if you don't think this friendship is perfect you are wrong

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Mary Watson as a character absolutely ruined BBC Sherlock. I hope one day you may read the books of ACD and truly appreciate the characters of Holmes and Watson. I have no intention of being rude, but am just baffled how anyone can so misinterpret two of literatures most loved characters.

{{Mary Watson as a character absolutely ruined BBC Sherlock.}}

Such a shame that you think that a great and interesting woman character ruined your interpretation of Sherlock. Even with yer preconceived notion that Sherlock and Watson were gay and in love, I think you could have still enjoyed MG and SM version of Mary Watson. Mary brought love into John’s life and made him happy when he was sadly mourning Sherlock’s death. She gave him a beautiful daughter and most importantly, she became best friends with Sherlock too.

That is the most important part because up until then, Sherlock was the only close and trusted friend that John had (yes Stamford was his friend too but not on the scale of what Sherlock became to John) Mary liked Sherlock instantly and Sherlock liked Mary instantly as well. 

Sherlock knew that Mary was not perfect and that when he read her that she was a liar and keeping secrets but Sherlock had just come off 2 years of lying to his best friend and was still keeping secrets so who was Sherlock to judge when he himself was far from innocent. Sherlock could see that Mary made John happy and Sherlock knew that John needed and deserved to be happy, especially after faking his death and coming back to life.

For John to have Mary in his life at that time was the best possible thing that kept the Holmes and Watson friendship going, she saved that friendship because she knew how much they needed each other, she knew how important that friendship was to each of those men. The addition of Mary Morstan to the Holmes and Watson orbit was not about dividing these best friends, it was about enhancing it, about helping it grow to the next level, which was the brotherly bond that Sherlock and John had.

It was Mary who saved that friendship not once, but twice.

It’s all fine and good you think Sherlock and John were in love, I wouldn’t tell you that yer wrong. If that is yer interpretation of these two characters then, awesome. BUT that shouldn’t cloud yer judgement and enjoyment of the character of Mary Watson because even in the ACD canon stories Sherlock liked Mary. And in BBC Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes loved and protected Mary Morstan Watson. She was his 2nd best friend and they had a bond that was totally real because they both understood each other.

They were very much flawed but they wanted to be better people and they became better people because they had one common denominator, and that was their love for John Watson. And both of them lied and did things to protect John from their truths. They didn’t judge each other and they didn’t have impossible expectations of what a friendship was supposed to be. Sherlock and Mary did the best they could. That is why their friendship worked perfectly.

{{I hope one day you may read the books of ACD and truly appreciate the characters of Holmes and Watson.}}

Honestly I probably won’t ever read the books. My husband who is a huge fanboy of Sherlock Holmes on the scale of the Mofftiss, tried to get me into Sherlock LONG ago but failed. I only became interested in watching Sherlock when I fell in love with Benedict and then fell in love with the BBC version of Sherlock. The writing, the setting of London, the actors that use their talents to bring these wonderful characters to life. The BBC version of Sherlock is the only version I’d ever be into. Fingers cross we will get S5 because S4 was AH-mazing! and I loved every minute of it and I’d love to see them expand on Eurus and explore more of the Holmes Family narrative. I’d love to see John and Rosie interact more, I’d love to see Irene Adler make a surprise appearance and cause some playful trouble for Sherlock AND I want to see how the Molly and Sherlock dynamic continues, now that we know they both love each other. I’d like to see where that love takes them..

{{I have no intention of being rude,but am just baffled how anyone can so misinterpret two of literature’s most loved characters.}}

Anon, no rudeness taken! But I believe you are confusing interpretation with truth. The version of Holmes and Watson, YOUR interpretation is that you believe they are and have always been in love. That they are gay and that is the way ACD wrote them to be, gay on the down low because back then homosexuality was not acceptable. Well, the truth is, ACD modeled these 2 men after people he knew in his real life. And gave them personality traits of the people he knew in that life. We don’t know what the truth was about them. All ACD gave us was the stories of 2 men and their ridiculous adventures and it’s up to the reader on how they want to view this 100+ year old relationship between the world’s only consulting detective and a doctor who became his trusted confidant and documenter of their adventures together.

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Hi! I'm on anon bc I mainly worry about that sort of thing, heh. Besides this, I'm asking about, specifically, Sterek - in the sense that I don't really ship it myself, and I wanted to say that regardless of this, and that you do - your blog is brilliant. In general, your posts on the TW fandom and the various ships within are perfect and I agree 100%. Mainly, I'm asking about the sterek, or more specifically Stiles/Derek from actual canon tw, because I could never see anything other than (1/?)

Derek being physically aggressive towards the younger and weaker (in the sense of physical strength) human - a person in a position of power over another abusing that power. In a sense. Since, whenever I watch the show I can’t help but see that, I was hoping you could either explain in that great way you usually do that makes things make sense, or at least point me in the direction of posts that have already done so, how exactly their friendship developed(because, yes, I don’t think I could(2/?)

ever ship it romantically). Mainly I’d just like to see another’s less biased point of view/take on their dynamic, so as not to alienate a serious amount of my fanfic readers despite the fact that it’s probably gonna end up as Stalia(oh the horror, that gets like 0 reads ever)I don’t want to sideline any characters that are important, such as Derek, and when I watch the show I can never get his character and his dynamic with Stiles down in my head because it’s screaming at me not to like him 3/?

And I hate that, because I never like to despise a character without good reason to; I don’t want to misrepresent the dynamic, I have to repeat, when I get to later seasons. It’ll also help me understand him more, I think, and I hope you don’t mind this ridiculously long anon ask, oops. I’m on anon mainly bc of a worry of this being received negatively, as I’ve seen this sort of query being done in the past for related topics. Ehrm, that’s it, thanks for reading this even if you don’t answer.4/4

Derek is pretty violent with everyone, including Stiles, in the first two seasons. Fandom has taken this violence and projected sexual tension onto it to justify the ship, but if we’re going to count every instance of violence as belligerent sexual tension, then everyone on this show has foe-yay with everyone else.

The thing is, Derek was trying to do the right thing - he just didn’t really consider things like collateral damage or value of life in the process. When Scott was Bitten, Derek did try to help Scott learn to control his wolf…it’s just that he also lied to Scott about a potential cure for lycanthropy in order to manipulate Scott into helping him. Neither of these somehow negate or undermine the other.

Similarly, in Season 2, Derek felt responsible for the kanima, and thus wanted to kill it before it could kill anyone else. The problem is that he wasn’t considering the life of the human who was the kanima without knowing, and he was jumping to conclusions and nearly killed the wrong person (Lydia) because she might be the kanima. Derek wanted to build a pack, and ended up dragging three new teenagers into the mess, two of whom would still be alive if he hadn’t. But, they were also extremely isolated before they were in a pack, and never seemed to resent Derek for turning them, even when (in the case of Boyd, at least) it got them killed.

Derek tries all the time, and tries really damn hard. He also fails all the time, and fails really damn hard. Most of that failure all traces back to tunnel vision - he gets so focused on one problem or factor, he never really thought about anything else. Isaac called him out on this in Season 3A - Derek was wallowing about Cora’s life and Jennifer’s betrayal, which meant he was forgetting about all the other stuff going on that needed to be dealt with.

Derek also tended to presume to know best in the first two seasons and diving head first into problems. A lot of his development in Seasons 3 and 4 was taking a step back to think through the circumstances, and/or taking guidance from those around him. Whether he was the alpha and taking guidance from his betas (i.e. following Boyd’s plan against the alpha pack, listening to Isaac calling him out, etc.), or when he was a beta again but following others’ leads (following Scott as an alpha, taking proverbial marching orders from Allison in 3B, following the Sheriff’s lead and Braeden’s lead in Season 4, etc.), Derek always did better working with someone else instead of trying to lead on his own.

To put it another way: Derek really sucks at being King Arthur, but he makes for a fantastic Merlin.

Derek was a wonderfully supportive and empathic individual. Because he struggled with being an alpha, he was a confidante for Scott when he struggled to be a (true) alpha. Derek went from tunnel vision, brooding, and wallowing in the first few seasons, to learning how to use “human” self-defense mechanisms in Season 4 when he realized he wasn’t healing and seemed to be losing his lycanthropy (and his strength and senses with it). IIRC, he never just sat down and listened to someone pour their heart out on him in the first two seasons, yet Season 3 opens with him doing exactly that, and this is something he continues to do throughout the rest of his time on the show.

I’ve said before that “quiet” =/= shy or introverted. Derek is never the kind to talk a lot in the show. In the first two seasons, this manifested as him doing things without really telling anyone or talking to anyone about it. Later, this manifested as him listening to people. He didn’t have to change this part of who he is, he just learned to be more empathetic and productive about it.

Derek’s story also plays into one of the central themes of the show. The werewolf symbol of revenge is the spiral, but here’s the thing about spirals: if they aren’t stopped, then they’ll go on forever. Derek could’ve kept pursuing vengeance for his family, but chose not to, and came out better for it. This is highlighted by the nogitsune in 3B, when Derek is infected by one of the flies. Yes, Kate was already dead, but Kate was one person and his family was way more than that. He could’ve kept going, he could’ve murdered Allison and Chris just because they were Kate’s family (the same way his family died just for being werewolves/in a werewolf pack), and the nogitsune nearly pushed him to do that. But instead, Derek ended the spiral of vengeance, recognizing that Allison and Chris had nothing to do with Kate’s murder, and how different they were from Kate (regretting their own participation in Hunter psychosis, trying to change the family motto and M.O., etc.)

