variables, including who I am comforting, whether I can sympathise with the situation, whether I have any scripts that I can copy from TV/movies/real life etc. I will be trying to read the situation - do they want comfort, or advice, company, to be left alone?

  • If I know the person well I am more likely to have learnt how to interpret their body language and what methods work well when they are upset.
  • Sometimes I cannot really understand why something makes someone upset, which makes it harder to work out what I can do comfort them.
  • If it is a situation I have encountered a lot before, or if I have seen an example of a good way of comforting someone in that situation, I am able to adapt the words used, and create a script for myself.
  • If it is a situation I am not familiar with I have a bunch of generic things that I try, but I don’t know how well they work. I worry that I seem like a robot-person who has learnt how to comfort people by reading books and articles (which is mostly how I have learnt it, but I don’t want to do a bad enough job that they notice)
  • I use generic scripts like “do you want to talk about it?”, “that sounds terrible”, “are you ok?”
  • I have some default gestures like bringing the person chocolate, or a cup of tea, or a pack of tissues, but shows like The Big Bang Theory seem to make fun of characters who do that, so I am not sure. If it is a physical injury I know how to deal with it, but if their pain is emotional, I don’t know what to do (especially if it something that I cannot understand).
  • Sometimes I ask the person if they want a hug, but this is difficult because I don’t like to be touched, so I only offer hugs to people who I trust and who understand what it means as a gesture from me. I do sometimes arrange hugs from other people though.

Mostly what I do is a lot of thinking. I am combing through my memory trying to think of similar situations and find suitable scripts. I am trying to work out what might have caused them to be upset, and trying to pay attention to what they say and do to work out what they want me to do. Actually, I usually explicitly ask if there’s anything I can do, if they want me to stay with them or leave, can I get them a cup of tea etc., but people mostly say that no, there’s nothing I can do; they don’t mind if I stay with them or not; no, they don’t need tea.

In your story, if the other character knows them well, they might tell them what they want them to do, it depends on the dynamic between the characters.

How I feel

There can be an element of panic - I need to help this person, but how ???? What is wrong with them? Do they want to be comforted or am I annoying them?

If it is a situation where I do know the appropriate words and actions, it’s different. I don’t feel panicked, I have a job to do and I do it, like if the other person had injured themselves and I was doing first aid.

I might also be affected by the situation that has caused the other person to be upset. I can also become very distressed because of injustice, so if their pain is due to circumstances I perceive as unjust, this upsets me.

I have alexithymia, and struggle to identify my emotions, so this section is quite difficult for me to write! But I think that probably for me seeing people in upset/pain is upsetting - not because I “feel” their pain, but because I think that morally we should help people and animals to not feel bad. As well as this, if someone I care about is hurting this makes me feel bad because I want to help even more because I don’t want them to be sad.

-Mod Snail
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anonymous asked:

About Keith probably starting things w Lance at the Garrsion, I don't really think Keith likely just not noticing/ ignoring him is a legitimate reason for any of Lance's antagonism. I get that for Lance he might have taken being ignored by someone he respected/ looked up to personally, but that's actually fairly immature for him to have held onto that feeling for so long. For Lance he thinks he's known Keith since before Voltron, while for Keith Lance was a stranger -two different situations.

gnotblue replied to your post “I know Lance can put his bias towards Keith aside when their’s an…”

disagree. maybe as leader it’s Keith’s responsibility to encourage Lance, but as peer? whatever happened in the garrison, Keith doesn’t remember- &amp; Lance just doesn’t stop picking him as target for his personal attacks. Keith reacts and sometimes starts it, but he also tried to get out of their pattern more than once. s. the bonding moment.

I already said this before, but I think if Keith didn’t remember Lance, Lance would be lying on the floor together with the doctors in seconds, for trying to interrupt Keith back there and get his hands on Shiro.

Like, Keith is not the most trusting person, you know… He’s like super suspicious of everyone at first and is very careful, no matter how harmless or friendly the strangers might seem. (And Lance didn’t even look friendly when he walks in on him, he literally goes “nonono you’re not taking Shiro”)

Which makes me think Keith not only clearly remembers Lance, But he also trusts him. (with Shiro, his “most prized possession” haha, so that means alot.)

