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K-Drama List

 I decided to remake the list because long story! But there are the shows I’ve finished so far and recommend you to watch.


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Heirs: (First episode date): October 9,2013 (Final episode date): December 12, 2013 (20 episodes)

Genre:Romance Film, Comedy, Drama, School

My Opinion on the show: Honestly I absolutely loved the show. There was romance that made you heart melt. There was drama that left you on the edge of your seat and on top of that their is many cute male actors on this show. I totally suggest you watch this show!!!

My Rating: 9/10

Summary: Kim Tan is heir to the Empire Group sent to study abroad in the U.S. In reality it’s a form of exile, as his elder half-brother back home schemes to take over the family business. While in the States, Kim Tan bumps into Cha Eun Sang, who arrived from Korea in search of her older sister. He feels himself falling for her, never realizing that she’s the daughter of his family’s housekeeper. When his fiancée Rachel Yoo arrives to bring him back to Korea, his heart is torn between love and duty.


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EXO Next Door: (First episode date): April 2015, (Final episode date): May 28, 2015 (16 episodes)

Genres: Romance, Drama, Comedy

My Opinion: At first when I was walking the show I was confused and assume the show was just suppose to be funny, but the more I watched it the more my eyes began to get glued to the screen and I finished the show faster than expected. Not a big fan of the ending because the main character didn’t any up with anyone but it’s all good STILL A GOOD SHOW.

My Rating: 8/10

Summary: Ji Yeon Hee is a 23 year old girl, who hasn’t yet dated because she blushes terribly and is completely paralysed when she’s near a good looking boy. One day, four members of EXO are trying to keep a low profile, and move into the house of one of the member’s grandfather. However, it turns out that EXO members’ house is right in front of Yeon Hee’s house.


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Cheese In the Trap: (First episode date:) January 4, 2016, (Final episode date:) March 1,2016 (16 episodes)Genres: Melodrama, romance, comedy, School, My Opinion: Don’t even get me started with this show. This show made me feel some type of way till the end. There was so many unexpected twists and so many problems that got me annoyed, sad and mad. IT’S SO GOOD! You won’t regret watching this show. Except there was one thing I hated about this show… The ending could’ve been 10x better. Warning ahead of time… YOU WILL HATE THE ENDING! I have no idea if it’s just me but I truly despised it.. I won’t spoil the show but TRULY HATED the ending…

My rating: 8.5/10

Summary: Having returned to college after a year long break, due to her family’s poor background, Hong Sul, a hard-working over-achiever, inadvertently got on the wrong side of Yoo Jung, her senior who is athletic, good looking, gets good grades and has a kind personality, but also a hidden dark side. From then on her life took a turn for the worse and Sul was almost certain it was all Yoo Jung’s doing. So why is he suddenly acting so friendly a year later?


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Boys Over Flowers: (First Episode date:) January 5, 2009, (Final Episode date:) March 1, 2009 (25 Episodes)

Genres: Romance film, Comedy, Drama,

My Opinion: HOLY SHIT! IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCH THIS SHOW! IT’S A MUST!!1 Honestly the show made me feel all types of emotions. That got me fucked up. It made me sad, happy, mad and all of the above. YOU HAVE TO WATCH. It’s such a good show. THE ENDING WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. OH MY GOD, THERE IS NOTHING BAD TO SAY ABOUT THIS SHOW.

My Rate: 10/10

Summary: Hardworking Geum Jan Di attends the exclusive Shinhwa High School by a scholarship she gets because of an incident. She finds her shallow, privileged classmates unbearable, especially the notorious F4. Rich, handsome, and arrogant, Goo Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, and Song Woo Bin are the kings of the school and no one, not even the teachers, dare challenge them. No one, that is, except Jan Di. Angry at their rudeness, Jan Di tells off F4 leader Jun Pyo, bringing a world of trouble upon herself. Although Jun Pyo persists on bullying her, he begins to find himself attracted to Jan Di.


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Healer:(First episode date:) December 8, 2014, (Final episode date:) February 10, 2015 (20 episodes)

Genres: Thriller, Romance, Comedy, Drama

My Opinion: I actually recently finished watching it and holy fucking shit Don’t get me started. THIS IS FREAKING INTENSE I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I mean at the beginning it was kind of boring, not going to lie but I still gave the show a chance and thank you jesus that I did but because the more I watched the show the more I fell in love with it. I totally recommend for you all to watch this show. The thing is just because I said the beginning was boring doesn’t mean you should skip it. You actually have to watch the beginning not to get confused throughout the show. PLEASE TAKE MY WORD ON IT AND WATCH IT

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: Seo Jung Hoo is so-called “errand boy”. For a relevant price he may complete any task, only if it’s not connected with murder. Under Healer’s mask he had run foul of some organizations that now strive to catch him, however no one knows who he really is. He can count on older woman’s help, genius hacker responsible for the technical part of their job. One of his tasks is closely connected to one girl, Chae Yeong Shin, second rate tabloid reporter. She starts to have an interest about Healer when he tries to get close to her, which results in the discovery of their common past.


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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo:(First episode:) August 29, 2016, (Final episode:) November 1, 2016 (20 Episodes)

Genres: Romance Film, Fantasy 

My Opinion: I have no idea who recommended this show to me, but whoever did BLESS YOUR SOUL! I absolutely loved this show so much don’t even get me started. Watching this show felt like I was on a wild roller coaster with my emotions. There was cute, sad and mad moments BUT THIS SHOW IS SOO GOOD. If you never watched this show you have to watch it! You won’t regret it! It’s so good it’s ridiculous how good a show could be. Bless the creator of this show. They did one hell of a job!

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: When a total eclipse of the sun takes place, a 21st century woman, Go Ha Jin, is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty of Korea. She wakes up in the body of 16-year-old Hae Soo, an aristocrat living with Lady Hae, her cousin who happens to be married to one of the sons of King Taejo. She soon befriends several of the princes, who find her carefree and exuberant attitude refreshing. Although she knows she should not get involved in palace intrigues over the succession to the throne, she inadvertently becomes a pawn in the struggle, as several of the Princes fall in love with her.


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Oh My Venus:(First Episode:) November 16,2015, (Final Episode:) January 5,2016 (16 Episodes)

Genres: Romance Film, Drama, Comedy 

My Opinion: I’m back and with another show to talk about. This show was honestly the cutest show I’VE SEEN! In most Kdramas the boy and the girl don’t show any type of affection by making physical contact but this show was different. Their relationship was probably the cutest relationship in kdrama history! I recommend you guys take the time to actually watch this show, it’s such a good show. It’s cute too… RELATIONSHIP GOALS MAN! 

