if you dont ship these two i dont like you

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it pisses me off so bad when people don’t acknowledge yumikuri as a canon ship or just totally disregard the ship at all because they aren’t “sure if the feelings they share for each other are romantic or platonic” like yeah ur right

totally unsure.. proposals are really common between straight girls

bestestest gal pals 

i exaggerate my wounds all the time so my not gay friend will remove more of her skirt for me in a totally platonic no-homo sort of way

totally platonic not-lesbians

ymir has a totally one-sided platonic crush

  and christa totally doesn’t return those feelings at all

ymir only lives for herself so risking her life to protect someone else is just the friendly thing to do and totally not a blatant example of her true feelings at all


the way their friends even acknowledge the way they feel means absolutely nothing


not gay

in the slightest

hhhahahaaaa just some cool dialogue of ymir living for herself and no one else

and some official art of them being totally not gay together

and of course this means nothing

…platonically in love with her probably 

therefore as you can see, we are all still very unsure of whether or not these two lovely not-lesbians feelings are romantic or platonic..

anonymous asked:

is there any chance that you could write a lil something with sam and t'challa? that would make my entire year.

Well, I’ve never really written marvel before, but what the hell, why not? Have about 4.4k of Sam/T’Challa (Falcon Panther? Black Falcon?) with a side of “squint and you might miss it” Stucky. Post CW. T.

Sam is just there to get Bucky and get out. He doesn’t want to see the sights or eat the local cuisine and he doesn’t really care to hear about the science behind Barnes’ freezing and un-freezing. 

He is still a little miffed that Steve is making him go do this in the first place. 

Well, not make. Steve can’t make him do anything. But Steve had asked with those two eyes of his and Sam hasn’t quite figured out how to say no to him. Plus, his reasoning – that he doesn’t want to go in person so that they can keep the un-freezing of the Winter Solider on the DL – that reasoning is actually pretty good. 

They aren’t technically supposed to be superheroes anymore, he, Steve, and the rest of them. There is no good reason for why they suddenly need the intel in Bucky’s head. 

(To be fair, he’s not sure how badly they need the intel. He thinks that maybe Steve just needs Bucky but he’s too good a friend to say so. At least, not that often.)

Still, his goal is to keep this whole thing simple. He is going to talk to the scientists, get them to unfreeze Bucky, and then bring the brooding super-soldier directly back to Steve so Steve can deal with him. There is not going to be any sort of fuss. 

In an effort to keep this “No Fuss” pledge, he does not even tell T’Challa he is coming. He flies commercial. He books a room in a regular hotel nearby under a fake name. He dons the ever-popular baseball hat and sunglasses that Steve is constantly trying to pull when he wants to be incognito. He allows himself to think it might be working.

Of course, science is against him. Because he arrives to Bucky’s freezing center (it has an official name but he hadn’t really bothered to learn it) and tells them all the top secret codes and then they scan his thumb print and retina and take a saliva sample and a part of him is marveling at the fact that Bucky had even bothered to put him on the “He is allowed to wake me up” list when he gets the bad news.

Thawing out a person is complicated.

In fact, it takes five days. 

And so Sam takes a breath and tells himself to remain calm and then heads back to the hotel, swinging by the front desk to tell them that he is staying a few more days then planned. 

He should have known it the moment he entered the building. He should have known the moment he looked over to see the girl at the front desk staring wide-eyed over at one of the couches. He should have known the moment she let out a little squeak when he opened his mouth and started, “Hello, I’m staying in–”

Regardless it takes her completely ignoring him and starting to sort of bow before Sam realizes what’s happened. And by then it’s too late to run away.

“Hello, Mr. Wilson.”

T’Challa’s voice is exactly as he remembers it. 

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I’m sorry I’m just really angry at the antis in the voltron fandom right now.

I mean

You guys made a petition. A FUCKING petition.

