if you dont love him youre wrong

Fighting With Charles Xavier Would Include ...

Here you go my lovelies!! Hope you enjoy it and please give feedback dont be afraid to send in requests and your own headcannons for me, I lov reading your ideas :) xx

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·         It’d probably start because he said you didn’t understand what it was like for him (because deep down he is an angsty teenager) despite the fact you were also a mutant

·         Even though he is a professor he is terrible with words when he’s angry an often has to stop himself from saying the wrong thing

·         You being just as hot headed as him sometimes and telling him to continue when he stops himself mid-sentence.

·         You introduce time outs in arguments because Charles could argue forever

·         As soon as you call a time out Charles pulls you into him with his arms around you waist and kisses you so deeply and passionately you forget to breath for  a few seconds

·         Making out furiously on his desk

·         Time outs don’t last for longer than an hour or two though as you’ll both be too argumentative to stay calm

·         Charles trying to ‘reason’ with you which only angers you more as he has a tendency to talk to people like they’re idiots

·         You know you’ll never be able to win the argument as he could go on forever so you decide to tease him

·         You start subtly caressing the other guys when you talk to them, just so much as they don’t notice, but Charles always does

·         Purposely wearing your sexiest silk lingerie all the time so your thoughts are always how good it feels against your skin

o   Charles peeking into your mind, only to find you really turned on by the feel of your underwear as you walk around the mansion

·         Flustering Hank by leaning in just a little bit closer when you talk and letting him smell your perfume, only for Charles to come storming over to you and drag you off after hearing everything going on in your heads

·         Angry Sex!!! Because even though Charles is still argumentative he finds you sexiest when you tease him, especially if you’re fighting

·         Him ripping a few items of clothing in the process, including your silk underwear to get to what he wants most

·         Going down on you for days, the un relenting movement of his tongue around your pussy and directly on your clit making you  widen your shaking thighs allowing him more access

·         Giving you little spanks as he starts fucking you into the mattress

·         All anyone can hear from outside the door is moaning and whimpering and the occasional ‘FUCK!’ from Charles

·         When he collapses next to you on the bed after several hours of fucking, neither of you can remember exactly what you started arguing about

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im a biromantic asexual & i think i might b genderfluid but when i came out 2 my friend he told me that i had 2 many labels & used the "did u just assume my gender" stick and like i wanna tell him i felt invalidated but i dont think he'll care ://

I’m sorry your friend reacted like that. That’s really shitty of him.

There is nothing wrong with having a lot of labels.

We humans love to categorize things, put things - and people - into labled boxes. But humans are so complex, it’s not often we can fit ourselves neatly into those boxes. A lot of the time we end up looking like we’re playing a game of twister, with hands and feet in many boxes at once.

These labels, these boxes, exist to make you comfortable and to help you describe yourself both to yourself and to others. And you are a complete, complex, human being, so there is no wonder that you need multiple labels to achieve that.

Anyone who uses the amount of labels you have as a means to invalidate you is nothing but a respectless asshat. And you deserve far better friends than people like that.

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[[OMG YES THANK YOU OKAY HERE YOU GO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH, I only did a bust drawing of him yet and the first data, i’m still working on him BUT I LOV EHINM SO MCU H OYU DONT UNDERSTNAD!!]]

“No wonder you are all sad. They’ve stolen your childehood and replaced it with homework and grades. They don’t let you dream anymore, they crush it with the pressures to be medicore yet pretend they want greatness from you. That is wrong. That is so wrong.”


NOW TO HIS DESCRIPTION, imma put it under a “read more” bc its pretty long so ya

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Request; Could u write a got7 reaction to u showing affection when u usually dont?

Mark would totally love you being a bit more affectionate than usual, I imagine him being the clingy type.

Jaebum would go along with it but probably would be confused by your actions. He may assume the worst and think something was wrong.

Jackson would take it to the bed ;)

Jinyoung and Youngjae would go along with it for a while but then they may need a break from your unusual actions.

Bambam and Yugyeom would would go along with it and enjoy it to the fullest.

