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You know what sounds fun?

Okay, since school is out for me, I was thinking about maybe doing one of those drawing things. The next couple of weeks are going to be a bit busy for me, so the results of this might be slowed.

But, I want something to do in my spare time! So….

Everyone who reblogs this before June 10th 2017 3:00pm Daylight Mountain Time will get a simple dragon doodle sketch based off of their blog!

This gives you 24 hours- er, 23 hours (close enough)! So get going if you want a dragon doodle.

Note: Please don’t reblog this if you’re blog is NSFW. I don’t want to see that.

◟night in the woods — sentence starters — part 1.◝

a collection of sentence starters from the game night in the woods.

  • ❛ I mean, I didn’t expect a party or anything, but I figured someone would be here. ❜
  • ❛ Who steals a phone? ❜  
  • ❛ Gotta get political every now and then. ❜
  • ❛ I get spooked when I’m here by my lonesome. ❜
  • ❛ I always rig it when I’m here after hours. ❜
  • ❛ Guess I’m walking. Alone. ❜
  • ❛ Through the woods is home, my bed, and my negligent parents. ❜
  • ❛ Ugh, this is some dank nature. Dank nature and garbage. ❜
  • ❛ I could have died! That was amazing! ❜
  • ❛ I am not gonna die in this hole. ❜
  • ❛ Don’t think I have the upper-body strength to climb this… ❜
  • ❛ This entire area is so full of romance. ❜
  • ❛ I definitely remember barely growing since then. ❜
  • ❛ I say hi for no one! ❜
  • ❛ Eff the cops! ❜
  • ❛ I was so cute back then. We were all cute back then. ❜
  • ❛ I have a zombie resume. It’s dead, but somehow it’s still going all over the place. ❜
  • ❛ This isn’t even a restaurant. It’s a crappy food stand in a hole. ❜
  • ❛ You know what else has been in a hole for 50 years? Dead people from the 60s. ❜
  • ❛ Too bad you didn’t lose all your limbs in a freak soda machine accident. ❜
  • ❛ That’s not drums, that’s computer. ❜
  • ❛ I just wanna die anywhere else. ❜
  • ❛ Anywhere— just not here. ❜
  • ❛ Dudes, haven’t you heard of the pizza scale? ❜
  • ❛ Is that an arm?! ❜
  • ❛ Let’s poke it with a stick! ❜
  • ❛ You know me, with the bad memory. ❜
  • ❛ Okay, really ______, don’t poke dead body parts with sticks. ❜
  • ❛ No one’s forgotten who you are and what you did, you know. ❜
  • ❛ Small town polite’s all you got, kid. ❜
  • ❛ Well, that was really interesting, but I need to go listen to my cells die. ❜
  • ❛ This is an error so bad even I wouldn’t make it. ❜
  • ❛ I was thinking about the ocean, and then I put cups on my ears, and it sounds like the ocean. ❜
  • ❛ How does an arm end up on the sidewalk? ❜
  • ❛ Cute guys are overrated. ❜
  • ❛ Welcome to our apartment. I could have been in my underwear. ❜
  • ❛ Hey dude, don’t wear pants on my account. ❜
  • ❛ We’re just atoms, and our perception of reality is just chemical reactions. Take those away and poof— there goes the universe. ❜

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Pharah as a bottom? Seriously, why the fuck does the Overwatch fandom disrespect Pharah so much that they'd headcanon her, a captain in the military, as a bottom? I guess you guys just like seeing the brown girl as a submissive for your white power play fantasies, now don't you? This is why I can't take you, your blog, or anything you say seriously.

Then please get off my blog and stop reaching for ways to find everything I say about white supremacy.

You’ll note that a key detail on the top/bottom headcanon post you’re getting shitty about is that Symmetra is Queen Top, thus rendering your ridiculous “white domination” bullshit, well, bullshit.

Re: the whole “SHE’S A MILITARY CAPTAIN!!!” thing, you don’t think she might find some comfort and relief in relinquishing control to the right person? A person’s profession doesn’t necessarily influence the type of sex they like.