Derek’s story is very much one of someone grieving tremendously and suffering from horrific trauma. But, it’s also one that shows that one’s own trauma can end up hurting those around them (the fact that Derek was traumatized and suffering for the first two seasons doesn’t change the fact he engaged in a lot of manipulative and abusive behavior at the time). And, Derek’s story is the process of recovering from grief and trauma, and learning to let go of anger in pursuit of one’s own well-being.

How this relates to Sterek in particular, I’ve written about here and here, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions on it. :)

And here are some fics which capture Derek’s character really well:

See You on the Other Side - Derek doesn’t swoop in and save the day - but he does help Stiles, and he learns to share with Stiles and take help from others.

The Nightmare of My Choice - Long-distance relationship FTW.

Starts with “F”, Ends With “U” - Fantastic way of Derek using his own experiences to help Stiles with his current abuse, and a great exploration of Derek’s trauma that doesn’t tokenize it or reduce his abuse to stereoptyes of what abuse actually entails.

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The whole Eris thing is so stupid I don't know how to feel about it. It feels so retconned but at the same time we're not given any backstory so we don't really know what went down, we don't know where the truth or lies are. SJM sucks at redemption arcs.

Yeah. I don’t really see why multiple people can’t also be wearing masks same as Rhys. But I feel you on the redemption arc thing. There is a certainly a double standard. But honestly, I can’t argue as to whether Eris was always going to have an arc like this or not. Because we only ever got one side. We all thought Rhys was horrible to until he showed us the nuance involved with what we’re all willing to do in war and to survive. I’ve certainly read books that deal with these darker aspects of human nature better/more fully. I wish people would stop trying to see everything as black and white, good and evil, male and female, is versus them. Those are false narratives that don’t exist in the real world. Everything exists on a spectrum. But we have to be able to look beyond how we’ve been told to think and look and behave, in order to see that truth lies in the nuance. And it’s always messy, it’s never clear.

I can honestly say that my interpretation of the text was that Eris knew Mor was gay, they had some kind of friendly relationship before, he though he was helping by breaking the engagement, Mor got beat, he was unable to come help her—and none of that changes the fact that Mor now associates him with her abuse. But the fact remains that as far as we know, he never put his hands on her. And I think Mor feeling betrayed by him speaks to the fact that they had some kind of friendly relationship before he broke the engagement. Because if they didn’t, then why would she feel betrayed and angry that he left her in the forest? An abuser leaving someone to die is not new behavior. But a friend leaving another friend to die is behavior that doesn’t line up. And therefore where there was once maybe love of friendship, or some kind of friendly accord, became feelings of betrayal and hate. We can’t hate people we don’t love or have never cared for. The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. So I see Eris as knowing Mor was gay, trying to help her, her now associating him with the abuse her parents inflicted….and then on top of it she knows he know she’s gay. So that’s one more thing to feel on edge about around him. It’s a perfect storm.

And that’s not to discredit the abuse Mor had at her parents hands or how she feels. But I question how much she sees the truth in Eris and doesn’t report because she can’t risk anyone finding him believable enough to speak the truth about why he stopped the engagement (she likes women) and then that person knowing she’s gay.

And to complicate that further, Mor would potentially have more to answer for if she came out. Because if her gift is truth, and she lied by omission, or just kept it to herself that Eris wasn’t all bad, then she’s been lying in more ways than one. And don’t get me wrong, I love realistic characters and I do not in any way shape or form see this as reflecting badly on Mor. This is real shit that happens in the real world and it’s never as easy or as simple as being black and white. If anything ever is, then we should run from it. Honestly. I love this about Mor because it makes her relatable and real as a character.

Now. There are some LEGIT arguments to have about “feminism” and what that means to different people and how it does or does not apply to these characters, the ACOTAR universe, the books in general. And sorry I’m on my phone typing this out so it’s kind of a jumbled mess. And I probably need to clarify stuff better, but i can’t cuz I’m on my phone. Let me know if you need to me explain something better.

fic rec: 2016

 Hey there, 2016 may have been a shitty year but we can’t deny that we got a bunch of great fics, so i’m here to list the ones i loved the most. Enjoy! (if this flops it’s okay my ego is already bruised anyway)

Survivors of the wild - harryswhale

A dragon rider AU where Harry trips into being a rider and Louis is his badass mentor. Turns out, dragons love napping, long walks on the beach, and rolling their eyes.

Paint the sky with stars - kiwikero

Or the historically accurate Titanic AU with a happy ending.

If you asked me if i love him (I’d lie) - allyasavedtheday

Or the one where Harry and Louis eloped but neglected to mention it to anyone. Meanwhile Lottie is getting married and the only way for them to not steal her thunder is by pretending they’re just friends for the weekend. Featuring Harry and Louis as terrible liars who don’t know the meaning of the word platonic and some Tomlinsons and Styles’s who definitely don’t believe them.

Bloodline - banana_louis

Louis doesn’t know how to feel when his best friend, Liam, finds out about a brother that he never knew, who was placed for adoption before he was born and is bursting into his life at twenty-four years old.

Louis is very wary of the man who might replace him. He has always thought of Liam as his own brother.

What if Liam doesn’t need him anymore? What if there’s no room for Louis? After all, blood runs thicker than water.

Louis doesn’t like Liam’s new brother and he doesn’t even know him. That’s irrelevant, though.

He doesn’t like him. He doesn’t trust him. He doesn’t want him hanging around. He doesn’t want anything to do with him.

That is, until he meets him.

The brightest light - Rearviewdreamer

After watching yet another actor walk away with his Oscar, Louis is on the lookout for the role of a lifetime that might finally get him the one thing he has always wanted. He didn’t think coming out of his self-proclaimed break to do another film would be all that difficult, but that was before he met his new co-star.

Run away home - hattalove

or, louis is a successful jockey down on his luck, struggling to get his life back on track after an injury. harry has a horse, a house fit for a prince, and a broken heart.

it takes them a while to figure out that they need each other.

California sold - isthatyoularry

Notoriously closeted boyband member Harry Styles is famous on a global scale, meanwhile Louis, as his best friend, is back home in Manchester, living the typical life of a 24 year old. When Harry needs Louis with him in LA, a publicity stunt gone wrong changes their friendship forever.

A fake-relationship AU between two lifelong best friends.

Love me blue - frenchkiss

Or, Harry’s a supermodel, Louis’s a make-up artist, and the sky is the fucking limit.

Finding Lou - stylinsoncity

Louis is the nomadic stranger who wanders into Harry’s bookstore. Harry is the skeptic who falls for him.

I’ll fly away - juliusschmidt

Harry and Louis grew up together in Lake County, Harry with his mom and stepdad in a tiny cottage on Edward’s Lake and Louis in his family’s farmhouse a few minutes down the road. But after high school, Louis stuck around and Harry did not; Harry went to Chicago where he found a boyfriend and couple of college degrees. Six years later, Harry ends up back in Edwardsville for the summer and he and Louis fall into old patterns and discover new ones.

ft. One Direction, the local boyband; Horan’s Bar and Grill; families, most especially children and babies; Officer Liam Payne; many local festivals and fireworks displays; and Anne Cox, PFLAG President.

Dust on the road - Velvetoscar

Louis is definitely fine and Lottie is definitely crushing on her French teacher, and these two things have nothing to do with each other. Except they do. And Louis is not fine.

Naked & Proud - kiwikero

In which Harry runs an organic store, not a nudist colony, and Louis doesn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed.

If I should stay - gloria_andrews

Louis is a television actor who suddenly needs a bodyguard. Harry is the bodyguard he ends up hiring.

A fic loosely based on the classic 1992 movie The Bodyguard.

Blind from this sweet, sweet craving - missandrogyny

There are definitely worse ways to spend the weekend than pretending to be engaged to his best friend.

You watched me sink - bananasandboots

Or, the one where Harry teaches Sex Ed and sneaks around with the drama teacher, and doesn’t realize how out of tune he is with his true feelings until everyone else figures it out for him.

Won’t Sleep - mornmeril

Roswell!AU: After a situation at the pub escalates, Louis almost dies, but Harry is there to bring him back and nothing is ever the same again.

Say you want me - orphan_account

A Famous/Not-Famous AU featuring Liam, Zayn, and Harry as the members of Sonic Boom, an English band that unexpectedly sky rocketed to international fame, Niall as their biggest fan, and Louis as the exact opposite. Harry’s a closeted pop star and Louis is the uni student he keeps fighting with on Twitter. It’s all silly banter until it turns into something else.

Whispers in the trees - hazzayoudoing

Or, an AU in which Louis and Harry witness a murder on the pristine campus of Wellington Academy, their posh boarding school. They band up with their friends and family members to attempt to solve the whole thing—since the murderer has decided to target them next. Featuring a healthy dose of sexual tension and falling in love, a turtle named Plimpton, the best picnic you’ve never been on, and the many, varied nicknames that Harry Styles is given from Niall Horan.

Give me a memory I can use - harioandlouigi

Louis is a brilliant, yet broke PhD student, Harry’s a pretentious and arrogant vampire, and first impressions have never been more deceiving.

Or the one where Louis and Harry will always have Rome. And San Francisco. And London. And each other.

The impossible now - stylinsoncity

A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction.

