if you ever wanted to know who my favourite cast member was

NU’ESTs records/Facts unique to them you might not have known!

-As some of you already know despite Nu’est being underrated they still have some records (I’ll put those in bold) and many things unique to them, so I’m making this list of info for new loves :)

- NU’EST is the first ever boy group from Pledis (debut 15th March 2012) and the 2nd ever Pledis group

-JR aka Kim Jonghyun was the first ever male trainee Pledis recruited (2009). He was casted on the street in his hometown and first thought he was being scammed lmao until he saw pictures of After School on the walls at Pledis HQ. 

(cute baby bugi)

-JR is the only Leader from a Pledis group who IS NOT the oldest member in the group (he is the 2nd oldest, Aron is NU’ESTs hyung born in 1993) 

-JR was called the ‘Male Kahi’ during debut

-His first MV appearance was pre-debut in Orange Caramel’s “Bangkok city” giving him the nickname ‘Bangkok city boy’ 

(15 year old JR check out those braids)

-JR felt lonely as the only male trainee for 1 Year, He had to eat instant ramen alone for that year (I guess Pledis was super broke)

-Mingi was the 2nd male trainee to Join Pledis in 2010, so JR wasn’t lonely anymore. Then Baekho joined, then Minhyun and lastly Aron joined NU’EST, possibly training for 6 months unto 1 year. 

- Minhyun’s first pre-debut MV appearance was in Orange Caramel’s “Shanghai Romance” giving him the nickname “Shanghai boy”

(I remember I was pissed seeing this kid reject Nana back then lol)

-Baekho made his first pre-debut MV appearance in After School’s “Play Ur Love”

(What! a! cutie!!

-JR had a pre-debut rap feature in UEE’s “Sok Sok Sok” and also featured in Gilme’s “Me First”  

-All of NU’EST + S.coups appeared in After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy” as backup dancers!

(Aron and Ren made their first appearances here)

- Aron rejected a place to study journalism at New York University (SUPER HARD to get into) to go to Korea and join NU’EST

-Aron got almost full marks on his SAT’s, but he said he’s bad at math so he failed the math questions

(Aron in high school) 

-Baekho’s stage name, meaning literally “white tiger” in Korean, was given to him by UEE, because apparently he looks like the character Kang Baekho from Slam dunk Manga lol

-NU’EST debut song “Face” was the most viewed kpop debut on youtube for years, and is still the most viewed kpop Boygroup debut MV all of time (almost 70m now)

- NU’EST “Face” was the best selling debut album of 2012

- During their debut, NU’EST was the group with the youngest overall age 

- JR is the Youngest Kpop Leader ever to debut (at the age of 16) 

Kid Leader —–> to Nation’s Leader

-NU’EST is the ONLY group ever where the Leader and Maknae are the same age! (Born 1995) 

(baby Jren ❤️ ) 

- Besides JYJ, NU’EST is the only boy group where at least 80% of the members are the same age.

-JR  and Aron have been writing rap lyrics for some years now (maybe 2014 or earlier) but in early 2016 their style changed drastically with the release of “Q is”. Baekho showed his composition skills and dream teamwork with Bumzu. 

-In the “Canvas” album the members were involved in every aspect of it, JR Aron Minhyun Ren and Baekho all wrote lyrics. Baekho was heavily involved in composition, Ren’s cousin made the album art (the illustrations) and Ren also helped in Styling and Minhyun wrote the song “Thank you” for loves.  

-Minhyun’s ultimate inspiration are ot5 TVXQ, his favourite song is “Love in the ice” and his Bias is Xiah Junsu 

-You likely already know, But Ren’s ultimate inspiration is Lady Gaga, like her he wants to be a strength for his fans.

-The song that helped JR get through hard times when he felt like giving up is DOK2′s “On my Way” when you listen to lyrics is clear how he relates to it

‘I have long ways to go and many walls to climb over

It has been eight years but everything is still the same

To make my dream comes true, still I’m on my way’

-In 2017 4 members of NU’EST joined Produce 101, they were the trainees with the most debut experience

-Aron did not go onto Produce 101 because of a leg injury. He stayed at the dorm and waited for them to come, cooking food for them when they did.

-Minhyun is the member of Wanna One with the most debut experience 

-On the PD101 final, instead of the show trending on Korean search engines, “NU’EST” and “Kim Jonghyun” trended no.1 and no.2 

-NU’EST is the only group to change their name/ become a unit (NU’EST W) because 1 member is not present.

-NU’EST W is the 3rd group ever to get over 100 million hearts on v-live

-’Hello’ has been nicknamed ‘Zombie-seyo’ because of the many many times it managed to climb the chart so high after so many years, peaking no.3 on melon on the night of pd101 final

-NU’EST W got their first no.1′s on charts with “If you” a song written for Minhyun

-Despite not even having a comeback yet, Korea and internationally NU’EST’s rise has been trending

-They have been crowded “Reversal Icons” 

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-Lastly, when Minhyun comes back, they will be 7 years old, and will likely become the group who took the longest time to get a win on a major Music show (assuming fans stay and make them stable for Minhyun’s return)

I made this to show you how long NU’EST have been in the industry, how long they have been chasing their dream.

I hope you learned something new about NU’EST! they deserve the world for their pure talent and all they have gone through, Please support them from now on <3

After Hours - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: Based on the prompt: “I have a key to the theatre, and sometimes I go there when I need to think. Apparently so do you.”

Words: 5,296 (ren and i are just…yeah)

Warnings: Swearing. 

A/N: From Ren (@alexanderhamllton- Guys, it happened!!! Here’s my first collab with Liv, which I’m so so excited about, we wrote the whole thing in one afternoon and I couldn’t be more proud of the result. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do <3

From Liv - I am still dizzy from how much I enjoyed writing this. I finally had the honour of collaborating with Ren (aka real human sunshine) and it was so much more than I could have ever hoped for. Honestly, it is amazing. Happy reading!

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There is something very beautiful about a theatre without an audience. It is filled to the brim with potential, all these seats just waiting to be filled, an empty stage that could become an entirely different universe. The lights are dimmed down, and from inside a deserted Richard Rodgers, it is as if the entire world has stopped spinning.

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||❥ artistic (nsfw)

j u n ! s c e n a r i o

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word count: 2,143

genre: ohohoho it’s more nsfw filth.

click below the cut to find out what is included. just a lil heads up sub!junhui is comin ur way u’ve been warned i’m already packing my things n heading into the ozark mountains.

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British Puns and Greasy Hair: Part 2

Cole Sprouse X Reader X Tom Holland

SUMMARY : First day in set with fresh-face Tom and stone-cold Cole. Read about how Tom dilutes you in his terrible jokes while Cole finally confronts you.

A/N: Thank you for the overwhelming love and support ! If you wanna be in the taglist, just request :)


“No, Tom. It’s pronounced kra’sant”




“Okay, nevermind.” You give up your attempt in trying to get Tom to pronounce croissant.

“What?” he takes another bite of the delicious croissant, “Quackson.”

You burst into laughter  at his pure childlike behaviour, as you take a bite of your own croissant, “Quackson, it is.”

You’ve just wound up giving Tom his first tour around the entire set and you’re now bonding over croissants in the small stall set for the cast members to grab a bite or two. Everybody loved Holland. He was really courteous and cheeky with his high-pitched british accent, constantly making everbody laugh, he even pulled a spiderman lift for one of the crew members!

“Don’t you have any shoots today?” he questions, taking the final bite off his quackson.

“I do, actually. But Mark gave me some time out since you needed a ‘tour’”

“Actually, I didn’t” he chuckles cheekily, wiping the crumbs off his face.

“What do you mean?”

“I came here the other day too,” he continues laughing,”I know everything,”

You squint your eyes in confusion,”Then what was all that ‘I’m so lost, help me’ about?”

“Ah, I was just bored. I don’t have any shoots until 3pm. Boredom, darling” he winks.

You roll your eyes. You can’t believe Tom just wasted half your day because he didn’t want to be alone when you had been hoping to get off shoot early today.

“You’re SO annoying,” you hit his arm as you head inside for your shoot,”I’m leaving”

“Hit a nerve there, darling” he loudly calls out as he watches you leave.

“Don’t call me darling, you quackson”.


“And CUT!” Mark loudly blurts,”Good shot, Lili and (Y/n)”

You smile in response at Mark and grab yourself a bottle of water. Throughout the shoot, you and Lili remained professional. The atmosphere was obviously a tad bit weird but you didn’t let it get to you.

“Hey (Y/n)” Lili suddenly approaches out of nowhere.

You almost choke on the water at her sudden approach. “Uhm, hey Lil’”

“Okay I’m just going to say it. I’m sorry for what happened, uh, you know what I mean,” she sighs, “(Y/n), you know that I, uh, we, would never do anything intentionally to hurt you, right?” she rubs your arm.

Her use of the word ‘we’ made your stomach sick.

Guess she and Cole are really one now.

“Lili, it’s completely-“ you pause at the sight of Cole abruptly walking towards the two of you.


You quickly free yourself from Lili’s grip, “I’m just going to,”

Not even a fraction of a second later, Cole grabs your hand again.

What’s with people grabbing my hand today?

Lili’s eyes widen at the sight of Cole holding your hand.

“(Y/n), please just hear us out. You can’t keep avoi-“



“TOM! OVER HERE!” you immediately call Tom the second you see him from a distance. Tom happily smiles and walks over to you. What a cutie.

You let go of Cole’s hand. “I’m not sure you guys have met yet. Tom, this is Lili. And that’s Cole,”

Tom smiles warmly at the two of them, “Betty and Jughead!” he quickly leans in for a small hug, Cole not looking comfortable at all.

“Aw, so” Lili is the first person to initiate the conversation, as always, “ How did you guys meet?” referring to you and Tom since you two look pretty close for someone who’ve just met!

“Oh, we don’t really-“

Tom quickly interrupts, “Aha! May I take this one, my darling?”

You roll your eyes. He continues, “I actually happened to save this Lil’ Miss I-pretend-I-can-park-so-well from her crippling fear of photographers this morning,”

You hit his arm, “Hey, why are you dissing my parking skills?”

“Oh, come on, you couldn’t eve-“

“Crippling fear of photographers, oh really?” Cole repeats Tom’s statement.

“That wasn’t what I,” you forgot what you were going for. Cole must’ve thought you were referring it to him since he’s a photographer himself.

“LILI! TOM!” one of the crew members call out, “YOU’RE UP NEXT!”

“Oh gosh, my first shot. Wish me luck,” Tom looks way too nervous for someone who’s just had a hit movie released.

You chuckle and stroke his arm lightly, “All the luck in the world to you, Quackson”

He snickers at your use of his famous nick-name,”Thanks, darling” he leaves with Lili.

English people and their use of darling words on a daily basis could be very misleading and dangerous.

Speaking of danger, with Lili and Tom gone, that leaves only you and Cole.

“Can we please talk?” Cole asks once again with a softer tone.

You try to avoid his gaze as you had been since this morning.




You’re sitting at the edge of the patio overlooking the beautiful LA sunset. You’re used to watching the sun go down with Cole. It used to be one of your favourite things to do. You always felt serene and calm, but not this time. Right now, your heart is beating out of your chest. Cole is sitting right beside you. Usually, you would have a comfortable silence but this time, all you can feel is anticipation of what Cole might say- and you’re not sure you want to hear.

“I’m guilty,” Cole finally speaks out,”I can’t and won’t deny what I’ve done. There’s not a day when I don’t regret kissing Lili, (Y/n), please believe me when I say that-“

You turn away fom him,”Cole, you don’t have to do this. I forgive you, okay? Let’s just forget what happened and move on,”

“But that’s the problem, I CAN’T” Cole increases his tone, “I can’t move on, (Y/n). I can’t forget what happened. I can’t forgive myself for what I did to you. I can’t move on. I’ve been waking up every morning with the thought of you. I wonder how you’re doing, if you’re okay, if the paparazzi are bothering you too much, if you have any nightmares at 3am, I can’t get you out of my head, (Y/n). My stomach feels sick everytme I think of someone else doing everything I used to do,”

You don’t know if you heart is fluttering because you’ve finally heard his piece or if it’s breaking because you know you can’t trust him, let alone survive him, a second time.

“You’re my home, (Y/n)” his voice weakens as Cole wipes a tear from his eye.


You flashback to all the sunsets you chased with him and all the sunrise you woke up to, with him by your side. All the premieres he took you to, holding your hand tight making sure you were protected, all the nights he stayed up on the phone with you, all the songs he had sung for you at 3am even though he hated singing, all the Sunday brunches you had with his family, all the love he made you feel.

And then the hurt.

How he dismissed all the rumours about him and Lili which one of the crew member had been telling you. How he made you feel so bad about yourself for not trusting him. How he kissed Lili’s lips knowing how much it would hurt you, break you.

“You were my home too, Cole” you sob,”for a very long time”

“(Y/n), please don’t do this,” he tries to hold your hand but you resist.

“But you can’t be my home anymore” you quickly get up sobbing and rush to leave.

“I’ll wait for you, (Y/n).”

You pause for a second before running abruptly from him again.

It took everything in you not to run back to him and hug him with all the love in the world. It was probably one of the hardest things you had ever had to do. But you know better than to run back to someone who did something you would’ve never even thought of doing, without the slightest care in the world.

Cole is obviously very sorry, you can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. But it’s going to take a lot more than just hollow words to win you back.

Although, right now, you’re not quite sure you want to be ‘won’.


“Blimey!” Tom gasps,”And here I thought the show was dark”

You had just told him about the thing between you, Cole and Lili since he wouldn’t stop pasturing you about it. It has only been few days since he joined the cast but  it’s surprising how much information he has gotten out of you. 

Right now, you’re standing outside your front yard. Tom had dropped you home, much to the dislike of Cole, since the shoot ended quite late today.

“Yeah, whatever” you roll your eyes.

“How are you holding up?”

“I mean, I’m getting used to it”

“Hmmm…okay. Thank you for sharing, I know I-”

You cut him off, “Tell me a fun fact about you,”

Tom goes into a deep thought, “Okay, here’s a fun fact about me, I can dance”

He immediately makes himself comfortable in the middle of the street and starts twirling like a ballerina.

You burst into loud giggles, “Tom! Stop that, my neighbours will see you, you mad person!”

Mama raised a bad boy. He starts singing like he’s in some kind of musical,

Do you hear me I’m talking to you, across the water..” he grins and offers his hand FOR A DANCE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET AT 11PM.

“No way, I’m not-“ your attempt to avoid dancing with Tom is dismissed as he immediately takes hold of your hand, all the while, calmly singing, “..Under the open sky, oh my, baby I’m trying”

Tom, being the perfect facade of a hopeless romantic, twirls you around and around and makes you dance around the entire neighbourhood.

You’re no dancer. You don’t even think that that would qualify as dancing but you had the time of your life laughing and trying to run away , and failing each time, and dancing horrendously with Tom.

By the time you reach your front yard again, after all the dancing, you’re panting like hell! Clearly out of breath and terribly exhausted.

“How are you,” you pant,”still so active?”

“I’m Spiderman, darling, I have a lot of stamina,”

“You’re really annoying,” you blurt,” but that was really fun”

“Ah, you’ll get used to it. Anyways, I’ll get going now.” He moves forward for a hug but you resist, “No! don’t hug me, I’m sweaty.”

“Trust me, you’ve smelt worse” he pulls you in for quick hug.

You hit arm,” Can you be a little less annoying, Mr Quackson?”

“Only if you weren’t so beautiful even with all the sweat dripping down your face at 11pm” he answers while getting into his car.

You roll your eyes. “Quackson.

You get into your house with the tiniest of the tiniest butterflies in your tummy. You haven’t felt that in a long time. And you’re not sure if that’s because he called you beautiful or because you have a kissing scene with him tomorrow.



A/N : I’m just going to ask the question you’ve been dreading - Team Cole or Team Tom?


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I’ve Got You.

request- hey, I really loved your fic Family! I was wondering if you could write a fic where the reader is a member of the spn cast and she is around 16 and emancipated from her family, but the rest of the cast doesn’t know for the simple fact that it hasn’t ever come up, but they find out after a fan asks about her family and she tells them that she’s emancipated and doesn’t keep in contact with her family. This later leads to a chat with the cast about why she never told them…?

requested by- anon

characters- Jared x Platonic!Reader, Jensen x Platonic!reader.

warnings- swearing, mentions of depression, mentions of abuse, mentions of self doubt.

a/n- I feel like this is kinda a lot like ‘family’??? but regardless, I enjoyed writing it.