I understand you’re in pain. I understand you suffer because of the racism you face every day and it makes you hypersensitive to potential microaggressions. But that post was in no way racist and you’re out of line saying the things you said to me. Your accusations are unwarranted and unfair.

please, PLEASE, please, do not mistake the choice of writing a character heterosexual as the mun being a CLOSED MINDED person. this is a personal choice regarding portrayal and one’s own personal view on said character, and it should be obvious that choosing to do so is NOT an attack on your or anyone’s beliefs or sexuality. do not get all huffy puffy if you see that someone’s rules states their character is heterosexual. if you disagree with this choice, please move along. it was not meant to insult you, rather to prevent any confusion.

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I've so many ideas in my head and I want to write something but I don't know how to start a story. I usually like to think about high school or college scenarios because I can connect to them the most. I don't wanna start my story with the cliché blaring of the alarm clock. Can you please help me out? I'm always stuck in the starting and then all my motivation goes away. I really like all the prompts on your blog. ;)

Thank you! So first off, I suggest you always write down any and all ideas! You never know when you may need them. Trust me, Jotting down any and every idea I get has saved my butt so many times. I may not have used it right away, but way down the line that idea was a huge help for something else. Of course there are always ideas you will never use, but hey, better safe then sorry, right? 

Also, I don’t blame you. Starting off the story is always one of the hardest parts for me. Somethings I do to try and get me going: 

1. I write a scene that is really heavy in either action or dialogue from later in the story. I make that my starting point, and then I go back and I think “Okay. So how do I get there.” and I write whatever gets we to that point. Just knowing where I need and want to go sometimes gives me a jump-start, and makes me more interested in how it began, and that interest often shows in my writing. 

2. Its not an uncommon tactic to start a story right in the middle of a big action point and then have the main character do the “I bet your wondering how we got here, huh? Well…” and then go back in time to tell the whole story from the beginning. This isnt a bad option, as starting with something exciting quickly grabs on to the readers interest and their curiosity, making them feel the need to know the full story, all the way back to the main point of action that was introduced in the beginning. 

3. Sarcasm, mockery, or irony. These are common things I love to use. If you are really worried about doing the cliche ‘woken up by the alarm clock blaring’ think of something either ironically similar or eerily different. For example : “I was startled awake by my alarm clock blaring, but just as soon as it started, it was crushed by a large rock that came crashing through my window.”  or “Usually I wake up to the screaming of my alarm, today however, I was woken by the screaming of my little sister.” Take whatever cliche you are worried about, and twist it to work for you. 

4. Lacking motivation to get started isn’t unusual. I am pretty sure almost anyone who writes has experienced this at some point. My secret to conquering this is usually to jump around in the plot a bit. If you get bored of the beginning, go write some of the ended for a bit, getting a bit blocked with that? Go write a bit of the climax? exhausted on the whole story? Go write your characters in a couple AUs. Feeling trapped by your characters? Switch up the perspectives! Write from the antagonist for a bit, Write in a different person, rewrite a scene from a minor characters point of view. Switch things up. Its your story, write it however you want. Worry about plot holes, inconsistencies or anything like that happening during the editing process. You don’t have to write the whole dang story in consecutive order. I don’t think I have ever written anything in order. 

5. Make a map of your plot. Put down all your desired major and minor plot points, and the main ideas on how the characters get to those points. Having a visual in front of you to remind you where you want to take the story can be a lot of help. 

6. Write. Just write. Don’t worry about cliches, dont worry about it matching up with the overall plot,dont worry about how interesting it is. Just write. I assure you whatever you come up with is a lot better then a blank page. At least you can say you started. You can fix it up later. 

I hope these help you, and I wish you luck with your story! If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me! 

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Hey pointing this out: if someone is cisgendered, heterosexual, and aromantic they do NOT belong in the LGBT community. They have all of the privileges of being a cishet, the only difference is they don't have romantic attraction to anyone. That is not LGBT, they are not discriminated against. They're Hereros that want to feel special. It enrages me when ace/arms want to be in the community because they aren't.

yeah they do theyre aromantic so they arent cishet 

if you dont think so please get the fuck off my blog 

like seriously how on earth are you here i reblog and post ace and aro positive posts all the time 

like my most popular post is 

and sparked massive discourse and i still get spammed with notifications about it like seriously 

how do you follow me 


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I think in a few years you're going to regret making this blog. I get it, right now, you don't want to do this alone, but soon, you're going to feel awful for helping all these other people starve themselves. Regardless, I hope you have a good day

It is never my goal to help others starve themselves. This is my journey and in the process of my journey others are joining me. If you do not like it then I am sorry. But you also don’t have to be apart of it.