I really don’t think Keith would let them come along with him to his secret hideout with a guy he just stole from the Garrison, if he didn’t trust them. 

So he probably knows alot more about them than he lets them believe.

(Also unlike Shiro, he could have totally recognized Pidge as Matt’s sister right away, maybe even at the Garrison, maybe he even somehow knew about what she was doing to find out what happened on that mission, because he might have been doing the same thing, and then just kept quiet about her identity because he wanted her to reveal her secret when she was ready)

Bottom line, if he was ok with taking them with him, he probably knew all three of them well enough to really trust them. (Or maybe even just trusted Lance enough to also trust his friends)

And this line “oh I remember you, you’re a cargo pilot

Like it sounds so freaking condescending. And I don’t think Keith is someone who looks down on people’s jobs or has some “I’m a fighter pilot” ego thing. 

That’s a clear jab at Lance. Why? because he knows Lance really wanted to be a fighter pilot and ended up in cargo. And Lance walks in there all like “nononono IM saving Shiro” like trying to one up Keith and not like actually just give him a hand, so Keith gets pissed and is all “new phone, who dis?” cuz he knows it would piss off Lance and will kinda get him off his high horse. But also it might totally go a bit deeper than that.

Because I think it’s like Keith always pretends like he dun care about this rivalry thing. BUT HE DOES. 

Lance gets to him. 

No matter how many people say their rivalry is just in Lance’s head and he’s the only one that pushes this rivalry on them. It’s not. 

I think Keith wouldn’t respond to him like that or try to get back at him and annoy him if there wasn’t something to it.

This wouldn’t have happened if it was just in Lance’s head:

Keith would’t crash his lion there, he would play along and just let Lance crash his lion. But he obviously was really serious about showing Lance who’s the better pilot or that he’s just as daring as him.

And like when they are training, he makes Lance walk into walls and a dead end on purpose!!! And is all “why you’re not listening Lance??”

He doesn’t exactly tries to be the bigger man, he gets back at him for everything! Keith picks on Lance just as much as Lance picks on him, he’s just kinda more sneaky about it, so he doesn’t gets caught on it, so it wouldn’t appear like Lance actually gets to him. 

Or I dunno, maybe he does it cause its just fun to annoy Lance.

Like this shit here, was totally uncalled for (and this was after “bonding moment”). And Keith started this one.

There’s like alot of little things he does to annoy Lance for no good reason… And the only time he kinda tried to reach out to him and put a stop to this I think was in the comics, when he says “Good job, Lance!” 

(The bonding moment was Lance reaching out to Keith, by kinda showing him what he is really hoping for, for them all to be a good team and for him and Keith to kinda be you know “space ranger partners” and not rivals I guess). Keith just smiled approvingly but then he was back at picking on Lance again!)

I don’t think Lance is the kind of person who is looking for strife. He’s super friendly and he really wants to get along with people, so I really have my doubts about him starting this whole “not getting along with Keith” thing. I feel like he most likely just responds to Keith’s attitude towards him. 

And you know, I don’t think Lance was lying there in the first episode when he said “You know, Lance and Keith, neck and neck.”

I dun think Lance is a bad pilot. I think he’s a reckless pilot, a daring pilot, but I think he’s not as bad as the team makes it seem in terms of skills.

So my theory is that Keith finally had someone who caught up to him in flight school, and he didn’t really like that. (probably liked Lance, but not the fact he can potentially be a better pilot) I think Lance challenged him, and that was the source of their totally real rivalry. (And why Lance would be the perfect person to take over Red)

(I mean Keith and Lance are kinda similar after all, they both sometimes do reckless things and act like hot heads and then kinda get at each other for doing the same things..)

And like I have to say that I personally think Keith and Lance have the most brotherly, sibling like relationship if there ever was one (no, it’s not Keith and Shiro, I actually find it odd so many people see THAT relationship as brotherly because I literally have never met two siblings or bros that act like that..)

Like to me Keith and Lance are like siblings that have like a year, two years or so apart. And Lance is kinda like the younger sibling that can’t quite catch up to or really get back at the older one, And Keith is the older sibling that just has fun teasing the younger one all the time but really wants him to succeed and yet still gets super annoyed if the younger one beats him at anything.

