if you dont ship them you are wrong

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hi starry!!! i know you dont ship klance, i do, and while all that klance art is lovely, your shallura art keeps me going in dark times bc shallura always has and will have a special place in my heart so thank you ❤️❤️

Wahhh thank you!
Nothing wrong with klance, i just can’t see them being romantic??
But im so glad my art could be that for you ;u;💕

@ all and every gay kid ever:
you deserve better than queerbaiting.
you deserve better than dean winchesters and sherlock holmes’ and V and B. you deserve to be represented and validated, not mocked for your ideas and interpretations and theres so much good content out there of lgbt+ characters/couples.
go and find it.
its truly a hundred times better than sitting around waiting for something that isnt going to happen.
and im not saying your thoughts and views are wrong, i to this day still believe dean is meant to be canonically bi, but dont let yourself be screwed over by straight, white adults who dont care about you unless you can provide them with money. im so mad my first experiences with lgbt+ culture and community came from there.
you deserve better than that.

there👏is👏a👏difference👏between👏recognising👏chemistry👏between👏irl ppl👏and👏shipping them/👏fetishizing👏their👏relationship

Just so you know, you can ship whatever you want. Incest, pedophilia, etc. As long as you can separate fiction from reality, it doesn’t matter what you ship in shows. THEY ARE NOT REAL, it’s not like if you ship siblings in a show it automatically makes you like incest in real life. Thats not how that works.

Honestly if you are offended by someones ship, MOVE ON. Don’t tell someone to stop or kill themselves just because you don’t agree with them. Doing that makes you worse. Whatever happened to the saying dont like, dont read.

Yes, you may be an opinionated person. Yes, there are some people who cant separate fiction from reality. But, no i didn’t ask for your opinion. And no i’m not gonna stop shipping something just because you personally don’t like it or think its wrong.

So, don’t send hate. Its honestly not gonna change anything and you dont know what situation someone is. You could seriously harm them.

Ok seriously guys can we please stop putting hate in the ship tags. It’s so fucking annoying. I was just looking through a ship tag of mine and it was literally 99.9% hate!! Seriously people! If you don’t ship something that’s perfectly fine, but don’t talk down on the people who do and tell them to kill themselves!!! What the actual fuck is wrong with people no?! If you dont like the ship then don’t look at it just to hate on people who do!

That is all. Have a wonderful fuckin day

question @ antis that ive been wondering about since i made this blog.

before any interviews came out (including the military college interview and sdcc video amongst others) why DID you headcanon hunk, keith, and lance as minors?

because like, i think we can all agree that its obvious af from episode one that they are in fact in the military. and they are not merely in some training academy, but enlisted at a garrison. so they MUST be at least 17 (18 in keiths case cause of enlistment regulations concerning parental consent for those that are still only 17) and as told in canon theyve already been enlisted for at least a year (they all had a class together previously, and keith only got the boot after shiro went missing a year ago so…actually maybe even more than a year). so that would put them at 18/19 at the ABSOLUTE youngest.

UNLESS child soldiers are a thing in you voltron hc.

like, thats literally the only explanation for them being minors (aside from pidge who HAD to have hacked her way in). its a canon fact that keith is enlisted (says so on the official vld website) and that they are at a GARRISON (as said by many many characters) so canonically they are enlisted in the military.

so my question(s) is like…why headcanon them as minors and therefore child soldiers? or even worse, why assume the ages you headcanon them as are actually canon which would mean the creators put child soldiers into the canon of the show? and how do you think that is anywhere near okay? how do you think “they may be child soldiers in my headcanon but at least im not a pedo!” is somehow a logical defense, as if sending children to their deaths is any better than sexually assaulting them? how is it that you think two wrongs make a right?

not shipping “pedo” ships (psa, they arent pedo ships so long as theyre hc’d as adults but thats not what this post is rlly about) doesnt automatically make you morally pure. you dont get to claim youre morally superior when your headcanons also promote the harm of innocent children. you dont get to tell us that headcanoning them as adults and shipping them w each other as CONSENTING ADULTS is somehow harmful, when you literally hc them as child soldiers and somehow think that is anywhere near okay.

