if you expected me not to ship it writers


When I think about the horror she must have witnessed when Marcel killed those men, it just… No… She didn’t see anything, actually. Marcel swept her away before she could even understand what was going on. He told her to close her eyes and sing.

Prompt #152

“How do you ‘accidentally’ become the leader of a creepy ghost army?!”

“You know, it’s a really long story.”

a psa for writers out there

fans who use the “poc fans alienated me from x-ship because they expected quality content” are the definition of privileged ignorance. can you imagine going up to a black person and saying “well i used to like black characters, but black people being critical of how black people are written in media just really alienated me from liking black people” and then acting shocked when you get called a racist. 

people have a right to be critical of how they are portrayed in media, and yes that includes fanfiction. i know, fucking shocking. 

if a black fans tell you to stop writing black characters using racist tropes, then learn from it instead of playing victim because the “mean fans alienated me from famdom”.

if a gay man tells you to stop fetishing gay relationships, stand back and create better content instead of playing victim because the mean gays are oppressing your kinks.

if someone tells you to stop using their culture as an aesthetic….you guessed, stand the fuck back and listen to them. 

i am tired of seen white cis female fans using the “oh but our sexuality was oppressed for years, we just want to enjoy ourselves”, as an excuse to throw everyone else under the bus.  

Me: this is my story…. My writing.. I have direct control on everything.. Every ship I want Canon… its Canon.. everything I want to happen.. happens
Things: *doesn’t mold to my desires and expectations*
Friends: *influence my decisions as a writer*
Me: *Mufasa voice* you deliberately disobeyed me

I love how dianakko shippers are getting anons saying it won’t happen with that trigger interview link and like LMAO what’s your point? Have you met yuri shippers? Honey. 8/10 of my ships are non-canon. Yuri shippers live and breathe non-canon yuri couples. Even the ones where the 2 ladies are basically fuckin married, for example, Nanofate they even have a daughter but are STILL non-canon we still ship them. Why? Because yuri shippers are some of the most badass bitches who will literally keep a ship alive for years by creating their own content. I’m talkin about fanart, fanfiction, doujins, etc. Going into a yuri shipper’s inbox and saying that their ship won’t happen cause the director/writer/etc. said so isn’t gonna do shit. Many of us have watched anime with yuri subtext for years and we’re used to it. It’s sad but we expect non-canon. Yuri shippers won’t play your fuckin game of “but that ship is a reach”, “that ship doesn’t make sense”, “it’s not going to happen” because we don’t fuckin care. We will fight tooth and nail to keep our ships alive despite all the fuckin odds, I should know I’ve done it. Also, HAVE YOU SEEN MY KUMIREI BATTLE SCARS. KYOANI TRIED TO KILL ME BUT I LIVED BITCH.

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I'm pissed, my ship was Karamel but wtf??? What have they done?? The relationship is super toxic the whole episode is anti-feminist I thought they would reform the Mon-El character because Kara was him mentor. But this?? I'm now on the Supercorp side because Lena supports Kara as Kara supports her and this is beautiful.

this isn’t about ships for me. i never thought that supercorp will actually be canon, i made my peace with that. but you would expect that the writers would put kara with someone who is actually good for her. she’s the main goddamn character and a cinnamon roll. if they want her to be straight and date a man, alright, but that man should be a good one who treats her right. she’s constantly treated like garbage by basically everyone and now they put her in a toxic relationship.

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Are you guys planning on writing a fig about Lob and Ricardo because If so I would LOVE THAT!

There might be something in the works already, though honestly I wasn’t expecting anyone to be interested enough in this silly little OC ship to want to read it? Leaving a little taste test for those who are interested.

“Er look, Lil'Buddy I ain’t got time to drrr-eerrrp-drop you off back at your dimension. Think y-you could just lay low at my pad for the day? I’ll get ya b-back as soon as shift’s done.”

For a face made mostly of eyeball it was impressive how much wider that eye could get as Lob looked at Ricardo with a mix of utter adoration and amazement.

You want to take me home?” Lob bobbled excitedly. He’d seen the tour bus and VIP backstage dressing rooms, and had even spent the night cuddled here, in the middle of the K’melo desert under the stars with Ricardo, but never had he received an invite to see where the rockstar lived.