And like since I’m sure it’s very important for both of them to get recognition and praise from Shiro (who’s gonna be the parent figure in this case), So Lance is kinda like the child that always feels like Keith is the favorite and dad always takes his side..

(Even tho space dad does love all his kids equally.. I think Shiro deals with Lance in a good way, I hope Keith learns from him)

Like I mean, the drones thing was such a siblings thing to do! Like Keith just pushes Lance’s drone out of the way and is all “Sorry! Gotta be quick” and they start fighting

And Dad is all “Knock it off, you two! Play nice!”

And Lance is “KEITH STARTED IT!!!“

I dunno, if you have siblings (im not sure how its with sisters tho) but if you have brothers who are close to you in age I’m sure u can understand exactly what I’m talking about here.

So I dunno, it’s very clear to me they both really love eachother and care for eachother. And will show it, but won’t actually like, admit it to eachother.. 

Like even the bonding moment

Keith did not punch Sendak.

Lance did not shoot his arm off.

So I think it’s safe to assume Keith didn’t actually cradle Lance in his arms at any point.

This is them still bonding by just making shit up and teasing eachother. It’s not as serious as ppl make it out to be. It’s a very friendly exchange, a blossoming bromance. (and yes, so far it does seems like just bromance to me, ofcourse it might change in the future, but so far these two seasons that’s all I’m getting form them)

They both know they kinda bonded back there and had this very uncharacteristic tender moment and are kinda backtracking on it but in a sibling kind of way, like “ew I would never get along with you” but I’m sure they both know they are just messing around there.

Like Keith and Lance to me are the epitome of your common sibling relationship.

They are the “I love you to death and would die for you, but I would never admit it to your face, and i’ll only talk shit to your face but will beat anyone else who does, and will only say good things about you behind your back”

Like, it’s clear Keith and Lance really like eachother. Keith doesn’t actually hate Lance and Lance doesn’t hate Keith. They’re just you kno… bros in the making. And they both act like idiots sometimes.

But for them to get along better, Keith (as the person who’s kinda in the position of the older sibling the younger one really admires and wants to be friends with) has to stop doing this shit where he purposely insults and picks on Lance, yes. Specially as the team’s leader.

