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Hello! I really respect your opinion on solas/solavellan and was wondering if you could help me out. I've seen some things about solavellan being "abusive" - his interactions with her about the Dalish is rude and abusive and if she defends he disapproves. I'm not sure where to start looking for confirmation of (or hopefully evidence against) this dialogue-wise. Thoughts?

Hm… Well, I don’t have much interest in spending writing time correcting some randos’ wild suppositions about a romance they never played or don’t think is good. I usually try to stay away from that because it’s uninteresting. But here’s some thoughts about it.

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Getting to know people through tumblr is just the coolest thing to me like

We laughed at the same dumb photo of a cat and the same terrible pun and somehow that lead to us realizing we have all the same interests and maybe found out about something and became interested in it because of each other and may have learned something new and expanded our respective worldviews all without ever actually speaking directly