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In 2009, Pratt was cast on Parks and Rec for a six-episode arc as the oafish boyfriend of Rashida Jones’ character. That soon changed. “Almost at the point of the audition we were like, ‘Oh, we have to reconceive this, because this guy’s the funniest person we’ve ever seen. We’re not letting that guy go,” says series co-creator Michael Schur - Entertainment Weekly

1. ethereal.

▶   Genre: GuardianAngel!Eunwoo AU.
▶   Description: In a world where every person is assigned a guardian angel from birth all the way until death, Eunwoo can’t help himself.
▶   Word count: 826.

Freckles analogous to every cosmo in the universe coat the flush apples of his cheeks, light grey speckles contrasting the pale span. His eyelashes are long, far too long, accompanying onyx irises moulding together with even blacker pupils. He wears white, and only white, the line between his apparel and pure, chastised skin almost nonexistent. His hair is a black mop of thick, soft tufts, fringe laying flat, nevertheless, still concealing his forehead. And finally, the most eye catching and awestrucken piece: the colossal, white, feathery wings of the finest grade seemingly crystal cut to each chiseled shoulder blade. Their size was indescribable, satin to touch, but packing an astounding biff if any being was to.

The tip of the night is almost magical. Magical in the sense that an expanse becomes calm, warm, inviting, catering hospitality and kindness. Magical, Cha Eunwoo can uncloak himself, his humongous wings; it’s far too dark for one to see. Magical as it’s the adverse of day, the blasted time in which he’s unable to brandish himself, only adequate to watch his little human from above.

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Don't Worry So Much (Part Two - Calum Hood)

Don’t Worry So Much (All Parts)

Back by popular demand. Part Three to follow soon. 

Two weeks. That’s how long it was before Trent showed back up at school. That’s how long it’s been since Calum stopped you on the soccer field. That’s how long it’s been since the last time your brother actually came home at night. That’s how long you’ve felt the glares and wary looks of Trent’s friends on your back… And that’s how long it’s been since you talked to your brother, Luke, Michael, or even Calum.

You walked into school that Monday expecting today to be just like the last two weeks, but the second you entered the building you knew it wouldn’t be. Your brother and the rest of the boys weren’t out in the parking lot, which wasn’t too shocking; they always ditched Mondays and came back just after school finished so Calum could head to soccer practice.

There was something else that was different though. None of Trent’s friends were glaring at you anymore. You saw two of them just as you walked in hanging out at their lockers, but all they did was smirk and look away. It was even more unsettling than the glares. You tried to let it slide and came to a stop at your locker right outside of your psychology class.

“Hiya princess,” you whipped around and had to look up to see it was Trent speaking to you. He was only inches from you with an absolutely evil look on his face that screamed vengeance. You tried to maintain control of yourself, but you couldn’t help shrinking back a bit. “Not so tough without your brother and those lovesick puppies are you?”

Trent leaned in and had you backed all the way up against your locker. His lips pressed to the outside of your ear, and you shivered. This wasn’t the same kind of shiver Calum had gotten out of you with the same action. This was a shiver of disgust. Trent was absolutely revolting. “What on earth is the little princess going to do without her guardian angels watching her back?” Trent ripped your purse from your hand and dug around in it for a minute, pulling your phone out and throwing it to the floor, causing the screen to shatter.

The entire hallway watched as Trent stormed off, making extra sure to give your phone a good kick as he left. You took a deep breath when Trent finally turned the corner and went immediately back to your locker. You hid your face from all the prying eyes by organizing and reorganizing your entire locker several times so you wouldn’t be forced to look around while you thought.

Calum was right, as always. Trent was out for vengeance, and he would get it as long as he was sure your brother didn’t find out. You couldn’t call Ashton or Calum; your phone was ruined. There was a payphone outside the office, but you didn’t have any change, and you imagined Trent had already taken care of that. You definitely didn’t want to leave; you had a big project due today in speech class. Besides, if you left he’d just wait till whatever day Ashton ditched next.

You decided to go about your day as normal, moving immediately from one class to another so you would always be in the presence of plenty of students and plenty of teachers. You didn’t go to the bathroom; you were never caught in the halls after the bell. When lunch rolled around you hunted down your physics teacher, Mr. Booth, and started a conversation with him. He always left at lunch since he had no classes after, and you walked him all the way to his car. When he loaded up and left the parking lot, you got in yours and pulled your car around to the back lot by the soccer fields. If you couldn’t ditch today, you were at least going to be over prepared. When you got out you spotted Coach Grant heading into the school building and ran to catch up with him, talking the rest of the way about how he thought the soccer team would fair at state.

