if you don't think this friendship is perfect you are wrong

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can I request just some the classic larry fics that are well loved/hyped? I don't really have any specific preferences but I just read Young and Beautiful for the first time and am dying to read more ! xx

I’m hoping you haven’t already read these - these are some of my favourites as well as the fandom favourites! 

Here You Go:

 Fading by tothemoonmydear [ 32/32 | English | 202,393 ] ***

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

Baby Heaven’s In Your Eyes by theboyfriendstagram [ 24/24 | English | 120,925 ] ***

Or a sixth form!AU where Harry is the fucked up bad boy with too many problems, Louis is the perfect rich boy with too much money and their schools are right across from each other. They meet at a party and that’s the last (and maybe the only) thing they need.

Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose by dolce_piccante [ 6/6 | English | 112,853 ] ***

American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers). Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football. A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end?

We’ll Play Hide And Seek To Turn This Around ( Give Me Love Like Never Before ) by Wankerville (aka. Strawberry Milk Fic - read the whole series) [ 1/1 | English | 19,621 ] ***

Or an au where Harry paints his nails and drinks strawberry milk and is too nervous for it to be nothing and Louis’ just trying to figure out whats wrong with him.

Unbelievers by isthatyoularry [ 10/10 | English | 136,875 ] ***

Or: The one where Louis and Harry definitely aren’t friends, and football is everything.

Love Is A Rebellious Bird by 100percentsassy, gloria_andrews [ 12/12 | English | 134,891 ] 

AU in which the boys still make music. Louis is the concertmaster of the London Symphony Orchestra, Harry is the New! and Exciting! interim conductor/ex-cello prodigy who “has made Mozart cool again” according to Esquire Magazine (Louis hates him immediately, which is definitely why he internet stalked him in his dark bedroom late at night that one time), and Niall is the best. Zayn and Liam are around too.

Gods & Monsters by Velvetoscar [ 20/20 | English | 201,354 ] ***

The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Harry Styles. Not once did they discuss the option of Louis actually falling in love. So, naturally, that’s exactly what he did.

I hope these are okay! - Enjoy and Happy Reading! :) 

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Mary Watson as a character absolutely ruined BBC Sherlock. I hope one day you may read the books of ACD and truly appreciate the characters of Holmes and Watson. I have no intention of being rude, but am just baffled how anyone can so misinterpret two of literatures most loved characters.

{{Mary Watson as a character absolutely ruined BBC Sherlock.}}

Such a shame that you think that a great and interesting woman character ruined your interpretation of Sherlock. Even with yer preconceived notion that Sherlock and Watson were gay and in love, I think you could have still enjoyed MG and SM version of Mary Watson. Mary brought love into John’s life and made him happy when he was sadly mourning Sherlock’s death. She gave him a beautiful daughter and most importantly, she became best friends with Sherlock too.

That is the most important part because up until then, Sherlock was the only close and trusted friend that John had (yes Stamford was his friend too but not on the scale of what Sherlock became to John) Mary liked Sherlock instantly and Sherlock liked Mary instantly as well. 

Sherlock knew that Mary was not perfect and that when he read her that she was a liar and keeping secrets but Sherlock had just come off 2 years of lying to his best friend and was still keeping secrets so who was Sherlock to judge when he himself was far from innocent. Sherlock could see that Mary made John happy and Sherlock knew that John needed and deserved to be happy, especially after faking his death and coming back to life.

For John to have Mary in his life at that time was the best possible thing that kept the Holmes and Watson friendship going, she saved that friendship because she knew how much they needed each other, she knew how important that friendship was to each of those men. The addition of Mary Morstan to the Holmes and Watson orbit was not about dividing these best friends, it was about enhancing it, about helping it grow to the next level, which was the brotherly bond that Sherlock and John had.

It was Mary who saved that friendship not once, but twice.

It’s all fine and good you think Sherlock and John were in love, I wouldn’t tell you that yer wrong. If that is yer interpretation of these two characters then, awesome. BUT that shouldn’t cloud yer judgement and enjoyment of the character of Mary Watson because even in the ACD canon stories Sherlock liked Mary. And in BBC Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes loved and protected Mary Morstan Watson. She was his 2nd best friend and they had a bond that was totally real because they both understood each other.

They were very much flawed but they wanted to be better people and they became better people because they had one common denominator, and that was their love for John Watson. And both of them lied and did things to protect John from their truths. They didn’t judge each other and they didn’t have impossible expectations of what a friendship was supposed to be. Sherlock and Mary did the best they could. That is why their friendship worked perfectly.

{{I hope one day you may read the books of ACD and truly appreciate the characters of Holmes and Watson.}}

Honestly I probably won’t ever read the books. My husband who is a huge fanboy of Sherlock Holmes on the scale of the Mofftiss, tried to get me into Sherlock LONG ago but failed. I only became interested in watching Sherlock when I fell in love with Benedict and then fell in love with the BBC version of Sherlock. The writing, the setting of London, the actors that use their talents to bring these wonderful characters to life. The BBC version of Sherlock is the only version I’d ever be into. Fingers cross we will get S5 because S4 was AH-mazing! and I loved every minute of it and I’d love to see them expand on Eurus and explore more of the Holmes Family narrative. I’d love to see John and Rosie interact more, I’d love to see Irene Adler make a surprise appearance and cause some playful trouble for Sherlock AND I want to see how the Molly and Sherlock dynamic continues, now that we know they both love each other. I’d like to see where that love takes them..

{{I have no intention of being rude,but am just baffled how anyone can so misinterpret two of literature’s most loved characters.}}

Anon, no rudeness taken! But I believe you are confusing interpretation with truth. The version of Holmes and Watson, YOUR interpretation is that you believe they are and have always been in love. That they are gay and that is the way ACD wrote them to be, gay on the down low because back then homosexuality was not acceptable. Well, the truth is, ACD modeled these 2 men after people he knew in his real life. And gave them personality traits of the people he knew in that life. We don’t know what the truth was about them. All ACD gave us was the stories of 2 men and their ridiculous adventures and it’s up to the reader on how they want to view this 100+ year old relationship between the world’s only consulting detective and a doctor who became his trusted confidant and documenter of their adventures together.

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If I could talk to Viktor

…In chapter 3 of OBSABH, I’d have a few things I’d want to say to that boy grown man. He’s got his head in the clouds and a bit of good Northern straight talking would do him a lot of good. Here goes:

Listen to Yakov. He is wise.

Listen to Chris. He is wise.

“Well he stayed the night and didn’t leave until the morning, that’s something at least”.
Oh just you wait until next time, Viktor…

“Viktor, what were you honestly expecting to come of this?”
Marriage, actually.

“If Yuuri wouldn’t talk to him through words maybe he would listen another way instead”
Well yes, he might, but to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t put money on it.

“This was Yuuri reaching out, offering - if not the hand of friendship - then the hand of good sportsmanship at the least”
About time. I mean, I love that boy but he does behave like a dick sometimes.

”…the little niggling voice in the back of his mind that he usually ignored was screaming at him to think and wonder why exactly Yuuri Katsuki was kissing him in a corridor with no warning or explanation whatsoever.”
Listen to the voice, Viktor. It is wise.

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I come across the word "love" between friends a lot in Shakespeare, and I always like how they can say they love each other in a platonic way. However, I've noticed that it's not uncommon among people I talk to to take this as a sign of romantic or sexual love. I don't want to be that guy and naively say that two men (it's usually men) aren't together, but I feel like I'd need more to go on. Am I wrong to think that these characters are more comfortable expressing platonic love more than we are?

The quick answer is yes. We know that in the early modern period (and before) men were more comfortable expressing their love for one another, because it was more socially acceptable to do so. It was completely normal for men to kiss, and hug each other in public, for instance. Shakespeare’s England was what is known as a ‘homosocial’ society, which is to say that (mostly non-sexual) same-sex relations between men were privileged socially, so for instance trade deals, and even marriages were often facilitated to improve the social relations between men.

This means, on some level, that there was a valorisation of same-sex relationships, and of perfect friendships, especially between men. The idea was that men, having a higher intellectual capacity than women(!), would be able to form a more perfect relationship with one another than a heterosocial relationship could ever achieve. In the language of the time (and before) these same-sex relationships were called ‘amity’, and you’ll find many examples of ‘perfect amity’ spoken of in contemporary literature if you look for it. 

The difficulty from a modern perspective is that these passionate relationships between men could be entirely non-sexual, but they could also include physical intimacy. For instance, in the case of Michel de Montaigne and Étienne de La Boétie, Montaigne explicitly denies ‘the license of the Greeks’ as ‘rightly abhorrent to our manner’, although he speaks ardently of his love for his friend. In Sir Thomas Elyot’s Boke named the Governour, on the other hand, there is the exemplary tale of amity which heavily implies that there is a sexual relationship between Titus and Gysippus, the two friends. There is the sense that friendship is treated as a spectrum up to and including physical intimacy; it simply isn’t as sharply distinguished as it is these days. But if we’re talking strictly Shakespeare, most depictions of male friendship tend to show the failures of amity because of relationships with women, because as a tradition it’s being displaced or because the nascent forces of capitalism are destroying the way generosity works. It’s not that Shakespeare doesn’t believe in same-sex relationships (far from it), it’s more that he doesn’t show much faith in the possibility of ‘perfect’ amity in a complex society (The Two Gentlemen of Verona and The Merchant of Venice are two of many examples).

What’s really remarkable about this period is the means by which these socially acceptable forms of homoerotic behaviour are distinguished from the illegal and morally problematised idea of ‘sodomy’. You see, most of the people engaging in same-sex intimacy would not have considered themselves sodomites, hence why James I could have eroticised relationships with his favourites while decrying sodomy and effeminacy. Sodomy was a narrow category that often treated the case of an older man forcing himself on a younger male of a similar social class (a master doing it to a servant was seldom legally challenged). Because of these various distinctions, and because of the blurry line separating friendship and sexual attraction there were remarkably few recorded legal cases of sodomy from the early modern period.

The basic contention in academia has been that sexual identity, like gender identity, is an ideological construct. It’s not that people don’t naturally experience sexual desire for someone who might be considered the same gender, it’s just the categorisation of such desires that is a social construct. So while it might not be correct to call an early modern person or character homosexual, by the same token, they can’t be called heterosexual either. 

I’m afraid that this won’t make things any easier for you if you’re trying to separate platonic relationships from sexual or romantic ones, because that enterprise is anachronistic by nature. But then it’s anachronistic on either side whether you’re trying to establish that two men are friends or lovers, since lovers can be friends (and to add to that the word ‘friend’ could mean lover). 

