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dont know if you take requests but what if this scenario in which harry tells you like "we should live together" and you agree and then you get into sort of a fight cause you ask when he's moving in and he was like well won't you move in with me? (i mean his place bigger anyway) and she was "well im not gonna move out of my place that's next to my job/friends and move in to yours when you're gone all the time" it's angsty/fluff thingy

Ah I hope you like it! Thanks for sending in a request, have a lovely week x

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Goku Destroying universes?!?!? WHAT I need to catch up on Super but give me the Deets Jax

Okay so basically in the New Arc of Dragon Ball Super Goku wanted to fight in a Multiverse tournament so he went and talked to GOD and GOD said sure

So GOD makes up the rules for the Tournament and God (Or the High Priest Angel) Decides that all 12 Universes COMPETING will have a chance to win and prove theyre the best but THE LOSING UNIVERSE will BE ERASED that means the Kais and Gods of Destruction are ERASED as well. ALSO meaning the afterlife for that Universe will be erased so if you die you literally dont exist but it doesnt matter cause you are erased.

So only 1 universe can win and 7 Will be Erased. 

4 of the Universes are safe because the quality of life in them are high. 

So everyone IS FREAKING OUT about this but Goku is all

“I just wanna fight strong folks I’ll FIGHT EVERYONE COME AT ME BRO”

He literally says that no BS

so When Goku fights this dude named Bergamo he pleads to GOD hey. 

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If I win this make it so all the universes are exempt and wont be destroyed please and GOD agrees if he wins he’ll leave all the universes alone but if Goku holds back and lets the dude win he’ll destroy all 12 universes on the spot. So Goku just wants a good fight and battles the dude without holding back and kicks his ass

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So after he beats him all the other universes are lookin at Goku like WHY DID YOU AGREE TO THIS and GOKU SAYS 

Like totally just Saiyan Blood Hyped up and then at the end this Dude who looks like Robotnic is gonna fight him to see if Goku is evil and Goku says

And then they are going to fight. Honestly it feels like Goku’s TRUE SAIYAN nature is overtaking him to the point he’s indifferent to the Googleplex of lives that could be lost because he wanted to battle 

EDIT FOR THOSE who keep saying OmniKing was gonna destroy those universes anyway.

Thats not the Main POINT of the issue the Main Point is Goku really Doesn’t care about anyone else BUT FIGHTING. So all that “He gave em a fighting chance Bullshit” Doesnt really matter because he didnt care in the first place. When he found out that all the Universes were at stake he was like “Oh….well that sucks. Oh well” but he wasn’t shaken at all. and I know people are saying “well if they win he could use the Super DragonBalls and Restore them” etc but still the fact he is becoming so Indifferent to all the Lives that could be lost is fuckin Bullshit. I know he’s done selfish shit before like
Letting Vegeta, Frieza, and Buu Live when he couldve killed them

or giving a Cell a senzu bean and letting him wail on his son just cause he wanted to see a good fight and thought Gohan will eventually rage boost.

They REALLY Need to address this because even Kid Goku and Early DBZ Goku would not have pulled this shit or if they did they would still be worried about people’s lives, Yes even the japanese one did show he cared numerous times throughout the series so thats what irks me

True ARMYs don’t leave any members behind. I don’t care if you don’t agree or if you say otherwise. No member of BTS should feel as though they’re not as good as another member or less important or that they’re loved less. If you don’t appreciate all seven of their existence then are you really an ARMY? End of story.

Taekook Fic Recs

Thought I’d do an updated one because I literally have 100 fics in my bookmarks on AO3. I seriously spent my entire summer just reading. :’) Obvi, i’m not gonna add all 100, maybe like 30 or something though.

1. Lupus Tales by kpopismydrug

-three amazing works so far (Lupi, Just Us, Us vs Them) and more to come

-201k words of pure adorableness 

-whipped and pining jungkook!!!!!!!