My Rating: 9/10

Summary: Kim Yeong Ho is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Even though he comes from a wealthy family background, he suffered a devastating injury during his childhood days. Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness. Kang Joo Eun is a 33-year-old lawyer who has struggled to support her family. Now, she’s overweight and not so attractive.

These two had a connection when they were younger. Now as adults, they meet once again. They both go on a diet, which leads to them becoming healthier and having a romantic relationship.


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Cinderella and the Four Knights:(First Episode:) August 12,2016, (Final Episode:) October 1,2016 (16 Episodes)

Genres: Romance Film, Drama, Comedy,

My Opinion: Oh My god! THIS SHOW WAS SO CUTE! I loved everything about it. Honestly it made me mad at some points but omggggg i loved the ending and everything. I swear if you never watched this show what are you doing?!?!? You have to watch this show. It’s cute and ah! Plus the boys in this show are all cute as well. There is nothing bad to say about this show, but whoever recommended it. THANK YOU! Oh and the soundtrack to this show is really good. love it…..

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: Eun Ha Won is in the third grade of high school. She hopes to become a teacher which her late mother always wished for. Ha Won has a bright personality and a strong set of morals, but she is unhappy at home. She’s unattached from her father, step-mother, and step-sister and also mistreated. Ha-Won works various part-time jobs to pay for her upcoming university tuition fees. She knows she needs to make more money to pay for the storage of her mother’s ashes at the cemetery. Her mother’s ashes were recently removed because of unpaid bills.
Meanwhile, Ji Woon , Hyun Min and Seo Woo are spoiled cousins and live together in the mansion Sky House. With their different personalities - Ji Woon is a tough guy, Hyun Min is a playboy and Seo Woo is a musician - they don’t like each other at all. Additionally, Ji Woon likes Hye Ji who likes Hyun Min.
One day, their grandfather orders his 3 grandsons to attend his 5th wedding ceremony. Hyun Min doesn’t want to go, but he hires Ha Won for 3 hours and takes her to his grandfather’s wedding ceremony. His plan is to upstage his grandfather’s wedding ceremony with the surprise appearance of Ha Won. There, the grandfather witnesses Ha Won’s no-nonsense attitude towards Hyun Min and decides to hire her as a live-in butler at the Sky House. He hopes she is able to change the ways of his grandsons.


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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo:(First Episode:) November 16, 2016, (Final Episode:) January 11, 2017 (16 Episodes) 

Genres: Coming of age, sports, romantic comedy 

My Opinion: THIS SHOW. HOLY SHIT! IT’S SO CUTE! As soon as I began to watch the first episode I couldn’t stop watching it. I like that this show the guy who falls for her isn’t because she’s your typical girl who worries about her typical physical appearance. He likes her for who she is and he likes her no matter what she did even if she was a weightlifter. Plus two of my husbands were in this show so this is a plus. I SOOO RECOMMEND YOU WATCH THIS. Please stop and take the time to watch this, you won’t regret it. I mean I am def going to rewatch this. Its makes me feel more lonely than I already am but I’m okay. But YESSS WATCH IT!

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: Kim Bok Joo is a student in Haneol College of Physical Education. She has shown strength like no other since she was a child was influenced by her former weightlifter father. She looks thoughtless at a first glance, but inside she’s as fragile as glass and has deep recognition. 

Jung Joon Hyeong is Kim Bok Joo’s best friend. He is a born swimmer but ever since he was disqualified from his first international event, he suffers from ‘start trauma’. Along with Kim Bok Joo, he overcomes his troubles and finds his dream and love.

Song Shi Ho is a rhythm gymnast who also attends Haneol College of Physical Education. She started gymnastics since she was 5 and won the Asian Games at the age of 18. She’s always been the best since then but mental pressure caused her to break up with Jung Joon Hyung and regret it.


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Madame Antonie: (First episode date): January 22,2016 (Final episode date): March 12, 2016 (16 episodes)

Genre: Romance film, Comedy

My Opinion: So I recently just finished watching this show and the only reason I watched it is because on Instagram I saw a mini clip that seemed to catch my attention. However this show was very different. I like the whole concept of it, of course it had romance included but it was a whole roller coaster ride with the couple in the show. You would be on the edge of your seat waiting whether the two will be together or not. BUT I recommend you all to watch this show! You won’t regret it!

My Rating: 9/10

Summary: Ko Hye Rim is a famous fortune-teller. She is known as “Madame Antoine” and insists that she is spiritually connected to Marie Antoinette, but that part is a lie. She can see through people and read their minds using “cold reading” as a technique (a set of techniques used by mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, mediums and illusionists to imply that the reader knows much more about the person than the reader actually does). She dreams of having love in a romantic film. Hye Rim then takes part in a psychological test project conducted by psychotherapist Choi Soo Hyun . His goal is to prove that true love does not exist. Coincidentally, the name for his psychological treatment center is Madame Antoine.


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Dream High 2: (First episodes date): January 30, 2012 (Final episodes): March 20, 2012 (16 episodes)

Genre: Musical, Teen film, Comedy, Drama, Romance Film 

My Opinion: So the main reason why I decided to watch this show was due to Jaebum and Jinyoung’s appearance in the show however, I didn’t really like it. I mean I am not going to lie when I watched the show there were some scenes that did capture my attention but then eventually it got boring and I just watched it just to see what happened at the end. I mean the dance was eh, the acting could of been way better cause there were times that made you absolutely cringe but this is my opinion. I mean this isn’t a show I’m telling you all you have to watch. I truthfully think it was eh alright I guess.  But if you guys check it out, let me know what you guys think. 

My Rating: 5/10

Summary:  Kirin High School of Art has been taken over by Oz Entertainment because of financial bankruptcy. Oz Entertainment then transfers over its own idol stars to Kirin High to avoid a law requiring under age entertainers to study for a set time. Competition then brews between troubled students at Kirin High School of Art and then newly transfered idols from Oz Entertainment.

Shin Hae-Sung enters Kirin High School of Art with a high written exam score, but poor performance scores. She then meets fellow students Jin Yoo-Jin and JB, who makes her realize how fun music can be. Jin Yoo-Jin acted when he was a young child. Now, he is a troubled student dreaming of becoming a rock star. He attempts to cure his pain caused by his parent’s divorce through music.