Your Zodiac Sign: No Sugar Coating | TheZodiacCity
  • Aries: You're always on the hunt for some new thrill, most of the time to cover up the fact that you actually live a boring, unfulfilled life; you love being the over-protective one but don't really know your limits; you're fun to be around, I'll give you that but that's only if your constant need to nitpick at something doesn't get in the way
  • Taurus: Oh Taurus, you have so much potential but that's usually sidetracked by your half-assed attempts at most things; you have a problem with every little freakin' thing that doesn't go your way (boo hoo); and you'd be a breeze to talk to if you didn't have constant diarrhea of the mouth (tell you my secrets? hell no)
  • Gemini: Talking a lot isn't your problem, talking about 5 topics in 2 minutes is your problem...you lose people with your maze of discussions; most people like you, they do, but you can be so judgmental and very difficult to understand; and for goodness sake, please stop acting like you're so "unbothered" by every damn thing...you are human right?
  • Cancer: We know you get sick of hearing how emotional you are...truth is, you hold your emotions down very well but when you want to become the poster child for "hissy fits", there's no stopping you; Cancer, can you hear me? Listen (or look rather), you don't have to know every muthaf*ckin' thing. I mean damn, you act like it's a sin to not INCLUDE you in something
  • Leo: You're a good person Leo, but you have a messed up attitude and it radiates to others more than you know. Between your weird facial expressions, dramatic-ness (I made that up) and your touchy moments, you're like a pile of stink garbage sometimes that no one wants to be around; your heart is big and people love you for that -- focus more on self-gratification though because you wear yourself out trying to be "Saint Leo who really doesn't want to do something but does it so you don't hear someone's mouth"
  • Virgo: Virgo, you try to care but most of the time you're making it look good. Are you compassionate? Are you sensitive to the needs of others? Yes, but far and few between do moments happen where you're deeply affected by it; You're a smart one Virgo, serious brain power you have there -- if only you could turn down those annoying thoughts that drive you bat shit crazy on the inside
  • Libra: You're probably doing something for someone right this minutes. Are you? If not, it won't be long. There's nothing wrong with "looking out" for people but sh*t, who's looking out for you?; and speak up dammit, why focus so much of your lovely energy on keeping things bottled up? Oh I see, you don't want to be disliked...well guess what, somebody out there hates your guts (just being honest) so you obviously can't please everybody
  • Scorpio: My dear Scorpio, you're a lot my friend. A whole lot to deal with -- and that's why many people back away. Don't tell me you haven't noticed; If you had a penny for all those crazy thoughts that run through your head, you'd definitely be able to pay someone's rent, at the least; You're another one with a good heart though, can't deny that but you need to work on being more of the genuine person you expect everyone else to be
  • Sagittarius: I like you Sagittarius, you're fun, you're bold, you're adventuruous but you can be such a big pain in the ass. You have such an irrational way of thinking. You expect everybody to be on your team and if they're not, c'est la vie. Why can't someone disagree with you? Are you the almighty, righteous one? I think not.
  • Capricorn: Having you around is some people's dream and some people's nightmare. I think it's safe to say you have an equal number of close friends and enemies. Well not enemies per se, but definitely people who can't stand your guts. You have a spunk about you but you can be extremely self-absorbed and even more demanding. You slobber on your pillow, just like the rest of us. Get a grip.
  • Aquarius: There's a lot I could say about you Aquarius, but I'll make this short and sweet. Focus more on relating to people and less on being so wrapped up in yourself. Are you a nice person, yes. But those who know you or are around you enough see the vindictive person you can be; if someone even looks at you funny, you're ready to write them off. You can't systematically cut ties with everyone and then wonder why you're a lonesome dud, I mean dove.
  • Pisces: You have a lot to say about other people, man oh man. What this person should be doing, what that person should stop doing but what about you? You're 85% of the time a walking contradiction; and stop feeling like everyone should do what you think in your mind they should do, last time I checked nobody was able to think for you. If you have certain expectations, that's on you. But if you don't SAY what you feel, who can you really be mad at?

alexandritedagreat  asked:

What's wrong with Warren? Fandom keeps calling him a toxic masculine stalker but he always respects Max' space when refused? And he's been supportive and a good friend beyond having a crush. I don't ship him with Max at all but he's been fine, making science puns and understanding no. I think it's Eliot who's irritating - the guy just doesn't take a hint, sends Chloe tickets of every concert they went to together, keeps texting despite the disinterest.

Pardon me cuz im laughing at the irony xD

I personally don’t like him because he’s the type of guy I should’ve avoided in high school and college. I wouldn’t say he respects Max’s personal space. Its not so much what he does to Max up front, as what he does behind her back thinking she’s not gonna find out.

Like making plans with Brooke to go to the drive-in but bailing on her if you say yes? Wow, what a nice guy. You may think that’s nitpicking but that is a dick move i dont think a truly nice person would do.

But there’s other reasons i dont like him.

Can’t call him sensitive cuz “sensitive means won’t be having sex with you”. Such a gentleman.

This didnt bother most people, but it certainly bothered me that he seemed to want to cheer her up by putting her on a pedestal after her friend tried to kill herself.

Plus when he beat the shit out of Nathan and there was no consequence for it. And Max compliments him for it? We’re supposed to feel shitty about letting him do that to Nathan. So when merciless beating of a kid who can’t defend himself is painted as a good thing after the fact, that’s toxic masculinity.

I mainly don’t like Warren because of how the writers fit him into the story or rather shoehorned him into the story.

He serves no purpose other than to remind the player “she likes boys” when we already know that (or assume). He’s a romance option in a game about queer women. So when he pops up, its distracting and unnecessary. If that was his point, i wouldn’t care, but he’s an option for Max to “end up” with. Even tho there was no romantic build up between him being drunk at a party, and her kissing him. What the fuck changed? He got sadder? Whatever. Nothing changed.

At the beginning of the game, Max blows off his hug, and the player is supposed to get the impression she’s crushing on the guy.

“Warren was blowing up my phone” is an excuse you can use on Kate, and the player is supposed to get the impression she’s crushing on the guy.