-college student taehyung!

-slow build so it’s not too rushed. totally worth it.

2. i’ll be a man (of you, you, you babe) by monsterplaza

-university au!

-blind dates that jungkook doesn’t wanna go on and taehyung hilariously saving jungkook each time


-literally the smut it topnotch

-18.9k words

3. Maybe we can be (each other’s company) by foolishbangtan

-fanboy taehyung!! and idol jungkook!1

-taetae is an art student and hnnngggg


-57k words

4. Taste of Ink by sugamins

-gang au!!

-sugakookie are bff goals aswell as vmin

-taehyung is literally harley quinn/joker in this. fight me if you don’t agree.

-128k words

5. House of Cards by sugamins

-wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like violence bc it’s rlly detailed w/ the gore

-also don’t read if you dont like vminkook together. (it was hard for me to read the jikook and vmin parts but i survived yall)

-made me wtf a lot

-just yes

-394k words (it took me a whole day to read it and i got no sleep)

6. you’re the closest to heaven i’ll ever be by aeterisks

-smut smut smut smut smut. literally a-level smut i cANNOT

-DJ JUNGKOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-RICH club owner taehyUNG

-pls help this was so gOOD

-27.7k words

7. talking body by aeterisks


-mirror SeX!!!!!

-yesyesyesyes and yes

-4.9k words

8. cut out all the ropes (let them fall) by aeterisks

-model!tae and photographer!jeon

-they hate each other but then :-))))

-so fluffy and the porn is 10/10

-angst had me shook

-76.7k words

9. Whatta Man (Good Man) by aeterisks

-if u couldn’t tell already i’m lowkey promoting raquel’s works

-shy jeon turns out to be a horny little shit that runs a porn blog

-whipped for tae

-no sex but still porn. always porn.

-7.8k words

10. all the right wrongs by aeterisks





-it’s so cute i cried

-34k words

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KBTBB: Finding out you’re a Princess

“Anonymous said: KBTBB reaction when mc is actually BMP prince sister If you dont mind i want to request all KBTBB character and for the BMP character its up to your choice! Thx :))”

Requested: Yes

For: Anon

Eisuke Ichinomiya (Keith Alford)
An argument was heard from the bedroom. The bidders thought you and Eisuke were fighting which was quite a rare sight if they do say so themselves. Soryu, Baba, Ota, Luke and surprisingly Mamoru were leaning on the door listening to the heated conversation. “WHAT?!?! That’s not the agreement that Father and Mother and I agreed to! I am NOT going marry that Prince and you know that. You can drag me back home for all I care but know this, I will hate you forever.” You ended the phone call and threw your cellphone on the bed.

Eisuke saw the bidders leaning on the door. “What are you guys doing outside my bedroom?” He crossed his arms in front of him waiting for an answer. The bidders find it hard to answer Eisuke. Before anyone could answer the door opened. You were shocked to see everyone outside the door. “Umm, what are you guys doing?” You questioned.

“That’s what I’d like to know as well.” Eisuke was getting impatient and Baba finally cracked. He told Eisuke that you were having an argument and could be heard from the lounge and they got curious if you and Eisuke were fighting. Of course, the argument wasn’t between you and Eisuke but you and someone else. Eisuke looked your way to confirm if you were talking to someone. 

“You guys should mind your own business next time.” You glared at the bidders, it was out of the character but your blood boiled remembering your conversation. “It’s nothing I can handle. He won’t be bothering me anytime soon.” You stood up leaving the bidders speechless. Never once did you use that tone on them. Eisuke didn’t bother asking what the conversation was about but it would be a lie if he wasn’t curious about it. Who wouldn’t be curious after finding his girlfriend arguing with a man? Eisuke knew you had a valid reason and didn’t want to jump into conclusions. 