Rom-Com Starter List
  • Friendship:
  • "I'm not washing vomit out of your hair again."
  • "Who do I need to punch?"
  • "Don't worry, I covered for you."
  • "You're seriously going out in that?"
  • "I don't think one bottle is going to be enough."
  • "Oh my god! My eyes!"
  • "You started dancing in the middle of the street and you expected me to join in..."
  • "I can't believe he/she/they did that to you!"
  • "How do you suck so badly at this?"
  • "A toast! To the best friend in the universe."
  • Romance:
  • "I was trying to be sexy!"
  • "Are those for me?"
  • "Tonight was...perfect."
  • "You can't just kiss someone like that!"
  • "How do you even do that with your tongue?"
  • "I can't believe your Mom/Dad just walked in on that..."
  • "When I was a kid, I used to dream about meeting someone like you."
  • "Are you asking me out?"
  • "Is that a phone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
  • "I'm so sorry! I swear I don't usually vomit all over my dates."
  • "Did you just say that you love me?"
  • Enemies:
  • "Oh, you're going down."
  • "You look like shit. Is that the style now?"
  • "I can't believe that I ever thought you were a decent human being."
  • "Is that the best you can do."
  • "Oh no, you look great in that. My Grandma/Grandpa has something like that back home."
  • "If you take one more step..."
  • "How could you do that to me?!"
  • "I'm not apologizing."
  • "I can't do this anymore. I just can't."
  • "I don't hate you. That takes way too much energy."
  • "Go fuck yourself."
  • Texts:
  • [Text] Help. Stuck in the elevator with that creep again.
  • [Text] Fuck, don't tease me like that.
  • [Text] You want me.
  • [Text] Where did you go?
  • [Text] Date boring as hell. Save me!
  • [Text] You suck!
  • [Text] Might be a little late...cover for me?
  • [Text] How did you even get this number?
  • [Text] We're having a movie night. Bring ice cream and booze.
  • [Text] I fell asleep in the middle of him/her fucking me. Do not think they want to see me again.
  • [Text] What is wrong with you?
100 Reasons to Love Woozi

okay, so miss @cheollies pushed me to do it so i guess i’m doing it. normally, i don’t have the patience to put so much energy on an idol, but i have nothing to do, so why not.

Originally posted by gotmefeelingwoozi

  • let’s start on his talent, since he is an idol.
  1. his soft toned voice. it kind of the sounds like clouds. or like when you pit your head down onto a puffy pillow~ in the bridge on habit, his voice sounded so pillowy and pretty. then he projected and it just has this lovely honey-like rasp to hit, but god it still runs smooth.i went all silent and i couldn’t bring myself to speak for another whole 20 seconds because i was just so mesmerised by his voice?
  2. his dancing and how smooth and agile his movements are? he’s really light on his feet it’s really nice to watch his dance style.
  3. ok it fascinates me how graceful and wow his hips move in a way that adds some femininity to his dancing, but like in a nice way.
  4. With Me.. just that whole performance was great. i’m getting flashbacks of the thing he did with his arm and my pure soul is being tainted
  6. he’s the cold artist. there ain’t no other one, he’s thE cOlD aRtIsT – it’s Iconic™
  7. his music producing and lyrics wow. he knows how to make a bop~

Originally posted by hanwooz

  • of course, talent has less affect without showmanship
  1. following from his voice, the passion which he sings with in ballads
  2. the way he uses the mic stand/staff. he grips it in different ways and in different places to show portray the mood and his passion. it changes a lot in each song
  3. the way his face scronches (like one side of his face squishes with chARISMA),
  4. the way his jaw would clench,
  5. the way his hand would sway,
  6. the way his head would lower and
  7. the way he looks at the audience when he gets into a song or feels the beat of the music.
  8. his stage presence is subtle in a group, but PANG! he OWNS the stage when he’s up there on his own

Originally posted by tswoondere

  • miscellaneous cute shit
  2. his natural aegyo
  3. the way he denies his natural aegyo
  4. his cringeworthy, disgustingly endearing, saccharine aegyo. (cue: oppaya)
  6. how he deadass points at other members and laughs at their misery
  7. when karma hits him for laughing, his soul physically leaves his body and you can see that shit
  8. that thing he did when he buffed his chest out at the ISACs bc jungkook did it
  9. the thing he does where he slips his hands to the back of thighs when he bow
  10. how obnoxiously he laughs. this bitch HAS to hit something whether it’s the table, clapping or other members
  11. “i don’t like skinship”
  12. *flops onto jeonghan’s back and koalas him* bc he contradicts himself too often for me to let him get away with
  13. how he goes into Soft Mode™ whenever jeonghan’s involved. HE BOUGHT HIM CUTE SOCKS. that’s the only kind of pampering i need in my life
  14. his friendship dynamic w seungcheol.  he would get all pouty and does the whole innocent thing like when seungcheol was like “he never buys me lunch” and girl,, u can HEAR his innocent voice and i  D I E D
  15. the way he’s technically seungcheol’s fiance bc mister coups d'etat decided to announce that they’re gonna be married
  16. his handshakes.. the one w joshua is sO COMPLEX. is this what boys do? spend 15+ whole monutes coming up with complicated friendship handshakes??
  17. ok i just love his friendship dynamics,, gOd we gEt it mOVE ON @ ME
  18. his habit of playing w other members’ hair. jeonghan, joshua and hansol have been victims of this an it’s soft as heck
  19. he jumps when he’s excited
  20. DENIES HIS CUTE REACTIONS,, in one fine day Japan ((SPOILERS)) he got lost and found the group and he got so excited hE JUMPED W HIS LITTLE SWEATER PAWS FLAILING AND HIS STUPUD GRIN I- W O W
  22. his love for puppies (probably why he’s friends w seungcheol)
  23. WILL OTHER MEMBERS JUST LET HIM LIVE IN HIS PART OF HEALING? they always doing some shit at concerts
  25. not to be scatterbrained, but jihoon said he doesn’t need words to describe how close he and cheol are. i love friendship?????
  26. his dying red panda screech in the karaoke vlive when they sang flying duck (not to be off topic, but somehow, seungkwan still sounded perfect and i didn’t know that wonwoo’s voice . was capable of making those noISES)
  27. when he puts on a baby voice like he did in the weird boyfriend video call thing on channel+ singing lean on me
  28. how forced that boyfriend video call on channel+ was actually kinda cute
  29. the way he hecking swIMS IN HIS COATS, JACKETS AND SWEATERS
  30. especially that one black and orange coat he wore to airports a few times. you could deflATE HIM BY HOLDING HIM TIGHT IN YOUR ARMS AND THAT IS CUTE
  31. srsly imagine huggin him and hearing a *POOFfFf*
  33. how much he is into fashion these days AND the way his fashion choices have recently transcended fashionable into questionable
  34. softest eater. he crafted the art of monchingss~
  35. the way he physically loses control of his body sometimes when he laughs
  36. the fact that seungcheol has to kill mosquitoes for him. what a pampered bitch
  37. both his tiny, reserved bopping in that karaoke live just before his birthday AND the less tiny and reserved bopping at that korean restaurant in LA
  38. his lovely eye smiles
  39. the way he PPPFPFTFFFT then laughs sometimes
  40. he said he associates himself w a red panda in a japan magazine
  41. the weird “nnaaaghhh” sounds he makes or his creaking “ahhhhhhhhhhhh”
  42. his confused face is the cutest confused face to exist. like when the one he pulled in caratland whisper challenge
  43. ok the way looking like shiro from shin chan is his thing is the cutest thing.
  44. HIS LITTLE DRAWINGS. i’ve seen a smol rose drawing, a cat drawing, WHICH SOMEONE MADE INTO A REAL PLUSHIE and i, a lee bongbong stan, just love it.
  46. when he judges someone. his face of sheer disgust is amazing. priceless. 
  47. his friendship with ailee (i watch too many jihoon and ailee interaction compilations)
  48. him singing other members’ parts or random songs at the background of videos like Lay Me Down by Sam Smith in one of their mv making videos for their Seasons Greetings, i think it is (in his ultimate manspread, but we don’t talk about that here. this is reasons to LOVE him) and other stuffs like in the chirstmas super junior Show Me Your Love cover~~

Originally posted by wonnhao

  • miscellaneous attractive shit
  1. that look ^
  2. his ping pong skills and the amount of pride he has of it?
  3. he’s got good shoulders. like really good, broad shoulders
  4. he’s also got very defined features, even if it’s often not captured on camera and gOd the nooks and dips of his structure is Good Shit
  5. his good hands. his pretty pretty piano hands.. ; 3; his fingers are so nicely structured and boney but in a pleasant way
  6. his skin is so perfect. i swear, throughout his entire career as an idol, he has had one breakout and that was just a single pimple. LEAK YOUR SKINCARE ROUTINE, LEE JIHOON.
  7. that picture where it looked like he only shaved his thighs,,
  8. ok but the way he holds himself up is like,, very masculine. how do i even describe it? like, aura. composure? idk but it’s cool and i like it
  9. HE’S SO SMOOTH WITH CARATS LIKE “we shall meet tonight in your dreams”
  10. NOT TO MENTION  WHEN HE GAVE A CARAT HIS HOME ADDRESS AND HE WAS LIKE “why does it matter?” *insert fire emojis*
  11. the time he went off on a rude fan. he was explaining something to her and she had the audacity to slap him away and i was like b i t c h  e x c u s e  m e :)
  13. 78. his general hand skills? have you see the way he spins his mic and pens? that’s secksi
  15. his adlibs;
  16. his super high harmonies (like the one in Because of You where he did that subtle super high harmonies on top of seokmin’s strong one);
  17. the way he squeezes his eyes shut;
  18. his dimpols;
  19. the way he jerks his body
  20. and the way he bends down w his body turned one side when he belts.
  21. again,, the way he handles his mic staff. as lovely and passionate it is, it is also v secksi
  22. his fuCKING LEGS are superior to the ones of a model
  23. remember his tank top in crazy in love dance practise? me too.
  24. he look great w smokey eye make up
  25. ok when he got the whisper challenge right in caratland a few times after hearing seokmin’s wrong message was pretty hot
  26. his voice sounded really nice yelling
  27. the way he shaded a fansite after she was exposed for being mean to other fans
  28. he’s really smart and witty and observant and that’s hot
  29. ok he did this dance in one of the shining diamond concerts in australia where he danced to careless whisper and i was ready for the ground underneath me to just crack and quake open to welcome me to hell that was a good video eyes emoji eyes emoji -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xTD9Dkzsn8 (you’re welcome)