To all the shadowhunters fans out there pls read this

I just need to say what I feel and I don’t even care if I get hate from this, its just my opinion. I don’t hate the shadowhunters TV show but I am getting really sick of them constantly shitting on the books. I am a book fan and I find myself avoiding tumblr which is not something I used to do. I dont mind other people’s opinion on the fandom unless it is degrading to the author and the actual series. I hate the drama going on between the book fans and the tv show fans because I cant even enjoy the fandom anymore. I will forever love this series but I cant stop being sad about the mean thing that are being said about the books. Yes they are not perfect, but it is what makes them so human. I know that some of the character’s actions are stupid or wrong but no one is perfect. I am not supporting incest, biphobia or any of that shit. I dont want you(shadowhunters fans) to forget who created this whole world in the first place. Dont dissrespect Cassandra because of the drama and just stop this nonesense. The fandom was already built and pretty big before you came along and all I ask is for a decent attitude towards eachother. I personnaly watch the show for my ships and I am happy that my OTP malec are getting a lot of attention (which gives me LIFE) but I dont like all of the negativity around book Malec. Eventhough Clace is the main ship in the books, and there is not as much Malec, dont be mad at Cassandra for it. Just appreciate that they are canon and that she keeps writing more stuff about them and their family(max and raphael). This series is really close to my heart and I value it a LOT. So I beg you guys to stop being negative and mean. Just leave the drama out and concentrate on loving the story, the ships, the fanfics, the feels and the fact that we are all fangirls/boys that are in love with the whole shadowhunting world.

Thanks for reading and please reblog if you agree with me

I know a lot of you will be mad but I hope the good old book fans will notice this and be thankful.



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hey hey hey !!!! thank you so much guys !!!!! im so happy ??? thank you ??? again ??? i dont know what to say i’ve said the same thing in all my celebrations but shjfkahslhgljkhae 2.5k in about five months ??? thats crazyy,,,,,, about 500 a month,, right ??? but everyone knows thats wrong bc i had less than 50 after my first month. c r a z y. lmao here we goooo


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Random thoughts

Saw a sense8 S2 review by ‘dan the man’ on youtube and when he said kalagang were the heart and soul of the season i squeeled. Dont get me wrong i loved so many thing Lito, herlito, Sun, Nomi, Capheus but the kala/wolfgang and kalagang scenes were so precious and i love hearing people loving them.

I also got to say how rude it is when people still do not bother to learn Kala’s name its lterally 4 letters long, its not hard if you dont know it now, its because you choose not to.

I saw in the kalagang tag someone say they were a racist couple like what even.

Most sense8 fans ship kalagang im sure we all didnt miss racist tones in the ship.

Kalagang go against the norm for interacial couples shown on screen…

- Wolfgang doesnt save kala, she isnt a damsel in distress
- In fact its kala who has helped/saved Wolfgang many times
- They both wanted each other since 1x02, and like in 1x06 Wolfgang never hid he was pretty clear.
- however he never ever pursued her, he respected her enough to wait till she came to him and was ready
- Wolfgang listens and cares about Kalas beliefs and even if he doesnt agree they both have open, mature conversations about this.
- Wolfgang believes he isnt worthy or good enough for kala and even pushes her away to marry Rajan
- Kala isnt just a good innocent girl, i think the xmas episode was super important, kalas line of her having something dark and wicked inside her and Wolfgang having something beautiful and good, that line itself shows how Kalagang are unlike any other interacial couple ive ever seen.
-ultimately people love kalagang for more then their race. Sure you can see they are from diffrent cultures, but their love, chemistry depth and emotions go beyond that, showing us and hence the point of the show that cultures, sexuality etc shouldn’t be what we are identified as we are all humans