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Blade Man/Iron Man: (First Episode:) September 10, 2014 (Final Episode:) November 13, 2014 (18 Episodes)

Genre: Romance Film, Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

My Opinion: So I’m not going to lie, it took me a long time to watch this show. I started watching this series around December 2016 and it is now June 2017. Can you tell that I lost interest? I mean in the beginning it was interesting. It was different, so at first I was watching episode after episode but it’s just I just felt like the plot was going nowhere. Plus the chemistry in this show was terrible. They could of showed more interest to one another a lot more… Ah well it’s not fully bad.. But I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to watch it. But if you decide to take it upon yours hands and watch it, let me know what you guys think. 

My Rating: 5/10

Summary: Hong Bin is an arrogant man with an anger problem. He runs a game company and the employees are all afraid of him. He holds a grudge against his father , because his father broke up his relationship with Tae Hee and he still can’t get over her.

Recently, he seems angry all the time and his sense of smell has gotten more sensitive. His secretary hasn’t told him that when he gets angry, blades come out of his body. He is the only person that knows about that.

One day, Hong Bin goes to the hospital to see his employees who were beaten by him. There, he notices the scent of Tae Hee, but the woman who has her scent is Se Dong.


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Legend of the Blue Sea: (First Episode:) November 16, 2016 (Final Episode:) January 25, 2017 (20 Episodes)

Genres: Comedy , Fantasy, Romance Film

My Opinion: I completed another k-drama yet again! And to be honest I enjoyed this series very much. One Lee Min-ho is one of my favorite Koreans actors so I was hyped to see he was staring in this show and the girl played perfect for this role. However I noticed many people giving it somewhat bad reviews saying this show is too predictable and how their chemistry isn’t there but to be honest it’s not that bad. I mean there was time when things were a bit unexpected and they show more affection than half of the k-dramas I watched. So to be honest I totally recommend people to watch this and I would def rewatched this series all over again.

My Rating: 9.7

Summary: How can a mermaid from the Joseon era survive in modern-day Seoul? Shim Chung is a mermaid who finds herself transplanted to modern times. She is caught by Heo Joon Jae, a charming but cold con artist who is the doppelgänger for Kim Moon, the son of a noble man from the Joseon Dynasty. But in the present time, Joon Jae works with Jo Nam Doo, a skilled conman who guides Joon Jae to become a genius scammer. But Joon Jae’s friend, Cha Shi Ah, who works as a researcher at KAIST, may be Chung’s only hope for surviving in her strange new world.


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Pinocchio: (First Episode:) November 12, 2014 (Final Episode:) January 15, 2015 (20 Episodes)

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, Family

My Opinion: At last I finally finished this show and to be honest I’m glad I watched this series. To be honest it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole damn time. I mean I didn’t know what to expect. On top of that, this show has you having million types of feelings all at once and it’s an awesome show. I SO recommend you all to watch it. So if you haven’t even bother watching the show! stop what you’re doing and go check it out!

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: The idealistic Choi In Ha has her work cut out for her when she becomes a broadcast journalist, especially when she suffers from a condition known as “Pinocchio syndrome,” which makes her break out into hiccups whenever she tells a lie. Her rookie colleagues include Choi Dal Po, whose shabby appearance masks his true eloquence and sharp memory; Seo Bum Jo, a wealthy heir who has had everything handed to him in life; and Yoon Yoo Rae, whose fangirl knowledge comes in handy in covering the news. The 20-something newbie reporters pursue justice as they try to discover themselves in the process.


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Descendants of the Sun: (First Episode:) February 24, 2016 (Final Episode:) April 14, 2016 (16 Episodes)

Genres: Romance, Melodrama, Action

My Opinion: This show was the cutest. Like it melted my heart in every way. I mean in the beginning I was slightly confused a bit bored but again I gave the show a chance and then I fell in love. First of all, there is a cute friendship here with two guys, they are best friend goals. Then it’s not only about one couple but two. IT’S CUTE. GUYS if yall don’t watch this then what are you doing?!??

My Rating: 10/10

Summary: This story tells of doctors stationed in the fictional war zone of Urk (Uruk), and follows the love story that develops between a surgeon, Kang Mo Yeon’ and a special forces officer, Yoo Shi Jin, both elite in their respective fields. The story will track both their personal and professional struggles while exploring issues about the value of life.


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W - Two Worlds: (First Episode:) July 20, 2016 (Final Episode:) September 14, 2016 (16 Episodes)

Genres: Action, Suspense, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Drama, Fantasy, melodrama 

My Opinion: YO don’t even get me started with this K-drama. You guys don’t understand why type of roller coaster it put me in just watching it. Jesus, I never expected a happy ending because everytime something good happens…. It doesn’t stay good for long. UGH, the plot was good, the characters were perfect for this show. MY HUSBAND LOOK SO HOT LEE SONG-SUK… I loved the chemistry the two characters had, to be honest.  I totally recommend you guys watching this show. Please, you won’t regret it.

Rating: 10/10

Summary: Cardiothoracic surgeon Oh Yeon Joo’s father mysteriously went missing while writing the last chapter of his webtoon “W”. Yeon Joo goes to his office and is shocked to see a scene of a bloodied Kang Cheol, the main character of W, on her father’s monitor. While reading something left behind by her father, a hand from the monitor pulled her in. She found herself on the rooftop of a building, next toa man lying down in blood. She manages to save him and realizes that the person she saved was Kang Cheol. She later discovers she can only enter and leave the webtoon depending on Kang Cheol’s feelings.


If there is Korean Drama’s that I haven’t written up here that you want my opinion on or you think I will like it. Let a girl know… Not like I have anything better to do ;)

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Do you have any blogs you recommend?

Yes I do have blogs that I could recommend.  Most of these are blogs that I follow and I recommend their content. Do check these awesome blogs out!! 


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These are just some of my personal favourites that post really great content!! Not only are the blogs good, but the people who run these blogs are AWESOME people and total angels ❤️ Some of you dont know me, but I really do like the content you post!

Please do check all of them out when you get the chance. I am sure there are many other blogs out there, so recommend some to me too you guys!! 



The I Don’t Want to Workout Workout

I confess. I woke up today and felt a bit on the extremely crappy side - energy wise. Coffee didn’t even help. My brain was fried too. So, when the opportunity arose to get a quick workout in, I knew, even though I really really didn’t want to get one one in…it was exactly what I needed. Alas, I just sucked it up and did what I preach: got up and moved. 

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Athi Lavellan

“Inside her chest pulses something huge, something full of longing, something unafraid.”

                                             - Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See

Guys, my guys, my friends, look. I am in love with this piece, from the soft warm light to the glow of her skin and her little smirk! *u*

Huge thank you to @ketsie​, who totally surpassed my expectations with this gorgeous piece of my girl. I highly recommend you check out their blog and follow and for the love of god, commission them if you get the chance!!