Little technicolor things - tekhnicolor

Louis is a poor writer and recent university graduate, depressed, anxious, and living in London when he meets Harry, an artist with a secret who likes to paint sunrises and pretty boys from California.

Empty gold - rainbow_kings

In the final year, when Guildhall produces and performs an original play, Louis is heartbroken to learn the lead role has been been received to Harry and he’s the second role. He’s mostly terrified, however, when he realises he has to date Harry in the play as their characters. They come together through awkward stage kisses that transforms to hate sex, heated arguments, rehearsal times after lectures and baking carrot cake together.

Here in the afterglow - fondleeds

1970’s AU. In a tiny town in Idaho, Louis’ life is changed forever by the arrival of a curious stranger.

A rythm in rush - fondleeds

Harry is a WWF journalist with big dreams and Louis is a glaciologist that flies helicopters for fun. Greenland is an odd place to spend Christmas, but just maybe, the perfect place to fall headfirst into love.

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I love your Terry and your comments on all the Bats Beyond universe. Also, all the drawings of Jason with Starfire and Roy. And I would like to read RHatO but at the same time I don't want to... I read somewhere that that Jason was OOC and that all the New 52 are just a big mess and I'm honestly confused if I should read it or not.

Oh RHatO…..

You can read it IF and only IF you know you can blank out mass parts of the comic. To be truly honest, it’s about 98% Lobdell drivel. It takes itself waaay too seriously, ALWAYS has a misogynistic undertone (or is just blatantly misogynistic, A.K.A. How Kori is handled through the whole damn comic), and is all around infuriating to sit through or pay actual money for- particularly because of what could have been.

(This is gonna be really long I’m so sorry! MORE UNDER THE READMORE!)

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of stars that do not give a damn

Six fucking months, Harry! And you couldn’t even be arsed to pick up the damn phone!”

Eggsy’s hands are gripped so tightly around the glass, Harry worries it may break. He thinks to tell him to let go but he knows where that will lead, the furrowed line across Eggsy’s brow marking his anger betraying any composure he may have possessed.

He’s tired, he’s downright exhausted having travelled two days to get back to London and home, and he just wants Eggsy to understand why. He wants to explain and he wants to apologize and he wants to go back to that day and say nothing at all, so he doesn’t have to be here, faced with Eggsy’s outrage. He didn’t realize how unbearable it would be. Hoped Eggsy would see reason far sooner.

“You’re failing to see the point, why I had to keep my survival a secret.”

“What, you thought I’d grass you up? Go blabbing my mouth about it? Good to know you think so highly of me.” Eggsy knows his words are cruel; Harry can see the gleam in his eye at the pause that seems to howl with its emptiness.

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The signs from a Cancer Point of view (use 🌞 + 🌜):
  • (My posts are backwards on purpose)
  • Pisces: Oh my lord, you can be so silly. I love how infectious your giggle is. You can think of things in ways I would have never even thought; you're almost too creative for your own good. I know sometimes you're not so good at art, like most posts predict, but the way you speak is beautiful, like your words were perfectly arranged to form a mosaic of variegated interpretations. You let everyone's experiences influence you to the point where you take them on as your own, and that's ok. I know that just helps you stay close to the ones you love, as if living in their memories with them strengthens your connection with them.
  • Aquarius: You can be distant, but care with every pulse of your heart. Sometimes that's what confuses me. There's a reason for everything to you. You want to know cause and effect, but I'm worried for the day when you realise that not everything has an explanation; at least not one easily confined by mere words. You're not devoid of emotion. You're just much better at deciding when and how to deal with them. How do you do that? How do you know how to reach out for help without burdening everyone?
  • Capricorn: We are opposites. You work so hard to be happy, that sometimes I think you hardly stop to enjoy even the small things that have a magical air to them; like the plush towels against your skin, or the pattern of the sky that will only freeze for a few seconds more. To you, it's all about pushing forward and getting things done, and I love your motivation, but don't you realise how stressed out you get yourself? You can be cold, but that's only because sometimes you don't want to stop to feel...you know what will happen if you do.
  • Sagittarius: I am amazed at how much patience I have with you. You're so carefree, and I don't believe I have ever seen you stressed. Sometimes I get frustrated with how you treat others, but I know you don't mean to hurt people on purpose. I love how you want to be a free thinker, you don't let others cloud your thoughts or decisions, unless you really love them, then in that case you trust their opinions. Not everyone can or could ever earn your trust. You have clarity when most others are stressed because you've detached yourself from them so successfully. I'm glad that you of all people could take the weight that you do, though I'm not pleased that you have to in the first place. You handle beatings with grace, and you hold your ground firmly.
  • Scorpio: You're the most passionate person I know. When you talk about what you love or hate, I can see the propellers churn in your eyes. You love to love and hate to hate. I know it's hard to let people in, but I'm thankful you chose me of all people. I'm sorry I can't always be there when you sob in your bed late at night, but you always hold off when you're ready. That's ok too. I know you don't like to be pushed. Sometimes you let others passions overtake your own and you get so confused and tired that it's hard to face anyone. You want to love so badly, but you're always doubting yourself. Your thoughts can be overwhelming and it seems lonely in crowds, even around your own family, but even you need to trust more than one person.
  • Libra: You of all people know what to do and say all the time. I enjoy just sitting back and watching you talk and interact with people; you get that everyone is different, and you treat them according to how they are. If only people had that same respect towards you. I love how you can diffuse conflict as if you're stroking the nuzzle of a wild horse. You listen and think before you speak. You thrive on the subject of philosophy because you think, and it does, makes you a better person. You love everyone and you value friendships and relationships. You don't know who the right partner is, but I know when you find them, they will make you feel like the only person in the world, just like you do with everybody else.
  • Virgo: There's a lot to worry about. You are the one that I wish I was the most like. You live in the moment, without leaving the past or planning for the future. You're aware of the things larger than life, and you respect them, but you understand how all the little things contribute to the infinite tapestry. I wish I could notice and appreciate as you do. I know you focus too much on the tangible, and I understand that it's easy to get lost in the world of perfection and imperfections, to ignore the thoughts and feelings of others. Most people think you are cold, but I think there's more to it than that. Maybe you just know what to do with your feelings, and they're under your control, and yours alone. You're calm and always seem to be at ease. In no way should that be a crime, after all, many could learn a thing or two from you.
  • Leo: I find a lot of admiration towards how confident you are. Your presence alone is awe-inspiring. Everything you do--the way you walk, how you speak, your gestures, everything--looks so effortless but well thought out. Watching you is like enjoying a movie where every movement is perfect. I love the way you make me feel like we've know each other for years. I am at ease and comfortable by your very presence. One might expect your voice to be loud and authoritative, but it's soothing and suggestive more than anything. You want to make everyone feel like your friend, and I know it has no malevolent purposes, but it's for your own conscious because you can't bear a single person disliking you.
  • Cancer: I could tell you how seething your own mind is, but I'm sure you already know that. You can be so optimistic that you become blind to the worse in human nature. You have fallen victim to many schemes of manipulation, and each time you've beaten yourself up for it. It's ok to yell and scream and cuss. In fact, it's normal to let yourself explode. Nothing could ever right the wrongs that you can never seem to forget. I'm sure that even though they haven't made it up to, or apologised, that they still love you. Not everyone is like you where they can hold onto their emotions and keep it from lapping over the edge. People say things they don't mean, and they make mistakes. It's ok to not be able to forget, you just have to find a way to love again despite their wrong doings.
  • Gemini: When I am with you, I am never bored. There's always something to talk about, and you're willing to look at every side of a story because you love to be fascinated. You are so animated when you speak, as if you're trying to replay and exert the experience to everyone so that they can experience it as you once did. I love your acceptance of art in all its forms but most of all, I appreciate your desire for knowledge. You may not be the smartest, but you are the one to show me how to think.
  • Taurus: I see a lot of posts categorising you as being a glutton for food. Truth is, you love to enjoy things you like, and by no means is that bad. Some people talk about what they like and you feel their radiance through their words, but with you, you don't have to say anything. I feel your content seeping into my veins and I too become enveloped in this world of yours where the finer things of life are adored. I value your opinion because you learn to know and feel every inch of something before you can decide to love or hate it. You have to know for sure because once you make a decision, by God you stick to it. I love how you're supporting and refreshing for anyone who needs it. You've made some good calls, and also so bad ones, but you've learned from both and you can separate truth and fiction like nothing I've seen before.
  • Aries: You are the epitome of fire. I know it's easy to think of everything at once, and it gets extremely overwhelming. I think you tend to overlook other people's feelings for the small minute things that really don't matter. Your opinions and desires matter, just understand that you can't make anyone agree with you. You have a silver tongue, and it's hard to resist your logic, because despite how wrong you may be, you take record time in thinking up of an argument and at the same time shred your adversary to pieces. Some say it's water that wears you down slow and painfully, but I have witnessed the hot flash of your flames burn and dissipate. You get caught up in the moment. It's no biggie. I respect that you have confidence, I love that. You are into fast paced things, and I don't think I've ever seen you relax without falling asleep. You really amaze me at how adept you are at working under so much pressure. You've been through a lot, heaven knows, but we both know you've become a better person because of it. Your optimism is what pushed me through my own experiences, and I am most grateful for you especially.


