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Goku Destroying universes?!?!? WHAT I need to catch up on Super but give me the Deets Jax

Okay so basically in the New Arc of Dragon Ball Super Goku wanted to fight in a Multiverse tournament so he went and talked to GOD and GOD said sure

So GOD makes up the rules for the Tournament and God (Or the High Priest Angel) Decides that all 12 Universes COMPETING will have a chance to win and prove theyre the best but THE LOSING UNIVERSE will BE ERASED that means the Kais and Gods of Destruction are ERASED as well. ALSO meaning the afterlife for that Universe will be erased so if you die you literally dont exist but it doesnt matter cause you are erased.

So only 1 universe can win and 7 Will be Erased. 

4 of the Universes are safe because the quality of life in them are high. 

So everyone IS FREAKING OUT about this but Goku is all

“I just wanna fight strong folks I’ll FIGHT EVERYONE COME AT ME BRO”

He literally says that no BS

so When Goku fights this dude named Bergamo he pleads to GOD hey. 

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If I win this make it so all the universes are exempt and wont be destroyed please and GOD agrees if he wins he’ll leave all the universes alone but if Goku holds back and lets the dude win he’ll destroy all 12 universes on the spot. So Goku just wants a good fight and battles the dude without holding back and kicks his ass

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So after he beats him all the other universes are lookin at Goku like WHY DID YOU AGREE TO THIS and GOKU SAYS 

Like totally just Saiyan Blood Hyped up and then at the end this Dude who looks like Robotnic is gonna fight him to see if Goku is evil and Goku says

And then they are going to fight. Honestly it feels like Goku’s TRUE SAIYAN nature is overtaking him to the point he’s indifferent to the Googleplex of lives that could be lost because he wanted to battle 

EDIT FOR THOSE who keep saying OmniKing was gonna destroy those universes anyway.

Thats not the Main POINT of the issue the Main Point is Goku really Doesn’t care about anyone else BUT FIGHTING. So all that “He gave em a fighting chance Bullshit” Doesnt really matter because he didnt care in the first place. When he found out that all the Universes were at stake he was like “Oh….well that sucks. Oh well” but he wasn’t shaken at all. and I know people are saying “well if they win he could use the Super DragonBalls and Restore them” etc but still the fact he is becoming so Indifferent to all the Lives that could be lost is fuckin Bullshit. I know he’s done selfish shit before like
Letting Vegeta, Frieza, and Buu Live when he couldve killed them

or giving a Cell a senzu bean and letting him wail on his son just cause he wanted to see a good fight and thought Gohan will eventually rage boost.

They REALLY Need to address this because even Kid Goku and Early DBZ Goku would not have pulled this shit or if they did they would still be worried about people’s lives, Yes even the japanese one did show he cared numerous times throughout the series so thats what irks me


Okay so I was listening and jamming out to You Dont Know Me from Victorious, and as I sang along… I immediately pictured Jade and Beck as Nesta and Cassian. Like don’t even try to fight me on this. If you watch the show and or listen to this song, you will COMPLETELY AGREE. And then I just continued picturing Tori as Feyre and Cat as Elain…. And then there’s Cassian(as Beck) trying to keep Nesta( Jade) and Feyre( tori) from slaughtering each other… 😂😂😂

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Smol Chat {Part 3}

“A/N: Hey y’all so I have finally established ships for this series! Also. This series is simply just so that I can still be active because school has been a pain and I couldn’t get requests done. But break is coming up and writing will (i hope) become more consistent! {ships are lafayette X mulligan~~angelica X jefferson X james madison (poly)~~alexander X eliza~~john laurens X reader~~burr X theodosia~~maria X peggy~~}

