if you dont see that then you are blind


i don’t really draw ship art usually for anything but the ghostblossom ship is so silly and good that i just had to draw it at least once. sorry most of it’s doodles tho i only put a good amount of effort in attempt 1 as you can see and cagney looks slightly different in each drawing hhhhhhhhhAAAAA

i like to imagine that if blind spector somehow had a crush on anyone he would just be god awful at expressing his feelings well.

i’d also like to thank @suspicious-spirit ‘s art for getting me into this

(this will probably be the only time i draw this tho, so just saying in case you are thinking about following me for it you should know.)


❛ How could you ever love a monster like me? ❜
❛ How can you love a monster? ❜
❛ I love you, even if you’re a monster. ❜
❛ You’re aren’t a monster on the inside. ❜
❛ I’m a monster who doesn’t deserve your love. ❜
❛ You are a monster very deserving of love. ❜
❛ Monster or not, I love you. That’s never going to change. ❜
❛ I dont care if youre a monster, I love you. ❜
❛ You aren’t a monster! Don’t say that! ❜
❛ Shhh, I will always love you, monster or not. ❜
❛ You being a monster doesn’t change my feelings for you. ❜
❛ For who could ever love a monster? ❜
❛ You are a monster who I love dearly. ❜
❛ I love you, monster and all. ❜
❛ I don’t see a monster when we’re together. ❜
❛ I am blinded with love for I don’t see a monster at all. ❜
❛ I will love you even if you are a monster. ❜
❛ I told you I am a monster, to stay away.. ❜
❛ I’m a monster who cant guarantee you’re safety. ❜
❛ I will die before I let you being a monster separate us. ❜
❛ Are you saying you’re a monster because you dont love me? ❜
❛ I don’t feel any less for you, if anything I feel even more for you. ❜
❛ I’m just a woman/man standing here confessing my love for this monster. ❜
❛ So what if you are a monster? I still love you. ❜
❛ Its a good thing I love for who you are, even if that’s a monster. ❜
❛ I’m glad I was never afraid of monsters then since I’m in love with one.. ❜
❛ I love you even if you are a monster. ❜
❛ I’m not opposed to being in love with a monster..  ❜
❛ So what if you are a monster? Everyone has a little monster in them..  ❜
❛ I’m going to love you at the end of the day, even if you’re a monster.  ❜
❛ Nothing could ever stop me from loving you, even you being a monster. ❜
❛ I’ll love you anyway, monster or not, I love you and that is real.  ❜
❛ You think being a monster is going to make me not love you? ❜ 

❛ You are a monster who has someone deeply in love. ❜
❛ Monster or not, I will always have these feelings for you. ❜
❛ I love you for who you are and if that’s a monster, then I’m glad to say so. ❜
❛ If it’s a monster I love, I’m not ashamed. ❜
❛ I’m not ashamed to be in love with a monster, especially a monster like you. ❜
❛ Even monsters need love. ❜
❛ I love you even more now, because you are a monster. ❜
❛ Love is blind, which I’m thankful for, even if you are a monster. ❜ 

❛ And I still love you at the end of the day. ❜
❛ It’s okay to love a monster. ❜
❛ If it’s a monster I’m in love with then I’m glad to say so.  ❜
❛ You are a monster whom I love very much, nothing could change that. ❜
❛ You are not such a monster when I look at you. ❜
❛ I love you for the monster that you are. ❜
❛ Nothing could keep me from you, especially you being a monster. ❜
❛ I’m happy be in love with a beautiful monster like you. ❜

Do you remember when you were a child

and your mother kept telling you

“Don’t look directly at the sun or you will go blind.”


Well, you are the sun.

And I keep looking, looking, looking,

Until my eyes burn and tears fall down my cheeks,

But I do not close my eyes.

You burn so brightly I can still see you clearly behind my eyelids when my night falls because I live for your light and I cannot let you go, and even if I will turn blind I want you to be the last thing I’ll ever see, your hand clasped in mine.

A love letter to you from the Moon, from Dionysus, from Grantaire.

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this is a sfw blog what have i done


  • he didnt know youd just gotten out of the shower
  • he really didnt
  • he himself had just gotten home as you were laying out your pajamas
  • he expected you to be in the bedroom since he didnt see you elsewhere as he walked through the apartment
  • he was right, at least…?
  • you were in the room, ass naked and looking at him over your shoulder with a smile
  • “zen! welcome home!”
  • you turned around and at the new sight, he booked it, running outside and slamming the apartment door shut behind him
  • “dont let the beast out, dont let the beast out, dont let the beast out…”
  • he heard you call from inside
  • “oh lovely zen~”
  • screw it
  • he spun on his heel and closed the door behind him, locking it


  • you were actually just about to get in the shower when he saw you
  • he was trying to figure out what to cook for dinner and wanted your input, so he waltzed into the bedroom, but didnt see you
  • then, without thinking, he checked the bathroom
  • “mc are yo-oooouuu…”
  • he trailed off, voice cracking, face in flames when he saw your delicious, beautiful naked body
  • true to form you saw an opportunity to tease him and smirked
  • “yoosung! how is dinner going?”
  • he couldnt properly respond, only nodding, looking as if his brain had short-circuited on him
  • nevertheless his dumbfounded look amused you greatly, and you stepped closer to him, swaying your hips
  • “why dont you bathe with me, yoosung? i can get your back for you~”
  • again, he only nodded, and closed the door behind him and he stepped in the bathroom


  • she gets all red and cant breathe right and is just struck with the beauty of your body
  • help this poor woman 1 like = 1 prayer
  • you were changing into some day clothes for work after bathing early in the morning when she walked in on you to tell you breakfast was ready
  • “mc, food is- ah!”
  • you just kind of look up at her as she begins apologizing, then casually drop your towel, and she freezes
  • “food is ready? ill go get some then~”
  • you start to walk towards your door, expecting her to reprimand you
  • but instead she grabs you by the shoulders and pushes you against the door, shutting it, and kissing you feverishly
  • “dont…tease…me this way….mc…”
  • you had a bit of time before work, anyway

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hey love u probably have already gotten this request but if and when u get time could u write the apartment neighbor au for bts hyung line?? thanks a billion!! i love u and ur work so so much! 🌷💗

i got a couple requests for it, so here it is the hyung line x neighbor au!!
find the maknae line (here)


  • lives like a recently graduated student,,,,,meaning he has barely any actual furniture in his house aside from bookshelves, a bed, and a desk
  • but namjoon likes the minimalist vibe,,,like he doesn’t need much just his essentials at his desk, maybe a couple signed photographs he’s hung up near his computer and dried flowers near the window
  • more than anything he likes having a lot of space to move around because he likes to walk in circles when he thinks and he doesn’t like it if he ends up like slipping on something or walking into a table 
  • plus the more furniture there is,,,,,,the more a safety hazard he is 
  • but one distinct thing about namjoon is i think he’d have a really good smelling apartment,,,,,,like he’d light candles because no matter what anyone says he’s a soft romantic at heart. like it’s deep down, but he is
  • has a habit of brushing his teeth at the morning sink and not in the bathroom because he falls asleep at his desk and not actually in his bed LOL
  • he’s the buildings library. if someone mentions that they’ve been meaning to buy a book namjoon probably already has it and will lend it to them,,,,,,,,,,,but he’s like “please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bring it back”. he’s emotionally connected to his books
  • and everyone is like “he looks so smart and so,,,,,upright and stoic” when in reality namjoon is a clumsy guy who tries to hold steaming hot coffee, a philosophy anthology, a notebook, and some bread all at once and you can imagine how that ends (very. badly)
  • and in reality he wishes more of the neighbors would see him as a down-to-earth kind of guy,,,,but then like he’ll tower over them and have this apathetic look on his face and they’re like “oh,,,,,oh my ,,,,,” and he only realized later when he’s alone that “i should,,,,,,smile more shouldn’t i”
  • but you’ve never been put off by him, if anything you’ve always really admired how Intellectual he seems and when you talk to him you always feel like you learn so much
  • and you’re always like “namjoon, tell me a cool fact!!” and he’s like “well did you know aristotle thought he could tell if a goat was female or male depending on which way the wind was blowing” and you’re looking at him like ,,,,,,,,,,,,amazing and he’s just like sORRy,,,,,it’s not cool right but you’re like no omg every time you manage to surprise me it’s fantastic
  • and you and him get along,,,,namjoon is really grateful for you because you’re always telling the neighbors that he’s fun even if they think he’s kind of stuffy
  • and so you would consider yourself friends by most standards,,,,but how close well you’re not sure
  • but what you do know is one night you’re walking back home from a hangout with some friends and you’re alone and it’s dark and you can hear footsteps behind you and you look back and there’s,,,,,,some dude???? who you’ve never seen before
  • and he speeds up and passes by you with a smile and you’re like huh. weird
  • but then,,,,,,the next day you see him again. and this goes on for a couple of weeks and all your friends are like ‘dude you have a stalker you need to tell someone’ and you’re like not sure because he’s never,,,,,,like he’s never spoken or touched you
  • but it scares you ofc and you decide that you shouldn’t go out alone at night,,,,,,but it so happens that you’ve run out of toothpaste and you’re like grumbling about having to go down and walk the alley to the nearest convenience store
  • but you remember your stalker and you get kind of panicked,,,,,so you decide to see if namjoon can help
  • and when you tell him he’s like “of course ill go with you,,,,,,but,,,,,,im not intimidating at all” and you’re like “namjoon,,,,,i think you’re a sweet person but you’re like hitting six feet and have a jawline that could cut someone. i think,,,,,,,you’ll be really helpful” and namjoon kinda tilts his head and he’s like “some people have told me i give off a scary vibe”
  • and you’re like no no not scary,,,,,but im pretty sure people don’t want to mess with you and it’d just make me feel safe to have you there
  • and namjoon gets up and gets his keys and he’s like let’s go
  • and it’s chilly in the night air, but you and namjoon are talking about how your week has been when suddenly from the corner of your eye you see that freaky dude and you instinctively step closer to namjoon who reads the panic on your face
  • and he leans down and is like “is he here?” and you’re like “yeah,,,he’s over there by that building” and namjoon flicks his gaze over to see the guy staring you two down
  • and namjoon doesn’t like the way his eyes are glued to your figure even from far away and so namjoon decides he should do something before that creep gets any ideas
  • so he flings his arm around your shoulder, pulling a surprised you into his side and speaking a bit louder he goes “you came out without a jacket, yah as a good BOYFRIEND i should keep you close so you’ll be warm!”
  • and you look up at the word boyfriend, but namjoon is still glaring over at the stalker who instantly tenses at the word boyfriend and namjoons narrowed, pissed off gaze
  • and before you know it the guys turned the corner of the building and disappeared and namjoon safely gets you to and from the store
  •  and the whole elevator ride up he’s like “that guy is really weird, you should tell the police” but you’re like,,,,,,,,thinking about the warmth of namjoon’s broad chest,,,,,,and how,,,,,your heart almost melted when he called himself your boyfriend
  • and namjoon has to wave his hand in your face for a bit to get your attention and when you snap out of it he gives a soft laugh and he’s like “i was worried you went into shock.” and you’re like “ah,,,,,”
  • and he’s like “i really should accompany you more often, that guy was looking at you like some kind of animal i don’t want to let you go anywhere al-” and you’re like “i want that too, i want you to,,,,,” and you kind of clam up and namjoon is like hmm and you’re like under your breath you’re like “like,,,,,a boyfriend,,,,my actual boy,,,friend,,,,”
  • and you think he can’t hear you, but he does and his ears go pink and he’s like “ah- i ,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,i can do that,,,,,” and you’re like wait really
  • and namjoon is like “this is going to sound really corny, but i didn’t want to let you go after pulling you into my arms. i guess you only feel that way with people you like?” and he smiles
  • that rare, beautiful smile and you like reach out and lightly take his hand and he feels your fingers lock and he’s like ,,,,,,,,,, and you’re like ,,,,,,,
  • but it’s cute you’re just standing there holding hands like two kids in love
  • also that stalker doesn’t even dare come around anymore. he accidentally ran into namjoon alone at the bus stop and namjoon ever so casually was like “you get near my s/o again and you won’t see the light of day. cough cough”


