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Reasons why you ship rivetra?? :)

What a loaded question!

Let’s see…

I should probably start off with the fact that Rivetra is what got me into SnK. I was late to the fandom, having joined just when the Dub was being released. Matt Mercer had voiced a character in a game I had just played and I loved his voice so I wanted to find more of him. I saw he was going to voice Levi and idk, I looked up Levi, read his wiki page, saw the mentions of Petra, clicked Petra, read hers, and immediately shipped them. 

Like I hadn’t watched the series, I knew next to nothing about it or the characters, and the fact that I shipped them from two wiki articles clearly says a lot. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

Their interactions that readers/viewers witness are limited to a handful of (wonderful) scenes, but despite this, despite the limit, even these scenes stick out to me and show that there was more to them than what was on the surface.I mean, I have a knack for reading super deep into things and word of god does state that between the panels of the manga, Levi does think Petra is cute, and while that may be looked at as just attraction, it’s honestly more than enough to prove my point that there’s more than meets the eye. 

A lot of my reasons are also based on the anime, and while a lot of people argue the scenes in the anime versus the manga, you have to keep in mind that Isayama was involved with the anime, and I just read about how with the upcoming second season, he is also not only involved, but allowing for more filler scenes to be included that he wasn’t able to include in the manga. So to try and debunk any arguments based on the anime because those particular scenes weren’t in the manga is kind of redundant tbh. 

But rather than make this a post proving why Rivetra is a thing, and with all the available arguments in favor of them in mind, the short answer is that I really, truly love them. I love their characters and I love them together.

I think despite Levi’s social ineptness, he and Petra really seem to go well together. I mean, whether their relationship has platonic or romantic undertones, you cannot deny the fact that they were closer than a typical Captain/subordinate relationship. 

She cares for him, and that’s very clear, from her talk with Eren about him to consoling him during his frustration at Eren’s lack of transformation to worriedly demanding he step away from a partially transformed Eren and even to the letter she sends her father (regardless of what translation you prefer to listen to.) She respects him, yes, but she does care for him, and as does he. He listens to her, he asks her for reassurance when comforting a dying soldier. And you absolutely cannot deny the visible heartbreak of finding her body, of taking her patch from her, of watching her body fall from the horse cart, of surrendering her patch to another soldier, and of course his meeting with her father. 

And it’s this that I’m able to see between the panels, between the animation sequences, of what their relationship was, of what it could have been. It’s this dynamic that I love, of a stoic warrior and a kindhearted soldier, of a love that could have been, and just how wondrous it would have been. 

For a bit of a less serious but equally important reason just look at them okay, they’re the perfect size for each other and together are just super aesthetically pleasing. 

Tiny grumpy and tiny happy. 

Seventeen!Biscuits Au (Hip Hop Unit)

Read the Performance Unit Version


S.Coups: Arnott’s Mint Slice

  • looks all dark and rich like a playboy
  • then you uncover the true choi seungcheol
  • scoupstastu 
  • minty freshhhh
  • like his rapping
  • also how do you stop at one when you eat these
  • how does coups not wreck your bias list
  • idk help please
  • these are usually after dinner mints
  • after dinner i agree first take seungcheol out for dinner
  • s.coups in a suit no
  • some people hate mint dont talk to me then
  • scoups may have haters fight me ugly people
  • but does he care?
  • nope our cheolie is too cool for that
  • also famously known as a toothpaste biscuit
  • the mint fondant tastes like toothpaste but sweeter an actually edible

Wonwoo: Gingerbread

  • once i made gingerbread for my teachers at school
  • anyway
  • gingerbread has a nice christmassy, festive smell
  • reminds me of coffee, rainy days, beautiful libraries aahhhhh my aesthetic
  • cutie wonwoo being all festive 
  • help
  • these are attacking me personally 
  • also wonwoo in glasses with a book
  • dipping gingerbread into a cup of coffee
  • oh no 
  • do you know that ginger reduces pain
  • do you know that jeon wonwoo induces pain
  • when you make gingerbread, you have to chill it in the fridge
  • wonwoo at first, is epitome of chill
  • then you take the dough out the refrigerator 
  • and when you knead it and work with it
  • it becomes soft
  • leaves oil all over your hands
  • work with mr beanie long enough and he’ll stick with you :’)

Mingyu: Arnott’s Teevee Snacks (Malt Sticks)

  • first off i feel like mingyu is also chocolate coated
  • like coups
  • his mansae era hair got me falling hard
  • but he honestly is a giant puppy
  • teevee snacks look like chocolate coated dog treats
  • ignore that theyre delicious trust me
  • best eaten in front of the tv
  • or on the bed
  • mingyus bed hair 
  • the “malt sticks” doesnt fool anyone
  • theyre just long biscuits
  • mingyu your badboy image is not fooling anyone
  • but doesnt mean we dont enjoy it
  • also kiddos everywhere love teevee snacks
  • i feel like mingyu would enjoy these
  • eating too much of these can cause intense chocolaty feeling or sugar overdose
  • be careful mingyu’s fancams can kill