AU: ALL texting

Pairing: Almost everyone in hamilton X reader

(these are the text names just to clarify because it may be confusing) ALEXANDER: Godamilton~~~~~JOHN: SmolTurtle~~~~~BURR: IncludeMePlease~~~~LAFAYETTE: Laffy_Taffy~~~~HERCULES: Hunkules~~~~~ELIZA: SinnamonRoll~~~~ANGELICA: NeverSatisfied~~~~PEGGY: LilBean~~~~~THOMAS: Jeffersin~~~JAMES MADISON: JimmyNeutron (changed in this part to Jemmyisdone)~~~READER: urmom(y/n)~~~~THEODOSIA: TheoDoe~~GWASH: MisterWashington~~~KING GEORGE: BowDownPeasants~~~Maria Reynolds: MissMariaReynolds

UrMom(Y/N): y’all this chat has been inactive for like a week wassup


Jeffersin: who me?

JemmyIsDone: whoever changed my username knows me too well

NeverSatisfied: i do dont i? ;)


JefferSin: i mean i live with what i did in montichello

JemmyIsDone: that

Godamilton:  JEMMY REALLY


SinnamonRoll: alex calm down

Godamilton: mY WIFE

SinnamonRoll: yes I am your wife

Godamilton: bETSEY

SinnamonRoll: alex pls

MissMariaReynolds: peggy is being mean to me

LilBean: all i did was leave you in the mall all alone

MissMariaReynolds: coME BACK FOR ME

LilBean: fine

TheoDoe: im going to add burr again simply because i want to make him angry

TheoDoe added IncludeMePlease to the chat ItsHamiltime

IncludeMePlease: why

IncludeMePlease: please no

UrMom(Y/N): ayy its burr

BowDownPeasants: why am i still in this chat

Godamilton: honestly i have no idea

Godamilton: maybe y/n likes you or something

SmolTurtle: excuse me?

UrMom(Y/N): aw john dont worry i hate george

BowDownPeasants: dont make me go to washington and tell him that you are being mean.

UrMom(Y/N): he doesnt control me

Godamilton: for once i agree with snobby white kid 

Godamilton: last time i said something mean washington came to my house and whooped me with a purse

SinnamonRoll: rip

Godamilton: BETSEY

SinnamonRoll: alex

SinnamonRoll: no

MisterWashington: Hello Children.

Godamilton: DAD

MisterWashington: Alex I will disown you. 


Godamilton: FITE FITE FITE

UrMom(Y/N); i’d rather them not john is my ride home

Godamilton: F I T E

IncludeMePlease: i understand none of you

IncludeMePlease: everyone sucks in this chat

TheoDoe: excuse me?

IncludeMePlease: cRAP

IncludeMePlease: SHH THEO I LOVE YOU




UrMom(Y/N): OTP

BowDownPeasants: how cute

BowDownPeasants: now i will make myself productive instead of being here with you losers

BowDownPeasants: AH’ GOODBYE


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Taekook Fic Recs

Thought I’d do an updated one because I literally have 100 fics in my bookmarks on AO3. I seriously spent my entire summer just reading. :’) Obvi, i’m not gonna add all 100, maybe like 30 or something though.

1. Lupus Tales by kpopismydrug

-three amazing works so far (Lupi, Just Us, Us vs Them) and more to come

-201k words of pure adorableness 

-whipped and pining jungkook!!!!!!!

-college student taehyung!

-slow build so it’s not too rushed. totally worth it.

2. i’ll be a man (of you, you, you babe) by monsterplaza

-university au!

-blind dates that jungkook doesn’t wanna go on and taehyung hilariously saving jungkook each time


-literally the smut it topnotch

-18.9k words

3. Maybe we can be (each other’s company) by foolishbangtan

-fanboy taehyung!! and idol jungkook!1

-taetae is an art student and hnnngggg


-57k words

4. Taste of Ink by sugamins

-gang au!!

-sugakookie are bff goals aswell as vmin

-taehyung is literally harley quinn/joker in this. fight me if you don’t agree.