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i've been dating this guy, not very long but my feelings for him are real. it's like i have known him forever and i've grown so fond of him. i feel like he's the right person and it's the wrong time. when his life gets rough he gets so mean. if i leave him, i will miss him dearly. everyday. i did once and i got bad aches in my chest at random times and i would miss him immensely. i dont know what to do? something has got to give. i think he's too comfortable with the thought i'll never leave him

He is taking you for granted and you are blinded by your own feelings. Everyone goes through hard times but thats not an excuse to be an asshole to someone you love. In this situation I would always choose for my own happiness because sticking around someone who doesn’t know what to do with his life is just tiring x

“No, no stop it!” She yells although there is no one around her. The voices in her head, the demons voices are so clear. Your brother is gone. You are a burden to him. He doesn’t love you. “You’re wrong!” She yells through glassy tear stained on before she’s beckoned at more. Lucien left you too, Niklaus rejected to. You are so unwanted.


So a friend of mine just told me that she really wants a long distance relationship.
I laughed and i asked her why.
She told me it would be “fun not seeing each other and you dont have so much responsibilities”. This made me kinda upset. I told her that its not fun at all and that you have as much responsibilities as you have in a normal relationship.
But then she said “but you can have other relationships in your hometown whilst having a ldr”…
I dont understand how people can say sth like that about LDR’s. To all the people out there how think that its so easy to love someone who is thousand of miles away from you and that you dont have to love him/her all the time just when you are with them.
You are so horribly wrong.
We just love that ONE person.
We fight for the other one.
We cry everytime we have to leave them.
We dont see each other every weekend.
Sometimes it takes months or years to see, feel, kiss each other again.
We spend hours on skype or facetime to just be with them.

So please stop saying stuff like that.
Thank you

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I'm in a relationship going to be 4 months old, and I'm in love with the guy I'm with but I've been the most depressed during this. He hasn't dont anything wrong, I just have anxiety of him not liking me for some weird reasons.(texting him or bugging too much, etc) I've been crying some nights too. I haven't even told him about any of the problems I'm having. He has helped me through some things and I love him for that but I feel like I'm asking for help too much.

You should definitely tell him how your feeling and ask him for help because if he loves you he will be more than willing to help. Dont be afraid to ask how he feels about it. Goodluck!

Anonymously tell me a secret

Revenge Gone Wrong.

A/N: this isn’t a sad one surprisingly hah… well not entirely bUT IM ONLY DOING WHAT PEOPLE REQUEST SO DONT BE MAD OKAY LOVE YOU GUYS LMAO anyway, sorry if it seems rushed or it’s not good, once again, I had a very bad case of writer’s block. but hope you still enjoy! xx

Requested by: @rocketqueen-world

Warnings: swearing, violence, blood? IDK MAN

Summary: Y/N’s boyfriend is in the Mafia business. he’s a full-time gangster. A meeting goes wrong for him, ending with him getting killed. Y/N loved him. She’s upset and is determined to get revenge but all that changes when she meets his killer.


you and your boyfriend have been together for 3 years now. when you met him, he was already in the “business.” it didn’t bother you but it did change you. you were in the business as well. both of you murdered people for money and sold drugs. you went on heists with him as well. he was involved with some of the biggest crime bosses of all time. heck, he was one of them. you felt lucky to be his girl. you loved him. he didn’t pay much attention to you but you still loved him. he always had meetings or missions to complete. normally, you would go with him but sometimes he wouldn’t let you. your parents died when you were little, causing you to get into foster care. you’ve been a brave one ever since. you met him in your teen years and didn’t start dating him until you were 18. he might’ve been your first love. he was always older than you. you always liked them older. he was mentally abusive but you didn’t realize it. or you just didn’t want to accept it. you didn’t care. you loved him and he loved you. or so you thought.

he had a meeting with someone more important than himself. he had some problems with him since the beginning but they haven’t really been solved. he was planning on killing him before it got worse. he was working over his plans when you walked into his home office.

“Derek? you busy?” you say, knocking on the other side of the room.

“yeah, y/n, what do you want?”

he sounds stressed or angry. he’s probably both.

