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Hey there! Since your ask box is open, can I request a series of reactions from the chocobros when their s/o wears their clothes? Thanks! (SFW please!).

A/N: New mod! Hello everyone!

Chocobro’s reaction to their S/O wearing their clothes:


  • He’s easily the second most flustered of the boys. He thinks he can play it off but everyone knows better.
  • You look good in anything you wear but there’s something more appealing when you dress like that.
  • He has a bunch of really dorky fishing shirts that are too big for you but you wear them anyways
  • It has something like ‘I’ve got a bite’ written over it with a Lucian Carp on a line. It’s kinda cute. 
  • “hey noct isn’t it your turn to do laundry today?” Silence. “why are you staring at me like that?”
  • “you know how everyone always says that there’s plenty of fish in the sea? Well, they’re wrong because you’re the best catch I’ve ever made.”
  • He still does the laundry, though.


  • He is the reigning prince of blushing. You’ve seen how it can get so bad that his freckles kinda disappear. 
  • Flustered, stuttering, actively forgetting words, thats all his jam.
  • He’s been pretty busy lately but he finally got a day off and is chilling at his desk, doing some maintenance on his camera and saving the pictures on an external drive. 
  • After changing you grab your phone and walk over to him. After you drape yourself over his shoulders you tell him “hey prom, say cheese!”
  • When you move away from him, he glances over and his mouth drops open. “I-Is that my hoodie?!“ 
  • Its a cute yellow one with a silhouette of a chocobo saying ‘kweh’
  • You cock your head to the side. “Yeah i was kinda cold and it was on the bed so I grabbed it. Why, were you about to go out?” He shakes his head, his face completely red. 
  • “N-No you just…look really good.” He laughs, earning a small blush from you. Smiling back, you hold your phone up.  "Sooo you wouldn’t mind if I take a few more?“ He’s a huge dork so he pulls you into his arms and lap and takes your phone. "More great memories together, right?”


  • Big guy doesn’t get flustered easily, but when he sees something he likes, he’ll do what he can to make it his.
  • So he’s pleasantly surprised when you come out of a shower in his training clothes after a run one day.
  • “Hey there good lookin’, whats the occasion?” You roll your eyes and place a kiss on his cheek. “What, I cant wear your clothes?”
  • “More like you cant wear them if you don’t like me giving you more and more attention. But, since you’re already dressed, how about a quick spar before breakfast?”
  • That earned him a sigh with a smile. “Just dont get distracted by how good I make this outfit look.” “Don’t worry, I can still take you down.”
  • wears a cheeky grin the rest of the day, even if he loses
  • His home screen is actually one of the photos that he’s taken of them in his clothes
  • changes it often, sometimes even just leaving the ones where the clothes are super baggy just to remind him that you’re super adorable and he cant wait to see you?
  • he always wonders how he got so lucky


  • We all know he’s the most difficult to get a rise out of but boy when it happens it’s the best feeling? Like how there’s only a set few people that can really make this man lose his composure, and his S/O is in the top 3.
  • He tends to slip up a little more, and if he’s really distracted he might just stare for a bit.
  • Is up early or even late doing some work for King Regis or even has to deal with some of the Kingslaive paperwork bc lets face it, Ignis is probably the most well put together individual in Insomnia?
  • So you end up wandering into the study with one of his button ups and some ebony for him.
  • He doesn’t notice right away when he takes the mug from your hand, but as he turns to look at you he has to make sure he sets the mug down safely before staring at you quietly.
  • “…? What’s wrong Specs?”
  • “…nothing, you just look more radiant than Shiva right now.”
  • how smooth, amirite?

- Mod Tissa 

Can’t Remember to Forget You Ch. 4

Ever since you accidentally spilled your lunch on Im Youngmin, the popular chaebol senior with money and fame, he’s seemed to hate you. However, when some odd photos of the two of you arguing appear in a tabloid, he has a solution as to how you can make up for it– pretend to be his girlfriend.

  • high school au + fake dating au
  • same universe/basic timeline as let me love you
  • multichaptered for all you youngmin stans!
  • dancer!reader
  • reader is a second-year in high school; youngmin is a third-year
  • read chapter one here | read the previous chapter here

You slowly dragged yourself towards your classroom, eyelids heavy due to the lack of sleep. You’d stayed up all night on Sunday cramming for your finals, and it was really hitting you now—you felt like you were going to fall asleep while standing up.

“Hey, so how are things with (y/n) going?” You froze at the sound of Ha Sungwoon mentioning your name casually, and you stopped yourself from stepping out into the main hallway, curious as to who was talking about you.

“It’s whatever,” you heard Youngmin reply casually, “I mean, I’m just dating her to get the press off my back.” You shrugged, ready to walk away—he wasn’t wrong. “But she’s kind of a bitch.” Oh hell no.