-128k words

5. House of Cards by sugamins

-wouldn’t recommend if you don’t like violence bc it’s rlly detailed w/ the gore

-also don’t read if you dont like vminkook together. (it was hard for me to read the jikook and vmin parts but i survived yall)

-made me wtf a lot

-just yes

-394k words (it took me a whole day to read it and i got no sleep)

6. you’re the closest to heaven i’ll ever be by aeterisks

-smut smut smut smut smut. literally a-level smut i cANNOT

-DJ JUNGKOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-RICH club owner taehyUNG

-pls help this was so gOOD

-27.7k words

7. talking body by aeterisks


-mirror SeX!!!!!

-yesyesyesyes and yes

-4.9k words

8. cut out all the ropes (let them fall) by aeterisks

-model!tae and photographer!jeon

-they hate each other but then :-))))

-so fluffy and the porn is 10/10

-angst had me shook

-76.7k words

9. Whatta Man (Good Man) by aeterisks

-if u couldn’t tell already i’m lowkey promoting raquel’s works

-shy jeon turns out to be a horny little shit that runs a porn blog

-whipped for tae

-no sex but still porn. always porn.

-7.8k words

10. all the right wrongs by aeterisks





-it’s so cute i cried

-34k words

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How can I convince someone that knowing when a person is coming to my house in advance is VERY important to me? Not only because it changes my plans but its a social situation and every time I bring it up, my mom and I get into a fight because she thinks its rude "demanding an appointment with you". I dont think its rude, I believe everyone prefers to prepare for guests but she doesn't agree.

I don’t think it’s rude either. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the general social rule is that you’re supposed to notify people before you visit them unless you have another arrangement in place. 

I would suggest trying to explain to your mom that you’re not try to demand an appointment, but rather that you want to make sure that you are actually in a state to be socializing with someone and that, if it’s a surprise, you’re almost guaranteed to not be at your best. If you present it as concern for how well you can receive guests rather than focusing on the distress it can cause you it may help as it sounds like your mom doesn’t really care about the distress it causes you. 


i dont want someone who always agrees with me or cheers me up anytime i win. i dont want someone who tells me i look beautiful when i obviously do not.  if you noticed that i’ve gained weight - tell me. dont shut up about it if you know im wrong. Fight with me. motivate me. compete with me. tell me the truth even if its gonna hurt me. be my enemy but love me anyway

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Bruh, I followed bc quality blog, but like , dude pleaseeeee tell another drunk story. That's what I'm really here for.


ALRIGHT I mentioned this story once already but it’s a great fucking story get ready hold on to your nips this shit’ll twist them right the fuck off it’s insane.

Alright so we’re throwing this riot let’s be honest it was like so far past a party it was a whole different level we were fighting with fire like literally vinyl gloves with cotton hand wraps soaked in lighter fluid and then we light them on fire and punch each other it was FUCKING RAD I wanted to put in a fucking eagle making sweet love to a gutiar here but I can’t find it and I’m too drunk for photoshop.

So yeah we’re drunk and we’re fighting with fire also we have road flares because I dont fucking know we just did.

Guys we should have died like no joke I should not be telling you these stories I should be buirried.

So we’re drunk and rioting and making terrible decisions except for Kyle. Kyle is being a suave motherfucker he’s talking to this girl her name is Laura anyways Kyle and Laura are hitting it off it is very going clearly going to result in sexy times the only problem is that before Laura showed up Kyle agreed to firefight me and gues swhat motherfuckers IF YOU PROMISE ME A DRUNKEN FIGHT THERE BETTER BE A DRUNKEN FIGHT OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY

So Kyle tells Eric “hey I’ve got this thing I need to eat it’s super important can you take my fight” like that’s literally what he said so Eric is just like “sure dude yeah I can do that” the problem being that I already fought Eric that day and Kyle and I had some recent roommate issues taht we had to deal with and guys cards on the table I just really wanted to punch Kyle in the throat with my burning fist.

So there are some issues that I need to take care of because of the combination of overly subtle double entendre and me being too drunk and focused on punching things to notice Kyle trying to get his game on so I do what was really the only reasonable thing to do I take out my drunken rage and disappointment on Eric.