“Er yeah? It’s not as gl-glamorous as you’re prob-probably imagining right now.” rubbing a sandy palm against his neck, Ricardo looked almost bashful though it was hard to tell if the red tint on his cheeks was from the late afternoon desert heat. Much to Lob’s fascination, the human had delightfully changed colour from prolonged exposure to the double suns of Blapt. It was a phenomenon Ricardo had called a tan, and it looked good on him. Lob wondered if further exposure would turn him a proper healthy orange, but supposed that answer would need to wait for another day.

Alright! Let’s go home!” Lob said, his glimmering eye smiling as big as one can without any visible mouth.

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22 and 30 please!!!

22.Which of your ships have the best chemistry?

Holy shit, that’s so difficult! My main ships: SteveTony, SpockKirk, and HolmesWatson just COMPLEMENT each other so well, balance each other out with their similarities and differences, that every moment they’re in has epic chemistry. Instead, I will cite instance when their chemistry was just off the charts. 

For HolmesWatson, in every universe, it’s always their DESTINED FIRST MEETING (Bless Stamford, The MatchMaker of the Century). In the books, Watson is just so immediately in love with Holmes that he dedicates an entire writing career in just observing him, and I honestly think Holmes also fell in love with Watson at first sight too, with the way he was showing off in the Study in Scarlet like a peacock.

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 SpockKirk in the original series was like a delicious slow burn, and then all the gay just culminates into one huge moment in Wrath of Khan:

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The new Trek is so well cast and I honestly believe Chris Pine (my fave) played Kirk as in love with Spock ;u; (Pinto’s chemistry and closeness certainly helps)

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SteveTony’s sexual tension is also off the charts. Like the rest of the ships mentioned, their relationship is arguably the most important in the Marvel universe. RDJ and Chris just love each other so much that their scenes are always just wonderful to watch.

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23. Which of your ships deserve better writing?

I’ll be honest with you, I gravitate towards the ships with the BEST writing in the fandom. I’m a fanartist, but I have so much respect for fan writers and how they take us to different worlds without expecting anything in return but only our feedback *A* 

And I don’t think anyone would argue with me when I say that Holmes Watson, Space Husbands, and Superhusbands have the best quality writing across fandoms. :)

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Emison fans are saying "Kill yourself" to Marlene King after tonight's episode. I find it rude and disrespectful. Twitter fans are so dumb sometimes.

Listen up children reading this: DO NOT FUCKING TELL SOMEONE TO KILL THEMSELVES! It is a show. About an evil stalker. It’s going to happen. Yes it’s sad because now Emison will get together in an unatural, gross and forced way, but this isn’t a romance show. Don’t expect fairytale endings. Read a romance novel if that’s what you want.

I think we all underestimated Marlene’s priorities for the mystery here. I’m quite enjoying the fact that AD is messing with these couples in this kind of way. To me it feels like a “fuck you!” to the twitter shippers who over the years have constantly ignored the writers storytelling and been so forceful about their ships being together. Well here ya go. This is what you demanded!


All y’all are telling me that you wish the series/entire show ended simply because tHE EPISODE WAS NOT UP TO PAR WITH YOUR EXPECTATIONS?!!!? Well I’m sorry but it’s not YOUR show, it’s theirs, they are the creators, the writers and will DO WITH IT AS THEY PLEASE. 

I thought the episode was fucking great, this is coming from someone who ships Sherlock with just HAPPINESS.  THIS IS WHAT WE GOT, DEAL WITH IT, IT’S FUCKING GREAT, THEY WORKED HARD ON THIS SEASON AND ALL WE HAVE TO SAY TO THEM IS HOW DISAPPOINTED WE ARE?

Just enjoy Sherlock for what it is: A SHOW, A REALLY FUCKING GOOD SHOW

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Dont-stop-believin-in-Klaine day 1

This week we meet Kaja aka @dont-stop-believin-in-klaine and her sweetness and love of angst and AUs for our boys.

DAY 1: Meet the author

Why Klaine? 

I’ve always liked Kurt’s attitude, him being all sassy, even though at first, would you believe, I didn’t like his character that much. I can’t tell you why, but it took me two or three episode to start liking him and then another two to fall in love with him, then I was a goner. And Blaine… that boy had my heart the moment he started singing Teenage Dream, I knew I was going to love him. And I that’s when I started shipping Klaine – there was this small flame inside of me during their first meeting on the staircase and it changed into a full shipping bonfire when that dapper Warbler sang that song basically to Kurt.