Youngmin’s friends chuckled at that.

“Like, she’s super stubborn and bossy, it’s fucking irritating,” Youngmin sighed. You were furious at that—here you were, doing Youngmin a favor, and he repays you by talking shit about you? Hell to the fucking no.

You stormed off towards your classroom, sitting down grumpily.

“Hey, (y/n),” a few of your classmates said sweetly, turning in their seats to greet you. You smiled back, waving to them.

“Oh, (y/n),” one of your friends in your class, Eunbin, walked over to you, taking a seat. Her group of friends followed, crowding around you. “We were wondering… “

“What’s dating Youngmin like?” Yebin pitched in, the other girls giggling into their hands. You were about to start raging about how much of an asshole Youngmin was when another idea came to you.

“It’s going great,” you said with a sugary smile, mentally cringing, “he’s super sweet, and tries really hard.”

“What do you mean, tries hard?” Eunbin asked, obviously thinking about what dating Youngmin would be like herself.

You simpered, dropping your voice to a whisper and leaning in, as though you were about to share a confidential whisper, “Youngmin’s kind of a terrible kisser. It’s tragic, really, with his good looks, but I guess you can’t win the lottery every time you play.”

“Really?” Yebin’s eyes got wide, “he’s a bad kisser?”

“Oh yeah,” you sighed, acting as though you thought it was the cutest thing on earth, “and he tries so hard, it’s adorable. But there’s teeth and tongue everywhere, and he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.”

“Oh, ew,” Eunbin wrinkled her nose, “that’s a total turn-off.”

“Yeah, maybe you just shouldn’t kiss him, (y/n),” Yebin giggled, “you guys are so cute though, we saw those pictures of you two at the restaurant this weekend!”

“Yeah, seriously, you guys are goals,” Yehana, another classmate, chimed in dreamily.

“Thanks, guys,” you smiled at them as the teacher walked in—Operation ‘Get Back at Youngmin’ was officially in action.

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Do you have any advice for someone who has both depression and anxiety?

Well, I don’t know how much help I can be, but

1) Just know “you are not alone”. There is always someone who cares, and someone who is willing to listen. Find yourself someone who will listen to you when you need to talk to someone about how youre feeling. This could be a friend, significant other, parents, internet friend. I guarantee you there will be someone who will want to do anything to help you, whether to give you a shoulder to cry on, to cheer you up, or to calm you down when youre anxious. You are not a burden, and you are NEVER alone

2) If you are someone like me whose sadness or anxiety shows in the form of a lot of physical tension, I would really recommend getting a little stress ball to carry around with you and you can crush or scratch at. I know it helps me.

3) Similarly, I reccomend carrying around a small little token that reminds you of someone you love and makes you feel safe or happy. Whenever you feel anxious or sad, take that out and just hold it or play with it. I have a worry stone my girlfriend gave me, and a necklace from her as well that I hold when I feel anxious or alone. 

4) Something my girlfriend does is carry around a bag of chocolate chips everyday. She takes this out whenever one of the two of us, or even someone else, is sad, because chocolate releases endorphins which makes you happier. I don’t know how much it helped, but we always kept an emergency stash of chocolate. 

5) Self harm is never a good option, but if you feel like you want to cut yourself or something of that nature, an better alternative is to scratch at your arm with your nails, or dig your nails into your arm. This wont have any lasting damage, and is definitely safer, but still may help? Still, wouldn’t really reccomend. Better still, draw lines on your skin where you want to cut with a pen or eyeliner pencil. 

6) Make two playlists- one with calming music for when you feel anxious, and another with feel-good music for when you feel depressed. Whenever you need to, and whenever you can, step away and put in earbuds and listen to the music. Focus on the words and the beat, and the music, nothing else. Stay like this until you feel a bit better

7) Look up one of those breathing excersises online, the ones where you watch the shapes fold and unfold and breathe in time with them. Breathing is important, especially during an anxiety attack.

8) If theres a traceable reason for feeling anxious or depressed in that moment, write it out. Sometimes it helps to sort out your thoughts. Id reccomend texting someone what you feel and asking them to help you analyze whats going on. 

9) Look up pictures of kittens or other baby animals. Focus on how adorable they are, and dont think about what is wrong. Theres good in the world, like these little animals

10) Try to think things through logically. What is making anxious? Then determine what the most likely outcome of the scenario is; not the worst case scenario. Most times things don’t happen exactly how we imagine in our heads, so the worst case scenario you are imagining, will more than likely not happen

11) If you havent already, get help. Talk to an adult or a professional or someone who has dealt with this before. Don’t underestimate getting professional help, they are specialists for a reason

12) You are not alone. No matter what your depression or anxiety is telling you, you are beautiful and talented and smart and perfect and unique, and there will always, always be someone out there that loves you more than the world itself. 