Originally posted by adoring-woozi

  • the couple in front of me just spilled their bottle of water and i’m trying so hard not to laugh why am i like this send help i need to get all sad and serious right nOW so let’s move on to deep shit
  1. his diligence and how he persevered through debut until now with the burden of writing seventeen’s songs. he cried on camera back then and to this day, it still breaks my heart and fills it with admiration until this day. plus, he’s often seen at the back of seventeen videos practising when they’re in their practise rooms. e.g. boom boom (santa ver.)
  2. the way he talks with his hands and stutters a lot really shows how carefully he chooses his words to articulate exactly what he means and wants to express
  3. how much he values honesty in his lyrics and the way he expresses his honesty through creative personas in songs. i heard that downpour (소나기) is an abbreviation for “memories” and don’t listen in secret ?? wow. smile flower? WOW
  4. how comfortable he is with the members warms my heart. he’s so awkward on external variety shows with a host he’s not too familiar with, but when he’s with the other members with the camera, he’s so much more playful and seemingly in his comfort zone and it just warms me how much he loves and cares for them. i mean, he recently started to open up more in variety shows and seeing him growing more comfortable in that aspect of his job also fills me with joy. what he creates in his job makes me so happy, so seeing him grow into his job is just nice to see, y’know? if you watch videos from star show 360 vs yang and nam show, you’ll feel happy for him too and that’s a good reason to love him, i feel.
  5. when he cried in caratland when they were all singing smile flower. idk it was just beautiful. the way he started crying in the second chorus then he sang his own line before the talking part and the he really really cried. it just got me thinking how much they must have been through especially through the treatment of them from the pledis staff. they weren’t very nice
  6. simple could go with lyrics, but i want to talk about it separately.
  7. the song was built around my “in this world, i’m not even worth dust” which he talked about in Orgel Live
    i was crying watching that
    i love the lyrics,,  he felt small looking at stars.  we’re all insignificant and nothing is real in a literal sense, but not depressing a depressing way.
    so trying to see things in a more simple light and holding ones and things close as priorities and that being the source of happiness unlike the whole meritocratic preached by adults and everyone around us. fortune and success is often based on luck. but our values aren’t , so the idea of focusing on those while having enough to stay alive is just so nice and that’s just one song.
    i don’t think i should talk about anymore lyrics apart from this one, or this list will never end
  8. the way he said that carats are his confidence instead of some fanservicey kinda thing in the Diamond VCR. it’s nice bc honestly, we, as fans, can’t solve their problems. well, maybe financial problems, but we can’t make stress go away, so i just kind of appreciated the honest answer and the idea of acting as this source of positivity about himself. yes, lee jihoon, you’re a great, talented dude who we all appreciate and i’m glad he feels appreciated and acknowledges and appreciates our appreciation and it’s just nice to have this realistic side of things.

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Hi! I'm on anon bc I mainly worry about that sort of thing, heh. Besides this, I'm asking about, specifically, Sterek - in the sense that I don't really ship it myself, and I wanted to say that regardless of this, and that you do - your blog is brilliant. In general, your posts on the TW fandom and the various ships within are perfect and I agree 100%. Mainly, I'm asking about the sterek, or more specifically Stiles/Derek from actual canon tw, because I could never see anything other than (1/?)

Derek being physically aggressive towards the younger and weaker (in the sense of physical strength) human - a person in a position of power over another abusing that power. In a sense. Since, whenever I watch the show I can’t help but see that, I was hoping you could either explain in that great way you usually do that makes things make sense, or at least point me in the direction of posts that have already done so, how exactly their friendship developed(because, yes, I don’t think I could(2/?)

ever ship it romantically). Mainly I’d just like to see another’s less biased point of view/take on their dynamic, so as not to alienate a serious amount of my fanfic readers despite the fact that it’s probably gonna end up as Stalia(oh the horror, that gets like 0 reads ever)I don’t want to sideline any characters that are important, such as Derek, and when I watch the show I can never get his character and his dynamic with Stiles down in my head because it’s screaming at me not to like him 3/?

And I hate that, because I never like to despise a character without good reason to; I don’t want to misrepresent the dynamic, I have to repeat, when I get to later seasons. It’ll also help me understand him more, I think, and I hope you don’t mind this ridiculously long anon ask, oops. I’m on anon mainly bc of a worry of this being received negatively, as I’ve seen this sort of query being done in the past for related topics. Ehrm, that’s it, thanks for reading this even if you don’t answer.4/4

Derek is pretty violent with everyone, including Stiles, in the first two seasons. Fandom has taken this violence and projected sexual tension onto it to justify the ship, but if we’re going to count every instance of violence as belligerent sexual tension, then everyone on this show has foe-yay with everyone else.

The thing is, Derek was trying to do the right thing - he just didn’t really consider things like collateral damage or value of life in the process. When Scott was Bitten, Derek did try to help Scott learn to control his wolf…it’s just that he also lied to Scott about a potential cure for lycanthropy in order to manipulate Scott into helping him. Neither of these somehow negate or undermine the other.

Similarly, in Season 2, Derek felt responsible for the kanima, and thus wanted to kill it before it could kill anyone else. The problem is that he wasn’t considering the life of the human who was the kanima without knowing, and he was jumping to conclusions and nearly killed the wrong person (Lydia) because she might be the kanima. Derek wanted to build a pack, and ended up dragging three new teenagers into the mess, two of whom would still be alive if he hadn’t. But, they were also extremely isolated before they were in a pack, and never seemed to resent Derek for turning them, even when (in the case of Boyd, at least) it got them killed.

Derek tries all the time, and tries really damn hard. He also fails all the time, and fails really damn hard. Most of that failure all traces back to tunnel vision - he gets so focused on one problem or factor, he never really thought about anything else. Isaac called him out on this in Season 3A - Derek was wallowing about Cora’s life and Jennifer’s betrayal, which meant he was forgetting about all the other stuff going on that needed to be dealt with.

Derek also tended to presume to know best in the first two seasons and diving head first into problems. A lot of his development in Seasons 3 and 4 was taking a step back to think through the circumstances, and/or taking guidance from those around him. Whether he was the alpha and taking guidance from his betas (i.e. following Boyd’s plan against the alpha pack, listening to Isaac calling him out, etc.), or when he was a beta again but following others’ leads (following Scott as an alpha, taking proverbial marching orders from Allison in 3B, following the Sheriff’s lead and Braeden’s lead in Season 4, etc.), Derek always did better working with someone else instead of trying to lead on his own.

To put it another way: Derek really sucks at being King Arthur, but he makes for a fantastic Merlin.

Derek was a wonderfully supportive and empathic individual. Because he struggled with being an alpha, he was a confidante for Scott when he struggled to be a (true) alpha. Derek went from tunnel vision, brooding, and wallowing in the first few seasons, to learning how to use “human” self-defense mechanisms in Season 4 when he realized he wasn’t healing and seemed to be losing his lycanthropy (and his strength and senses with it). IIRC, he never just sat down and listened to someone pour their heart out on him in the first two seasons, yet Season 3 opens with him doing exactly that, and this is something he continues to do throughout the rest of his time on the show.

I’ve said before that “quiet” =/= shy or introverted. Derek is never the kind to talk a lot in the show. In the first two seasons, this manifested as him doing things without really telling anyone or talking to anyone about it. Later, this manifested as him listening to people. He didn’t have to change this part of who he is, he just learned to be more empathetic and productive about it.

Derek’s story also plays into one of the central themes of the show. The werewolf symbol of revenge is the spiral, but here’s the thing about spirals: if they aren’t stopped, then they’ll go on forever. Derek could’ve kept pursuing vengeance for his family, but chose not to, and came out better for it. This is highlighted by the nogitsune in 3B, when Derek is infected by one of the flies. Yes, Kate was already dead, but Kate was one person and his family was way more than that. He could’ve kept going, he could’ve murdered Allison and Chris just because they were Kate’s family (the same way his family died just for being werewolves/in a werewolf pack), and the nogitsune nearly pushed him to do that. But instead, Derek ended the spiral of vengeance, recognizing that Allison and Chris had nothing to do with Kate’s murder, and how different they were from Kate (regretting their own participation in Hunter psychosis, trying to change the family motto and M.O., etc.)

Derek’s story is very much one of someone grieving tremendously and suffering from horrific trauma. But, it’s also one that shows that one’s own trauma can end up hurting those around them (the fact that Derek was traumatized and suffering for the first two seasons doesn’t change the fact he engaged in a lot of manipulative and abusive behavior at the time). And, Derek’s story is the process of recovering from grief and trauma, and learning to let go of anger in pursuit of one’s own well-being.

How this relates to Sterek in particular, I’ve written about here and here, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions on it. :)

And here are some fics which capture Derek’s character really well:

See You on the Other Side - Derek doesn’t swoop in and save the day - but he does help Stiles, and he learns to share with Stiles and take help from others.

The Nightmare of My Choice - Long-distance relationship FTW.

Starts with “F”, Ends With “U” - Fantastic way of Derek using his own experiences to help Stiles with his current abuse, and a great exploration of Derek’s trauma that doesn’t tokenize it or reduce his abuse to stereoptyes of what abuse actually entails.

You're Jealous | Zach Herron

(a/n: I did one where Zach gets a little jealous, so this one is where you get jealous. but you aren’t dating in it.)

You make a disgusted face as Zach walks into the living room. There was no problem with him, but the girl walking beside him. He has been going on more dates recently. Each girl made you feel more sick to your stomach. They way they’d bat their eyelashes at him. How they’d twirl their long hair. It made you so angry, and you couldn’t help it. You sat on the couch playing on your phone, trying to distract yourself.

“You’re lips are so soft I could kiss them all day,” Sophia, his date, said. Who even says that?

You roll your eyes, “So’s my ass, you wanna kiss that, too?”

“Y/n!” Zach snapped.

“Sorry,” you mumble, clear in your voice you aren’t sorry.

“I think I should go,” Sophia glared at you. Her face was a little red from embarrassment.

“I’m sorry, I’ll text you later,” Zach walked her to the door.

After they said their goodbyes, Zach walked over and stood in front of you. His arms crossed and eyebrows furrowed. You look up at him, then back to your phone.

“You ignore her the whole time she’s here and then say that shit? What was that about?” Zach finally asks.

“What? I was just being friendly,” you fake a smile.

He sits next to you, “Sophia probably won’t text me now, thanks to you.”