  • I love Margaret Hale. I love her with a love that is pure and true and it’s at least 40% because she’s allowed to be kind of an asshole. She can be rude and superior and judgmental and so. fucking. stubborn and all of it is because, newsflash, she’s a person who loves her parents but for obvious reasons doesn’t particularly want do be like them and spends big chunks of the novel basically parenting them, and with Frederick out of the picture she’s an only child and that comes with its own bundle of shit and all of it makes her who she is so concretely
  • I love that she’s a humanitarian who sticks to her (admittedly p classist and very of-the-time-period) guns because of her faith. I love that her faith is hers; she may have learned it from her father but she’s clearly an intellectual with her own opinions about G-d and the Church, and we get to see how spiritually difficult her father’s resignation is for her. And she is presented with a coherent world-view which religion shapes in a consistent way. 
  • Margaret Hale doesn’t seem to exist to fall in love. Which is fucking awesome! Because don’t get me wrong, I love love stories. But Margaret Hale gets to live her life, of which navigating a complicated set of emotional and social mores is merely a part. She’s got shit to do! Political discussions to have! A household to supervise! Cross-class friendships to maintain! Letters to write! Things to angst about that have nothing to do with That Unfortunately Attractive Asshole Her Dad Won’t Shut Up About Ever (seriously Mr. Hale’s WOW YOU GUYS MR. THORNTON IS REALLY COOL IT’S SO GREAT THAT I HAVE A FRIEND attitude is my fav) Her parental figures keep dying, ffs! She’s gotta figure out her place in the world and what she wants out of life!
  • Did I mention how much I love that Margaret and John spend the first chunk of their acquaintance arguing about politics and industry??????? BECAUSE IT’S A LOT
  • You get where he’s coming from! You get where she’s coming from! You get hella fucking frustrated because Mrs Gaskell is making you care about an industrialist! And you would care even if he DIDN’T look like Richard Armitage in your head! (or was that just me?)
  • John Thornton doesn’t dismiss her opinions because they belong to a woman. He doesn’t! He disagrees because he thinks she doesn’t understand the situation, but that’s because she’s an outsider, a member of the Southern intellectual class who buy his cloth without bothering to understand the social and physical machinery that produces it, not because she’s a woman. He’s impressed with the force of her convictions and how she delivers them! He engages instead of dismissing! It’s fucking great!
  • Of course, much of the credit for that goes to Mrs. Thornton for being a fucking force of nature who when the universe gave her lemons she basically turned the lemons into brass knuckles shaped like her son and punched the universe in the fucking face. You will respect her or you will wither and die under the force of her glare, and John damn well knows how to respect a woman with her own opinions. Because she’s basically the reason he’s in the position he’s in. 
  • Which is awesome! Because these characters are the product of their circumstances! They didn’t just leap into being randomly to get jerked around by plot devices!
  • You know what’s great? Men pining. I love it when men pine. Especially when they’re secretly self-righteous fucks about it. She DOESN’T LOVE ME but I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE HER and her disapproval CAN’T STOP ME FROM LOVING HER but not because I’m creepy or think I have any right to her, or any right to try to win her over, but because I am a MAN of INTEGRITY who will CONTINUE TO BE A GOOD FRIEND TO HER PARENTS even though I am DEEPLY UNWORTHY
  • and then they don’t actually, which is sad, but the mini-series has our backs in that department with one of the fucking finest filmed kisses of all time
  • and they both chaaaaaaaaaaaange this isn’t about one winning the other over through persistence it’s about a growing toward each other Thornton removes some of the There Must Be A Divide Between Me And My Workers And I Am Not Responsible For Them stick from his arse and Margaret’s like People Can Change and Wow The Greater Social Fabric Is Super Fucking Complicated But That Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have To Acknowledge Mutual Responsibility
  • and also John Thornton really likes Margaret’s hands which like, I know that feel, bro
  • in conclusion, nothing can make me believe these two don’t have an unusually passionate relationship which involves John performing hella probably-time-period-unlikely cunnilingus on Margaret while she lectures him on G-d and the social contract.
  • I’m gonna fucking read it again.

Apparently, some of you people are still not understanding Lily’s actions in SWM, so here we go:

“Leave him ALONE!”

Was her very first line in the chapter. The way the word “alone” was put makes undeniable that she is pretty angry, no discussion here. What we do not discuss enough is how brave she was by saying so. I once saw a post about how brave Snape was for making his way up the gryffindor tower to apologize to Lily, but what about her? She stood up for him when no one else did. She left her friends in the lake to defend him from her own housemates. She was a gryffindor, muggle-born girl and she didn’t let her slytherin, pure-blood supremacist friend be bullied.

“Leave him alone,” Lily repeated. She was looking at James with every sign of great dislike. “What’s he done to you?”

The bold is because there are people under the illusion that she was flirting with James. And this quote is here because there are people under the illusion that she didn’t care for Snape.

Many of the surrounding watchers laughed, Sirius and Wormtail included, but Lupin, still apparently intent on his book, didn’t, and neither did Lily. “You think you’re funny,” she said coldly. “But you’re just an arrogant, bullying toerag, Potter. Leave him alone.”

Again treating James with the dislike he deserves for being an absolute idiot. Again wanting nothing more than Snape’s safety.

“I wouldn’t go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid,” said Lily.

Really, where the “she-was-flirting-with-James” shit came from? Honestly.

Lily, whose furious expression had twitched for an instant as though she was going to smile, said, “Let him down!”

Lily gets so much hate because of this quote, I can’t believe it. People keep on saying that she smiled. She didn’t. And even if she had done, it wouldn’t take away the fact that her expression was furious and that she immediatly told James to let Snape down.

“LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Lily shouted. She had her own wand out now. James and Sirius eyed it warily. “Ah, Evans, don’t make me hex you,” said James earnestly. “Take the curse off him, then!” James sighed deeply, then turned to Snape and muttered the countercurse.

Believe it or not, there are posts that claims that Lily didn’t do enough to help Snape. I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of Lily Evans taking her own wand out to defend him, which made James take the curse off in the first place. And I love this, because it means James didn’t doubt for a second that Lily was going to hex him.

“I don’t need help from filthy little Mudbloods like her!” Lily blinked. “Fine,” she said coolly. “I won’t bother in future. And I’d wash your pants if I were you, Snivellus.”

Here, in bold, we have the exact moment she realized Snape was just much of a jerk as she always thought James was and then she proceeds to treat them with equal dislike. People talk and talk about Snape being hurt when Lily almost laugh, and that this would be one of the factors that made him call her a slur, but I ask again: what about her? How hurt was she to get to the point to call him “Snivellus”? He was her best friend and the very person who told her that blood didn’t matter and still you guys want to blame her for ending their friendship? For standing up for herself? Is it really what she said to him more offensive than a slur in front of the whole school after she did nothing but help? 

“I don’t want you to make him apologize,” Lily shouted, rounding on James. “You’re as bad as he is… .”

What is this? Lily is rejecting James even tho she is not friends with Snape anymore? Is almost like… and stay with me now because this is shocking, but… is almost like Lily ending her firendship with Snape has nothing to do with James… at all… I know, right? Groundbreaking. 

“Messing up your hair because you think it looks cool to look like you’ve just got off your broomstick, showing off with that stupid Snitch, walking down corridors and hexing anyone who annoys you just because you can — I’m surprised your broomstick can get off the ground with that fat head on it. You make me SICK.” She turned on her heel and hurried away.

The only thing this quote proves is that Lily pays attention on James. So what? Repeat after me: it is not flirtation! Even tho she is done with Snape, she still despises James’ actions and made it clear.

And then there’s The Prince’s Tale:

“I only came out because Mary told me you were threatening to sleep here.” “I was. I would have done. I never meant to call you Mudblood, it just – ” “Slipped out?” There was no pity in Lily’s voice. “It’s too late. I’ve made excuses for you for years. None of my friends can understand why I even talk to you.

And the whole “Lily was just looking for an excuse to dump Snape because she wanted to be with the popular kids” theory goes to space (yeah, this is a thing people actual believe). And this headcanon is hilarious because she was the one trying to preserve their friendship by making excuses for him and he was the one hanging out with death eaters, obsessing over the marauders and not giving a damn about what she had to say on the matter.

You and your precious little Death Eater friends – you see, you don’t even deny it! You don’t even deny that’s what you’re all aiming to be! You can’t wait to join You-Know-Who, can you?” He opened his mouth, but closed it without speaking. “I can’t pretend anymore. You’ve chosen your way, I’ve chosen mine.” “No – listen, I didn’t mean – ” “ – to call me Mudblood? But you call everyone of my birth Mudblood, Severus. Why should I be any different?” He struggled on the verge of speech, but with a contemptuous look she turned and climbed back through the portrait hole.

Read that again and tell me she overreacted. Tell me she was wrong in cut him out of her life. Tell me you wouldn’t do the same.

Listen, Lily Evans wasn’t perfect. And it’s a shame that we don’t have enough canon to discover her flaws, but don’t change the actual canon we have just because you don’t like her. She did help Snape. She cared for him. She was not a “fucking Mary Sue”, as someone write in a post. She did not flirt with James and for the love of Odin, she was not “snob”.