“I was hoping we’d spent some time together. I haven’t seen you in a while and—”

“I have a meeting today.” he says, opening the door, walking towards the bedroom. you follow.

“well, let me go with you.”

“no, you can’t come on this one.”

“why not? I’ve barely gone on any with you. I miss doing this together. please?”

“no, y/n.” he says, getting dressed.

“but why?”

“because I said so. end of discussion.” he sternly says as he walks out.

you pout. he’s always working so he hasn’t had the time for you lately. you haven’t had sex with him in months. how can a guy live without sex? you stomp your foot on the ground frustrated and throw yourself on the bed. you fall asleep to keep yourself from crying.


you wake up. it’s morning now. usually, he’d be in bed with you by now. you don’t think too much about it and shrug it off. you go downstairs and you don’t see his henchmen either. it all seemed weird to you but you don’t pay attention to it. you eat breakfast and go back upstairs to take a shower. you still get dressed back into your pajamas since you don’t go anywhere. you still style your hair though and go light with the makeup. you get back into bed with your laptop and watch Netflix until he got back. he didn’t come back. you watched Netflix for hours and nobody came home. now you were worried. you started calling Vic, his right-hand man. he didn’t answer. you started asking the housekeepers but they didn’t know where he was either. you only choice now is to wait for him.


you wait for hours. you didn’t really do anything to kill time but worry. you couldn’t really do much since you couldn’t leave your house without him. it was about 9:00 pm when Vic and the rest of Derek’s henchmen walk in. you don’t see Derek. they all look beat up.

“w-where’s Derek?” you asked Vic.

he gives you a long face.

“I’m so sorry, y/n…”

you start to panic.

“Vic.. where is he?” you shudder.

“he got shot and we took him to his doctor… but on the way there… h-he…” he sighed.

“no…” you closed your eyes and started sobbing. “he can’t be! you’re lying, come on, Vic, just tell me where he is!”

you sob harder and harder. you collapse on the floor. Vic grabs you to hold you. you’re both on the floor. you’re sobbing into his chest.

“he’s not dead! he’s not! I know he’s not!” you say trying to convince yourself.

“I’m deeply sorry.” he says, trying to comfort you.

“why?! WHY?!” you buried your face into his chest and screamed. everyone looked at you and they were sad too. they didn’t seem too sad though. you were the only one having a mental breakdown. you kept crying and crying. you couldn’t stop.

“where is he?” you sobbed.

“he’s with the doctor. he’s gonna take it from there. we’re gonna have to plan his funeral soon..” he says.

you just kept crying. harder and harder. he picks you up, walks you to the bedroom and sits you on the bed. you were still crying and you were going crazy.

you get up and start destroying things.

“who did this?! who killed him?!” you shouted.

“I can’t tell you that, y/n—” Vic says before you cut him off.

“TELL ME WHO DID THIS NOW!” you demanded.

“i-it was the Joker.” he says, backing away.

“that clown? why did he kill him?” you reply with your voice breaking.

“I really can’t tell you anything, y/n—”

“WHY NOT?” you cry. “guess I’m gonna have to find out for my self, huh?” you sniffled. you take a deep breath.

“Where is The Joker now?

Vic hesitated to respond.

“WHERE, VICTOR?!” you shouted, threatening to throw a vase at him.

“h-he’s at one of his clubs!” he says as he flinches.

“WHATS THE NAME OF THE GOD DAMN CLUB, VIC? I KNOW HE HAS MORE THAN ONE.” you raise the vase one more time.

“I-I forgot! he only has one in Gotham City!” he says trying to cover his head.

you scream in frustration and throw the vase inches away from his head. you’ve always intimidated him because you were never afraid to kill anyone and you always got your way. you were a scheming, lying, manipulative bitch when it came down to business and it frightened the boys. it was always a good thing though.

you move in closer to him.