“Oh well,” you sigh, “I don’t think you’re missing out. You can thank me later.”

“What the hell is your problem?”

“She’s the fourth girl this month, Zach. She can’t be that special.”

“She’s the only one I’ve liked enough to invite over to properly meet you guys. My mistake for thinking you would be mature.”

“Sorry, I don’t like being around bitches,” you catch yourself, “I’m so sorry. She’s not a bitch. There’s nothing wrong with her. She’s perfect. Of course you like her. That’s why she annoys me so much.”

“Why would that annoy you?” he clearly doesn’t get it.

“I’m jealous, Zach! I like you!” you raise your voice.

“You like me?” he whispers, and you nod.

“You like me,” he repeats, “Why didn’t you just tell me?”

“By the time I figured out my feelings you were already going on dates. Thought it was clear how you felt when you didn’t ask me out.”

“I didn’t ask you out because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I like you, too.”

You can’t help but smile, “Really? So what now? What about Sophia?”

“She’s going to have to kiss these soft lips goodbye,” he joked.

You laugh, “I’d prefer if she didn’t kiss you at all.”

“Whatever you want, I’ll do it for you.”

“I do want one thing,” you grab one of his hands, “A kiss.”

He smiles and leans in, kissing you as you wished. You were too caught up in it to hear the footsteps walk into the room.

“What on earth happened?” Corbyn gasps.

You quickly pull away, seeing the rest of the boys standing in awe.

“I’m not quite sure, I think I’m still dreaming,” Zach says staring at you, memorizing this moment.

Please don't get me wrong

Back in the day I was Camren af. I shipped them harder than any other couple (real or fake) on the planet. They were adorable when they first started their awkward friendship/romance, but things took a horrible turn for the worse quickly.

It kind of breaks my heart to see Camren shippers still somewhat hoping for end game Camren. It breaks my heart to see Camren shippers think that the two are still together and that the kind of relationship they shared in 2015 - 2016 is something that is amazing to have.

I know Camren never publicly came “out” as some like to remind us daily, I know that Lauren nor Camila has ever blatantly said “we use to date” or anything similar to that. I know that anti’s will be quick to call all of us delusional, claim that we make assumptions, and try to gaslight us into believing we are not seeing what we clearly see.

So, here’s the sitch. Camren was a super toxic relationship, end of story. Nothing about Camila and Lauren in a romance was normal or healthy, like….nothing at all. It’s hard for some people to cope with that because physically, they have always been a perfect match. They compliment one another in a very shallow way (their physical attributes).

Mentally it was always a roller coaster ride between the two. I won’t say that I know every single detail that went on between the two, none of us ever will and that’s perfectly fine because at the end of the day that was those two individuals lives. All I know is that from the time they met, till now they are two completely different people.

Camren was never confirmed, that we know. Camren was always ‘denied’ by all 5 girls, and they liked to make a show of it. They would get fans interest peaked by liking Camren pictures, and Camren related quotes, fanfictions, manips, etc. They ran with the Camren shtick for a long time, publicly denying it while personally keeping everyone guessing.

Well for me it wasn’t really all that confusing or mind boggling. Lauren always treated ‘Camren’ so seriously, and so odd to be honest. Any other ship she was fine with, but Camren? Nah. You mention Laurmani? Lauren talks about how great her ass is. Alren? No complaints there. Dinah and Lauren? They loved that attention.

So why was Camren such an issue for her? Why was Camren the only one denied? That’s Lauren’s personal life, and that’s only for her to ever say or comment on. I think it was obvious that Lauren was going through sexuality insecurities at the time and everything was sensory overload but that’s as far as I’ll go.

Apart from why, we know that Lauren always singled Camila out. She was very mindful of her touches, mindful of how close they stood, mindful of their conversations. It always just looked so premeditated on Lauren’s part, meanwhile Camila always looked so hurt when she was ostracized in interviews. On the days that Lauren acknowledged her and was playful with her, Camila was ecstatic!

Does that sound healthy, in any sense of the word? I mean, let’s put this situation into simpler terms.

“John Doe was in the hallway with his crush, Jane Dover. When John’s friends were within eyesight John ignored Jane. He made sure to pay attention to every one except Jane. Jane was confused as to why John ignored her in front of friends and wondered what was wrong with her to be excluded. Whenever John’s friends left he invited Jane over to his place that evening. Jane was still concerned about John’s actions, however she had strong feelings for him. Jane finally agreed and arrived at John’s later that night. The night went well, they talked about their past, they talked about their wishes for the future, they included one another in their talks. They held hands and were innocently displaying affection.

The next day at school John was acting off again. He wouldn’t hold Jane’s hand as he did in private, he wouldn’t acknowledge her other than cold replies and whenever his friends were around Jane was completely forgotten, again.”

So…in this scenario do you see the similarities in a more every day setting for two individuals?

It just wasn’t a healthy romantic relationship or friendship.

So to wrap up my original point, whenever I see younger fans hoping for these two to get back together, or God forbid still be together, I feel sad. I hope these younger, impressionable fans don’t see that as a normal relationship or one to romanticize.

Camila deserved more than Lauren then and right now.

In the future, maybe the two will both reconnect and the relationship will transpire in a healthy way. It could happen, you never know. Right now, that’s not happening. They’re both very young and I believe one is more into romance than the other.

Sidenote - Ashlee and Camila are adorable together.

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anonymous asked:

How can you be INTP and Christian? Not anything against you, please don't get me wrong. But to have complete faith in something not tangible and to not need concrete facts, something INTPs often search for and rely on, is beyond me. I don't understand it, but I would nice if you wanted to share

That’s a legitimate question, and I’m actually really glad you asked (because it’s fun to talk about).

So, first of all, it would appear that you’re starting from the premise that Christians are merely following a blind, somewhat superstitious faith with no evidence to back it up other than stories that at the very least verge on the mythical, and probably are only hyperbolic tales based on faded historical characters. This would be a fair assumption if you had been taught that Christianity is a religion. Because that’s what religions seem to be based on.

However, Bible-based Christianity is not a religion. This is something that not enough people know, I think. Those of us who take the Bible as the sole authority for our faith do not look at Christianity as a religion at all.

Let me define my terms, just so we’re all on the same page here. Religion, for the purposes of this conversation, is a system whereby a man can find God and know God, usually to the betterment of himself, especially in the afterlife. 

But Biblical Christianity doesn’t actually fit this. That’s because instead of humans doing the work, God actually approaches people and wants to save them. Christianity is not about man finding God; it’s about God being glorified. Rather than centering on our good works and our efforts to find God and get to Heaven, we’re actually saved by God through no self-effort because He loves us.

This is a hard-ish concept to grasp, because, humanly speaking, there’s something within us that looks for justice. We have to balance out our bad works with good, right? But, according to the Bible, that’s impossible. We actually are way too evil to ever do that. And what is the evil we commit?

Well, a lot of people think it’s individual sins. And, actually, that’s only partly true. Yes, individual sins are evil, and they offend a holy God. But the real evil, the real depravity of each and every human is that he’s trying to live life apart from God.

We were not created for this purpose. God specifically created humanity so that He could have friends. He wanted a close relationship with people, and He literally created us in His own image. Meaning we have thoughts, emotions, and a will. Meaning we have the choice to do what we want. God had to give us the choice to try to live apart from Him, because a relationship, a true friendship, can’t work unless the option to NOT be in the relationship is available. There has to be a willingness.

And the first woman, Eve, was tricked into choosing to reject that friendship. She thought God was holding out on her. Her husband, Adam, was not tricked. He knew that disobeying God was wrong, but he loved Eve more than he loved God. So, he chose to fall with her.

Because of this, humanity began a path separate from God. But, you see, that’s not what we were made for. And sin, the evil and pain and wickedness you see in the world, is simply the result of man trying to live apart from his Creator. 

Now, God still loves us. What He decided to do was give humanity a chance to renew the relationship. Now, the result of living independently of God is death. And only God is holy enough to change that. So, God sent Jesus, who is fully God and yet fully man. Only a human could die for humanity. But only God is holy enough to live without being tainted by the sin that is over the whole world. Jesus was both. That’s why He came to earth. He came to reopen the relationship with God that no man could ever reopen.

After He was crucified, Jesus was buried for three days and then rose again. Now, I assume that this is one of the things that you are wondering at my blind belief in. Well, I would like to suggest that there is actually an overwhelmingly large amount of evidence for the resurrection of Christ. I would highly recommend Josh McDowell’s book Evidence that Demands a Verdict, which deals with this subject. For a super short intro to the subject, here’s a video that also addresses the resurrection. There are plenty of others, if you want to dig deeper, but this one is fairly succinct.

So, basically, all God asks is that a person accepts Christ’s death as a substitute for their own. They’ll still have to die physically, because we are still tainted with that sin that’s over everything. But because we have chosen to reenter that relationship with God, we will not be separated from him forever in Hell, which is the natural end of people who try to live independently from God. Rather, we are able to live as God created us to, in a perfect relationship and dependence on Him.

Now, here are a few things that I’d say most INTPs (most people, in fact) find hard to understand about this.

1. The dependency on God. We have a problem with being dependent. The thing is, as humans, we have a superiority complex. It’s just a little unpalatable to us that we have to depend on a higher being for anything. 

2. The inferiority of humanity. And this is the real stumbling-block for an INTP, I think. We have a hard time thinking of ourselves as not the pinnacle of all things. Oh, sure, we admit that we don’t know everything. We admit that we are small in comparison with the universe. But in action, our theory goes out the window. If we don’t know everything, then in that class of Things We Can’t Empirically Prove, God and the truths of the Bible are a distinct possibility. And who are we to say that our minds have to comprehend everything? Christianity would actually make very little sense if we could comprehend it. God is supposed to be greater than mankind, right? So, logically, there have to be things about God and the ways He works that mere human logic cannot explain. Otherwise, anyone could claim that God was just a fabrication of the human mind. We have to be inferior for Christianity to work, and for someone like your average INTP, who loves logic, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

3. The necessity of faith. One of the most important things about Christianity is the necessity of faith. Remember, God’s relationship with us is meant to be perfect. And in every relationship, there must be an element of trust. It is necessary for every healthy human relationship, and it’s necessary for a relationship with God, too. God proves Himself to a person after they begin to trust Him. Not before. He gives you all that is necessary for you to trust, but think about it. He’s the Creator of the universe. He owes you nothing. The fact that He loves you and is giving you the opportunity to be His friend, even His own child, is something way beyond anything we even have a right to expect. So, you actually have no right to demand that God give you anything. But here’s the thing. I am absolutely, positively certain that I am a child of God. This is crazy to someone who hasn’t experienced it. But God confirmed it after I put my faith in Him. Why would He confirm it before? What sense would that make? What if He said, “I’m real. I made you and love you and want you to be my child.” Well, Adam and Eve knew He was real and rejected Him anyway. Knowing the evidence doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to follow God. That’s why faith is so important here. And that’s where it’s a pitfall to a lot of INTPs. 