So the real problem here is Laura only partially understands how fucking insane we were. She was NOT prepared for a screaming young man covered in neon paint (did I mention we painted ourselves?) lobing a flare into the room and trying to punch her partner in the face while she lay naked in his bed. To be fair, I don’t think anyone would have been prepared for that.

To be more fair I don’t think anyone was ready for Kyle’s response which was to launch out of the bed whip off the condom mid air and slap me across the face with it.


Nothing stops a fight quite like getting slapped with a condom. Like for most people there probably is like a disgust part to it like “ew that was on a dick or in a vagina/butthole and now it’s touching my face” but really for me it was more the disappointment in myself for interrupting someone having fun.

Like guys if I ever interrupt someone having sex it will literally ruin my night that’s not cool guys party foul bro party foul.

Anyways there’s some loud apologizing and I throw the flare back into the halla nd also threaten to punch anyone hwo follows me into the room and I leave and I fight Eric but like my heart isn’t really in it you know like I’m punching him but I just don’t feel anything and Kyle and Laura have a great time and they hook up a bunch of times after so YAY HAPPY ENDING!

Also, we did eventually have that fight, and I may and or may not have punched Kyle in the throat and made him throw up. Fun fact: if you drink enough your vomit is flammable.

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Are you still going to post that dog thing? It may seem silly but I kinda wanna see what you come up with lol :) I don't think Murdoc would make a good pupper since he's a bad mama jama

1.) fuck I didn’t think anyone saw that ominous post I’m shooketh (but thanks for caring holy shit)

2.) yes I will be posting it soon!! (in parts because LONG)

3.) feel free to join in the headcannons because this is entirely opinion based and I agree! Murdoc would be a bad bad bad boy and I have an entire backstory for him in my dog AU, a dogverse if you will (literally kill me now this is so dumb fUCK)


Boromir the Brave → for @feanory

From the Gate of Kings the North Wind rides,
And past the roaring falls
And loud and cold about the Tower its loud horn calls.
What news from the North, oh mighty wind, do you bring to me today?
What news of Boromir the Bold? For he is long away.
‘Beneath Amon Hen I heard his cry. There many foes he fought
His cloven shield, his broken sword, they to the water brought.
His head so proud, his face so fair, his limbs they laid to rest;
And Rauros, Golden Rauros Falls, bore him upon its breast.’
Oh Boromir! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward gaze
To Rauros, Golden Rauros Falls until the end of days.

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If you don't like it just leave the fandom. we won't miss you :)

this is the thing about some people here. everything is sugar coated till you say something that others dont agree with. even though i dont feel welcome anymore i will leave tumblr when i want to and not because some of you tell me so. dont forget its an open website for everyone. how about you unfollowing me and we will go on with our lives. x

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Is it me or Isak has been very present this episode compared to the previous ones? Like he has appeared on two clips (and has had a role in both of them) + the picture with jonas. Previously he appeared on a clip (if that) and he barely spoke. I dont think he'll appear more until next week, but maybe this change means something? also, do you think that he seemed a little sad in today's clip? or at least not entirely happy?

hey you! agreed! we’ve had an update on him every single day since the after the break and they’ve been reminding us of the fight a lot, and without mentioning the actual fight, haha. the fact that he posted another picture on his Instagram today has me even more eye emoji, hmm. I just don’t now how this all fits, to be honest. I think it would be really super weird if they skipped over Ramadan beginning tomorrow to focus on Isak so him being such a focus this week, and the fact that they haven’t mentioned ramadan at all, it’s all very odd to me. hmmm, not sad, to me anyway, but maybe a little worried? obviously there’s some awkwardness between him and Sana and I can imagine both Isak and Sana worrying about that a little.

me typin up some controversy: kallura isn’t toxic or gross it’s cute fight me

me: (waits for that juicy anon hate)

what i get in my inbox instead: okay i TOTALLY agree with you, you got me there !! but i gotta ask (this has been eating away at me for a while and i trust your insight) hypothetically speaking . if allura were a cat . and keith were a dog . dont you think itd be problematic tha