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Theater sounds wild and I love it so much. Do you have any more interesting theater experiences that you would feel like sharing?

I did it for six years and I love over sharing about my life omfg so of course I have more experiences and stories ask about literally anything. Also, theater is wild, and I totally recommend doing it if you get the chance!

Okay kids, let’s talk about The Fascination Station.

Okay, so if you don’t know what a Green Room is, it’s basically a place backstage in theaters where the actors can just kinda chill out and relax, maybe run lines and grab a snack to eat.

When she bought the tiny little shop space for the studio, there was one extra room and my director thought it’d be cute to turn it into our own little Green Room. She even painted it green. But like…Neon green. Claw your eyes out green. Omfg.

Throw in a beat up, very dirty couch, an almost eternally empty fridge, a couple mannequin heads, a deck of cards called “Politically Correct War”, some books literally no one has ever opened, and a prop brick wall with everyone’s names written on it, you’ve got the main college dorm room sized hang out spot for my old company.

The year is 2011. The show is Rent. It was the hottest summer on record at the time, and we did not have a functioning AC Unit.

Cast was…27, maybe 28 people. Every day, we were all very hot, very gay, and very emotional. Rent is a very emotional show, for anyone who isn’t aware of it. It’s a Rock Opera about starving artists trying to live through the AIDS epidemic in the early 90′s. The whole cast was hormonal high school aged children with shitty as fuck home lives. This was bound to get out of control from the start.

We somehow got this idea to do ‘Safe Circles’, which was deadass just “Let’s stop practicing our show and have some group therapy and cry for the rest of the day!!!”. It got fucking intense in those. Obviously I’m not going disclose anything my old cast mates said in confidence, but basically it turns out everyone had lived shitty lives filled with depression, abuse, homophobia, terminal illnesses, and all those fun things that kids love. The group crying helped people deal a bit, but it also amped up our emotions even higher- and they’d already been high considering the material we were working with, and the constant 98+ degree heat.

So people in the cast were prone to…exploding unexpectedly.

One day, we were running the act one finale number, “La Vie Boehme”. It’s a high energy song and dance that’s like, ten fucking minutes long.(here’s a clip of it from the movie- its not the full version but we had similar choreography)  We had been running it literally all morning, so…for about three hours? We were all tired, sweaty, pissy, and hungry. We just wanted to break for lunch.

And then: We all had a moment of ‘fuck this’ that united us. See, we had already been sadly forced to using the ‘School Edition’ of the Rent script, which censored some things ‘too inappropriate’, which is one thing, but also really fucking randomly cuts out verses to songs for no reason. “Christmas Bells” is cut down to like a minute long song in this edition, it’s a travesty. But anyway, we all had issues with our censored show. But there is one, truly iconic line from Rent, that takes place in “La Vie Boehme”, which even the censor-people knew to respect and leave in there.

I’m talking, of course, about the part of the song where Mark grabs the table and shoves it up and down, while yelling “MUCHO MASTURBATION!”

That was still in the censored script. That was decided to be something the teenagers performing it could handle. We all knew what fucking masturbation was at this point. We’ve all fucking been there. No one should be shocked hearing the word, especially if you want to point out that the characters being portrayed are grown adults. You can trust teenagers to maturely put on a show that involves AIDS, cross dressing, homophobia, stripping, an intense hatred for The Man, blatant heroin and crack abuse, and the withdraw that comes with it, suicide, Dog Assassins For Hire, racist police officers, and homelessness. You can trust them to say the word ‘masturbation’ in one song, right?

God, I’m literally getting pissed off remembering this omfg. Anyway, the director decided that “mucho masturbation” was ‘too inappropriate’, and wanted to censor the line to “mucho fascination”.

We rioted, but she wouldn’t be swayed. The guy playing Mark wasn’t even allowed to shake the table. The audience would have no idea. Mucho fascination is not a phrase that makes any sense!

And yes, I know, this is such a small thing to get upset about, but: 1) We were all exhausted and hungry, we’d been running the song for three hours. 2) It was about 100 degrees in there, so tempers and emotions naturally flared. 3) We were all teenagers putting on a mature show, and somehow taking away a line like that felt like an insult. It felt like an insult to our maturity, you know? Fucking hormones, man.

Okay, so here’s where the story picks up. We start running the song again, but our actor for Roger was really dehydrated at this point, and wanted to get some water out of the fridge in the Green Room. The director tells him to wait, because after this run we can break for lunch.

In the middle of the song, he just fucking pushes out of his seat and storms out of the room to get water. The director yells, “Thane! Where are you going?!” and he yells back in a fit of pure anger, “I’M GOING TO FASCINATE!”

Everyone looses their shit laughing. It was so fucking funny, and after the stressful and frustrating morning, it was just what we all needed. No one could calm down or stop laughing, so the director gave in and called the lunch break. Everyone ran into the Green Room after Thane, still cackling. I stayed behind because I had to use the bathroom. When I came out, though…

I started walking towards the Green Room, and I could hear the commotion in there. The assistant director’s cousin, Dave, was at the studio- he was probably maybe 22 at the time, and he somehow became the groups Mascot, and we always worked him into scenes, so he was there for the day to be Benny’s father in law. Anyway, I see him standing in the doorway, slowly pull out and close the door, look at me with wide eyes, as he just says “I think I can legally be arrested for seeing what I just saw in there.” before scampering off to recover alone.

Naturally, my interested was peaked and I opened the fucking door and walked in.

…I don’t want to say I walked into an orgy, because everyone was still clothed, but. If you can get that image in your head? Everyone was on top of everyone. Everyone was making out and grinding and drying humping and screaming and laughing and groping and smacking and sucking do you see where I’m going with this? The youngest in the cast was 13 and the oldest was maybe 18 or 19, but no one even cared, sexualities went out the window, find-a-warm-body-oh-wait-it’s-100-degrees-everybody-is-warm. Shit was real. Little Good Catholic School Girl me was mildly horrified, but listen, it was hot. And it went on for the entirety of the prolonged lunch break. Door locked, so the director couldn’t find out what was happening in there, of course.

This became a bit of a Historic moment for the cast. Gone was the Green Room, in was the newly dubbed Fascination Station. It became the biggest inside joke, and people did in fact keep sneaking in there to ~fascinate~ for the rest of the summer. Something about that horrendous neon green paint and cardboard brick wall with glitter pen ink on it made was suddenly making everyone unbearably horny.

And listen, at the time this felt like the most out of nowhere thing, but looking back on the circumstances we had been in every day leading up to it, all the heat and high tensions and unstable emotions and tragic back stories and singing Rent songs…Like, I’m not surprised it happened. I’m surprised our director didn’t see it coming and nip it in the bud (although I lowkey think the assistant director was on to us, but she’s fucking cool).