Do not hate on my followers or me. This is our choice. You are just a minor example of the messages I get. So please. Get off of my blog if you don’t like it and have a blessed rest of your day.


~thinspiraiton nation

Nothing has ever made me sadder then Sarah Urie getting hate

Probably just a personal thing but I honestly hate how edgy blogs run by white people think it’s cool to post pictures of churches burning/ being destroyed because my church has been burned down twice by the K/KK and the many, many acts of violence (shootings, bombings, etc) that have been committed by whites towards not only black churches but other places of worship for other POC

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THAT SANHA GIF IMMA CRY AGAIN. But those 2 anons were both just me but if someone disagrees THEY CAN FIGHT ME. Please get some rest and try to feel better. Maybe take some medicine if your migraine is really bad? Please focus on your health over this blog. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 -🐇🐇


Originally posted by mxnbin

I will get some rest~~ I’m in bed listening to some old rock music with all the lights off and the computer screen brightness low, I’m going to go to sleep soon~ I promise to take care of my health~~ 

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Not all people that are alt-right are nazis. Please don't group them all up like that.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Did you really just “not all men” me about nazis? About nazis???????

Nah, bruh, they’re neo-nazis. Aka nazis. 

Btw get the fuck off my blog. Bye.

Now this is a story all about how- My life got flipped-turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute,just sit right there, I'll tell you how I jumped sail and abandoned ship of a fandom called Undertale. PSA

{{ Please don’t reblog this is a personal blog post. If you do reblog you get INSTA blocked, sorry. I’m tired of people reblogging my personal posts and disrespecting my wishes as the blog owner. }}

Well there you have it. I’m finally jumping off the UT bandwagon. I’m putting most of my AUS away for now in the Amethyst Rose Storage Vault and only keeping up the AUS I’m emotionally invested in at the moment. 

The Aus that are going away into storage are:

Canvastale- An AU in which major/secondary characters represent a color in that AU and if that character is killed off then the color they represent in the Underground will fade to gray and vanish. Meaning things that were once a certain color will no longer BE that color. Say if Paps died? Anything orange would no longer be orange it would be dull and gray.

Underferal - This AU takes the concepts that monsters at their core have primal instincts. They are much like a wolf pack and without human interaction they slowly lose themselves. So by the time Frisk shows up they will have to either fight or tame the monsters. If they tame the monsters they regain their clarity and the AU continues on much like a normal game. There’s no real major differences except of course it’s a much more dangerous and life threatening AU seeing as some monsters will not hesitate to try and kill you, like Undyne.

Hometale - In this AU Frisk is adopted by the bone brothers and grows up in a world where she doesn’t seem to fit in. Years later Frisk finally confronts Sans and Papyrus and learns all about humans and that she is one. Determined to go and see others like her Frisk sets off on a long journey to discover who she is and where she belongs.

Shatteredtale- An illness stricken Frisk falls into the Underground. Frail and feeble Frisk must find her way back home to her family -they had moved to the country to help Frisk deal with her sudden crippling illness- and Frisk ended up falling into the Underground. This AU is basically Undertale except a much more difficult and challenging journey and the characters are more involved while they help Frisk back home.

Devoidtale - an AU in which Chara has already won and has Frisk’s soul but keeps resetting because they can’t get past the barrier no matter what they do. Because they don’t have enough souls to destroy the barrier. Frisk is watching from a dark void as Chara continues to reset and play as them and go through the game either being the savior or the destroyer of the monsters. Chara can never actually get pacifist ending in this AU due to a glitch in the game’s coding which prevents Chara from getting out of the Underground that way. While Frisk is watching from the dark void a skeletal figure introducing himself by the name W.D. Gaster decides to help Frisk get their soul back and end Chara’s tyranny over this AU.