Your family was always a sensitive subject for you, growing up was hard enough but when you had parents who took everything out on you and weren’t supportive at all.. lets just say it got tough.

You found out what ‘emancipation’ was when you turned fifteen, it was around the time you had gotten an audition for a roll on Supernatural as Sam’s daughter. 

Booking the roll meant you had to leave your small town in Denver to move up North to Vancouver, Canada. It was then you decided to go to the local council so they could help with being emancipated, you had proven you were over fourteen and that you would have a legal way to make money, you had also told them why you wanted to be emancipated, they understood.

Within four weeks your court date was delivered, you arrived, finished the hearing and then, a few months later when you were about to leave for Canada, you got the news that it was all finalised. You could finally live a life without your parents.

Of course the producers of the show and network knew, they had to know, the cast however didn’t know.

You were at another convention doing a panel with Jared, the questions were lighthearted and funny but you knew the deeper, more personal ones were approaching.

A young girl stepped towards the mic and spoke, “hi! My name’s Belle” you gasped which made Jared laugh, “Belle’s my favourite Disney princess oh my gosh! That’s so cool” you chirped into the mic, the girl laughed a bit and thanked  you, “this question is for Y/N, if that’s okay” she laughed when Jared stood up and kicked the stool playfully, you shook your head “ignore him, what’s your question?” You asked her trying not to laugh when you saw Jared pout as he sat back down, “okay, so you’re from Denver, which is quite far away from where you film, I was wondering if that effected how close you are to your parents?” She asked, you let out a nervous laugh, “uh, aha, I actually don’t talk to my parents anyways? Around this time last year when I found out I had the roll I went through the whole emancipating process? So I don’t live with them or I don’t have to talk to them… Yeah” you concluded before letting out another nervous laugh, Jared quickly thanked the girl for her question as they moved on to another.

You were sat in your hotel room when there was a knock at the door, after the panel you said you felt sick and went straight to your room, luckily all your photo-ops were the next day.

With a sigh, you stood up and walked over to the door, slowly you opened it and smiled a small smile when you saw Jared stood on the other side, “can I come in?” Jared asked, you nodded your head and opened the door wider for him to walk in, you quietly closed it and turned around.

He was watching you closely as you picked up a book that was led on the bed, you bookmarked it and placed it on the bedside table, “you okay?” He asked, you let out a sigh, “I honestly don’t know..” you quietly answered.

He walked over and sat on the bed, he patted the spot next to him, “come on.. talk to me” you debated in your mind for what felt like an hour before you sat down facing him with your legs crossed.

“How come you didn’t tell anyone?” Jared asked after a few seconds of silence, you shrugged your shoulders, “never came up in conversation” you answered quietly, “I don’t know… I just didn’t know how, I guess” you avoided his gaze and looked down at your hands that were absentmindedly playing with your bracelet.

Jared sighed quietly, “do you mind me asking why?” He asked again, you were silent for a while, “okay, that’s fine, when you want to talk I’ll be here to listen” he placed a kiss on your forehead and started walking towards the door when a small voice made him stop, “they were never there…” he turned around, “not once, they always found a new way to make me feel shitty about myself… so I left…” you quietly trailed off, Jared came back over and sat down, he turned to face you, “have you talked to them since?” He asked, you shook your head and blinked back the tears.

“I’ve debated whether to or not… part of me wants to leave all of that behind, but another part of me wants to know whether they actually miss me” you sighed, “what did they do exactly?” He asked quietly whilst rubbing his thumb over your knee in comfort, “what didn’t they do?” You laughed, “they wanted to shape me into the perfect kid, they thought that the best way to go about it would be to yell at me, to… belittle me and make me feel like crap! They’d padlock the kitchen cabinets so the only time I’d eat would be when they ate, and even then they wouldn’t give me much… If I did something wrong, even just the slightest bit wrong they’d lock me in my room! I couldn’t live like that anymore, it wasn’t fair!” Jared went to speak but you interrupted, “even when I was depressed they didn’t care. They refused to take me to the doctor, said that it was all in my head and that I was looking for attention” Jared had tears in his eyes as he watched you pour your heart out to him, “do you have any idea what it’s like to want help, but to be refused it? To want to get better but your parents said no because it’d ruin their ‘perfect image’, it’s exhausting” you cried, “I was trapped and I couldn’t get out, and I couldn’t do it” that was when you broke, sobs racketed through your body as Jared quickly scooped you into his arms.

He held you tight, one arm wrapped securely around your body and the other was against the back of your head, pressing it to his chest, “it was too much, and I couldn’t do it” you spoke. Jared shushed your and held you close, rocking slightly, “you’ll be okay, I’ve got you” he muttered softly, you clung onto him and cried until there was no tears left.

After a while of just sitting there, Jared felt two arms wrap around him, “thank you” you whispered, he smiled and placed another kiss on top of your head before squeezing you tightly, “don’t mention it. Don’t be afraid to open up once in a while, okay?” He said, you nodded your head and yawned a little, Jared loosened his grip and went to unwrap your arms from him when your grip tightened, “please don’t go” you whispered, he shuffled up the bed whilst holding onto you and led down, your head was resting on his chest, his arms were protectively holding you as darkness overcame both of them.

It was around an hour later when Jensen strolled up to your hotel room with your spare key-card dangling from his fingers.

He’d knocked on the door for ten minutes beforehand but got no answer.

He quietly opened the door and froze at the sight in front of him, a small smile graced his lips as he grabbed a throw from one of the chairs and covered both Jared and yourself.

He quickly fished his phone from out of his pocket before snapping a photo, he chuckled softly to himself and walked out of the room quietly closing the door behind him.

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anonymous asked:

Is Souta Furuta Washuu what you'd call a Mary Sue?

I don’t know if this is a question you ask because of genuine curiosity or if you’re one of the people who go out of their way to play judgement day with people who like morally grey character. 

So I will give you a reply that will explain my short answer, no I don’t, in a more elaborate manner. 

First of all - what is a Mary Sue? Let’s take a look at the definition. 

A Mary Sue is an idealised and seemingly perfect fictional character, a young or low-rank person who saves the day through unrealistic abilities, sometimes with the intent to inspire young or marginalised people and show them that even they can have as great of a potential as leading characters. Often this character is recognised as an author insert or wish-fulfilment.[1] Sometimes the name is reserved only for women, and male Sues are called “Larry Stus,” “Gary Stus,” or “Marty Stus”; but more often the name is used for both sexes.[2][3]

Personally I’d say that sounds way less than Souta and more like… 

Originally posted by tsukiayma

But of course this is oversimplifying the facts, so let’s start with a real Mary Sue. 

Theodore from The Castle of Otranto 

The Castle of Otranto is the first gothic novel in literary history and created something that you call the triadic character constellation, which consist of the archetypes of the hero, the damsel in distress and the villain

Since we’re not discussing the novel now, let’s just have a look at Theodore the Mary Sue. 

Why is Theodore a Mary Sue?

The definition of a Mary Sue describes the character as someone who is so close to perfection that it makes them bland. Perfection in a from the author intended positive sense

 Theodore is: 

  • A prince that was raised like a peasant but still talks and acts like royalty (though he has no prior knowledge to being a prince)
  • Incredibly handsome and witty
  • He has so much luck that he is practically untouchable to EVERYTHING that happens around him (supposed to starve to death under a gigantic Helmet, nah, ghost from the afterlife helped him)
  • He is so handsome that the 2 most beautiful girls in the novel (though all girls are beautiful and chaste and boring and Mary Sues) fall in love with him even though they don’t have a lot of interaction 
  • He helps everyone (especially women) for no selfish reason at all, but no, he just believes it is worth giving up his life for a complete stranger especially if it’s a woman 
  • Did I mention the help form his ancestors from the afterlife?

See where my point leads you? A Mary Sue is never NEVER morally grey character, what you mean would be a character that’s over powered and badly written. 

But then we also have to take a closer look at… 

Why would people assume Souta is a Mary Sue?

1.“He is part of every organisation that exists within the TG universe!”

Wrong. He is not part of every organisation. He wasn’t part of Anteiku, neither is he part of Aogiri, he is not part of the Tsukiyama clan’s now fallen empire, he is not a White Suit, he is not a Black Goat and I don’t think he ever heard of Tatara’s family, but he is a Washuu. 

The Washuu clan who has control over the CCG, the Washuu clan that is the reason why the Sunlit Garden exists and Souta is a Garden child that wasn’t deemed useful for breeding so they made him part of V. Thanks to his connection to Kanou (and Kanou works with the Clowns and prior worked with/for the CCG AND he knows of the Garden…) you can do the maths - tada, that’s how he also became part of their organisation, though it is important to acknowledge that Souta has his own agenda. 

All organisations that Souta is a part of are related or connected to Washuu Clan, which he is a part of. Arima was also member of the CCG and part of V, but also had his ties to Aogiri so hm… Seems like Souta isn’t the only Washuu kid that get off the right path. 

… and look at Eto, who happens to be an natural born one eyed ghoul, leader of Aogiri and Ken’s favourite best selling author… h m. 

2. “He is too handsome.” 

Which is also one of the key characteristics of a Mary Sue, but again… all Washuu children out of his generation (speaking of the siblings Souta, Rize, Kishou and Yoshitoki) are beautiful, as pointed out various times (by Ken and in case of Yoshitoki (Chika) by Marude) through out the manga. 

Also he’s not the only good looking character in the series who has a morally grey perspective look at Eto, Touka, Ken, Renji… the list is endless. 

3. “He suddenly took the lead of the CCG!” 

That was his initial plan from the start. He is a literal carbon copy of his older brother, from the hairstyle down his voice he is copying Yoshitoki and it works, even Yoshitoki’s own son mistook his uncle for his own father. It didn’t happen suddenly, it all happened because Souta planned it. 

Also it wasn’t too suddenly, he still had some negotiations with his Papa, hm? He also worked for the CCG and is no stranger to them. 

4. “He is over powered!”

He might be an artificial half ghoul, but he is not overpowered. He was seemingly exhausted after his fight with Eto, he was bruised and beaten up, even threw up due to psychological pressure (if it was an act or not is ofc debatable.) Meanwhile his brother Kishou often came out of fights unharmed, a ‘scratch’ was something unusual for him and in the end the only person that was able to kill him, was he himself. 

Now to move away from the Washuu, you also have other artificial half ghouls that would fit the ‘over powered’ category, look at Ken, Amon, Takizawa and the other half ghouls. 

Even full ghouls are somewhat ‘over powered’. Renji can kick off someone’s head without effort, he blocked Arima’s attack with his bare hands, survived getting his throat slit and blast from Angel Beat right to his abdomen AFTER barely surviving a fight prior to that ; Hinami has a chimera kagune, Donato can detach his kagune and create a perfect clone of himself with only losing a small part of his body in case of his clone being killed, what the fuck is Uta even? 

And even among humans we have character whom you could speak of as a Mary Sue, look at Marude who can shot a sniper riffle without adjusting it, hitting another sniper in a larger building complex without any problems, he also managed to jump of a ship and swim fully clothed through presumably ice cold water (and while you swim fully clothed it gets way harder to move and ice cold water slows you down too). 

Takeomi who can kill a ghoul with his bare hands while being a human. 


5. “His backstory is unrealistic and overly dramatic.”

That literally applies to 90% of the entire Tokyo Ghoul cast when you’re honest. Plus his backstory is plausible looking at the long history of how the Washuu treat everything like life stock. Humans and ghouls alike. Only a few lucky ones who are born into the main branch get a somewhat ‘good’ life and even that point is debatable. 

You can of course always take the easy way out and say a character is a Mary Sue, but a Mary Sue is a perfect character without any flaws. Saying that the TG cast consists of Mary Sues is over simplification. You can’t just pick that one character you don’t like and call them a Mary Sue, then you have to say that most of them are Mary Sues. 

It’s the same as calling Touka a damsel in distress because Ken saved her one time. 

All of these character are complex and a product of the environment they were born and raised in, if you merely reduce them to a few traits or what you want them to be, you’re reading the story wrong. 

Sure it’s easy to hate Furuta and I’m not saying that everyone should love him, he is a horrible, terrible person but he is an incredibly well written and complex character and therefor nobody I would call a Mary Sue. 

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Pairing: Matt Cohen x Reader


Warnings: none

A/N: Whoooo! First Matt Cohen x Reader request EVER, I feel awesome! The R2M questions you guys asked but were not included in the fic will be answered soon! ALSO, those fanfic writers I referenced (From Con to Con is by @nerdyforyourbooks, Aria being one of the most PHENOMENAL smut writer EVER, you can find her on ao3) are AMAZING so do me a favour and go check out their stuff!

(the guy who deserves more fanfiction written about him)

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[ never will i ever ]

Prompt: Enemies To Lovers
What: BTS Drabble/Oneshot
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Wiords: 3k

Summary: Your best friend is an idol and being an idol comes with its trappings. When she tells you that she’s signed up for We Got Married, you’re super excited for her. You are less enthused when you find out who her partner is going to be. Your teenage nemesis - Kim Taehyung

Knock. Knock. Knock.

“Y/N!! Open up!! Wake up ya binch!!!” a shrill voice says in a register that can only be described as excited.

You shoot up in bed, the blood rushing to your head quickly causing the room to spin a bit. Squinting at the clock, you register the time, it’s 7 am. For fuck’s sake, why is this dumbass waking you up this early. Sometimes her enthusiasm is irritating.

You contemplate going back to sleep, debating whether it’s worth to let your best friend murder you for a few more hours of sleep.

Then you hear another frantic knocking spell.

“Y/NNNNNN…. get your lazy ass out of bed or I’m going to open the door with the spare key hidden in….”

“Oi!!!” you shout from inside the apartment, “We don’t need my whole floor knowing where I keep my spare key!!”

“Then open the damn door!!!” Jang-mi yells back with gusto.

Your curse the day you became friends with Park Jang-mi. Your life had never been the same. She seems to have taken the motto “Carpe Diem” as a personal goal. Your weary soul needs rest.

Grumbling you put on your comfy robe over your pajamas and make your way to the door.

You barely have the door unlocked when Jang-mi comes barreling in. What infuriates you the most is that she looks the picture of perfection, hair done, make up perfect. “Yah, why do you look like you’re going to an award show at 7 fucking am” you say in a sulking tone because you both know there’s no malice in there.

“Excuse me did you forget? I’m an idol, I always have to be the picture of perfection. One wrong HQ fansite picture and my career is donezos” Jang-mi replies in a sickly sweet voice, which she knows gets on your nerves

“Ugh man I will never understand you guys’ world” you replied, rolling your eyes, standing in stark contrast to your best friend, with your messy hair, bad breath, and sleep crusty eyes.

“ANYWAYYYY, the reason I came here at this god forsaken hour is that I have big news and you’re the first person I wanted to share it with!!” she squealed warmly.

“Umm ok, it sounds important, let me put a pot of coffee on.” you say. You need the life giving liquid if you want to stay awake for this conversation.

“Yes please, coffee sounds amazing” Jang-mi replies as she walks towards the couch in your lounge, settling down comfortably with her legs spread out.

“Idol my ass.” you say under your breath and chuckle, but you’re secretly pleased that your best friend has a place where she can be herself; away from prying eyes.

Setting down two steaming mugs of Sumatra’s finest on the table, you look over to your best friend curiously. “So what exactly is it that made you almost break down my door at 7 am?” you finally ask

“I’m getting married!!” she yells out and your head snaps from the cup to your best friend. The shock must be clear on your face because she hastily continues, “Not real life married, relax. If I was dating anyone, you’d be the first to know duh.” she says with annoyance as if it’s a fact.

“I’m still lost, you’re getting married….?” you ask again.

“You remember I told you about the conversation I had with my manager? About raising my profile? The group’s becoming more popular, but I just need the extra push. Finally he’s found me the best thing!” each syllable came out faster and more excited than the last. This is clearly something she’s thrilled about, you think to yourself.

“He managed to get me on We Got Married!!” Jang-mi finally lets the cat out of the bag, throwing her arms in the air in celebration.

“Whaaattttt??!! We Got Married??? Omg, I love that show soo much!! Aaaahh, I’m so excited and so jealous of you wench!! That’s amazing! Perfect for your career and image!!” you can’t help squeal along with your best friend.

The show is one of your absolute favourites, despite your curmudgeon appearance, you are a romantic at heart. You know the relationships on the show are fake but you can’t help get carried away with the mushiness of it all! Blame it on the editors!