  • specifically asked for the basement apartment so he wouldn’t have any noisy neighbors and more than anything he likes having his apartment dimly lit. bright lights aren’t his things 
  • didn’t bother buying a tv, splurged on having a second monitor and good soundboard for when he makes music
  • spends a lot of his time sitting in his desk chair with his feet like pulled to his chest, chewing on the end of his pen and just thinking
  • unfinished cold coffee in really old mugs litter his kitchen, along with flyers for fast-food that he never throws out
  • has a pet cat named ‘clef’ after the sheet music symbol and who is slightly overweight and spends fifty percent of his time sitting on yoongi’s keyboard when yoongi is trying to work
  • sometimes he makes his bedroom into a dark room where he can make prints of the photographs he’s taken that he then hangs up on the walls,,,,but like two weeks later he gets sick of them and takes them down to replace with new ones
  • lives in comfy hoodies and basketball shorts and jimin comes over and is like “hyung, there’s no windows since we’re all the way down here - but you should go out and get some light!!! right clef?” and yoongi and his cat are both like,,,,,it’s ok. we’ll sit here in the dark we like it
  • clef likes to bury his cat toys in yoongi’s bed so when yoongi does sleep like in his actual bed he always finds some kind of stuffed mouse or a bundle of feathers under his pillow and he’s like “clef,,,,,,,,again?”
  • you’ve been bestfriends with yoongi for as long as you can remember and you’re not really his “neighbor” because you live like 5 floors above him but you hangout at his place whenever
  • and you also run errands for him because you know how busy he works so if clef needs cat food or yoongi needs human food you’re there for him if like jin or jimin can’t do it
  • when you do stop by most of the time you lay on the couch with clef purring on your stomach as you read a book and yoongi works on his music. stopping every now and then to play something for you and ask how it sounds,,,,,like you’re not high maintenance friends who need to blab about anything. you two are content in each others silent presence
  • but this is not the same,,,,,,for yoongi’s other friends. like jin gets his whole Leave me In Peace thing going on but jimin and taehyung and hoseok are all like “yoongi,,,,,,let’s get you a social life”
  • and yoongi is like “pass” but these three,,,,,,you can’t like,,,,,you can’t stop them
  • and so when yoongi calls you with a please save me you end up sitting in his living room squished between jimin and hoseok and yoongi is like “for hells sake i don’t want to go on a date with someone I DONT EVEN KNOW”
  • and taehyung is like “here hyung, borrow my tie it might be too big tho,,,” and yoongi is like “im not going. blind dates never work out”
  • and you’re like “guys, let him not go.” and they’re like “NO he needs to see the sun. talk to people. clef is not your significant other yoongi, that person is out there! waiting ! for ! you!” 
  • and yoongi grunts and falls back into his desk chair like “clef is fine. he understands me”
  • but as usual, three against one never works out great and somehow you end up watching yoongi walk down the street, pulling at his collar and grumbling as his friends shout that he’ll have tonight, they promise
  • and when yoongi looks back. dressed for the first time in actual dress pants and a dress shirt, hair slicked back you’re like,,,,,,,,holy shit my bestfriend is hot
  • but all he says is “take care of clef. ill be back soon”
  • and you sit in his apartment, clef nuzzling against your face as you think about all the time you’ve spent with yoongi, how well you know him, how well you guys get along without that much communication and you pick up clef and you’re like “meow if you think i like yoongi” and clef is like “meow” and you’re like “meow again if he likes me,,,,,,” and clef just sticks his tongue out and you’re like gfhbklsjfds but two minutes later you hear the gentle “meow” and you’re like,,,,,,,sighs,,,,,i should have told him when i had the chance
  • and yoongi gets home pretty late, like midnight and when you open the door he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was horrible”
  • and immediately like leans forward into your arms and you’re like !?!??! because he’s never been big on skinship and you’re like “yoongi?”
  • and he steps inside, pushing you gently backwards as he buries his head into your neck and he’s like “,,,,,,,peoplemfsoannoyingmf”
  • and you’re like “i can’t hear you???” and he let’s go, looking into your eyes and he’s like “people are so annoying.” and you kind of awkwardly chuckle like “yes i thought you knew this”
  • and he’s still looking at you, more intense than ever before and you’re like ????? and he’s like “not you though. you’re never,,,,,,,annoying. i want you around all the time.”
  • and you blink a bit, feeling your face heat up because like WHAT is he saying but yoongi just keeps looking, letting his fingers trail lightly down your cheek before he buries his face in your neck once again
  • and you’re like “yoongi,,,,,what does this mean?” and he whispers, letting his lips press to the skin of your collarbone and he’s like
  • “it means that i don’t need blind dates. i don’t need to find someone for me, i already,,,,,,,,,,i already have you,,,,,,,”