In reality, I believe that Christianity is actually quite rational. It’s one of the few things that can make sense of the world. Unfortunately, it’s misrepresented and misunderstood by a lot of people (Not a surprise, actually. The Bible says this will happen.) If you ask me, as someone who has studied it and pretty much knows what she’s talking about here, the only “problem” with it is that it requires human humility, and a lot of people don’t really like that idea. 

So hopefully I’ve explained myself well enough. If you have any further questions, I’d love to talk, but I’d really appreciate it if you would address them to @saltedkate, which is my blog focusing on Christianity. 

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by.


Music Series: Don’t You Remember by Adele

Thank you Anon for the request! I love Adele beyond words. It’s deep and it’s real.

That being said, I have had major mixed feelings on this story. So much of Adele’s music is about the bitterness of heartbreak. I cannot and will not write Harry in a bad light, when we all know what a great person he is. And I don’t like the idea of writing ‘the reader’ as a bad guy, and everything having a terrible ending. I love angst, but this song was tough to catch it just right.

So I did what I do with any story I’m struggling with, and decide what I want to accomplish with it, what the characters feel, and what I want the readers to hopefully feel after reading it. My goal was for Harry to still be loved, for ‘the reader’ to not be completely hated (because who wants to read a 2nd person narrative and come out feeling like shit from it, right?), and I wanted the problem to be resolved and to be as happy as I could make it be when the song clearly states they are not together. I can only turn that key so many ways with my writing.

So, this is the product of my first request today, to Adele’s “Don’t You Remember” (please bow to the soulful queen). You can find this song on my Spotify playlist called Gloomy Poops, Here.

Just a quick note: I’m back to work this week after a week’s vacation last week, which allowed me to do a major amount of writing. I apologize if I don’t pump out as much now (I work 10 to 12 hour days), but I promise to continue posting my stories as long as you all seem to want me to. Thank you for reading, liking, requesting, and reblogging!




When will I see you again? You left with no goodbye,

Not a single word was said, no final kiss to seal any sins,

I had no idea of the state we were in,

I know I have a fickle heart and a bitterness,

And a wandering eye, and heaviness in my head,

He was gone. Just like that. No goodbye. No hug or kiss to your cheek. He was done.

You knew things had changed lately in your relationship with Harry. In the beginning it felt amazing, and you both seemed happy, as you became fast friends and quickly began dating over the past few months. But as time went on, you sensed he wasn’t happy and that his feelings were changing for you. But you didn’t want to believe it, causing you to cling on even tighter than you already were.

You were smothering him.

You weren’t the same person Harry had once had feelings for. Your insecurities had killed your chances with him. You had become so unstable in your actions and behavior, seeing you playfully flirt with other men, and feeling he couldn’t even trust you with his own emotions and feelings. If he didn’t get back with you immediately when you texted, you freaked out, and you were constantly questioning everything he said and did, making him feel under a microscope. You had become a stress to him that he didn’t need, and he felt it was better to end it now than to drag it out and make it worse, possibly even losing the friendship. He didn’t hate you, he just realized it wasn’t like being in love. After all, being in love and loving someone were two different things.

He was gone. Told you he needed his space, and it was the perfect time for it with tour beginning. Your relationship wasn’t easy and relaxed anymore, and he needed it to be over.

When was the last time you thought of me?

Or have you completely erased me from your memory?

I often think about where I went wrong,

The more I do, the less I know,

But don’t you remember? Don’t you remember?

The reason you loved me before,

Baby, please remember me once more

Months earlier you had bought a ticket for one of Harry’s shows, hoping to surprise him after a couple of months of being away. You knew it probably wasn’t a good idea to go, but you just wanted to see him again. There was no real need to talk. You knew it was over. You just wanted to be where he was, one last time. You missed his friendship…more if you were being completely honest…but you respected his decision, and you were beginning to understand.

For two months you had had no contact with him, but you had a lot of time to reflect on the situation and lose the bitterness you had harbored early on in the breakup. You only hoped that someday he would forgive you and want to be friends again. But if not, you understood and accepted it was your own fault for what happened that pushed him away.

As you walked into the small, intimate venue, you clung along a wall, staying back where you thought he wouldn’t see you, and watched as Harry performed. He was spirited and charismatic on the stage, just as he always was, but it was bittersweet to you now. It made you feel like he had completely written you out of his memory, already. He seemed…happy again.

You pressed your back against the wall, arms wrapped around yourself, in a room full of people, feeling completely alone. As you watched Harry sing and intermingle with the crowd, you suddenly saw a different Harry than the one you had been dating recently. You saw the Harry you became smitten with months before. The one who was fun and full of life. And you realized that it was your actions and behavior that was zapping the life out of him lately. He was really a wonderful man, and you felt terrible for thinking badly of him for leaving you. You were both better off apart.

Gave you the space so you could breathe,

I kept my distance so you would be free,

And hoped that you’d find the missing piece,

To bring you back to me

You could see it now. Maybe subconsciously you always knew that you and Harry didn’t make a perfect couple, that your personalities weren’t made for a relationship together. And how could you compare to the amazing life he had? Maybe you did lose your way a bit. Maybe you did become a bit obsessive with him, afraid that you were going to lose him. And maybe you were seeing now that he was never really yours to lose.

You understood now. You were suffocating him. Smothering him to the point that he couldn’t breathe or enjoy being with you anymore. Your eyes were opening to how you had been lately, and you felt sad. Sad that you had put Harry through the shit you put him through. Sad that you had now lost something that was once at least a good friendship, even if never a great relationship. You knew you had to let him go, and hoped maybe he would still want to be friends. Who knew? Maybe someday you would grow up enough to be what he needed you to be, as you were sure you had lost that now. You hoped that when he would remember you, that he would remember the real you. The one he met months before and enjoyed spending time with. Not the one you had become recently.

Why don’t you remember?

Don’t you remember?

The reason you loved me before,

Baby, please remember me once more,

When will I see you again?

As the show was ending, your earlier thoughts of maybe trying to talk to Harry were gone. You were letting him go from a relationship he had let go of months before. You had lost a good friend, and someone you had once really enjoyed spending time with. You made each other laugh, and that’s what you thought you would miss the most, and what you hoped most that he would remember.

You stood back as the small crowd began to leave, not eager to fight a crowd or a full parking lot while waiting on a taxi to take you back to the airport for the flight home. Finally the crowd thinned enough that you made your way toward the doors. As you were about to step out into the cool night air, you felt a hand on your wrist. You quickly turned and saw Harry, a slight grin on his face. It wasn’t awkward as it had been the last few weeks of your relationship. The old relaxed feeling was there once again, comfortable as friends are with each other.

You looked at him and smiled back to him, hoping he could see on your face the regret that you felt, because words had left you. His smile became more broad as he wrapped his arms around your shoulders and held you closely for a moment, then leaned away, walking backward, looking at you and waving toward you, before turning around and walking away down the hallway.

No words were needed. It was enough to Harry that you had come to show your support to him, knowing that you wouldn’t have done that if you were still angry. You knew Harry was never angry with you over the situation, or his need to break up with you. Maybe now you could rest in knowing there were no hard feelings.

Maybe letting go of Harry wasn’t such a bad thing after all.


  • I love Margaret Hale. I love her with a love that is pure and true and it’s at least 40% because she’s allowed to be kind of an asshole. She can be rude and superior and judgmental and so. fucking. stubborn and all of it is because, newsflash, she’s a person who loves her parents but for obvious reasons doesn’t particularly want do be like them and spends big chunks of the novel basically parenting them, and with Frederick out of the picture she’s an only child and that comes with its own bundle of shit and all of it makes her who she is so concretely
  • I love that she’s a humanitarian who sticks to her (admittedly p classist and very of-the-time-period) guns because of her faith. I love that her faith is hers; she may have learned it from her father but she’s clearly an intellectual with her own opinions about G-d and the Church, and we get to see how spiritually difficult her father’s resignation is for her. And she is presented with a coherent world-view which religion shapes in a consistent way. 
  • Margaret Hale doesn’t seem to exist to fall in love. Which is fucking awesome! Because don’t get me wrong, I love love stories. But Margaret Hale gets to live her life, of which navigating a complicated set of emotional and social mores is merely a part. She’s got shit to do! Political discussions to have! A household to supervise! Cross-class friendships to maintain! Letters to write! Things to angst about that have nothing to do with That Unfortunately Attractive Asshole Her Dad Won’t Shut Up About Ever (seriously Mr. Hale’s WOW YOU GUYS MR. THORNTON IS REALLY COOL IT’S SO GREAT THAT I HAVE A FRIEND attitude is my fav) Her parental figures keep dying, ffs! She’s gotta figure out her place in the world and what she wants out of life!
  • Did I mention how much I love that Margaret and John spend the first chunk of their acquaintance arguing about politics and industry??????? BECAUSE IT’S A LOT
  • You get where he’s coming from! You get where she’s coming from! You get hella fucking frustrated because Mrs Gaskell is making you care about an industrialist! And you would care even if he DIDN’T look like Richard Armitage in your head! (or was that just me?)
  • John Thornton doesn’t dismiss her opinions because they belong to a woman. He doesn’t! He disagrees because he thinks she doesn’t understand the situation, but that’s because she’s an outsider, a member of the Southern intellectual class who buy his cloth without bothering to understand the social and physical machinery that produces it, not because she’s a woman. He’s impressed with the force of her convictions and how she delivers them! He engages instead of dismissing! It’s fucking great!
  • Of course, much of the credit for that goes to Mrs. Thornton for being a fucking force of nature who when the universe gave her lemons she basically turned the lemons into brass knuckles shaped like her son and punched the universe in the fucking face. You will respect her or you will wither and die under the force of her glare, and John damn well knows how to respect a woman with her own opinions. Because she’s basically the reason he’s in the position he’s in. 
  • Which is awesome! Because these characters are the product of their circumstances! They didn’t just leap into being randomly to get jerked around by plot devices!
  • You know what’s great? Men pining. I love it when men pine. Especially when they’re secretly self-righteous fucks about it. She DOESN’T LOVE ME but I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE HER and her disapproval CAN’T STOP ME FROM LOVING HER but not because I’m creepy or think I have any right to her, or any right to try to win her over, but because I am a MAN of INTEGRITY who will CONTINUE TO BE A GOOD FRIEND TO HER PARENTS even though I am DEEPLY UNWORTHY
  • and then they don’t actually, which is sad, but the mini-series has our backs in that department with one of the fucking finest filmed kisses of all time
  • and they both chaaaaaaaaaaaange this isn’t about one winning the other over through persistence it’s about a growing toward each other Thornton removes some of the There Must Be A Divide Between Me And My Workers And I Am Not Responsible For Them stick from his arse and Margaret’s like People Can Change and Wow The Greater Social Fabric Is Super Fucking Complicated But That Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have To Acknowledge Mutual Responsibility
  • and also John Thornton really likes Margaret’s hands which like, I know that feel, bro
  • in conclusion, nothing can make me believe these two don’t have an unusually passionate relationship which involves John performing hella probably-time-period-unlikely cunnilingus on Margaret while she lectures him on G-d and the social contract.
  • I’m gonna fucking read it again.

anonymous asked:

You are a socially awkward teenager and you had skeletons as your neighbors across the street from you. One day you see that your mail was mixed up with the skeletons, so you decided to drop it off. But, then a skeleton open the door and found you on the driveway. You froze, panic, & stutter "s-s-sorry sir, y-your mail was mixed up with m-mine s-s-so I needed to Dr-drop it off at y-your place, p-p-please don't h-hurt me!" How would they react (tale & fell skelebros)

Fifth imagine today! I’m on a roll!