So the game itself is telling us shes not interested but gives us options to kiss him anyway?

His chemistry with Max is non-existent, he’s bland, “If he was a spice, he’d be flour” type of character, especially when the Correct Choice is by far more meaningful to Max AND the plot.

If you take him out entirely, the story is no different. Chloe is still “all that matters” to Max. Chloe is the one who saves Max from herself in her dream.

Why is Warren a romantic option other than to pander to people who don’t like Chloe but cant stand the thought of Max being single? It doesn’t even work in the narrative because she goes back in time anyway! Twice if you pick the Bay ending!

And dont think this is me denying her bisexuality because its not. Literally if he was replaced with Trevor, I’d probably be fine with it. He’s at least her type.

So Warren is your stereotypical entitled nerd boy trying to pass as a nice guy and everyone fell for it, and more importantly he serves no purpose.

Eliot had sex with Chloe when he wasn’t emotionally mature and probably thinks its love or some shit. And he hasn’t popped up nearly as much as Warren (as least so far, it has yet to be seen if i end up finding him more annoying than warren).

I just don’t understand why Max and Warren couldn’t just be depicted as friends in-canon, because of there’s one thing rarer than happy gays, its male/female platonic relationships.
the signs as people i know irl
  • aries: the little leader of their friend group. does the hard thing. probably finds a lot of their friends annoying and/or ignorant. is either having the worst or best time of their life, there is no middle ground. shows people new things and then regrets not keeping it to themselves. needs a nap.
  • taurus: wants to fight literally everyone. sometimes says offensive things and has no clue why it was offensive. is probably going through their "random phase" and still uses XD. sends memes in the group chat. is refreshing in the sense that there are still people with kind hearts out there.
  • gemini: always has an excuse for everything, may it be shitty or not. is "afraid of confrontation". about 90% of the conversations with them involve something they're passionate about. picks up phrases that their friends say and say them all the time.
  • cancer: low-key thinks that they are better than most people. plays like thirty million sports. would be the most prepared for a zombie apocalypse. would try to protect their reputation at almost all costs. manipulative to a point but tries their best.
  • leo: more artistically talented than athletically. changes depending on who they are with, may it be texting style or their sense of humor. is smart in one way but completely clueless in another. would do anything for one or two people, even if those people wouldn't do the same for them.
  • virgo: probably has a million unfinished projects. double and then triple and then quadruple texts you. needs space. laughs at literally everything and gets louder as they get more enthusiastic. can't let go of someone, even if they're long gone.
  • libra: really preppy. a full-blown thespian. cringes over the phases and friends that they used to have. has good intentions but sometimes they can fall flat. probably had a cat phase.
  • scorpio: wears a lot of black. is a smartass. isn't afraid to call people out on their bullshit. has the weird "i'm mad at you because you're mad at me" mentality. probably knows all of your secrets. is the friend that you force to interact with people when you're too scared to.
  • sagittarius: that really attractive and really athletic person that you want to hate but they're a sweetheart so you can't. probably prefers having one or two close friends as opposed to a lot of acquaintances. is quiet around people they don't know very well.
  • capricorn: are too afraid to say anything when people talk shit about someone/something that they like. has the weirdest sense of humor ever. a little bit of a perfectionist. has quirks that they thought were normal until someone else pointed them out.
  • aquarius: are exceptional at having people only see the side of them that they want to be shown. can make almost anybody laugh and are probably one of the kindest people you can ever see. are not above bending or breaking the rules so things can work out in their favor.
  • pisces: is tired of being categorized as the crybaby/overemotional sign even though it's really accurate. probably has no clue what is happening. is better at communicating with animals than people. has lots of useless trivia in their head.
Among the Pines

Chapter 5

Warning: Cussing (of course), little political rant, mentions of sexting and nude photos (mentions only, nothing graphic)

Word Count: 2900 ish (Yikes.)

A/N: You guys, I just don’t know.

Tags: @unprofessional-inhumanbeing

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anonymous asked:

how are you so good at writing? my teacher legit hates whenever i write essays bc its shitty af cause of grammar or sentence level shit. how do you do it? can you teach us just a little bit or more?