For all the shows after Rent, I and other stragglers from the production would always make jokes about the Fascination Station. We kept the memory alive. Things would still occasionally get pretty weird in there, and with all the right people it was great.

But it’s been so long now, and I sometimes hear new kids call it that. Kids who weren’t there for Rent, kids who I don’t even know the names off. Kids who will never find themselves in a situation that 27 teenagers found themselves in in 2011.

Those kids call the Green Room the Fascination Station. But they don’t know. They could never possibly know.

anonymous asked:

Hello. I love your blog. I'm really new to minerals and such and I'm having a hard time finding vendors online that I'm totally sure I can trust not to be selling fakes. Do you have any store recommendations? I'm super sorry if you've already answered an ask like this before.

Hi! Actually we have answered this one before but it’s a question that I love getting because we’re always finding new vendors that we trust so I’m happy to have the chance to add to it! Here are a few that we’ve personally purchased specimens from. 

https://e-rocks.com/ is an amazing site for a huge range of specimens for all price ranges really. You can bid and win some really nice specimens for $10 to $20 if you’re just starting out.

 https://www.etsy.com/shop/structureminerals This shop is also great for a beginner and they have lots of options and price ranges as well. 

http://stores.ebay.com/ULTRA-ROCKS This shop is run by Bryan Major who dig’s the crystals himself and sells most of them on ebay. He’s also on Youtube and often posts videos of digging up minerals. here is the link for that if you’d like to check it out! He recently did a fully documented pocket so you can actually buy a piece and then go and watch it be pulled from the earth! 

And here are some of other favorite shops, most of which are for the more serious collector but they are also amazing educational tools if you are interested in just learning about minerals. 








There you go! Hopefully this helps. Good luck on starting your collection and we hope to see it in the submissions one day!

Also my partner is currently asleep at the moment so this list may be added to later! 


Welcome to part 5 of my ddlg 101 series on basic rules.

In part 1 we covered the princess journal. In part 2 we covered every day rules to make your relationship successful. In part 3 we covered punishments… And in part 4 we covered the very nice and always appreciated rewards.

With this fifth and final installment of our ddlg 101 series on basic rules, we will focus on something geared more toward the lost little who does not have a daddy. That’s not to say that a taken little can’t use this chart, by all means it can be incorporated… but this chart will give structure to those who are lost and in need of direction.

The purpose of the progress chart is to give you the ability to work on yourself, your hang ups, and the things that you struggle with in a structured way that you can actually accomplish.

By nature a lost little commonly cannot give herself rules, because she has trouble enforcing them and then punishing herself. It is just simply not within her nature to take such a dominant role that a daddy normally would have.

This progress chart acts as a method in order to help her to develop and stay on track.

Things to consider when creating your chart:

Ask yourself what is it that you struggle with the most? It could be anything from personal hygiene to getting your chores done to eating correctly to exercise and beyond. Start by making a list of all of the things that you feel that need work in your life and then prioritize them from the need that is most to the need that is least.

From there you should choose the ones that are most important and I recommend that you go with no more than 5 as a feasible first effort.

Once you have your list you are ready to create your chart so let’s get started.

As you can see in picture number one we have drawn a simple box. This is the frame for our chart.

In picture two we now add columns. 7 small columns for the day of the week, and one larger column where we will write in the things that we need to work on. We have also gone ahead and made the line for the days of the week and written them in.

In picture 3, we now have made our columns horizontally for the tasks or chores or issues that we need to work on. At the bottom we have also written in rewards with the line, and at the top we have given our charter name. To the right of our name we have labeled are chart for the week that we are using it for.

The basic concept that we will work from is a points system. Every chore or task or what have you will be worth a certain amount of points, and if we reach our points goal for the end of the week we can have the reward that we have written into the line on that Sunday.

In our example we have five things to work on. There are seven days in which we can work on these five things which gives us a total of 35 chances to get them accomplished.

That means that if we made each item worth 10 points and we completed every single item every day, we would end up with 350 points at the end of the week. Therefore, it would be feasible to set our goal at 300 points. Not because we are planning on missing any of the opportunities, but because things always seem to come up and sometimes we can simply not prevent them from impeding our progress.

I also recommend that you make a “future rewards list” so that you have a reward to easily choose from when beginning a new week.

for couples using this progress chart who are in a long distance relationship, daddy can offer bonus points for picture proof of each task completed. The bonus points should be set at a low level though and the stipulations on pictures should be discussed ahead of time.

In picture number four you can see that I have used smiley faces to mark the accomplishments. You can really use anything that you like from stickers to drawing to whatever it is that you desire. Also in your margins and borders you can decorate as you please to personalize your chart to yourself.

If you feel that you need an extra column at the bottom to track your daily points, or an extra column at the end for points total then add that in when creating your chart.

The model that I have created here for you is just a very generic frame for you to work off of as a reference when creating your own chart.

I would also recommend that if you work in an office, or have access to a copier of some sort that you make your chart empty and then copy it for the weeks keeping in mind that there are 52 weeks in a year. Of course you can always create this chart on your computer but doing it yourself is a more personalized way of being creative and will be much more fun.

Keep your chart somewhere where you have access to it and can see it visibly. Either on the back of your bedroom door, in a binder, or in a book that you keep with you all the time.. (your princess journal maybe)… The basic point is for this chart to keep you motivated on working on yourself… And once you feel that you have overcome whatever the issue is that you’ve listed you can replace it with a brand new issue from your original list and begin working on that.

This chart can also be used for littles who have daddys, in very creative ways. And it gives daddy the opportunity to keep his little motivated with tasks and such throughout the week… and is overall handy to the relationship.

This is the conclusion of our series on ddlg basic rules and I hope that all five parts have not only been beneficial to you but that you have enjoyed them as well.

It is my absolute passion to improve your lives and see you be successful in your relationships.

As always please be sure to reblog this if you feel that it would help someone, and my ask, submit, and fan mail are always open.

Mystic Messsenger

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

Mystic Messenger

Something was wrong.

Something was seriously wrong and Jay knew it. He could feel it in his bones.

You were keeping to yourself lately, almost always on your phone. Even when the two of you were together there was just something off.

Maybe it was his fault? He was always working, going on tour, he’d leave you alone for weeks on end sometimes. So to make it up to you he cleared his schedule all day, but even then you were ignoring him. He shot you a glare seeing you sit on the couch, cuddled up and smiling at your phone.