  • home is where the heart is,,,,,,,,and the heart is most pleased by food so guess who has a mario themed rice cooker and pan set ? THIS BOY (jin. i mean jin) 
  • but yes of course he’s the grandmaster chef who all of bangtan adores to and goes running to when they all remember they could probably set their own apartments on fire if they as much as tried to boil water
  • but like,,,,,,jin doesn’t only keep bangtan Fed,,,,,,he’s always like @ his neighbors like “i baked some cookies. i made some chicken. i actually bought too much lettuce once so i decided to hell with it and made a 5 course meal for 16 people you want to come over and have dinner with me?”
  • an actual angel is what im trying to get at here
  • but also an actual DORK his bedroom is just a bed full of mario plushies and he spends half of his days off laying upside down off his bed playing games on his phone like an actual child
  • like the most grown up thing about him is yes he can cook and actually has a first-aid kit and learned how to fix his fire alarm
  • but everything else is just,,,,,,,,,,him being as cozy as possible under his mario blanket in his mario pajamas playing a mario game on his old as hell gameboy that he begged the guy at the gamestop to fix for an obscene amount of money
  • like i don’t think jin goes out of his way to try and decorate his place or cater to an aesthetic, like his kitchen is stocked full of supplies and food and he has a stainless steal oven
  • but other than that it’s just,,,,,,,,,mario toys and a big sofa for him to enjoy said games and food on
  • he hates crumbs though. like taehyung came over and used his computer and the crumbs that go inbetween the keyboard literally made jin want to strangle him
  • oh how could i forgot: pink bath curtains 
  • and you don’t know him all that well, just that he’s unbelievably gorgeous and sweet and has a really loud laugh that you heard from an open window once and that you swore was the cutest thing in the world like how could someone laugh like that??? what purity
  • anyway you wish you could be his friend,,,he seems so positive and happy but you’re like ,,,,,,,,, he isn’t interested
  • until you get a knock on your door and it’s ???? jin and he’s like “heY do you know anything about acting?” and you’re like “i watch dramas?” and he’s like “good enough, i need some help”
  • and you let him in and you’re a bit confused but jin just sits on your carpet and hands you what looks like a script and he’s like i just graduated with an acting major and got a minor role for a friends performance,,,,,,,do you think you could read through the lines with me
  • and in your head you’re like,,,,,,,why ask me of all people
  • and jin like he basically can read your mind is like “i was going to ask namjoon to help me, but he couldn’t stop stuttering over the first three lines and i almost died,,,,,,sorry if this is random!!”
  • and you’re like no no it’s fine and so you look down at the script and your eyes nearly fall out because the first stage cue is literally ‘get on top of him’
  • and jin opens his arms and is like ‘come here so we can get in position’ and you’re like EXCUSE ME but you’re also like,,,,,,,he needs help he just graduated lsadfgjlefkt
  • so you like scoot a bit closer to him and jin is like “i know this is horribly awkward, but im gonna lay down and you can just like,,,,,pretend you’re doing a push up over me”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,what in gods name,,,,,,,,,,,,but he’s so handsome and nice and you’re like let me try to do this and not DIE
  • but when you like put your hand on either side of his head and like try to keep yourself up you look down and there,,,,,is jin’s beautiful face and he’s like “this is a good workout”
  • and you can’t like you can’t help but burst into laughter and your arms go weak and you manage to like not fall onto him but like roll off onto the side and jin is like “pleASE,,,,i need to get through these lines” and you’re like “i can’t im sorry” and he’s like ;;;;;;; it’s ok i understand how this is like,,,,,,,,,,so weird
  • and you’re like “how about i just read through them with you”
  • and jin says that he’s thankful you haven’t kicked him out of your apartment yet for asking for something so crazy,,,,but you’re just blushing and trying to laugh it off 
  • and you get through the script but jin stops before a kiss scene and is like “thank you i think you really helped”
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,,i hope the performance goes well” and jin gives you his gummy smile that makes your heart skip a beat and he’s like “i do too”
  • but before he leaves he’s like “im sorry again,,,,,about the whole do a push up above me thing,,,,” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,, covering your face because you two were so close but it was so,,,,,,,so ,,,,,, funny
  • and he’s like “it’s gonna be hard not to think of you when i do that on stage though,,,,,,” and you’re like huh and he’s like “you looked so cute trying to hard, i really am sorry”
  • and your face heats up again because ok you were embarrassed before from the Situation and now he’s just being really Cheesy but like you’re loving every moment of it
  • and jin catches himself and is like “you probably think im weird, ill go” but you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,no it wasn’t bad it was fun”
  • and jin perks up and he’s like “does that mean i can come and ask for your help again??” and you’re like “s-s-ure,,,,” and jin is like !!!!!!! “thank you so much ill be sure to bring some food as a gift next time too, see you then!”
  • and you close the door and have to like steady your breathing and you’re like he’s so cute whilst jin is just like,,,,,,,,standing in front of his apartment with his head pressed against the door and he’s like ‘i made a fool out of myself,,,,,,,,,but i think they like me??’


  • best neighbor award??? it is he 
  • the person who carries your sick grandma up the stairs, the person who entertains your kids if you have to run and check if you didn’t double park, the person who tells creeps to piss off if they start whistling at high school girls, and the person who you find telling others that he’s really grateful for being alive on this day
  • just like,,,,,he’s such a positive force it’s amazing
  • dances while brushing his teeth, dances while making eggs, dances while checking the weather, dances while locking up his door
  • you can usually find him with headphones in his ears and he rides his bike just about everywhere,,,,,,,and like
  • when it’s summer the tanktops come out and it’s a Blessing upon as all
  • he is the type to own like an inflatable pool that he drags out into courtyard when it’s super hot and at first it’s just for him but then all the kids come out and their parents and of course peoples dogs
  • and he probably just started a block party without even trying
  • likes to keep his place pretty clean, but he really likes the color red. like i see him having a lot of it in his home because it’s so loud and kinda sexy,,,,,,,,,,,,like him what no i didn’t say that
  • always has fresh fruits on his kitchen table because he’s conscious of what he eats as he’s an athletic person
  • and if like taehyung or jungkook spends the night he’s like “Eat breakfast. It is so important. The most important.”
  • drys his laundry by himself on his balcony but once he noticed his jeans went missing and he was like ????? there’s a thief in my house i need to find him
  • turns out they just fell down onto the floor below,,,,,,and he Overreacted LOL
  • cannot kill bugs. has to call over jin 
  • and hoseok is always helping people you know it’s in his nature like when he sees you one afternoon struggling with your groceries, he bikes over and is like “give me your bags!!” and piles them onto his handlebars and he’s like “hop on, ill give you a ride”
  • and at first you’re like hdglfvsd um how????? and he’s like “stand on the back of my bike” and you’re like “i think that’s too muc-”
  • but hoseok is shaking his head like “no no no i can handle it, come on”
  • and you try to balance yourself and he’s like “put your hands on my shoulders!!” and when you do you’re like oh,,,they’re big,,,,,
  • and he’s like “ok let’s go!”
  • and he manages to go really fast even with you and all your groceries 
  • and once you get to your building you get off and hoseok laughs a little and you’re like ?????
  • and he leans over and is like “the wind got to your hair!!!! let me fix it-”
  • and he gets so close that you can smell this kind of ,,,,,, slight cologne off of him and you’re like shouldn’t he be sweaty????? but he’s like fine 
  • and his fingers gently brush your hair back into place
  • and he’s like “we live across from each other, so let me carry your bags all the way!” and you’re like “hoseok, no you have to carry your bike let me-”
  • but he’s insistent and so are you
  • and you’re bickering back and forth over whose going to get a hand on the bags
  • and some old ladies pass by like “oh, young love always playfully getting on each others nerves”
  • and hoseok and you both stop like,,,,young,,,,,,,,,,,,,,love
  • but you’re just like UM,,,,,give me the bags
  • and hoseok is like “ill carry them. if you try to grab them, ill-”
  • and he pauses and you’re like ?????? you’ll what
  • and he’s like “i’ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,i’ll kiss you that’s what!”
  • and you’re like PFFT what are we in the 3rd grade and you reach over to get the bag, but hoseok is the faster person here and he puts his hand behind his back and tilts his face just in time to press his lips to your cheek
  • and when he pulls back you’re both wide eyed because oh my god ,,,,,he did it,,,,,,,,
  • and hoseok is screaming in his head like: OH MY GOD I DID IT
  • and you’re like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,,,,”
  • and he’s like “im so-”
  • but then you move forward and grab the bags from his startled hands and you’re like “got them!” and he’s like dhgkszds you,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like “well - aren’t you going to kiss me for real REAL this time??”
  • and hoseok is like “wELL Do YOU WANT ME TO?”
  • and you’re like “YOU SAID YOU WOULD”
  • like actual children you two
  • but hoseok finally is like ok. since you asked
  • and you feel his lips against yours,,,,,,,so suddenly that you almost lose a grip of yourself and fall backwards
  • and when he pulls away he grabs the bags back from your hands and he’s like “AHA”
  • and you’re like touching your lips and you’re like,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s silent for a bit but you’re like
  • “hoseok,,,,,,,,,” and he’s like “yes?” and you’re like “i have a feeling we’re gonna kiss again” and he’s like “don’t bother stealing the bags im really carrying them the whole way up-”
  • but you just shake your head and you’re like “no,,,,i mean we’ll kiss again after we get upstairs”
  • and hoseok gets a little red in the face, but boy the whole elevator ride up he’s practically jogging in place
  • because the minute you open the door the bags are forgotten in the hall and hoseok is like “really? do you want to do this?”
  • and his body is against yours, as you’re moving slowly toward your sofa and you’re like “yes, seriously just kiss me again!!!” 
In the Morning

Originally posted by bangtaninspired

pairing: jimin x reader 

words: 1689

genre: smut, just smut 

description: late night phone call with jimin

warnings: phone sex, masturbation, dirty talk 

a/n: this is literally just smut omg i’m sorry 

2:33 a.m.

The text on the screen of your phone, stared back at you and you couldn’t help the spark that spread within your chest.

[2:33 a.m] Jimin: i keep thinking about you

It wasn’t explicit, but with him, it might as well have been. You knew there was that underlying meaning, he’d always be subtle at first. He didn’t fool you, not anymore. While on the surface, it was sweet but you could see him — you imagined what he was doing. And you did not need to imagine for too long.

[2:37 a.m] Jimin: IMG_019

At the sight of the image, you sucked in a sharp breath through your teeth. It didn’t seem like enough, air refusing to stay in your lungs for long. Heat rose up to your cheeks and your blanket was suddenly too much. Your fingers trembled under your phone, and the image left mouth watering.

The image was angled down, his shirt had obviously been discarded somewhere else and he laid, sprawled on his bed. His toned body welcoming you into a wander of thoughts, and the longer you stared, the harder it was to breathe. His plump bottom lip trapped between his teeth and all you wanted was to press your lips on his, or feel them on your skin. The angle allowed you to see how his boxers snuggled onto his hips and you swore you almost drooled when you saw it. The outline of his cock prominent, and his hand gripped the base of it. You instinctively pressed your thighs together.

[2:38 a.m] Jimin: cat got your tongue? ;)

You wanted him to stop, leave you alone, let you sleep.