Seventeen!Biscuits Au (Hip Hop Unit)

Read the Performance Unit Version


S.Coups: Arnott’s Mint Slice

  • looks all dark and rich like a playboy
  • then you uncover the true choi seungcheol
  • scoupstastu 
  • minty freshhhh
  • like his rapping
  • also how do you stop at one when you eat these
  • how does coups not wreck your bias list
  • idk help please
  • these are usually after dinner mints
  • after dinner i agree first take seungcheol out for dinner
  • s.coups in a suit no
  • some people hate mint dont talk to me then
  • scoups may have haters fight me ugly people
  • but does he care?
  • nope our cheolie is too cool for that
  • also famously known as a toothpaste biscuit
  • the mint fondant tastes like toothpaste but sweeter an actually edible

Wonwoo: Gingerbread

  • once i made gingerbread for my teachers at school
  • anyway
  • gingerbread has a nice christmassy, festive smell
  • reminds me of coffee, rainy days, beautiful libraries aahhhhh my aesthetic
  • cutie wonwoo being all festive 
  • help
  • these are attacking me personally 
  • also wonwoo in glasses with a book
  • dipping gingerbread into a cup of coffee
  • oh no 
  • do you know that ginger reduces pain
  • do you know that jeon wonwoo induces pain
  • when you make gingerbread, you have to chill it in the fridge
  • wonwoo at first, is epitome of chill
  • then you take the dough out the refrigerator 
  • and when you knead it and work with it
  • it becomes soft
  • leaves oil all over your hands
  • work with mr beanie long enough and he’ll stick with you :’)

Mingyu: Arnott’s Teevee Snacks (Malt Sticks)

  • first off i feel like mingyu is also chocolate coated
  • like coups
  • his mansae era hair got me falling hard
  • but he honestly is a giant puppy
  • teevee snacks look like chocolate coated dog treats
  • ignore that theyre delicious trust me
  • best eaten in front of the tv
  • or on the bed
  • mingyus bed hair 
  • the “malt sticks” doesnt fool anyone
  • theyre just long biscuits
  • mingyu your badboy image is not fooling anyone
  • but doesnt mean we dont enjoy it
  • also kiddos everywhere love teevee snacks
  • i feel like mingyu would enjoy these
  • eating too much of these can cause intense chocolaty feeling or sugar overdose
  • be careful mingyu’s fancams can kill

Vernon: Vanilla Ice Cream Biscuit

  • i really apologise
  • thanks to peachmochii for helping me make this one
  • first off
  • vernilla is feeling cool and ice ice
  • but to tone down his coolness a little bit
  • a nice squish of two biscuits
  • vernon is an overall balance
  • although sometimes when eating the ice cream biscuit
  • the ice cream may slide out randomly
  • the coolness of vernon hansol choi may appear randomly
  • also known as an ice cream sandwhich
  • also known as hansol
  • ice cream has a loong history
  • dont get me started on the coolness of vernilla’s predebut videos
  • kidney function is a privilege not a right

Thanks for reading! 

Boyfriend YUTA

•So you were visiting your mom

•and you were lost

•you always lived in America

•You lived there for four year lmaoo

•Anyways you were walking around trying to find your moms house

•and you saw street performers

•You took a closer look

•and a boy was there dancing

•he caught your attention

•because his dancing was so on point

•and he was cute

•when he stopped dancing you

•were the only one clapping

•He looked up as he smiled and bow

•"Wow that was awesome"

•Lost af

•Then you try to say it in korean


•He thinks youre cute

•"Are you from America?“

•You nodded


•"Do you know where __________ is?”

