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Word Count: ~5400
Warnings: mention of abuse, non-graphic asthma, a Hamilton reference
Summary: StevexTony; Steve has a one-night stand on Sunday, and a job interview on Monday. Guess who is his potential boss’s son?

Six in the morning, and the world is just starting to wake up. Steve’s in the middle of the city, but deep enough into a nicer area that he can only hear traffic from a distance. The local noise is still crickets and sprinklers, and the occasional van rolling in with deliveries to the rich and famous dwelling here in the heart of Manhattan.

Steve’s sure enough he’s not going to get mugged here, and he’s tempted to savor the brightening solitude, but he can also feel the dull scratch of anxiety at the back of his mind. Maybe if it was a Saturday, he could have savored the pleasant ache in his body, given in to the compulsion to smile like a dope and be less concerned about his terrible bed head. If it were a Saturday, he wouldn’t have even gotten out of bed.

But here he is, loitering on the street on a Monday morning, thin frame wrapped in a shirt that was conspicuously missing a few buttons and definitely not fooling the throng of blue collar workers making their way to their employers’ terrifically expensive condos. Steve is just in the process of politely refusing a squished granola bar from the cavernous tote bag of a sweet granny type who speaks little English, but clearly manages to convey that she thinks he’s pillow pet who’s been kicked out before some rich-and-famous’s spouse returned, when he hears the familiar roar of Bucky’s motorcycle. Steve hastily thanks granny, vows to learn a little Vietnamese, and bolts.

He jumps on the back of the bike and hastily taps the side of Bucky’s hip. “Go go go!”

“Aw, runnin’ out on your girlfriend, Stevie?”

“Buck!” Steve grits his teeth desperately.

Bucky just laughs and tosses the spare helmet back.

“So,” he says happily, once Steve is all strapped in and they’re on the way back to their apartment on a less manicured side of town. “This all seems wildly irresponsible.”

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IM5 Preference : Cute Afternoon Together


“Cole, stop!” You sprinted across the garden, running from your crazed boyfriend, Cole. He was chasing you with the garden hose, threatening to spray you. “Come here!” He cried out, laughing as you tried your best to evade his spray.

“Cole! I just did my hair!” You whined, sprinted across the cool grass. “Come on, I want to have a splash war.” Cole groaned. Looking back at his pouting face, you tripped over a nearby rock. Sliding across the grass, you burst into a fit of giggles, rolling across the ground. “You’re such an idiot.” Cole joked, spraying you with the hose. “ Oh shut up.” You smile, pulling Cole down to the grass with you, laying a soft warm kiss upon his lips.


“Beach day! Beach day!” You sang out in the car, as Dana you drove along the highway. “Babe, you’ve been singing that all day.” Dana mocked. “I’m just excited! I haven’t been to the beach since I was little. My dad and I used to play mermaids, and I would be the Beach Queen! Ruler of all the fishes and the sea.” You smiled, reminiscing on the old day. Dana just snickered in the background. “Stop laughing.” You scolded, punching him in the shoulder.

“I’m sorry, that just sounds so dorky.” Dana laughed. “I was like five,” You muttered, sinking down into the seat, a bit embarrassed. You finally arrived, sprinting to the water. You let your toes sink into the soft, smooth sand, letting the waves hit your burning skin.

“Are you remembering your ruling days, your majesty?” Dana asked from behind you, grabbing your hand. “Yeah, just a bit.” You half-smiled, looking out at the beautiful horizon. “Well, may I walk with the Beach Queen?” Dana asked. giving you a small bow, then spinning you in a small circle. “Yes you may,” You giggled, as the two of you ran along the beach side.


“Babe, come on.” You mumbled into Will’s neck, as he snored lightly in his sleep. “Another few minutes..” He mumbled, refusing to wake up. He was supposed to be leaving for work soon, but had decided to visit you first. About 10 minutes into your conversation, he passed out, sprawled out on your couch.

Frustrated, you retreated to your room, in a fit of boredom. In the corner laid a huge packet of markers that you haven’t touched since you were little. A huge grin grew upon your face, as you rushed downstairs to the sleeping Will.

Pulling out every color you could, you drew whiskers, random smiley faces, and a large, bright green mustache on his upper lip. You tried to contain your fit of giggles, as well as possible, not waking your sleepy boyfriend.

About 15 minutes later, you finished your beautiful masterpiece. You shook Will lightly, prepared for him to freak out.“Babe, wake up.” You mumbled, outlining his abs with your fingers slowly. “Oh, crap. I’m late. I’m late!” Will panicked, quickly hopping up from the couch, rushing to the door. “Babe, wait! I have to tell you something!” You shouted, chasing him out the door. “Later! I have to get to work!”

He hopped into his car, and drove off as fast as possible. About 30 minutes later, all the boys had posted a picture of Will’s new ‘makeup’.Will tweeted out, “Credit goes to my beautiful girlfriend (Y/N), remind me to never fall asleep near her again." 


It was 1 am, a few hours after a much needed night of booze, partying and dancing. Prom had been such a blast, you and David had went to a few after parties, just to kill time. Now, the two of you were on your way to a hotel room David had booked. You had to admit, you were extremely nervous. 

You had always heard the stories, people who lost their v-cards the night of prom, making it the best time of their lives. But you weren’t ready, nowhere near ready. "Tonight’s was amazing.” David smiled, swinging your hands back and forth as you walked to your hotel. The two of you were still a bit buzzed, so you left your car at school.

“Yeah, it was fun.” You mumbled, catching David’s attention. “Is everything all right?” He questioned, you just nodded, putting on a fake smile. David handed you the key to your hotel suite, excited as ever.

“Open it, open it!” He exclaimed. Nervously, you pulled out the key, expecting to see red rose petals laid out on a king bed, with fresh candles lit, illuminating the room. Turning the door knob, and slowly entering the room. Surprised, you saw there were no rose petals, or candles lighting up the room. 

“Look at that bed!” David gasped, quickly taking off his shoes, and sprinting for it. Standing upon the bed, he jumped up and down, swinging his arms back and forth. “Well, are you going to join me or not?” He asked, leaning down to grab your hand. “Of ocurse!” You giggled, as the two of you, bounced up and down on the bed, before falling asleep, wrapped in each others warmth.


“What should I cook for dinner?” You asked Gabe, as you looked through multiple cookbooks for the perfect recipe. “Anything works.” Gabe mumbled from the other room, staying focused on his movie. “Do you want Mexican, Italian, or Chinese?” You questioned again, but the same response. “Anythings, okay.” He muttered. You just groaned, picking a nice Italian pasta from your cookbook.

After about a half an hour of work, you were covered in sweat, so focused on the meal you were making. “Baaabe,” Gabe sang out. “Yeah?” You answered, trying to keep your focus. “Where’s the remote? I can’t find it.” He whined. You groaned, leaving the kitchen for a few seconds to help him out. A couple minutes later, a loud beeping rang throughout your apartment.

“Oh no! The fire alarm!” You cried out, rushing back into the kitchen. Your pasta was covered in black smoke, burnt to a crisp. “Damn it!” You screamed, fanning out the smoke. “What’s going on in here?” Gabe asked, poking his head inside the kitchen. “I burnt our dinner.” You frowned, picking up your cookbook, completely disappointed.

Gabe noticed your frowning face, and took the cookbook away from you, throwing it across the room.“Babe, it’s fine. We can just order out.” Gabe explained, but you were still upset. “But, I really wanted to make you a special dinner.” You pouted. Gabe just shook his head, pecking your lip softly. “You’re perfect enough for me, nothing else matters.”


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