[2:38 a.m] Jimin: god i just want to feel your mouth on my cock

[2:38 a.m] Jimin: you want that dont you? wouldnt you like that?

You rubbed your thighs together for some relief to no avail and a strangled fuck escaped your lips. You admitted, you wanted to see him squirm under you. His chest heaving, panting hard as you’d take his cock deep in your mouth —

But you had to stop, you couldn’t get ahead of yourself. You needed to stop letting your mind wander.

[2:39 a.m] You: i’m tryin to sleep jimin. go to sleep

You should have let him be, you should not have sent anything, and blinded yourself from your phone all together. A minute later, your phone was buzzing and his name flashed on screen and you debated on just letting it ring. But your body had a different resolve, and you answer with a hushed hello?

“Y/N,” he whined, like he was begging for something from you. His voice was breathless and his pants in between were audible. You bit down on your lower lip to keep your own gasp in.

“I’m trying to sleep, Jimin,” you repeated, but your voice betrayed you, shaking with each word. He groaned at the sound of your voice and your heart thumped loudly in your ears.

“I just want to hear your voice,” Jimin breathed, panted. “I’m so hard, baby girl, please.

You could hear it, the desperation that laced his voice. His moans high pitched with each pant, slipping effortlessly past his lips. He whined, cursed under his breath as he worked his cock. He swirled his hand across his tip, spreading pre-cum on his palm to slick up his length. He squeezed his hand on his tip with each stroke. His chest heaved, trying to regain his breath. His tongue lapped at his lips.

“Jimin,” You whispered, pressing your thighs tighter against each other, and the whine that came from his end broke you. Your hand trailed down between your legs.

“Fuck, I want you on my cock,” Jimin whined. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Your fingers traced along the edge of your panties. The heat stretched through your body. “Oh? I thought you’d like it if I teased you at first.”

A straggled moan escaped his swollen lips before sucking in his bottom lip between his teeth. His other hand ran through the strands of his sweaty hair. He swore, breathlessly — “Fuck.”

You could picture him, the muscles of his stomach clenching. His mouth slacked with each passing moan and his lips. God, his lips would be bruised and swollen from biting them. You hissed through your teeth and your confidence struck you. “Imagine having me between your legs, kissing your stomach while I claw at your thighs, trying my best to ignore your cock. Or would you rather I bite your thighs, mark them up?”

Your core ached, hearing the whine from the other end. You slipped your fingers under your panties, and your fingertips finding your clit, brushing lightly against it. You couldn’t stop the moan that bursted out of you, and honestly, you didn’t want to. You wanted him to hear, to hear just how much you wanted his cock deep inside you. Your core ached for him, your whole body trembled the more your fingers worked you.

Jimin hummed once he heard you, chuckling breathlessly. His hand worked up his length faster. He managed to swallow through the pleasure enough to regain some composure — and sanity.

That’s when he muttered, through his panting — “Baby girl” and the sound following it, urged you to eagerly dip your fingers past your folds. You were dripping, but you didn’t need your fingers to tell you that. You could feel your wetness seep against your thighs since the first message he sent. Your fingers slid right in, easily with no resistance and your mouth slacked with a gasp.

“I want you — you, just you. Your mouth on me. Your head between my legs, or your cock inside me,” you cursed as your palm ground against your clit. “Any way you want me, f-fuck — I just need you.”

Jimin’s hips jerked up into his hand, your words making his cock twitch in his palm. All he managed was the panting that dried at his lips. His jaw hung open and god, he wished it was your hand instead of his. There was nothing he didn’t want to do to you. But he didn’t know what he wanted first. He loved when you teased him, your mouth bobbing up and down his cock so slowly, enough to keep him on edge and your nails creating crescent moons on his thighs. But his mind wandered more, to his face between your thighs. His tongue digging deep into your arousal, making you more and more wet until it dripped down his chin. He wanted to watch you squirm, your hands clawing at the sheets until they’d find purchase in his hair. He need to see you writhe, back arched and begging for him.

“Fuck Y/N,” Jimin grunted, throwing his head back against his pillows. “I’m c-close.”

You hummed in approval at his words, his panting lulled you further and further towards your release. Your fingers vigorously pumped inside you and you could hear how wet you were, the lewd sound filled your room.Your fingers weren’t enough, no, they never were enough anymore. The more you desperately curled your fingers, the more that need for release grew but your fingers fell short. Your other hand travelled up your stomach until it reach your breast, kneading it roughly - twisting your nipple between your fingers. Your hips bucked against your palm and you panted his name out like a prayer.

“Ahh, fuck,” Jimin grunted, his hand quickening agains himself. Pre-cum leaked from his tip, coating his fingers with each pump. “Fuck, I bet you’d look great taking my cock. It’d fit perfectly inside of you. You’d be such a good girl and take all of it at once.”

You hiccuped at his words, your palm stuttering against your clit. All you could manage was an incoherent “yes” before a moan ripped out of you. He groaned “good girl” under his breath, and his voice sounded much deeper and that sparked through you. His whines came through more and more before his breath stopped completely, and you knew. He moaned out your name, his hips jerking into his hand - milking out his high and cum covering his stomach.

“J-Jimin, please,” you pleaded. “Please.”

He panted, heavily. trying to catch his breath before he repeated, “Please? Please what, baby girl, tell me. You haven’t said what you want.”

You, Jimin, I want —“

“No, no no,” he cut you off. “Tell me.” You whined, pressing your lips together. “Be a good girl for me and use your words.”

“Jimin, please, I want to cum,” you begged, sounding desperate and you were, you needed this. Your fingers curled into the sheets, thighs trembled around your hand and hips continuing their desperate jerk against your hand. Your fingers curled in you, the knot in your stomach intensified. Jimin’s name spilled from your lips in small pleas.

Good girl,” he groaned out, still breathless. “Keep going, don’t stop until you make a mess for me, okay? Just think it’s me, I know it’s not but pretend, think of my cock stretching you out. Fuck, I would be fucking you so hard into the mattress, just like you’d like. God, Y/N, cum right now. Do it, do it, do it.”

Perhaps it was his words or his voice, hoarse and worn out, that had your orgasm hitting you hard. Your thighs squeezed around your hand, back arched up from the sweat drenched sheets beneath you. His name was pulled out of you in a high moan, in a beg. White flashed behind your eyelids, the knot in your stomach snapped.

Your chest heaved heavily, and you were left absolutely soaked, hand dripping as you pulled out your fingers and mewled softly at the sensitivity. Your eyelids fluttering closed with blissful pleasure.

“Hey,” Jimin said, sheepishly. “You with me?”

“Mhm,” you hummed.

“You did well, baby girl,” he chuckled. “Go to sleep, okay? Sweet dreams, Y/N.”

“You too, Jimin.”

Call Ended 3:02 a.m.

Little Heartbeat (Matt X Pregnant!Reader)

Characters: Matt Murdock X Pregnant!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Daredevil

Warnings: Mentions of possible abortion


Request: I saw that you wrote a Daredevil fic for another fan, would you do another one? One in which the reader knows she is pregnant but dont know how to tell him, and as she doesnt know about his powers, so she doesnt tell him because he cant see her tummy, and he is getting angry because he knows from the first day and one day he touches her tummy on porpuse and confronts her why didnt she told him and she cries but fluff at the end? love your work

Originally posted by akamatthewmurdock

You were walking to go get your boyfriend from his work. The entire time you kept your hand on your belly… where your baby was.

Matt didn’t know. He was blind so he couldn’t see the small bump and you hadn’t told him. You didn’t know how to tell him, since you didn’t know how he’d react. He was Catholic born and raised so he didn’t believe in children outside of wedlock and you worried he’d not want it, or that the child would stress him out since he’s blind.

Keep reading

Seventeen/Svt reaction to their crush accidentally sending them a naughty photo (Vocal unit)

Request 1: Svt vocal unit when their crush accidentally sends them a naughty photo ?? Thank you 💕

Request 2: Seventeen reaction to them confessing to their crush..accidentally in an nsfw way?????

Vocal unit version

He would be sitting next to Seungcheol. Then his heart flutters when he receives a text from you. Once he opens it his eyes widen causing Seungcheol to try and look over. This causes Jeonghan to react quickly and run away from Seungcheol. Once he’s alone he stares at the picture for a while before texting you

Jeonghan: Wow… Y/N..


Jeonghan: oh.. trust me I dont hate you, or the pic ;) btw I love you too~

You: *blushing intensifies*

Semi happy he received it because it helped him confess his feelings FINALLY


He was sitting by himself wondering how he was going to confess to you. Then he smiles from ear to ear, seeing he received a text from you. When he opens the text, seeing you in a revealing outfit made his eyes pop out of his head. 

Joshua: Y-Y/N… why did you send that? I mean you look beautiful but its so sudden…

You were currently screaming while Joshua was wondering if you sent that because you liked him, or you only wanted him for those kind of purposes.

You: Joshua I dID NOT MEAN TO SEND THAT IM SORRYYYYY……wait did you call me beautiful

Joshua: Yea.. I do think you’re beautiful…

He’d be disappointed that he confessed over texted rather than in person, but he defiantly saves the photo


So he’s sitting in his studio minding his own business when hears his phone ding, frustrated thinking its one of the members, his heart instantly softens when he sees its from you. Happy, he opens the text but he freezes when he sees a naughty pic of you. After 3 minutes of staring, he finally texts back

Woozi: h-hey…. wow….you look… wow… ;)


Woozi: Oh nonono don’t cry, its fine. Trust me its fine

You: Ok but Jihoon I like you and I dont want you thinking *2 paragraph rant*

Woozi: Listen Y/N, I like you too. If anyone else would’ve sent me a pic like that I would’ve been like ‘ew get away’

Happy he finally confessed, almost forgetting you sent the pic in the first place.