•"Yeah, i would take you there but i am busy at the moment, and my manager wont let me"

•You nodded

•I understand

•You bowed as you held up your fist


•so then you found the place

•Your mom suggested to go to the night market

•You loved everything about South Korea

•Sooo you asked your mom if you could come


•and she agreed

•Soo you went with you mom

•you were ordering fish cakes

•"Can i get one too? I’ll pay"

•You turned around to find the guy from earlier

•"You dont-“

•"Yuta! It’s so nice to see you again.”

•"Mom you know him?“

•"Of course I taught him Korean”

•"I’m Japanese"


•"Yuta if it’s not too much of a burden, could you please show my daughter Around Seoul tomorrow? I have to help Winwin tomorrow"



•"Y/n you dont Mind right?”

•You shook your head as Yuta smiled

•Yuta had a healing smile

•it was just so beautiful

•"Well Y/n i’ll pick you up tomorrow, we are going to explore seoul!“

•Okay so you couldnt sleep

•like you were so nervous

•because this cute

•Handsome guy

•was your touring Guide

•So many questions

•anyways you met up with him at this Agency

•And you waited outside for 30 minutes

•"ah he ditched me-”


•You looked at the black car as the window rolled down

•Get it.

•"Yuta why are we in a ca-“

•"It’s because of Dispatch and Fangirls?”

•"Dispatch and fangir-“

“I’m and idol”

•You were shook af

• so the tour went great

•you and yuta had fun

•but then something happened

•Dispatched somehow got pictures of the

•two of you

•and here come the scandals

•opening your Computer all you see is

•You and yuta eating in the car


•And your house phone started to ring

•"Y/n! Did you see the news”


•You dropped the phone as the bell rang

•Yuta came in questioning you

•"why- i - what is going on?”

•so he explains

•It was awkward

•but then you got comfortable with

•each other

•He introduced you with his friends

•and ofc the idiots had to be saying stuff like

•"Oh you hit the Jackpot” or “Damnnn son”


•Because the idi- boys always steal your


•Like one time The Dream team wanted to get

•Ice cream with you

•and Yuta got jealous liek “NO ITS JUST THE


•And Winwin tagged along

•which made everyone come along

•And Ten always wanted you to help him

•With Dancing.

•Nct took all the chances they had to flirt with you

•and YUTA didn’t have it

•so one day he dragged you out

•and slammed you on the wall

•"You think this is a game?“

•you had never seen this side of Yuta before

•"Im tired of seeing you with them”

•"but they are my frien-“

•"and i’m your boyfriend”


•He kissed you

•you didn’t pull away

•and this ended up into a make out session

•So you both started to date

•And everyone got out of Yuta’s way because

•he is scary

•specially to Jaehyun



•Yuta loves skin ship

•Specially around his Hyungs

•because he knows he has you

•and he brags about it

•Yuta is a Ninja

•He can tell when a boy talked to you

•bitch tf

•Yuta only does aegyo to you

•and his smile

•he calls it “When i see Y/n smile”

•Which makes everyone cringe

•Yuta is a Yandere





•Yuta calm tf down.

•Yuta is calm at times

•like he is innocent and pure

•BUt thEN


•Yuta loves to spoil you and protect you

•You call him Prince

•Because thats what he looks like

•and he calls you his Everything


•Y/n one day i will travel around the world

•and then he walks around you


•"You are my world”


•Yuta is the boyfriend we see in Dramas

•Someone we wish we could have

•And thats what you have


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I dont agree with what this user has said nor done but they way in which you've handled the situation is immature and disgusting. You could've just posted the facts and answered anons maturely instead of making unnecessary, immature and inappropriate posts and memes about the situation. Fighting cyberbullying with cyberbullying doesn't make you a 'gay superhero', it simply makes you the same as her; making the LGBT+ community a hateful, scary place. As a gay, pls stand up to hate don't join it

sorry when ppl attack me i don’t answer nicely
block me and move on asshole

Hamilton Hogwarts Houses

ok so i have this over whelming urge to sort the Hamilton characters and i dont want to to my homework

so here it is!!!! please keep in mind these are my personal opinions but if you agree/disagree message me!!!! i’d love to talk to you about it