I hope this helped even a little bit. Other people- Please add on with your own tips!!

I love you, I love you all, if you ever need anything, feel free to message me

Flower Petal Tears (Jeno ft. Chenle)

anon asked: Hey there! Can i ask for a fluffy/cute scenario where jeno gets jealous because you hang out with Chenle a lot (because you think he’s so adorable and you like to take care of him) and Jeno kinda misunderstands that you like chenle but you just really see him as a little brother? Haha thanks for making this blog author-nim! Have a nice day~

author: admin tae

genre: fluff??

word count: 1,380

a/n: its not at all sad!!

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Summary: Phil goes to a coffee shop and the cute barista there keeps on finding new ways to misspell his name.

Word count: 1700

A/N: Written for a prompt submitted to phanfic by foxylester, ach I feel like this isn’t what you were looking for and the writing style is kinda all over the place but I hope you enjoy!

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HOTCHNISS (Or Hotly whatever...) but yea!

who the fuck put the peeps in the microwave
THAT WOULD SO BE EMILY. Hotch tells her not to do it because they will fuckin explode, which only makes her want to do it more. SO, Prentiss shoves like 20 of them in the microwave and laughs uncontrollably as they blow the fuck up and Hotch is just sitting there shaking his head thinking jfc WHY IS THIS MY LIFE? EMILY U ARE A FUCKIN 6 YEAR OLD JACK IS MORE MATURE THAN THIS why the fuck…? BUT he’s smiling because even tho she’s an immature lil shit, she’s his immature lil shit!

who forgot to put the cat outside before sex
Em. She refuses to “imprision” her precious Sergie-pie and the cat often wanders into the bedroom at the wrong time. Prentiss doesn’t care, but Hotch is convinced the little black SATAN is out for his blood. Emily finds it hilarious that Aaron Hotchner, who is fearless when it comes to crazy ass psycho murderers, is afraid of a TINY LITTLE KITTY CAT. “Emily put the fucking demon away” “Hotch its a CAT what’s he possibly gonna do to you?” “Oh, i dunno, KILL ME IN MY SLEEP!” “Right.

who posts vines of the other doing embarrassing shit
Emily. You’d never guess it, but when Hotch gets drunk he gets FUCKING WILD. And giggles. Like a schoolgirl.

who breaks the most phones
They both break a fuck ton of phones because of their job (and the fact that both are super accident prone). Prentiss has even made a tally to try and keep track of the expenses (‘ALRIGHT Aaron u are at 5 this year already what the fuck?’ ‘Emily don’t even get started u broke so many phones last year’ ‘excuse you i was hiT BY A TRUCK MR.’ ‘BUT-’ ‘I ALSO KICKED SOME MAJOR UNSUB ASS FOR YOUR INFORMATION’ ‘EM, HI HELLO you haven’t broken any phones at work sweetie. You are literally just clumsy.’ ‘Well yea…’)

who dies first
ahahahaahAHAHAHA FUCK ME. Prentiss does (like for real this time tho, I mean the woman nearly dies every other episode getting in car accidents, shot, stabbed, held hostage and whatnot. One of those disasters is bound to kill her eventually). If Em really did die, you know Hotch would be devastated. AND he would probably become reckless and take huge risks because Emily dying doesn’t make sense. She was one of the best people he ever had the pleasure of knowing, and if there was a God, or shit, even just karma, Prentiss would not be dead. It’s just not fair. (HAHAHA NO NOBODY DIES WHAT? NO WHAT IS DEATH EVEN HEHEHE no.)

which one I could see as being lactose intollerant
Hotch (I mean how could Emily be, like i can picture her putting cheese on literally everything) AARON IS, but he doesn’t like to admit it which bugs Emily. “hon, you are allergic to tht DONT EAT IT” “NO IM NOT, ITS FINE EM. NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS. “JESUS CHrist Aaron, its a dairy allergy not a missing limb what the fuck”

who thinks they can do something really well even though they can’t
Emily thinks she is the fucking shit when it comes to sports. Don’t get me wrong, she is extremely fit and athletic due to being in the FBI, but playing Children’s level sports? Forget about it! Something about having the gracefulness of a drunk chicken really doesn’t mix well with that, but it doesn’t stop her from trying. Hotch thought it was adorable, until the FBI baseball game where the dork managed to hit Morgan in the balls with a baseball bat! Prentiss apologized (while laughing her ass off) and decided sports weren’t really her thing…

who is more likely to get kicked out of the bed
Hotch, although it’s not for reasons you’d think. When he’s not working, Aaron is actually super goofy and he and Em usually end up in prank wars. Sometimes those pranks involve putting huge fake spiders under the blanket to scare the living shit out of Prentiss (‘JESUS MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE FCUKISTHATKILL IT- oh my god AARON U FUCKING ASSHOLE’) It’s hard for her to stay mad, though, and she usually ends up joining him on the couch.

who uses the computer most
Em totally has a Tumblr (@imwearingagunbitch) She posts pictures of Sergio, and is responsible for a lot of strange/drunken nightblogging posts (‘What if lawnmowers are so loud because they cover the screams of grass being massacred?’ ‘Dude imagine if boobs were square’) Hotch thinks it’s cute that Em runs a blog, but also thinks that half the people on tht deranged website are probable unsubs.