The following day there was a huge commotion in the lobby. Eisuke was summoned downstairs while you were stuck in the penthouse. You weren’t sure what’s happening but that could only mean one thing. You rushed out of the bedroom only to find your brother standing in the lounge with a smirk on his face. “Keith what the hell are you doing here?!?!” 

“I don’t understand my dear sister. You’re willing to throw away the crown just to live as a commoner?” As expected, your brother insulted your current lifestyle. “And did you forget my dear big sister, that you said that it doesn’t matter if I drag you back to Liberty.” You could tell that Keith was enjoying this. Eisuke finally caught up with the Prince. “I don’t care if you’re the Crown Prince but I won’t take orders from someone like you.” Eisuke made his way towards you and hid you behind him. 

“Oh, you wouldn’t take orders from a Prince but would you take orders from a Princess?” Keith smirked at Eisuke. “Sorry to break it to you Your Highness but I don’t take orders from anyone, not from a Prince like you, a Princess or anyone else.” Eisuke was confident with his answer. “Is that so.” 

“Keith that’s enough. I already know your true intentions and I’ve already told Father and Mother that I’m not going to marry him.” You rubbed your temples. Eisuke and the rest of the bidders were clueless, confused and speechless. “And plus even if I’m a Princess, Eisuke will not take orders from me. And you should know my dear little brother that I’m not suited to be the Crown Princess, I wanted to have a normal life. You’re more suited to rule our country.” 

Eisuke finally snapped out of it. He had a lot of questions because right now he needed answers. How come he didn’t know that you were a Princess? How come you kept this a secret? And what’s with the arranged marriage that your brother mentioned? You turned around and decided to introduce your brother. “Everyone, meet my arrogant, rude, proud and overconfident little brother. I apologize on his behalf for his rude behaviour. And before anything gets out of hand I’m sorry I kept my status a secret especially to you Eisuke. I didn’t know how to tell you, and I didn’t want to bother you because you have an upcoming launch for the Ichinomiya Group.”

After answering more questions about you and your life as a Princess it was really nice to see your brother and boyfriend get along. They had a rough start but you were happy to see them getting along. A few hours have passed and it was finally time for your brother to go. “I must say my dear sister you’ve found yourself a decent man to marry in the near future. I’ll say hello to Father, Mother, and Cathy. I’ll also tell them not to worry about you.” Keith gave you a hug. It was rare to see your brother act like this. There is a small possibility that he too found love. “And to you my future-brother-in-law please take good care of my sister. She’s prone to accidents and quite clumsy.” He laughed. “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of her.” Eisuke replied.

At long last, the sudden visit of Keith has come to an end. “You know at first I was hurt and angry that you kept your secret from me. But I know you have your reasons.” You gave him a quick kiss on his cheeks. You were really happy that he understood your reasons. “Now my Princess you owe this night to me for keeping a secret.”

Luke Foster (Coming Soon)

Ota Kisaki (Coming Soon)

Baba Mitsunari (Coming Soon)

Mamoru Kishi (Coming Soon)

Law: …besides, where did all the “justice” thing go?!

Cass: I ’m a bounty hunter silly, and Bounty hunters are not the best example of “Justice warriors”, they can turn on you anytime if you got a price on your head! …

 On the bright side both you and Bill are alive but only Bill was sent to jail, you got paid and your secret is safe with me. So don’t worry!

Law starts laughing like “heh…haha….HAHAHAHA-”

Cass: [Worried Laugh]

Law: …I know I said I dont hit girls, but clowning me is UNACCEPTABLE.


Cass puts her palms together and says: PLEASE FORGIVE ME I ‘LL DO ANYTHING!!

Law: Prepare to- woah you said “anything”!?

Cass: anything!


*Law start looking at her body*

Cass not making eye contact: Say what you want already!

Law: ok Miss Forehead, there’s one thing you can do for me…

Cass: [Gulp] *sweating*

Law: *extending hand* your suit, lemme wear it.