Hi nonnie,

I think there are a couple of things that can be helpful, if your concern is grammar/language. First thing is to read a lot. Don’t study grammar. TBH it’s not like I ever think “is there agreement between my verb and subject?” Just, no. People don’t do that. You have to just get a sense of what is correct, even if you don’t know exactly why. And maybe some people would cringe at my philosophy, but… I have some big issues with what your teacher’s reaction to your writing, which I’m going to put under the cut because #salty. But basically you have to get an ear for what is correct, which comes with a lot of reading. Most people who call others out on shitty grammar can’t actually explain why it is wrong with any great success.

The other suggestion I will make is to read your writing out loud. Make sure when you read it, you sound like you are speaking to an authority figure, not a friend. With your friend you can say shit like “bro, Tamlin is such bleeding tool I can’t even deal but ya know whatever the spring court be goin’ down”, which is completely a run-on sentence and super informal and doesn’t conjugate “to be” correctly. But you would not write like that to an authority figure! Plus, reading things out loud can help you realize that oh, actually this sounds like literal poo, I had better change that. OR, even better, have someone else read it out loud to you. Listen for parts when they are struggling, make note of them, and revise.

If you have other questions and/or comments let me know, I teach college-level writing so I know some stuff.

OK time for some salt re: grammar and writing below the cut; you didn’t ask for this nonnie, but you got it.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I've been having trouble finding my type, so I want to ask for your advice. I think I'm an Ni-dom, but I can't tell my middle functions. I was abused, which probably had a negative effect on my functions. I think I might be an INTJ because I'm focused on efficiency and have a need to accomplish things, even at the cost of others' feelings, or else I start feeling empty (Te). I also spend most of my time alone, and don't have an interest in forming relationships, or feel lonely much (1/6).

  • I’m focused on efficiency and have a need to accomplish things, even at the cost of others’ feelings, or else I start feeling empty (Te). [needing to aggressively accomplish things and feeling empty if you don’t can be attributed to Ni-Se imbalance, so not necessarily Te, if it is Te, it’s a negative/compensatory manifestation of it which is not entirely consistent with auxiliary positioning]
  • I also spend most of my time alone, and don’t have an interest in forming relationships, or feel lonely much [have to know the real reason why, whether it is a natural state or an unconsciously self-protective state, i.e., if you are deep in a loop and have convinced yourself that you don’t need people in order to stay in a safe bubble]
  • When I was younger, that was mixed with the belief that other people weren’t worth my time (Ni-Fi). I’ve been trying to build relationships lately, but I’ve been told I act cold and as if I don’t like the other person. [unhealthy Ni colored expectations and inferior Se in terms of not understanding how to actualize your self well in situations]
  • I also base my self-esteem on being competent, and feel useless if I’m not. I often reject the external world or other people’s standards, but at the same time, I want approval and to be seen as intelligent and competent (Te-Fi). [Nobody likes to feel incompetent, so that is not in itself enough to indicate Te. Rejecting “external standards” can be true of both types when they resist Fe or Te development, so it is good evidence of looping but which loop is not clear. WHY do you want approval or to be seen as intelligent? If you can’t explain exactly why, you can’t link it to the right function. “Uselessness” is actually more of a symptom of Ni-Se insecurity whereas “helplessness” would be more linked to Te-Fi insecurity.]
  • I have a hard time understanding social rules and often get told I’m not behaving properly, which might point to a lack of Fe. [Along with other details you’ve given, it could also point to heavily undervaluing or resisting Fe and therefore haven’t picked up that knowledge due to chronic looping. If you are Ti looping, you would unconsciously avoid understanding social rules and connecting with other people because these things would push you to change, they’d push you to leave your comfort zone.]
  • I also dislike conforming to outside standards, because it feels like a betrayal to who I am (Fi). [this can be true of looping introverts in general]
  • I used to have a problem with overgeneralizing principles and not caring about individuality, but I’ve started trying to think more carefully about my beliefs rather than blindly applying my principles (Te-Fi). [Overgeneralizing is common to both TJs and FJs when Te or Fe is applied too “universally” as would be the case when it is unhealthy. When paired with unhealthy dom Ni, both Te or Fe aux can take on a very absolutist tone. Slight contradiction/confusion here where you say you don’t care much about “individuality” yet seem to be very protective of only your own yet later you say you don’t care enough for your own needs -> better evidence of Fe-Ti than Te-Fi]
  • I’ve been told I act more like an unhealthy ESFP at my worst. [need more detail to ensure it is the correct interpretation]
  • I’m very private, and I used to hate feelings before and thought they were stupid, could never understand others’ feelings, and was detached from my own. Even now, I struggle with understanding them, but I’m trying to improve (Te-Fi?). [likely to be a result of abuse and poor emotional development that inhibits empathy and self-empathy, perhaps not really due to personality, abuse usually stunts F function development specifically]
  • As for being an INFJ, I’m sensitive to what other people say and think, and a part of me wishes to change myself to become more “acceptable” to others (Fe). I try to stop that when I notice I’m doing it, though, and think about what they said and decide for myself (Ti?). [evidence of Fe struggle]
  • I also have unrealistic relationship standards, and get annoyed when people fail to live up to them (Ni-Fe). [common to both types, unhealthy Ni but not necessarily Fe]
  • I’m also interested in understanding people and what motivates them (Fe), though more in a detached, impersonal way. [dom Ni, perhaps Ti related analysis]
  • A part of the reason I don’t seek relationships is also because I’m afraid I could be hurt, so I’d rather reject others before they have a chance to reject me (unhealthy Fe-Ti?). [evidence of suppressed Fe and Ti looping]
  • I also focus on others (my family, specifically) more than myself, and I have a hard time caring and valuing my needs because it feels selfish (Fe). [evidence of unhealthy Fe, evidence of a low/underdeveloped introverted judging function]
  • As for Ti, a lot of my detachment and focus on competence could stem from a Ni-Ti loop, rather than Te-Fi. [yes, so you’ll have to be as honest as you can with yourself about that, whether you want competence truly for its own sake or rather to compensate for some other underlying problem/issue]
  • At the same time, though, if I have Ti, I don’t think it’s underdeveloped because I can critically evaluate things easily, [critically evaluating things is a SKILL that can be learned through study or experience, not in itself sufficient evidence for developed Ti, so it is unclear whether you deeply understand/experience Ti or not]
  • and while I do have a desire to conform for approval, it doesn’t affect me much, and I maintain my beliefs regardless of how others feel about them. [common for looping introverts]