Alexander Hamilton: Slytherin  He’s probably the hardest to sort because he displays so many qualities of each house. He’s intelligent in several ways like a Ravenclaw (he came up with that financial plan by himself). He’s brave and altrustic (he’s always ready to fight someone) like a Gryffindor. He’s extremely hardworking (just listen to Non-Stop, okay) and actually pretty loyal (despite the whole affair thing) like a Hufflepuff. HOWEVER, his intelligence, bravery, and hardwork is all to advance his career and bring success. I mean he originally goes for the Schuyler sisters because it’s a surefire way to raise his social status. He’s very ambitious and everything he does links back to that, so I have to call him a slytherin.

Aaron Burr: Slytherin I have no doubts about this. He literally kills Hamilton because he prevented him from becoming Hamilton. Wanting to be President is pretty ambitious isn’t it? He changes parties to become a New York senator, despite hurting his friendship with Alexander. The reason he never takes a stance on any issue is because it might hurt his reputation and hurt his rise to the top.

John Laurens: Hufflepuff Yes, he is very brave and I think a lot of fans would call him a Gryffindor, but he is just so loyal. Like his duel with Lee?? He did that because he was loyal to Washington and Hamilton and he knew Alexander couldn’t do anything, so he did. Hufflepuffs are generally more open-minded and accepting than the other houses, which contributes to his very strong feelings of abolition. I know he demonstrates traits of Gryffindor, but he is just such a Hufflepuff to me.

Hercules Mulligan: Slytherin I’m not exactly sure what song this is in (maybe My Shot?), but he says something about being a tailor and how a war would help his social status instead of sewing some pants. He’s also very cunning and resourceful, as he’s able to smuggle British information for the Revolution. Like the others in the Hamilsquad, he is also has qualities of Gryffindor, but I see him more as a Slytherin.

Lafayette: Gryffindor Finally! A Gryffindor in the Hamilsquad! For one, he is constantly referred to as Lancelot, a brave knight. I considered Ravenclaw for him, considering his intelligent battlefield strategies. He helps the Revolution and basically causes the colony’s victory, only to go straight back to France to fight in another Revolution! 

Angelica Schuyler: Hufflepuff Oh no another difficult one. Likes Hamilton, she fits into many houses. But what stands out to me most is her loyalty to Eliza. She just loves her sister so much and would do anything for her. She gives up Alexander for her and marries someone she doesn’t really love. And she is so pissed at Alexander for his affair and burns him so bad. She talks about how she puts Eliza ahead of everything in her life. She is ambitious, brave, and intelligent like the other houses, but Angelica always puts her loyalty to her sister first.

Eliza Schuyler/Hamilton: Hufflepuff You will never find anyone as trusting or kind. She’s very loyal to Alexander (even after his affair!!!). Speaking of the affair, she is also pissed at Alexander for not being loyal to her. She kicks him out of the house, burns his love letters, and basically tried to remove her association with him, all because he wasn’t faithful to her. However, after Philip’s death, she does forgive him (or just forgets because that’s not the most important thing in their life right then) and after Hamilton’s death does everything she can to tell their story. She never remarries and is so loyal to Alexander and spends her life trying to create the legacy he wanted.

Philip Hamilton: Hufflepuff Like his mother, he’s very loyal to Alexander. He loves his father so much, and when what’s-his-face talks shit about Alexander, he confronts him, telling him he won’t stand for it. He’s a Hamilton with pride and dies to defend his father’s name and reputation.

Thomas Jefferson: Ravenclaw I wasn’t really too sure about this one to be honest, but I don’t know what else he would be? He doesn’t really fit into any of the other houses, but he is very intelligent and uses logic in his arguments. This is all I got for him, not too sure about him.

George Washington: Ravenclaw I considered Gryffindor for him actually, but I think he’s more of a Ravenclaw. He is very smart about his decisions during both the war and his presidency. He hires his cabinet to help him make those decisions, valuing their opinions, wisdom, and intelligence.