Daddy’s little kitten (Part twelve)

“Okay, that’s everything unpacked i think” Harry spoke sounding absolutely bloody exhausted. “Thanks baby” i whispered whilst placing a tender loving kiss onto his cheek.

Looking around the room i smiled to myself. I was now living with the man i love, something which i never dreamed of happening. Never did i ever think me and Harry would make it this far. I thought it was just a short fling, that i was someone he could get his sexual needs from, his little kitten.

My sugar daddy has proved himself wrong.

“It finally feels like home” Harry spoke. “What do you mean?” i asked whilst staring intently at the business man. “It feels like home now you live here. Before it was so lonely and well… empty i guess” he shrugged. “Awww Harry, so you do have a sensitive side!” i giggled whilst pulling at his cheeks. “Bugger off” he laughed whilst walking away from me.

I walked to one of the boxes and pulled the last item out. “You forgot this Mr Styles!” i laughed whilst waving a white photo frame in the air. I gently placed it down onto the bedside table whilst Harry sauntered over to inspect the new item. “I dont remember this being taken?” the curly haired man spoke with his brow furrowed. “That’s because you were drunk silly” i giggled whilst poking his ribs.

We looked so happy in the picture. Probably because we were both so intoxicated that we couldn’t see straight but that’s besides the point. I was wearing a tight little number whilst Harry had his tattooed arm draped around me. He looked adorable and different. His usual black suit was nowhere to be seen meaning that his usual serious side was gone. We were laughing at something, Harry had probably made a cheesy joke no doubt.

“I want one of them for my desk babe” Harry declared still staring at the photo. “We look so happy and loved up” he laughed. “That’s because we are, duhhh” i giggled. “C’mereee” he cooed opening his arms. I fell forward into his warm embrace and snuggled into his chest.

“I told you we would be together. I didn’t break my promise did i?” “You didn't” i smiled. “Its just me and you now Kitten, no more drama.” He traced small circles onto my back as i snuggled into his chest, inhaling the scent of his usual aftershave; Paco Rabanne one million.

“How about i go and get us a take away and we can have a movie night, just me and you snuggled up on the sofa? Best make the most of this time off we’ve got together” my boyfriend suggested. “That sounds like a really good plan” i cooed causing him to release me from his grasp and grab his car keys off the side. He then kissed my forehead whilst muttering a ‘be back soon’ and his range rover could be heard reversing off the drive.

Deciding to have an explore i trudged back into the bedroom to see what i could find. Opening one of the bedside drawers i noticed a small book which was labelled as ‘Harry’s journal’.

Now i dont know about you, but im quite a curious person. If somebody tells me not to open something, i have to open it. I was curious to see what Harry could possibly write about. What if he has written about me? It can’t be that private as it has no lock on it, and surely you wouldn’t leave it in such an obvious place if you didn’t want people to read it.

My heart was telling me to forget about the journal and respect Harry’s privacy, but my mind had other ideas.

I listened to my mind whilst the curiosity ate away at my shaking nimble fingers. Flicking through the pages i came across one that was labelled “My darling Y/N… Daddy’s Little Kitten.” Knowing it was about me i began to read the comments which Harry had scribbled down.

My Darling Y/N. Oh what would i do without my beautiful ray of sunshine? She’s my everything, my life, my world. I can’t wait to be able to hold her in my arms and kiss her goodnight. To wake up every morning next to her beautiful petite figure. I don’t know how i’ve dropped so lucky. Genuine girls never go for me. They think i’m a player. That’s probably because i am. Well, i was. Not anymore.

I just hope my plan to get rid of Scarlett works. I dont want y/n to be hurt due to any of this. I just want me and her to be together so i can spoil her and give her everything she deserves.

I find it hard to love people, but there’s no doubt about the fact that i love y/n. She is perfect. My princess.”


Shit. My trembling hands snapped the book shut but it was too late.

“What are you doing love?” he asked but his eyes soon went wide when he noticed what was in my shaking hands.

“Is that my journal?”

Again, i tooooook so long but i apologise. I hope you enjoy this part, i have made quite a bit of an effort with it. I was thinking how i could carry the storyline on but ive come up with this so i hope you like it. Please like if you read and dont be afraid to message me with feedback. I love you all!