“Wait till you hear who my “husband” is going to be! You’re going to be yelling your lungs out with joy. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get a lot of hate mail soon.” she says with a smirk, clearly not fazed by the possibility of dealing with crazy fangirls.

“Oooooh, who is it? A fellow idol? An actor? Don’t leave me hanging!!” you say in an agitated tone to your best friend who is now walking over to your fridge, undoubtedly to make herself a snack.

“Oh no one special, just a member of probably the most popular boy band these days.” she says smugly, enjoying how your face has contorted with distaste at her coyness.

“Please tell me it’s not Chanyeol, I will kill you with my own hands. DON’T BREAK THE BRO CODE!!!” you practically yell at her.

“Omg chill, I’m not getting fake married to your future husband. It’s actually V, umm, Taehyung from BTS.” Jang-mi finally tells you.

You splutter out the sip of coffee you are taking, almost choking on the liquid. Jang-mi runs to you when she sees you struggling a little for air.

“Are you ok? Take it easy, don’t inhale your drink.” she laughs as she rubs your back.

Your eyes are mere slits as you look at your best friend, “Who did you say was cast as your husband? Taehyung? As in Kim Taehyung from Daegu?” you manage to say through gritted teeth.

“Uh huh, that’s his name, not sure about his hometown. Why? You’re not a fan? I thought you loved BTS’ music?” she says worriedly with a hint of confusion.

“A FAN?? There’s no way in hell I would be a fan of the guy who made my life a living hell in middle school. He’s such a jerk!! The absolute worst!” your words are coming out fast and angry, which scares your best friend.

“Calm down Y/N, what are you talking about? I’ve met him a few times at music shows, he seems like a sweet guy, always polite and friendly. You went to middle school with him? Maybe you’re confusing him with someone else.” Jang-mi looks at your skeptically.

“Nope, it’s him alright, I’d recognise that stupid face and that dumb rectangular smile anywhere.” you say as faded childhood memories come back to you in pieces.

6th Grade:

“Haha look at Miss Greasy Pigtails, she’s so slow, she wouldn’t even win second place if it was a two person race!! Next time, you should just partner with me, at least you won’t embarrass our class like this.”

7th Grade:

“Hi Miss G.P., did you even look at the mirror before coming to school today? That flower headband looks stupid on you. Look everyone, Y/N’s trying to be a pretty girl but it’s not working awww.”

8th Grade:

“Your shoes are sooo old and gross. If you need shoes, tell me my uncle owns a shoe store, I’m sure I can get Miss G.P. a discount.”

9th Grade:

“Soo…crying over Se Joon? Pfft what did you think, you’d confess to him and he’d confess his undying love for you? Toughen up princess.”

“4 years. 4 years of relentless taunts and teasing. He was horrible to me. I repeat, the absolute worst.” you said as tears started pricking at the corner of your eyes. “I will not let me best friend go through that man’s torture, he may seem sweet and angelic on camera but I know what he’s like in real life, I won’t let you go through what I did!” you say with determination

“Calm down Y/N, that was a long time ago, I’m sure he’s changed since then. Everyone does stupid shit when they’re kids. From whatever I’ve seen, he’s a perfect gentleman.” she says to calm your fears.

“The devil does not change his colours. I’m telling you, he will make you cry. Can’t believe I ever used to like him….” you trail of as a different memory bubbles up in your mind.

“Wait, you used to like him? This just made it more interesting! What happened? He rejected you and you became an anti-fan?” your best friend seems to be enjoying your discomfort at this particular memory.

“No…it just… I was going to confess my feelings to Taehyung, even though he was always such a jerk to me, so to gather some courage, I went to talk to our mutual friend Se Joon about it, asking his advice. Se Joon and I had a really positive conversation and he said I should go for it. I mustered all the damn courage I had and went to find him. Only to see him tongue deep with a girl from our class. After that I just…never mind. My dislike for him isn’t because of this, it’s because of his nasty attitude. He was quite foul with me for a few weeks after this incident and then came grade 10 and he left for Seoul.” you realize that you have rushed through the story without a beat, so you take a few deep breaths to calm down.

“Anyway, none of that matters, what matters is that I will not let you be treated badly by that man! Please tell me you’re going to reconsider this fake marriage thing. Or find another partner. Someone who won’t treat you like dirt.” you all but plead your best friend.

“I don’t know Y/N. I’ve all but signed the contract, the two of us are meeting at the broadcasting company’s HQ today at 5. I think it’s too late to reconsider.” Jang-mi tells you patiently.

“Noo, please you have to believe me, it’ll be an unpleasant experience for you! I want to protect you from that!” you say impatiently, you have to save her from this experience, you love her too much.

“I’m a big girl Y/N, I can take care of myself. I don’t think he’s as bad as you make him sound. I have to go now, I have a schedule before the meeting.” she says with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“I’m sorry Jang-mi, I just don’t want anyone to treat you anything less than spectacular. You deserve the world. Anything less than that and I will hunt down the man and end him myself.” you reply sheepishly, knowing that nothing would come out of arguing with your best friend.

“Oh god, you’re such a pile of mush. Fiiiine, you can come with me to the preliminary meeting and if you feel like anything’s off, then I will reconsider it!” she replies with a grin on her face.

“I don’t know if that’s a good idea, I haven’t seen him in what, 7 years? But for you, I am willing” you reply with a sigh.

“Good, don’t be late, I will text you the address, and dress nicely. Think of my reputation.” Jang-mi chuckles before picking up her things and exiting your apartment, leaving you to your thoughts.

“Well, well Kim Taehyung, what a strange world. Can’t believe I’m going to see your idiotic face again.” you say to no one in particular.

5 PM, MBC Broadcast Station

“Shoot, can’t believe I’m running late, Jang-mi’s going to kill me” you mumble to yourself as you race from the subway station to the address your best friend texted you hours ago.

You’re out of breath and your hair’s a mess when you finally arrive at the front desk of the building.

The receptionist eyes you uncertainly till you say, “I’m Y/N, I’m here to see Park Jang-mi, she’s expecting me.”

She checks a list and says, “Ahh yes, they’ve been waiting for you, right this way.”

You follow the receptionist to the corridor with the elevators and she turns to you, “Straight up to the 8th floor, the meeting room is right opposite the elevator.” her tone is brisk and efficient and she’s already heading back to her desk before you can mutter out a thank you.

You step into the elevator and your nerves have taken a sudden hold of you. What will it be like? To see your tormentor after 7 years? He would have to be nice to you right? He was in public.

The ding of the elevator makes you jump out of your skin a little. You are here. This is it. Time to face the dumbass head on and prove your point to Jang-mi.

You clear your throat as you enter the room, expecting it to be filled with crew, managers, PDs etc but to your surprise it’s just the two of them.

Jang-mi and him.

He is making her laugh, and your war mode switches on automatically. If he’s making her laugh, this will be an uphill battle.

“Hi Y/N!! You’re finally here, I told you not to be late but your punctuality is a lost case.” Jang-mi says as she spots you standing at the door.

“I’ll make introductions, Tae this is my best friend in the entire world - Y/N. Y/N says she already knows you personally so I don’t think I need to introduce any further.” she finishes with a laugh.

“Oh really.. and how does the lovely lady know me….” his voice trails off as he finally turns to look at you, recognition dawning on his fate.

“Do mine eyes deceive me? Is it really Miss Greasy Pigtails??” Taehyung says with a childlike excitement.

You roll your eyes, pointedly ignoring him and speak to your best friend instead, “See I told you… it’s him alright. He’s already started to show his true colours.” you say flatly, glad your point is proven without you having to do much work.

“It’s just with you Y/N. Something about you just riles me up. I can’t help it. How have you been? It’s been a while. Are you well.” his tone is soft as he asks about you.

You’re taken bit taken aback but you decide not to let him faze you. You’re here on a mission. You quickly take a seat next to Jang-mi and across from him.

“We’re not friends, Mr. Kim, let’s do away with the niceties. I’m just here to convince my best friend not to get fake married to you.” you say in the coldest voice you can manage.

“Well well Miss. G.P. I don’t recall giving you permission to be in charge of my dating life.”

“This isn’t real Taehyung, it’s a TV show.”

“Why, are you mad that I may end up dating your friend for real?”

“Oh please, I’m just worried she’s going to be stuck with a complete and utter ass for the next 6 months.”

“Well if she’s managed to stay friends with you after knowing you this well I think she’ll do just fine”

“I knew it, you haven’t changed. Always the disrespectful brat.”

“Correction, only you bring that ass out of me; so take responsibility.”


“I’m sorry Miss Jang-mi you’re a wonderful person but I don’t think I’ll able to do the show with you.” Taehyung finally says to your best friend.

Getting up from his seat, he looks at you for an instant and opens his mouth to speak.

“Are you free tonight around 8?” he says to you as he takes out his phone.

“Yes. Why?” your eyes narrow in suspicion.

“I’ll pick you up around 7:45. There’s this place I want to take you. Wanted to take you there ever since I moved here. So be ready on time. Your number hasn’t changed has it? I’ll text you.” Taehyung says airily as he starts to walk away from the two of you.

“Wait, what’s happening? Are you asking me out?” you ask him, utterly confused by the happenings of the last two minutes.

He stops in his tracks and walks over to where you are sitting. He places one hand on the arm of the chair you’re in and leans down close enough to you that you can count his eyelashes.

“If you think that after 7 years of being apart,  I’m going to let you slip away again, you’re mistaken love.” his voice is soft and melodious. His proximity and his little confession is making your poor heart beat a thousand beats per minute.

He smiles his signature rectangular smile at you and gets up to leave.

He’s near the door when he turns to you again and says, “I’m glad I found you again, Miss G.P. See you at 8.” with these words he’s disappeared out the door.

Your echo of “See you at 8.” hangs in the air as your hear a loud rumbling laugh come from best friend.

You don’t know how it happened but it was certainly wasn’t what you had expected.

Kim Taehyung had just asked you on a date.

7 years ago:

“So what do you think So-mi, should I tell Y/N how I feel? I don’t think she’s getting the dumb hints I’m dropping.” Taehyung says nervously to his friend

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Tae. Look, she’s going over to confess to Se Joon I think. I heard she has a huge crush on him.” So-mi replies

“What? No. That can’t be true.” he says angrily, not willing to believe the piece of gossip.

“Look at them, look how they’re smiling and laughing. Looks pretty legit to me. Oh she’s coming over here. We should congratulate her.” So-mi said smirking towards Y/N’s direction

In a flash Taehyung has his lips on So-mi’s and his soon his tongue follows when he sees Y/N approaching. He knows she can see them.

Her confused and defeated face is the last thing he remembers.

BTS - Reaction - Sickness

Anonymous said: Could you do bts reaction to there GF wakeup in the middle of the night and and running to the bathroom and throw up and crying?

I actually researched things for this reaction. Yes, I did research for a fictional Tumblr reaction. Ya’ll can’t say i don’t try hard enough lol (no one ever said words akin to that, I’m just messing with you ^^)


If it was anything else but you, he probably would still be asleep since this was one of the few nights he decided to get some more sleep rather than working on music. You could say is ‘Y/N sense’ was tingling in that moment, and before you had even register his presence, he was being you, holding your hair and tell you everything would be fine. By the time you stopped, it was a decent number of minutes later.

Y/N: “Yoongi… go back to bed… I’ll be fine from here-” More vomit.

Suga: “I doubt that, you’re barely holding yourself together, actually, it’s mostly me holding you together.” The grin on your face was the only thing stopping you from cheekily slapping him right there an then.

Suga: “I’m glad I wasn’t at the studio tonight, staying here with you is more important than music. Now, please, don’t cry…”

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Jungkook: “Huh…? Honey, what’s wrong?” Caught in a tired daze, it took him a moment to realise something was wrong, when he did, he’d just up instantly to run to you despite his fatigued body begging him to return to bed. Only being part way though vomiting, Jungkook would hold your hair back with is hands until you were done. Retrieving his phone from the bedside table in 5-ish seconds, he was already googling what to do after you vomit to relive the symptoms.

Jungkook: “Okay, so what you’re meant to do is… ‘Do not eat or drink anything for several hours after vomiting. Sip small amounts of water or suck ice chips every 15 minutes for 3-4 hours’… That doesn’t seem too hard, can you handle that, honey?” Nodding weakly, you held his hand as he picked you bridal style to lay you down on the bed.

Y/N: “T-Thank you… I love-” With a quick cough, you were cut off.

Jungkook: “I love you too, now, I’ll get what you need, stay right there.” Walking out of the bedroom, this become one the time where you you truly got to admire who Jungkook was to you.

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Upon hearing the tell tale sound of vomiting, Jin’s mind was cast back to the meal you had that restaurant you stumbled upon by chance while walking down the road. It was pretty late, neither of you wanted to cook, so you just found a nice quiet place to get your dinner. This, seemingly, was a huge mistake.

Jin: “Are you okay? It must have been-”

Y/N: “The restaurant… I thought the same… that pasta did taste off, but i was so hungry I didn’t care…” Seokjin should have known to be more careful; mentally slapping himself, he helped you stand up again to lay you back in bed.

Jin: “Don’t you even think of standing up, I’m going to take care of you until you feel better!”

Y/N: “… I look terrible, don’t I?” A mild shock took hold of Jin.

Jin: “I don’t care what you look like, I’ll always think you’re beautiful. Would it make you feel better to wear my favourite sweater?”

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster: “Try not to panic, that’s one of the worst hitting you could do in a situation like this.” Namjoon wasn’t the lightest sleeper, but your movements and painful sighing awoke him almost instantly. When you ran to the toilet, he was right behind you, instantly reader to hold your hair and rub your back.

Rap Monster: “Do you know what could have caused this? … You must be getting sick again, and so soon too…” Too fatigued to reply, after you were 100% sure that you we not going to vomit again, all you could was to hug Namjoon with what little physical strength you had.

Rap Monster: “Now, let me get you comfortable, I know exactly what to do.”

Y/N: “You sound like a doctor when you talk like that… haha…” You swear you could he the smirk forming on his face.

Rap Monster: “Oh yeah? Do you want Dr. Namjoon to make you feel better?~”

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As it dawned upon him what was happening, there would be silence before… an all out panic.

J-Hope: “Oh no! Are you okay? Talk to me! Actually, don’t talk, just vomit! Focus on vomiting, then talk, one thing at a time!” Hurriedly, he’d hold your hair, but not so fast that he hurt you, though his grip was a little tight.

J-Hope: “Welp, better out than in, right?” Even though you felt terrible, at least he was trying to brighten the mood, if you could even call it that at this point.

Y/N: “I think I’m okay now… but I don’t feel like going to sleep anymore… Can we just stay up a bit longer, watching something until I feel better?”

J-Hope: “Of course, anything to help you feel better honey, now come lay down with me so we can chat.”

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Not even for a moment did Taehyung look down upon you for vomiting in such a vile way. Even though you felt as if you were at one of your lowest moments, V would tell you that be with you, and that this isn’t that bad.

V: “Look at it this way, this won’t last forever, it’ll be all over soon, You know why?” Shaking your head to signal a ‘no’, you were pulled back to face the toilet bowl by the urge to vomit once more.

V: “it’s because you’re amazing, beautiful and perfect in all the ways you may, or may not, hate about yourself. I know you don’t want to here me say it so often, but I swear you’re perfect, but you’re even more perfect for me.” If by some miracle, Taehyung’s kind words had miraculously stopped you from vomiting, and you were already feeling a lot better.

Y/N: “I swear, it’s as if you’re all the medicine I need…”

V: “That’s sweet of you to say, but I want to be on the safe side, just stay in bed, and I’ll check the cabinets for something that’ll help you.”

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Shame began to crawl up his spine, a sneaking suspicion that he was to blame taunted him. He really should have checked the weather before taking you out on a date.

Y/N: “How were you supposed to know it would rain today? Please don’t blame yourself, it was probably something I ate-”

Jimin: “No, all the food we have in the house is still…” Trailing off his words, he began to delve into his thoughts, the only thing snapping him back to reality was the sound of you vomiting once more in combination with your sobs of pain and disgust at yourself.

Jimin: “Whatever was making you feel ill is out now, you can only get better from here on out. Come here…” Pulling you into a hug, his hand gently rubbed your back, only causing you to cry harder. Not at the pain you felt, but at how lucky you felt to have a man like Jimin in your life.

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Nine Times

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Prompt: “I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched in the face nine times by now.”

Words:  2800

Summary: You and Lin have never gotten along. But then you’re Eponine and he’s Marius, and things start to change.