“I’m gonna go get ready. I’ll be done in less than an hour. you better have the car ready or else..” you whisper into his ear as you give him a mean look. he nods and gets the car ready. you get into a tight, black dress that show off your curves well with your gold heels. you clean your face up and go heavy with the makeup to keep you from crying again and curl your long, black, silky hair. once your done, you get your weapons. you have a gun that Derek gave you and a knife. you strap the knife around your thigh and hide the gun in your purse with all the extra ammo. Vic has everything all set. you round up five of the biggest henchmen Derek had for back up.

“ready?” he says, opening the passenger seat door for you.

you walk into the car.

“ready.” you say under your breath.

Vic starts driving with two more cars in the back following.

on the way there, Vic tried asking you what your plan is.

“so, uh, what do you plan to do? do you even have a plan? do you have weapons?” he seemed concern.

“look, how about you stop asking questions and keep driving. I have a plan, and I’ll tell you about it when we get there.” you say with an attitude.

you didn’t have a plan though. you were trying to think of one on the way there but Vic kept asking you questions so you decided that you were going to wing it when you got there.

you arrive at the club. you get the valet to park all three of the cars and you go inside with the henchmen. everyone was in line but you sweet talked your way in. you had the boys as guards for you. you all go by the bar to order a drink.

“so what’s your plan?” Vic says, taking a sip out of his whiskey.

you sigh. “I don’t have a plan. I was thinking we can just wing it.” you say, siping the same liquor.

“w-what? y/n, this guy is dangerous. he’s prepared for anything—” he stammered before you cut him off.

“look, I don’t care. I’m dangerous too and you of all people should know that. I’ll figure something out. just tell one of his stupid guys that I want to see him. simple.”

“what if something goes wrong?”

“that’s why I have you guys scattered here. now go. NOW.” you say, glaring at him as you point to the VIP section. you rolls your eyes as he took off.

‘where did Derek get these idiots?’ you think to yourself.

once you mentioned Derek’s name to yourself, you started getting sad. you missed him. you started turning all that sadness into anger.

‘I’m gonna kill that fucking clown.’ you thought to yourself before downing the rest of your drink.

as soon as you did, a man walked over to you.

“y/n, is it?” he asks blandly.

“who wants to know?” you say, scanning the club, checking up on your guys.

“I’m Frost. Jonny Frost. I work for Mr. J. a man named Victor said you wanted to speak with him? in private?”

as soon as he said Mr. J, you put all your attention on him.

“yes, I did. is he free now?”

“yes, let me escort you.”

“uh, okay, don’t understand why you have to.” you say under your breath.

you get to where he is and he’s just sitting on his sofa. scanning his club through the beaded curtains. before you can walk up to him and introduce yourself, some of his guys grab you and push you against the wall.

“what the fuck?” you ask annoyed.

“we gotta check you for weapons, Miss.” one of the big guys says, as he starts checking and groping you.

you smirk. “well, don’t be shy.”

he smiles and turns you over.

“clear.” he whispers and walks away. you roll your eyes as he does.

you felt relieved that he didn’t find the knife strapped around your thigh. you left your purse with your gun in it with one of your henchmen. one of the other big guys, signal you to sit down. you don’t.

“why, I didn’t expect you to be so.. pretty..” J says, observing you.

“Mr. J, is it? do you mind if we, uh, talk alone?” you fearlessly say,
as you sit on his lap.

“my, my, my, already gettin’ down and dirty?” he says, stroking your back.

his voice gives you shivers. you never realized how handsome he is up close.

he signals the guys to get out. it’s just you and him now.

“so, what do you say to a lap dance?” you smirk as you put your ass on his dick and start grinding to the music.

he starts purring. you found that so hot. you found him so hot. you kept dancing on him before you started asking the real questions. you get up from him and get on your knees. you start to rub his thighs up and down with your hands. he threw his head back with his eyes closed as he growled. you stared at him for a while. he was beautiful. you loved everything about him. you couldn’t stop thinking about how he would look naked.

‘snap out of it, he killed your boyfriend!’

you listen to your thoughts and snap out of it.

“so, any reason why you’re so stressed, Mr. J?” you say in a sweet voice.