These are very useful details but still somewhat inconclusive. You have a decent grasp of function theory which is good (thanks for doing your homework!), however, the area you seem to fall short in is self-knowledge. You seem too cut off from your emotional life, which means that there is a rather large and glaring component of yourself that you don’t fully understand, that you don’t have full conscious access to. It seems like you are too self-protective (probably looping) and cannot fully acknowledge all of your emotional needs and this makes it difficult for you to know for certain what it is you really need/want in life and how best to realize your potential, i.e., would your best self come through better with Fe-Ti or Te-Fi development? You can adequately describe some negative aspects of your personality which is a great start, however, what would you be if you were genuinely fulfilled and being fully your true self (as opposed to only acting for self-protection or to compensate for some vague void/lack within)?

Based on the details you’ve selected, there seems to be more subtle reference to Fe-Ti issues (struggling with low self-worth and trying to compensate) than Te-Fi issues (struggling with feelings of powerlessness or helplessness), so gun to my head, I would lean slightly towards INFJ just based on the evidence you’ve provided. A running theme in your description is wanting to “be yourself” but not because you truly value your own individuality as Fi types do. Instead, you are fixated on resisting the need to “conform” which, counter-intuitively, actually means that you define yourself by external standards and don’t realize it, otherwise you’d know yourself better. You can’t truly know yourself well when your “self” is merely defined by what you are trying “not” to be, by the “negation” of something external, i.e., there is no positive/substantive definition of the self to be found in your description and this issue tends to be more indicative of some Fe related developmental pitfall. You seem to be at a low level of ego development (common in people who’ve suffered abuse), which means that your self-awareness is lower than you realize, making it hard to type yourself. The first step in building better self-awareness would be to open yourself up and see what happens, to allow yourself to feel and experience life more deeply and expansively so that you can learn more about yourself and what would be best for your development.