You guys were legit sitting next to each other, playing on your phones and talking causally. You were going to send him a cute picture of your animal but accidentally clicks on the photo you took last night. Seokmin open the texts and literally jumps on you screaming. You giggle and apologize, then he kisses you. You widen your eyes and he lays his confession bluntly right then and there.

He was worried he was too blunt about it, but all his worries lessened when he found out you returned the feelings.


Him and Vernon were playing video games when you texted. Vernon paused the game and when on his own phone while Seungkwan went on his to check his texts. His eyes bulged out of his head seeing such a revealing picture of you. His cheeks went from a natural shade to a tomato.

Seungkwan: Oh..y/n……


Seungkwan: Ruined everything??

You: Yea… Seungkwan I really really like you and I hope you dont think of me as a slut now or anything, it was a true accident…


He was embarrassed at his choice of words, but everything seemed to be right now that he confessed and you returned feelings.

-Vee and El

PSA in dealing with blindness or the partially sighted

So those who know me know I lost my vision at 14 due to some freak immune system issues (I’ve talked about it on here) but that I still function. In fact, if I didn’t tell you I had a giant hole where your face is, you’d never know it, but I do. Because I have one foot in the world of the sight, having been extremely visual as a person, and one world in that of the visually impaired because of the extreme flux in my visual acuity, I feel like I can give you some useful tips, if you ever need to help a visually impaired person, or someone who is completely blind.

1. Don’t just help.

This is the biggest fucking issue. The fact is if I’m using my cane, I’m looking for things on the ground that are landmarks to my location. Which means if you suddenly open the door for me without saying anything and my cane can’t find it, I become extremely disoriented. ALWAYS GIVE AN AUDITORY CLUE THAT YOU ARE ASSISTING.

This includes you well-meaning but completely idiotic people who stop at intersections and then wave the blind pedestrian on. You know who you are. I don’t know, obviously, because I can’t see you, but the people that I’m usually nearby often point this out to me.

2. It’s okay to ask if the person needs assistance.

We may be frustrated but it has nothing to do with you. You won’t hurt our feelings. We don’t like NEEDING help, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need it. Just say “Excuse me, can I help?” But only if it seems a person is lost or confused.

3. Don’t shout at us.

We’re blind. Not deaf. And usually our hearing is our predominant sense. You’ll figuratively blind us by shouting.

4. If a blind person is about to step into something physically dangerous, shout “STOP” with commanding authority. And then be apologetic and humorous afterward. It’s how our cane training is done and so we learn to respond to it.


Offer them your elbow with a verbal cue like “Here’s my arm on your left, if you need it.” The blind person has to govern their own equilibrium, which means they need the flexibility of letting go of you. If you tug them, you also pull them off balance or faster than is comfortable for them to “see” with a cane or foot.

6. Blind people don’t tap the cane for themselves.

The “tap tap” of the cane is usually used only in groups of people to alert you of their coming (though sometimes it is used the brush the cane over uneven terrain that might catch the cane and jab it into our chests). When we walk with a cane, the tip is always aligned to the opposite foot, ACROSS the body diagonally for bodily protection. We then step forward and swipe the cane to the opposite side, along the ground to accurately read the ground a few steps ahead. Tapping the cane actually can remove some of our perception of the land, but we do it for you normies, so you don’t stop dead in front of us and get your ankles bruised by a titanium rod.

7. We obey traffic patterns.

We learn these. And even if we don’t, you aren’t helping us by holding up traffic and honking at us to go ahead and cross. Actually you’re annoying us.

8. Only a small number of visually impaired people are actually COMPLETELY blind.

We are taught to optimize our sight for US. NOT YOU. So if you see a person with a cane who looks completely normal and doesn’t wear sunglasses? Guess what? They’re still partially sighted/legally blind. They’re not less deserving of attention. We wear sunglasses if our eyes are sensitive to sunlight - “photophobia”- like mine. Or we wear them to prevent the embarrassment of the wandering eye. Don’t judge a person’s capability by how they use their cane or their their eyes. Some legally blind people are only blind at night, some at day, some are blind in certain lighting conditions, some can still read with assistance and some can’t visually read at all. There is no uniformity and we optimize for us, not you. You don’t matter. So please don’t do the thing that woman on my flight to LA did and whisper to your friend that you saw me reading my (magnified and adaptive tech phone) and that you’re sure I am only playing blind to get priority boarding. Go fuck yourself with that bullshit.

9. Don’t point.

It really amazes me how many times I’ve said “what’s this?” Or “where’s that?” Only to have someone point. The fuck is wrong with you?

10. Don’t you ever dare touch a service dog unless you believe there is an immediate risk of danger.

11. Proper auditory cues.

You can’t say “it’s at 1 o'clock” for everyone, because guess what guys…not all blind people have seen clock faces! What?! OMG you’re kidding!. Instead give distances in steps, give direction in angles, give directions via landmarks not street signs. I remember one time, my friend Kirsten was asking what a person looked like, and someone said to her, “Well, they’re blond and have a heart shaped face” She said “What’s a heart shape like? And blond is yellow right? That the color of a lemon, right?”

The wrong way: “Oh it’s on Barrett street, about one hundred feet from here, at three o'clock.”

The right way: it’s about fifty paces at a right forty five degree angle from the direction you’re facing, beside a giant open park surrounded by a large metal fence. They may not be able to see the thing, but they can locate things with canes and hands, and get a feel via sound. If you know ground landmarks, like changes in paving, those are also helpful.


Hand them the change first and allow them to put it away, which they do by feel. Then hand them the bills sequentially by denominations so that they can fold and stow these bills in the way that helps them keep track of denominations. THEN hand off the receipt.

13. Don’t ask how they lost their vision.

Don’t be that guy. EVERY GUY. Jesus Christ. Some people are still dealing with the trauma from whatever it is that cost them their sight. I’m not, but I get tired of explaining it to every single fucking person I meet. Don’t say that line “Do you mind if I ask if you were born this way?” It’s none of your business. Stop treating the person like their limitation IS them. You should be helping them through their limitation so that you can GET TO THEM, and get to know the person behind it.

14. If you see a blind person traveling alone at night, and you notice someone watching or casing them, it’s okay to approach the blind person and say “I think you might be in danger. How may I help you?” And then explain the issue.

I have been followed, cased, and tracked. I realized it was happening and prevented it, with some hilarious results, but it happens. Which is why it’s ok for you to be protective of a person, it’s just not ok to be all up in their business.

15. Some blind people wear headphones or earplugs.

These aren’t a “stupid idea”. They’re actually there as a visual aid. What? Well blind people often have very sensitive hearing. Especially to high or low pitch. Many will wear earplugs or headphones to dampen or heighten certain sound values as a visual aid. I personally carry a pair with me everywhere. If I’m on a bus or train, the headphones dampen treble or higher decibels. If I’m in a noisy place like a bar or club, the plugs soften the noise, almost like wearing sunglasses in bright sun.

16. Don’t ask for Braille tutorials.

Not all of us read it. It takes a long time to learn and it’s almost entirely self taught. So if you want to learn, buy a card and get to work.

17. We memorize.

We know the layouts of rooms as instinct. Which means if I walk into a hotel, I am instantly without even thinking about it, running my hands over things, finding switches, marking strides, counting to myself, running my fingers over edges and so forth. This is how I see. So DONT MOVE SHIT. And DONT LEAVE YOUR FUCKING STUFF IN MY PATH.

18. Ray Charles was blind. Not all blind people are Ray Charles.

Stop assuming we all play music. Stop assuming that we all experience things in the same way.

19. Blind people have insomnia.

It comes from not being able to differentiate light from dark. It throws off our circadian rhythm. Meaning it can often interfere with our job, and also that we tend to become creatures of habit in order to avoid difficulty. Don’t break our habits, it throws us off.

20. Give yourself some sensitivity training.

If someone in your family or circle is blind…heck if you’re just a nice person, spend a few hours trying to do everyday tasks with your eyes shut, or put on a pair of fucked up sunglasses, or just give it a shot as you’re at work. See how long you can go before the urge to open your eyes is so powerful and overwhelming that you have to…and then imagine you don’t have a choice. That’s how it feels, every day. In every task. Be patient and kind.

There’s probably a lot more I’m forgetting. Maybe some of my blind peeps can add in?

EXO / Blind date

Request: Can I request an exo blind date reaction? Maybe they don’t wanna be on a blind date or they do but they’re nervous or maybe they’re just casual about till they see you? I dont know if that makes sense but you got me right?

i really liked writing this so i hope you enjoy!!! 💕💕


Originally posted by xiuminscheeks

“She’s such a nice girl! I’m absolutely positive you’ll love her!” was the sentence that Minseok heard at least ten times this week.

His mother insisted he went on a date with the daughter of one of her friend’s but he was not a fan of this idea. Blind dates seemed to be so last century. And he was too busy for a girlfriend anyway.

On the other hand, though, Minseok was somewhat tired of listening to every relative ask him when will he finally settle down and get married. Tha awkward laugh he did every time was going to make him throw up soon.