“mmm, this idiot tried to play me earlier. I hate assholes like him.” he says, with his head still back and his eyes closed.

you get up and take your knife out. you got on his lap once again, with your legs on each side of his. his eyes are still closed. you stroke his face and put one arm around his neck. you put the knife close enough to his chest for him to feel it. he opens his eyes.

“what the fuck are you—”

“you hate assholes like him? well I hate assholes who kill my boyfriend.” you say as you stuck the tip of the knife in his chest. blood rushes out. he grunts. “why did you kill him?”

“I’m afraid you’re going to have to be more specific. I kill lots of people everyday—”


he pauses for a second, trying to refresh his memory. then it hits him.

“ahh, Derek? the one that tried to kill me?” he painfully cackled. “we had it out for each other for a long time. not surprised he kept you in the dark for a while.” he chuckles.

“he tried to kill you?” you say with your voice breaking. “it doesn’t make any sense!” you stuck the knife in millimeters deeper. more blood comes out. he grunts once more.

“we’ve been enemies for a while. now would you be so kindly to take this knife out of my chest?” he causally says.

“no! if he tried to kill you, it was probably because you did something to him. what did you do?” you kept pushing the knife in deeper. not too deep, but deep enough for his skin to scar later.

“he deserved to die. he wasn’t a good guy. and you know it. so do many other women.” he says with a grin.

you get up, leaving the knife in his chest with your hand.

“the fuck is that suppose to mean?”

“it means, if he wasn’t getting pussy from you, he was definitely getting it from someone else.” he harshly says.

“bullshit.” you say with your eyes getting watery.

he laughs. “it’s true. he came into our business meetings with a different one each time.”

you start to tear up. he was cheating on you this whole time. you felt so stupid.

“which one are you? Hannah? Rose?”

“stop it…” you whisper.

“Jennifer? oh, I know.. Hailey.” he grins. “that’s the one he was with yesterday.”

you fall onto your knees and start crying. Mr. J takes the knife out of his chest and throws it across the room. blood was everywhere. he reaches out to your face and cups it in his hand. he pushes you against the wall.

“now that I’ve let you have your fun, let me have mine.” he says with a painful grin.

“what are you gonna do? you gonna kill me? do it. I have nothing to live for anymore.” you say as you look away.

he wipes away your tears. he pulls your face close to his.

“someone like you deserves to be worshipped. not cheated on. how about you let me worship you?” he says, hovering his lips around yours.

you couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not but you didn’t care. you were vulnerable. you reach in to kiss him but he pulls away.

“I’m not letting you off the hook that easily, sweets. you need to be punished.” he says, laughing.

“Frost!” he shouted.

“yes, boss?” Frost says as he’s poking his head in through the door.

“pull the car around.” J replied.

Frost nods and leaves.

“would you come home with me?” he says, pulling you closer by your waist.

you hesitated to answer. “y-yes.” you whisper.

he grins and laughs. “I think im going to have fun with you.”

“I sure hope so.” you reply with a smirk.


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i know my boyfriend deserves someone better and its ruining the way i think and our relationship. i dont think im the one for him but he seems to disagree but i just want him to be happy. and its like everything i do makes him upset, whether its right or wrong and i dont know what to do. i love him i really do but it sucks knowing that i'm not enough for him and its my own fault. it hurts to be with and without him and im stuck in between and im losing hope.

okay no offense but i literally can’t stand situations like this. you are creating your own problem and you need to handle it yourself. he is TELLING YOU that you are the best thing for him and he doesn’t need anyone else but you, that you are good enough and no one is better, and you’re literally making a fuss over nothing. you need to figure it out on your own, because i have no advice. you seem like you’ll be unhappy either way, and you literally do not know that “you’re not enough for him” because he has never said that nor confirmed it, only literlaly denied it so i dont’ know how to help you other than to say figure it out. i don’t have empathy for this sort of thing.

I’m in your bed.
I should probably call my mother and tell her I slept with the devil.

You rub circles on my back and trace over my scars as if you know why each one happened.
You’re so wrong for me because you think you can fix me.
You think a couple of cold showers and sex filled nights can fill this abyss in me.