“Who the hell is she talking to? Making her smile like that and shit…” Jay grumbled. “Jagi~ You wanna go to a movie tonight?” he spoke up in his kindest voice.

You giggled looking at your phone, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ears. “Nah, I’m ok Oppa.”

“Who are you talking to?”

“Hm? You say something Baby?” you glanced up from your phone. 

He scoffed “Yes. I did. Who are you talking to?”

Keep reading

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Since you speak so many languages, do you have any tip into learning one from scratch? ♥

Hey there! Sure! Besides the obvious (online/guided courses, learning the basics first, writing down new vocabulary and practising grammar constantly) :

-It’s important not to rush. Take your time till you understand the entire lesson. Some languages are more tricky than others and it’s stupidly easy how something you started to love suddenly turns into your worst nightmare. Be patient.

-Start listening your target language from the very beginning. I highly recommend that. Songs, radio, tvshows, etc. It will help you to understand sentences, to recognize words, to catch the accent, and so on. Try writing lyrics while listening songs. THIS really helps you can’t imagine

-Once you start feeling comfortable enough, try translating elaborated things! Your thoughts, books, whatever. Then you might want to read it out loud. This helps you to know your current skills, and what you should improve next.

I hope it helps dear! Good luck!!

anonymous asked:

How do you cook for yourself when you are depressed? I don't have the $$ to do takeout as often as my depression makes me want to, lol. Do you have any simple go-to recipes that are still healthy? I always end up just eating frozen ravioli for a week :(

ha well, I had a day like this today, when I couldn’t really function and at all, we have a fridge full of food that needs to be cooked (not simple dishes) and I just made my gf go downstairs and get takeout (we live above a chinese place) so, yeah. 

but I get the takeout thing! there are many times when I can’t make myself cook but don’t have the money for takeout, so what do you do?


 If you’re not allergic, always always always have peanut butter (or another nut butter) on hand to make PB&Js, or just PB sandwiches (or PB - banana). It’s easy, it’s cheap, and if you buy PB you always have it on hand and it’s the most low effort food that still have some nutritional value (protein)

broth!!!!! stock up on chicken or veggie broth. it’s nice if you have some veggies on hand as well, like onions or mushrooms or carrots but you can drink broth with just some seasoning! I recommend low sodium broth (usually <$1.00) and I like to put chopped carrots and onions, or mushrooms and scallions. so easy, and it’s good for you + it’s comforting. Fresh veggies are obv better but if that’s too much effort (which is okay!), then also maybe stock up on frozen carrot slices or s/t. You can put noodles in it too if you want!

rice is another thing that you should just stock up on, it’s pretty low effort and you can do just about anything to it. again, with the frozen veggies like broccoli or whatever, you can make a pretty good, filling meal with very low effort.  

for just slightly more effort, in that you might not just have these ingredients, I recommend shakshuka!!!! it’s the most comforting food and it is so easy to make. I use canned diced tomatoes and season it myself but for a low effort depression meal, you can totally use canned tomato sauce that’s already made. then just heat it in a pan, make little divots for the eggs and cook em up! you can also add canned chickpeas. 

I would also say that if you feel yourself falling into a slump and you have the chance/foresight, make a big pot/dish of something to eat throughout the week. I recommend this broccoli and cheese casserole, which you can freeze & eat whenever, or I can get you my gf’s chicken soup recipe because it can fix almost any problem tbh

Basically the best thing to do is stock up on these cheap pantry items so you don’t have to worry about it when the time comes! hope you’re doing okay, love <3

This is just a lil PSA, but I really recommend trying honey from local farms/apiaries. There are two main reasons for this! 

The first is that cheap supermarket honey can be pretty dodgy. There have been some ~honey exposées~ (and now you know I’m the kind of person who sits around reading honey exposées and honey exposée exposées) talking about how a lot of US supermarket honey either isn’t real honey or the source is suspect. Now, a lot of it probably is real honey, it’s just filtered. A lot of American honey is filtered, even high grade stuff. Americans don’t know how to deal with honey when it crystallizes, so they panic and throw it away. A lot of honey companies will filter it so this doesn’t happen. But some of it actually isn’t honey (read the ingredients list!!) and some of it may have been cut with honey from countries whose honey we’ve banned for sale in the US for assorted economic (and occasionally safety) reasons. It’s debatable whether unfiltered honey is really better for you than filtered honey, but I personally prefer it.

(Side note: Seriously, if your honey crystallizes (gets hard in the jar), don’t throw it out! Just heat it up, it’ll melt back down. Honey basically never goes bad, don’t worry about it. lol)

The second is that all honey doesn’t taste the same. Like not even a little bit the same sometimes. Honey will taste different depending on a lot of different factors, like the plants that the nectar was picked up from, location, bees, etc. The biggest factor, I think you’re probably gonna find, is which plants the bees grazed on to get the nectar used to create the honey. Varietal honey (as in, honey which was made when bees were given access to a specific variety of plant) can have some really unique flavors. Blackberry honey tastes totally different from eucalyptus honey which tastes totally different from fireweed honey. My personal favorite is saw palmetto honey, which can be harder to get up north. It’s really rich and lovely, though. Sage honey is also really good for making honeyed ham.

Most honey you buy is just clover honey or wildflower honey, which has a pretty mild, very sweet taste. Personally, I think it’s a little boring. lol. It’s popular because of how mild the flavor is, though – it’s good for basic cooking, and it has the honey taste that people have come to expect. Most people I meet are shocked how different varietal honey tastes from what they’re used to. (Unless it’s acacia. That tastes pretty similar to wildflower honey to me.)

Sometimes these varietal honeys will actually taste a bit like the plants they’re made from, but not always. And please keep in mind, I’m not talking about flavored honey here; honey made from the nectar of a different plant will naturally taste different. It doesn’t need any other ingredient. Check the label carefully. Orange blossom honey already tastes pretty strongly of oranges, but orange-flavored honey is a whole other ball game. I’m not saying that flavored honey is bad (in fact I’ve had some very nice ones) but it can detract from some really interesting natural flavors.

Location matters a lot, too. Some urban apiaries are even labeling their honey varieties by zip code! The bees get pollen from all the trees, flowers, window boxes, etc. from all over that zip code, and each zip code tastes different. Pretty cool, I think!

Anyway, I can’t tell you any one “best” honey to get, just like I can’t tell you about a best candy or juice or fruit. It’s largely a matter of personal preference. And it can be hard to get local honey! It can be hard to find, and it can be expensive – and I recognize that not everyone is going to want to spend a lot of money on what’s essentially a fancy sweetener. But if you have the chance to go taste a lot of different honeys that an apiary puts out (they’ll often have tastings at farmer’s markets, specialty food stores, food festivals, garden shows, etc.) I really highly recommend it. Or even just pick up a bottle of varietal honey at the store (orange blossom is pretty common one) and see what you think!