Which is why, he was now sitting in the restaurant, waiting for his date to show up. He prayed to God she’d be normal.

“Hi,” he heard a soft voice next to him and he slowly turned his head to look at the owner of the voice. “Are you Minseok?”

He seemed to have lost the ability to speak. After a few seconds of just staring, he nodded.

“I’m Y/n,” you said awkwardly, sitting down on the chair opposite him.

It took Minseok another few moments to regain his speech.

“Hi,” he said, clearing his throat. “I’m glad you didn’t stand me up.”

“Likewise,” you said with a laugh that sent signals right into Minseok’s heart, leaving the only coherent thought in his head: “Oh, fuck.”


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

He mentioned that he kind of wanted a girlfriend once. But that was enough for his cousin to perk up and call every single girl he knew to see if they were free to go on a date tomorrow night. Half of them were free but they weren’t interested in blind dates. The other half weren’t able to make it on such short notice. However, one girl did agree, although it took a lot of convincing.

“You begged someone to go on a date with me,” Junmyeon said once his cousin hung up the phone. “Do I look that desperate to you?”

“It’s just because she doesn’t know you,” his cousin said. “And last time I set her up with someone, it didn’t end very well, so, don’t screw this up, or she’ll block my number.”

Junmyeon made no promises, secretly preparing to run if the date proved to be a disaster.

He chose the amusement park as the venue for the date, hoping that if it did go wrong, at least he could have fun on the rides, or if he really liked the date, he could prove his masculinity by winning her a huge plush toy.

However, he only had the description of his date, he hasn’t even seen any pictures, so he wasn’t quite sure which outcome to expect.

He looked at the people who stood in groups next to the entrance to the park and noticed you, standing a little further away from everyone else. You fit the description his cousin had given him, so, shyly and somewhat awkwardly, he made his way towards you.

“Hi. I’m Junmyeon,” he said.

“Oh,” came the obviously surprised reply. “I’m Y/n. Hi!”

Junmyeon watched you for a moment. “Are you feeling as awkward as I am?”

“Yeah, actually,” you laughed. “But at least you don’t look like a psychotic killer, so that’s a good start.”

Junmyeon smiled at this. “Well, you look like nothing that I expected.”

Your face fell suddenly but before you could even say anything, Junmyeon jumped in to fix the situation.

“No, no, I just mean that I expected my cousin to pull a huge prank on me and set me up with my ex-girlfriend or something,” he said, shrugging his shoulders. “But he didn’t. I’m pretty sure he actually set me up with the prettiest girl I’ve ever laid my eyes on, so that’s a huge loss for him.”

You smiled at this, looking away from him when you felt the blush creep to your cheeks.

“Do you want to go to the fair?” Junmyeon pointed at the few stands next to the entrance to the amusement park. “I’d love to win you something.”


Originally posted by justforluhan

Yixing accidentally ran into one of his friends from school. One thing led to another, and he agreed to go on a date with one of this friend’s acquaintances who was looking for a boyfriend and was, apparently, “Yixing’s type”. Despite being a little nervous, he was actually kind of looking forward to this date. He had some free time, and he thought dating might actually be fun.

A few weeks later, he was already waiting for this mysterious girl outside of the cinema where they agreed to meet. He saw you from basically a mile away because his friend wasn’t lying. You were everything he was looking for and he was so taken aback that he couldn’t even start talking once you stopped in front of him.

“Are you Yixing?” you asked him while he tried to regain his balance.

“Y-yeah,” he said. “Sorry. Y/n, right?”

You nodded, a little thrown off by his awkwardness.

“It’s so great to meet you,” Yixing said, his eyes never leaving yours. “Should we go in?”

“Yeah, of course,” you agreed. “The movie’s about to start.”

In all honesty, Yixing had completely forgotten that you were supposed to watch a movie. He thanked destiny over and over again for meeting you, despite having yet to get to know you.


Originally posted by r-velvets

When Minseok proposed the idea, Baekhyun got excited immediately. A double date was a great way for him to finally meet Minseok’s girlfriend and also get to know one of her friends, who was supposed to come as a date for Baekhyun.

Before the date, Baekhyun had no idea what to expect so he didn’t expect anything. He dressed up, shrugged his shoulders, and followed Minseok out of the house and into the restaurant.

The two of them exchanged a few quick conversations before Minseok stood up from the table, letting Baekhyun know that he spotted the two girls. Even before Baekhyun turned his head to look at them, he could already feel his heart start to beat faster.

And when his eyes finally locked on yours, he felt as if his heart was going to literally jump out of his chest.

“Baekhyun, this is Y/n,” Minseok introduced you to him. “She’s your date.”

She’s my date, Baekhyun repeated in his head, not quite able to believe it.

The first half of the dinner, he was somewhat awkward, though. He felt a little intimidated by you and was afraid to embarrass himself in front of you, so he stayed quiet most of the time. He broke out of his shell when the others started to share embarrassing stories about their past and he heard your laugh.

That was his cue to crack some jokes to hear you laugh again.

And he was successful. Your cheeks hurt from laughter. And the second half of the dinner flew by really fast.

The rest of the world had disappeared to Baekhyun. He didn’t even realize that this was supposed to be a double date because he spent the entire time getting to know you and completely ignoring Minseok and his girlfriend, who kept giggling quietly while watching the scene unfold in front of them.

The date wasn’t even over yet when Baekhyun realized that he wanted to see you again as soon as possible and he was going to do everything he could to make that happen.


Originally posted by dayafterdae

He signed up to the five-minute-dating website when he was drunk. At the time, he thought it would be an interesting experience, but then he woke up the next morning, hungover and in pain. He found an e-mail, telling him that he needed to be at a café thirty minutes away from him in twenty minutes if he still wanted to participate.

And Jongdae wasn’t one to shy away from unwanted plans, even if he wasn’t in his right mind at the time of making them. So, jumping out of bed and quickly looking in the mirror before going out (and by “quickly”, I mean he panicked at the sight of his hair and stayed in the bathroom for the next ten minutes, trying to do something about it), he headed to his doom the café.

The hosts of the event weren’t very happy about Jongdae’s lack of punctuality but thankfully, there was another person who was late, so they told him that she’d be his first five-minute date.

Not daring to ask any questions, Jongdae just headed in the direction of a table that the hosts pointed at, and sat down.

You were looking for your phone in your handbag – 90% sure that you lost it when you ran out of the house after realizing that you were late – when you heard someone sit at the table across from you.

“Hi, I’m Y/n—” you said automatically but stopped mid-sentence at the sight of the boy in front of you.

“I’m Jongdae,” he replied with a wide smile. “And I don’t think I’ve ever been more insecure in my life.”

“Insecure? About what?”

“I’m sitting across the most beautiful girl I’ve seen in my life, and I know I look like a mess because I stayed up drinking last night,” he said.

“How many times have you practiced this line?” you asked, not believing a single word he said because the man in front of you looked flawless.

“None, actually,” he said. “I’m sorry if I made it seem like I’m a player. It must be the hangover. Can we start over?”

You laughed. “Okay. I’m Y/n and I’m not really sure what I’m doing here.”

“Hi, Y/n,” Jongdae said. “I’m Jongdae and I’m pretty sure I’ll fall in love with you.”


Originally posted by urbeautifulway

Chanyeol knew playing Truth or Dare with the guys was a bad idea before they even started. But he was the only one who voted against it, so he was stuck playing it, too. Sooner than he would have liked, it was his turn.

Jongin, smiling mischievously, glanced at Kyungsoo. “Truth or dare, Chan?”

Chanyeol sighed. “Dare.”

“I dare you to go out with the first girl Kyungsoo finds on Facebook.”

“That’s a little far-fetched,” Chanyeol said. “Who’s to say that the first girl he sees will agree to go on a date with some random guy?”

“She already did,” Kyungsoo said, raising his phone to show the other members the conversation he had with a girl that he didn’t even have in his Facebook friends.

Needless to say, the fact that this girl agreed to go on a date with a stranger’s friend, freaked him out and he was a nervous wreck the whole week before the date. In fact, he thought of bailing but he knew the punishment the guys would come up with would be even worse.

So, a week after the fateful game, he was sitting in a restaurant, nervously tapping his foot and waiting for the girl to show up.

“Are you Chanyeol?” a voice asked and he turned his head to be met face-to-face with your scared eyes.

“I am,” he said, standing up and trying to control his racing heart. “You must be Y/n, right?”

“Yeah,” you nodded, laughing awkwardly.

Chanyeol pointed at the chair across the table from him. “Please, sit.”

Once you did that, he sat down, too.

“Before we do this, can I ask you a question?” he asked.

You nodded.

“How come you agreed to go on this date? I mean, Kyungsoo is a stranger and—”

“But I know Soo,” you said, interrupting him. “He’s been in a relationship with my best friend for a few months now. I met him a couple of times.”

“Oh,” Chanyeol swallowed. “Right. Sorry, Kyungsoo forgot to mention that.”

“Yeah, I figured,” you smiled. “You looked like you’ve been expecting to go on a date with a serial killer.”

Chanyeol laughed. “I kind of was. You’re a really nice surprise.”

Another surprise of the night happened when his stomach was hurting from laughing so much because the jokes you said were the best he’s ever heard; and Chanyeol realized that playing Truth or Dare with the guys, might have been the best choice he made in his entire life.


Originally posted by mauloveskpop

He loved method acting and he always tried to prepare for movie roles in advance. The directors of the new movie he was going to star in knew that, so they told him he needed to go on a blind date to understand his character better.

