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Hey! Your colouring is always so perfect! I'm new to digital art and when I colour, it looks fine on my laptop but on my phone/home computer it is VERY over saturated. I tried calibrating my laptop but I got nothing. Your art from my phone to my laptop is relatively the same (a lil duller on my computer but I figure that's just the size adjustment of the resolution) so I was wondering what you do to get your colour so perfect? What resolution and dpi do you use?? Thanks! Love your art❤️❤️

Thank you! :) I’m not entirely sure but I guess the phone screen shows the actuall colours, at least I read it somewhere, or maybe heard… Anyway, I calibrated my laptop at the beginning too because the colours were really weird. I think the graphic card is also important but I’m not an expert at those so I won’t help you. When I was buying my laptop, which is super old now, I asked about something that would allow me to see colours pretty accurately for art stuff. I use approximately (it changes all the time) 4000x5000 px (or A3, A4) canvases with 300dpi, though I know other artists go for 460dpi. But it’s important in case you want to print your art, it doesn’t affect the way the colours look like on your computer screen (at least I think so xD). I save my drawings in png format for better quality.
I’m sorry I can’t help you more. Maybe there are smarter people who can give you any advice?

In honor of me having more than 50 lovely followers, have a 2.3 k word Drarry oneshot!

Note: this oneshot was posted in my kinda embarrassing Wattpad acc a few weeks ago so it’s kinda weird. No smut or angst. Mostly fluff! This happens during their Hogwarts days with Amortentia (need I say more?). A lil bit of Snape bc he’s the prof, a lil bit of Hermione bc she’s perfection and the rest are supporting characters. 

P.S. All the love to @julietsemophase @dreamydrarry @sprout2012 @whimsically-whimsical @accio-malfoy @oh-my-drarry @fangirl383 @goldentruth813 @cremebunny and all the other baesss <3 this is for you!

P.P.S. The italicized stuff arent italicized, sorry! Hope this doesn’t confuse anyone!

Harry Potter couldn’t help but despise the Classroom of Suffering, the room Hermione and most people called the Potions classroom. The Boy Who Lived certainly did not make the list of ‘most people.’ To begin with, nothing, he thought, could ever make this classroom bearable. Also, he noted that the cold dungeon, the dreaded classroom’s location, was horribly dark, musty, and underlit. Every time he entered the room, he could feel a particular uncomfortable  prickling sensation on his arms—as if all the light in the world was gone. If there was one thing that was sure, it was that Harry especially hated his Potions class because of the fact that a certain nasty Slytherin professor and a group of Slytherin students kept barging into his already chaotic life.

“Potter!” Professor Snape struck a hand on a student’s table noisily, glaring poisonously at him. The Gryffindor students flinched, to which the Slytherin students snickered.

Harry was brought out of his trance almost immediately. Merlin, couldn’t Snape give him a break? He groaned inwardly, but held Snape’s gaze with the same amount of viciousness.

The professor walked towards Harry’s seat at the last row. All the Gryffindor students he passed shifted their seats slightly away from the biased professor.

“Tell me, Potter,” he said sneeringly. “Do you think of my class as a joke?”

The green eyed boy grimaced. If he said something, Gryffindor would surely lose at least ten points. If he didn’t, he’d lose House points just the same.

He looked away to see Hermione shake her head in disapproval.

He decided to answer anyway. Points would be lost either way. With his steady gaze, he said coolly, “No, sir.”

Snape raised an eyebrow menacingly. “Is that so?”

“Yes, sir,” he replied, now glaring murderously. His fists were balled at his side, and they were turning into a pale white color.

Some students sighed audibly at the exchange.

“Then why,” Snape bellowed, “aren’t you paying attention, Mr. Potter?”

Now, even Harry flinched. “I don't—”

“Ten points from Gryffindor,” Professor Snape said, walking back to the front of the class. “I would appreciate if incompetent and bigoted students pay attention during my class.”

The Slytherin students grinned maliciously at Harry, Hermione, and the others. They ignored their taunts diligently.

“Now, I will pair you all up. One Slytherin student with one Gryiffindor student,” said the professor, flicking his wand in the direction of the whiteboard. Only one word appeared: Amortentia.