Warnings: swearing, arguing, kissing. i think that’s all of them - if there’s more please just let me know. 

A/N: hi!! one of my lovely friends requested this and it was v fun to write. hope you enjoy it – Skye x

“Does he always talk this much?” you groaned, throwing your bag down on an empty seat.

It was Thursday, and Thursday’s meant longer rehearsals. You loved theatre. A different cast album blasting through your headphones every week, imagining yourself in all the different roles before finding yet another to obsess over. Recently it had been Les Misérables, which worked perfectly, because the theatre was performing it for the next show.

Mandy laughed next to you as you sat down next to her. Even though your characters didn’t interact at all, her being Fantine and you being Éponine, the two of you had grown close over the few weeks of rehearsals that had already passed. She’d quickly become one of your closest friends.

“In case you hadn’t noticed, Y/N, we’re in theatre club. Everyone talks like their lives depend on it.”

“Yeah, I know. But that doesn’t stop him being irritating when he does it.”

You were glaring at Lin. A few rows in front of you he was sitting with Chris and Karen, talking so loudly that you could hear him perfectly. And he did this all the time. Every single Thursday.

Mandy was looking at Karen, the two of them biting back smiles as they watched you glare at Lin like it was your favourite to do (and it probably was). You and Lin had met a few years ago, and you’d been arguing and glaring ever since. At first, you hadn’t minded Lin, but as he got bigger roles he’d gotten cockier and cockier.

Actually, at first you’d thought he was kind of cute. You weren’t alone in that, nearly every single girl (and probably most of the boys) thought Lin was attractive. He was. You couldn’t deny that no matter how much you wanted to scream at him on a daily basis.

Now, he had a big role again, and you had the role that was madly in love with him. Typical. Because of course Lin had gotten Marius, and of course you had gotten Éponine, and of course you had to be in love with him for an hour every night.

Éponine was one of your favourite roles. You had been thrilled to get her part, and even Lin-Manuel Miranda couldn’t dampen your excitement. Her character was devastating, but she was strong. At the beginning she wasn’t very important, just a friend of Marius’ who couldn’t seem to leave him alone, but then she came and performed one of the most heartbreaking songs in the entire show. There was no way in hell that Lin could take that away from you.

“Y/N! Time to do On My Own.”

You grabbed your bottle of water, taking a final drink before going up to the stage. You didn’t have much choreography after act one finished, since you weren’t doing anymore ensemble roles, but you still showed up to rehearsals in leggings and a tank top and one extra bottle of water. Just incase they decided to do songs that weren’t on the schedule.

Standing on the stage in front of everyone didn’t bother you, of course it didn’t, but some of the people didn’t like doing it when it was just the other cast members and not an actual audience, so there was always the option of going to the hall. When the stagehand asked if you wanted stage or hall you mumbled a quick ‘stage’ before finding your mark.

“Hey, Lin?”

“What do you want?”

“Woahhh. Think you need to calm with that tone.” He glared. “I just want you to stand closer to the front of the stage so I can get more in character. Since I’m, you know, in love with you.” You could’ve sworn his eyes flickered with happiness before switching back to their usual annoyance.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay.”

Lin put his script down on his chair before making his way out of the row. He took his time walking to the bit of floor right in front of the stage, where some freshman kid playing Gavroche would jump down during The Death of Gavroche.

“Take your time, Lin. It’s not like I have a song to sing or anything.” You said, an impatient tone pairing with the words as you began to tap your foot.

“Okay, is this where you want me?” He asked, standing on the mark for Gavroche. You nodded, turning to the stagehand to let him know that you were ready.

As the music began you quickly ran the lyrics through your head to make sure you definitely had them.

And now I’m all alone again nowhere to go

No one to turn to

Without a home, without a friend

Without a face so say hello to

And now the night is near

Now I can make believe he’s here.”

You looked out at the room, watching Mandy silently cheering from her seat. Trying not to smile, you looked down at Lin instead.

Sometimes I walk alone at night

When everybody else is sleeping

I think of him and then I’m happy

With the company I’m keeping

The city goes to bed

And I can live inside my head.”

You walked closer to the front of the stage as the more recognisable part of the song began. Looking at the Lin the whole time you found your mark, a small ‘É’ on the stage in pencil, and listened for your cue.

On my own, pretending he’s beside me

All alone, I walk with him ‘til morning.”

As you sang your lines, trying to embody Éponine and her feelings as best you could, your eyes began to close, as though you were really imagining walking in the streets of Paris with Lin.

With your eyes closed, you couldn’t see him staring at you in awe.

“Not too bad,Y/N. Not too bad.” Lin said as you walked down the stairs at the side of the stage. You rolled your eyes and mumbled a ‘thanks’.

You made your way back to where you’d been sitting with Mandy, she was still sitting, waiting for them to call Lovely Ladies, a song you were also waiting to be called for. Since playing Éponine meant that you weren’t on as her until near the end of act one, you had some ensemble roles during the first act. One of them being one of the women from the dock.

The whole cast was amazing, especially the ensemble and the people who done double roles, because they done so much demanding work and still got back up and done it again without complaining. Well, most of them did - you complained quite a bit sometimes.

You’d known from the second Mandy auditioned for Fantine she was going to get it. She had the ability to make anyone and everyone cry with her performance of I Dreamed A Dream, even herself sometimes.

Mandy was grinning as you sat back down next to her. You turned to her with a confused look but a laugh in your words. “What?”

“You were amazing,Y/N! Like, holy shit. I think you might be the best Éponine this show has ever seen.”

“Right, right, calm down, Mandy.” You smiled, taking her compliment in silence.

“It’s a shame you’re not playing Cosette, though.” you gave her a ‘please keep going that sentence’ look. “Lin looked so goddamn in love with you while you were up there.”

You burst out laughing.

“No fucking way! He hates me, Mands,”

“I’d say he doesn’t by the way he was staring at you.”

You kept laughing, trying to calm yourself but ultimately failing to, only stopped when you caught an embarrassed looking Lin staring at you.

It wasn’t a long look, but you locked eyes with him and couldn’t seem to pull yourself from it. They were warm and inviting, a deep brown colour that looked like it belonged in a painting of Autumn. You bit your lip gently and smiled at him, finally tearing your eyes from his. He looked away as quickly as he could.

Mandy was grinning again.

“Okay, Lovely Ladies next!”

“Let’s get this rehearsal done.” you murmured.

It was the last rehearsal before opening night.

Everyone was on edge, partly because of nerves and partly because of how much caffeine had been consumed in the last six hours. Choreography runs in and out of costumes, every song had to be done, mark placements had to be perfected (and everyone had to know where they were meant to be during every song). It was hectic.

“Right, A Little Fall Of Rain is next. Y/N and Lin, quickly please.”

You shot Lin a quick look before heading up the stage. It had been a week since Mandy had told you that Lin had looked head over heels during your run through of On My Own and since then, things had been quite awkward.

Once you were both up on stage, you turned your script to the right page, even though you knew all the words.

“Are we just singing it through or are we acting it as well?” Lin asked, also flipping pages until he got to the right song.

“Act it, this one hasn’t been done as often as the others. Right, you guys ready?”

“Wonder who’s fault that is,” he sighed under his breath.

“Excuse me?” You shot back quietly, letting him know you’d heard him.

“Guys, you ready?” The stagehand asked again, clearly growing impatient with both of you.


The music started as you positioned yourself in Lin’s arms. They felt strange, but nice around you, and you almost felt too comfortable in them.

Don’t you fret, M'sieur Marius.

I don’t feel any pain

A little fall of rain, can hardly hurt me now

You’re here.

That’s all I need to know

And you will keep me safe

And you will keep me close

And rain will make the flowers grow.”

You couldn’t help but be surprised when Lin looked genuinely upset as you sang to him, dragging a thumb across his face gently.

But you will live, ‘Ponine, dear God above

If I could heal your wounds with words of love.”

Just hold me now and let it be

Shelter me, comfort me.”

The rest of the song went quickly, Lin crying as you ‘died’ in his arms. It was acting, you told yourself, purely acting. Because Lin Miranda hated you. And you hated Lin Miranda. It worked, perfectly.

Except, you didn’t hate him quite so much. Not anymore.

“We need to practise that more,” Lin said, grabbing your wrist as you jogged down the stairs, trying to keep ahead of him.

“Yeah. Wonder who’s fault that is.” You replied, mocking his tone from earlier and ripping your wrist from his grasp.

“You don’t need to be a dick about it,Y/N!”

“Well you certainly were!”

Both of you stared at each other, anger seething. Even if you guys were notorious for arguing and glaring, it never got involved in the show, that’s where you’d both always drawn the line.

Everyone near you and Lin were awkwardly looking at each other as if to say ‘uh, what do we do here’. You shook your head and laughed gently.

“I swear if you weren’t so attractive I would’ve punched in the face nine times by now.”

“If I wasn’t so what?” He answered back, genuine shock on his face.

“Oh, don’t act like you don’t know. You’re easily the most attractive boy in this goddamn school.”

“Oh, I am. Am I?”

“Yeah. You are you fucking dick.”

The silence in the room was painfully loud as you grabbed your bag and binder from your seat before storming out of the room. It wasn’t the first time you’d stormed out on him, but it felt like it. It was the first time it had felt real. After all, you had just told him that he was ‘easily the most attractive boy’. You cringed.

You found your locker after walking through to the hall, rage and regret still painfully obvious on your face. Shoving your bag into it for the next night. You knew you shouldn’t have stormed out, but that didn’t mean you hadn’t done it, and that everyone wasn’t staring at each other awkwardly, with no idea what to do. Trying not to think about Lin was a ridiculous plan. He was all you ever fucking thought about.

You sighed, leaning back against your locker and closing your eyes; trying to focus on anything other than what had just happened. It didn’t last long, the peace. You heard footsteps coming toward you, and without bothering to open your eyes to look, picked an angry tone.

“I don’t want to talk about it, Mandy.”

“Well that’s good, because I’m not Mandy.”



“What the fuck do you want?”

“Can you maybe, like, not snap at me every time you open your mouth?” You glared at him. “Just for a few minutes while I say some shit?”

“You always talk shit.”

“That, Y/N, is exactly the kind of snapping I was talking about.”

You rolled your eyes and slid down to the floor. “Fine. Go ahead.”

He sat down next to you, far closer than he would usually dare to. You tried not to look at him, knowing that if you did you’d lose every part of focus and resistance you had left in seconds.

Lin raked a hand through his already messy hair, the dark brown locks sticking out between his fingers. You caught yourself wondering how soft it was and pulled yourself out of it. See? Seconds.

“Well, you just shouted at me for a bit and then called me the most attractive boy you’ve ever met-”

“I said at this school.”

“Same thing. Anyways, I got to thinking-”

“Oh, yay,” you cut him off a second time, sarcasm practically dripping off the words.

“You promised not to snap.” He said, calm tone beginning to wear thin.

“I did no such thing.”

“Oh, my god, Y/N! Will you shut the fuck up for two minutes while I try to tell you that I like you?”

Lin looked nearly as shocked as you did at what he’d just said, dark eyes staring at you. Neither of you spoke for a few seconds.

“You, uh,” you began, a little lost for words. “You what?”

“Like you.” He whispered, barely loud enough for you to hear it. It wasn’t regret in his voice, though. It was surprise. Surprise that he’d actually just admitted it to both himself and to you, that he’d actually said it out loud.

“You’re such a dork. You know that, right?” You smiled, not really looking at him, but he was looking at you.

You leaned over and pressed your lips to his, gently at first, the warm feeling taking over your body. His lips tasted like sugar, sweet and addicting, and you let him make the kiss deeper as he moved closer to you. You’d never imagined this happening before, you had no idea what to expect, but you were sure that this was better than anything you could’ve expected. Ever.

He gently placed one of his hands on your cheek, his hands soft against your skin. You wrapped your arms around his neck, just to have him closer to you. The kiss wasn’t sexual at all. It was warm and gentle and the best damn thing you’d ever felt.

As you pulled apart from Lin, arms still around his neck, he rubbed his thumb gently over your lips. With your forehead still pressed to his, he could feel your shaking breaths as you smiled at him.

“Well, I never expected that.” You said softly, letting out a small laugh and biting your lip to stop the smile.

“I try to be a man of great mystery,” Lin answered back with the same softness in his words.

You laughed again, louder this time, and Lin nearly melted right there and then. You were so captivating. The way you bit your lip to stop smiles (oh, he had definitely noticed that), the way you laughed gently when you didn’t know how to finish a sentence, the way you were looking at him right then, love and happiness all over your face.

“I still want to punch you, just maybe less than nine times,”

“Aren’t you scared you’ll ruin all my attractiveness? Also, maybe?!”

“Nothing could ruin that pretty little face, Miranda.”

“Wow, we literally just kissed and you’re calling me Miranda?”

You only nodded. “I like you though, therefore it’s a term of endearment.”

“You like me?”

“I do, Lin. I do.”

“I imagine someday you’ll be saying that in a much different circumstance.”

And you laughed, but one day, you did.

Mere Speculation

Part One

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Summary: Reader is new to Riverdale and peaks Jughead’s curiousity

Warnings: Mentions of death

A/N: This is the first fanfic I’ve ever posted so please go easy on me

Jughead sat in his usual booth in Pop’s, his laptop open in front of him, casting a blue light over his features. He was distracted, however, by the strange girl working behind the counter. She spent much of her time in the kitchen. He caught a few glimpses of her flipping burgers, shaking the oil from baskets of fries, and she would occasionally venture out to work the register while Mrs Lodge waited on tables. Her apron was spattered with grease, her hair pulled up into a ponytail with wisps too short to be tied back hanging out by her neck.

Jughead was intrigued. It wasn’t often a stranger would appear in Riverdale. First Veronica Lodge, now this; and all of it just months after the mysterious death of Jason Blossom. It might all be mere speculation, but speculation was one of Jughead’s favourite pastimes.

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Truth - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: The reader and Lin are as close as two friends can be. One night, a bit of jealousy leads to spilled feelings. 

Warnings: Multiple swear words, yikes! 

Word Count: 2,240 (so sorry)

A/N: This is both my first Lin fic, and first fic to be posted on Tumblr. Let’s give it a whirl! I take requests, just send in an ask! Also, a huge thank you to @ourforgottenboleros for proof reading this, and I absolutely have to credit this sudden writing inspiration to @manuelmiranduh and @alexanderhamllton who are both wonderful geniuses in their own. Thank you for making me want to do this.

askbox | masterlist 

It’s during Yorktown that you notice. Lin is looking at you with the stupidest, dorkiest (and cutest but nothing would ever get you to admit it) grin on his face before he almost misses his cue and continues to sing. You re-focus and make your priority continuing the show, but for the rest of the evening, between sweating on and off-stage and listening to the roar of the crowd, the complete adoration on his face is planted in your mind like a bad idea; stubbornly stuck with no hope of being forgotten. After bowing your way through the lasting applause, you slip into the wings, smiling and giving and receiving compliments on a job well done before collapsing into a chair and beginning to undress. Your whole body is sticky with sweat, your mic has slipped considerably but the amount of endorphins in your body make you feel invincible. It’s when you have your shirt almost completely struggled over your head when Lin bursts in with a cloud of excited words. 

“God, tonight was awesome! You did really-“ 

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Summary: in which you and your two children surprise Sebastian on set on his birthday

Word count: 2021

Warnings: a bit of swearing

Requested by anon: Hey beautiful soul,  I was just wondering if u take requests at the moment (if not .. just ignore this 😅) anyways so i kinda want a dad!seb x reader where both the reader and their kids (like 4 yr old daughter and 1 yr old boy) surprise him on set on his birthday. Just some fluff. Thank you for taking the time to read this.  🙌💋 Have a wonderful day/evening lovely.  ❤

A/N: not too sure about this one but it’s my first fic that wasn’t for Bucky. Hope it’s ok!

When your husband Sebastian had Skyped you two weeks before his birthday, almost close to tears and told you he’d not make it home from set in time for his birthday you’d not hesitated in going online and booking three tickets to Atlanta. This was how you found yourself walking to his set location, dressed in shorts and a white vest top, hand in hand with your four year old daughter Daniela, your other hand supporting your one year old George who was resting on your hip and falling asleep on your shoulder, exhausted from the heat. You slipped past one of the camera guys and stood out of shot, waiting for them to finish filming and watching as Sebastian was getting quite brutally beaten in a fight scene. Your daughter immediately recognised her father despite his longer hair and metal arm and beamed up at you. ‘It’s daddy!’ she whispered excitedly and you smiled back, nodding at her. 'Why is that man hurting daddy?’ she questioned, worry now creasing her forehead.