Vernon: Vanilla Ice Cream Biscuit

  • i really apologise
  • thanks to peachmochii for helping me make this one
  • first off
  • vernilla is feeling cool and ice ice
  • but to tone down his coolness a little bit
  • a nice squish of two biscuits
  • vernon is an overall balance
  • although sometimes when eating the ice cream biscuit
  • the ice cream may slide out randomly
  • the coolness of vernon hansol choi may appear randomly
  • also known as an ice cream sandwhich
  • also known as hansol
  • ice cream has a loong history
  • dont get me started on the coolness of vernilla’s predebut videos
  • kidney function is a privilege not a right

Thanks for reading! 

radfemjourney replied to your post “I don’t want you following me. -upwithtrans”

How… do they expect us to agree with them when we can’t even follow them for input on their ideology?

yeah, i dont get it. terffighter wanted me to unfollow them too, like how are you gona fight terfs if you make them all unfollow you? i dont mind all that much but if they want to change peoples minds they should maybe let people look at their content.


Boromir the Brave → for @feanory

From the Gate of Kings the North Wind rides,
And past the roaring falls
And loud and cold about the Tower its loud horn calls.
What news from the North, oh mighty wind, do you bring to me today?
What news of Boromir the Bold? For he is long away.
‘Beneath Amon Hen I heard his cry. There many foes he fought
His cloven shield, his broken sword, they to the water brought.
His head so proud, his face so fair, his limbs they laid to rest;
And Rauros, Golden Rauros Falls, bore him upon its breast.’
Oh Boromir! The Tower of Guard shall ever northward gaze
To Rauros, Golden Rauros Falls until the end of days.

My views on equality

Equality is a very important thing. The majority and the minority should not be arguing and fighting over who is better and what not. Like as someone who lives in the south I have heard some pretty racist homophobic sexist transphobic crap and thats not ok at all even if theyre defended as “jokes” and ive seen the opposites on here like heterophobia for example (I understand some people wont agree with me that these exists but Ive personally seen them) Im not defending one side more than the other but I think none of us should be fighting over this stuff. Treat others how you want to be treated but if anyone freakin treats you like crap you dont have to take it. If youre a woman and a guy treats you like crap then fuck them youre strong and can do this. If youre a poc and a white person makes some joke? You dont have to stick around with them and they need to get with the times. If youre lgbt and get called slurs then Fuck those assholes youre being yourself and theyre being asses. Im a hetero/possibly polysexual (i find cis and trans women plus nonbinary attractive) cis white male for example and I cant stand bein around people who make offensive jokes, i support feminism, most my friends are lgbt etc.. They love me even though I am who I am and I love them for who they are. And if anyone insults us we have eachothers back. There are people who do want to help and support you. You just gotta dig through the crappy assholes to find them. We are all people and we need to stop hate and work together to remember the real evil people in the world *cough* trump/pence *cough. Instead of fighting over whos straight/gay white/black male/female etc.. lets all join together and stand as one and start getting this world going like it should be “with peace and love”

Hamilton Hogwarts Houses

ok so i have this over whelming urge to sort the Hamilton characters and i dont want to to my homework

so here it is!!!! please keep in mind these are my personal opinions but if you agree/disagree message me!!!! i’d love to talk to you about it

Alexander Hamilton: Slytherin  He’s probably the hardest to sort because he displays so many qualities of each house. He’s intelligent in several ways like a Ravenclaw (he came up with that financial plan by himself). He’s brave and altrustic (he’s always ready to fight someone) like a Gryffindor. He’s extremely hardworking (just listen to Non-Stop, okay) and actually pretty loyal (despite the whole affair thing) like a Hufflepuff. HOWEVER, his intelligence, bravery, and hardwork is all to advance his career and bring success. I mean he originally goes for the Schuyler sisters because it’s a surefire way to raise his social status. He’s very ambitious and everything he does links back to that, so I have to call him a slytherin.

Aaron Burr: Slytherin I have no doubts about this. He literally kills Hamilton because he prevented him from becoming Hamilton. Wanting to be President is pretty ambitious isn’t it? He changes parties to become a New York senator, despite hurting his friendship with Alexander. The reason he never takes a stance on any issue is because it might hurt his reputation and hurt his rise to the top.

John Laurens: Hufflepuff Yes, he is very brave and I think a lot of fans would call him a Gryffindor, but he is just so loyal. Like his duel with Lee?? He did that because he was loyal to Washington and Hamilton and he knew Alexander couldn’t do anything, so he did. Hufflepuffs are generally more open-minded and accepting than the other houses, which contributes to his very strong feelings of abolition. I know he demonstrates traits of Gryffindor, but he is just such a Hufflepuff to me.

Hercules Mulligan: Slytherin I’m not exactly sure what song this is in (maybe My Shot?), but he says something about being a tailor and how a war would help his social status instead of sewing some pants. He’s also very cunning and resourceful, as he’s able to smuggle British information for the Revolution. Like the others in the Hamilsquad, he is also has qualities of Gryffindor, but I see him more as a Slytherin.

Lafayette: Gryffindor Finally! A Gryffindor in the Hamilsquad! For one, he is constantly referred to as Lancelot, a brave knight. I considered Ravenclaw for him, considering his intelligent battlefield strategies. He helps the Revolution and basically causes the colony’s victory, only to go straight back to France to fight in another Revolution! 