Sorry for this long message forgive me haha

every Outsiders ship request ever
  • : ship? I have red hair and greenish eyes but I don't like them very much. I love to read books and I can be clumsy at times!! I'm very sensitive and poetic and am the baby of my friend group. Also, I got jumped once in the middle of the goddamn street. Thanks!
  • : ship? <3 I have dark hair and dark eyes. Everybody says I'm a badass. I once got shot by the police because I pulled out an unloaded gun. I hate everyone and love no one. My name is also a city. I stick by myself, am tough, and am even a hardened criminal. Thanks a million!!
  • : ship?? I have wheat gold hair and big brown eyes. I'm literally the most gorgeous person you've ever seen. Everyone is obsessed with me. I love life, get sad about absolutely nothing, and am basically shooting rainbows out of my ass. I'm oblivious to how gorgeous I am, though. Also my skin is plaid. Who would I be good with? Thanks!
  • : are you still doing ships? I have big puppy dog eyes, tan skin, and black hair. I cower in the corner and am afraid of sunlight. Everybody protects me and I have them all wrapped around my finger. It's amazing. I don't realize how much I'm loved and am super shy. I once screamed at the mailman. Everybody is mean to me but I am actually really sweet. Thanks doll!

since were still in the sad state where this has to be said

hamilton fans

for the love of god stop kinning w racists & slave owners. no, you do not kin with an alternate timeline. no, it didnt happen a different way. no, their actions arent excusable. stop w the Uwu Im Ur Fandom Mom And Ur All So Valid no youre not what the fuck youre terrible people

Look I’m tired of this war between Supercorp and Karamel why can’t you guys just ship whoever you want without spreading hate (IM TALKING ABOUT BOTH SIDES) I’m a karamel shipper everyone who follows me knows that but I LOVE LENA LUTHOR and I’m so happy Katie is going to be a regular next season. I don’t ship Supercorp but I think the kind of friendship Kara and Lena have is hard to find and I’m glad we’re gonna see more of this friendship but all this hate coming from both sides and hateful posts is just exhausting when I read this things (and is hard not to bc is all the time) I find myself sad and all the joy shipping karamel brings me kinda goes way. Look I find it very honorable you guys fighting for LGBT equality and wanting more time on screen that awesome (I personally think that sanvers is a beautiful couple that deserves more time on screen) but you have to understand that is not karamel fans who decide that so stop attacking them for something we can’t control and I love Chris Wood w/ all my heart he’s the most selfless and adorable person I know he talks and fights for the mental illness cause bc of his dad and he’s so strong to talk openly about this his feminist and fights too for the rights of LGBT community so I’m sorry but if you hate him for just being white/straight or bc your ship is not happening sorry but it’s not enough bc you’re hating and spreading horrible things about a beautiful human being. But ok you have the right to no like his character and karamel that’s your opinion and I respect it but don’t think you should say this things about him bc it really hurts especially him(who hardly uses his social media and with all this hate his getting i’m not surprised) and for us fans it sucks you hurt us too bc I’m a fan for a really long time I know the kind of person he is. You guys are hurting a human being a super cute human being not the character bc he’s just doing his job and he has no say in the storyline so pls stop I’m begging you. THE OTHER SIDE NOW in MY FEED I’ve never seen any hate about supercorp or about the LGBT community THANK GOD BC IF I DID I SURE AS HELL WAS GOING TO FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT THING (of course I know that there’re people out there who spreads hate about supercorp too) BUT IS NOT THE ENTIRE FANDOM EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE ITS A TINY PART OF US AND IS STILL WRONG AND IT HURTS I KNOW BUT WE FIGHT THEM TOO BC ITS NOT RIGHT. I told myself I wasn’t going to talk about this ship war anymore bc it makes me sick to see a fandom who are supposed to be supportive and united grabbing each other’s throats like that but the time is passing and more and more hate are being spread I mean ??? LEARN TO LOVE THATS ALL IM ASKING YOU DONT LIKE YOUR FRINDS SHIP THATS FINE YOU DONT NEED TO FIGHT W/ THEM BC OF THAT OR SAY OFFENSIVE NAMES. RESPECT THATS ALL
Don’t say offensive things and spread more hate on this post okay? I’m just trying to idk help maybe try to unite a little THIS amazing fandom that’s all I’m asking thanks.