And Klaine has had a firm grip on my heart and soul ever since.

What’s in a typical dont-stop- believin-in- klaine story? 

Angst. There will always be angst and pain, sometimes a lot of, sometimes not, but it’ll always be there. I love angst very much, especially as a writer, I just love writing drama and painful situations. That’s why my friend Anna @afterthenovels says I’m Amazingly Angsty And Evil. But don’t worry, there will always be a happy ending.

Another thing you can expect from me are Klaine fics based on movies. I already wrote one, I’m in the middle of writing and posting the second one, and I already have the third one planned for this year’s NaNoWriMo. I just can’t help but think about Klaine when I watch some of the movies and then my brain keeps trying, twisting and adjusting the plot to Klaine, and boom – the idea for the fic is born.

What kind of stories do you write?

First of all, I write mostly AUs. The only fics that are consistent with canon that I write are future fics – okay, I might have written two or three reaction fics for the episodes in season 6, but that’s it. That’s probably because I almost never write high school fics, I prefer writing college or, like in my multichapters, complete AUs, with different jobs and everything.

Like I said above, I love writing angst, so that’s something to be expected, but I also write fluff or the mix of both. In multichapters there will always be both, but sometimes I write one-shots that are just pure, heart melting fluff. Hey, we all need some happiness in our lives ;D. When it comes to angst, I don’t write character deaths, illness and that kind of things, more like the angst coming from heartaches, fights and misunderstandings, sometimes life-threatening situations like in both of my FBI fics, that’s the kind of angst I love and usually write.

I also write smut, it’s always been the most challenging part for me, but I’d like to think it usually turns out well. It doesn’t appear in all of my fics, but I’m not going to lie, I love fics with smut, so I include it whenever I get a chance and feel like it fits.

What do you like about your writing? Why would you read your fic? 

This is such a hard question! It’s difficult to talk about your own fics, so please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I really like my angst (here she goes, with angst again, “sweet angst-loving cupcake”, another one of Anna’s quotes about me). I feel like I’m good at portraying the emotions and pain the characters are going through, describing what’s going on in their heads and how they deal with it. I also think I’m good at writing dialogues, they always come naturally to me and I can only hope they sound like that to the other people reading my fics.

I never, ever thought I would be sad about my favorite show getting renewed. I love Killian and Colin is the most adorable person, who I totally support. I’m happy for him. But I don’t know how you can have Killian without his Swan. Every OTP I’ve ever shipped has broken up, or worse yet, died. Before CS, I never thought I would ship anything as hard as I did Slexie. When Lexie Grey died, I cried harder than if a real person had died. It’s been 5 years and I’m still bitter. I don’t have a lot of faith in writers. This show is about hope, but I’m terrified for Emma’s future. Past experience has told me to expect the worst.

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Voltron Season 2 Deep Analysis: Season Structure and Pairings

It has so far been a good few days or so since Season 2 was released, and it has not only grabbed attention from fans who have been waiting for so long, but it has also caught controversy in regards to the story and it made the shipping wars a little more toxic than it already was.

Well, I was talking to one of my friends on Discord about the season, and not only did we make valid points, but we also talked about the shipping issues that’s been causing heavy discourse.

So, I may as well explain what sort of understanding I have gotten from Season 2.

Okay. So first, we will discuss about Season 2.

A lot of people are really really bitter about it all, and it’s mostly because those expectations that the writers have given us were not fulfilled (such as showing Lance’s insecurities, showing everyone’s backstories, development, leadership skills, etc). Not only that, but the season felt a little disconnecting and was even butchering certain characters of the show (*cough cough* Hunk and Lance *cough cough*). Well, I’m here to tell you that:

They were not giving those expectations on purpose.

Now, some of you might not see that, but that’s really what they’re doing. They’re opening holes of unanswered questions as a way to keep you interested and yearning for those questions to get their answers. However, Season 2 was sort of like a part 2 of Season 1, which was basically the introduction of the whole team and how they slowly began to build up to an easy bond with each other.

From what I’ve heard, the season as a whole was once planned to be 24 episodes. However, because of financial reasons, they could only do 11 in the first season, and then finish off the last 13 in the next season.