'It’s just for a film, sweetie. You know daddy is an actor’ you reassured her and turn your attention to George who was gurgling and mumbling nonsense in his sleep. Before you had chance to stop her Daniela had wriggled free from your grasp and was charging onto the set, screaming at all the people involved in the scene to stop hurting her daddy. Your eyes widened and you chased after her, you calls for her to stop mixed in with your apologies to the two directors and cameramen who were all just smiling fondly at your daughter. Hearing the familiar distressed calls of his daughter, Sebastian turned and beamed, scooping her up into his arms and spinning her around. She began crying, weeping into his shoulder as he held her tightly.

'Baby what’s wrong’ he whispered in her ear. 'It’s ok beautiful, they’re not really hurting me. It’s just a game’ he reassured, guessing the reason for her concern. She pulled away, rubbing her eyes and still sniffling as you finally caught up with her. When he saw you, Sebastian once again could not contain his grin as he pulled you in for a quick kiss on your lips. 'What are you doing here?’ he breathed.

'I thought we could surprise you for your birthday’ you replied, still slightly breathless, and Daniela immediately brightened up, pulling out the folded piece of paper from the pocket of her play suit and handing it to him. When he opened it out he saw it was a homemade card, the cover decorated by a love heart and several balloons and inside a scrawled message wishing him a happy birthday and he beamed at her.

'I love it Dani’ he cooed, rubbing her head as she giggled. Her eyes widened as she looked around the set and noted all the actors in their costumes and she began to recognise some of them. They’d crowded round, naturally drawn to the baby in your arms and the adorable toddler in Sebastian’s and when Daniela saw them all she had yelled all of their superhero names at the top of her lungs.

'Falcon!’ she screamed, making Seb wince. 'You’re my favourite’. Anthony laughed and punched Seb lightly on the arm.

'Always said Falcon was better than the Winter Soldier. Even your Winter’s Child thinks so’ he laughed and Sebastian rolled his eyes.

'Whatever Mackie, you’re just jealous because I have a beautiful wife and two fantastic kids’ he retorted and flashed a lopsided grin at you and George who was just waking up. 'Hey Georgie, you up now?’ he whispered as his piercing blue eyes, an exact mirror of his father’s, blinked slowly open. He looked around, seemingly a little confused but giggled and grinned as he saw all the superheroes crowding him, illicting an ‘awwww’ from everyone in the vicinity.

'Iron Man’ he mumbled when none other that Robert Downey Junior walked over, fully clad in his suit. You and Sebastian froze, staring first at each other then down at the excitable baby in your arms. 'Iron Man’ he said again, this time a little louder. You both started laughing in disbelief as Seb set Daniela down to run of and meet her idols and he crouched down a little so he was eye to eye with his son.

'And here we were thinking it was gonna be mummy or daddy’ he laughed and then stood back up to look at you.

'Wait and minute, wait a minute, wait a minute’ Robert said, removing his mask and looking down at the baby staring admirably up at him. 'Iron Man is his first word?’

'Well technically his first word was iron’ you corrected him, laughing.

'Sebastian one of your kids loves Mackie and the other is Team Iron Man. I think you might be doing something wrong’ he joked, bending down to make odd baby noises at George, who was giggling hysterically and lightly punching Robert in the face in excitement. Robert looked up at you almost pleadingly, holding his arms out and you grinned and handed George over who was having the time of his life.

'Baby this is the best birthday present you could have ever given me’ he said, his eyes filling with emotion.

'Well I hope not cause I’m kinda proud of myself for thinking of this one. Happy birthday!’ you said, pulling an envelope out of your handbag and handing it to him. He looked questioningly at you before sliding his finger underneath the seal of the envelope and taking out the contents, four slips of paper.

'Wait a minute. These are plane tickets’ he looked up at you.

'Yep. Four tickets for a flight to Constanta, leaving two days after you finish shooting. Sorry I couldn’t get them for later, I know you’ll probably be super tired’ he cut of your rambling by pressing a passionate kiss to your lips and when he pulled away you smiled proudly to yourself. He stared at you in disbelief and you laughed. 'You’re always saying how you want to go back so I thought we could all go, as a family’. He pocketed the tickets and pulled you into a tight hug.

'How the fuck did I ever get you to be my wife? I must have done something amazing in a past life to deserve you’ he mumbled in your ear and you turned your head to kiss his temple.

'Watch your mouth Stan, there are children present’ you berated him and he released a breathy laugh. 'And you got me to be your wife by first, staring at me creepily until you finally worked up the courage to ask me out, then by being the sweetest boyfriend I’d ever had and finally by being insanely hot’. He laughed again and you pulled away from his slightly constricting embrace.

'Seriously (Y/N), you’re perfect and I love you so much’ he said, looking deeply into your eyes.

'I love you too Seb’ you replied, taking his hand in yours as you smiled lovingly at each other until George began screaming and crying. 'Diaper change’ you sighed taking him off of Robert who was holding him at arms length to avoid the stench.

‘Sebastian Stan, how’d you end up landing this woman?’ Anthony teased as the two of you, returning from your tour around the set, walked over to where Seb, your kids and a few other cast members were enjoying lunch.

‘Still to this day Mackie I have no idea’ he replied, smiling up at you as you sat next to him and pressing a quick kiss to your cheek.

‘Like honest to god she’s hilarious! And my lord if she’s not one of the finest women I’ve ever laid eyes on’ he said, sitting down at the opposite side of the table to you and flashing you a flirty grin and a wink.

‘Keep dreaming Anthony, she’s mine’ he replied, taking your left hand in his and pointing to your fourth finger displaying your wedding ring to him and then bringing it up to his lips and pressing a kiss to it. You grinned at him and lifted George off of his lap, placing him in your own and bouncing him up and down making him giggle.

‘I can see you being here is gonna be a huge distraction for Seb’ Chris (Evans) commented, smirking at Sebastian. ‘But (Y/N) you’re pretty great and your kids are amazingly cute so I can see why someone would get distracted’.

‘Ok is everyone done hitting on my wife now?’ Sebastian said, glaring playfully at each of them. ‘Because let’s be honest none of you have a chance’ at this he threw his arm around your shoulders. When you looked up at him he pulled you in for a kiss that lasted longer than it should and you broke away when the throat clearing got louder and Daniela turned her attention away from the burger in front of her.

‘Ew gross’ she whined and when you pulled away you burst out laughing at her scrunched up nose and expression of disgust. George laughed too, probably not entirely sure what at before screaming ‘Iron Man’ again.

‘Being at the hotel on my own with him is gonna be just delightful’ you said sarcastically and Sebastian looked down at you beaming.

‘You booked a room?’ he questioned and you replied with a nod. ‘You’re staying longer than today?’ You nodded again and he squeaked like a little girl. ‘Then shooting a movie with these idiots won’t be so bad’ he grinned and you smiled in reply.

‘And then we need to go back to New York where we’ll pack and the next day we have to head back to the airport’ you explained, already having an in detail plan of how it will all pan out.

‘Honestly even I’m confused’ you both looked up when Chris, Pratt this time, meandered over with his tray of food. ‘There’s gotta be something wrong with you’ he said staring at you intensely.

‘You can stare all you like she is literally the perfect human being’ Seb said, a twinge of pride in his voice. When you heard a high pitched British voice, you felt the corners of your mouth twitch up as you prepared to put what Anthony had taught you into play. Before he even had the chance to introduce himself to you, you interrupted.

‘Shut up Tom, you little asshole. Go get a juice box and sit with your handler’ you said and for about a millisecond the whole table was silent before they all erupted with laughter, Daniela and George included. You grinned at Tom to show that there was no hard feelings and he reciprocated as he also fell into fitful laughter. Sebastian clapped you on the back when he calmed down and wiped a few tears from his eye.

‘Babe I love you’ he said, still giggling a little.

‘I love you too’ every single other person on the table said at exactly the same time, causing another bout of laughter.

‘Promise me you’ll come and surprise Sebastian on set more often’ Anthony said, the rest of the table nodding in agreement.

‘Yes! Let’s see Falcon more’ Daniela shouted from next to Seb and he patted her on the head. ‘And daddy of course’ she added, smiling up at him and earning another ‘awwww’ from everyone.

Standing next to a cameraman, cradling George in your arms with Daniela sat cross legged at your feet, you could not have even hoped to contain the grin that was plastered on your face as you watched your husband doing what he loved. Occasionally, between cuts, he looked over and waved at you making Daniela clap her hands excitedly and you wave enthusiastically back. You could not wait until later that evening when you were throwing a surprise birthday party for him in the hotel you were staying at which all of the cast were in on and you anticipated his adorable surprised expression with great excitement.

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rofa1309  asked:

RFA + V and Saeran as parents?

Yesssss~ Let’s do this! lolololol

 it might be a little short as inspiration is running from me… gET BACK HERE YOU LAZY SHIT


Oh, it’s all under the cut after Yoosung’s just for length



- very proud

- omg he carries a photo of your family in his wallet and shows it to all his friends

- he’s not that good with her tantrums and tries everything to make her happy. but sometimes he knows he has to be firm so he deals with it accordingly

- sometimes he gets stressed about your little girl so you have to do things for him - even if you just said you were going to rest

- sometimes you wonder who the baby in the family actually is

- your daughter is pretty chill and loves to watch him play LoLoL (she loves all the pretty colours on screen even though she doesn’t really get what’s going on)

- usually you have to drag her away after a little bit though because too much screen time is bad for her health (Yoosung didn’t even notice until she was tugging on his sleeve asking if she could sit on his lap and watch which is when you swooped in and took her away)

- Yoosung is a lost cause anyway

- reads a lot of animal picture books to her

- sometimes brings her to work with him once she’s grown up a little more and shows her all the animals

- lets her help out whenever possible

- when she’s older he teaches her LoLoL

- still asks her to study and helps her when she needs it they end up noogling a whole load of stuff

- when it comes to the talk he chickens out and asks you to do it

- your daughter grows up pretty self-sufficient and knows when to stop playing games and study unlike Yoosung when he was her age

- will probably comfort her a lot when her ex breaks her heart and then has the harshest glares you’d ever seen if they see them in public

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Recap: Part One, 24th May

Where to begin with this? I’m not sure whether to give opening assessments of the characters first, or line by line details. How about we start with the characters!


Thomas is just really delightfully funny. You forget that he doesn’t look like Ron, because he inhabits the character so well. Because he’s so jovial and bubbly all the time, the second timeline Ron is a stark and entertaining contrast. I think he’s brilliant, and he’s one of about five or six cast members who is completely nailing it already.


I adore Rakie. She exudes Hermione’s authority, and she has this beautiful sort of Hermione-ish quality to her that I’m not sure I ever personally felt from Noma. She just has this presence about her. I feel so comfortable when she’s on stage, I trust her implicitly, and she and Thomas have already given me one of my favourite ever Romione moments.


Helen’s Rose is simply adorable. She’s young and bubbly and seems like she’s having so much fun. I love how she has no time for Scorpius’s flirting, and she seems to have such a sweet relationship with her parents.


I was surprised and delighted by how much I liked Jamie. I was really worried about him, because in the past I don’t have a good track record of enjoying Harrys who weren’t played by Jamie Parker, but I didn’t have any issues with him. There were a couple of decisions that he made that I thought were really beautiful, especially in the second timeline. I could really feel a change between his normal timeline Harry and how he was in the second timeline. You could tell, especially at times in that timeline, that he loves Albus and wants the best for him.


I lot of the good Ginny moments come in Part Two (which I hadn’t realised; it’s fascinating how a new cast changes the whole balance and feel of the show), so I don’t think we’ve seen too much of Emma yet. But what I have seen I’ve liked, especially things she did around the duel scene. I can’t help but wonder if this cast have rehearsed the second timeline a lot, because that felt the most complete section of Part One for me.


From the first moment I saw the first photo of Theo in character, my impression was that he was uptight and insecure and nerdy, and that’s exactly what we got on stage. The photos and videos actually do give a really good sense of how these characters are being played, looking back on them with hindsight. I think Theo is really scared, but there are flashes of how he will be when he’s relaxed, and I do think we got a small sense of how he’ll be playing Albus going forward, which is entirely contrary to anything Sam or Tom ever did (although I actually really like that).


James has always been my favourite Draco. He exudes confidence and pain, and is one of those actors who’s shining. His Draco feels the most complete of all the characters on the stage, just because he’s had so much time to dig into him. I am so excited for his big moments in Act Two. I should also mention that it helps that James seems to have chemistry with everyone, from Thomas, to Jamie, to Samuel. All the people you want him to have chemistry with.


There is nothing to be said about Samuel beyond wow. His Scorpius is nothing like anything we’ve ever seen before. In a similar way to Theo, it’s the opposite to how Anthony or James played Scorpius. Brimming with confidence. Enthusiastic and excitable. His crush on Rose is so explicit and painfully cute. He’s just adorable, and he’s owning this character in a completely new way. Scorpius is Samuel’s now, and I’m delighted with him.

And with all that initial assessment out of the way, let’s have a look at the play itself!

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Costumes (Smut)

First smut ever…. Honestly I didn’t know I could be this dirty until I wrote this and now I feel the need to bathe in holy water. >< I know it’s not Halloween, but the whole leather jacket business that’s been going around got the best of me and I got inspired! I felt a little weird writing this cause it’s something I’ve never done so it would be awesome if you guys could let me know whether you like it or whether it’s a dud. Also, sorry if there’s any mistakes. I’m hurriedly trying to finish it up seeing as I was supposed to be sleeping an hour and a half ago…. Inspiration was drawn from picture one. (NONE OF THESE ARE MY PICTURES!!) The gloves are from the Skool Luv Affair pictures! Anyway, as usual I hope everyone enjoys it!


              It was Halloween; so of course, you were at a party chalk full of idols. Smoothing the front of your baseball player costume, knowing that it wouldn’t help it seem longer, you mingled amongst a sea of bunnies, jokers, and snow white’s. This wasn’t exactly your favourite way to spend Halloween. Personally, you’d much rather be curled up on the couch watching some stupid horror movie and stuffing your face with candy. However, you’re lovely boyfriend who was currently dressed as a rather dapper skeleton had convinced you otherwise. Frowning, you looked down at what you wore. Seeing as he asked you no more than a day before the party was to happen, you were left with slim pickings when it came to costumes. You had tried your best to pick the least skimpy one, but even so, you felt exposed. The material of the baseball shirt brushed just past your butt, while your legs adorned baseball socks. To top it off you wore a red baseball cap backwards on your head. It wasn’t exactly the most conservative outfit, but you did the best you could with what you had. Glancing to your left, you watched as Yoongi spoke animatedly, skeleton makeup drawn so convincingly that it mesmerized you. His glove clad hand rested against the flat of your back as he spoke. Boredom was inevitable though as you grew tired of being the wallflower of the group. Stretching your hand to feel the smooth material of the shoulder of his black suit, you leaned upwards to speak into his ear.

               “I’m gonna go get a drink.” His head turned to you, hair sticking up in various directions, the blonde blending perfectly with the black and white smeared across his face.

               “Do you want me to come?” He asked devotedly.

               “That’s okay; I’ll be alright on my own.” You smiled at him and detached yourself from his side.

               Pushing your way past bodies, you walked toward the bar asking for a screwdriver politely. Music thumped around you though no one really danced, all too caught up in each other to care. Silently, you wished you could just go. Yoongi was an amazing boyfriend and you loved him, but sometimes his world was too much, especially when you didn’t know hardly anyone from it. Sighing lethargically you decided it was best to just stick with him while he had his fun and rose on your tippy toes to search for his blonde head.


               Falling to the flats of your feet, you cast your head to the side to see Zico from Block B. When BTS collaborated with them for the MAMA awards, you had come to know some of Block B’s members, Zico being one of them. With all the time you spent hanging out in practice rooms, you were bound to connect with other groups eventually.

               “Zico!” You exclaimed, flashing him a bright toothy grin. “I haven’t seen you in forever!”

               Scratching the back of his blond head, he chuckled. “It has been a while hasn’t it?”

               “Honestly, it’s nice to see a friendly face.” You admitted. “Especially in here.”

               His features furrowed in confusion. “Isn’t BTS here? Or Yoongi?”

               “Oh, they are! But they’re busy mingling so I’m really just here as a decoration I suppose.” You joked, knowing fully that Suga wasn’t the type to just use you for a front.

