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Request where a person who has a crush on BTS reads about BTS's ideal type and realizes they don't fit their type. Thank you!



Y/N had been friends with Jin since the fourth grade so it only made sense that they their friendship prevailed through his fame. Y/N was walking around the bookstore, waiting for Jin to pick her up for their friend-date. Y/N had always hoped to lose the “friend” in “friend-date” and just go on a real date with Jin whom she believed was the love of her life. She browsed the magazine aisle and picked up a new issue of W magazine and flipped through it. However, she couldn’t help but overhear the conversation between the two young teenage girls standing against the shelf behind her, noses buried inside the teen magazine featuring Bangtan on the cover. 

“Ideal types.. God I hope I’m Jin’s,” I hear the taller one groan. “Here, right here. It says that he likes: A girl whose looks and personality is similar to that of a puppy,whose good at cooking, kind and takes good care of me.” 

I frowned hearing that. It was as if he described the exact opposite of me. I am an absolutely terrible cook! I like to think I’m kind but its hard for me to show it sometimes because of how awkward I am. My personality is far from that of a puppy. I’m shy around you if I don’t know you but as soon as I’m comfortable I’m more like a wolf than a dog. I couldn’t help but feel sad hearing that, imagining that jin had actually put thought into this. Did he use me as an example of the kind of girl he didn’t want to be with? Just then I got a text from him.


Hey I’m here, I can’t go in ‘cuz I just saw a hoard of girl sporting some of our merch. Wouldn’t want to start a riot and ruin our f-date. I’ll wait for you out front. :)


I’m not feeling so good. I’m gonna go home. Sorry.

I type, pressing send immediately and shelving the magazine I barely read. I stalked out of the bookstore, my mood spoiled and the need to be cuddled up in my room growing. I felt my phone buzz and checked to see that Jin was frantically texting me. Texts I chose to ignore. I knew I was being petty but I didn’t care. It hurt to know that the man I loved wanted to be with someone I was nothing like.

He was calling now. I sent each call to voicemail, while directing myself to the back exit of the store. Reaching the door, I was startled to see Jin stalking in towards me. 

“What the hell Y/N? Are you okay? Why aren’t you answering your phone?” He interrogates, creating a block in the path for other customers to maneuver past us.

“Jin, what are you doing here? You don’t even have a mask on!” I try to push him out of the store but he doesn’t budge. “No, I don’t care. What’s wrong with you? Why are you canceling our date?”

“Because it’s not a date!” I yell in frustration. “It’s not a date Seokjin, it’s a friend-date. And I don’t want to do them anymore so why don’t you just go on a real date with a girl that fits into your ‘ideal type’.” I say harshly and brush past him out the door. Seconds later, after walking down the pavement into the parking lot of the store, I am turned around by a firm grip on my arm. “Y/N, stop. What are you talking about, ‘ideal type’?” He asks. I look up into his eyes and I can tell how sincerely oblivious he is. “Some girls were reading an interview of your where you said you like puppy girls and girls who can cook and kind and whatever.” I say flailing my hands in exaggeration. 

Jin takes a step back and looks at me completely shocked for a moment and then bursts out in laughter. “Stop Jin, I’m not in the mood for this.” I say. “I-I’m s-sorry,” he says in between hysterics. “It’s just, I didn’t think you were capable of being jealous.” He says finally. I feel the heat run to my cheeks as he says that. “I’m not jealous!” I say. “Yes you are. And I’m happy you are. I said that actually based on you. I thought of everything I loved about you. They just changed some of my words. I said that I loved it when you tried to cook for me because you always looked so hopeful when I try it. I love how you aren’t the basic cute kind of girl and instead you surprise me everyday.” He says and I feel the anger wash away and it is replaced by pure shock and joy. “Really..?” I whispers. “Yes really.” He says, hiding my cheeks. “Y/N, will you go on a real date with me? Not a friend date but one where I can hold your had halfway through and maybe kiss you goodnight.” The heat rushes to my cheeks and I gush a smile. “I would love that!” I say. 


I turn to see a crowd as formed near us, obvious fans who are taking pictures of us. “Oh no.. Jin..”I start but he shushes me. “Don’t worry, it’s okay. They were going to find out soon, I wouldn’t ever want to hide you when you’re mine.”


I hope you liked this :) Been having a good time writing lately. I usually like writing scripts so I’m thinking of maybe writing an imagine in that format. Let me know if you think that’s cool.