The final bell rang, and you literally ran through the halls towards the back exit. Trent would probably be waiting for you at the front exit, which was right next to your locker, so you decided not to bother stopping there. The crowds managed to hide you pretty well, and you kept an eye out for Trent all the way to the exit.

Once you were fairly certain you were in the clear you threw open the door and made a run for it. You thumbed around in your purse for your keys, trying to get them out before you reached the car. You felt the loop of your key ring and pulled it out, but with all the running you fumbled and dropped them to the ground. Hastily, you bent down to pick them up, but it was too late.

You turned your head to the sound of clapping and saw Trent walking out of the locker rooms, between you and your car. “And you were so close, princess. Honestly, I was routing for you, but you just had to go screw it up.”

You didn’t dare to move a muscle as Trent walked over to you. You didn’t know where he was going with this but you could already tell you wouldn’t like it. He bent down in front of you and pulled the keys from your grip. “You and I have some unfinished business.” You tried to duck away, but it was too late.

Trent gripped a hand in your hair and pulled you to your feet, lifting you off the ground by your roots. “You think you can get your friends to gang up on me after practice and I’ll just forget?” Trent reached his other hand up and gripped it around your neck, squeezing and cutting off your hair.

You tried to gasp, but the air didn’t come. Your hands clutched at his around your throat, but the lack of oxygen meant you could barely put up a fight. Even with your nails digging into the backs of his hands,  “I’m going to make you pay, two bruises for every one your brother left on me.” Your vision started to blur around the edges, and your hands fell from his and went limp at your sides.

Trent dropped you to the ground, and you fell hard on your shoulder, wincing as you took a deep breath. You didn’t have time to cry out before a soccer cleat connected hard with your ribs, making you flop over on your back and groan in pain. Before you could roll away Trent pressed his cleat down on your stomach and stood on his foot, putting all his weight on the dull spikes pressing into your stomach. You cried out in pain as he kneeled down, pressing his knee into your collarbone.  “I’m going to make the stuff your brother did to me look like child’s play.”

He gripped a hand in your hair again and yanked you off the ground, placing you on your feet. You stumbled and whimpered, trying to step away from him. His hand gripped your wrist and yanked you closer. As he pulled you in he raised his fist, throwing a punch that connected with your jaw. Your head snapped back, and he took the opportunity to connect his foot with your exposed abdomen, making you lurch forward and cry. His knee came up and smacked directly into your forward, sending you hurdling backwards on the ground.

Your eyes fell shut to the pain, and you felt yourself fading in and out from the blow to your head. You could hear his feet padding toward you across the ground, the sound of his cleats crunching against the earth, but the blow you knew was coming never came. You forced your eyes open, and your gaze was met with quite the sight.

Calum stood above you, holding Trent in some sort of choke hold from behind. Trent was struggling and kicking, trying to get out of Calum’s grip; but he was having no luck. The longer Calum held him the less he struggled until finally he fell limp in Calum’s arms, passed out from the hold. Calum dropped him like a sack of potatoes and rushed to your side, “Baby, are you all right?”

You tried to focus in on Calum’s face, but the pain in your head and torso was so distracting you couldn’t think let alone see. “Hurts,” you managed to mumble, unable to control it as your head lulled back to the ground.

Calum let you gently back to the ground and got to his feet, fighting back tears in his eyes. “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll take care of it.” He turned away from you and stared at the guy on the ground through his teary-eyed vision. Trent seemed to be coming around, but Calum wasn’t finished with him yet.

He walked over and stood above Trent, looking down in an absolute rage. He waited till Trent’s eyes opened, and Trent started to sit up before he bent down and clocked him right on the jaw. Calum wanted to make sure Trent felt every punch he dealt out.

He sat down on Trent’s chest and delivered punch after punch to Trent’s face, and when Trent finally managed to raise his arms and cover his face Calum took his frustrations out on Trent’s chest and arms. There would never be a number of punches high enough to satisfy that feeling of hatred in his stomach. Calum delivered blow after blow to Trent until his arms fell away from his face, and he passed out from the pain. Even then Calum didn’t stop, he kept going until the blood from Trent’s clearly broken nose dripped from his fingers, and Trent’s face was a mess of black and purple splotches.

