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INTRODUCING: The URL Writing Challenge!

What is a URL Writing Challenge?

A writing challenge is usually based on prompts listed or given by the challenge’s host. This particular challenge is based on your URL. 

Why a URL Writing Challenge? 

I’ve participated in a lot of challenges but never seen a URL challenge. Thought it would be cool writing something inspired off your own URL. 

Our URL’s is something that represent us. 

Why don’t get creative with something like that?


Are you ready for it? Okay. Here it goes… *drum rolls*

BUNNIES. Not actual bunnies but Easter. The theme will be Easter!

Your URL is the main focus of the fic but I like holiday’s and why not adding Easter to the mix? 

  • You can add everything that goes with Easter like: 
    • Easter Egg’s Hunt.
    • Painting Easter Egg’s.
    • Bunnies.
    • Pastel Colors. 
    • Bunny Ears. 
    • Everything that goes with Easter Theme.
  • You can also use Spring as a theme. 
    • Anything that goes with Spring.


  • The sign ups starts now and end’s next Wednesday, March 15th.
  • The Challenge is due on Easter, which is April 16th. 
    • That’s more than a month to write.
    • Life happens and you can’t get the fic by that day? Is cool
      • Just post it and message me the link when you can. 


  • It’s not a must but would be cool if you follow me.
  • I’m not picky so literally everyone can join. 
  • You want to be part of the challenge? Send me an ask.
    • Won’t be accepting ‘comments, reblogs or tags’ as “sign ups”. 
  • I’m very pro ‘do your own thing’ so, it can be any genre you want it. 
    • You wanna make it so angsty my heart get’s crushed? Do it. 
    • You wanna make it so fluffly, I end up vomiting rainbows? Do it
    • You wanna make it so smutty, it get’s half Tumblr turned on? Do it.
    • It’s your craft, write whatever your heart desires.  
  • Word count? Again, I’m not picky. 
    • Drabble? Cool.
    • 1k Words? Cool.
    • Over 3k Words? Cool.
    • Like 5k Words? You’re the shit and totally cool.
  • Same goes with pairings. Like seriously, do whatever you want. lol
  • Please don’t forget to tag me : @sleepywinchester.
  • Also tag post with ‘#elsie url challenge’


If by any means, you don’t feel inspired by your URL or want something more to boost it up? Let me know and I will give you a prompt. Challenge is still based on your URL but with a prompt to back it up, I think it would help. 


  • Master-post with everyone’s work. 
    • It will be linked on my blog till the end of May. 
  • One group promo for everyone who participated.
  • I’m going to pick five favorite fics and making Fic’s Aesthetics.
    • This would be based on the fic written for this challenge.
  • My friendship 

I really hope some of you can join! This is something unique and think it would be very fun to do. Challenge have always been a great part to meet new writers or become more friends with already writers you know. I love challenge and bouncing up ideas with friends. xx


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That moment when your crush, don’t like the same things you do (honestly he should have expected it…)

I’m back with more maxwil, this time based in the reincarnation AU created by @a1rjayce​ (go and check it out!), I couldn’t help it, I loved the concept.

The explanation for the scene, is that, if I recall correctly, Maxwell and Wilson meet in one of Maxwell’s shows, so I assume that maybe he could give Wilson a little gift.

Hope you like it!

looking for some new studyblrs to follow!

hello! recently my dash has been the same old #studyspo, aesthetic, etc. posts and i want to tailor it. (especially because aesthetic can… kind of be a bore at times imo) i’d like any studyblr that has a lot of posts/knowledge about any of these topics to like/reblog so i can follow you!


  • Programming/Computer Science
    • Java
    • Python
    • Ruby
    • SQL
    • PHP
    • Javascript
  • Languages
    • Latin
    • Japanese
    • Filipino
      • Ilokano
      • Kampampangan
  • Math
    • Geometry
    • Trigonometry
    • Algebra II
      • Logarithms
    • Precalculus
    • Calculus
      • Derivatives
  • Chemistry

maltedmilkchocolate  asked:

Holy cow your SE AU is just amazing. It's made me want to re-watch the anime. Oikawa going slowly insane is killing me inside, but oh whoo boy it's gotta be worse for Iwa who's just noticing little things slowly going tits up and Oikawa wont communicate this issue with him. O A O

(Aaa thank you so so much for liking the AU! friend :’D)

Ever since Iwaizumi was released from the hospital, Oikawa had been waist deep in research papers and articles about the elusive witch ‘Ushijima’. It was to be expected – that same witch had left his partner heavily wounded, and himself traumatized (he couldn’t risk losing Iwaizumi like that again). He was going to take him down on their next encounter no matter what. 

On the other hand, Iwaizumi knew that revenge mixed with Oikawa’s obsessive personality was never a good thing, but he also understood the importance of pride and how fragile his partner’s self-esteem is – about how much getting back at Ushijima means to Oikawa. Despite his gut telling him otherwise, Iwaizumi did not have the heart to say no, so the most he could do is to keep him in check. Maybe the nightmares were his guilty conscience keeping him awake at night and not any significant foreshadowing whatsoever. 

This was before they were invited into the DWMA as professors.

Soul Eater AU! HQ!!
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i wanna haaaaang


I went to look at that ask Seaworld site and like… some of these aren’t even answering the question ….

1 could be construed as an answer with some extrapolation, but it’s like someone started writing an answer then wandered away…

2 isn’t an answer, it’s linking people to a comprehensive PDF/page. While there’s nothing wrong with that per se, if they’re asking you for an answer they want a tl;dr AND the link. If someone asked me a question and I responded by wordlessly dropping a book in their lap, that’d be kind of dickish. 

3 “Where is..” “Yes,”  ….?? 

(also this means that my previous assessment was correct in that they’re counting that $10mil under the umbrella of research that was already in progress…?)

4 … ??? ?????? ??????

5 wow guys, Mark knows for a FACT Keiko would’ve lasted longer at Seaworld. He’s in the wrong profession and needs to become a clairvoyant immediately.