               “Well you make a rather nice one if it’s any consolation.” He eyed you comically up and down and your cheeks flared up in embarrassment.

               “Ah, don’t say that!” Your hands came up to touch your cheeks, feeling the heat of your blush seeping through your pores. “It was all I could find besides cat woman and a fire fighter!”

               “Cat woman?” He laughed, lips forming an ‘o’ to let out a playful wolf whistle.

               “Zico!” Smacking his arm, you couldn’t help but feel lighter and more at ease at the comfort of talking with a friend.

               “I’m only joking.” He managed between giggles. Reaching onto the bar to grab a drink that the bartender had passed to him, he looked at you inquisitively before asking, “Well, if Yoongi is being a poor conversationalist then, do you want to come with me? The rest of the guys are just over there and I’ll introduce you to some people too if you want?”

               “Well…” Your eyes flicked to where you knew Yoongi was, contemplating your options. Despite his teasing, you knew Zico, nor any other member of Block B, would try anything with you and that you’d be okay with them. As you thought, the idea of hanging off Yoongi for the remainder of the night seemed less and less appealing as Zico waited for an answer. “Why not?”

               “That’s the spirit!” Zico nodded before leading the way.

               Though you probably shouldn’t admit it, hanging out with Block B was proving much more fun as the night began to tick by. You drank and laughed, enjoying yourself amidst a pool of people. Conversation came effortlessly as Zico was making it easy for you to join in with everyone. P.O took you being there as an advantage to tease his older members, claiming that he was just trying to make you laugh and that it wasn’t at all true (but everyone knew it was at least a little bit true.) Over all, you had a good time catching up with everyone, talking about the Bastarz release and swapping stories. There were people whom you didn’t know who had joined your circle of fun, friends of Block B you presumed. A particularly slimy one had managed to weasel his way beside you. Not wanting to come off as rude, you spoke politely with him. You knew that he was attempting to flirt with you, but you brushed it off, inching more toward Kyung who would exclaim things like ‘wow, you really must like me tonight, Y/N” or “do I look really good today or something?” Each time you would simply glare while the others snickered because they all knew why you were really nuzzling toward Kyung’s side. However, you weren’t about to let it spoil your fun. Though in the end, you didn’t have to.

               Out of nowhere, Yoongi came strutting up to you, pushing between you and Kyung. His hand wrapped around your waist as he pulled you into his side, holding you in a death grip while his eyes remained transfixed on Kyung. “Sunbae. How are you?”

               After the initial shock of Yoongi’s dramatic entrance, you could see Kyungs lower lip quiver as he tried to hold back a bout of laughter. “I’m good, and you?”

               “Great.” Yoongi replied coldly before swiveling his head toward P.O, U-Kwon and B-Bomb. “Congrats on Bastarz by the way. If you’ll excuse us, I have to go find my manager.”

               Everyone nodded, while Kyung held his hand over his mouth to stop himself from laughing and making the situation worse. Just like that, he whisked you away. His hand left your side to capture your wrist in an iron grip. Leading you into a corner, he snapped you around him so that your back was to the wall, lights dancing behind his head. He looked down at you with a fiery gaze, makeup only making him look even more menacing. “Well?”

               “Well what?” You asked, flustered at the turn of events.

               “Why were you so close to him?” He sucked in a breath as though trying to keep his cool.

               “It’s not what it looked like, Yoongi.” You sighed, lifting your cap to run a hand through your hair. “The guy on the other side of me kept trying to get close to me so I was only sticking to Kyung to get away from him.”

               You could see relief flash in his eyes, but they still bore into yours anyway, something still lingering behind them. “Just walk away, Y/N. When you look like that—“He motioned towards your costume before continuing on, “they all stare and try things even if they are your friend.”

               “Are you seriously criticizing what I’m wearing right now?” You scoffed.

               “Yeah actually,” He replied, “I am.”

               “I didn’t even want to come, Yoongi!” You threw your hands up in frustration. “What did you expect me to do on such short notice? Wear a full body suit? I told you this was the best the store had!”

               “You could’ve just gotten cat ears like every other girl here.”

               You took a breath through your nose. “Yoongi. I did my best. You asked me to come so I came.”

               “I know.” His fingers carded through his hair. The anger seemed to have subsided a little and he wasn’t glaring at you anymore, sense coming back to him. “Why did you even go anyway? I had no idea where you were.”

               “Sorry, if I didn’t want to listen to you talk for hours while I did nothing.” You spat. Hurt flashed across his face and you immediately regretted letting the irritation get the better of you. Mood dropping, he turned away from you. Panicking, you reached out to grab his hand. “Yoongi, wait. I didn’t mean—“

               “Let’s just go.” He muttered, ripping his arm from yours.

               The way home was nearly unbearable. There was nothing but distance between you and yet you felt as though you were suffocating in the tense silence. His hand rested on the leather of the middle seat, curled in upon itself. Taking a leap of faith, you stretched your arm out, placing your hand gingerly on top of his. Your attempt at reconciliation failed as he ripped his hand away, stuffing it in his front pocket. Guilt welled inside you, only increasing when you flicked your eyes up to see Yoongi’s Manager, who got stuck in the middle of this because neither of you could drive. His eyes caught yours in the rear-view mirror and he quickly cut off eye contact, obviously having seen your attempt. He cleared his throat while his cheeks turned a tinge of pink. You looked desperately toward Yoongi, hoping he might look at you since his manager made a noise. But that was not the case. He sat stonily, staring out the window at the passing street lights with a icy look plastered on his face.

               You knew you were in for it. Yoongi was the type of man who voiced how he felt if something was bothering him, thinking it’s best to just get things out in the open. That, you could handle. When he was mute was when you would begin to get scared. The worst fights always came when he refused to speak with you, too angry or hurt to even look your way. More than anything, you wanted to avoid a fight so you tried again, “Yoongi—“

               “We’re here.” He quickly cut off, climbing out of the vehicle as soon it began to slow to a stop and slamming the door behind him. The sound made you flinch, moving your trembling hands to the door handle and pushing it open. The sound of his voice, calm and normal as he spoke to his manager caused your heart to clench in your chest. He made no effort to divert from the fact that he was obviously just not speaking to you, pointedly. “Thanks for the ride. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

               Closing the door softly behind you, you stalked behind Suga dejectedly as he made his way through the lobby of the dorm to reach the elevator. The metal doors slid closed and you made a mental note of how he chose to stand on the complete opposite side of the elevator. Guilt was beginning to consume you and you knew you were wrong. You knew that you should’ve stayed with Yoongi, but you chose to do otherwise anyway. If anything, you should’ve told him where you were at least so he didn’t have to worry.

               “Babe,” you started, knowing he liked it when you called him that. “I’m sorry, okay? I was wrong. Maybe not for the costume, but I shouldn’t have gone off like that.” All you were met with was silence. “Also, I shouldn’t have said what I did. I was just frustrated and angry and I didn’t mean it all.” Your apology hung in the air, Yoongi staring at his feet. “Oppa—“

               His suit brushed against you as he walked past where you stood, exiting the elevator as soon as the doors opened. You hung your head low, trailing behind him once again as he pulled his keys out of his pocket, shoving them into the lock. Entering the dorm, he left the door open for you, which you took as a slice of hope. Closing the door softly behind you, you went to the couch and perched yourself upon the edge, watching as Yoongi shed his blazer, holding it so hard in his hand that his knuckles began to change from a healthy shade of peach to a blanched white. Leaving you alone, he went to his room, dropping his wallet on the coffee table on the way. You breathed out a shaky breath, wishing you had just said no to this whole thing so that this fight never would’ve happened. You heard the tap in the bathroom turn on, no doubt he was washing the caked makeup off his face. Stretching your neck, you peered into the kitchen, catching a glimpse of the time on the stove. 11:14… at least it’s still early, you commented to yourself. Thankfully, the two of you had left much earlier than you usually would, which meant you had a chance to hash this all out before the rest of the boys came home and effectively avoiding an imminent awkwardness.

               Sauntering back into the living room, you couldn’t help but notice how Yoongi’s sweats hung temptingly low on his hips. The black, loose, tank top that he had changed into displayed his sharp collarbones perfectly for you, which he knew you loved. His hair was pushed back into his cap which he wore backwards, blond peeking out where the material didn’t cover, driving you crazy. Plopping down on the opposite end of the couch, he pulled out his phone, making you sigh.

               “Yoongi, I’m seriously really sorry. I’m trying here so can you please just talk to me?” You had to admit your voice sounded frantic even to you. But still, he refused to even look at you, scrolling through some app on his phone and slouching further into the cushions of the couch. Irritation began to slither inside you, frustrated with how he was acting. “Seriously, Yoongi? I’m trying to apologize and you’re really just gonna ignore me like this? We finally have a night to ourselves and this is how you’re going to be?” This time you got something out of him. Still not meeting your eyes, he merely shrugged indifferently, irking you further. “Fine, I guess I’ll just leave then if you’re gonna be like this.”

               Your words did nothing to rouse him, so you stood up and thumped towards his room. Knowing some of your clothes were in his dresser, you figured it’d be best to change; not wanting to walk around at night in the costume you wore. Thrusting open the door, you stormed into his room, fully annoyed at this point. Yoongi knew how to push your buttons, as he was effectively doing so tonight. Rifling through the drawer you could help but mutter stupid insults under your breath, though you didn’t mean them. To think, you scoffed to yourself, furiously unbuttoning the baseball shirt, I even wore a matching set for him. You threw the shirt across the room, nearly tripping when you tried to take off the socks as fast as you could. He had a right to be mad, you knew this. But to ignore you this much; wasn’t that going overboard? You really just wanted everything to be alright, but you didn’t know how to deal with him when he was being like this. As you flung the cap you wore on the bed, your eye caught a glimpse of a black gristly fabric handing off the post of his bed and you stumbled across a thought. Smirking at your plan, your inner voice rang in your head as you though triumphantly, fine, if he won’t pay attention, I’ll make him.

               You stood in your matching set of underwear, thanking the stars that you wore something a bit more seductive tonight. White and black lace hugged your hips while your bra was matching with a small bow in the middle and a few frills at the curve of the cup. Lifting Suga’s precious leather jacket in your fingers, you slid your arms home, shrugging the jacket on. Pulling your hair out of the back of the coat, you did your best to fluff it, trying to make it a bit messy. You contemplated the look in the mirror for a second, slipping the coat off and shedding yourself of your bra before sliding the jacket back on. The leather was cool against your breasts, making your nipples perk and you bit your lip, deciding braless looked much better. The jacket covered most of your breasts, showing only the curve of the round mound and leaving just enough to the imagination. Scanning the room, you searched for some key accessories you wanted to make this work. Eventually you found what you were looking for and slipped a couple chains over your head. You eyed yourself, admiring how the gold trinkets fell to land perfectly in the valley of your breasts, only making them look larger. Sliding on a pair of leather gloves that Yoongi still had from their Skool Luv Affair promotions, you wiggled your fingers through the holes, the fabric exposing two thirds of your fingers while covering the palm of your hand. Applying some of Yoongi’s Chap Stick, you took one last look in the mirror before smiling at yourself, confidence practically exuding from you. You looked somewhere between a gang member and an exhibitionist, which was exactly what you wanted. If this didn’t get his attention, you weren’t sure what would.

               Bare feet padded across the floor as you left his room, traveling slowly down the hall way. You remained slightly out of sight, cooing lowly, “Yoongi.”

               Peering into the living area, he remained still on the couch, phone clutched in his hand and not even sparing you a glance. Sighing, you walked slowly towards him, dragging your feet a little. You reached the edge of the couch and stood right in front of him, though he made no movement to look up, preoccupied with the glowing screen in front of his face. Sliding one knee up, you rested your leg close to his own, feeling the soft fabric of his sweats flutter across your leg and plucking his phone out of his hand to throw it to the side. You placed a hand on his shoulder and pushed him back into the cushions.

               “Y/N, what are you doing—“ His words were cut short as you leaned forwards and placed a hand under his chin, forcing his head to swivel towards you. His eyes gaped at the sight of you. Orbs raked up and down your body as his mouth hung slightly open. His gaze felt like fire and you felt anticipation build up inside you as his hand brushed along your thigh to rest just above your knee cap.  “Is that my…?” his voice trailed off and you simply nodded, a grin spreading across your lips. He gulped, muttering, “Shit.”

               “You know Oppa, its still Halloween. But more importantly, I think you forgot something.” you said innocently, despite your current look. You let go of his shoulder, running your hands down his chest as you lowered yourself to your knees. Reveling in the shocked look on his face, you rested your hands on his knees before stroking up and down his thighs. Applying pressure with your nails, you moved deliberately slow, sure to never get too close to his already growing bulge but close enough to make him take his lip in between his teeth. Taking his hand from its place by his side, you brought it to your lips. Kissing the tips of his fingers, you took his index finger into your mouth, watching him mischievously as you swirled your tongue around it. Releasing his finger from your mouth, you purposely sucked before removing it completely. Observing Yoongi, you could see a battle waging behind his eyes as his features were hazy with lust but his free hand was clenched in a tight fist. Lost between remaining angry and giving in to you, you rested the temple of your head on his knee, watching as his resolve faltered as you rubbed circles up his opposite leg. Knowing how close you were to winning, you spoke in a sultry tone, “I really hate being ignored.”

               He stared down at you as licked your lips subtly and removed your hand from his leg, to run over your breasts. You knew you had him as he quirked his head to the side, getting a better look at you touching your own body and exhaling, “fuck.”

               “But, Oppa.” you sighed theatrically, noting how he clenched his jaw at your use of a pet name while leaning back to sit on your calves. “You won’t accept my apology, so I guess I should just go—“

               “No.” Yoongi’s voice rasped, coated with hunger. “I’m sorry, I accept you’re apology.”

               “Is that so?” You replied with mock shock, pushing open his legs so you sat just in front of where he wanted you most. Running your fingers up his legs once again, coming to a stop at the band of his pants and slipping your hands under his shirt. Ghosting your fingers over his milky skin, you slide one hand out to run a feather light touch over his throbbing muscle. “Are you sure, babe? You were pretty angry.”

               Mumbling curse words under his breath as you squeezed him lightly through his pants, he replied breathily, “Yes Y/N, I’m positive.”

               “Good.” You smirked, taking hold of his sweats and tugging them. He leant upwards to allow you to slip them down his legs. You could feel heat grow between your legs at the sight of his penis straining against his boxers just for you. Palming him, you felt your stomach flip as he gasped, clenching his muscles. Hooking a finger under the band of his boxers, you skimmed your finger along his skin before pulling them down, following the same movements as before. Your eyes widened a little at his member standing at attention, begging to be touched. Scooting forward a little, you positioned your mouth above him, blowing out a cool stream of air, causing him to grunt above you. Digging your nails into the skin of his thighs, you raked your hands down his legs once more and licked a strip up his cock.

               “Jesus,” he groaned above you in frustration. “Stop being such a tease, Y/N.”

               Instead of replying, you rose from your knees, leaning in to brush your lips against his. He dove forward hastily, snaking his tongue into your mouth in an attempt to take control. Failure was the only thing that came of his mission as you took his member into your hand and pumped roughly a couple of times. He groaned gravelly into your kiss. Breaking  away from his lips, you sank to your knees once again. Darting your tongue out to swipe along his head, you tasted his precum  on your tongue before taking his fully into your mouth. Yoongi’s head rolled back as he threaded his fingers through your hair. Hollowing out your cheeks, you began to bob your head, urged on by every peep he made from your movements. One of your hands travelled down his chest tugging on the end of his shirt. Taking the hint, Yoongi lifted his shirt over his head, tossing it carelessly across the room. The heat in your core heightened at the sight of his slim figure as you ran a free hand along his chest, loving the way he hissed when you raked your nails down his skin which was sure to leave a mark. Your other hand trailed over his inner thigh before reaching in between his legs to cup his balls, only aiding you in your blow job. His moaning grew fervent and you knew he was getting close as his grip on your hair tightened, causing a pleasurable pain as he helped to guide your head.

               You removed your lips from him with a pop and rose as his eyes snapped forward to glare at you for denying him climax. Placing your knees on either side of him, you straddled his hips, grabbing his hands and placing them on your thighs before guiding them up your body. Letting his hands roam free, he skirted them up to your chest, swiping his thumb over your nub and this time it was your turn to groan. Once again, Yoongi bit down on his lip as his hand left your breast to touch the familiar material of his jacket, divulging his thoughts, “God, you look so hot in this.”