Underspiral- In this AU Frisk’s involvement in Undertale ends after the ending of the Pacifist run. Frisk’s existence ceases and she is left in a dark plane only able to watch as her friends move on with their lives without her. Frisk’s time with her monster family ends and she can no longer be with them at the end of the game -based heavily on the fact that you the player are unable to go back into Undertale after the end, and you have to true reset in order to see everyone again.- so the only way for Frisk to be with her family again is to do the true reset. Stuck in a never ending timeloop, will Frisk get her happy ending and be able to be with her family. Or will she end the reset madness and accept the fact that the game is at an end. Will she learn to accept that her existence, even though short lived, was all worthwhile and be content with the fact she lived, loved and lost it all? It’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

Solacetale - This is a tale in which Sans -having failed to confront Chara- is the last surviving monster in the entire Underground. Chara killed everyone off and Sans is left alone to live on for years without anyone there. The Underground wasn’t erased because Frisk committed soul-suicide which rendered her soul corrupt and unusable so Chara couldn’t use Frisk’s soul for their needs to erase the Underground with. Being the only living monster, what is one to do? When you’re seeking solace and no one is there to comfort you? Or is Sans…really all alone?

Hometale - In this AU Frisk is adopted by the bone brothers and grows up in a world where she doesn’t seem to fit in. Years later Frisk finally confronts Sans and Papyrus and learns all about humans and that she is one. Determined to go and see others like her Frisk sets off on a long journey to discover who she is and where she belongs.

UnderiNSaNiTY- AU in which the monsters were never sealed Underground and the war left many families divided and others broken. Frisk is a patient in the Asylum and she is the adoptive daughter of Toriel and Asgore. Frisk suffers from split personality disorder due to the loss of her big sister Chara. Frisk’s little brother Asriel suffers from severe depression and has bursts of uncontrollable anger as a result of Chara’s death. Asgore is almost completely catatonic, there are other patients in the Asylum like Sans. Sans’ father, mother and Papyrus were all wiped out in the war and now he’s borderline insane, constantly insisting Papyrus isn’t dead and that he sees him and talks to him. And what of the other monsters? Well you’ll just have to stay tuned!  -This was heavily inspired by another AU that I love to the moon and back. But I kind of want to scrap it because I feel like it would just cause problems so this one may never see the light of day. –

Amalgemate - Basically monsters can fuse together and have gems on them, like a Steven Universe kind of thing, but the catch is monsters can only fuse if they have a bond of true love between them.

Mystictale- An AU where human children are sent on missions to the Underground to collect magic from the monsters for further advancement of mankind.

Underkin - Blood is thicker than water, this time it’s personal.

Underkineses - everyone in this AU has some sort of kinetic ability.

Creepvinetale - Monsters are cursed with creeping vines and after every reset a vine grows over the place they were fatally wounded and killed from.

Underlabyrinth - Monsters were sealed in a labyrinth within a mountain.

Reversaltale- Frisk is the evil empress of the Underground. Asriel and Chara are still alive and are trying to find a way to stop Frisk, Flowey is a separate entity to Asriel and is one of Frisk’s agents. Asgore has been locked away in the dungeon, weak and helpless. Toriel is suffering from arthritis and has retired from fighting in the resistance against Frisk. Toriel is now a nurse and treats other monsters that come in wounded from battle. The leader of the resistance is now Undyne.  There were never six human souls instead there are now six humans that are Frisk’s guards. They guard Frisk with their life. The Underground is split in two, those who are against Frisk and those who are with Frisk. Some monsters joined Frisk due to fear and intimidation and threats. Others joined because Frisk promised them liberation from the Underground and that she could set them free, whereas Asgore planned to let all the humans that ever fell down here go free without taking their souls. With that being said: Frisk is around 20 years old and she is one of the last humans to know magic along with her six human guards. Asriel and Chara must find a way to end the war and take Frisk down one and for all.

Deja Vu Tale - Frisk looks for a way to break the toxic cycle of the resets.

Underhybrid - Frisk is a human monster hybrid

Power of Eight AU: All the fallen humans fall at the same time save for Chara.


The only AUS I will be currently keeping open and active/ungoing are:

Undyingtale - Set after the events of a neutral run. Undyne overthrows Toriel and becomes empress of the Underground. An AU in which Sans is Undyne’s right hand monster. Sans is now numb and cares little to nothing about anything or anyone. Not even his own life is important to him. All he sees himself now is a weapon and weapons can be disposed of. After a while -a few years- a new human falls to the Underground. And they find themselves in a middle of a divided kingdom. Undyne’s kingdom and the Rebellion’s kingdom. The human is saved by a cloaked figure and taken to the ruins where they find Toriel and a resistance team who had saved other humans from Undyne’s wrath. Can this new human fix what Frisk broke? Or will the monsters fight themselves into extinction?