What I’m trying to say, is that they haven’t exactly gotten the whole ball rolling yet. So to anyone who is currently fuming at the mouth about how horrible the season was, please keep in mind that they were only finishing out what they originally planned in 2 separate seasons. Even though they butchered a couple characters, and brought back the same ol jokes that got old and irritating, they basically did that on purpose to keep it vague and leave you wanting more.

I’m sure that our waiting will be worth it once the next season comes out. Cause characters pushed to the side, and open pot holes full of questions are always done for a reason.

Next thing I’m going to be pointing out is the big ass shipping toxicity that’s been happening around tumblr recently.

Lots of fans are practically at each other’s throats about what’s going to be canon and what’s not going to be canon. At this point, nobody’s really paying much attention to the story and is more worried about which couple the writers plan on making canon and shoving ‘proof’ in people’s faces.

While I am hoping Klance will become canon, I would still be happy with the show regardless if it became canon or not.

However, I’d like to speak out my personal thoughts of these ships that’s been becoming big lately:

  • Kallura (Keith x Allura)
  • Klance (Keith x Lance)
  • Sheith (Shiro x Keith)

So, I’ll just get right to it.


I’m gonna be straight up honest, I seriously doubt this ship will actually happen. While it is a nice thought, to me, the ship is a big:

Like, I completely understand why some people would want to ship them. The relationship between a galra and an altean is pretty complex and almost a little forbidden considering (I’m personally a big sucker for forbidden love stuff), not only that, but it’s because this whole show is a reboot of the original series. In the original series, Keith and Allura did get together.

However, in a panel, the writers said they were going to stray away from the original story and make their own story. I mean, who would want to watch a reboot of the same thing? Now, I’m not saying this ship is impossible (I did say that I doubt the ship will happen, but that’s not what I meant), what I’m saying is, if it were possible, it would seem pretty forced.

I mean, Allura and her treatment towards Keith was a little brutal and she was having a very difficult time wrapping her head around the fact that Keith is apart of galran blood. The very race that destroyed and took everything from her.

Now, if the writers were to take that route, the whole relationship would, like I said, be pretty forced, and it’s like trying to censor LGBT to which they mentioned multiple times (I’m not saying they are, but I’m not saying they promised LGBT content either). For all we know, they could be changing their mind about making one of the gay ships canon and making a hetero ship canon instead which is perfectly fine with me. Like I said before, I’ll enjoy the show regardless, but I’ll be questioning what the writers are thinking if they are making this ship canon.

I’m not bashing this ship or anything. If you ship them together, then great. Good for you. I’ll support that for you, but please don’t expect me to be on the same boat because in all honesty, I don’t like the thought of them together cause it just doesn’t make much sense to me.

Also, please keep in mind that I’m only speaking out my opinion, I am in no way putting hate on this ship, I’m just confused on why this would be considered a possibility.


This is the ship that almost the entire fandom is rooting for. Almost everyone is hoping for this ship to actually happen, and while I do agree that I want this ship to happen with a fiery passion, I’d still be happy with the show even they didn’t get together, kissed, or held hands on screen. I’d still ship them if that were the case.

Here’s the thing, I’m really neutral with ships. I’m okay with people shipping whatever. Everyone has their reasons for thinking a certain couple will become canon or whatever they enjoy seeing together. However, I personally think Klance is the couple most likely to happen.

I’m not going to compare this to Kora cause that’s what’s most people have been doing, nor am I bringing up the whole:

‘If it’s red and blue it’s canon’ bullshit cause sometimes that’s not true.

However, I personally feel Klance will happen because their relationship as a whole is dynamic and though they may not realize it, they are very beneficial to each other (take that however you wish).

They are polar opposites, but they still somehow manage to work together in important situations. And even though they tend to have petty arguments, they still find ways to work together despite what they just argued about like 5 seconds ago.

For example, they pretty much had a petty little quarrel with their little fighter drones:

And yet, a bit afterwards with the whole pool incident and Zarkon’s attack, they begin working together.

Somehow they have a level of tolerance with each other in certain situations. While it may just be the adrenaline forcing them to work together, I think it’s something more. There are many examples I’d point out, but I’m not gonna get into full detail because that’d be glorifying.


Now, again, I can see why this ship would be the topic of the fandom, along with why it’s frowned upon. However, while this is a ship I’d honestly like to see happen, I just know it’s not going to happen because of this:

That was like, a huge jump to the sun with this ship. And while some are celebrating the fact that Sheith has gone to a 0% chance of becoming canon, I still feel like I should keep shipping because ‘ey, it could actually happen despite those words.