P.s requests are open. Oh and sorry for the cliffhanger again!

Kirstie xx

BTS: Jin - As A Boyfriend

A/N: This is for all the lovely jin stans out there who are always dedicating their time and energy to love our little snowflake. Just everyone in general ok pls enjoy the amazingness that is jin. If you thought my suga one was good (idk some people thought so im still in shock) THEN HAHAHAHAHA WAIT FOR JIN

Originally posted by linheys

  • This masterpiece of a man will just blow your heart when you see him for the first time. I swear to god, the cameras do him no justice because he is a precious snowflake and he just wow he blows me away with how handsome he is
  • I can very well see Jin going out with a fan because why not. Are ARMY’s not good people? Will they not love him sincerely and honestly? Don’t they deserve that same love in return? Jin is the kind of person to share love with everyone in the world irrespective of nationality, culture, religion or gender/sex tbh. he’s an angel fight me on this (and sometimes he might get confused about just how can you differentiate love between friends or family and significant others because he can love everyone)
  • I think your interactions with Jin would span across a long time before you guys realize you have feelings for each other. I think it’d be Jin who’d realize it first and it just hits him right in the heart you know.
  • SHIT. This girl. I love her.
  • There is no ‘i might like her a little bit’ or ‘this could be fun to try’ with Jin. No. This boy knows it well when his heart flutters every time you smile and he isn’t going to go play some stupid push-and-pull games with you. He’s a grown up man and love isn’t going to wait.
  • When he realizes that he has some pretty strong feelings for you, he’ll want to say it to you immediately. Even if he’s overseas and you’re sitting in your pyjamas in your house and it’s 3 AM and you’re wondering why your phone is blowing up so much.

Originally posted by btsleepy

  • Y/N-ah (or cute nicknames like hotpot or bibimbap) you have to skype me now. Please. Now”
  • “Jin. It’s *squints at watch in the distance* its 3 AM are you mad? i don’t love you that much bye”
  • “Bibimbap. I do. I need to talk to you about it. please.”
  • And you freak out because you’ve always joked about how you don’t love him enough for this and that but he’s never entertained it the same way but if Jin is using the word love. this might be some serious shit. so he calls you up and skype’s you barefaced and a little bit nervous and spends the first 10 minutes just checking up on you and saying utter shit and you just want him to cut to the chase because JIN MY HEART WILL BEAT OUT OF MY CHEST WHAT IS IT JUST TELL ME
  • I love you.
  • There is no why after it, there aren’t multitudes of reasons to backup his simple confession because in his head Jin doesn’t need to logically understand this. He just loves you, simple and clear.
  • And man do those words knock the air out of you. You’re a bit shocked and waiting for a few more words but he smiles his angelic little smile and says “that’s it. I’ll be going now. BYe”
  • And for every message you send him about how unbelievable it is that he loves you because god have you seen the women you work with or could work with, there are incredible people out there and yes i know I’m awesome but still, incredible people and this relationship will be so hard with your schedule and mine and lets not even forget the fans oh god
  • He just keeps sending “i love you” without even stopping until you just shut up because you cant have this conversation with this 5 yr old anymore.

Originally posted by jinful

  • But when he gets back, he’s immediately at your place in very comfy clothing (and his bags because he came straight from the airport) carrying flowers and food (from wherever he visited) because he just couldn’t wait to see you and he wasn’t going to waste a goddamn minute.
  • you slip into this relationship so easily because it is literally like a relationship with your best friend. he takes care of you so well that you forget sometimes that he does it for everyone else and it’s high time someone did it for him
  • when you cook for him the first time and leave some in the fridge at his place because you’re busy and you have to get to work, he nearly cries when he eats your food. You only find this out later on from namjoon who had walked in on it and tried to get some of your food, but got whacked for no good reason
  • it just hurts your heart because you didn’t think much of it but that’s when you realize just how much it means for him
  • so you make a conscious effort to remind jin that you’ll be taking care of him from now on and protecting him whenever and wherever possible
  • and he argues because he doesn’t need it. he just finds it more comfortable to take care of you he’s used to it
  • You shouldn’t be used to it you idiot. So let me just love you please.”
  • And jin is so surprised by your words, he lets you be

Originally posted by jiguk

  • so many cuddle nights because he needs the sleep but you keep telling him its because you want the cuddles (i mean who doesn’t want to cuddle with sweet and long jin)
  • and you guys cook together so often but he always does the main korean dishes because he’s just better at it. so you take up cleaning and setting up the table
  • he loves how well you guys work together. even when he has slept over and you’re both late for your work and you have to get ready together. He runs at you with lotion and you tug his scarf a bit closer to his neck. he makes sure you’re wearing socks before you get into your boots and then you run into the house *jin silently screams because THE FLOOR IS ALL DIRTY NOW JAGIYA WHY* but you come back with a tiny pack of sunscreen lotion and dab it on his face because he always forgets it you idiot and he presses a quick kiss to your lips in return