Harry rolled his eyes contemptuously.

Slytherin. It didn’t matter if it was Amortentia; he’d be partnered with a Slytherin. They had expressed their extreme dislike for Harry more times than he could count.

Apparently, he was the only one who felt this way. Girls sighed dreamily at the prospect of being able to brew the most powerful love potion in the world. Guys laughed and grinned. The room was filled with loud chatter and excited whispers, even if they realized that they had to brew the potion with someone from another House.

“Silence!” Snape shouted.

When the students quieted down, he said coldly with his steely gaze, “Remember that no one is allowed to drink from the potion they’ve brewed. Take only a whiff of it and note down your observations—ten inches of parchment by tomorrow. If any student is foolish enough to attempt to drink it, be my guest. Expect never to pass the NEWTs in Potions. Brew it correctly and pass. But brew it wrongly, and suffer the consequences.”

Snape’s eyes scanned the room wildly, waiting for anyone to say anything. At that, all the students looked anywhere but at Snape’s cold black eyes.

Harry stared at the potions set in front of him, wondering if Snape would again try to shame him.

“Malfoy!” said the professor loudly, jerking everyone back to reality.

“Yes, sir?” said Malfoy condescendingly, looking pointedly at Harry.

“With Potter!” he ordered, pointing to the empty seat beside him since Ron was out sick today.

“What, sir? But—” Harry protested weakly.

“Scared, Potter?” Malfoy interrupted loudly and smirked.

Snape, he thought bitterly, didn’t even bat an eyelash in their direction. The moody professor continued to bark the pairings at random. Hermione ended up being paired with the toad-like Millicent Bulstrode, Neville was paired with the mysterious Blaise Zabini, Dean was with Draco’s minion, Crabbe while Seamus was with the other minion, Goyle. The other Gryfinddor students were paired with the people Harry was less familiar with.

Harry glared. “You wish, Malfoy. Let’s just get this bloody potion over with. Personally, I don’t want detention today.”

The Slytherin boy sat down on the seat beside him and scanned his book. “Says the boy who can’t even make a simple sleeping potion,” Malfoy sneered. “Hand me the chopped ingredients. I’ll do everything else. Don’t touch anything. You’re a walking disaster, and I don’t want to fail Potions, got it, Potter?”

The Gryffindor boy didn’t reply. He sulkily went to the supplies cupboard near the blackboard and gathered the ingredients—with the help of Hermione, of course.

There were long shelves filled with a wide array of ingredients and containers. There were eyeballs, feathers, powdery substances, plant extracts, and many many more. The sight made Harry dizzy. He remembered more than ever why he hated Potions class.

“Hermione, which ingredients do we need again?” Harry whispered, looking quickly through the shelves absentmindedly. “I’m just rubbish at Potions.”

“Oh, Harry.” Hermione plucked a couple of jars from the top shelf—one for her and Millicent and another set for Harry.

“Here. Don’t let Malfoy get to you,” she murmured, giving him the jars and equipment as well. “Good luck, Harry,” she said supportively, smiling a little and squeezing his arm.

“I’ll try. Thanks, Hermione,” said Harry gratefully. He had a feeling he truly needed it. Nobody could push his buttons more than Malfoy. With him around, Harry needed a lot of patience or things would get ugly faster than he could say Wingardium Leviosa.

When Harry got back, the blonde haired boy had already started a small fire below the small potion cauldron. Malfoy read concentratedly with his back straight and two elbows propped delicately on the table. Without looking at Harry, Malfoy said, “Took you long enough, Potter. I was wondering what happened to your sorry self in the supplies cabinet.”

The black haired boy gritted his teeth but said nothing. No, he thought determinedly, I will not lose any more House points. Ignoring Malfoy, he opened his Potions book and followed the exact instructions for how to slice each ingredient to perfection.

“Impressive,” whispered Malfoy at some point when he thought Harry couldn’t hear.

Harry lost track of time while he finished with the ingredients. Quietly, he pushed the tray of ingredients towards Malfoy.