Maria Reyolds: Slytherin Ugghhhhhhh I don’t want to call her a slytherin because I feel it antagonizes her and that’s not how I view her. But Slytherins are very self-serving and so is she. She goes to Hamilton to protect herself, knowing he’s so much better than her husband (I don’t think she was lying to Hamiton, I’m sure her husband abused her). She knew Hamilton would help her and she did use that to her advantage. (SHE’S NOT VILLAIN THO OKAY)

Me: gotta get some sleep-

One: no rest yet. Consume something first. This flesh vessel requires adequate sustenance.

Me: oh you’re right. Thank you for reminding me!

One: it was nothing. I merely do not wish to die within a human frame. I die upon my own accord when I want to. You mere mortals can’t ever d-

Me: chill I’m agreeing with you that I need food. This isn’t a fight.

One: ………….. very well then, carry on.

Honestly. I really dont understand but i really dont want to either. The way i see it, its just split two ways. Age play and age regression. The difference should be pretty obvious, and i think thats why theyre split. I dont see the problem with using the same terms because theyre used differently so using them does not connect the age regressers to the kink in any way. I do undertand them not wanting to interact with eachother though. And i think if they would just stop fighting over the stupid terms and go back to not interacting with eachother, that problem would be solved. Like stop complaining and just ignore it if someone doesnt agree with you, you dont have to argue or interact, just ignore it. I am very tired of this stuff. When im in littlespace i just wanna be cute and color and see all the cute stuff on tumblr with my stuffies. I dont wanna fight over terms or claiming people to be something their not or anything because it really hust pisses me off. Like there’s absolutely no reason for thus fighting.

Dear Adam and Alesa

Dear Adam and Alesa

Today I was scrolling through Instagram, specifically Adam’s, rewatching his videos, laughing, the sort. However, my face quickly lost it’s smile when I read the comments on his pictures with his girlfriend, Alesa.

They were horrible, and I couldn’t believe them. The following pictures are the pictures getting hate:

As you can sadly see, the hate is aimed at none other than Alesa.

The comments that were said made me want to do some many things at once.

I wanted to punch everyone for what they said.

I want to hug Alesa, as she no doubt has seen this hate.

That is why I made this post. To show people how awful Sky Army Recruits can be toward his loved ones.


Do you see how awful people can be because we love someone?

As a fandom, hell, SOCIETY, we find it too hard to love people that the person we love loves.

And, I’d like to make the point that everyone still thinks Skyables is still a thing. They think they’re still engaged or married. Let me tell you, and you better make sure everyone hears this when I say:

“Adam and Dawn broke up two years ago. No one knows why. Stop bringing it up. Stop mentioning her. It’s Adam and Alesa now, so stop. Nothing you say will make Adam and Dawn get back together. Just accept that Adam and Alesa love each other.”

- my-amazingworldisnotonfire, 2014

I know I’ve done a lot of Adesa themed posts, but it’s because I love them as a couple so much. I don’t have the technology to show you, but if I could, I’d show you the videos of them, the pictures of them being happy.

Another point: the people in the comments claim Dawn was better, but what they fail to say is that they’ve never seen, heard, or heard OF Alesa. They are more familiar with Dawn than they are with this “mysterious new girlfriend”. It sickens me to know they judge her because she doesn’t play Minecraft or have a YouTube channel.

YouTubers aren’t like celebrities. Yes, they get paid to advertise things, and have a fanbase and a whole fandom, but what is different is that they aren’t working under anyone. They are free to do whatever they want. They especially don’t get paid to date someone.

And to Alesa, if you or anyone you know sees this, I just want to let you know that you are just amazing. Sky deserves a girl like you. I hope you’re happy.

tl;dr - Alesa is getting too much hate because people can’t accept Adam and Dawn aren’t dating. Stop the hate on her; she’s an amazing person. <3

Message me to further talk about this subject or fight, whichever. #ADESA