You’re in my bed. I didn’t think you’d spend the night.
You said I love you for the first time last night and I pretended to be asleep.
I don’t rub circles on your back when you sleep and I don’t memorize the way you breathe like I used to.

I thought this was just a fling, something we just had to do.

Now you’re talking about the war and how you can’t wait to have your whole life figured out, how you can’t wait to ‘live’ to really ‘feel alive’.

I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be able to wear short sleeves and not feel self conscious.
I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be able to sleep through the night.
I do not tell you that I just can’t wait to be in love with someone the way you’re in love with me.

I’m in your bed.
I should probably call my mother and tell her I slept with an angel.

—  Sometimes opposites attract by (KJ)
being best friends with calum would include:
  • someone finally getting the poor boy a puppy 
  • “this is why i love you”
  • literally being power couple even if you two aren’t going out
  • him looking at you like you put the stars in the sky
  • “you know, you’re actually really pretty if i’m being honest”
  • him bringing over movies and sweets when you’re sad
  • him beating tf out of everyone who so much as looks at you in the wrong way
  • walking around in your underwear bc you’re both rlly comfortable w each other
  • him getting your initials tattooed
  • “but cal what happens if we stop being friends”
  • “is this your way of telling me you dont wanna be friends with me anymore”
  • him assuring you that you’ll always be a special part of his life so it wouldnt matter if he got the tattoo and you guys would stop being friends
  • lots of cuddles when one of you is sad
  • forehead kisses :-(
  • playful neck kisses
  • “fuck babe did you just moan”
  • “cal did i give you a boner”
  • “well im sorry i cant help that youre fucking gorgeous”
  • drunk hookups 
  • bomb af ig pics
  • literally everyones relationship goals
  • 4 am fast food runs
  • driving around for a little bit
  • screaming at the top of your lungs with the windows rolled down
  • borrowing his beanies and hoodies
  • him blushing when you kiss his cheek
  • picking you up and spinning you around
  • being first to hear new music he’s written
  • “come on tour w me”
  • getting you lotsa gifts “just bc”
  • “but what if i dont wanna be just friends anymore?”


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Thank you anon its just like i love this blog dont get me wrong! Its just i was planning something for a ask and like was gonna draw something nsfw (kinda? Its just him wearing panties(first i said thong then i said panties….) and someone said it was wrong i just- its just a joke and some other stuff and i just cant (Do i really make you happy?)

//when he’s trying to be nice (????) and he says that you don’t need makeup to be pretty and that you should just get rid of your makeup when in reality you’ve spent lots of money on your beloved makeup collection and you’re an artist and no one is ever going to convince you that you look better without your makeup because it’s your identity now and he will end up getting tired of your plain face eventually so whats the point in appeasing him anyways since you dont really like him and that was stupid of him to say knowing fully well that you look better with makeup.

I can see through your lies my sir, you don’t have to tell me that to make me feel better. understand that it won’t make me like you any more than I already don’t.

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Serif and Roman how do you two feel about having soon a little sister/brother?

Toriel: Oh I’d love to know that too-..wait Where did those 2 go?

Toriel: Serif What’s wrong with your brother?

Serif: He Fainted.

Toriel: And your Taking money from his wallet?!?!

Serif: Well yeah he owes me like 80 gold

Toriel: You said 50!?!!- Dont take money From your unconcious brother wake him up!!!




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Ship pls? I have dark eyes, freckles, and dark hair. I daydream a lot. I like writing and can be pretty quiet but when I start talking I don't shut up. I complain about small things but dont tell anyone about big problems bc I dont wanna burden them.

I ship you with Sodapop! He absolutely loves your freckles. He’s really supportive of your writing and always loves if you tell him about your daydreams. He always makes you tell him whats wrong and promises you that you aren’t burdening him or anyone else.

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Omg please post more stories with you and your fiancé! Since I'm chubby and have my own problems, these stories are really giving me some hope that I will find that special guy when I never thought I could...