(Undertale Sans)

Sans automatically thinks you’re afraid because he’s a skeleton. Of course monsters have been on the surface for a limited amount of time but he wasn’t really expecting this. He cracks a couple of jokes to ease the tension. ‘where do ghosts mail their letters? a ghost office.’ Once you get a little use to them you laugh along with him. Even if they weren’t that funny he at least he tried. He doesn’t mind if you’re an awkward potato I mean who is he to judge? He ain’t nowhere near perfect. He thanks you for bringing his mail over and hope to start a friendship with you if you’re comfortable.

(Undertale Papyrus)

He believes you’re nervous because of his height so he slouches a bit to let you know he’s harmless. ‘HELLO HUMAN! WHY ARE YOU ALL THE WAY OVER THERE?’ He sees you standing in the driveway, a stuttering mess. When you attempt to tell him you have his mail he thanks you and wraps you in a big bear hug. You are a very kind human to go out of your way for him. Come back over later and he’ll give you a tupperware full of spaghetti. Then maybe when you’re more comfortable you can stay for dinner. He loves meeting new people!

(Underfell Papyrus)

He opens the front door with plans to go grocery shopping when he sees you in his driveway practically quaking in your boots. ‘Heh, as you should’ he thinks with a smirk. He is Edge the Terrible after all. He hears you attempting to speak to him but he pays no mind turning his gaze to the mail in your hands….and you are on his property……with a guilty look?………..THIEF! You’ll need quickly let him know he has the wrong idea. When he finally does get the message he now blames that good for nothing mailman. No mistakes should be made while dealing with something like this, It’s a federal crime! He’ll make sure to give the mailman a stern talking too. In the mean time he offers to mow your grass ONCE. He just really doesn’t like owing people.

(Underfell Sans)

Red raises a bonebrow when he hears you stuttering a response. He just wants to know why a human is in his driveway holding what seems to be his mail. When you finally get out what you were doing there he smirks and motions for you to come over. ‘heh, stealin ma mail as an excuse to confess yer undyin love fer me-?’ ‘SANS! GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE AND CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR!’ He snatches the mail from you and gives you a quick wink. He had a feeling the mailman screwed up again. Closing the door behind him he leaves you a blushing mess.

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yeah agree about them being children, their friendship in the books is precious though. so myrcella x trystane aged up and 34 would be cool

34. good enough

“What do you think?” Myrcella looks at herself in the mirror this way and that, scrutinizing everything from the diadem on her head to the color of her shoes. Rosamund straightens up from where she’d been fastening the last of the buttons on Myrcella’s dress and kisses her on the cheek.

“You look beautiful, my lady, as usual. You have nothing to fear.”

“Oh, very well. I just want everything to be perfect.”

“It will be,” Rosie insists. “You have a perfect dress and a perfect man, hm?”

Myrcella smiles despite herself, thinking of Trys. When she’d been brought to Sunspear as a child, the concept of marriage had seemed so peculiar that she hadn’t spent much time considering it. She’d always enjoyed Trys’s company, but it wasn’t until they were both past their fourteenth year that she’d started to fully understand what they would be to one another. He had grown unsure over the last few years, to her dismay, but remains sweet as ever, and handsome where his brother is plain. She had called him her friend for a decade, and now, today, she would call him her husband.

“Give me a moment, will you?” she asks Rosie.

“As you wish, princess.” Rosie curtseys and leaves her be, ringing silence following her departure. Myrcella tries to find something to fix about her appearance, but Rosie was right: there isn’t a thread out of place. Her stomach does a flip. She thinks she looks pretty, but would Trys? He’s bound by betrothal to marry her, but what if he isn’t satisfied? What if–

The door opens, and Myrcella sighs, “Rosie, I thought I asked you to give me a moment.” She turns to the door and finds that it most definitely isn’t Rosie. “Trys! What are you–it’s bad luck to see me the day of the wedding!”

“I’m sorry,” he says, looking just that. “I–I panicked.”

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fic rec: 2016

 Hey there, 2016 may have been a shitty year but we can’t deny that we got a bunch of great fics, so i’m here to list the ones i loved the most. Enjoy! (if this flops it’s okay my ego is already bruised anyway)

Survivors of the wild - harryswhale

A dragon rider AU where Harry trips into being a rider and Louis is his badass mentor. Turns out, dragons love napping, long walks on the beach, and rolling their eyes.

Paint the sky with stars - kiwikero

Or the historically accurate Titanic AU with a happy ending.

If you asked me if i love him (I’d lie) - allyasavedtheday

Or the one where Harry and Louis eloped but neglected to mention it to anyone. Meanwhile Lottie is getting married and the only way for them to not steal her thunder is by pretending they’re just friends for the weekend. Featuring Harry and Louis as terrible liars who don’t know the meaning of the word platonic and some Tomlinsons and Styles’s who definitely don’t believe them.

Bloodline - banana_louis

Louis doesn’t know how to feel when his best friend, Liam, finds out about a brother that he never knew, who was placed for adoption before he was born and is bursting into his life at twenty-four years old.

Louis is very wary of the man who might replace him. He has always thought of Liam as his own brother.

What if Liam doesn’t need him anymore? What if there’s no room for Louis? After all, blood runs thicker than water.

Louis doesn’t like Liam’s new brother and he doesn’t even know him. That’s irrelevant, though.

He doesn’t like him. He doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t want him hanging around. He doesn’t want anything to do with him.

That is, until he meets him.

The brightest light - Rearviewdreamer

After watching yet another actor walk away with his Oscar, Louis is on the lookout for the role of a lifetime that might finally get him the one thing he has always wanted. He didn’t think coming out of his self-proclaimed break to do another film would be all that difficult, but that was before he met his new co-star.

Run away home - hattalove

or, louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart.

it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.

California sold - isthatyoularry

Notoriously closeted boyband member Harry Styles is famous on a global scale, meanwhile Louis, as his best friend, is back home in Manchester, living the typical life of a 24 year old. When Harry needs Louis with him in LA, a publicity stunt gone wrong changes their friendship forever.

A fake-relationship AU between two lifelong best friends.

Love me blue - frenchkiss

Or, Harry’s a supermodel, Louis’s a make-up artist, and the sky is the fucking limit.

Finding Lou - stylinsoncity

Louis is the nomadic stranger who wanders into Harry’s bookstore. Harry is the skeptic who falls for him.

I’ll fly away - juliusschmidt

Harry and Louis grew up together in Lake County, Harry with his mom and stepdad in a tiny cottage on Edward’s Lake and Louis in his family’s farmhouse a few minutes down the road. But after high school, Louis stuck around and Harry did not; Harry went to Chicago where he found a boyfriend and couple of college degrees. Six years later, Harry ends up back in Edwardsville for the summer and he and Louis fall into old patterns and discover new ones.

ft. One Direction, the local boyband; Horan’s Bar and Grill; families, most especially children and babies; Officer Liam Payne; many local festivals and fireworks displays; and Anne Cox, PFLAG President.

Dust on the road - Velvetoscar

Louis is definitely fine and Lottie is definitely crushing on her French teacher, and these two things have nothing to do with each other. Except they do. And Louis is not fine.

Naked & Proud - kiwikero

In which Harry runs an organic store, not a nudist colony, and Louis doesn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

If I should stay - gloria_andrews

Louis is a television actor who suddenly needs a bodyguard. Harry is the bodyguard he ends up hiring.

A fic loosely based on the classic 1992 movie The Bodyguard.

Blind from this sweet, sweet craving - missandrogyny

There are definitely worse ways to spend the weekend than pretending to be engaged to his best friend.

You watched me sink - bananasandboots

Or, the one where Harry teaches Sex Ed and sneaks around with the drama teacher, and doesn’t realize how out of tune he is with his true feelings until everyone else figures it out for him.

Won’t Sleep - mornmeril

Roswell!AU: After a situation at the pub escalates, Louis almost dies, but Harry is there to bring him back and nothing is ever the same again.

Say you want me - orphan_account

A Famous/Not-Famous AU featuring Liam, Zayn, and Harry as the members of Sonic Boom, an English band that unexpectedly sky rocketed to international fame, Niall as their biggest fan, and Louis as the exact opposite. Harry’s a closeted pop star and Louis is the uni student he keeps fighting with on Twitter. It’s all silly banter until it turns into something else.

Whispers in the trees - hazzayoudoing

Or, an AU in which Louis and Harry witness a murder on the pristine campus of Wellington Academy, their posh boarding school. They band up with their friends and family members to attempt to solve the whole thing—since the murderer has decided to target them next. Featuring a healthy dose of sexual tension and falling in love, a turtle named Plimpton, the best picnic you’ve never been on, and the many, varied nicknames that Harry Styles is given from Niall Horan.

Give me a memory I can use - harioandlouigi

Louis is a brilliant, yet broke PhD student, Harry’s a pretentious and arrogant vampire, and first impressions have never been more deceiving.

Or the one where Louis and Harry will always have Rome. And San Francisco. And London. And each other.