You can defend Snape all you want, I’m through with that, but don’t you think that when you completely change canon facts about another character into doing so, something is wrong?

what you go to them for when you're mad
  • aries: backup. they'll tell you when you're wrong, but when you're right, you want them on your side. they will give you 100% support, and argue for you.
  • taurus: validation. you think you're right. but you need to know for sure.
  • gemini: distraction. you're fucking pissed and it's all you can think about. your gemini is exactly the person to help you get out of your head.
  • cancer: sympathy. your cancer will sympathize with you. make you feel better, and stroke your bruised ego by telling you you're right, even when you might not be.
  • leo: loyalty. you want people on your side, and you especially want a leo on your side. they fight for people they love.
  • virgo: an action plan. they know just how to plan the perfect argument or counter strike to whatever or whoever has pissed you off.
  • libra: an honest opinion. they'll tell you if you're being a dumb ass.
  • scorpio: to brood. they'll let you talk about it for fucking ever. helping you to analyze each aspect of what happened. may even join in with virgo to plan the demise of your enemies.
  • sagittarius: empathize. they'll tell you about a time when it happened to them too, and how they got through it.
  • capricorn: don't go to them if you're mad tbh unless you want to be more mad
  • aquarius: as a distraction. different than gemini. will probably let you rant about it before telling you to chill tf out and smoking a blunt with you.
  • pisces: to reflect on it all when it's over. your pisces is perfect to assess the damage with. how to apologize, if necessary or just how to move on from it all.
The signs as Stress
  • Signs as stresses
  • Aries: Having too much on your plate at once, spreading yourself too thin because you feel like you have to accomplish all your goals and be the best you can be all the time. Cut yourself a break and realize you have your whole life ahead of you. You don't have to be 100% on track every single day, sometimes just taking a day to chill even if it puts you behind a little can be therapeutic and make you even better when you get back to the grind.
  • Taurus: Others changing plans when you had the whole day planned out, things not going the way you want. Trying to control every situation may comfort you, but you can't possibly know what's going to happen all the time. Be more open to new experiences and remember, putting yourself outside your comfort zone can help you grow.
  • Gemini: Trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, deciding what you want to do as a career or where you want to end up in life. Nobody knows who they are the moment they're born. Life is about growing and learning and trying new things. You are a work in progress and the best thing you can do for yourself is what makes you happy now, in this moment. The future will be there when you're ready.
  • Cancer: Losing people close to you because of something you have done or said, being responsible for rift in your relationship with someone. Sometimes, you mess up. You say the wrong thing. If it was your fault, own up to it and try to move on. If you had to step away from a friendship because you felt like it was detrimental then keep your head up and know you deserve to be happy too. No one knows how other will react to what we say and do, you can only do your best to realize when you've messed up or if maybe the break was better for both of you. You may feel empty now but things will get better.
  • Leo: putting your all into someone and being let down, knowing that you are giving everything but they are only half-assing the relationship. You can try until you're blue in the face to help someone else and be there for them, but they don't owe you that in return. And you owe it to yourself to be around people who respect you and appreciate what you do. Don't get mad at them. If you're not being treated the way deserve, maybe you need to let them go and see if they realize on their own exactly what you're worth.
  • Virgo: not living up expectations, having the bar set too high by others and not achieving what they thought you could. Maybe you were super smart when you were young but now high school is much more challenging. Maybe you aren't getting perfect grades in college. Maybe your job is proving more difficult than you thought and now you have to try, every day, just to be average. The only bar you have to reach is the one you set for yourself. Don't get disillusioned by the things other people think you can do. If you are having a hard time, give yourself a break, step back, and set smaller goals for yourself. Take it one step at a time and remember that you can do it, maybe you you just have to work up to the top. It doesn't mean you aren't as smart or amazing or great as you were.
  • Libra: Not standing up for yourself, realizing you've been letting others walk all over you or take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to speak your mind, and sometimes you have to just let things happen. The hardest part is deciding which battle to fight. Never fighting, however, is only going to leave you stuck in whatever place others put you, following in the footsteps of a hundred other feet and feeling sorry for yourself. You have the right to challenge ideas you don't agree with and make your own destiny, even if if means you have to walk solo for a while. You are strong enough to March to your own drum. You are just as important as those around you, don't take the backseat.
  • Scorpio: losing control of your emotions, having a huge outburst and feeling attacked by those you love. Not everyone is out to get you! It's difficult to expose your inner thoughts to other people, not only because they can use it as a weapon against you, but because you feel like you are lesser and weak when you express yourself. But, if you keep everything inside until you explode on your friends, you only have yourself to blame when they won't put up with it anymore. Let a little out at a time, you don't have to dive in the water, but at least feel if it's warm before you lose your cool and hurt other people. Make an effort to be more open and I'm sure they will appreciate even a little budge.
  • Sagittarius: being stuck, for whatever reason, somewhere you dislike, feeling trapped or held down. For financial or other reasons, you may be stuck in a small town, a city you don't like, or a dead end job that makes you miserable. Keep. Up. The Hustle. You are destined for great things, but everyone faces setbacks. Learn a new skill, like crocheting or making something to make money on the side. Make connections with people who want to move forward too, End relationships with people who try to hold you back. Take every possible hand that reaches out to you and keep strong, you will be where you want to be someday. Don't take the little things for granted and keep your mind grounded and you can find your island in the sun.
  • Capricorn: running behind schedule or being late due to others, having someone not put in their share of work. People are people, and they make mistakes. Yes, it's annoying when your feel like you're the only one in the world who has it together, but one of these days when you fall behind pace, you'll appreciate the slack. Being constantly dragged down by others, however, isn't okay and if it becomes more than a minor inconvenience, maybe you need to switch up your role and put more pressure on others to succeed. (In a helpful way)
  • Aquarius: the weight if knowing you can't change things, knowing you are only one person and you can't alter the system no matter how broken. There are so many unfair situations, like a school system that loads you with so many tests you can hardly get by, or maybe your town is facing an apathy apocalypse where it seems no one cares about the environment, poverty, the ASSHOLE GOVERNOR (OHIO!) You see the big picture and that's a precious gift. The first step to changing anything is to recognize the problem, and if you stay passionate, you can change the world.
  • Pisces: getting older, the steady progression of time with an unclear future. Time moves forward, and that can make you feel as though you're being left behind. Everyone has this clear cut path and you feel like you're floating through, no particular goal or destination, a ghost wandering purposeless. At some point, every person has this existential worry that they will get older and still have not found their place. Just have some faith that one day, you will find what you love and things will come together. Life has a funny way of working out, even if you don't know it's plan just yet. Be patient and stay aware and present. Try not to get caught up in worrying and trying to imagine a perfect future. You are important and you will find happiness.
  • Check your Sun, Moon and Mars.

hulafairy66  asked:

Hey! I really enjoy your blog, I'm a big fan of YOI!! I'd like to check out some other anime, could you please give me some recommendations, if you have the time? Thank you <3 <3 <3

Thank you for enjoying my blog. It always makes me happy to find more people that share similar interests with me. I’ll give a list of anime I enjoy. They don’t fall all into one genre though.  I hope that a few of them look appealing.

All Out (Rugby sports anime with great friendships and very positive body image themes* All sizes have a reason and strength)

Barakamon (Calligrapher goes to an island to find his style, crazy ensues.)

Bungo Stray Dogs (mystery like, with a cast of awesome lovable characters. Big perks for being funny)

Days (Soccer anime, a little different than the rest because they all love the main character, who predictably sucks at first, and actively support him.)

Diamond no Ace (Baseball sports anime with fun, funny characters with a lot of heart)

Durarara (lots of shit happens and then they eat sushi)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (this breaks any mold you could find in anime. I usually can’t stand shoujo anime, but this one is SO different than the rest. I have never regretted taking a chance on this one.)

Haikyuu (Volleyball sports anime, similar to DnA’s description)

Kuroko no Basuke (Basketball sports anime similar to Haikyuu and DnA only with a little of the supernatural mixed in. Excellent main crew of characters)

Kyou Kara Maou (Teleported to another dimension and finds your the king of daemons, what could possibly go wrong? This one makes me smile no matter how often I watch it.)

Noragami (Delivery God at your service. Also very funny and mystery built in.)

One Punch Man (Different than the rest, Fun main character that breaks a lot of “perfect main guy” molds and a cyborg apprentice.)

Orenchi no Furo Jijou (Because what else would you do if you found a merman on the side of the road? Of course you would take him home to live in your tub.)

Psychic Detective (A guy who can see ghosts with his red eye and tries to be apathetic, unsuccessfully. Wonderful mystery arcs in this series, the manga is awesome also)

Psycho Pass (Using collected data about past and present personalities to decide who’s going to be a criminal before they ever become one?  One of the best first seasons in all anime I have watched. Fully fleshed out characters and intricate story line. One of my favorite villains of all time)

Sakamichi no Apollon (Coming of age for three kids in their latter years of high school. It does not sound like much but it’s truly one of the best I’ve ever seen. Make sure to read the follow-up manga extra after you’ve finished.)

Yowamushi Pedal (Bicycling sports anime, the animation is a little different, but you’ll love the characters and their growth)

A few more add on’s because this is already very long: Boku no Hero Academia (superhero kids with heart), Free! (swimmer guys working on friendship and their futures), No. 6 (Utopian society couldn’t be a bad thing….right?) Sakamoto desu ga? (Because what if you were actually perfect? Hilarious and fun)

And of course Yuri on Ice (nothing like a healthy relationship, a show that does not tease but follows through, excellent well developed characters and a great story line to keep you watching) *but you knew that one already : )

For this post, I’ll be using fuku-shuu translations of chapter 83. 

Can I just say that I love the little flashback to their first meeting? It was perfect to me and so much more.