Malfoy looked at the ingredients incredulously. He looked ready to say something rude but decided against it. Even he knew they looked just about okay. So he put the ingredients in one by one, following the exact instructions.

Soon enough, Harry and Draco’s potion was finished. Surprisingly, they had finished first. The room was filled with the sweet smell of whatever that certain person desired the most; in fact, the other pairs couldn’t concentrate properly. It took another one of Snape’s yells to keep the room quiet.

Both Draco and Harry’s eyes were fixated on the sheen of the potion, and their noses were practically stuffed inside the small cauldron.

“I can’t smell a thing!” claimed Harry. “Your bloody perfume’s clogging my airway, Malfoy!”

Harry had had it with politeness. He tried so hard, only to be let down by the supposed king of Potions.

What a waste, he thought.

“Easy for you to say, Potter! I’m practically drowning in the scent of your shampoo!” Draco crinkled his nose in disgust.

“This must mean you’ve gotten the potion wrong!” Harry taunted loudly.

Now, their classmates had stopped making their respective potions to watch the fight.

“Like hell I did, Potter! I followed all the instructions and you know it! Tell me exactly who didn’t slice the ingredients properly!” the other boy retorted angrily.

“Merlin’s beard, Malfoy! I did everything right this time and you know it!”

“Maybe if you hadn’t doused that evergreen shampoo of yours all over your hair then I would be able to properly smell it!”

“Well, maybe if you hadn’t poured a whole bottle of lavender perfume on yourself today, I’d be able to smell it too!”


“Mr. Potter! Mr. Malfoy!” Snape barked suddenly, whirling towards their station. His jet black cloak billowed as he strode.

If looks could kill, Professor Snape would’ve killed Harry a million times over already. “Potter,” snarled Snape, “would you like to give me another reason to deduct House points? My class is no playground.”

The angry professor conveniently “forgot” to reprimand Malfoy. Harry enviously snuck a glance at the other boy, who looked away. He wanted more than anything to punch the boy’s his pale face.

Snape chose this moment to look at Malfoy, who looked back meekly. “Try smelling the potion again, Mr. Malfoy. Try not to disrupt my class again, Potter,” he said.

Harry grumbled a string of curse words angrily. Why was Malfoy never reprimanded by Snape? Damn Slytherins, he thought in annoyance. It wasn’t only his fault!

“Potter,” Malfoy said irritably, tapping his fingers lightly on the table.

“Shut up.”


“Go away, for Merlin’s sake!”

“No, you don’t understand,” Malfoy said exasperatedly. At this, Harry looked at him expectantly. “I—”

“I what, Malfoy? I suppose you want to make me look more like a fool,” he said sarcastically, glaring.

“Oh, whatever, Potter. Just sniff the bloody potion again, why don’t you?”


A thought just occured to Draco Malfoy—something so strange to the point of outrage, but it was a thought nonetheless. As he had stood there bickering with Potter, he realized that Harry could smell his lavender perfume even if he hadn’t worn perfume today. The mere thought of that made Draco’s stomach churn wildly, and his pale cheeks blush furiously.

Bloody hell, he’d really rather not think about it.

He stole a glance at the Boy Who Lived inconspicuously; Harry was still looking at the potion in confusion.

Potter is as dense as a rock as usual, he thought in satisfaction. It was a thought that comforted him. Surely, Harry wouldn’t ever realize—realize that Draco fancied—


Absolutely not, he chided himself. Anyone but Potter. Impossible.

He wanted to scream out in frustration. Why Potter, you idiot? You’re a Malfoy!

But in consolation, at least, based on logic, Harry seemed to fancy—


He took a deep breath. He knew that he could never look at Harry the same way again for the rest of his life. For that, he cursed the inventors of Amortentia. Why did he have to smell Harry’s evergreen shampoo?

His heart was pounding in his chest. The scent of evergreen was still there mocking Draco—taunting him. But now, he could smell other things, although they were much fainter and lighter. He could smell the library in the Malfoy Manor, his favorite snacks that the house elves always made for him, and many other things.

Let Snape dismiss class, he wished. It was the first time that he wanted to get away from Potions.