Okay! I love all of these, dont get me wrong, but some of these are sad ones. BUT FEAR NOT! I have a story that made me realize he didnt care about my chubbiness, and that he actually kinda liked it. You WILL find the guy of your dreams, dont you worry! He may not come in on a white horse but he is out there, trust me! THIS IS A TWO PART STORY< BECAUSE I HAVE TWO ASKS AND TWO THINGS IN THIS DAY HAPPENED AND THIS GOT SO LONG. 

Part one:

April 29th, 2014 - 

It was my birthday, i turned 19, we had been together for about a year and a few months. He now was on a break type thing from school, and had no games coming up. THIS MEANT A DATE AWAY FROM HOME! I was expecting him to take me to a park, or too go to a restaurant. Nope. He pulls out this jar, and i didnt understand what it was for at first. He hands it to me, and asks me to open it. What i found inside was literally that it had been stuffed with 20$ bills. TO THE RIM. 

“What is this?” I asked, a little taken aback by the amount of cash i have never seen all in one place before. “Its a Wish Granters Jar.” He smiled, and proceeded to tell me what they were. His family has a tradition for birthdays and for loved ones, that we kinda have too, but its lets elaborate. To explain it simply, you every time you have a wish, or a thought of doing something for someone, you write it down and stick it in another jar. When you complete it, or are looking for something to do, you pull one out and do it. BUT, every time you complete a paper wish, you put 20$ in the original jar. Most people will throw change or bills in a jar to save for vacations, but its not as special. 

I laughed a little, “What am i supposed to do with this?” He could tell that i didnt quite get what it was for at the time “Its your present from me! You can do whatever you want with it. Shopping, pay bills, go to disney world, the options are endless!” “You… are giving me a jar of money for my birthday?! I cant accept this! there is at least a thousand dollars in here Matthew.” I tried to give it back, but he was stone faced, Looking back at me with very direct eyes “You are going to take it. Ive been saving up slowly for you all year and i want to treat you out. I dont care if you give it all to a homeless person, im just NOT going to accept it back.” his words were firm, and i knew that he was only trying to get me to not feel guilty about taking all of it.

“Okay, what do you..” “Its your birthday, thats the point. I thought we could go somewhere where you normally wouldn’t be able to afford to shop there. Like the mall, or somewhere fancy?” I could see on his face that he was slightly irritated. i didnt blame him, i was basicly attempting to refuse something he pours heart and time into conjuring up for me and just really didnt want to me to feel bad about it. This was nearly like a Engagement ring, or a profound act of love in his family. My teen stupid ass just didnt understand this. Its was okay, all things get learned with time. 

“Okay!” I tried to lighten the mood but just picking something, and going with it. “Do you know how much is in here? So i know what kind of budget i have to work with?” He shook his head, calming down a bit. 

(Im going to cut in here to ask Matthew about why he was mad because its better from him, im my opinion. 
“Can i ask you about the wish granting jars?” 
“oh, those jars i made for you every year for your birthday?”
“Yeah, i wanted to know why they were special. You got a bit salty the first time.”
“I was more mad at myself for not clearly stating what it was, and my pride for just making you accept it without knowing as a gift was clouding my mind. I was just like ‘Accept it, accept it, Please just take it come on now. dont be like this, dont be to shy to do this, this isent even the beginning’ Because i knew once you learned how much was in there, you would have flipped the fuck out.” 
*he points to the 3 he has going at the moment on the shelf* 
“They are a gift of love. Completing the wishes in them is so satisfying. its like a thought of “Would i pay to be this happy again?” if yes, put the money in. If not, then why are you doing this. So you slip the money in every time you make them happy, so you can make thing happy more when you present it to them every year.” 
“Thats really thoughtful!”
“I know right? And my salty ass had to be mad because i didnt want to tell you it was a sign of familial love.”
“Familial love?”
“Yeah, it was something you only do for people you want to join your family, or are already apart of it. So, it would have been akward for me to tell you on your 19th birthday that i was giving you a gift that basicly says “MARRY ME NOW” in big ass letters. It was a common gift to give to your future wife.” 
“Awwww….. Wow…. So the babies jars are also under the Familial love clause. i get it hahaha thats actually really awkward for back then so im kinda glad you didnt.” )