Law: I want to see how it looks on me

Cass: No! anything besides that! you are too big you would tear the suit!!

Law: [sigh] to be honest… I dont care if you tricked me or not.

Cass: ?

Law: Fighting those guys was the coolest experience I had in a long time. The reason I agreed to help you is that I’m not a fan of easy jobs, I want a challenge. I like to fight strong opponents, and that applies to anyone, good or bad. So, thanks for trying to kill me  *shrugs*

Cass: oh, you’re welcome I guess

Smol Chat {Part 3}

“A/N: Hey y’all so I have finally established ships for this series! Also. This series is simply just so that I can still be active because school has been a pain and I couldn’t get requests done. But break is coming up and writing will (i hope) become more consistent! {ships are lafayette X mulligan~~angelica X jefferson X james madison (poly)~~alexander X eliza~~john laurens X reader~~burr X theodosia~~maria X peggy~~}

AU: ALL texting

Pairing: Almost everyone in hamilton X reader

(these are the text names just to clarify because it may be confusing) ALEXANDER: Godamilton~~~~~JOHN: SmolTurtle~~~~~BURR: IncludeMePlease~~~~LAFAYETTE: Laffy_Taffy~~~~HERCULES: Hunkules~~~~~ELIZA: SinnamonRoll~~~~ANGELICA: NeverSatisfied~~~~PEGGY: LilBean~~~~~THOMAS: Jeffersin~~~JAMES MADISON: JimmyNeutron (changed in this part to Jemmyisdone)~~~READER: urmom(y/n)~~~~THEODOSIA: TheoDoe~~GWASH: MisterWashington~~~KING GEORGE: BowDownPeasants~~~Maria Reynolds: MissMariaReynolds

UrMom(Y/N): y’all this chat has been inactive for like a week wassup


Jeffersin: who me?

JemmyIsDone: whoever changed my username knows me too well

NeverSatisfied: i do dont i? ;)


JefferSin: i mean i live with what i did in montichello

JemmyIsDone: that

Godamilton:  JEMMY REALLY


SinnamonRoll: alex calm down

Godamilton: mY WIFE

SinnamonRoll: yes I am your wife

Godamilton: bETSEY

SinnamonRoll: alex pls

MissMariaReynolds: peggy is being mean to me

LilBean: all i did was leave you in the mall all alone

MissMariaReynolds: coME BACK FOR ME

LilBean: fine

TheoDoe: im going to add burr again simply because i want to make him angry

TheoDoe added IncludeMePlease to the chat ItsHamiltime

IncludeMePlease: why

IncludeMePlease: please no

UrMom(Y/N): ayy its burr

BowDownPeasants: why am i still in this chat

Godamilton: honestly i have no idea

Godamilton: maybe y/n likes you or something

SmolTurtle: excuse me?

UrMom(Y/N): aw john dont worry i hate george

BowDownPeasants: dont make me go to washington and tell him that you are being mean.

UrMom(Y/N): he doesnt control me

Godamilton: for once i agree with snobby white kid 

Godamilton: last time i said something mean washington came to my house and whooped me with a purse

SinnamonRoll: rip

Godamilton: BETSEY

SinnamonRoll: alex

SinnamonRoll: no

MisterWashington: Hello Children.

Godamilton: DAD

MisterWashington: Alex I will disown you. 


Godamilton: FITE FITE FITE

UrMom(Y/N); i’d rather them not john is my ride home

Godamilton: F I T E

IncludeMePlease: i understand none of you

IncludeMePlease: everyone sucks in this chat

TheoDoe: excuse me?

IncludeMePlease: cRAP

IncludeMePlease: SHH THEO I LOVE YOU




UrMom(Y/N): OTP

BowDownPeasants: how cute

BowDownPeasants: now i will make myself productive instead of being here with you losers

BowDownPeasants: AH’ GOODBYE


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Don’t Die On Me

Pairing: Merlin x Reader
Request: Anon “Can I request 15: “Don’t die on me - Please.” with Merlin please? Thank youuu”
Warnings: death, swearing, sad merlin, angst angst angst
Prompt: “Dont die on me - please.”