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

  • he get you to come to gym with him all the time even though you hate it eventually he just gives up, so he works out at the gym while you run a few laps by the river and then you guys meet up for a final walk back home all sweaty but so happy together
  • chill nights when he gets to get away from his busy bts life and just have loads of carbs and alochol with you and he isn’t complaining because this boy can wow i bet he has good tolerance ok dont fight me on this
  • If you’re a uni student, I bet your sweet ass he’s going to help you out a lot and is even willing to come with you to career days and parent-teacher meetings because your parents cant make it but he wants to know about how awesome you’re doing in uni and all your profs are so surprised because they’ve never seen a more caring boyfriend
  • you’re so embrassed because “Have you ever heard of a boyfriend coming to one of these things? Jin you didn’t have to,.”
  • I want to. Also how amazing are you? Your english professor couldn’t stop talking about you wow I was almost jealous I thought I loved you the most haha”
  • For the first few months you don’t tell him that you have a very valid driving license and can drive yourself around but he just enjoys it so much and he casually wraps your hands together and traces patterns with his thumb on the back of your hand when he’s driving. You can’t bring yourself to take that from him
  • but when he realizes you can drive, and a bit shocked at that, he’s so ready because now you can drive him from practice and he can take a nap in the car and he’ll still be with you . it’s win win

Originally posted by hobilu

  • you find it so amazing every time how easily he fits into your surroundings.
  • At your house, your pets come to love him pretty quickly. You dog literally fractures his tail because of wagging it so much (and Jin laughs his one lung out and then takes him to the vet because he is sorry that your dog loves him more)
  • and your mum is going to ADORE THIS BOY
  • dont make me start on your father because this boy will just blow him away because your father never thought someone could love his daughter more than he could. he was wrong. they even have a little fun-natured quiz about you and jin lets your father win
  • but then they have scotch late into the night talking about their university days and what kind of trouble jin is going through and you father says jin can call him anytime if he needs anything and you just want to sit down and sniff your feels away because oh god thats so just agggh so cute
  • and when he meets your friends, he casually brings up random conversations you didn’t even know they had in common. loves it when they talk about you during school days
  • and plans birthday surprises and videos for you with them especially because he got hold of your pictures from middle school and he loves how adorable you are
  • he whispers how beautiful you’ve become when you’re half asleep and in bed and its barely even dawn but he’s still the most beautiful thing in your world and you don’t get how he doesn’t see how amazing he is sometimes

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

  • you always take a step back when ARMY’s recognize jin on the street. not because you’re afraid of being recognized or something like that but because you just want him to take his time to love them back and interact with them. you even offer to take pictures of them together and he stands there for an hour or so, signing everything from caps to sneakers and writing nice words for them on their texbooks and taking as many selcas as they could possibly need
  • but you don’t notice how he always keeps an eye on you and he shudders at the thought of his fans ever hating you because how could they. if they saw how much you loved him and how goddamnmuch he loved you, they couldn’t hate you right?
  • wrong. lol. people will always find a way to hurt you
  • so jin just gets you on a mokbang so that people can talk shit about you guys to your faces on v app and the both of you sass your way through the show like some idiot will say “Ugh how can jin oppa go out with her she isn’t even that pretty” and jin just goes “well she tops her class and i don’t know how i can go out with someone so smart” and eventually thats the most watched show on their v app and all the boys roll on the floor laughing because THAT WAS SO GREAT OH MY GOD. JIN YOU GOT THE RIGHT GIRL
  • yoongi adores you and is so nice to you that jin often acts offended like “YOONGI-SHI I’m your roommate *flips table* and you treat her better and buy her things why”
  • and suga just casually flips him off and continues to play jenga with you hahahaah
  • you’ve suddenly become the relationship guru for all the boys and it just shocks you because everyone from rap mon to jungkook comes to you for relationship advice and you’re so thrilled because YES BABIES LET ME SPOIL YOU HAHA
  • jin has a heart attack when kookie likes a girl but you have to calm him down because hey junkook is allowed to grow up ok and you shall NOT scare him or be protective of him
  • but you still keep tabs on kookie because you’re just as protective of him and v and jin looks over your shoulder as you text kookie or v about their dates and jin approoves of how easily you fit into this role