“I think…,” Harry murmured mostly to himself. “I think I smell something.”

Then, thankfully, Snape dismissed the class. Draco packed up his things and walked faster than ever, bolting past Crabbe, Goyle, and the others, who looked at him strangely. Once he was in the hallway again, he started to breath normally.

His thoughts and feelings were still running wild. He didn’t know if he was supposed to be happy Harry fancied him or disgusted because he liked him as well.

At least nobody else suspected anything was up, he thought in relief.

But he spoke too soon.

A few feet in front of him, Granger was talking to Potter consolingly. Granger, he noticed, looked a bit distressed, but tried not to show it. It alarmed Draco because he knew that if she knew and she told him, it would lead to embarrassment. Forever.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said to him reassuringly. “I’m sure there was just a minor problem with your brewing.”

“But Hermione, I was so sure I got it right this time! Maybe—”

“It’s nothing, Harry. Just write down what you smelled,” she said slowly. Staring at Draco, who was watching the conversation unfold, she said firmly, “It will work out in the end, I promise. One of these days, something… surprisingly good will happen.”

It was a good thing Harry was looking the other way or he would’ve noticed Draco staring. Granger saved me the trouble of having to explain everything.

Then, Granger tugged Harry’s arm and they went on their way to their next class.

One of these days, he would thank Granger. And Harry for being a daft idiot sometimes.

Also, he realized, that if he wanted something—anything at all—to change with him and Harry, he had to act immediately. And he would. It was as if he was a Seeker and the Snitch was buzzing around his ear again—all he had to do was catch it and everything would be his.

“Draco?” Crabbe interrupted curiously. “Are you all right?”

The boy nodded, his haughty facade showing. “Of course, I’m fine! What do you think, Crabbe? Where is Goyle anyway?”

“Here,” the other boy mumbled.

“Let’s go then!” Draco said impatiently. “I don’t want to be late for class. I don’t have time for you two and your nonsense.”

As he walked with Crabbe and Goyle, he wanted nothing more than to stop and think. But of course, he couldn’t.

But maybe someday it would really work out, as Granger had put it. He didn’t want to say the word but he had a feeling that love quite possibly could be on its way.


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This anon almost got arrested tonight >;) Don't worry, it was just some teenage scandal. But I was thinking about wincest and cops and then serial killer au... And yeah! If you wanna take a request that would be mine. :D

im so tempted to ask what you did hOWEVER ohoh i have a serial killer au already, and whee boy is it dark;;

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Companions React to SS wanting Necrophiliac sex where SS wants them to pretend to be dead while SS is fucking them. (If you don't wanna do it, I understand. Disturbing kink is disturbing.)

Disturbing Kink is indeed disturbing, anon.

Let us sin.

Cait: being into a lot of kinky shit, Cait’s up for giving it ago, although it seems a little weird to her she keeps an open mind. She doesn’t like having to stay completely silent and still while Sole fucks her they way she likes it, she’d prefer to moan in ecstasy and move her body with theirs, doubling the pleasure. It’s alright though, something she can cross off the list. Probably wouldn’t do it again though, although she’s happy to say she gave it a try in the end.

Curie: Totally fascinated with the idea and would never say no to a good fucking from Sole, although she does have to ask why exactly Sole wants to pretend their Curie is dead. Like Cait, Curie wants to try it the once at least, although feels extremely uncomfortable not being able to move or moan with Sole’s every move, every so often Curie will let out a little whimper, a slight “UH” as Sole pleasured her. Afterwards she’s ultimately a little confused and wants to research more into what drives a fetish such as this

Danse: He hates to disappoint but initially has to decline, he’s trying to get used to himself and his feelings, he feels this would be too much of jumping straight in at the deep end. However… eventually gives it a try and is completely absorbed by it, he quite likes that he has to do nothing but lie there, still and relaxed as Sole rides him like a bike. 

Deacon: “Ehh… why not?” Deacon sided on the might as well give it a go. Sole tell him their fantasy and Deacon disappears, reappearing within an hour, perfectly disguised as a fresh dead corpse

Scenario 1: Sole is in awe of Deacon’s effort, never being more turned on in their life they jump at him, making love to his face with her tongue as Deacon tries to regain his balance. In Sole’s sexual desire fuelled vigorous assault on Deacon, they leave him with several pulled muscles and a very sore “little Deacon.” 

