if you dont like scott i dont like u


anonymous asked:

For a start, your Shepard is way too much of a loose canon to ever be a good thing for somebody like Scott. It feels like they are only going to make each other worse. It's uncomfortable for a lot of people.

woah woah this is gettin a little personal dont u think? im not asking you to like it, i dont care if you dont like it bc not everybody is going to be a fan of the same thing and that’s, yk, a given. but this sounds personal dude??? and blanketing your statement with ‘for a lot of people’ is kind of shitty.

im not taking too kindly to your comment about my shepard being a loose cannon either. not to mention scott’s an adult. not some hopeless, dorky kid, even if some people make him out to be like that. your interpretation is your own and doesnt reflect on mine, so please don’t act like it does.

listen idk why im arguing this shit because your argument is literally “i don’t like it so you shouldn’t do it” so


you slipped away from my grasp before i could even touch you