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  • you’re already married. aint nobody going to deny that
  • but oh god it’s so hard to control jin in the early days of the relationship because this boy just loves to get on your nerves and just kiss you out of nowehere
  • like you’re talking about your day and you think he’s enjoying it because he’s smiling at you so kindly with that lopsided tilt to his lips but he just ups and kisses you and you just - *sounds of birds squeaking in the distance*
  • you can’t even wear shorts around the boys because (the hickeys are all over your thighs and please good lord rap mon knows whats up)
  • UGH
  • after dinner you’re watching a nice cozy movie and jin wraps a blanket over you and you want to melt because aww he’s being so kind but suddenly halfway into the movie, you feel his hands stroking your inner thigh and pinching his way up to your sensitive regions and you turn your head to check on him and he’s got his eyes on the tv like nothing has changed but oh god his long fingers slip under your pants so quick you have to bend forward from the shock
  • but he just takes it as encouragement and maliciously teases you and plays with you until you have to drag him to the bed by the collar and do him right then and there
  • seokjin is a sinner and i refuse to accept otherwise hahahahah

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  • fight me if I’m wrong but most of the times, especially when it’s round two on a sunday or a day off, he’s just really into lazy sex like random kissing and biting and just lying around naked and rolling between the sheets because he likes the smell of you in the morning and loves how he can touch you and feel so comfortable
  • he understands then that he hadn’t seen true beauty and comfort until he saw you naked and sleeping curled up against his chest and you were just wow breath-takingly amazing. hair and mounds of fats and scars and all. you were amazing and he couldn’t love you any more
  • I just I know I’ve written so much but a life with jin is the right sense of home and comfort that I know is out of my reach in life. he is home. i know he will be bring a lot of comfort and love to his girlfriend/wife and i just wish you guys the best ok. please treat my snowflake well he deserves the best. sometimes i wish i could show him just how much he deserves in life but lol ok moving on
  • just please treat him well he’s so body positive and appreciative of others and loves himself so well


Chapter 6

The next day

Tyler P.O.V

“So right now we have the talented Tyler Jackson on the breakfast club right” Dj Envy spoke into the mic along with Angela and Charlamagne saying random stuff in the background.

I giggled. “Waddup waddup”

“Its nice to have you here Ms. Jackson or should I say Ms. Brown.” Charlamagne said with a raised eyebrow making me laugh.

“Na its stil Ms. Jackson at the moment but its hopefully in the works.” I said, stirring my coffee alittle.

“What do you mean by in the works like its you mean like its gonna happen or…” Angela trailed off.

“Yea I mean I would hope so ya know but ….i dont know.” I said with a laugh.

“I feel you but yo i’ve never realized how beautiful you are and how big your hair is until now..” Charlamagne spoke

“Aw thank you”

“Like its one thingto see you in pictures but in person you are stunning and you really do have some big *** hair” He said making me laugh.

“The only reason why its so big is because its not done.” I said through my laughter as I raked my fingers through my hair.

“So like does Chris ever get mad at your hair. Cause I know with big hair like that, its alot to maintain” Angela said.

“Actually yes and the fact that our daughter has big curly hair doesn’t help either.” I said with a chuckle.

Charlamagne spoke.“Thats right yall do have a little one…”

“And she is so freakin adorable, oh my goshh.” Angela gushed makin me smile.

“Thank you.” I took a sip of my coffee.

“Alright so now I know it’s alot being who you are and being Chris’s girl, I know that comes with alot of hate. How do you deal with all of that and basically just your lifestyle?” Charlamagne asked.

“Well before anything family always comes first for me and Chris. That’s something we both vowed on before we got into all this. And only because we wanted Asia to have a normal and stable life.”

“And what about the haters. Like theres alot of people who think that you just livin off his money.”

“Well for one I think people seem to forget that I own one of the biggest fashion labels out there.” I chuckled. “ Like with hate there is always love. So all the people that talk about me and Chris’s relationship are just…… non-existent to me.”

“Thats wassup. Thats the attitude of a boss ladies and gentlemen.” Charlamagne said into the mic making me laugh.

“Na thats just the attitude of a woman.” I daid making them all Oo.

“Aye I like that.” Angela said as she gave me dap.

“Uh oh we got this girl power thing goin on.” Charlamagne said, sounding annyoed.

I chuckled. “You already know!”

“Okay now it time to get serious.”

“oh gosh.” I adjusted myself in the seat.

“Now there have been rumors about you and your family being in the cartel business. Is it true.”

“Alright imma just lay everything flat on the table..”


“No my family as in me and Chris arent in it but that is what I grew up around. Im pretty sure most of yall know my pops Carter Jackson-”

“Your Carter Jackson’s daughter?!” Charlamagne asked, shocked.

I chuckled “Yeah.”

“Who is Carter Jackson?” Angela asked.

“He was one of if not the biggest drug lords in the south.”

“Yea, so i mean I grew up in that lifestyle and all but im not in it anymore.” I said.

“And what about Chris?”

“Chris was never in it to begin with.”

“Alright yall here that everybody. Chris and Tyler are not in the game so yall can stop hittin us up about that ****” Charlamagne said into the mic making me laugh.

