if you don't think sterling is an awesome trainer you're wrong

Here we are: the Stupid Adventures of Sterling, Pokemon Trainer!

1) every time the caption read “(pokemon) was reassured by Sterling’s familiar scent” I always imagine said pokemon likes cuddling up to him which is adorable

2) …and slightly more painful depending on which pokemon is feeling cuddly.

3) Sterling befriended Mimi by dancing Thriller together.  There is no convincing me otherwise.

4) when I started naming my pokemon I went with a ‘video game characters’ theme and named my magikarp Chu-Chu because the little fuzzball gets a lot of hate (she is annoying) but she’s super useful in Gear battles.  Then I started imagining said pokemon with some item of clothing based off the character I named it off of and the thought of a gyarados with a hair tie and heart-shaped purse killed me.  Didn’t help that Chu-Chu’s nature is quirky and a little vain.  If his gyarados wants to look pretty, Sterling will damn well make it pretty.