I say perfect because Isayama wrote that encounter in the likes of what I always envisioned. For one of my fic I did a flashback for Eremin meeting and all I could think of was Eren defending Armin against bullies, before asking his name and initiating their friendship. In a way, this chapter got a similar moment which makes me very happy. It was also adorable to boot!

But unlike what I imagined, there are differences. I always saw Eren protecting Armin from bullies, based on how Eren even as a child seemed driven by his own sense of right and wrong and couldn’t stand injustice. Yet that’s not how they started and Eren didn’t protect Armin from his bullies. Instead it sounds more like he had been witnessing the situation for a while without interfering, while he waited for Armin to fight back against his bullies. When it never happened it made him curious enough that he directly asked Armin. 

Why didn’t you fight back?
They think you’re a loser because you don’t.
You’re really fine with being bullied all the time? x

Eren is curious about Armin’s actions and become interested in him after he hear his answer: 

I haven’t lost… Because I…didn’t run away. x

Armin’s answer left such a big impression on Eren that he asked him his name. Unlike what we saw and assume before, their friendship doesn’t start because Eren protects Armin but rather because those events leads to him becoming interested or intrigued by Armin as a person. He becomes Eren’s very first friend. 

I love this a lot because we’re shown here that it’s Armin himself who attracts Eren’s interest. It goes perfectly well with what happens in chapter 73, where Eren admit that all the talk about going to the sea doesn’t affect him as much as Armin himself does. The look in his eyes. 

Be it with their first meeting or seeing the world outside, Armin leaves a big impression on Eren, always. And while he’s admitted that thinking back to that moment with Armin and his book gives him courage, this chapter also made me realize that Armin may have inspired him elsewhere. 

Eren never leaving the fight even when he’s losing. Armin’s attitude from that time was that as long as you don’t leave and run, you haven’t lost the fight yet and that immediately caught Eren’s attention back then. It makes it very likely to me that Armin’s philosophy may have affected Eren’s outlook on his battles in general after that. 

Something else that made the flashback even more cute is how Eren went from not bothering to jump to Armin’s help and being unaffected to basically getting so mad and wanting to defend Armin at all costs, even comfort him.

Even Armin’s flashback about Mikasa and Eren defending him against the bullies shows the same thing. 

Like Eren legit goes from “I don’t really care if you get hurt, save yourself” to “nobody lays a finger on you, I’ll protect you” with Armin. And I just love this way too much. 

Like I love how Isayama did the flashback because you can clearly see how Armin was able to affect Eren from the get go but also how Eren changed after that, same with their relationship. The shipper in me is really happy with this, even if the rest of the chapter hurt like hell. 

dillytrbl  asked:

oooh can we have some of those prison AU headcanons if you don't mind?? @.@

Iwaoi Prison Au

WAHAHAH DILLY! YES! I’D LOVE TO! Thank you for asking!! <3

It’s nothing big yet and not all figured out. Just some AU @maltedmilkchocolate and I came up with but I love to share the headcanons we have so far.

- Oikawa and Iwa meet in Prison for the first time.

- Iwa is a member of a high ranked gang and has already been to prison for about 2 years before Oikawa enters.

- Iwa has several tattoos. Some are gang related, some are prison tattoos and some are just marks of his life.

- He grew up in a rough neighborhood and started hanging out with some of the younger gang members when he was a teenager. Their were neighbors and friends and things started as some teenage shenanigan. by the age of 18 he was already big in the gang. he got caught and sent to prison when he was 21-22 and got a sentence of 10 years which was later reduced to 7 years.

- his gang was meeting with a rival gang for some truce negotiations and got sold out to the cops when their were mostly defenseless.

- Even by his young age Iwa has a good reputation within the gang and in prison now. People fear and respect him and he his some kind of leader and authority figure in his prison block.

- Oikawa gets send to prison for fraud and illegal money transfers (embezzlement) from his old workplace. Mostly due some kind of hacking.

- Oikawa grew up poor too and in a similar neighborhood than Iwa. But his mom took good care of him and made sure that he went to college. Oikawa worked hard, studied like crazy and worked several day jobs in between. He graduated College with perfect grades and luckily he got a job right out of it. But he didn’t really like it and in order to pay his debts and to give his mom a better life he tried “smarter” and quicker ways to get to money.

- He is smart and well spoken and figures out quickly how to make his way in prison and who to talk with and who to make friends with.

- However his smartass behavior and more geeky look bothers some inmates and they underestimate his sharpness. Oikawa has to wear his glasses in prison as always getting new contact receipts is too troublesome. This adds to his more “geeky” look.

- Everything about Oikawa rubs Iwa the wrong way at first. They start off on the wrong foot.

- Due some events Iwa realizes Oikawa’s wit and they start working together on some business level which also leads to them spending more time together and ending with them being “friends with benefits” …or more just “benefits”.

- First just getting off easy. Finding some secret places and times for some “quickies” . Quick session. Letting off steam and pressure and dealing with prison life and handling some needs.

- Their friendship evolves and they get closer and more comfortable. They trust each other and share things. This also changes their “benefits” thing they have going on. It changes into romance.

- This isn’t too easy in prison. There is no time or real private place to get sensual and romantic with each other. They also keep their romance to themselves to not become a target.

- Oikawa got 5 years for his embezzlement which he has to serve 4 years of and one year on parole.

- When he leaves Iwa still has one more year to go.

- Oikawa visits him and they start to make plans for the future.

- When Iwa gets released he first crashes at Oikawa’s place because his probation requires him to have a solid address and place. He stays until he finds his own place.

I guess these are the first basic headcanons. But there is so much more already!! About their life after prison!! Or about their interaction and problems in prison!! And just their relationship in general. But I fear this post would get too long.
but if anyone is interested just hit me or @maltedmilkchocolate up. We are happy to share.

And also because Stevie and I are awful we already have some darker version of this AU,too. An AU of the AU
Where Oikawa is a investigative journalist who gets plant into prison for some big story about prison and prison system. While everyone thinks he is a normal inmate. When Iwa finds out shit hits the fan. This is a story about betrayal and trust issues and Oikawa and Iwa finding each other, losing each other and finding each other again. It’s sad and bittersweet.

this sounds a little bit biased but if you ask me which my favorite line in seventeen is, i would never hesitate to answer that it’s 95line. it does not necessarily mean i don’t care about other members; because in fact i adore them a lot and i adore them all (as much as a mother hen can, fussing over her kids). it’s just that i have a really soft spot for the 95line.

first, there’s choi seungcheol who is just a kid (he’s almost 22 i know but i’m older than him so he’s still a kid in my eyes). yet being the leader he is, he is always the one who takes the first act, takes the hard works and puts other members before himself. he (together with booseoksoon) brightens up the atmosphere when things go downhill, and makes effort to understand others when they are being difficult or seem to shut out to the outside (yes i’m talking about jihoon). he tries to get all members on good terms with each other, bring them together and solve problems with a mindset of “let’s all calm down and avoid quarrels please”. he’s playful and can be such a dork too; there are times the members are embarrassed with his antics, but above all he is a softie at heart who truly cares for his brothers (i still remember him always hugging or lifting samuel up so the kid could keep up with any game the boys were playing). Besides, with all his years of training i feel he has that kind of aura, the “becoming mature early because i need to” (and not only him but also other members as well, especially vernon, because this is entertainment industry and the competitiveness is fierce). i think, or believe, he can make a good leader who can connect the members, yet still have a rational mindset and not let the emotional side take a toll. and you know that one of the most important factors of a successful group is a good leader, right? (rap monster of bts or kim sunggyu of infinite for example. i adore those two a lot, too).

next is yoon jeonghan. yoon jeonghan, yoon jeonghan, yoon jeonghan. i have mentioned this before in another post but still want to repeat it again, that i feel like our personalities is pretty much alike, at least in a few aspects. from the “flirty” tactics *face-palm* to the somewhat kind and caring characteristic toward others. we are both acting like a sloth sometimes too (just watch one fine day and most of his screen time in the first two eps is about him lying/sleeping haha). okay kidding here. the main point i want to talk about jeonghan whenever thinking of him is that to me he feels kind of “distant”. i don’t talk about such aspect in a bad way, don’t get me wrong. what i mean is that he has this vibe, which i interpret as “while he’s kind and nice and friendly to everyone he knows, he’s truly, hardly close to anybody”. he cherishes his friends, his members, his fans a lot, the feelings are real and he basks himself in the attention people give him because that is how his nature functions. however there are only a few people whom he lets in his comfort zone, whom he’s being very attentive to and whose attention he actually look forward to getting. this is my own mere opinion, so please don’t take it too serious. i don’t know about the boy in real life either and he can be pretty much different from whom i assume him to be. just try playing a psychiatrist here cause i always want to become one *shrugs*

and last but not least there is joshua hong, my bias. all of a sudden it’s a bit hard to write about him like this *laugh*. i just know that i like him a lot, and that’s a fact. among seventeen there’s only one member who can make my heart flutter and make me blush or squeal uncontrollably, and “sadly” it’s wonwoo =)) because whenever I look at jisoo, there is only this type of feeling i can describe as “maternal instinct” resurfacing. at first i noticed him because of his cat-like features (i am more of a cat person who’s probably going to end up being single till 80, surrounded with thousands of cats), next his voice, his guitar skills, then later his shy, adorably awkward, clumsy antics. and now his dorky image recently =)) (i would not say at first it was not a shock to me, a pleasant shock, but thinking back again he sometimes came up with silly stuffs during 17tv era anyway, so it’s only now his time to shine LOL). compared to other members he is pretty quiet (minghao is another case thou he hardly speaks either, because i believe that boy is very sassy =)) his korean is just not good enough for him to express constantly), sometimes he can just space out and be like “i’m not here with you”, but he speaks and acts when it’s necessary and he smiles his gentle smile and i think maybe that’s the reason why i adore him. also he has such vibe of a cat who is constantly in need of affection, attention and care, thou he hardly does a thing to call for attention and i think i am not the only one who feels so =))

even before one fine day being aired, i always joke that when being confused between jeongcheol and jihan, ship cheolsoo (tbh i’m sick of fan wars due to different ships. every fandom i’m in, every couple i ship has to deal with it. like can you just appreciate others’ opinions and mind your own ship?) it’s half of a joke half of a fact, because a part of me was curious to see how those two interact with each other. there were some fan-taken pictures and interviews but they were not enough. my friend even suggested things like “what if they are awkward around each other?” and i was like “i can’t accept your theory dear i don’t want to believe that at all that hurts my heart *added dramatic gasps here*”. then one day (recently), a short fancam in which jisoo wiped seungcheol’s sweaty forehead in a perf was published and i was like “what the heck is happening??? my feel!!!” and the most interesting thing is that jeonghan was sitting between them, but jisoo skipped him just to get to seungcheol.