I don’t even know why some of you are even still here. You clearly don’t give two iotas of shit about the show, its creators, or even other fans.

I mean have any of you, any of the people who signed that petition, actually THOUGHT about what you’re doing? You are essentially demanding that the showrunners, the people who made this wonderful series for us all to enjoy, to bend over backwards to cater to YOUR needs and YOUR wants and for what?

So you can have some ground to stand on the next time you decide to tell someone to kill themselves over a ship? So you can have a “canon” reason for why YOUR way of doing things is superior? Or is it so you can begin policing the fandom so you can pretend that you have some kind of power over your life and that your not just some child who has to deal with the world around them growing realer and realer as time goes on and you have no idea what to do because you have all these new feelings you cant explain and your powerless to stop them?

I’ve been in fandoms since I was 14 years old. And I’ve never seen a group of people so utterly dedicated to destroying a series they pretend to love.

Because you don’t love the series. Hell, I’m not even sure you LIKE it.

Otherwise you would have realized hwo pointless all this is because SHIPS DONT MATTER.






Here’s a thought experiemnt.

You create a statue. It’s yours. You made it. It’s your baby, and you love it, and while you dont think it’s perfect its YOURS. It can’t belong to anyone else but YOU.

But other people don’t see that.

They start to tell you how your statue should look, start to argue about the color, the shapes, the very core of it’s being. And when you ask them why they keep trying to change the statue they claim its because they “love” it.

But they don’t love it.

They wanna possess it. Make it theirs. They wanna claim your statue as their own property despite not having spent any of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into making it.

And possessing something and controlling it and twisting it to what you want to be isn’t love. Not even close.

If none of you can see why it is this behavior is harmful, or why it is that most of the fandom isn’t behind you…

then go.

Just leave.

None of the voltron fans WANT you here. We all just wanna enjoy this great show with its great characters. And yeah, there’s probably a good portion of us who DONT like the idea of shiro being shipped with the other characters because we interpret them as being from different age groups. But the difference is that fans, REAL fans, know where the line in the sand is drawn and don’t cross it. THEY know and understand that while they love the series, it doesn’t belong to them. They gotta let it grow on its own and be its own thing.

There are PLENTY of voltron fans who dislike shaladin or it’s ilk for what it is. But they understand that its something that up to interpretation because it’s a SHOW. A show they LIKE and ENJOY for reasons outside of the fan shipping.

YOu think the fandom is behidn you?




Voltron is a 30 year franchise.

There are fans of the series with KIDS.

REAL adults who know what the REAL world is like.

And nearly all of them aren’t behind you.

The universe is a big place. Bigger than the world. Bigger than your house. Bigger than your room. Or your laptop. And it’s DEFINITELY bigger than tumblr.

And if you don’t want to be a part of that universe with the rest of us. I have three words for you.

There’s the door.

  • *two straight guys looking each other*
  • me: nah sorry i dont ship it.
  • *two girls obviously liking each other, do cute things like kisses and hugs*
  • me: i ship them
  • tumblr: hmmm no??? they are straight??? you just can't ship them bc you like them together, dont force lgbt stuff it's only girl power!! no romance.

Cournweek Day 1: Different Time Era

We stop your regularly scheduled Homestuck to bring you a dear old fandom of mine. I’m not very involved with the Total Drama series and/or fandom anymore, but I sure as hell love these two to death. I’m also really into the style from the 20′s, so that’s what I went with today! I also tried to keep it looking very vintage and old, but still classy. 

protips for interacting with did/osdd fictives

• we do not see ourselves as “characters”. we are our own people, with our own lives, thoughts, and feelings outside of our “source” or “fandom”

• talking about our source can make us uncomfortable and fandom jokes will probably piss us off or make us uncomfortable

• seriously, unless you know us really well and weve openly joked about it, just play it safe and dont joke about it

• *PLEASE do NOT tell us that were your “favorite character from that series ohmigosh its so cool to meet you!!1!1!1”*

• we probably dont give a fuck who you “ship” us with from our source and its actually pretty fuckin uncomfortable/feels gross being told that my friends (or random fucking people i dont know) “ship” me with people who i considered to be friends or that i hated or was scared of, and is kind of insulting to our partners to boot

• as a rule of thumb, if you think itd be cringe-y/weird to say to a stranger on the street or even your favorite youtuber/celebrity, probably just dont say it??