Angelica Schuyler: Hufflepuff Oh no another difficult one. Likes Hamilton, she fits into many houses. But what stands out to me most is her loyalty to Eliza. She just loves her sister so much and would do anything for her. She gives up Alexander for her and marries someone she doesn’t really love. And she is so pissed at Alexander for his affair and burns him so bad. She talks about how she puts Eliza ahead of everything in her life. She is ambitious, brave, and intelligent like the other houses, but Angelica always puts her loyalty to her sister first.

Eliza Schuyler/Hamilton: Hufflepuff You will never find anyone as trusting or kind. She’s very loyal to Alexander (even after his affair!!!). Speaking of the affair, she is also pissed at Alexander for not being loyal to her. She kicks him out of the house, burns his love letters, and basically tried to remove her association with him, all because he wasn’t faithful to her. However, after Philip’s death, she does forgive him (or just forgets because that’s not the most important thing in their life right then) and after Hamilton’s death does everything she can to tell their story. She never remarries and is so loyal to Alexander and spends her life trying to create the legacy he wanted.

Philip Hamilton: Hufflepuff Like his mother, he’s very loyal to Alexander. He loves his father so much, and when what’s-his-face talks shit about Alexander, he confronts him, telling him he won’t stand for it. He’s a Hamilton with pride and dies to defend his father’s name and reputation.

Thomas Jefferson: Ravenclaw I wasn’t really too sure about this one to be honest, but I don’t know what else he would be? He doesn’t really fit into any of the other houses, but he is very intelligent and uses logic in his arguments. This is all I got for him, not too sure about him.

George Washington: Ravenclaw I considered Gryffindor for him actually, but I think he’s more of a Ravenclaw. He is very smart about his decisions during both the war and his presidency. He hires his cabinet to help him make those decisions, valuing their opinions, wisdom, and intelligence.

Maria Reyolds: Slytherin Ugghhhhhhh I don’t want to call her a slytherin because I feel it antagonizes her and that’s not how I view her. But Slytherins are very self-serving and so is she. She goes to Hamilton to protect herself, knowing he’s so much better than her husband (I don’t think she was lying to Hamiton, I’m sure her husband abused her). She knew Hamilton would help her and she did use that to her advantage. (SHE’S NOT VILLAIN THO OKAY)

  • Kurapika: The point is, I don't want you fighting my battles for me. I need to be a strong, adult role model for Gon.
  • Leorio: That's my job, remember? When Gon gets older I teach him chess and other intellectual activities and you're in charge of his emotional rubbish. We agreed that's how we'd raise our kids.
  • Kurapika: Our kids? Leorio, we're not married.
  • Leorio: Kurapika, we're a little married.
  • Kurapika: I know. I love it.

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What are some do's and dont's in the Zelda fandom?

OOooh boy. 

Do stay away from the Discourse ™. It’s an easy way to get into fights with people. This fandom has a nasty habit of taking headcanons and rolling with them until they’re canon. Even if you don’t like the headcanons or don’t agree with them. 

 If it goes against popular fanon then you’re just going to get a bunch of people telling you why you’re wrong and why it TOTALLY is this way even if you have evidence to back up your claims. This has happened to me before when I try to argue stuff about Princess Zelda. This fandom has a lot of hate for Princess Zelda for whatever random fucking reason. If you stay away from the Discourse ™  you usually won’t have a problem with people.

Note: this is different from headcanon musing! I’ve noticed this fandom is fairly open to world building headcanons that expand on otherwise unexpanded parts of the lore? Like I proposed Impaz over @hyliahergrace and a bunch of people took it and rolled with it!

Don’t post unsourced art. This fandom is really policy about it and it’s not that that’s bad, it’s just people have been run out for accidentally doing it.

Do post starter calls and follow starters! The best way I’ve found to get noticed in this fandom is to take the initiative and interact with people.  Most of the people here are pretty nice and if you’re mutuals don’t mind the random starter! I’ve seen some people complain about not being noticed, but you’ve gotta take the initiative!

Don’t openly admit to having a NOTP. This is an easy way to get anon hate cause this fandom is ass about shipping. Like… really ass.

Do reblog those “Reblog this if you’re part of the LoZ fandom!” or those RP masterlists! Also making promos is a fairly good way to get noticed.

I think as long as you’re a nice person that lives and let live you’ll be okay in the fandom. I’ve definitely seen and been in worse fandoms, tbh.

Its like a big worm with a mouth and eyes

Context: Doing my first campaign, pathfinder, made a sorcerer/rogue skill monkey with great bluff and diplo, and I just talked my way out of a fight with a hunting party of the Umbra (spider dragons) we are trying to kill, in the quest we needed to find a chest the umbra are protecting and we needed pieces of a snake charm to open it.
*party beginig to part ways after agreeing to the terms we just set*
Umbra: Oh and you dont happen to have any snake chamrs do you?
Me: uhh whats a snake
*rolls nat 20 bluff*
*Rest of party laughing while DM face palms*