If you get to be a total weirdo like me, you’ll end up in too deep, so like. Don’t do that. Don’t get like me. Don’t special order honey online. Don’t buy yourself HQ honey as a Christmas treat. Don’t go to local craft markets and sigh over how perfectly lovely beeswax candles naturally smell. Like family members are bringing me local honey from all over the world now, haha. It’s gotten out of hand.

BUT WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IS TRY HONEY! All different kinds of honey! See what honey made from your local plants tastes like! See what varietal honey from specific plants tastes like! Experiment with the way exotic honey tastes when you’re cooking! It’s a lot of fun and it helps support beekeepers, which is something that’s more important than ever.

Buy honey, have fun, support bees!

parsleysagerosemarytimemachine  asked:

Just finished reading 'The Brightest Fell' last night. Thank you so much for this, even if that _was_ a very wrenching thing to be reading at 2am. :) Also -- you signed my ARC of 'Rosemary and Rue' as a convention ages ago, and because I was a bit tongue-tied, I wasn't able to tell you how much I had adored it, or the rest of the series then. It was (and still is) one of my go-to recommendations for people, because of its charm and depth of character, and I'm always so happy to have a new one!

Aw, thank you!

I totally understand being tongue-tied–it happens to me all the time–but I hope we’ll get the chance to meet again someday, and maybe talk a little more.  Cabbages and kings and all of that.  Cabbages and kings.


Attack on Titan exhibition at Skytree Tôkyô - Part 1

I went to the AoT exhibition at the Skytree in Tôkyô. There are two platforms.
Platform one 350 meter -> 2060 ¥
Platform two 450-455 meter -> 1000 ¥
So I spend around 3000 ¥ to get up, because the AoT exhibition is of course at the top platform!
But it was totally worth it! There is a lot of 3D-art, sculptures, OVA playing in the background, anime art, original art and you can collect stamps through an app. Also there is a merchandise shop, with exclusive AoT/Skytree goods & an AoT themed café!

I’ve spent around two to three hours in the Skytree. So if you have the chance I would recommend you to go there!


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.

I hear ALL THE TIME about fandom drama. People complaining about it via asks/via the confession blogs, but I realized that I follow really amazing people. Fandom drama rarely shows up on my dash, and it is wonderful.

I have compiled this list, it has all the blogs that are generally dragon age, and post little to no fandom drama, and more just quality content, including general blogs about the games like mine, and also art blogs/themed blogs. Enjoy!

The romancing series:













Character Specific:









@cantkeepmyeyesoff -cullen and dragon age inquisition heavy





@dawriting - writing resources for the community

@daficclub - also writing resources and community




@dammit–solas - solas and dai heavy 

















@right-in-the-vhenan - solavellan focus








F Yeah blogs: (there are more I swear)












There is nothing wrong with SOME fandom drama (but let’s face it, life would be much better if we all got along), but everyone, myself included, likes to have a bit of a drama free zone, and these blogs fall under that.

If your blog is mainly dragon age (like 90% or more) and you don’t deal with drama let me know and I’ll add you to the list! If you want to recommend some drama free dragon age blogs, add them on! I’ll try and reblog it whenever I get the chance so that it can keep growing.

I hope to keep my blog free of drama, I know I have gotten into one or two discussions, but I’m trying to keep that out of here! I’m also following a lot of amazing people who have quality blogs that are just not 90+% dragon age. I might make a post about that later too. Thanks everyone! 

So … I commissioned this. I saw that cosmickonett was open to submissions, and I really like their art style soooo … smiling Ayrenn, everyone! Really, this was born out of my frustration that we don’t see a lot of chances to see her ‘happy’ in-game. See this as a snapshot of her right after she gets back from her time abroad, but before the affairs of state start to weigh on her.

Angel was a total pro to work with, and if you are looking to do a commission I highly highly recommend her. 


A (tiny) review: “Jim Henson’s Labyrinth. The Ultimate Visual History”

This book came in the mail a few weeks ago, but I didn’t get a chance to talk about it until now. This is definitely not just a photobook where you can flip through it quickly. It’s full of behind the scenes information. It’s practically a textbook (but there are plenty of pretty pictures to oogle too). The book is printed on thick, high quality semi-gloss papers. What’s very cute about this book is that there are little slips of paper that is lightly glued onto certain pages. You can pull those slips of paper out of the book if you choose to, but I was careful when flipping the pages to make sure it doesn’t get pulled out. These little slips of paper are recreated notes, either artist’s renderings/notes, or notes to the cast/producers/etc. There are plenty of new pictures I have not seen before, and this book even came with a poster! I didn’t get a chance to read the entire thing yet, but I can say that there is plenty of information I hadn’t heard of before (though there are also plenty of rehashed information I’ve read elsewhere as well). If you’re only in it for Bowie, then this book might not be for you, because it’s focused on the movie, and not just the character of Jareth, but Jareth does have his own little section dedicated to him (and so does Sarah). I say that this is a fantastic book, and I totally recommend it!


As summer gets into full-force, be sure to keep an eye out for an often-neglected but very important factor: ground heat on pet feet. You may think that those shoes and little temporary booties people put on their dogs are silly and superfluous, but believe me, they’re really important! Hot rocks, sand, asphalt, boat docks (ESPECIALLY metal boat docks and bridges!) are all unbelievably hot, and dogs’ feet (or whatever other pet you have running around with you) are NOT that much more tolerant than ours. If the ground is too hot for YOUR feet, it’s too hot for THEIRS. Really!! And if you have a puppy or other young critter for a companion, be even MORE discerning, just like you would be for a human baby.
Cheap sets of disposable booties are available online and for sale in most pet stores, but I highly recommend getting better ones if you can. Bonus: Yes, it’s totally adorable and comical. If your pet gets chapped toes or a minor burn, you can rub coconut oil on them to help (cats and dogs can eat food-grade coconut oil, and probably will, it’s delicious), but prevention is KEY here. Don’t take chances or wait for them to start yelping. Keep your pets on blankets if you can’t get the booties, and watch their overall heat levels, too!!

Met a new dog trainer today.

I think it went really well. She recommended a bunch of the things I have been doing, and I got some totally new things to do as homework too. She thinks it’s probably leash aggression, which makes sense given how well he’s done with actually meeting dogs.

She also recommended a dog aggression group class, where dogs are brought one by one into a room with dividers so they can’t see each other, and over 6 weeks they slowly build up more interactions. The first week, you just gove your dog a treat every time they hear a bark,

Since we barely ever get a chance to see other dogs on campus, this type of controlled situation is a good chance for exposure.