Scenario 2: Deacon had done such a perfect job with the make-up it actually made Sole jump out of their skin, after telling him it’s a bit “ott” all Deacon has to do is remove a little before Sole’s lust returns with fiery exuberance.

Hancock: Looking like death personified, who else could be better for a nice bit of freaky fetish sex? When Hancock agreed, Sole almost jumped him on the spot “Woahh… woah, hold on love… at least wait for me to get my boots off ;)” Hancock lay still on the bed, hands behind his head as if he were sunbathing, he was in heaven as Sole went of the offensive, riding him like their own personal toy. Hancock loved every blissful second, kinky ass lil ghoul couldn’t get enough of Sole’s ass riding his “Zombie like” body over and over throughout the night.

MacCready: Loved being a sub and the kinky lifestyle that came with it, but this was just a little too out of his comfort zone. He deliberated for a great while after Sole initially asked, but had reservations. Sole took it slow and tried not to freak Mac out while going at it. While it got Mac to what he needed, he didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as say Hancock would.

Nick: Can’t really help Sole out on this one, him not being of he flesh. However… Nick could satisfy Sole’s mechanical needs, a good machine fucking was something right up Nick’s alley, and it was a good substitute as Nick pounded Sole with his mechanical manhood into the early hours of morning, long enough for the rising sun to shoot through the slits in the shack as Nick’s motor ran at full speed. 

Piper: Where she may go along with it for Blue, her internal monologue is more along the lines of “Oh my god Blue… nooo, no, no…. whyy am I going along with this??? God this is so wrong…” Usually Piper is in nirvana when her and Blue make love, but this? Corpse fucking was not something she was particularly into, even with a kinky side this was a bit too much for Piper. Sole felt Piper’s discomfort with the idea as they got ready for bed and instead, to make it up to her they left her office, then returned five minutes later with some Power Noodles and a couple of Nuka Cherrys and then got cosy under the blankets with each other for their night time snack. Not what Sole had originally had in but they preferred this was a million times better than Piper being freaked out.

Preston: (Can anyone imagine Preston being cool with necrophelia? I’m curious as to how far people will think he’d go with kink) This cinnamon roll of a man wouldn’t object to giving it a go when Sole asked if they’d like to try… on the condition Sole would gag, blindfold and tie him to the bedposts, hell if they were going to get kinky Preston may as well get a couple more carnal desires in their with Sole’s. A night of debauchery ensued, but Preston savoured every last heavenly moment.

X6-88: The synth in a constant presence of death jumped at the idea. On the condition Sole also pretend to be dead, he was on board 100% and couldn’t wait to fuck/ get fucked by a “dead” Sole. He may have been a synth but jeez could he get horny, with the stamina of a machine Sole was in for a long, rough and exhilerating ride with X6 both at the helm and on Sole’s helm.

Sorry this one took a while, I’ve not had much time today and it was surprisingly hard to come up with a situation for some compaions. Piper didn’t go along with as I could just not see her being into it. Codsworht, Dogmeant and strong were not included for the obvious reasons. I hope you enjoy, guys! :D

Headcanon: Things don't go as planned

What if one day while the gang’s just by the lockers, waiting for each other to finish getting their stuff, Gogo opens hers only to find a neatly wrapped chocolate bar all snug between some textbooks. Tadashi notices but instead of teasing her he’s just really curious as to who could have given it to her but he doesnt wanna ask ‘cause although he’s so suave, when it comes to Gogo he just can’t play cool.  The rest of the gang tease her for a bit but it quickly dies down. ((But deep deep deep deep very deep down Gogo didn’t really want it to stop 'cause she slightly enjoyed the idea of someone admiring her)) 

So they’ve finally settled down at a pizza place and everyone’s just chatting and being lively as always, when Gogo just casually brings the chocolate out of her bag, trying to do it as naturally as possible so as to not attract attention. She’s been super preoccupied with it and just really wants to know who gave it to her but of course she still makes it seem like she could really care less about it. Frustrated by how much it seems to be affecting her, she finally tears it open and bites like half of it. As she munches on it, she notices how Honey Lemon eats her pizza. She nibbles on it in such a reserved manner and licks her lips from time to time. Apparently, Tadashi also notices this and points it out. The gang starts laughing at how cute Honey is though she doesn’t really understand what’s so funny. 