The impossible now - stylinsoncity

A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction.

Little technicolor things - tekhnicolor

Louis is a poor writer and recent university graduate, depressed, anxious, and living in London when he meets Harry, an artist with a secret who likes to paint sunrises and pretty boys from California.

Empty gold - rainbow_kings

In the final year, when Guildhall produces and performs an original play, Louis is heartbroken to learn the lead role has been been received to Harry and he’s the second role. He’s mostly terrified, however, when he realises he has to date Harry in the play as their characters. They come together through awkward stage kisses that transforms to hate sex, heated arguments, rehearsal times after lectures and baking carrot cake together.

Here in the afterglow - fondleeds

1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

A rythm in rush - fondleeds

Harry is a WWF journalist with big dreams and Louis is a glaciologist that flies helicopters for fun. Greenland is an odd place to spend Christmas, but just maybe, the perfect place to fall headfirst into love.

anonymous asked:

Oswald's past relationship with Ed ( and Jim ) would change inevitably his personality and how he approaches people. I don't think he wants to have friends in his life anymore, meanwhile Ivy wanted this from Os last season. It's sad because they were a cute team.

This is something that has been weighing heavily on my mind since last night. It’s like Oswald isn’t allowed to have a single friend. It’s true that he’s trying to shut down the part of himself that wants friendship and love but I’m not really buying it. That scene of him talking to frozen!Ed was proof enough of that. There’s literally tears in his eyes as he’s asking which of them is frozen.

I think he’s trying hard to convince himself that he doesn’t need anyone because of how badly things turned out the last time he opened his heart to someone. Like you said, not just Ed, but Jim too. Oswald really did think of Jim as his friend in season 1. It was obvious from his genuine excitement whenever he saw Jim. 

But in return, Jim treated him like crap and even left him in Arkham where he was tortured for a crime that Jim committed. 

The friendship between Ivy and Oswald was so important because she came into his life at a point when he didn’t have anyone. She literally saved his life and then offered him her friendship. It was Ivy who told him about Freeze and Firefly. Without her persuasion, Bridgit probably wouldn’t have been convinced to join Oswald. Sometimes I think of how depressing 3b would have been if Oswald didn’t have Ivy and it is just sooooo sad. When even Gabe, who we thought was the only person truly loyal to Oswald, totally fucked him over and wanted to auction him off to the highest bidder, it was Ivy who saved him. So in one way, she came in at the perfect time, right when Oswald really needed someone whose intentions were genuine friendship. She was like a beacon of hope. But in another way, the timing was all wrong because Oswald had just learned the lesson that if you let people in, you become vulnerable. He was totally blindsided by Ed’s betrayal. When all those things were going horrible wrong, he didn’t once consider that Ed could be behind it. Because of this, Oswald and Ivy’s friendship has been kind of one-sided from the beginning. She’s always been really good to him and just wanted a friend. He’s sort of just tolerated her. But even despite this, he really needs her because she’s someone who really cared about him. 

After seeing what happened last episode, I was a little bit disappointed but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Oswald had been rude to her so she wanted to hurt him in return. She’s still a child so this makes sense. But now it seems like this is something that’s going to continue until she’s driven away. That really makes me sad. This was such a good partnership and I liked knowing that there was one person in the city who genuinely cared about Oswald. And I was hoping that he would eventually start being more kind to her when he realized her intentions were pure. But it seems like the writers just won’t let him have that. I don’t even understand why. It’s not like having Ivy as a friend would suddenly stop Oswald from becoming a villain. I guess I understand that they want her to join the Sirens. I’m really not opposed to that but I just wish they would have done it in another way. Ivy could have even been like “I’m bored so I’m going to go work with the girls now, bye!”. Oswald probably wouldn’t even object to that since he’s been treating her like she’s getting in the way. 

Maybe I’m being particularly pessimistic today but I feel like everyone is going to leave Oswald. Ivy is being driven away. Victor Fries and Bridgit Pike have been MIA. But even when they return, things might go sour. From Cory’s fire-related puns, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bridgit had something to do with Ed’s escape. Victor also returns in the same episode that Ed escapes so there’s a possibility he has something to do with it (this possibility is one that will throw me into a 10 000 year depression so I really hope it isn’t true). 

So then we have Victor Zsasz. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Zsasz. He was one of the highlights of 4x01 and he’s on the cast list for the next few episodes so I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of him. He’s doing a great job of enforcing Oswald’s licensing of crime. But when it comes down to it, Zsasz is a gun for hire. He moves on to whoever seems most powerful. He’s gone back and forth between working for Oswald and Falcone so many times that it really wouldn’t surprise me if it happened again. I wouldn’t even hold that against him. 

But like I said… who does that leave? Apparently, Jerome Valeska. I think it’s cool that they’re partnering up. Jerome is one of my favorite characters. This might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you since I don’t really post stuff about him. But he really is one of my faves. And I loooove Cameron Monaghan. Do I think he’s going to make Oswald more powerful? Do I think he’s going to be a useful partner? Do I think the interactions between these two characters are going to be incredibly entertaining? Yes to all of these. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to be a friend to Oswald. It just isn’t part of his character. He’s never going to genuinely care about him beyond how it serves himself. There’s also the fact that Robin said he comes in when Oswald realizes he can’t do everything alone. How does he come to that realization? Uhh, probably because everyone else has left him by that point. Oh, and for the people speculating that Jerome is going to be a love interest, come on guys. Seriously? That is not going to happen. Why would you even want it to?

Like I said at the beginning, apparently Oswald just isn’t allowed to have a single friend. At this point I’ve accepted that they’re never going to let him have a boyfriend in the show, but can he at least have a friend??? Like is that really too much to ask for? One friend ,,, just one…

feyre-cursebreaker  asked:

The whole Eris thing is so stupid I don't know how to feel about it. It feels so retconned but at the same time we're not given any backstory so we don't really know what went down, we don't know where the truth or lies are. SJM sucks at redemption arcs.

Yeah. I don’t really see why multiple people can’t also be wearing masks same as Rhys. But I feel you on the redemption arc thing. There is a certainly a double standard. But honestly, I can’t argue as to whether Eris was always going to have an arc like this or not. Because we only ever got one side. We all thought Rhys was horrible to until he showed us the nuance involved with what we’re all willing to do in war and to survive. I’ve certainly read books that deal with these darker aspects of human nature better/more fully. I wish people would stop trying to see everything as black and white, good and evil, male and female, is versus them. Those are false narratives that don’t exist in the real world. Everything exists on a spectrum. But we have to be able to look beyond how we’ve been told to think and look and behave, in order to see that truth lies in the nuance. And it’s always messy, it’s never clear.

I can honestly say that my interpretation of the text was that Eris knew Mor was gay, they had some kind of friendly relationship before, he though he was helping by breaking the engagement, Mor got beat, he was unable to come help her—and none of that changes the fact that Mor now associates him with her abuse. But the fact remains that as far as we know, he never put his hands on her. And I think Mor feeling betrayed by him speaks to the fact that they had some kind of friendly relationship before he broke the engagement. Because if they didn’t, then why would she feel betrayed and angry that he left her in the forest? An abuser leaving someone to die is not new behavior. But a friend leaving another friend to die is behavior that doesn’t line up. And therefore where there was once maybe love of friendship, or some kind of friendly accord, became feelings of betrayal and hate. We can’t hate people we don’t love or have never cared for. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. So I see Eris as knowing Mor was gay, trying to help her, her now associating him with the abuse her parents inflicted….and then on top of it she knows he know she’s gay. So that’s one more thing to feel on edge about around him. It’s a perfect storm.

And that’s not to discredit the abuse Mor had at her parents hands or how she feels. But I question how much she sees the truth in Eris and doesn’t report because she can’t risk anyone finding him believable enough to speak the truth about why he stopped the engagement (she likes women) and then that person knowing she’s gay.

And to complicate that further, Mor would potentially have more to answer for if she came out. Because if her gift is truth, and she lied by omission, or just kept it to herself that Eris wasn’t all bad, then she’s been lying in more ways than one. And don’t get me wrong, I love realistic characters and I do not in any way shape or form see this as reflecting badly on Mor. This is real shit that happens in the real world and it’s never as easy or as simple as being black and white. If anything ever is, then we should run from it. Honestly. I love this about Mor because it makes her relatable and real as a character.

Now. There are some LEGIT arguments to have about “feminism” and what that means to different people and how it does or does not apply to these characters, the ACOTAR universe, the books in general. And sorry I’m on my phone typing this out so it’s kind of a jumbled mess. And I probably need to clarify stuff better, but i can’t cuz I’m on my phone. Let me know if you need to me explain something better.

lemonadethefifth  asked:

Hey. Just wondering. What's your reason for liking Hinamori Momo so much? Especially considering she's a much hated Bleach girl. (Don't get me wrong. I'm not one of her haters. Just curious why you are one of the few people who like Momo.)

She’s actually really popular in Japan! Consistently part of the Top 15, ranking higher than the likes of Rangiku (don’t get me wrong, I love her too) and Orihime. I think it’s more in the Western fandom where she’s controversial since a.) She doesn’t fit the standard image of an ‘independent, strong girl’ and b.) I think there might be backlash against her because of Toshiro’s popularity (but you know I can’t be certain). 

As to why I love her, oh my there are just so many reasons. In fact, she’s probably my favorite female character of all time.

Many people rag on her for being ‘weak’, but I find that she’s one of the strongest characters in Bleach. In a manga where everyone is pretty much good at fighting and power levels are determined by one’s prowess, I find her own unique brand of emotional strength very inspiring. There is no doubt in my mind that very few people could have withstood what she went through and come out all the better for it. And despite the fact that anyone else might have shut out the world and shut down themselves, she still had the courage to trust again, and be hopeful, and retain her kind and sweet nature. When we see her in the last arc, she’s completely shaken off Aizen’s mind control and horrible influence. This was a girl who was broken and burned, and despite falling into despair, manage to climb back out again. (And I don’t know about you, but managing to survive Kyouka Suigetsu as well as Hyourinmaru, the two most powerful zanpakuto in existence? Pfft and people call her weak, like what?)

Her story is one of hope and healing, and certainly relatable to a lot of us who have been betrayed by people we trusted. She shows us that even if we might feel like it is, it’s not the end of the world. And that it’s okay to be at your lowest, because that only means you can go higher, and that you’ll never be alone since you’ll always have friends by your side to push you up, but really the choice has to come from yourself first. She’s just really wonderful and inspiring to me ok? 