               You smirked and captured his lips with your own in a heated kiss. Lips mashed together as you pushed the hat off his head. Carding your hands through his hair, you gave his locks a light tug, eliciting a grunt. His tongue danced with your own, twirling around yours in a messy fight for dominance. Grinding down on him, he broke away from your lips, the feeling of your center on his cock making him bury his face in your neck. Tugging on his hair, you brought his head away from the crook of your neck as your eyes traveled past his face to see his collarbones, glistening in the dim light with sweat. Bending down, you attached your lips to his collarbone, tasting the salty beads of sweat that had accumulated there. Nipping and sucking harshly, Yoongi tried to nudge you away.

               “Yah.” He gave a weak protest through heavy pants. “Don’t leave a mark.”

               You knew the rules all too well, but frankly you didn’t care. You wanted to mark him as yours, no matter if he would have to wear makeup and collared shirts for a while. Fans could cry all they wanted; right now you simply couldn’t bring yourself to care. Grinding a circle into him, you effectively (and selfishly) shut him up. When you were finally satisfied with the red welt, stark against his pale skin, you moved your lips to the other side to create a matching one. Suga whimpered under you, putty in your touch. Wetness pooled in between your legs at this switch; normally it was you who succumbed to him, not the other way around. Pushing your luck, you nipped at his neck, knowing that if the collarbones were off limits, then the neck was definitely not allowed. Yoongi grunted at the touch of your lips hitting his sweet spot, but he quickly came to his senses, planning his own counter move,

               Calloused fingers snaked down to rub circles into your inner thigh, inching closer to your core. His middle finger pressed down into your clothed clit, drawing a figure eight. He succeeded this time as you whimpered into his ear before resting your head on his shoulder. High pitched whines escaped your lips as his fingers flicked your underwear to the side. Delving a finger into you, you gripped his shoulders and leaned away from him, throwing your head back in pleasure. He took this as an invitation and simultaneously wound his free arm around your waist to pull you flush against him and added another finger into your opening. You cried out as his plump lips sucked on your neck; payback for what you had done to him, though you suspected that you hadn’t been quite this relentless. Growing annoyed with the necklaces, he pulled away, lifting the chains over your head and throwing them to the floor. Not even flinching when the metal clanged against the floor, he reattached himself to you, humming at the better access to the crook of your neck. His nimble fingers curled inside you, brushing against your walls and finding your spot causing you to let a shrill cry of his name slip from your lips. You could feel his mouth turn upwards on your neck devilishly before going back to the task at hand while you clutched his head. Your stomach was growing tighter as your walls contracted around his fingers when he slipped them out without any warning, denying you just as you had denied him. You watched through hooded eyes as he brought his fingers to his lips, licking your traces away. Wanting relief, you ground your hips down once again causing him to moan. He kissed you passionately as his hands traveled to the hem of your underwear and his grip tightened on them, moving before you realized what he was doing.

               “Yoongi!” You exclaimed, looking down at your now torn panties, hanging from his finger. “I hope you know that you now owe me a new pair!”

               “I’ll buy you a whole store, Y/N.” He replied impatiently, sliding his tip against your clit.

               Letting out a shaky breath, you whispered, “condom?”

               “Wallet.” He answered curtly.

               Glancing around, you spotted his wallet on the coffee table just behind you, left where he had discarded it when the two of you had arrived. Stretching back, you snatched it off the wooden piece of furniture, opening it to see a shiny silver packet slipped into the money slot. Taking it out you chucked the wallet to the end of the couch where his phone lay. Hastily, you ripped the packaging open, throwing the wrapper over your shoulder. Taking his member in your hand, you slowly rolled the condom down his length before aligning yourself. The heat from the jacket was beginning to make you uncomfortable, so you moved to take it off only to have Yoongi clutch the collar. “No.”

               “But Yoongi, I’m hot.” You complained.

               His hands slipped underneath the jacket, pushing it lightly to the side so one breast was fully exposed. Taking your nipple into his mouth, you griped as he swirled his tongue around the bud. Leaning away, his mouth left your breast, blowing out a cool stream of air on the sensitive skin before pulling you down to meet his lips. His plump lips melded against yours before tracing up to your ear. Sucking on the lobe, his hand folded over your sides, moving to clutch your hips. Sinking you down on his length, he rumbled roughly into your ear, “You started this, Y/N. You have to finish it.”

               Hips snapped up to meet yours, making you cry out. Eyes caught yours in a longing filled gaze, before he demanded, “Ride me.”

              Stomach overturning at his request, you complied. You slid up and down on his length slowly building a steady pace. Yoongi grunted and groaned beneath you, eyes fluttering shut as his hand groped your body, searching for leverage. Finally settling for the curve of your waist, he guided you, though you didn’t really need the help. Comfortable with the pace, you made sensual circles with your hips causing Yoongi to make a sound like a breathy cry of ecstasy. Eyelids opened as he watched you bounce on top of him, particularly fascinated with the way your breasts bounced under his coat. Your pace seemed to lack for Yoongi, as he gripped your waist, trying to get you to ground down harder onto him. Sensing this, you smirked and slowed your pace just to frustrate him further, going back to your teasing self. Whining in protest, he couldn’t take the pain of going so slow and gathered you in his arms. Rising to stand with him still buried inside you, he walked to the table and set you down upon the surface, pushing a chair aside to make room for his self. Pushing you back so that your back met the surface of the table, he leant down to peck you once on the lips before hooking your legs around his waist and snapping his hips into yours. His thrusts were deep and sharp, filling you to the brim. With each thrust you cried out, unable to stop yourself from arching your back, reaching out to clutch his shoulders. His movements were so heavy that you felt yourself sliding on the table. Fingers gripped your hips so hard that you were sure they would leave little bruises all about. Wanting more, he placed an arm on either side of your head and rested on his forearms. Shoulders bumped against his arms with every thrust and you moaned as the change of position allowed him to plow into you, rocking the table so hard you were sure it was going to break. The coil inside you began to tighten as you pulled him down, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him hard. His thrust started to become sloppy as he panted and made guttural noises into your mouth, getting close to his end. Reaching around him, you clutched his back, sinking in your nails, only spurring him on as he pumped harder into you. Realizing he was getting close, he moved a hand in between the two of you, swirling his finger around your clit to heighten your pleasure. Your vision began to blur as you whimpered, stars forming when you closed your eyes. Climax washed over you like a tidal wave, your walls milking Yoongi for all he was worth. Your body felt light and airy as pleasure wracked through your entire being. Satisfied with the way your eyes were glazed over, he led you through the aftershocks while taking care of his own end. A flurry of your name mixed with various curses jumbled out of his lips as his hips stuttered against yours. Riding out his orgasm, he sucked on your neck once again, groaning into your neck as he tainted your skin. Going limp inside of you, he kissed along your jaw and pulled out.

               The loss of contact left you feeling hollow as he rolled the condom off, tying the top to keep his seed from spilling out. Sitting up, your legs hung limp over the table as you shrugged the jacket off, relieved to finally be rid of it. You attempted to jump down from your perch, but as soon as the soles of your feet made contact with the cold wooden floor, your legs crumpled under you. Yoongi caught you, chuckling deeply. “Sorry, Jagi. I think I might’ve been a little too rough.”

               “You think?” You asked sarcastically, making a shit eating grin hover on his lips.

               Lifting you back up to sit on the edge of the kitchen table, he pecked your forehead. Gathering up the clothes around the room, he called out to you sweetly, “Just wait here and I’ll grab some clothes.”

               Swinging your feet, you waited patiently for his return, your fight long forgotten. Sniffing the air, your scrunched your nose, the smell of sex lingering. Yoongi reappeared, a new pair of boxers slung on his hips, walking towards you with a content smile on his lips and one of his shirts in hand. Handing you the shirt and a pair of panties you had stored in the drawer he paused in between your legs. He slid the underwear up your legs and plopped the shirt over your head. Kissing you tenderly, he turned around to finish cleaning up, making it look and smell as though nothing had happened. Finally finishing, he strode up to you and turned around.

               “What..?” You asked confused as to why he was standing the opposite way from you.

               “Get on.” He motioned for you to climb on his back. You heart swelled at his affection, surprised at how he was acting seeing as he almost never did things like this.

               Clambering onto his back, he hooked his hands under your thighs, bouncing you higher on his back causing you to wince. Settling into position, you slung your arms over his shoulders and kissed his neck, your smile never fading from your lips. Halfway down the hallway, he pretended to drop you, making you scream while he laughed loudly, mocking your scream. You giggled along with him, incandescently happy. Opening the door to his room, he flopped you down onto the bed, closing the door with his heel. Sliding under the covers, he cuddled up to you and slung an arm over your waist, entangling your legs. The earlier fight flashed through your mind as he melded into you.

               “I really am sorry for what happened, Yoongi.”

               “Don’t worry about it, Jagi.” He replied, pressing his lips against your forehead and rubbing your back reassuringly. You felt your body begin to lull, drawn closer and closer to sleep and Yoongi’s massaging seemed hypnotic. Your eyes fluttered closed and just before you were on the precipice of sleep, Yoongi’s voice cut through the air. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at that jacket again without getting a boner.”

               Peering over your shoulder you saw his favourite leather coat slung over the post of his bed in the precise place you found it, sending you into a fit of laughter which he could only join in on.

               Sunlight hit your eyelids, rousing you from sleep. Feeling around, you grimaced when you found an empty spot beside you instead of your boyfriend. Stretching your limbs, you sighed as you felt a soreness setting into your body. You heard thumping coming from the general direction of the kitchen and decided it was probably best if you went and greeted everyone seeing as you had left early last night. Not to mention without them. Folding over the covers, you threw your legs over the edge of the bed. Rising to your feet you shuffled around the room searching for something to wear, eventually deciding on a pair of shorts that were in your designated drawer.

               Yawning, you closed the door to Yoongi’s room behind you and made your way to the open area of the dorm. Pulling your hair into a messy bun, you shuffled into the living room, nearly blushing at the remembrance of what had occurred last night. You smiled at Taehyung as you entered the room, who snickered behind his hand. Your brows furrowed with confusion as you glanced at Jungkook who looked up at you in awe. Brushing their odd behaviour off, you spotted your boyfriend who wore a loose shirt, sitting lazing on the loveseat and already lifting up the blanket on his lap to make room for you. Sitting beside him, you couldn’t help but exclaim when you saw purple dusting his skin dangerously close to his neck, “Oh my god! Did you see your neck?! You’re gonna get in so much shit.”

               Eyeing you with a smirk on his lips, he countered, “Have you seen yourself?”


               A whistle halted your words and you glanced to see Namjoon sauntering into the room. Smoothing a hand through his bed hair, he remarked “Yoongi really didn’t go easy on you last night, did he Y/N?”

               “What are you –“Flashes of Yoongi sucking on the skin of your neck came to you memory and you immediately slapped a hand to your exposed skin. You rushed to the mirror at the front door to the dorm, jaw dropping when you saw yourself. Thick purple was splotched all over your neck, mixed with tinges of red. Prodding them, you winced at how tender they felt.

               “Yoongi, you are so dead!” You called out, making everyone laugh loudly while Yoongi hid a proud smile behind the palm of his hand.

Snow Part 3 (Tom Holland)

Warnings: probs a couple of swears

Note: also, there’s a Billy Elliot quote from the movie, I’m not too sure if it’s in the play because I’ve never seen the stage production. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, requests are still open!


The next morning was odd to say the lease. When you woke up, everyone else was asleep. It was at least 9:00. Harry is usually quite an earlier riser. You walked out into the lounge and tried to find someone who was await. Harrison laid on the couch asleep. You pull your phone out and take a photo and put it on your story. You find a book to read, make some coffee and head outside to a small two seated table on the balcony. It had stopped snowing for once. Although you love the cold weather, you decided to turn the outdoor heater on so you could stay warm outside. You were residing Wonder by R.J Palacio. It was one of your favourites because it was a shorter book. You loved everything about this book. The issue it raised, the importance of education, family and friends. You were currently re-reading page 80 when you heard some noises and shuffling around from the inside of the lodge.

“M-mind if I join you?” Tom yawned opening the door to outside.

“Sure.” You tell him not talking your eyes from the book.

“So, uhm. The weather. It’s cold huh?” Tim said trying to start conversation. You giggle and tab your book and place it on your lap.

“Cold? Yeah you could say that.” You smile at him and lean your chin on your arm and look at him. Tom looked out past the balcony, watching skiers and no boarders slide down the slopes. You couldn’t help but focus on Tom’s curls for a quick minute. They reminded up of the day you met him. You remember it clearly.

You were in a rehearsal studio with the other Debbie’s practising your lines. Debbie was Mrs. Wilkinsons daughter, who happened to have a major crush on Billy. You were sitting around stretching your muscles when the Billy’s came in.

“Kids, introduce yourselves. I’ll be right back.” Your director said.

“Ewww no. Boys have cooties.”

“It would be gross if one of them became our boyfriends.”

You rolls your eyes at the other girls. You get up and make your way to the group of boys, starting with one of the youngest ones.

“Hi I’m (Y/N). I play Debbie.” You smile sweetly.

“Hello. I play Billy. My name is Tom.” You remember spending the whole rehearsal with him, going through your lines and scenes, creating a bond and a relationship. You even say together during lunch, which was always supplied.

“You should try the roast chicken sandwiches, they’re the best.” Tom suggested even though you knew that already.  You sat around with a bunch of younger cast members, Jake, Megan and Matthew. Jake suggested a game of truth and dare. You went first and said ‘truth’.

“Do you still suck your thumb?” Jake asked.

“Gross no. That’s yuck.” You spit and turn to Matthew. “Truth or dare.”


“Boring.” Tom groaned.

“Have you ever had your first kiss.”

“Yes.” He paused. “Okay, Tom, truth your dare.”


“I dare you to kiss Megan.” Matthew said to Tom. Without hesitation, he turned to Megan and kissed her. You sat there watching him. Megan pushed Tom away and run away crying. Tom was beetroot red after that. Since that day, you were so jealous of Megan. Seriously, you hated it when she had to perform with Tom. Your director did notice this but didn’t pay any attention to it. Lucky for you, you did most of the West End shows. Tom would either play Billy or Michael. You loved working with Tom. There was a particular scene at the end where Debbie had to say goodbye to Billy. Every time, you would cry, because you loved Tom so much that you didn’t want him to go away.

“(Y/N)?” Tom chuckled looking at you. “You good?” He asked and you snapped out of it.

“Yeah.” You tell him and open up your book again. Tom sipped on his coffee. You could here a faint bird in the background, whistling a tune. You sighed. To this day you still love Tom.

“Do you remember, when we were kids…”

“Where are you going with this Thomas?” You sneakily ask him.

“I was just going to say that we had a pretty good childhood together.”

“Mhmm.” You mumble staring back at your book and reading some more.

“Do you uhm, do you maybe want to, uhm-”

You look up from your book. Tom was a nervous wreck. You smile kindly and he doesn’t seem to me loosening up.

“Do you maybe want to help me run from lines for this new movie I’m in?” That wasn’t the question you would hope he was going to ask.

“Of course Tom.” You smile at him and you walk back inside. Tom made it to his room first. You went via the kitchen to put your cup but and your bedroom to put your book back. You made your way to Tom’s room, you stopped when the door was closed.

“What did she say?” Harry asked Tom.

“She said yes-” Harry jumped to celebrate something but Tom continued talking. “She said yes to helping me practise.” Harry’s face went straight.

“You couldn’t do it. Could you?”

“Of course I can’t ask her out. You know how I get.”

“Why don’t you practise some more?”

“I’ll just look like an idiot.”

“Oh come on man. We all want you two to be together, just fucking ask her for gods sake.” Harry said like he was pulling out his hair. You decide to knock on the door and walk in.

“Oh sorry. I didn’t release you were in here. Hey Harry.” You smile acting like you didn’t hear anything.

“Hey (Y/N).” Harry smirks. “I’m gonna see what the others are doing today…” he trailed off and walked out. Tom gets up and shuts the door behind him. You sit on the bed opposite his, but Tom gestures for you to move over so you can read the script. You sat slouched, sitting, listening to Tom practise his lines. You had probably been helping him practise for a good twenty minutes, and he was being to struggle. Tom hated asking for help.

He was doing so well, so you placed a hand on his shoulder. It was like you had the magic touch, because he finally got the pronunciation of the word right. He looks up at you, smiles as a thanks and goes back to reading his script out loud. It was hard to get the story line of this, because only Tom had his parts.