that was when i thought maybe there is still more for me to observe. entered that show one fine day and i died (metaphorically of course) at only ep 2. the way seungcheol let jisoo used his arm as a pillow is too much for me to handle and when the older pulled him in closer, i was squealing so loud that my sister actually gave me stink eyes. i don’t know whether it’s really just me not being attentive enough and only realizing things late or not, but i finally can see and can say that cheolsoo are not awkward together. i don’t even know them off-screen how could i think of myself so high, like I can see everything *sigh* but yeah, before this i always think of those three as a scale, with jeonghan as the central point which balances the other two. now i view them more of an equilateral triangle. that sounds almost perfect to me :) and what i mention here is all about their friendship (i’m still jihan trash and not actually into polyamory, thank you).

another assumption i made for fun (and still strongly support) is that seungcheol and jisoo are two members jeonghan is most close to (i believe he mostly devotes his attention to jisoo and let seungcheol devotes his attention to him because that’s how their relationship works LOL).

As I’m Falling Down I Come Undone


For a while, Sapphire had honestly thought that maybe she was getting her life to a place where she could feel like it meant something. In spite of all the years of having it drilled into her head that she needed to be perfect, to uphold the family name, Sapphire thought she had found something to make it worthwhile. But perhaps she had been wrong. That glimmer of happiness had been diminished, and she realized now more than ever that she had made a mistake in thinking it would last.

She should have trusted her gut when she’d encountered Ruby. The pair of them had been from different social standings, and her family most certainly wouldn’t have approved of them being friends, but she had gone against that and made an attempt. She had actively tried to reach out to Ruby in spite of the other young woman’s tendency to freely express her emotions. Perhaps that had been what had drawn Sapphire to her that night, though. She had felt comfortable around her, and it had allowed her to actually try opening up around her. 

Honestly, she’d thought that maybe this was a step forward for her. For so long, Sapphire had struggled to make friends. Even when she was little she had never really clicked with anyone her parents tried to introduce her to. That remained true even now. But somehow she had found it a bit easier to at least try with Ruby. It had worked, too. For a time, the two of them had at least been able to spend time together. It hadn’t always been easy, though. Sapphire knew their schedules were different and that she had an image to maintain, but she’d still made the effort. Ruby’s friendship had been worth it.

Then, things began to change. Ruby had other friends, and Sapphire could only really watch as the other woman went to spend time with them. Day after day, Sapphire would hold out hope that maybe Ruby and her friends wouldn’t have plans and that she could spend time with her. One might have wondered why Sapphire didn’t just try to become a part of the group, and the answer was simple. Sapphire just didn’t mesh well with the others Ruby kept the company of. So she just continued holding out hope. She would always tell Ruby that she understood when she couldn’t make time, and she would say she had things to attend to anyway, but the truth was that it hurt her more than she let on. Of course, with her upbringing, she had been told never to let her hurt show. It wasn’t becoming of a daughter of the illustrious Lazulis name to show such weakness.

Over time, she just… Stopped trying to reach out to Ruby. It wasn’t worth it anymore, Sapphire decided. Why keep letting herself be hurt by the friendship she thought she had, right? So she shut herself in her home and decided to stay there. It was pathetic, she realized, but it was her only defense mechanism. She couldn’t let herself be hurt again, and she couldn’t afford to besmirch the Lazulis name by letting herself break down in public. So she’d called in sick from work, which wasn’t necessarily a lie, and just… Stayed home for a while.

The blonde wasn’t even sure of how many days had passed since she’d initially stopped trying to reach out to Ruby. Maybe it had only been a couple, and maybe it had been more than that. What did it matter, though? Ruby probably was having more fun without her anyway. She was pathetic, even in spite of her high social standings, and perhaps Ruby had just gotten tired of her. These thoughts coupled with the years of teaching her to not let her emotions shine through made it impossible for her to really hold herself together. Still, she tried. She really did try to remain strong in the face of this as she walked around her living room. It was inevitable, though. Sooner or later she would have to crack, and the mounting emotions had reached their peak.

Stupid… Stupid! You were such an idiot! How could you think that she ever thought of you as a friend worth spending time with? She was probably just using you for your status! She probably didn’t even care that she was someone you actually felt comfortable opening up around! Her caring about you as much as her other friends… What a laugh! I can just hear her now. She’s probably laughing it up with her friends right now. Probably just… Just…

The more Sapphire thought about these things, the harder it became to quell the storm of emotions inside her. Part of her felt angry at herself for lowering her guard so much around Ruby. Another part felt upset with Ruby, and another part still felt just overall hurt. It culminated in the blonde young woman finally crumpling down on the floor and breaking down. Tears came hard and fast, and she soon was caught up in sobbing over all that she had put herself through. Again and again she questioned how she could have been so stupid to open herself up to this sort of thing. She should have just stuck to what she’d been taught and what she’d known her whole life. It would have saved her a lot of trouble. But the loneliness that had come with what she knew… Would that have been worth it?

If she really knew what was to come, though, she might not have made any assumptions about Ruby like she had. But she didn’t know what was going to happen. She only knew that here, in the present, she was breaking down and feeling like the most pathetic creature ever for it. All of this over a single friendship… A friendship that probably didn’t even matter in the grand scheme of things. No wonder Ruby had started spending more time with her other friends. She probably did think Sapphire was the most pathetic woman on the planet.

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Hi hi hi I was wondering if you have ever heard and what you think of the summer camp!au ? In which both counterparts of the ship are counselors, specifically. (or in which both are campers I don't know whichever works best) I absolutely love your headcanons, so if the idea sparks ideas, I would be thrilled to hear what you think about it uwu

Summer camp is like My Thing. Can we talk about the perfection that is the slow burn jily hogwarts summer camp au??

previous rambling about wizards at summer camp

The American version of summer camp doesn’t exist in the UK but imagine the following conversation:

Wiz 1: you wouldn’t believe what I heard from those Americans at the Quidditch cup… 

Wiz 2: what?

Wiz 1:  the muggles send their kids away for the entire summer. they call it camp.

Wiz 2: what do they do?

Wiz 1: shoot arrows and stuff

Wiz 2: sounds fun. is there supervision?

Wiz 1: just other teenagers

Wiz 2: but we already send our kids away for the entire school year

Wiz 1: remember the thing with the dragon last summer?

Wiz 2: …

Wiz 2: so how do we get one of these for our kids?

So like two random wizards start an American muggle summer camp and can you imagine the fuckery that would take place. EVEN IF THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN it would be fantastic.

For magic summer camp, all the above head canons apply. What if it was just a random Americanized Hogwarts summer camp though?

Four teams for competitive purposes – a boys’ cabin and girls’ cabin from each age group included.

McGonagall can be the person doing the day to day camp program director and Dumbledore is the eccentric, probably batty camp owner.

The eleven-year-old Marauders are clearly the four campers in the Gryffindor cabin for their age group. Frank as their counselor is cool for me. What are girls? They don’t know. They’re too busy having fun! They definitely roam the entire camp, even the forbidden parts, and make a detailed map. They have hideaways in the woods and in the attic of the main lodge and there’s an old mine shaft they found that serves as a perfect secret headquarters. Baby marauders building a secret Camp Fort is also pretty important to me. Rivalry with Filch, the cantankerous felon caretaker, and his creepy cat Mrs. Norris.

That rivalry is second only to James’s rivalry with Snape. It’s just…a multi-year prank war and rivalry, okay? Think the first twenty minutes of the parent trap, but better. I’ve been involved in camp prank wars–shit gets REAL. the last one i started ended up with a doll’s head staple gunned to my cabin wall, a sprinkler in the girls’ dorm, and culminated in a boy falling through the ceiling of the girls’ bunkroom. IMAGINE bees and snakes and rips in swimming trunks and sinking each other’s canoes and pond moss in shampoo bottles. 


Lily is having, like, the time of her life. Hiking and crafts and singing and canoes…it’s all…great. No Petunia is a nice bonus too! Her friends are great and she doesn’t get to see Snape as much, but whatever. She and James love camp and their friends and the entire deal. James excels at field games and everything and Lily is like the camp golden girl who all the counselors love.