Gogo doesn’t know why, but she starts feeling a bit bothered. (It’s jealousy, bish) Inadvertently, she starts controlling the way she eats the chocolate. She starts breaking off a tiny piece and pops it into her mouth. This time she munches on it much slower. 

In her mind she thinks she’s pulled off something seductive like this:

When in reality, it’s really just like this:

Much to her dismay, no one really notices her efforts and so she drops the act. As she’s about to devour the last piece whole, a hand from behind nabs it from her. It turns out to be Hiro. He scrutinizes it before finally saying “Still needs a bit work, huh?”. Everyone’s just like Ohh that explains it. Ofc it couldn’t have been love chocolate

Gogo starts feeling stupid for ever expecting it to come from an admirer, when it was just for little Hiro’s experiment all along. She lets it out by devouring at least half a box of pizza

Meanwhile Hiro’s just like: I could’ve made her a much tastier pizza…”

His original plan:

Hiro: *nabs the chocolate from behind her*

Gogo: “HEY!!I–”

Hiro: “You like my present?” *playful grin*

Gogo: Damn, WAIT, that was cute…

As they’re about to leave, Gogo and Honey Lemon stand up to go to the washroom. Tadashi notices a note that falls from Gogo’s lap. It reads “A little something I’ve been working hard on, you’re a really tough and cool girl and all so you deserve special treats from time to time. Enjoy! - Hiro

Tadashi’s like, ”you little rascal, it WAS admiration chocolate!“ He hesitates over giving it to Gogo 'cause that would mean additional points for Hiro in her book, and we wouldn’t want that now would we, Tadashi?  but then again, this was Hiro’s invention - he prolly worked on it 'til it was perfection itself. He couldn’t be an ass about it unfortunately

While everyone’s all walking back to campus, Tadashi casually strides next to Gogo and whisper-mumbles to her super fast, ”Pst, it-wasn’t-obligatory-chocolate-it-was-the-real-deal-Hiro’s-just-too-chicken-to-say-it-out-properly.“ Gogo’s all, ”wait, what???“ 

Then he kinda just walks as far away from her as possible, all badass and evil-grinning like

HAH You ain’t never findin’ out bishhh

'Course, he couldn’t intentionally sabotage his lil bro…

….but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t find a loophole, amarayt? ;D 