“C-Calum,” the only sound that could’ve stopped him in that moment brought Calum’s fists to a dead stop. He let his fists drop and looked back, seeing you desperately reaching out for him like he was some kind of lifeline. Calum got off Trent’s chest and scrambled over to you, “(Y/n).” He slid an arm under your knees and the other under your back, lifting you off the ground to his chest, “Don’t worry; I’ve got you, baby…” Calum got to his feet and carried you gently in his arms back towards the parking lot, making sure to step on Trent as he left the field, “I’ve got you.”

n3rdygirl113  asked:

This is my go to SQ fic blog and I love you so much! Could you do a story where Emma ( and maybe other OUAT cast ) is part of the Guardians of Children ( If you don't know, it's a biker gang you should be able to look up and get info on easily ) and is helping Henry and his mom Regina out of an abusive home ( most likely Leopold ) , Emma falling in love with her along the way and offering her a place to stay? Thank you so much for all you do!

Thanks for the prompt :) 

TW for abuse. 

“Emma!” Henry cries happily as he races across the park. This place is a refuge for him and his Mom. It’s the place that they can get away from home and not be caught by Leopold. 

He says Leopold not Dad. The man has made it all too clear that he his mother’s son. She wanted to adopt and he went through with it just to shut her up. It’s something Henry doesn’t need to be told. He just knows. Just like he knows what Leopold does to his Mom by the way she flinches when he slams his fists or the way her expression is always fearful whenever he enters the room. 

Everything was scary. Every moment terrifying until Emma came along. She noticed them. She noticed what everyone else pretends not to. 

“Hey kid,” Emma says climbing off of her bike. Henry grins and she hands him her helmet. “Where’s your Mom?” 

“She’s coming,” he says before adding in a quieter tone, “I think he hurt her yesterday, she’s not as fast today.” 

Emma frowns searching the park for Regina finally spotting the brunette slowly inching her way through the park. One hand is shaking and clutching her side in a way that is telling to Emma of broken ribs. There’s a bruise visible over her eye and a cut over her lip that hasn’t quite stopped bleeding. 

Emma’s heart clenches and she can feel the anger growing in the pit of her stomach. She’s part of the Guardians of the Children alongside her best friends Ruby and Mary Margaret. Every child they save, every story they hear is horrifying to her. She joined to save people from the life she had lived in the foster care system but she never let any thing get to her the way Regina and Henry have. 

She wants to save them. She wants to get Henry out of that house and away from Leopold. He hasn’t laid a finger on Henry but Emma just has to take one look at Regina and know that sooner or later he will. She wants Regina to escape too. 

“Hey,” she says softly as Regina approaches opening her arms for the brunette who hurries over to them. Emma can’t pinpoint the exact moment they fell in love. It was the kind of love that blossomed over time and now she can’t live without. She doesn’t want to. She needs to get them out of that house.

The closest thing she’s ever had to family in the past is the Guardians of the Children but now she’s found another in Regina and Henry. She would never leave the gang mind you because she takes great pride and joy in saving these kids. She just knows there’s room in her heart for Regina and Henry too. 

“What did he do?” she asks as Regina clings tight to her. 

Regina shakes a little before replying simply, “No worse than usual.” 

Emma frowns before looking around to make sure no-one’s watching and then kissing Regina gently. Regina kisses back before resting her forehead against Emma’s. Emma wipes away a tear from Regina’s cheek before whispering, “Come stay with me.” 

“What?” Regina asks surprised. 

“I mean it,” Emma says, “I can’t stand to see him hurting you anymore Regina. Come stay with me. I won’t let him hurt you or Henry. You’ll be safe. We can all be together.” 

Regina’s lower lip wobbles, “And what if he finds me? Or wants to fight for Henry?” 

Emma frowns before looking seriously at her, “He won’t. Regina I promise you he won’t. I promised to help you, to keep you safe and find a way to help you find happiness. Please let me help you.” 

Regina looks over to her son and the smile as he plays at the park. Only here is he happy and she knows it. She needs to give him a happy home. She needs to give herself one. She looks back to Emma, her heart skipping a beat as it always does before eventually replying, “Help me.”