They run in some same circles but largely stay off each others’ radar…until the fifth summer.


HOLY SHIT, EVANS HAS BOOBS. idiocy intensifies. it’s great:

He’s never an out and out dick, except he shows off and it always backfires:

  • shooting his arrow at the wrong bulls eye
  • setting his marshmallows on fire for four consecutive weeks because he’s distracted by her her hair shining in the firelight
  • climbing a tree and he falls out and hurts his ankle
  • rewriting wonderwall song lyrics in a thinly veiled ode to her
  • getting them all lost on hikes because he’s focusing on lily’s thighs in short shorts instead of the compass
  • breaks his glasses in volleyball because he was watching evans’ perfect serve

He doesn’t ask her out, but he does offer to walk her home from campfire and ask if she wants his dessert and a third smore. He’s definitely an idiot and she is ambivalent at best. THERE DEFINITELY needs to be some end of year catastrophe on par with snape’s worst memory…like James and Sirius sabotage Snape’s act in the talent show and Lily tries to intervene and Snape is a dick to her in front of everyone. It’s the end of their friendship, etc.

sixth year is where the glory glory starts because COUNSELORS IN TRAINING, bitches. I love the idea of Remus being one of the other Counselor in Training for Gryffindor, James and Sirius being lifeguards, and Peter being kitchen help or the nurse’s aid or something.

  • James randomly dropping by the arts and crafts session and helping make lanyards and he probably wants to see remus but who knew he could be normal?
  • really delicately handling a girl starting her period in the pool
  • a third year breaks her arm climbing a tree to get a frisbee and it’s definitely not supposed to be at that angle but james doesn’t lose his cool even though lily almost passes out
  • james and lily being the official campfire starters because lily’s been camping her entire life and james is great with fire but no one trusts him to do it solo
  • remus gets sick and james steps up and helps lily co-lead the kids on a night hike and sleepover to the best star-gazing spot on the grounds. he makes up a bunch of constellations but it keeps them all laughing all night.
  • they join forces to host the one dance and instead of the usual awkard affair it’s awesome and everyone raves about it for two weeks…no one got pregnant, that they know of, so great.
  • they may have made out, but that doesn’t count.
  • they do such a great job with the dance that McGonagall puts them in charge of the annual talent show
  • it’s only so-so, but only because two second years signed up and were so nervous they got sick on the stage
  • no one could blame them for that, so…
  • all hands on deck to prepare for color wars, three days of striaght up competition to close out the summer. winner gets the trophy–a golden toilet seat–above their table for the entire next summer. they have SO MUCH FUN and it’s glorious and gryffindor wins and even though they aren’t participating…it’s the best.
  • lily maybe cries a little on farewell day and they promise to keep in touch.


  • lily and james are chosen as the official gryffindor counselors which is, like, the honor of honors, second only to being color days captains and they’ve already done that.
  • everyone has bets on when they’ll start dating. 
  • the campers make up songs about them
  • gossip is RAMPANT
  • lily blushes every time one of her twelve year olds says ‘here comes jaaammmeeessss’ and vice versa
  • they spend hours sitting in the one cozy chair in the staff cabin planning out the next week’s activities, leave their sleeping kids to the CITs and take late night hikes, argue during their tactical capture the flag meetings, co-prank planning, working together to solve crises
  • a second year finds them making out in the lake house on the fourth week 
  • everyone spends three days sorting their bets

tell me it wouldn’t be great

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Hello, I hope you understand my English I'm new to the knb fandom and aokaga and I'd love it if you write about kagami forced into an arranged marriage in order to achieve his fathers approval so when he come back from america and meets his friends with his fiancé and tell them about her they think he loves her but then he confesses to aomine and tells him it's arranged and he don't know how to get himself out this and keep his relationship with his dad.

Welcome to the fandom!! And don’t worry your English is A++.

It’s so long…why is it so long…*sobs* A little bit of angst and lots of fluff and cuddles!!


“I’m worried you’re lonely, and you’re not telling me, Taiga,” his father’s voice was calm on the other end. “She’s a wonderful woman, she’s doing her masters and her father is a good business partner of mine. I’ve emailed you all the details, and I’ll be in Japan next week to help things move along.”

“You…” Kagami’s throat was dry. “I don’t…”

“Is something wrong?” his father asked hesitantly. “I know you’ll love her. You’ve met her once already.”

The problem isn’t her personality. Kagami sighed. It was pointless to argue over the phone. He didn’t know if it was because his father felt guilty over not spending enough time with him, but going as far as to arrange a marriage was… “I’ll talk to you when you get here,” he said aloud, hanging up and checking his email.

Business partner’s daughter. Big business partner.

Did Kagami really have a choice?

He bit his lip as he rang the woman’s number.

There was someone else in his life but…Kagami didn’t know if it would amount to anything. He wasn’t even sure if there was anything real between them, or if those glances and touches had just been him looking too deep into it.

“Hello?” the voice on the other end sounded happy.

“Hey, Maria, are you free for lunch on Saturday…?”


Kagami laughed as Maria finished her story with a wave of her hand. “He really did that?”

“Payed the window cleaners to write it right across her office window,” she rolled her emerald eyes. “It was embarrassing to watch when my friend rejected his proposal by going out and screaming for them to clean it off.”

“I can imagine,” Kagami smiled, stirring his tea. Maria was a beautiful woman, thick black hair and expressive eyes. And she was intelligent, funny, it was sad really how perfect she was. Kagami felt slightly disgusted thinking how his father had assumed he would fall in love with her.

What if perfection wasn’t what he wanted in a partner?

What if it was…laziness, rudeness?

Passion in navy eyes.

He shook his head. He shouldn’t be thinking about him at a time like this-


The two looked up to see a few familiar faces walking down the street towards their café. Aomine, Kise and Kuroko.

Aomine held a basketball in his hands, his eyes narrowed at the scene and he twirled it on his finger. “We’re heading to the courts, but you’ve been ignoring my calls.” His gaze turned almost accusatorily to Maria.

“This is Yamahashi Maria,” Kagami cleared his throat, standing up. “She’s…she’s my…”

Maria’s green eyes observed the situation between the two men with close attention. “I’m his fiancée,” she stated with a bright smile.

Kise failed to stifle a gasp and even Kuroko looked shocked. A muscle in Aomine’s jaw twitched.

“W-well, that’s a bit…” Kagami trailed off, not meeting Aomine’s eyes.

“Our father are business partners,” she elaborated. “Are you his friends? It’s a pleasure.”

“Since you’re busy, we’ll leave you,” Aomine said coldly, turning away. “Have fun on your date.”

“Aomine-!” Kagami clenched his teeth, sitting down. “Sorry about that. He’s a bit…”

“It’s fine,” Maria hummed, and they concluded their meal with reserved small talk that sounded overly polite.

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starter sentences: Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated edition
  • “Y’know, that didn’t come out quite right.”
  • “We just want answers. Is that wrong?”
  • “I’m not saying ‘find new friends’, but– Yes, I am. Find new friends.”
  • “He’s like… one of those geniuses that nobody understands until they’re dead.”
  • “I think I just felt an artery harden.”
  • “Why can’t I just be cold and heartless like other guys? Why must I feel?!” 
  • “Here’s the only thing you’ll ever need to know about boys: they are stupid.”
  • “I’ve already got the recliner in the reclined position. There’s no going back from that.” 
  • “In retrospect, it might not have been a good idea to glue real octopus legs to my face.” 
  • “Hey, guess what I’m thinking now. Gotcha! I’m not thinking about anything. My mind is a complete void.” 
  • “She hates anything she doesn’t have to pay for.”
  • “I just don’t want to get burned. Give me a call when someone wants to make a leathery handbag out of your back fat.” 
  • “You going to a costume party? No? That’s too bad, because you look ridiculous.” 
  • “You said this was a barbecue! I– I got 40 pounds of maple-cured pork in my car. I was going to make bacon hats…”
  • “Like, wow. That is something I didn’t need to see. My brain needs a shower.” 
  • “I want to be with him. Then he does something stupid. Then I hate myself for liking him. Then I miss him. Then I see him again. Then he does something stupid.”
  • “I was afraid it might mess up our friendship. But don’t worry. I will never have feelings again.” 
  • “I can’t hear you. I’m too comfortable.” 
  • “He had his tongue tattooed with a map of every single pizza joint in town.” 
  • “Anyone with hair that perfect has to be guilty of something.”

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Hey! I'm a big fan of your art and you always seem to give out good tips for people that need a little help so I guessed I could ask you as well. I'm getting back into drawing again after I stopped for a few weeks, I always have trouble designing characters and drawing out my ideas for stories I want to do and it's really frustrating. I always seem to stop drawing after two small rough sketches and don't have the energy to get back to it because it's never coming out how I want to. Any tips? :(

Hi, and thank you so much for the support! I’m really glad to know that anything I’ve said in the past may have helped you in any way possible as well; I know it’s hard from to get back to everyone sometimes but I’d really like to help in any way possible!

There’s nothing wrong with getting into a slump every so often. I used to be the type of person who would draw all the time all day every day, but in the last few years that’s changed. And then I wonder, why did that change? I thought I was losing it, that I wasn’t getting anywhere, and started getting exasperated with myself. It’s one of the most frustrating and disheartening feelings in the world!

I don’t know if any of my methods will work, I speak strictly for myself and how I’ve felt and dealt with these issues, so I will be totally honest in this way…

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