Kyungsoo was not excited about this. This was probably the first time he couldn’t understand how this particular activity would help him play the role in the movie better. But it was too late to refuse now.

The director set him up with the daughter of one of his high school friends and Kyungsoo expected to see a young girl that he could take bowling, buy a hot dog, and that would be it.

He wasn’t expecting you to walk in. His eyes watched you ever since you entered the bowling alley. He tried to speculate which group of people you’d stop by, but you just kept walking. A few moments later, you made eye contact with him, and Kyungsoo froze, realizing that you were his date tonight.

“Hey, I’m Y/n,” you said, smiling. “I’m guessing you’re Kyungsoo?”

Completely in a daze, Kyungsoo lost the ability to form coherent sentences. “I don’t know.”

You laughed at this. “Take some time to think about it.”

Kyungsoo smiled awkwardly.

“Sorry,” he said, shaking his head to break out of the trance. “Of course, I’m Kyungsoo. It would be really disappointing if I wasn’t. It’s nice to meet you, Y/n.”

“Nice to meet you, too,” you said. “And… aside from the awkwardness I’d experience by approaching the wrong person, why would it be disappointing if you weren’t Kyungsoo?”

“Oh,” Kyungsoo said, flushing a little because he hadn’t realized he said that out loud. “Because that would mean you’d be on a date with someone else tonight.”


Originally posted by intokai

“Jongin, you’re going on a blind date,” Sehun said quickly after walking into Jongin’s room.

“What?” Jongin frowned, raising his head to look at him. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are. I have a single friend and if she complains about all men being assholes one more time to me, I will punch someone.”

“Why don’t you go on a date with her, then?” Jongin asked, still confused.

“Because I might turn out to be an asshole, too,” Sehun shrugged his shoulders. “I’ll text you the details of the date. Good luck!”

Sehun left the room before Jongin could ask any more questions.

He thought this was just a joke, but a few days later, Sehun texted him the details of the date and Jongin realized that he wasn’t joking. He tried to call Sehun and let him know that he would not do this but Sehun just said that it was too late to back out now and then hung up the phone.

So, Jongin was stuck sitting in the restaurant, waiting for a girl that he knew nothing about to approach him.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the door of the restaurant open. He saw you walk in and stop to look around. Figuring that this must be the date, he turned his head and stood up from the table to approach you, only he froze as soon as his eyes met yours.

You were not what he expected at all. He tried to remember what his name was as you made your way towards him.

“Jongin?” you asked, a little unsure.

He just nodded.

“I’m Y/n,” you said and then felt the need to explain yourself. “Sehun insisted I go on this date.”

Jongin took a deep breath, already writing a million thank-you notes to Sehun in his mind. “Wow. I’m really glad he did.”


Originally posted by 12fools

He only downloaded the online dating app because he was bored. It had the option of blind dates that he ignored for a week after downloading the app, but then he realized that talking to people online was really boring and decided to give the blind date a go.

Praying that he wouldn’t die, he agreed on a couple of dates but ended up canceling nearly all of them because of his schedule. As it happened, he was only free for one date that week, so he headed to the park where he had agreed to meet up with his date.

He couldn’t really remember the description of the girl he was supposed to be on the date with, so he didn’t know what to expect. He watched every girl who passed the bench that he was sitting on, but none of them paid any attention to him.

He was slowly starting to lose hope, so he got his phone out to play some games before he headed home for good. And then he heard heavy breathing next to him.

“Are you Sehun?” you asked him, still catching your breath.

“I—” he started to say as he raised his head but then he saw you and he completely forgot what he was going to say. “What?”

“Sehun?” you asked again.

“Oh, right, yes! I am!” he replied, putting his phone back into his pocket and getting up from the bench. “You’re Y/n?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “God, I’m so sorry I’m late. The bus broke down so I ran the whole way here and then about mid-way, I started to think that, what if you’re actually a psychopath and I’m literally running to my death? But for some reason, I didn’t slow down, and yeah. I’m here now. I’m sorry if I look like a mess.”

Sehun listened to every word you said, and slowly realized that if he had gone home and missed this date, he would have never forgiven himself.

“You don’t look like a mess,” he said, taking a deep breath. “You look really good. Do you want to sit down or can we take a walk? Because you kind of took my breath away.”

You laughed, still recovering from the run you’ve been on. “I can say the same thing about you only I mean it literally.”

He laughed. “Come on, then. Let’s do something so you wouldn’t regret running all the way to see me.”

anonymous asked:

have you ever thought of mando'a words for different disabilities? like what the word for "blind" or "deaf" etc would be?

I’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about it actually, because they’re necessary words — but as often is the case the mando’a dictionary is lacking, for whatever reason. 

I do want to state beforehand that while I have thought of or worked on words with others before, many of them have been words for other disabilities and/or impairments dealing specifically with mental health and mental illness, and brain injury. Considering I have PTSD, among other things, that’s mostly where my focus has tended to go. I’m not a part of either community you mentioned (blindness, or deafness), but I have thought about and spoke with others in the past with the intent of creating words for either — mostly because, as you can probably tell from my other mando’a posts, I don’t generally trust the larger fan community to create words in a respectful manner, either unintentionally, or otherwise.

My biggest issue, and the major reason that I’m writing this at all, is that there’s always an “easy” way to create words in mando’a — especially in this situation, because the words “to see” and “to hear” already exist. But the easy way to create these words (drop a negative prefix in front of to see, or to hear) is radically … well, inaccurate, and wrong-headed — especially given how these words literally translate before adding the nu’ / ne’ / n’ to them.

So … this is my attempt, until such a time as better words and those better informed than myself can do so. I would also appreciate any and all input from any part of the blind and/or deaf community. If I’m overstepping or if I mess up, please tell me and I’ll apologize and correct myself.

This all goes under a cut due to length and the aforementioned. 

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Fragile Bones| Taehyung

Having  a child had been the toughest aspect of your life however as you meet Tae everything seemed to vanish. Oh how you were wrong, Tae holds a passion with under ground fighting that you cant bear even but whats the damage it could cost. He has been a father like visual to your child for all this time and now he begins to to lose these moments because of his love for illegal fighting. You have the choice to understand his ways or leave him and move along

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Warning: Smut, cursing, violence hunnty, fighter tae!

Genre: Smut angst possibly fluff

Word count: 13K

A/N: Sorry ive been gone ive been taking exams and honey i am stressed but im finished so now i can focus on what more important you guys and BTS beauty also there is most likely spelling errors i wanted to get his up as soon as i could for you guys

I traced the outline of his fragile bones, each holding a defined darkened bruise. Along the busted and bruised skin came along scars of his past markings. Scars that held different reasons of each but all coming together mixing on his body as it was seen as a damage canvas  of injury had been permanently marked on his body without any worry. The opponent had caused the damage as Tae along with his scared body was apart of an underground fighting rink. He had willing done this to his body and he was perfectly fine with it as it was what he loved, somewhere along the line i wish i was fine with his passion too. The top reasons why i had found no interest in the idea was the fact that he would get hurt and that we had a child living under our roof who was frequently seeing the great pain that was relished upon him. It was sore for Dylans eyes especially as when he first laid eyes on his bruised skin he began to grow worried and ask questions but as Tae quickly dismissed that he was a bad guy fighting crime. I smiled upon the memory of my two favorite men in my life. Dylan hadnt been biologically been Tae’s son however he saw him like a father and addressed him as one. He never knew his actually father as he left at the tender of before knowing how to walk, even before then Tae had taken the place of his official father figure before he could draw any questions. Even in life we managed to have bruises and bumps but along the way you may meet someone to heal these wounds, however not all wounds are heal able. Tae was living proof of so.

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A/N: okay so I deleted the first psycho!luke because I didnt care for the story line so I made a new one. It’s kinda like Ceo!luke gone wrong. 


You felt exhausted staying in this building all night finishing work that’s been put off for weeks. It was only you and your boss in the office tonight, besides the janitors and security. 

Skimming over the last of the document, you signed your initials on the bottom page bottom page placing it with the rest of the papers you’ve been signing for the past two hours. 

You walk over with the stack over the Mr. Hemmings office which was a couple doors down. You press your back against the glass pane doors stepping into his office. Mr. Hemmings was slouched in his lounge chair with heavy eyes, relaxed hair, and his black tie undone. 

“I’m done with this, you just have to approve.” setting the documents next to his computer. Mr Hemmings nods, leaning forward as he flips through the papers sighing at the amount of effort. 

You awkwardly stood watching him stand from his chair overlooking the grand view of the East side of L.A. from the top floor.  He shoves his hands into his pockets walking towards you, passing by you to leave. 

“I’ll see you Wednesday y/n.” running his fingers through the ends of your hair down to your lower back, nearly going down further but stopped. 

What you and Hemmings have is just mutual business partners. You barely knew him, he was a good boss. He kept everything strictly about business with you, but you knew it wasnt the case. Hemmings would go out of his way to be with you as much as possible.

“Goodnight Luke.” you whisper, walking opposite directions to your office. You organized a bit before leaving for the night. Bent over from under the desk you grab your purse, bumping back into Luke as you stood up he held your from behind making you nearly scream. 

“Sorry to scared you.” he snickers.

“I-didnt know you were here.” you stutter embarrassingly. “Is there something you need sir?” 