• literally we just want to be treated like people

- d

[this post is only for did/osdd systems, not kin or endogenic systems, please dont reblog or interact if you are the latter two]

wafflewhooore  asked:

Favorite movies of the paladins to watch with their s/o

so i was supposed to finish this last night but then dakota was sweet :((( oh yeah and if anyone was wondering after last night sharks may have two (2) dicks but dont worry they most likely only use one at a time (scientists dont watch sharks have sex often so we don’t know for sure)


  • chick flicks with his s/o
  • you guys shipping characters and then getting excited when they interact
  • getting mad over the guys’ bad choices
  • “babe we are a much better couple”
  • you guys make these movies so much deeper then they have to be
  • “but he only liked her because she got prettier!”
  • “idk man but all i can say is Legally Blonde was better”
  • “legally blonde surpasses all of these movies tHAT’S AN UNFAIR COMPARISON”
  • he’s also watch disney movies with you
  • you guys analyze those as well


  • action movies!!!
  • he always roots for the good guys like always
  • probably predicts a fight before it happens
  • “yeah he’s not gonna win”
  • anyway he comes for the action, stays for the plot
  • not like he’s telling anyone that though


  • kind of open to most genres
  • he does however enjoy mystery movies
  • but like to ease stress he likes to watch family friendly movies
  • like “cheaper by the dozen”
  • soft smiles and lots of cuddling
  • would probably also watch a documentary
  • he’s a very interested person ok


  • thriller/psychological/mystery
  • She likes to think and thrillers usually make you think
  • if it was a movie and not an anime, i’d say she loved erased
  • she likes to test how smart she is like WHO is the killer
  • WHO are they running from
  • not really into gore though
  • stuff like Gone Girl (hAVEN’T WATCHED IT YET But based off what ive read about the book)
  • “inception was just weird”
  • “no, katie sweetie it made no fucking sense.”


  • family/comedy
  • (okay but imagine movie night being you guys watching the food network!!!! i love the food network!!!! cooking shows bro!!!!! anyway)
  • disney movies!!!!
  • Moana would probably make him tear up me too hunk
  • Also, the Aristocats, 101 Dalmations, the ORIGINALS
  • he finds them calming and also fun
  • he cant stand pidges movies he always walks right out of the room when she starts one

I will ship whatever tf i wanna ship even if its problematic, its still my damn ship. I dont need y'alls approval

If a hoe wanna ship some caulscott let a hoe live

If a hoe wanna ship some fuxkin shaladin let that bitch live

If a hoe wanna ship sangbum let a hoe be

My point is im gonna ship whatever the hell i want and yall should respect other people’s ships If youre not actually dying from witnessing a ship sit down.

Your whining about how “shaladin is pedophilia” is moot,, some are all within legal range Canon pidge is 14, but people age them up well within legal range, most have agreed though that pidge is an aro-asexual individual & therefore has no need for a SO

“caulscott is abusive” homie nathan has some mental health issues and probs ptsd, homie max is chill and chloe was the one to have been pushing nathan too damn far in that restroom when homie had a gun (concealed or not his erratic behavior should’ve been an indicator) and she has fits abt everything (even answering a fucking phone call with a suicidal friend) “Grahamscott” fam an AU can be easy, most write this in AU style, i get why people dont like it, they only have 2 interactions and it was to beat the living shit outta one another, but shit, respect is two way street. Fuck.

