if you ever want a french lesson


shippy plots that make me happy as a clam

  • preacher’s daughter falls for a bad boy
  • my big brother’s best friend is cuter than a button and he keeps ‘accidentally’ brushing his hand against mine and ‘accidentally’ stumbling into my room trying to look for the bathroom even though he’s been here a million times
  • i’m an up-and-coming model/actor/singer and paparazzi follow me everywhere but i really like you, even though the tabloids will talk about rumors about us all the time
  • since my parents can’t stand you, i have to sneak out my window to date you when they think i’m doing my french homework in my room
  • i’m the princess and you’re a wanted thief and we sneak into the woods every day for picnics
  • i asked you out as a joke but then i developed feelings for you
  • you want kissing lessons because you’re trying to impress someone experienced but you’re actually really good at this and you’re the sweetest person i’ve ever met and the person you’re trying to impress doesn’t deserve you