While I’m not saying it is gonna happen, I’m also not saying it’s not going to happen either.

Basically, it depends on how the writers wanna go about with their relationship. Because their relationship is pretty dynamic next to Klance. They work together amazingly, Keith has  big respect to Shiro and vice versa with Shiro. However, it would be pretty interesting to see them get together despite the whole age gap situation.

The thing I’d like to bring up about that is this question I have right here:

“How did Keith come to be despite the time gap of 10,000 years?”

We don’t know the exact life span of a galra nor do we know the life span of an altean. So maybe take this into consideration. While it is said that Keith is around the age of 17-18, it could also be very very lowkey likely that he’s a lot older than he looks.

Again, this is just opinion.

All we can do for now, is wait and see.

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Hey Shanna, 4AM anon here again! Just stopping by to let you know that iron crown was everything I expected from it and more. You're so talented, and honestly one of my favourite authors on here. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but the woman who Mark loved, Fal, is the-porcelain-doll-xo right? I'm so here for amazing writers befriending and supporting each other! Keep up the good work ♥️

4AM ANON! Hello!! Ahhh I’m so happy you liked Iron Crown! This is such a lovely compliment to hear, my morning is made!! 

And YES! You are correct ahaha - Fal is @the-porcelain-doll-xo , I may have shipped her with immortal Vampire!Mark, he of crimson eyes and steely gaze. LOL

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i never believed this before but now i really feel like you watch with Bellarke googles. I don't think we're getting our moment this season



I am a Bellarke fan.

Why is this even a problem deserving of an anon ask?

*Shipgoggles on* #teamfuckingkissalready look at all the pride and prejudice parallels, omg they love each other so much. okay stop stalling now writers and get them together. 

*shipgoggles off* just let me watch my show already without all these expectations. 

We’re all guessing with speculation. All of us. Me. You. Antis. Your “I don’t think” is not any more correct than my “I think.”

And I also think you’re getting confused. My non shipping interpretation of The 100 is that this is a mythic story of the death and rebirth of humanity, focusing on two paired heroes (Clarke and Bellamy) who will save the world. From the ashes we will rise. Together. 

Yes. It focuses on Clarke and Bellamy. That’s what I see in the story. And that’s actually WHY I ship Clarke and Bellamy so hard. This is the story I see being told. I LIKE this story. 

Did I somehow confuse people into thinking I don’t have a perspective on this show? That I haven’t been talking about my interpretation all this time? Yes I use canon to back up my interpretation. Not only is that how I defend it to people who disagree, but it’s also how I show people where it comes from if they want to agree, and it’s HOW I came up with the interpretation.

I’m not saying this because Clarke and Bellamy are cute and I want them to bang. 

But I like how you come to a Bellarke blog and then accuse the Bellarker of shipping Bellarke. And for some reason, this makes what I’ve been saying about Bellarke all this time, somehow lesser. 


So I was browsing the internet and reading an article titled, “Signs someone likes you as more than just a friend.” I saw these and the first thing that popped to mind was “Shit, these are all Destiel.” In case you’re skeptical, I’ll lay it all out for you, right now.

#3 “They don’t refer to you as a friend” Anyone remember the episode “The End?” Past Dean angrily says to Future Dean, “You mean you’re gonna feed your friends into a meat grinder? Cas too?” He sets Cas apart from the others, not labeling him as a friend, but something else. Cas is too special to be called just a friend.

#4 “They touch you in certain places” God, if this ain’t Dean and Cas… Those two idiots find so many excuses to touch each other, be it the manly grasp of the shoulder or the devastated face-grab or the tight, encompassing embraces. I mean, come on.

#6 “Their eye contact with you is unusual” OKAY. This is a huge one. They stare at each other. All the fucking time. Misha’s even joked about the constant"eye-fucking,“ as he likes to call it. The tension is thick and crackling and their wide-eyed, passionate staring is only escalating it.