“Kys if you ship sangwoo/yoon bum” i know sangwoo isnt stable, but shit man AUs are a thing; plus that im not reading killing stalking for the ship u fool im reading for the plot.

In short, im gonna ship what i want

And if you dont like it and u try to come at me with that hate



“Okay, he was prepared to go that night. But first, he wanted to say goodbye to his wife. In PRIVATE.”


Debunking the “Fake Dating/Marriages in the Entertainment industry dont Exist!” Myth

In this post  I want to talk about fake dating and marriages in the entertainment industry. I advise everyone, whether you ship or not, to put aside your viewpoints on shipping and take into consideration the points that I will be making in this post. I will not edit any names in this post for this reason, so if you arent interested please just ignore this and dont give me shyt about why I am ‘tagging’ other ship names. *roll eyes* You have a choice on what you do and dont want to read, and this is also why the ‘keep reading’ option has been included.

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Dear Antist,
Please stop taking youre interpretation on Otabek’ and Yurio’s relationship out on Kubo-sensei.
Like the only thing confirmed about them is they are friends. Friends do weird shit togather. Fucking yesterday me and my friend where messing around ,she poked me in the boob, i poked her back, she poked me harder , i pushed her, she squeezed- like Otabek having to improv something to do to surprise the audience, honestly if someone shoves theyre hand right up to my mouth ,i can either kiss it ,which could mess with our friendship or just mess around and get the genral atmosphere and be like “ time to rip thehre glove off”.
Like if you ship Otayuri, good for you.
If you dont ship Otayuri good for you.
Half of you antist denyed Viktuuri to be cannon even when they kissed ,like im not comparing the two ,but untill it is clear that they are a thing keep youre opinions to tumblr.
Like how do you even know that theyre even interested in each others in that way? Maybe one day ,in like 3 years or so they will be togather , maybe Yurio dose have strong feelings towards Otabek , I dont think it would be good to have Yurio all of a sudden start liking him once hes of age. Maybe its a part of his charrecter development, they arnt togather now. And they wont be togather untill he is itleast 18. Otabek was littarly like “fuck no you cant come to the club ,youre 15” , he wouldnt do anything.
Rember Kubo made YOI, she made it beautiful, without flaw, just let Kubo do her thing and youll see where her story is going.
Rember when we all thought Viktor was evil, or Makka would die? Ya well the initial panic and anger faded shortly after more was revealed.
If you do interpret anything in a way you dislike ,well Tumblr is here for a reason. You could mean it one moment but not the next ,or not after giving it more thought.
My point is ,leave Kubo alone she worls her ass off ,she didnt have to improve the dvd and blueray quality, but she did, she didnt have to give us the YOI on Stage ,or WTTM ,or the manga. But she did. While also attending interviews and working with animators for the movie. She’s an angle so don’t yell at her or shit like that.

Fandom Drama


I normally just watch it all go by because real life provides enough drama and, for me, that’s not what my Tumblr time is for.

My time is for writing stuff and geeking out over common interests and YAY, you all are so great at that.


I’m seeing stuff floating through my timeline where people are feeling disenchanted with fandom funtime because other people are dumping on what they enjoy.

Originally posted by wereville

I see this happen the most with ships, so I’ll stick to talking about that, but the general rant applies to all things fandom related.

You like something? AWESOME. Liking things is cool.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

You don’t like something? That’s okay! Everyone has a right to their individual taste.

Originally posted by henryjedwards

What’s not cool, and makes ZERO sense, is crapping on something someone else enjoys.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

I’ll use the shipping example…

“You’re ship is not canon and will never be canon.”

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

Ummm…that’s sort of the point.

“Shipping” is a term that refers to the DESIRE for two characters to enter a relationSHIP.

Key there being “desire” and “enter”. That means IT HASN’T HAPPENED.

If your ship happens, that ship has sailed. And let’s be real, MOST of what happens in fandom is pure “hasn’t and may never leave the shore” ships. That’s sort of the fun of fandom is chatting about what you see with others who see it to.