This mission had gone tits-up from the beginning, really. Merlin didn’t agree with letting you out in your own on such a dangerous mission, and his instincts seemed to be right. You was in danger and he was sitting behind his screens, feeling utterly helpless. 

You was fighting guards in order to get to a computer and load information onto a hard drive. Clutching your stomach wound, you knocked out the last guard and hurried over to the computer, working on extracting the information you need.

“You need to be quicker, Y/N. The rest of the guards are going to be at your location in three minutes. Load up the information and get out of there.” Merlin advised through your glasses as you typed tirelessly on the computer, wincing at the throbbing pain in your stomach. “I’m trying, Merlin.” you muttered, you could hear the heavy thud of boots in the distance and just as you finished getting the information, the door burst open. 

“Oh for fuck sake,” Merlin groaned, his heart tightening in his chest, in fear for you. It was a very, very well kept secret that Merlin had feelings for you, ever since you was a trainee, but he’d never said a thing. And if he never got to tell you and something happened to you, he’d regret it for the rest of his life.

Jumping up from the computer chair, you grabbed your gun and went to begin shooting, but nothing happened. You pulled the trigger again and all you could hear was a faint click, you was out of bullets. “Merlin, I’m screwed.” you muttered in panic, dropping your gun on the floor and staring at the armed guards in front of you, guns pointed at you in every direction. “You are not. You can do this, Y/N. You are strong, a remarkable agent, you can get past this, get to the helicopter and back. Take them out, you know you can.” 

You swallowed as you stared at the soldiers, trying to calculate your next move. “Fuck it,” you muttered, running towards the first guard and kneeing him in the stomach and taking his gun, using it to knock out another guard as they ran in your direction. You heard a loud gunshot and a pain in your chest as you fell to the floor, groaning. “Merlin, I’m sorry.” you said hoarsely, beginning to feel weaker and weaker, everything seemed as if it was in slow motion.

“No, No…No. You cant, Agent.” he shouted, his heart tightening in his chest as he watched through the glasses. This was his fault. He shouldn’t have let you go on your own. He should’ve said something. “Don’t die on me…please” Merlin begged, voice drenched in emotion. “I bloody love you. You cant die on me. Not now. You’re going to get out of here and we’re going to talk this through.” he begged.

Before you could reply, another gunshot rang out and your glasses went black. Merlin covered his face with his hands and let out a deep sigh, not letting emotion get to him, at least until he’s in private. He couldn’t think of anything apart that this was his fault, that he could’ve prevented the woman he loved dying.

Staring at the black screen, he decided to call it a day. You would be on his mind for months, how it could’ve been different.

And how he could’ve saved you.

maybe this is just Me but i dont really mind traditional warriors naming, dont care if people prefer it - it’s totally up to you honestly!!!! like i dont really care, but personally, i’ve always seen it as a little limiting in terms of the possibilities of names, culture-change, and growth as a society if that makes sense

like i personally do agree and LIKE the concept of a structure to names - that suffixes mean something, that you wouldn’t name a cat who cant fight well -claw; there’s an adorable and nice feeling that names have meaning, that -cloud would be for a peaceful and gentle cat, that -flower is for cats [not just mollies lmafo] who enjoy kits and are family-oriented

but i think there’s this….i guess sorta limiting factor to it that sorta makes me apprehensive to JUST use a small set of prefixes? this is totally personal, but i like thinking that as leaders grow, as the clan society changes and leaders with different preferences and interests and backgrounds come to the clans, names change. i like the idea of endless name possibilities - that a cat named -wind can also be named -streak, that -fur cats can get the suffix -dapple or -spots so that they dont feel left out