#10 “They get angry when someone else tries to make a move” When Dean kisses Anna in season 5, there’s a CLEARLY disappointed and frustrated reaction from Cas. His whole face just drops. Also in season 9, when Cas has sex with April, Dean is visible startled and tries to cover his emotions with fake “you go, buddy” encouragement, while Sam literally STARES at Dean with this knowing expression on his face. And when Cas goes on a date for the first time, Dean stays in the car, literally watching him through the window. And I’m not even getting into that look Dean gives his “platonic friend” when Cas unbuttons his shirt.

#13 “Their body language says it” Dean and Cas are always standing very close together. While it’s explained in the show as Cas’s social awkwardness, it isn’t explained why Dean doesn’t move away. I’m gonna use another example from “The End.” When Cas stands super close to him, Dean LITERALLY looks at his fucking lips and back to his eyes before remembering his heterosexuality and stepping away, reprimanding Cas for encroaching on his personal space. Come on, Dean. You wanted to kiss him. Also Dean totally gets a boner for Cas in season 8 after Cas cleans himself up after Purgatory and you can’t convince me otherwise.

#23 “They expect a lot from you” Dean and Cas are extremely codependent, making it hard for them NOT to expect a lot from each other. Dean almost seems to expect more from Cas than he does from Sam, his own brother. He needs Cas to always be on call, always have his back. In turn, Cas expects Dean to fight for him, to help him navigate the human world. They need each other, and that’s why I think Destiel is so, so beautiful.

In short, Cas and Dean are very much more than friends, even if they don’t realize it. Sam totally knows about his brother’s repression. And I fuckin hope the writers finally come to their senses and make it canon.

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You know, I think I ship you with Pr0ko. And think of it! You're my favourite artist and they're my favourite writer! You could make beauteous work together

Lmao!!! @pr0ko u seein this shit?!? Im dyin om g. Im v flattered, anon. But like. Have you?? Met me lol??/? Im a goblin. No match for kristall, a literal goddess. I am. but a mere Fool.

They’re right tho we could probs do a neat collab. Idk why i haven’t drawn your fics by now. Lol maybe I’ll draw that k/r/a couch blowjob scene ;))))

On Reading Reviews

I read reviews.

I read reviews because I want to be a better writer.

Now, I’m not saying that I read all of my reviews — that would be impossible — and I’m not saying that I follow suggestions in reviews (some sound physically challenging). But yeah, I read them. A lot of them, especially release week. I know many writers can’t read their reviews, and I can understand where they’re coming from. Five star reviews can create pressure. One star reviews can create depressive bourbon drinking. I’m not reading them for the rating, though. I don’t want to say that I don’t care whether or not the reader loved the book, because that’s not true. But when I’m reading reviews, I’m just looking to see if I am doing my job.

Books like The Scorpio Races and The Raven Boys would have been impossible for me to write if I hadn’t been reading my reviews since 2008. They are strange books, with strange plots, strange characters, strange worlds. I love very many strange novels, but the risk one runs writing a strange things is that it will only find a niche audience. The Scorpio Races is a novel about killer water horses emerging from the ocean and the island that races them — it would have been a very simple thing to write a version of it that was only appealing to readers interested in Celtic mythology, or a version only appealing to horse-lovers, or a version that was appealing to no one at all.

This is where reading reviews comes in. No story is too strange if you tell it right. And the only way to know if you’re telling stories in a way most readers understand is to listen to the readers.

This is the point where several writers will sneer and scoff at me, and that’s completely within their right. There’s a longstanding history of authors writing stories only to please themselves, and I’m not going to say that’s wrong. But for me, writing has always been performative. I get a burst of enjoyment from creating the story, and a second, equally large burst from sharing it with readers. Maybe larger. As much as I love a story, it’s what it becomes in someone else’s head that drives me to write. Sometimes people ask writers “would you write if you couldn’t get published?” and I’m not sure I would. I think I’d jump ship to another medium where I could tell stories to an audience. I’m a story-teller, not a writer. Performative.

And reviews tell me what I need to hear to improve. I skim across them to see what story they’re telling me. Patterns emerge: readers don’t understand this character, readers love this scene I didn’t expect, readers fixate on this side character, this sort of wordplay is or isn’t working. One review won’t shift me. But a wave of reviews will. I’m not going to change the stories I’m telling, but I will constantly learn how to tell those stories in a way that is more universally successful. My goal as a writer is to make the reader see the story as I’m seeing it in my head, and every step I take is towards making those pictures the same. Towards reducing the translation errors.