“W-why don’t we stop for a second Tom?” You suggest and he sighs.

“O-okay.” He says and closes his script.

“Do you know anything about the story line?”

“All I know is that it’s a dystopian film. That’s it.” He says and you nod.

“Well, instead of reading it like a book, try and put emphasis or emotion into your words. Like on page three…” you suggested, finding the page, “here, when Todd has to leave his village with Viola think of it like-” you were trying to think so a sad example in Toms life so he could express his emotions.

“When Billy has to leave Debbie.” He mumbles whispering. You barely heard it.


“Nothing. I thought we were having a break.” Geez someone’s in a grumpy mood.

“Alright.” You sigh and pull out your phone and go through your Instagram feed. Tom comes back in with a class of water. You look up at him. “Weird question, a-are y-you and Charlotte, ‘a thing’?” You ask Tom and he almost spits out his water.

“N-no I would you say that.” You shrug.

“I-I was just observing your actions yesterday and I uhm, you guys were awfully close and everything. That’s all. I should be surprised if you actually were-”

“We’re not.” Tom said and looked through his phone as well.

“O-okay.” You say. God, it suddenly got awkward. Both your phones buzzed.

Sam: we’re at the cafe on the mountain near the ski hire place if you two want to join us.

You look up at Tom. Did everyone else leave? Weird. When? I didn’t hear anyone leave.

“D-do you want to go?” Tom asked and you nodded. You both got your thermals and skiing/snowboarding gear on and made it outside.

“Here. Let me carry your snowboard for you.” Tom suggests.

“Are you sure? But you’re carrying yours. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.” You say.

“I’m a big boy. I can do it.” He says and you give him your snowboard. You make your way to the lifts and they travel you up near the cafe. You need to snowboard for at least 500 metres before actually getting there. “I’ll race you.” Tom says playfully and throws your snowboard to the ground and snowboards off.

“Holland!” You groaned clicking your boots into the board and following him off in the direction. You stay back behind him in case he worries, which he does. He gets to the cafe and you’re not there. He waits for a minute and snowboards back in the other direction. You’re sitting on the snow clutching your ankle.

“Jesus (Y/N)! You okay? You should’ve called out to me.” Tom said kneeling down next to you and as he does, you jump up and snowboard off. “Hey! That’s cheating! I was there first.” Tom groans following you. You hang your board up and Tom slides next to you. You go inside the cafe and try and look for Sam and the rest. You look around worried. Did we miss them? Tom takes off his helmet and runs a hair through his fluffy hair. God, you would do anything to run your fingers in his hair. Tom sits down at a two seat table.

“Sam just sent me a text saying that they just left and he recommends the hash browns. But by looking at the menu, it doesn’t seem like there’s any hash browns…” he trails off and you let out a giggle. “Ohhhh.” Tom says and awkwardly chuckles. They probably set us up.
“Anywho, its my shout. What do you want?” Tom asks and you take a look at the menu.

“Uhm, the eggs benedict sounds good.” You tell him and he nods.

“I’ll be back.” You watch him walk to the counter to play. You spin your phone with your fingers and wait for his return. Maybe you should just tell him that you like him. Well, love him. And he’ll probably say 'well I love you too as friends because we’ve known each other for like, ten years’. You sigh and put your phone down.

“They said it’s going to be a ten minute wait.”

“That’s fine.” You tell him.

“I-I also got you a hot chocolate. Here. It’s to keep you warm.” He says and puts the mug of hot chocolate on the table in front of you. 

“Thanks Thomas.” You say taking a sip of the warm liquid. He smiles watching you.

“H-hi. You’re Tom Holland yeah? I’m a huge fan. Do you mind if I get a photo?” A girl and her brother come up to us with their mum. Her brother just happened to have a Spider-Man jumper on.

“Of course. I like your jumper buddy.” Tom grins and poses for the photo. He does the Spider-Man hand pose as well. He was always so good with kids.

“Thank you!” The girl smiles and takes her brother away. Tom stops the Mum.

“Do you mind taking a photo of us?” He asks, referring to me and him, and passes his phone to the Mum and she takes the photo.

“Oh that’s good. Thanks” he says and shows me the photo. He was actually a half decent one. “You’re cool with me posting this yeah?” You nod. You loved that about Tom. If it was a post on twitter or Instagram he always made sure you were okay with being in it. He really respected your privacy, not that you care who sees the photo. You play with the brochures on the table in front of you. There was a karaoke event on New Years Eve. Thats so High school Musical. I wonder how many people get together after that. 

“Would you want to go to that?” Tom asks and you shake your head.

“I wouldn’t make you sing in public.” He chuckles. “Anyways I’d beat your ass.” You say putting the brochure back on the table where it belongs. Your food soon came out and Tom put the photo of Instagram.

@/tomholland1996: 10 years later and she still hasn’t shown me her fanny @/yourinstagramname.

“Really? A Billy quote?”

“No. A Debbie quote.”

“You’re a loser.” You say grinding your teeth on the fork to eat your food. You were just about to finish eating your Tom’s post blew up with messages. Most of them were from Harrison.

@/hazosterfield: you’re a loser
@/hazosterfield: I could cut your sexual tension with a knife
@/hazostefield: are you guys on a date?
@/hazosterfield: I ship it
@/lifeasaloha: I’ve seen your fanny Tom

“Do you wanna go?” Tom asks and you nod. You go to push your chair out but someone walks straight into it and spills her iced chocolate covered in cream and her hot cups smothered in tomato sauce.

“I’m so sorry!” The girl gets repeating.

“It’s okay.” You tell her but she keeps apologising to you. Tom goes to pick the chips that are stuck to your clothes. He grabs some napkins and sits you back down and helps clean up your face.

“You’re perfect.” He whispers. Barely, but then again, you heard it again. He somehow finds away, with the girls help to remove all the tomato sauce and cream stuck in your hair. I’m such a mess. You actually wanted to cry, but you hated crying in front of Tom. You exited the cafe and sound your soundboard stuff.

“Hey Tom.” You say before you head back down the mountain.

“Yeah darling?”

“Thank you.” You say and place a kiss on his cheek.

“No worries. It was nothing. I didn’t want to look like a bad boyfriend - I mean, not that I am. It’s just-” you stepped forward and placed a subtle kiss on his pink, almost blue lips. It took him a second to release, but he eventually got the hang of it. You had your eyes closed so you didn’t really know his reaction. You pulled away first. Don’t say anything.

“I need to shower. I can still feel cream…”

“Oh yeah. Of course. Uhm, let’s go.” He blushed flustered. You snowboard back down the mountain and back to your lodge. Tom offered to put your things away so you could have a head start of the shower. You swear you had shampooed and conditioned your hair at least twice, and used a scrub and normal soap to wash your body. You turn the water off. You could still smell it though. You wrapped your body in a towel and stood by the heater and stayed in the shower. You didn’t want the carpet to get wet.

“Tom!” You yelled out slightly opening the door.

“Yeah?” He replies.

“Could you uhm, come to the bathroom?” You ask him. Harry wood whistled his brother as he came running towards the bathroom.

“A-are you naked?” He asked politely before opening the door anymore.

“No. I’ve covered myself in a towel.” Tom walked in. “Can you see anymore sauce or cream any where?” You flicked your hair over your shoulder. “Any in my hair?” Tom just looked at you. He didn’t seem uncomfortable, he didn’t seem awkward about seeing you naked. “Oh come on Tom. I’m sure you’ve dream about this your whole life.” You roll your eyes playfully at him and his jaw drops like you knew. “But seriously, is there any cream or anything….?” You trail off because Tom still isn’t budging. You walk off to him and wave your hand in his face. You place another soft kiss on his lips. He shuts his eyes and kisses you back. “Aha! So he does move.” You laugh.

“Ye-yeah. No. Not cream or sauce. You’re uhm, you’re beautiful.”

“Thanks Tom.”

“I mean it though darling. You are.” He smiles at you. Instead of thanking him once more, you place another kiss. This time it’s a bit more passionate then the other two.

so now that I think s7 is going to be new cast (with maybe a few original cast members but nevertheless not the same), I want to take a moment to thank the cast of once upon a time, and the crew:

  • to the core of the show, the original three (ginnifer goodwin, josh dallas, and jennifer morrison) - you’ve guys carried the show for the last six years. I can’t wait to see what projects you’ll take on next and I’ve never been happier to be able to watch the charming family dynamic. there is no once upon a time without them, so thank you for creating & making the show for us.
  • to lana parrilla - the original villain™, the best evil queen anyone could ask for, thank you for portraying regina mills and doing her justice. OUAT definitely would not be OUAT without you. 
  • to jared gilmore - the heart & soul of the show, the truest believer, where would everyone be without henry mills and his belief? nowhere. thank you <3 <3 
  • to robert carlyle - definitely one of, if not the most talented on this show, thank you for the birth of the dark ones, your layered character, and your incredible acting. I’m going to miss your “dearies” and deal making and incredible character.
  • to emilie de ravin - you are so under appreciated as an actress and as your character. I’m so glad you’ll be able to move on to bigger & better things, but thank you for portraying the amazing belle! you & belle deserve so much better and I hope you both find your happy ending <3
  • to colin o’donoghue - I knew the second you stepped onto the screen as captain hook this would be a hook like no other. thank you for adding layers and more character to the classic villain we all know & love. 
  • to rebecca mader - 3b will forever be my favourite arc, and you are definitely one of the reasons. thank you for playing the amazing wicked witch and for bringing so much to her character!
  • to a & e - obviously this show wouldn’t exist without you creating it. thank you for having a great writing team even when episodes weren’t up to par and bringing back magic to all of our lives.
  • and finally, to all fellow oncers, regardless of what you ship, who you stan, and where you’re from - I love you all and this journey would have not been the same without any of you. I’ve made so many friends from so many different sides of the fandom and I love you all so much. you know who you are. we’ve been through so much as a fandom and a lot of the time we’re literally the worst but this show wouldn’t exist without us and our support. from the casual viewers, to the hardcore stans, from the gif & graphic makers, to the fanfic writers, to the ones who run news blogs - you’re all essential to this fandom and we make the show. so thank all of you so, so much. specifically, I’d like to give a special shoutout to my lovely, lovely, ouat mutuals who definitely made this experience for me as a oncer more amazing than it could ever be - @phoebe-halliwell / @newton-scarmander / @argetnallison / @kevinmckidd / @noorasaetlre / @misscamthenorwegian / @jynserso / @odonoghues / @killians / @ceeyoutea / @emmakillian / @queenjmo / @ashokas / @katewinslets / @marymargaret / @faithandfearcollide / @lucifer-morningstar / @killianjones / @mikesmatthews / @baebastianstan / @jahcobperalta / @isabellekillian / @warriorswan / @swanshope / @storybrooke / @sarahspaulson / @rumplestiltskin

and now I’m going to bawl like a baby at the finale, but it’s okay, because I’ll have all of you. <3 

The First Time He... | Optional Bias Scenario [Series]

Part 1 | Part 2

The First Time He…Showed Up

Summary: You’re working the late shift at the convenience store when he walks in - and you can’t help but make a fool of yourself.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,161

The fluorescent lights are anything but flattering. They cast an unhealthy pallor on your skin as you press your elbows onto the counter beside the register, eyes fixed on the window at the other end of the store. You all but beg in your mind for someone to come in off of the street and reprieve you momentarily from your boredom.

At this time of night, there isn’t a lot of foot traffic. You would almost prefer the early morning shift instead, when commuters stop in to buy coffee or ready-made meals and the line for the register reaches the door, but since you started your winter classes, this is the only shift that works with your schedule and you’re in desperate need of the extra money.

You sigh, drawing your eyes away from the window and instead turning them back to the notebook you’re supposed to be focusing on. The one upside of working at such odd, quiet hours is that you can study in relative peace, with few interruptions. Except, as the hours drag on from late night to early morning, your motivation to actually study decreases.

You contemplate getting another cup of crappy instant coffee for yourself when the digital chime indicating a new customer sends a shock of adrenaline through your body, all sleepiness forgotten.

The man’s hood is pulled fully over his head, casting a shadow across his face. He wears a mask that covers all but his eyes and keeps his head bowed as he skulks through the aisles toward the refrigerated drinks.

You can’t help but become a little uneasy at the sight. Your hand drifts toward the button located beneath the counter - just in case he decides to try something. You’ve never had something happen for as long as you’ve been working in the store, but you’ve heard about convenience store robberies on the news.

You watch in what you hope is a nonchalant manner, switching your gaze from the notebook to the man every few seconds, as he stares at the drinks for an exorbitantly long period. Your heart beats faster with every passing moment he spends just standing there, doing nothing. Then suddenly - he swivels and stalks up to the counter.

Your fingers are gripping the edge of the counter tightly by this point and your throat is dry, as if there are a million cotton balls shoved inside it. You swallow tightly as he comes to a stop. He says something, but the mask muffles his words. Shakily, you ask him to repeat himself - what if he’s asking you to empty the register? Would you do it? You don’t love your job enough to get assaulted protecting the register, but you also suspect you’ll get fired if you just hand the money over.

The man sighs, glances over his shoulder toward the door - is he making sure there’ll be no witnesses? - but instead of pulling out some weapon and threatening you, he pulls his mask down so you’ll hear him properly. Now you’re not staring wide-eyed at him because you’re scared he’s here to rob the store, but because you actually know who he is.

It would be hard not to know. His group’s faces are plastered on the calendar in the workroom courtesy of the girl who works the afternoon shift and you know for a fact that he’s her favourite member. You’re a fan yourself, so you almost miss his words for a second time because you’re a little starstruck.

“Did you stop carrying Cantata’s Premium Latte?”

You blink up at him for a moment and his brows furrow. He must be wondering if you still don’t understand him, or if you’re just a little slow. You feel your cheeks heat up as you force your gaze over his shoulder instead.

“We’ve got them in the heated section,” you say, gesturing toward the corner beside the register where the hot water heater also sits. “Since it’s colder out, most people want their coffee warm.”

He scrutinizes you for a moment longer before nodding once and shuffling over toward the coffee. It only takes him a second to find what he’s looking for - not long enough for you to get ahold of yourself by the time he returns to the counter. He slides the can toward you and you robotically go through the motions of cashing him out.

You’re handing him his change, trying to figure out if it would be creepy to ask for an autograph for your coworker, when he speaks again.

“You want me to sign something?”

Your fingers grow clumsy because of your surprise and you almost drop the coins all over the counter.

“No, I’m good,” you say, abandoning the idea. You just won’t tell your coworker that he stopped in the store in the first place. You know that he won’t believe you if you say you’re getting the autograph for a friend, so instead, “I’m not really a fan,” slips from your mouth.

You don’t know what possessed you to lie and you half-expect him to call you out on your bullshit, but he doesn’t.

“Oh.” He sounds a little surprised. “Any…any particular reason why?”

He must take your dismissal personally. A part of you wants to backtrack, but you don’t think you could withstand the embarrassment.

“What I’ve heard isn’t really my style, I guess.”

You shrug, avoiding his gaze, but from the corner of your eye you see him nod slowly, twisting his head a little as if he’s trying to wrap his mind around what you’ve said.

“Alright, well, see you around.”

He raises the can in farewell before leaving the store. As soon as the door shuts behind him and he disappears from your sight through the window, you collapse against the counter, replaying the interaction in your mind, lamenting the fact that you probably wasted your only chance meeting a member of your favourite group in person.

Even though he isn’t your bias, you could have still gotten his signature for your coworker. That would have earned you some brownie points - maybe she’d have even covered a shift or two of yours if you ever needed it.

You rest your forehead against the cool countertop and grumble to yourself about your stubborn nature which had gotten in your way. Next time - if there is a next time - you decide, you’ll tell him the truth, even if the thought makes you want the ground beneath you to swallow you whole.

You pull yourself off the counter and slam your notebook down in front of you, intent on erasing your embarrassment by focusing on your work instead, but one errant thought shoves its way into the forefront of your mind that you can’t ignore.

Even though you’d never given him much thought before, too focused on the other visual members of the group, you definitely can’t deny that up-close, in person, he’s ridiculously cute.

A/N: So this was originally just going to be one scenario, but the first part got kind of long so I’m making it into a short series! It’ll be all about “firsts” (if you couldn’t tell from the title) and there’s no set length or number of parts - so we’ll see how far I take this! As always - requests are open, who I write about is in my FAQ and I hope you liked the first part of this series even though nothing much happens :) - Fee x