AGAIN, this is just me, but i just….i like the concept of creativity and growth in clan society. i love thinking that yes, names mean something, but they’re not cookie cutter. a cat named spiderstrike essentially has the same meaning as a cat named blackclaw - both are black cats who can fight well. names arent gendered, toms who love kits can receive -flower as well, because the name doesnt have to be for queens. a tom cat can want kittens and have multiple litters from multiple queens like in real life, and the suffix -flower still means something and is akin to a queen with the -flower suffix. [also, trans and nb cats….can exist ya know…]

but thats just me!!! names can mean the same thing!! societies change!! i love the limitless possibility that non-traditional naming offers


Okay so I was listening and jamming out to You Dont Know Me from Victorious, and as I sang along… I immediately pictured Jade and Beck as Nesta and Cassian. Like don’t even try to fight me on this. If you watch the show and or listen to this song, you will COMPLETELY AGREE. And then I just continued picturing Tori as Feyre and Cat as Elain…. And then there’s Cassian(as Beck) trying to keep Nesta( Jade) and Feyre( tori) from slaughtering each other… 😂😂😂

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I just read a post saying that Klance is abusive whether it be platonic or romantic. I’m not going to be like, “They fight each other because they love each other!1!!!11″ because I don’t know if that’s the case, and that’s not what I’m angry about.

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i dont want someone who always agrees with me or cheers me up anytime i win. i dont want someone who tells me i look beautiful when i obviously do not.  if you noticed that i’ve gained weight - tell me. dont shut up about it if you know im wrong. Fight with me. motivate me. compete with me. tell me the truth even if its gonna hurt me. be my enemy but love me anyway

Someone: *posts one thing about Cole*


radfemjourney replied to your post “I don’t want you following me. -upwithtrans”

How… do they expect us to agree with them when we can’t even follow them for input on their ideology?

yeah, i dont get it. terffighter wanted me to unfollow them too, like how are you gona fight terfs if you make them all unfollow you? i dont mind all that much but if they want to change peoples minds they should maybe let people look at their content.

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Bruh, I followed bc quality blog, but like , dude pleaseeeee tell another drunk story. That's what I'm really here for.


ALRIGHT I mentioned this story once already but it’s a great fucking story get ready hold on to your nips this shit’ll twist them right the fuck off it’s insane.

Alright so we’re throwing this riot let’s be honest it was like so far past a party it was a whole different level we were fighting with fire like literally vinyl gloves with cotton hand wraps soaked in lighter fluid and then we light them on fire and punch each other it was FUCKING RAD I wanted to put in a fucking eagle making sweet love to a gutiar here but I can’t find it and I’m too drunk for photoshop.

So yeah we’re drunk and we’re fighting with fire also we have road flares because I dont fucking know we just did.

Guys we should have died like no joke I should not be telling you these stories I should be buirried.

So we’re drunk and rioting and making terrible decisions except for Kyle. Kyle is being a suave motherfucker he’s talking to this girl her name is Laura anyways Kyle and Laura are hitting it off it is very going clearly going to result in sexy times the only problem is that before Laura showed up Kyle agreed to firefight me and gues swhat motherfuckers IF YOU PROMISE ME A DRUNKEN FIGHT THERE BETTER BE A DRUNKEN FIGHT OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY

So Kyle tells Eric “hey I’ve got this thing I need to eat it’s super important can you take my fight” like that’s literally what he said so Eric is just like “sure dude yeah I can do that” the problem being that I already fought Eric that day and Kyle and I had some recent roommate issues taht we had to deal with and guys cards on the table I just really wanted to punch Kyle in the throat with my burning fist.

So there are some issues that I need to take care of because of the combination of overly subtle double entendre and me being too drunk and focused on punching things to notice Kyle trying to get his game on so I do what was really the only reasonable thing to do I take out my drunken rage and disappointment on Eric.