My problems with bughead

DISCLAIMER: I hate bughead, not bughead shippers. I acknowledge that you can ship what ever you like, so acknowledge that i can disagree

anyway on track

1. It erases a key aspect of Jugheads character. I know asexuals can have romantic interests but Jughead does not. Look at any of the comics and see how often its clearly expressed that he is not interested in woman, whether that  means he’s homoromantic or aromantic is up to interpretation (the more likely being the latter) Putting him in a relationship with a woman is unnecessary and just all together OOC. I get riverdale is all for DFP Jughead but like thats just not who he is.

2. It steps on Betty’s story as well. One of the key aspects of Betty’s story is her insistent fawning on Archie. Im all for her being an independent women and  getting over Archie but to throw her immediately into a relationship with her next closest male friend (minus our mandatory GBF Kevin but dont even get me started on that) is a step in the wrong direction.

3. I love a good romance as much as anyone, but why can’t we have one m/f close friendship with out it turning romantic for once? Im unbelievably sick of television ruining great friend ships by giving them ~straight sexual tension~ (you know like they hang out sometimes and one time they even looked each other in the eye they must be fucking) Jughead and Betty’s friendship was so good, why do you gotta fuck with that? 

I get it, if riverdale is your first introduction to these characters you wouldn’t get it, but trust that bughead is so OOC and unnecessary. Is this due to the CW’s tendency to fuck up everything they touch? maybe, but either way its painful to watch. (dont get me wrong i love the show but its a bit trashy)

anyway yeah im done ranting, ive got more salt for this hetero-normative bull, but im tired  so yknow

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gonna comment on the discourse?

no thanks dude i am here for a Mildly Fun Tumblr Experience

heres a few key ways you can do that:

  • blacklist
    • blacklist whatever you want!!! people dont have to know what you blacklist unless you tell them so dont be ashamed to blacklist anything you dont want to see
    • ships, characters, fandoms, urls, etc etc etc
    • it will improve your experience guarantee it 
    • (also note: if youre like me and click the ‘show post’ button whenever something gets blacklisted, you can choose not to display blocked quotes at all and save yourself from opening things that you know will upset you)
    • theres nothing wrong with blacklisting stuff. youre never silencing anyone or ignoring a problem, youre choosing your internet experience and saying ‘hey i dont want to see this right now so im not going to’ 
    • dont like oranges? sick of seeing them on your dash? blacklist them. more power to you
  • block people you dont like/who upset you/who you have problems with
    • im still working on getting better at blocking people but honestly?? if someones bringing lots of negativity in your life just block them. you dont need them messing up the already usually unpleasant tumblr experience
  • find a squad
    • this might be harder but dont be too afraid to start messaging people youd like to be friends with!!
    • once you find a squad heres somethings you can do: 
      • make new friends! comes with having a squad but is always nice
      • rant/salt
        • now youve got a private place to complain about stuff nice!!!
        • this keep stuff like that off your blog, meaning youre less likely to get into arguments on here which we all know…isnt fun 
      • have people you trust to debate with without all of the internet chiming in 
      • youve got people to hold you back from sending/posting things that could start stuff 
        • or not
        • maybe theyll encourage it who knows
      • youve got a nice little space with people you like where you can talk about fandom stuff and personal stuff and youve got much more control over it than over your dash!!
  • dont tag hate
    • this is like tumblr 101 BUT tumblr has changed how tagging and searching works in the past few years
    • love this functional website
    • say you make a post criticizing character x and y. their ship name is xy, so you tag it with “anti xy” 
      • stop!! halt!! do not pass go do not collect $200!!!
      • because you used “xy” in the post/tags, it will show up when “xy” is searched, even with the “anti” in front of it
      • that means if someone searches “xy” theyre gonna find your crit, and you probably dont want that
    • and going off of that: 
  • tag appropriately
    • some ships just gotta be tagged differently than others, im sure you know what i mean 
    • but in general?? if someone asks you to tag something?? usually the best bet is to do it 
    • its not a huge deal and youre probably already tagging the post anyway so its easier for everyone if you tag it, plus!! youre making people more comfortable!!!