Luke hums resting his head on your shoulder, pepper kissing the side of your neck wrapping his arms tighter around your waist. You push away realizing what he was trying to do and how wrong this was to do this. “No-Luke.” 

He nearly moans, “Please, I need you. I always did.” 

You stood for a couple seconds shocked to what he just admitted, “We cant do this, ever.” 

Luke’s face flushed red in anger and embarrassment. “Why? Because it’s ‘unprofessional.’ ”he snaps.

“Because I’m already seeing someone!” 

The room fell quiet, Luke glanced down at the floor hiding his expression. You wanted to say something to him, anything to at least cheer him up.

“See you Wednesday y/n.” he mumbles walking back to his office he shuts the door staring at the amount of paper work that was on his desk.

Something was off about Luke when you came in, he was taking his anger out on everyone. If someone didnt do a simple thing right he would yell at them in front of everyone, threatening to fire them and he watched over everyone making sure they were doing their job. 

The room suddenly fell quiet as soon as Luke stomped in the break room while everyone was there eating lunch, people avoided his gaze in fear of getting yelled at again. He grabs his drink from the fridge glaring at you. “In my office, now.” you look around everyone else seeing if he was talking about you.

“You y/n, in my office.” he points out, coworkers gave a worried look, hoping it wasnt serious.

You follow behind Luke to his office letting you go in first, he slams the door shut causing you to wince and watching him closes the blinds from the glass windows so that no one could see into his space.

“Sir-I-” needing to explain but he interrupts telling you to be quiet. You mumble  ‘sorry’ as Mr. Hemmings walks towards you. His tall figure ghosting over you holding your side.

“Seriously-dont.” you push back, “Why am I here.”

“Because I need you and I wont take no for an answer.” he implies walking away from you to grab something from his desk.

“And you think I’m going to consider saying yes?” you scoff, crossing your arms.

He playfully rolls his eyes thinking of reasons, tapping at his desk. “Well for one, I’m more successful, richer than your boyfriend. Maybe even more handsome.”

“You really think I care about that?” laughing at his cockiness, his face burns red with his fist balled. “My answer is still no.” 

“Okay.” Luke taunted, “Fine. I’ll make you choose.” 

You watch Luke as he walks around his desk, leaning against it, causally fixing his suit. “I’ll give you an option. One, you break up with Logan and come live with me.” 

Your mouth fell open knowing Luke knows his name. “How-” 

“Two.” he interrupts. “ I kill Logan so you have to be with me. Or three, if you still dont want to be with me after I kill him. I will just kill you, or maybe take you in myself.” 

“I doubt you will do something like that.” you nod not believing any of this.

Luke shrugs reaching from behind him, “Have it your way.” placing a small silver handgun next to him. You immediately scream into your hands running for the door but Luke catches you, making you face him. The gun pointing right above your belly button he whispers in your ear, “Oh, and if you decide to tell anyone about this, I will kill you.” 

The gun clicks as his finger barely pulls on the trigger, “You have three days.” 

You begin crying and shaking thinking you were going to die. Luke puts away the gun in his side jean, wiping the tears away, kissing your cheek. 

“You should go back to work. Tell me when you decide.” He lets you out of his office innocently smiling as he holds the door. You hesitantly walk back to your desk, unable to comprehend anything.

A note sits on the computer keyboard. 

Three days

request for part two 

Dr Kahl: Okay, it’s night time, it’s super dark, and you’re lying in bed. And you’re like, “Hey, I wanna see some stars!”

Dr Kahl: But, how are you gonna see stars with all these closed blinds in your, *he repeatedly flashes a flashlight on and off* in your room.

Dr Kahl: Well, let’s just… open the blinds and maybe we’re going to see some stars out today-!

Blind Specter is pressed against the window, waving to Dr Kahl.

Dr Kahl: *ungodly screeching*

(Source: Vine) 

anonymous asked:

Hey i know you plan to make a part two of the blind lance with his sight having slowly deteriorated but i know you have a lot of other requests and prompts so treat this ask as a gentle reminder so you dont lose track of it because i have really excited to see more whenever that it! Dont feel rushed to get it out, just let this ask sit in your ask box until you can get it done

I haven’t forgotten!!! Just prompts keep coming so I’m swamped. 

But as promised here is Part 2!!!! 

Part 1: 


Part 2


The team couldn’t make Lance budge no matter what they said or did. Lance firmly believed that they needed a new Blue Paladin, someone who could do that job. 

Allura refused to help him look for a replacement. “We already have a paladin Lance, it’s you.” 

Lance would never listen he would justy place his hands over his eyes and sing a song over their talking. 

Allura still refused until Lance stopped going to training and team bonding. She had no choice then. Lance was making it impossible to form Voltron. Allura started looking for a new paladin. 

Yet everyone she found that was suitable for the team and brought multiple skills with them Blue never liked. She wouldn’t even give them a chance. Blue simple put her particle barrier up and didn’t say anything. 

Lance spent most of his days sitting in Blue either in silence or talking. He would talk about how much he hated what happened to him. He would talk about why he didn’t understand why she didn’t find someone new, someone better. 

Blue would never hear it though, she would snap at him and tell him that she wasn’t going to change paladins because she had no reason to. 


“Princess! The castle is under attack!!” Coran screamed as he attempted to move the castle out of the line of fire. 

“PALADINS! Get to your lions now!!!”Allura brought the particle barrier up and activated the weapons.

The lions were out about a minute later fighting a giant fire monster. The weren’t succeeding at all. 

“Princess we’re going to need Voltron!” Shiro said as he maneuvered his lion around a lack of fire. 

“Well in order to have Voltron we need Lance and he won’t leave his room.” Keith replied as he attempted to shoot at the monster, but fire on fire doesn’t work well. 

Allura watched what was happening in front of here and balled her hand into a fast “Coran watch the bridge. I’ll be back.” She ran out of the room. 


Allura didn’t even knock on Lances door before she barged into his room. “LANCE!”

Lance sat up from his place on his bed. “What? Ever heard of knocking?” 

Allura walked towards in and grabbed him from his collar and pulled him off his bed, out of his room and started down to Blue’s hanger. 

 “Hey what the hell are you doing?” Lance tried to shake off her grip on his shirt. 

“You need to pilot Blue.” She walked faster. 

“How? I’m not a paladin. You need to find a replacement.” Lance crossed his arms as he accepted the fact that he was going to be dragged to wherever Allura wanted. 

“Well we don’t have a replacement and your team is dying because they need Voltron. So you’re going to fly Blue to the best of your ability.” Before Lance could respond Allura threw him into Blue and Blue shut her jaw. 

Lance blindly felt around for the seat and as soon as he was sitting Blue flew out the hanger excitedly. She hadn’t been flown in weeks. 

Lance couldn’t do anything but scream he had no idea what was happening nor where he was going. Lance didn’t even have his helmet on so he didn’t know if anyone was talking to him. So Lance just kept screaming and screaming until Blue had enough and she roared at him. 

“My paladin I love you but you are acting like you’ve never flown before.” 

Lance felt like he’d been slapped “Sorry Blue but I can’t see!!! And I don’t know what is happening! I have the right to scream.” 

Blue roared again “Focus on our bond, all will be clear then.” 

Lance huffed in annoyance but complied to what Blue said. Focus, focus, focus. 

Then it happened. Lance saw a small light, but then it grew. It kept growing until Lance’s vision was filled with light and the light started to change. Lance realized what was happening. I’m seeing what Blue is seeing! Lance whooped with joy and made Blue do a spin. He didn’t care if he was in battle, he was seeing things. Colors, objects, the other lions, the fire monster. He saw it all. 

Lance gripped the controls tighter as they started to form Voltron. He was vibrating with joy. He didn’t even think that this was possible. He knew that Shiro saw through Black’s eyes but Lance didn’t believe that his bond was strong enough to do that. 

But Lance was fighting like he never stopped. Blue activated her weapon and they were able to soak the monster down resulting in victory. 

Lance landed Blue in her hanger and jumped for joy. He was ecstatic. He only stopped when he notice everyone standing outside of Blue. Lance bursted into tears. He could see his teammates. Lance ran out of Blue. 

He jumped at Hunk and brought him into a giant bear hug. 

Hunk hugged back “Lance that was incredible! How did you do that?” 

Lance pulled away from Hunk, “It was Blue. I could see through her eyes! Our bond has strength throughout these weeks.” 

Every smiled at the new information and Coran placed his hand on Lance’s shoulder. “Well my boy guess we don’t need a replacement after all.” 

Lance smiled ad looked at Blue, she purred through his head “No I guess not.” 

I hope you like it!!!!

Sorry it took so long!!!

Thank you <3

What does that make you? (Bowers gang x reader) pt.2

A/n: I got soooooo many request to do a part 2 of “What does that make You?” The link to the first one will be below this! Make sure to read that before this so you’re on track. Tell me if you want another part to this or if i should make this a series!!! Enjoy!!!

Link: https://pennywisewho.tumblr.com/post/167032625667/what-does-that-make-you-bowers-gang-x-reader-x

Summary: You aren’t exactly apart of the Losers Club but you are friends with them. One day you help them out and end up getting caught in Henry Bowers trap.

Warnings: Swearing, Angst and slight Smut

Its been almost a week since your last encounter with Henry or his gang. You weren’t planning on seeing them either. You walk home with the boys just to make sure you have some what of a protection. Who are you kidding? They can barely defend themselves and you’re expecting them to save your ass. You came back to reality when you saw Ben.

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