“No, because its more tempting to spend if you know, so i never counted. Where do you want to go?” He took my hand and started walking to the car. “Hmm i think the mall, we could afford a new tv and some game systems with this!” “Dont spend the money on me.” “Fine, i will buy all of this just for my room!” I had my separate room in our house until i was 20. Mainly because no matter how much i love him, i needed a place to recharge. hes very outgoing and im introverted and in order for me to keep up i gotta go read in a quiet place or just play video games with my headphones on. The rule was that i could go in his room whenever (we slept together a lot, but it provided me with a bed if i didnt want to, or was to sick) but he had to ask or knock for permission to enter mine. 

It wasent a thing where i wanted to be away from his, i just got overwhelmed really easy back then and it provided me with a comfy area to just sprawl out and.. well recharge. “I could always use a awesome set up in there, i would never leave!” I laughed, and got a scrunched face in return. “Maybe not, i want to be able to see you and thats a sure fire way to never have contact with you again.” We reached the mall in a little under 20 min, and spent the whole day moving around each store, him handsomely carting anything i wasent fully already attached too. (my stuff from hot topic never touched his hands i love that store.) 

Part two will be in an ask coming in the next few minutes! 

Christmas Party

 Based on this selfie 


TW: *Smut* 

AN: You can thank this asshole for this smut.

“A Hawaiian themed Christmas party? Who would come up with such a thing” I said giggling. 

“PJ invited me and Phil tonight I even got the shirt to go with it” He said pulling out from the shopping bag, a navy blue Hawaiian shirt. He took off his usual black shirt and put on the Santa one. 

“Its hideous” I said laughing. 

“I dont know I think I kinda nailed it” He said and looked at me biting his lip.

My face suddenly turned bright red. God that smirk of his could make me melt just at the thought. And this asshole knows this.

“What wrong love your blushing” He said in a cocky voice.

I walked closer to him bringing my lips to his ear and whispered, “You know what that smirk does to me”

“Oh really” He said and slowly wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. “You know I have still a couple of hours before I leave”

He brought his lips to my mine and his hands to my ass. His trailed his kisses up to my neck causing a little moan to leave.

“Be patient love” He said and bit my earlobe making me shutter.

He pulled my shirt over my head and pushed me to the bed. He got in between my legs and pulled my pants along with panties off and threw them in the floor.

I giggled. “What is it?” He said.

“Nothing just I really love you” I said giggling again.

He brought his lips to mine once again and whispered “I love you too princess”

Then pulled my bra off and kissed my from my neck to the inside of my thighs causing me to moan once more.

“Your turn babe.”I said leaning up and pulling off that shirt.

“Thank god that ugly thing is off” I said staring at his magnificent chest. 

“Awe come on its not that ugly. I mean look where its gotten us now” He said with a wink and I blushed.

He undid his belt and threw his pants along with underwear across the room in a pile we have created. He ran his hands up and down my thighs causing me to lean my head back. His kissed my thighs again with tiny butterfly kisses.

“Dan stop teasing please” I said. He brought his mouth to my core causing me to take a sharp breath. His tongue slipping inside me while I moan his name.

“Fuck Dan” I screamed feeling like I was close.

He saw this and got up reaching for a condom in the night stand. He ripped the foil and slid one over his throbbing cock.

Without warning he slid into me causing me to scream. His lips on mine fighting against my tongue which of course I lost. He reached over and held the headboard and pounded into me harder. I wrapped my legs around his waist causing him to go deeper. I moaned and cursed with every thrust.

“Dan im” I couldnt even finish and let go onto him.  He bit his lip again and pulled me where I was onto of him.

He grabbed my hips and helped me move myself on his hard length. I moved up and down and buried my head into his neck and moaned against his ear. I could hear a tiny whine escape his mouth and then he climaxed. 

I pulled off him and laid down beside him. He threw the condom in the trash and pulled me close to him.

“All over that stupid Christmas shirt with Santa rowing a fucking boat” I said and we both started to laugh.

I hate writing endings. Also IM BACK!