Do they hurt my feelings? Nah. A review is a weather report. Well, I take that back — sometimes I run across reviews of me, rather than the book. Those’ll dig under my skin. I remain unwilling to revise my person to make other people more comfortable. But my novels? They are just a version of a story in my head. I’ve got lots more, and I can do better if this one didn’t work.

Musicians, comedians, stage actors, and performers of all sorts are always watching their audience to see how their performances are landing. And so am I. I reckon I always will.

Love your Writers

I decided that I would do this…and I don’t know where to begin. When I first came into this fandom, I was overwhelmed with the amount of talented, and amazing authors that there are. I have proceeded to make so many friends that are sweet treasures, and I am so thankful for all of you.

Some of you have been there for me when I felt like I had no one else to turn to; others have helped me so much with my own writing that I cannot even fathom where I would be without you. Even more people have given me laughter and smiles, tears and broken hearts, through their wonderful writing. While this list is by no means perfect, and it is always growing, I will do my best to thank each and every one of you.

So here goes nothing. (Also I understand that some of these authors may have different usernames on AO3 than tumblr, so if I incorrectly tag someone, please let me know so that I can change it)

@playingchello: Where to even begin, they are an amazing author, and also an exemplary human being. Any of their fics are to die for, though one of the best, in my humble opinion, is Never a Rose. Chels, you have been there for me, through so much, and I thank you dear.

@mongoose-bite: Crunchy. You are an amazing doll. I adore each and every one of your fanfictions; and I really enjoy talking to you. I do still owe you that fanfic. I haven’t forgotten. I promise, one day you will get it.

@knightlysoulsnatcher: Aka Lynne. She is a wonderful author that is helping me write my fic NaC. And a really good friend of mine. I absolutely adore her.

@cinnamonskull: Okay, she is amazing. I cannot choose a single fic to rec. I throw all of them at any Ereri shipper. I mean, seriously. Go bask in amazing smut, and tears, and laughter.

@xenophonspeaks: Corey. You are an amazing man, and author. I have loved talking to you, and I adore your quirky personality. Both you and your fics have made me smile more times than I can count.

@fearthekeira: Not only is she an amazing writer for AOT, she has an amazing original story that I am currently drooling over. Her fics Find the Silver Lining and Fight the Bitter Ending, and Duty and Sacrifice are all wonderful.

@sciencefictioness: Woman, you have saved me so many times with my own fics, in addition to writing some of my absolute favorites of all time. I absolutely adore Consorting with Alphas, Red Heat and Misread. Top three of all of yours, though even still, it is hard to choose just three. You are amazing!!!

@nouveauqueer: A real sweetie who is writing Orange. They are amazing!

@mistyhollowdrummer: A Forged Wedding. One of my favorite tropes. “Fake wedding” This fic made me cry and smile so much. I am forever thankful. Also the author of The Change You Wish to See.

@Dressed_in_darkness: She has made me cry so many times, and I have loved every single second of it. Chasing Summer, The Thug, Our Cryptic Love, and now Metamorphosis.

@Remmy-AoT: The wonderful author that created Tentative Bliss. Which was the fic that started me shipping Ererimins. It is a must read for anyone who loves BDSM and fluff. O_O

@Simplytsundere: The wonderful author of Undercover Lover, and now Saving the Spade. Both are simply amazing.

@haberkonium: Dark Waters, and many others that are absolutely amazing.

@whos_madison: What Color is Fate? This is the beginning of a wonderful fic. It is based on the prompt that you only see color when you meet your soul mate, and when they die, you lose it again.  Not only is she an amazing writer, she is a sweetie.

@screwtodayimsleeping: The writer of I Heard You Talking and now My Promised One. Both amazing fics.

@cocoaChoux: Click on My Heart

@HaleYes: A Matter of Perspective

@LittleGreenPuppy:A World of Our Own

@Jean_huh_kirschnickerdoodle: All of their fics. I am serious.

@pyrogrape: Just amazing all around.

@Sabrinanikkol: Wanderlust

@catsonfire: They did a wonderful piece called Art of War. Which is fluffy and funny and made me so happy.

@poketsizedtitan: The Little Titan Cafe. A must read if you ship Ereri.

*Pants from exertion* Wow, that was a lot longer than I expected it to be. If you have written for this fandom, and I have not put you here, you are also wonderful. Thank you all for what you do! I look forward to staying in this fandom with you.