“Oh and another question we get alot is did you and Derrick Rose have something. I know there was a time when yall were spotted together and they were callin you his mystery girl because of what happened at that one game. You wanna tell us about that?” Angela asked.

I made a face which made everyone in the room Ooo. I giggled. “Uhh I guess you could say we had our little fling. Nothing to serious though.”

“Do you guys still talk as friends?” Charlamagne asked.

“Every once in awhile he’ll hit me up or vise versa. So we cool.”

The interview went on and soon I was back in my Mercedes Benz. While I was on the road my phone started to ring through the car. I pressed the green phone button on the steering wheel. “Waddup?” I said aloud.

“Guess what I found out.” Tyra’s voice rang through the car.

“You found out blew up my shit and stole my money?” I said, kind of getting excited if she did.

Yes some stole 10 grand from me the day after they blew up my car. They were good because they didnt even leave some sort of trace.

“Yup and you’ll never guess who it is.”

It better not be that nigga August cause I swear on everything Imma fuck that nigga up.


Walking through the glass doors of the tall building, I was ready to fuck someone up but I had to keep my cool.

“Hi ma'am I think you have the wrong building, this is a private office.” The receptionist said. I ignored her and kept walking towards the elevator. the sound of my Red Bottoms bounced off the walls until I stopped, waiting for the elevator to come down.

Tyra better be right. She some how found out his new building address, his schedule, everything. I was kind of surprised but then again I do hire the best.

I stepped into the empty elevator and clicked on the floor I remembered Tyra telling me to go to. The whole ride up it was just me, know one came on. The doors slid open. I looked to my left and right before walking down the empty hall way that led to double doors. Im guessing thats where the conference room was. If Tyra is correct he should be in a “meeting”.

The closer I got the louder his voice became and ther angrier I got. Its been a long as time since Ive heard his voice. As soon as the doors were in arms reach I bursted in, catching everyones attention, including his.  There were only males and two females in the room. Some of the guys were familiar.I noticed they were all in business attire, including him. I see he went and got a new crew.

I could feel all the guys in the room eye raping me as they looked me up and down. I took this moment to walk up to him. The whole time we kept eye contact. As soon as I got to where he stood he smirked down at me. But it was more of an evil smirk.

“Who the hell is this hoe?” One of the girls in the room said. I did my best to ignore her.

“Long time no see Tyler. How you been.” He said with the same smirk plastered on his face.

That only made me angrier. “You know her boss?” a male voice said.

“We need to talk. Now” I gritted through my teeth as I placed my bag in the head chair

“What? No kiss?”

I swear he was pushing it. He took my hand and started to lead me out the room with him. “Ill be back this will only take a second.”
He walked us out, making sure to close the door. He led us into the Womans bathroom and made sure to lock it.

He stood against the door while I stood against the wall. I felt his eyes taking off every piece of clothing I had.

“You look good baby.” He said.

That was it. “WHAT THE HELL CHRIS?”

He held up his hand before I could go on. “Its Breezy now.”

Both of my eyebrows raised as I stared at him in shock. “So this is what it is? YOU WENT THROUGH ALL THIS SHIT JUST TO TRY TO TEACH ME A LESSON. YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ME!”

“But I didn’t.” He said. Before I could snap he went on. “See this is what I realized. If you don’t have to get out the game, why should I? Now I see why you stayed I miss this kind of rush. But here is my proposal.”

He walked up to me until our faces were only inches apart. His hand rested on the wall above me as his other made its way to my waist “ If you get out the game, leave all this shit behind.. Ill get out and do the same.”

I chuckled. “Its gonna take more then a bomb and a couple of bills to get me out this shit baby. You should already know this.” I said with a devilish look on my face.

He looked away for a second then back at me. “Then be prepared for war baby girl.” He said as he looked into my eyes, letting me know he was serious. I felt his grip on my waist start to get tighter and tighter. That spot just so happened to be where my stitches where.

Before he could squeeze any tighter I grabbed his tie and wrapped it around my hand, yanking it down. That made him let go and choke a little. “Im always prepared baby boy.” I said into his ear.

I let go of his tie and walked towards the door, unlocking it and walked out. I heard his foot steps behind me as I walked into the conference room. Yet again all eyes where on me.

I grabbed my bag and turned around only to see Chris behind me. I smiled and fixed his tie, along with his collar. I then slipped my hands into his pockets, getting his house keys. He watched me the whole time. I smoothed out his jacket and pecked him on the lips, which he gladly returned.

“You sure you wanna do this Tyler?” He asked.

“What? You scared… Breezy?” I mocked, making him chuckle.

“Never that baby girl.” He said as I walked to the doors. Before I walked out I turned around.

“You look good baby.” I said with a smirk on my face then walked out.

A war he wants, a war he will get.