It also doesn’t hurt that I love her character design, her zanpakuto, and of course her relationship with Toshiro and friendships with Shinji, Rangiku, Kira, Hisagi, and Renji. She’s also really talented and innovative (just that she might be overshadowed by the geniuses surrounding her). She has this perfect mix of grace, cuteness, and fire that just really endears her to me. Hope that answers your question! :)

Calling on @rays-of-fire-and-ice, if you wanna add something?

The signs from a Cancer Point of view (use 🌞 + 🌜):
  • (My posts are backwards on purpose)
  • Pisces: Oh my lord, you can be so silly. I love how infectious your giggle is. You can think of things in ways I would have never even thought; you're almost too creative for your own good. I know sometimes you're not so good at art, like most posts predict, but the way you speak is beautiful, like your words were perfectly arranged to form a mosaic of variegated interpretations. You let everyone's experiences influence you to the point where you take them on as your own, and that's ok. I know that just helps you stay close to the ones you love, as if living in their memories with them strengthens your connection with them.
  • Aquarius: You can be distant, but care with every pulse of your heart. Sometimes that's what confuses me. There's a reason for everything to you. You want to know cause and effect, but I'm worried for the day when you realise that not everything has an explanation; at least not one easily confined by mere words. You're not devoid of emotion. You're just much better at deciding when and how to deal with them. How do you do that? How do you know how to reach out for help without burdening everyone?
  • Capricorn: We are opposites. You work so hard to be happy, that sometimes I think you hardly stop to enjoy even the small things that have a magical air to them; like the plush towels against your skin, or the pattern of the sky that will only freeze for a few seconds more. To you, it's all about pushing forward and getting things done, and I love your motivation, but don't you realise how stressed out you get yourself? You can be cold, but that's only because sometimes you don't want to stop to feel...you know what will happen if you do.
  • Sagittarius: I am amazed at how much patience I have with you. You're so carefree, and I don't believe I have ever seen you stressed. Sometimes I get frustrated with how you treat others, but I know you don't mean to hurt people on purpose. I love how you want to be a free thinker, you don't let others cloud your thoughts or decisions, unless you really love them, then in that case you trust their opinions. Not everyone can or could ever earn your trust. You have clarity when most others are stressed because you've detached yourself from them so successfully. I'm glad that you of all people could take the weight that you do, though I'm not pleased that you have to in the first place. You handle beatings with grace, and you hold your ground firmly.
  • Scorpio: You're the most passionate person I know. When you talk about what you love or hate, I can see the propellers churn in your eyes. You love to love and hate to hate. I know it's hard to let people in, but I'm thankful you chose me of all people. I'm sorry I can't always be there when you sob in your bed late at night, but you always hold off when you're ready. That's ok too. I know you don't like to be pushed. Sometimes you let others passions overtake your own and you get so confused and tired that it's hard to face anyone. You want to love so badly, but you're always doubting yourself. Your thoughts can be overwhelming and it seems lonely in crowds, even around your own family, but even you need to trust more than one person.
  • Libra: You of all people know what to do and say all the time. I enjoy just sitting back and watching you talk and interact with people; you get that everyone is different, and you treat them according to how they are. If only people had that same respect towards you. I love how you can diffuse conflict as if you're stroking the nuzzle of a wild horse. You listen and think before you speak. You thrive on the subject of philosophy because you think, and it does, makes you a better person. You love everyone and you value friendships and relationships. You don't know who the right partner is, but I know when you find them, they will make you feel like the only person in the world, just like you do with everybody else.
  • Virgo: There's a lot to worry about. You are the one that I wish I was the most like. You live in the moment, without leaving the past or planning for the future. You're aware of the things larger than life, and you respect them, but you understand how all the little things contribute to the infinite tapestry. I wish I could notice and appreciate as you do. I know you focus too much on the tangible, and I understand that it's easy to get lost in the world of perfection and imperfections, to ignore the thoughts and feelings of others. Most people think you are cold, but I think there's more to it than that. Maybe you just know what to do with your feelings, and they're under your control, and yours alone. You're calm and always seem to be at ease. In no way should that be a crime, after all, many could learn a thing or two from you.
  • Leo: I find a lot of admiration towards how confident you are. Your presence alone is awe-inspiring. Everything you do--the way you walk, how you speak, your gestures, everything--looks so effortless but well thought out. Watching you is like enjoying a movie where every movement is perfect. I love the way you make me feel like we've know each other for years. I am at ease and comfortable by your very presence. One might expect your voice to be loud and authoritative, but it's soothing and suggestive more than anything. You want to make everyone feel like your friend, and I know it has no malevolent purposes, but it's for your own conscious because you can't bear a single person disliking you.
  • Cancer: I could tell you how seething your own mind is, but I'm sure you already know that. You can be so optimistic that you become blind to the worse in human nature. You have fallen victim to many schemes of manipulation, and each time you've beaten yourself up for it. It's ok to yell and scream and cuss. In fact, it's normal to let yourself explode. Nothing could ever right the wrongs that you can never seem to forget. I'm sure that even though they haven't made it up to, or apologised, that they still love you. Not everyone is like you where they can hold onto their emotions and keep it from lapping over the edge. People say things they don't mean, and they make mistakes. It's ok to not be able to forget, you just have to find a way to love again despite their wrong doings.
  • Gemini: When I am with you, I am never bored. There's always something to talk about, and you're willing to look at every side of a story because you love to be fascinated. You are so animated when you speak, as if you're trying to replay and exert the experience to everyone so that they can experience it as you once did. I love your acceptance of art in all its forms but most of all, I appreciate your desire for knowledge. You may not be the smartest, but you are the one to show me how to think.
  • Taurus: I see a lot of posts categorising you as being a glutton for food. Truth is, you love to enjoy things you like, and by no means is that bad. Some people talk about what they like and you feel their radiance through their words, but with you, you don't have to say anything. I feel your content seeping into my veins and I too become enveloped in this world of yours where the finer things of life are adored. I value your opinion because you learn to know and feel every inch of something before you can decide to love or hate it. You have to know for sure because once you make a decision, by God you stick to it. I love how you're supporting and refreshing for anyone who needs it. You've made some good calls, and also so bad ones, but you've learned from both and you can separate truth and fiction like nothing I've seen before.
  • Aries: You are the epitome of fire. I know it's easy to think of everything at once, and it gets extremely overwhelming. I think you tend to overlook other people's feelings for the small minute things that really don't matter. Your opinions and desires matter, just understand that you can't make anyone agree with you. You have a silver tongue, and it's hard to resist your logic, because despite how wrong you may be, you take record time in thinking up of an argument and at the same time shred your adversary to pieces. Some say it's water that wears you down slow and painfully, but I have witnessed the hot flash of your flames burn and dissipate. You get caught up in the moment. It's no biggie. I respect that you have confidence, I love that. You are into fast paced things, and I don't think I've ever seen you relax without falling asleep. You really amaze me at how adept you are at working under so much pressure. You've been through a lot, heaven knows, but we both know you've become a better person because of it. Your optimism is what pushed me through my own experiences, and I am most grateful for you especially.

dillytrbl  asked:

oooh can we have some of those prison AU headcanons if you don't mind?? @.@

Iwaoi Prison Au

WAHAHAH DILLY! YES! I’D LOVE TO! Thank you for asking!! <3

It’s nothing big yet and not all figured out. Just some AU @maltedmilkchocolate and I came up with but I love to share the headcanons we have so far.

- Oikawa and Iwa meet in Prison for the first time.

- Iwa is a member of a high ranked gang and has already been to prison for about 2 years before Oikawa enters.

- Iwa has several tattoos. Some are gang related, some are prison tattoos and some are just marks of his life.

- He grew up in a rough neighborhood and started hanging out with some of the younger gang members when he was a teenager. Their were neighbors and friends and things started as some teenage shenanigan. by the age of 18 he was already big in the gang. he got caught and sent to prison when he was 21-22 and got a sentence of 10 years which was later reduced to 7 years.

- his gang was meeting with a rival gang for some truce negotiations and got sold out to the cops when their were mostly defenseless.

- Even by his young age Iwa has a good reputation within the gang and in prison now. People fear and respect him and he his some kind of leader and authority figure in his prison block.

- Oikawa gets send to prison for fraud and illegal money transfers (embezzlement) from his old workplace. Mostly due some kind of hacking.

- Oikawa grew up poor too and in a similar neighborhood than Iwa. But his mom took good care of him and made sure that he went to college. Oikawa worked hard, studied like crazy and worked several day jobs in between. He graduated College with perfect grades and luckily he got a job right out of it. But he didn’t really like it and in order to pay his debts and to give his mom a better life he tried “smarter” and quicker ways to get to money.

- He is smart and well spoken and figures out quickly how to make his way in prison and who to talk with and who to make friends with.

- However his smartass behavior and more geeky look bothers some inmates and they underestimate his sharpness. Oikawa has to wear his glasses in prison as always getting new contact receipts is too troublesome. This adds to his more “geeky” look.

- Everything about Oikawa rubs Iwa the wrong way at first. They start off on the wrong foot.

- Due some events Iwa realizes Oikawa’s wit and they start working together on some business level which also leads to them spending more time together and ending with them being “friends with benefits” …or more just “benefits”.

- First just getting off easy. Finding some secret places and times for some “quickies” . Quick session. Letting off steam and pressure and dealing with prison life and handling some needs.

- Their friendship evolves and they get closer and more comfortable. They trust each other and share things. This also changes their “benefits” thing they have going on. It changes into romance.

- This isn’t too easy in prison. There is no time or real private place to get sensual and romantic with each other. They also keep their romance to themselves to not become a target.

- Oikawa got 5 years for his embezzlement which he has to serve 4 years of and one year on parole.

- When he leaves Iwa still has one more year to go.

- Oikawa visits him and they start to make plans for the future.

- When Iwa gets released he first crashes at Oikawa’s place because his probation requires him to have a solid address and place. He stays until he finds his own place.

I guess these are the first basic headcanons. But there is so much more already!! About their life after prison!! Or about their interaction and problems in prison!! And just their relationship in general. But I fear this post would get too long.
but if anyone is interested just hit me or @maltedmilkchocolate up. We are happy to share.

And also because Stevie and I are awful we already have some darker version of this AU,too. An AU of the AU
Where Oikawa is a investigative journalist who gets plant into prison for some big story about prison and prison system. While everyone thinks he is a normal inmate. When Iwa finds out shit hits the fan. This is a story about betrayal and trust issues and Oikawa and Iwa finding each other, losing each other and finding each other again. It’s sad and bittersweet.