March 2016 Horoscopes
  • Aries: Allow yourself a long weekend on March 10th, when several planets in Pisces will lull you into sitting still.. You'll need the rest, because by the end of the month the sun and Mercury will join Uranus in your sign, and once again the chase for adrenaline will be on. Venus is passing through your solar eleventh house of friendships and group activities, so there is really no way you can avoid meeting some new kindred spirits. On March 7th the moon and venus and the moon will join forces in the same spot to help you connect with your new BFF. Venus and Neptune will be in Pisces when they collide on March 20th, and since venus rules money and neptune isnt too keen on details, you'll need to keep a vigilant eye on your money situation. Be careful not to misplace cash, cards, checks, even gift cards, and please, frequently check your balances. The Lunar eclipse on March 23rd will occur in your solar eleventh house of one to one relationships with Libra. Now, this lunation means business, so you might need to make your point forcefully, for the very last time.
  • Taurus: An unexpected invitation to a party or outdoor gathering will probably arrive around March 15th, and you really should go. An easy trine will be formed by Jupiter and Pluto on March 16, and in your case, this is really good news! Both planets will be in earth signs like your own, which are well known for sensuality, and remember, jupiter is still in your solar fifth house of lovers? If you've been thinking of applying to a higher position in your current company, venus will be happy to help. Schedule a chat with your boss NOW. Mercury and venus will get together this month in Pisces, and since both are in your solar 11th house of groups and friendships; an introduction around march 14th could put you face to face with someone sexy who is older or younger than yourself by at least a few years.
  • Gemini: Venus and Aquarius and your solar ninth house of travel and education will absolutely insist that you broaden your horizons this month. Make a spontaneous long distance trip? Maybe new classes to master a computer system? It doesnt matter as long as it feeds your curious mind and spirit. The sun and mercury will set off for your solar eleventh house of friendships on March 19th and 21st, and they'll be joined by fiery aries. This could mean that fireworks will fly and amid a group of friends you're keeping company with, or even that someone you've only thought of platonically will be suddenly quite appealing. Money matters may be a bit confusing this month, especially if you've been working towards a raise, bonus, or promotion and it just isnt happening. Mercury and Pisces are in your solar tenth house of career matters. Get the facts straight before you burn any bridges. Something could be in the works for you behind the scenes. On March 20th, venus will collide with neptune. This is a very romantic team, so you might just run into the love of your life, and it might be a higher-up or superior. On the other hand, you may cross paths with someone who seems perfect at first glance...keep your guard up around them..
  • Cancer: There may be a bit of travel on your agenda this month; Venus, Mercury, Neptune, and then sun will spend a lot of time in your solar ninth house teamed up with nostalgic pisces. If a relationship hasn't been going too well lately, you might decide to terminate it around march 4th or 5th, but before you do, make sure it's what you really want to do. If things have been a big shaky in your financial life recently, you can expect that to end--or at least get a whole lot easier. By the end of the month, all those planets in aquarius will leave your solar eighth house of joint money matters. Your ruling planet, the moon, has two eclipses for this month, both of which will be tricky for all of us to handle. So if you're out of wack around march 8th and 23rd, force yourself to relax and take some time alone to think things over.
  • Leo: Venus will enter in your solar house of shared finances, loans, and inheritances on March 12th, paired with Pisces; a sign that's not so great with details. If you need to sign papers, have someone who knows what they're doing look them over first. Don't allow yourself to be rushed. The eighth house also rules intimate relationships, Leo, so Venus's journey through here could have quit the upside to it. Pisces planets dissolve boundaries. March 26th in particular will bring you a great big dose of it. Jupiter will get together will pluto on March 16th, urging you to think about a management or supervisory position. If you're trained and prepared for it, wonderful. If not, don't jump into anything that won't end well. Two eclipses this month could mean you're due for some great, but changes you weren't expecting, but don't panic! Change is good for the soul, and it certainly makes things interesting. A certain higherup may throw a huge project your way and want it done yesterday.
  • Virgo: Mars will take off for sagittarius and your solar fourth house of home and family matters on march 5th, Virgo, so the pace of life at your place will pick up--big time. By march 13th, the sun, venus, and mercury will all join neptune in Pisces in your solar seventh house. You have propensity for seeing the best in others and wanting to fix them, but on march 14th a situation with authority figures could come up and you won't be able to do anything for a loved one. Don't beat yourself up. Venus will be on duty in your solar sixth house of work and work oriented relationships until march 12th. If you left things on a less than pleasant terms with a coworker or friend, you'll have the chance to make things right. March 14th may be problematic for you, don't be surprised if a child or other family member has a whole lot of complaining to do.