For now, we’re working on “Let’s go” as a cue I could use to flee a situation, so sharp turn arounds, slight leash pressure with treats and hand lures. We’re also shaping a look at that (and then look at me), starting with uninteresting objects, then working up to unusual, unsettling, and doglike objects so we can eventually use it on dogs.

personal-space-pls-cas  asked:

Do you have any dom!Cas fic recs? I'm already ready everything you've ever wrote and my subscriptions have run dry. :(

Oh, my friend!  Giving me the chance to talk about some of my favorite authors and their wonderful work?  Yes, please!

One of my absolute favorite Dom!Cas works, a MASTERPIECE among fics, is I Can Make You Scared, by the totally unparalleled @shennanigoats AKA Dangerousnotbroken.  I cannot, cannot, cannot recommend it more highly.  That marvelous creature and I will also be collaborating on this year’s DCBB, so look for something yummy from both of us a few months down the road.

Another long and involved but gorgeous work that I adore is I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me), by emwebb17.  CN there for very serious mental illness.

I also really enjoyed Fear of Falling (Apart) by 3988Akasha and  ElDiablito_SF

The Bad For Me ‘verse by ArtemisAnne (KasMarie) also has some fabulous Dom!Cas and is delightful in its own right.

Submersion, by the spectacular @archofimagine (ArchOfImagine on AO3) and  hufflecas, is a work of art and a thing of beauty [TW for past sexual abuse/kidnapping/forced incest (it’s certainly a plot point that gets addressed, and there are occasional flashbacks to events surrounding it, but the incident in question was a single incident and is not depicted graphically)].

I also loved The Kinks, by  ashwinchester4 (ashriddle4), and highly recommend that one.  

A Traditional Family, by @@majesticduxk (majestic_duck on AO3) is an ABO fic, which is not usually my jam, but has a VERY Dom!Cas.

Hopefully those should be enough to give you a good start.  They’re all great works by really talented writers, and I recommend them all without reservation.

Interestingly enough, all of them are AUs–that wasn’t a deliberate choice on my part, I just seem to have found more really great lengthy Dom!Cas fics that are AUs, and I was guessing (given your affection for Snowbound) that you were looking for works that were a little more in-depth.  Let me know what you think of them, and please don’t hesitate to tell their authors, too.  You know we thrive on feedback!

BONUS:  Check out Ready Check by @relucant (relucant on AO3).  It’s a quick one-shot but it is a GORGEOUS Dom!Cas/brat!Dean quickfic, and while you’re at it, go read everything else she’s ever written, too.

Enjoy!  Happy reading!

Sunday Smut Spotlight: The Casting Couch

So.  Is anybody still alive after the Emmys tonight?  Many congrats to Susanne Bier for Best Director in a Limited Series for The Night Manager.  It really was the night for the OJ Simpson story to win, though.  Ah well.  Our boy was nominated and he did good and he spun Priyanka across the floor and was impeccable and awesome as always.  We love Tom!

Some of us also like fantasizing about doing him, and thankfully, we’ve got writers to help us with that.

Tonight I present 4 new stories and 1 old one, all in the vein of Tom trying really extra hard to win an audition.  Please give likes and comments and reblogs!

Rated M, Smut, Sex, and Tom.


Beautiful British Disaster 

by @marveloznerd (@storiesitellmyself)

Summary: Tom really blows it at an audition.  Can he charm the casting director into giving him another chance?

I really should just put the poor thing out of his misery, Bree thinks as he continues digging himself a hole with ums and ahs and that delicious blush in his beautifully sculpted cheeks. But he’s so pretty in his mortification.

She holds a hand up to silence him.
“It’s fine, really. I know what you meant.”

“I really am sorry I wasted your time.”

“It doesn’t have to be a total waste,” she says, handing him a business card. “I have no idea how to get around London, maybe you could recommend somewhere to eat.”

Teach Me  

by @amelieallbymyself

Summary: Tom promises Luke to do whateverit takes to get a role in a romantic comedy, since people in the industry are a bit unsure about him nowadays. For that, he decides to prepare by being an observant of another profession, quite different than his, and he chooses Nicole for that. What starts being just preparation, leads to  much more intimate purposes.

He laughed again, freely, as if there was already a bond between them. And certainly, it was. Nic allowed him to practice with her as if he were his therapist and she found out he was quite good at it, supportive, bossy when she was relaxing too much –but always in a teasing, fun way, he never yelled at her.- And, as she knew already, Tom had enough strength to help her easily if she needed to. He was beyond perfect for that role.

“I bet you would, Nic.” He replied, licking his lips a bit.

“Watch out, Tom, or anyone would think you are flirting with me.” She tried to laugh this off, but then, he smirked and got closer to her, to whisper in her ear:

“Would you feel uncomfortable if I were?”


by @thiddyrpblog (CharlotteGoldfinch on AO3)

Summary: Tom is asked to bare it all for this audition.  He really wants the part in this play.  How far will he go?

The scene ended there, and Jessica smiled. “Very good. That was excellent, Tom.”

Tom smiled at Jessica. “Thank you very much.”

“Now there’s just one more thing…we need to do…” She said, her words trailing off as she wrote down some more notes on his sheet. “And that is the skin inspection. If you could strip down to your underwear and turn around slowly in front of the camera, I’ll ask to see the rest of you after.”

Tom stood up and took his jacket off, unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his shirt, shoes and trousers. He then followed the instructions he was given by Jessica, turning around and waiting for the next set of instructions.

Jessica was shell shocked, managing to keep her composure but holding her breath as she watched him strip down.

The Reminder 

by @missdibley (@oeffsee)

Summary: Carmen calls Tom before the Emmys to wish him luck. And as long as he has her on the line, he may as well tell her about the weird audition dream he had.

“What were you thinking?”

“That I knew I could do it. I could do the scene, be Pine, be Linden or Birch. It was my job to lose, and you knew it. You couldn’t deny that I was the right man for the job. You just had to trust me.”

“If you were screwing up, then why should I believe you?”

“You asked me that exact question.”

“And what was your reply?”

“I took you to bed.”


“The doors to set were locked, and everybody was gone. There was fake sunlight coming through the window, and the bed was a real one, not just a prop rigged up for the test.. You wanted everything right. You wanted it to look good, to look real.”

“And did it?”


Plus: a blast from the past, a one-shot that I keep thinking of extending.  

AU Tom - Actors as a slave class - Tom ‘auditioning’ to literally save his life: 

Prospect 11