So the real problem here is Laura only partially understands how fucking insane we were. She was NOT prepared for a screaming young man covered in neon paint (did I mention we painted ourselves?) lobing a flare into the room and trying to punch her partner in the face while she lay naked in his bed. To be fair, I don’t think anyone would have been prepared for that.

To be more fair I don’t think anyone was ready for Kyle’s response which was to launch out of the bed whip off the condom mid air and slap me across the face with it.


Nothing stops a fight quite like getting slapped with a condom. Like for most people there probably is like a disgust part to it like “ew that was on a dick or in a vagina/butthole and now it’s touching my face” but really for me it was more the disappointment in myself for interrupting someone having fun.

Like guys if I ever interrupt someone having sex it will literally ruin my night that’s not cool guys party foul bro party foul.

Anyways there’s some loud apologizing and I throw the flare back into the halla nd also threaten to punch anyone hwo follows me into the room and I leave and I fight Eric but like my heart isn’t really in it you know like I’m punching him but I just don’t feel anything and Kyle and Laura have a great time and they hook up a bunch of times after so YAY HAPPY ENDING!

Also, we did eventually have that fight, and I may and or may not have punched Kyle in the throat and made him throw up. Fun fact: if you drink enough your vomit is flammable.

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ok im a huge CC shipper, i believe evrything you say bc ur awesome, i dnt think D hates C & vice versa, but I personally believe (and please by all means if u disagree, please school me because i think you're very smart and if i deserve to be schooled then pls pls do) but i really dont think C would do a g/ee reboot this soon... especially since he is busy with his shit. and i also dunno about a g/ee reboot happening this soon either, it only ended 2 yrs ago. if u disagree pls fight me queen lol

Too funny as this ask came before Tumblr exploded and you called me queen:). Apparently that’s my goal.

And I am awesome;) is there any denying that?Kidding.

On the Glee reboot. Right now rumors and speculation. If you had asked me 6 months ago if chris of Darren would agree I’d have said hell no. Things change. Deals are made. They are getting some much needed support as D navigates the very difficult path to coming out. No telling what one would agree to in order to accomplish that goal. So I say possible.

As for when. Who knows?

And with that I believe I have responded to all anons received since last night. It’s been a day!! But I like this topic.

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I wanted to say that even if we dont agree on everything, I admire how you always seem to want to be a better version of yourself (or what you see as a better version of yourself). Its really inspiring!

Thank you so much, I really do strive to be better… and personally I think it’s realistic that not everyone with agree with me. More than always being on the same page, I hope to make an environment open enough to discussing disagreements rather than fighting over them

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Wow, just wow. I really thought you were better than someone who justifies assault.

I’m sorry you see it that way, but I’m not justifying it.

Bernardo shouldn’t have kissed her out of nowhere, and I understand Ámbar’s dialogue afterwards could be taken in a wrong way. I get it, honestly.

I just… still can’t agree it was assault if we take in mind both parties were willing to do it less than a day before, and in the moment it happened (he didn’t show any type of force, he only put his hand on her cheek [which was a sign and I’m assuming since she always does this when she kisses other ppl that she at least ~thought~ it was coming]). Again, it’s most likely she regretted kissing him in the middle of the kiss, and then decided she didn’t want to keep doing it/ do it again so she blew him off (which is totally okay and I’m glad she acted on that) but no, not assault.


Boromir the Brave → for @feanory

From the Gate of Kings the North Wind rides,
And past the roaring falls
And loud and cold about the Tower its loud horn calls.
What news from the North, oh mighty wind, do you bring to me today?
What news of Boromir the Bold? For he is long away.
‘Beneath Amon Hen I heard his cry. There many foes he fought
His cloven shield, his broken sword, they to the water brought.
His head so proud, his face so fair, his limbs they laid to rest;
And Rauros, Golden Rauros Falls, bore him upon its breast.’
Oh Boromir! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward gaze
To Rauros, Golden Rauros Falls until the end of days.