tumblr is a mess and frankly? usually theres a lot of stuff that make it not fun. but you too can make your tumblr experience a Mildly Entertaining and Enjoyable one

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I know PT is a Richonne story but I kind of don't want them to get together b/c I think Lori is/was the love of Rick's life... like idk I feel like he will never be able to love anyone as much as he loved her... its weird bc I dont even like Lori but I'm shipping them kind of hard in this one, lmao. What have you done to me?? Or maybe I just don't get it...

Well that’s definitely the first time I’ve heard that, lmao. I’ll say that you’re entitled and supposed to feel however you want to feel, so if that’s how you see it, you’re certainly not wrong. That wasn’t exactly my intent, but I actually think that’s kinda cool. 😄

If you want it, my opinion is that Lori probably wasn’t The Love of Rick’s life. He loved her deeply and they had a good marriage, but… if he’d had a chance with Michonne all those years ago, he would’ve taken it and not looked back. He wanted it. But when he realized it wasn’t going to happen, he moved on with his life, and luckily, it worked out. (Well, until she went and died, lol.) But now, the opportunity for a second chance with Michonne is presenting itself, and he’s taking it. And his relationship with her doesn’t have to compare to what he had with Lori (if it happens 👀), but there’s no reason it can’t be just as wonderful, if not more. We’re allowed more than one great relationship in our lives. If we’re lucky, we learn from old loves and we’re better for new ones.

In support of the lovely @hollyashton again, I would like to point out I do not ship Chris and Zig. Guess that means Im homophobic cuz I dont like the ONE ship. I prefer them as friends.

Like I guess if you dont like EVERY non canon ship that, hey guess what, you are wrong. Bad person, bad.

I mean they arent canon for a reason…. doesnt mean you cant ship them but doesnt mean you have to either.

At this point in Shadowhunters Im all for Clizzy, screw the rest. Thats not canon or straight.

But ya know what I dont ship Chris and Zig. So thats bad. Thats wrong. You must ship every non straight ship ever.

Like Im all for representation, but why do people have to be forced to ship to specific characters you dont view romantically together? Is that the kind of representation you want? Put any two guys or two girls or who the heck ever together, doesnt matter who or why, just that they are and thats good enough.

They get along. Theres no attraction, nothing that makes it a real relationship, but everyone must ship it because its two males together. And if not you are wrong.

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i wanted to say that i really love your arts and i so much appreciate that you are drawing these amazing dorks! and thanks for kuzusoda, thats my favourite ship and im planning to post my drawings of them on tumblr but im scared because i cant draw boys ;w; thank you and i support you and your work with all my heart! sorry if i typed something wrong uwu

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! im so happy to hear it! and dont be scared i cant draw them too lmao but every kuzusouda art is sweet and pure!

hey so Eddsworld fandom let’s stop harassing people because of their ships? like, i understand that you might not like a ship but it does not give you the right to harass anyone about it. even if its TomTord, TordEdd, Tomatt I really dont care, just leave them alone about it. who cares if someone draws two characters holding hands? its fucking ridiculous to bother someone about it. keep it to yourself, keep it on your blog but leave other people alone. literally a friend of mine began receiving death threats because of drawing harmless TordEdd. just stop, guys also like?? if you don’t like a certain au (not including ew insane au bc thats just wrong) just leave it alone! block the tag, unfollow the person if you cant block it, really it’s that simple. you don’t have to make someone uncomfortable about it fucking jesus. respect other people and what they post. unless it gets extremely bad, just leave the person alone. furthermore

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