  • Libra: Venus in aquarius will remain on duty in your solar fifth house until march 12th, which is where all kinds of fun things happen. This house describes your playmates and lovers and also your dealings with kids. You can count on a lot of spontaneous good times! If you're not seeing anyone at the moment, that could change, quickly. Your ruling planet, Venus, is making her way through your solar fifth house, and so is aquarius. Needless to say, someone quite unusual could be along shortly, under odd or unusual circumstances. On March 16th, jupiter will form a trine with pluto, and when these two combine talents, all kinds of things are possible. Pluto brings career matters, and jupiter is more than happy to provide lots of opportunities for promotions, not to mention entirely new work. Two eclipses will occur this month, so be prepared. March 8th(the first eclipse) will drop an emotional bomb in your solar sixth house of work, which could mean you'll decide that you hate your job and it isn't worth it anymore. Just be sure to have a backup plan before you storm off in hurricane Libra.
  • Scorpio: You will have your share of adrenaline on or around march 14th. If someone tries to lure you into a no-win debate, just walk away. You're probably getting used to having people come your way who are strays or outcasts, and maybe even animals in the same condition. Neptune has been on duty in your 5th house for a while now, encouraging you to let in the strays and take care of the underdog. That's cute, and we appreciate your effort, but try not to let someone take advantage of you this month. Saturn has entered your solar second house of personal money matters; it's definitely time to take your belt in a few notches(be a lil more frugal). Two eclipses are due this month. The first, march 8th, will plant a supercharged seed of new beginnings in your solar fifth house of lovers, playmates, and dealings with kids. If you've been trying to conceive, prepare for some happy news. On March 23rd, the lunar eclipse will occur in libra and you solar second house of finances, and you may need to collect on a debt.
  • Sagittarius: Mars is set to take off for your sign march 5th, so you're sure to have plenty of energy. You'll probably find yourself craving adrenaline, action, and adventure. Hang on for a little while, and you'll certainly have it. Exciting invitations will be abound! Finding playmates is never hard for you, but this month you're due to come across some really unusual types who might just show you a thing or two about enjoying life. Look to march 2nd for someone really different to cross your path. A meeting with an advisor on march 1st will get your month off to a terrific start. If you're thinking of investing, have someone who knows what they're doing go over the paperwork. Jupiter might just bring you some amazing news on march 16th. March 30th and 31st could be a bit problematic, especially if someone close to you has a rather fiery temperature. You're usually quite good at smoothing things over, either with humor or a philosophical point of view, or both. If they seem more volatile than usual, just stay out of it. Not your circus, not your monkeys.
  • Capricorn: It might not be easy for you to relax this month, capricorn, but thanks to the solar eclipse in Pisces on March 8th, you'll be more than ready to speak your mind without filtering out anything via a two second delay. On March 14th, if you want to make up with your s/o it will require an all out admitting that yes, YOU were wrong. Venus and Mercury will make their way through your solar third house of communications, all done up in pisces. Now this could be tough to deal with if you're trying to balance your monthly bills. If you're trying to change careers, you'll have the perfect planetary envoy. Two eclipses will occur this month, and while neither of them will be in your sign their effects will still be quite potent. On march 23rd, the solar eclipse will shake things up in your tenth house of career matters, don't allow yourself to be taken advantage of.
  • Aquarius: You'll have an opportunity to take off with an interesting friend on March 2nd, and one never knows where you two might end up, but it'll certainly be fun. You might also decide that being just friends with them isn't enough. A lunar eclipse will arrive on March 23rd, done up in Libra. This lunation will take place in your solar ninth house of long lost lovers, so if you suddenly have the urge to see them again, no matter how far away they are from you, think before you hop on a plane and definitely call first. The solar eclipse on March 8th will shake things up in your solar second house of money matters. You might lose your wallet, your cards, or even your cash. Don't agree to any financial obligations. Settle a nagging debt instead. On March 20th, venus will conjoin neptune, both of them in Pisces. This could add up to love at first sight, but it might also mean that someone is sending you mixed signals and you're none too pleased about it. Your mission is to stay calm, ask pointed questions, and let them know you expect pointed answers.
  • Pisces: Your solar first house of personality and appearance is going to get stampeded with planets, so you probably won't get much sleep this month, but you'll definitely have the chance to relax with those closest to you. Venus will tiptoe into your sign on March 12th. If single, someone quite romantic will come to you. Just be sure you're seeing them clearly. If you're attached, you can count on your partner to be sympathetic, understanding, and helpful. If you're after a loan and looking for quick approval, set up your appointment on March 16th or 17th. Jupiter in your solar seventh house of one to one relationships will provide you with someone benevolent and helpful to give you a hand with the details and thorough, practical pluto in capricorn will see to it that the authorities in charge are quite cooperative. A lunar eclipse with libra will arrive on March 23rd, and along with a square between saturn and jupiter, this eclipse might bring along some fireworks in the relationship department. Try to keep a cool head.