The thing is, people who criticize one ship usually do so because they ship another pair that’s also NOT CANON. I’m sure in their head there are so many reasons why their ship is the OTP and someone else’s is a crack ship, but guess what? You can’t tell someone else how to interpret what they see.

In the fandom that brought this all up (today), let me tell you, I don’t ship ANY of the major ships. That doesn’t mean I go around dumping on every Barisi, Barson, Rollisi, Spaghetti post I see.

Because everyone should be able to like what they like.

So, whoever these anons (’cause, let’s face it, it’s always people hiding behind that) are who insist on making other people feel like they have to fight for their ship: chill.

Originally posted by rejected-on-a-cosmic-level

It’s TV. (or movies or books)

Someone liking something you don’t isn’t going to kill you.

People love Nickelback and LO AND BEHOLD I have survived yet another year of life.

You will see another day if someone thinks two fictional characters should kiss already.


”Funny, I remember you being a lot taller…”
“…and you were a lot shorter!”

@aquapen this is for you, I wanted to give you a sweet moment between these two and hopefully it’ll make you smile!

stungunmilly2  asked:

How do you think Gideon is coping with Rip having a new team? She's so devoted to him and I'm afraid she might feel abandoned. Unless he took a copy of her with him and now there's two Gideons (plus Barry's Gideon. What ever happened to her?)

if you dont think the second gideon finds out that rip has a New Team and probably a New Ship that she doesnt immediately just stop speaking to him, like literally just shuts down in a jealous rage, i dont know what to tell you, because that no good bastard, pardon my language CAPTAIN lance, the ONLY CAPTAIN I’VE EVER KNOWN, just walked out on me, me! i can understand all of you, but i thought he LOVED me but he’s just a TRAITOR and a LIAR and I HATE MEN!!!! I HATE THEM. 

sara: been there girl. i’ve been there. i’m there right now over the same guy, actually. this is weird

unicornscandraw  asked:

game grumps for the fandom ask?? 💕

fuck you know who only has like 2 gg ships?? this guy (but thank you for sendin this anyway bee ily)

lowkey otp

uhhhhhh i like rubberbang?? a Good 
(also the supermega boys????????? a Cute Pair)

highkey notp

uh anyone w/ brian just bc he’s a) a lot older than everyone else and b) he’s like the dad of game grumps and thats just. weird ya know

[softly] don’t notp

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i don’t really have any ones other than brian/anyone?

highkey otp but i’m scared of saying it because it’s not a very popular choice


is arin/barry an unpopular one

bc that one is Cute

highkey otp and anyone on my tumblr knows it

not really on my blog but i love me some egobang,,, its a Classic but its a Good Classic

Just a little Note xox

Okay, in regards of my 2Doc post thats basically saying dont say people who ship it support abuse, i just have a little something to say:
❗ I read a reply that was EXACTLY what i was trying to say, abuse is BAD dont support the abusive side. Ive read (and wrote) so many fics that are in no way abusive but still is very much 2-D and Murdoc, even ones that included the origin story.
❗ you can love a ship without supporting the abuse
❗ i saw another reply telling me i support abuse because of this, PLEASE do NOT tell me i support abuse. I have been in several seriously abusive relationships (mentally, sexually and physically) and being trapped in a situation like that is so different to shipping two cartoon characters together. Its scary. Its so so scary and its really damanged me but would that mean that because i ship 2Doc i should have been okay with it? Should i have let it go on and not allow it to affect me because i obviously support it? Because someone shipping two characters is exactly the same as me being hit by my old boyfriends, or getting told how shitty and worthless i am or having them shove their hands under my clothes no matter how many times i said no. Is it the same? Is it?
❗ no its not.
❗ this is a shipping safe zone, i dont care what you ship. Ship what you want.

Man im sorry. But this has just been really bugging and upsetting me.