Underseasons -   Underseasons is an AU where every character is theme based and they take on the name of the plant they were based after. Each character represents a season and a plant that grows in that season. The Underground is divided into four districts. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Normally monsters live in the district in the season in which their plant grows. However some of them prefer to live in different areas like the skelebros even though they are fall themed they live in the area between the winter and fall districts.  

Underfallen - In this AU things are very strange. Only Sans is present in Snowdin, Grillby is the one that fights you before you leave for Waterfall, Undyne is more distant, cold and bitter. Alphys is an emotional wreck, Mettaton isn’t that famous and is struggling to get in the spotlight. Muffet is a famous cooking star in the Underground who runs the Muffet Resort known and the MFFT-Resort. Napstablook sings with Shyren and works on albums together. And Papyrus is nowhere to be found but he is mentioned quite a few times. Whatever happened to our precious cinnabun? Well you’re about to find out in this AU! Stay tuned as we unravel the mystery of this AU!

Underfaerie - The Underground is a paradise where fairy-monster hybrids hide away from humans. All fairy-monster hybrids have great distrust of human beings. – Along with Faerieswap and Faeriefell - of course. 

Underflurry - the monsters live exiled in a vast snowy mountainous region with a barrier around the large region, instead of Underground

Undersiren - Every monster in this AU are siren like creatures.

Underwake - Zombie apocalyptic AU

Undercove- Undercove is an aquatic based AU where the Undertale characters are all based on some type of fish and most of the monsters are a hybrid. Sans and Papyrus for example are a hybrid of skeletons and angler-fish. Alphys is half lizard half octopus etc etc. And instead of the Underground they are trapped in a sea cavern and instead of the surface they want to return to the sea to be free to roam it once more.

Underrose - This AU has monsters and humans having their heart souls replaced with souls made of roses. A soul rose is your ‘life essence’ in the Underground. How many petals on the rose of a human or monster rose-soul has depends on how many times they can die in the game before they die forever even if there’s a reset they won’t come back. So say Sans has 100 petals, if Chara comes in and kills him for the first time, one of Sans’ petals will wilt and when a reset happens it will stay wilted. Chara cursed the Underground after their death to make things this way. Because before everyone still had heart shaped souls but then Chara cursed them after they died due to Asriel’s betrayal. So now any human that falls down there will be subjected to the curse and they only have so many times they can die before they die permanently. A rose-soul can be seen blossoming over someone’s left breast. Which is why most monsters and humans cover them up with clothing. And some vines with leaves travel down their left arm and to their ring finger. In this AU Papyrus is second in command of the royal guard. Nothing much changes with Undyne. Alphys is a half lizard half cyborg due to a lab accident with one of the amalgamates. Sans is more pessimistic and prone to showing the depressed side of himself. Frisk doesn’t exist in this AU. Instead it’s a human named Fritzi

Flowerettetale - Bloom’s AU

Underhollow- Corrupted soul AU

Underwish - An AU where Asriel Dreemurr can grant wishes

Underchime/Chimetale - An AU where everyone is based off a type of percussion instrument.

Undercamp - camp themed AU

Underlock- Monsters are slaves to the human race, they go fight in wars between countries so humans won’t have to, they also work on plantations and are servants/maids for the rich and poor. Some monsters are used for entertainment and they are pinned in a ring against one another and have to fight to the death. With tensions running high between monster and humans and an all out war about to break out, can one single human standing up saying enough is enough finally put an end to the heartache and misery?

X-Out Tale - Basically an AU created from when players delete their Undertale games off of their pc or the games get corrupted. Whatever happened to Undertale and the characters in it after being deleted or the save being corrupted? Inquire within.

Driftingtale- Instead of the Underground monsters were banished to floating islands in the sky. The royal guards have monster like birds that keep on the look out for humans or danger like if someone falls off the side of the island they can save them from harm. Papyrus is only a little child wanting to join the royal guard despite being too young. Sans works with Alphys in her lab. Snowdin is on a snowy mountain on one of the islands. - Just think of Skyward Sword and you get the gist of it- and the barrier is in the clouds in their patch of sky. So yeh they wanna get to the ‘surface’ but in order to do that they have to go down past the cloud barrier but they can’t without 7 human souls. You get the drill.

The Shared AUS I have with someone that I can’t put in storage are: 

Nightingtale - An AU in which the monsters are sealed Underground not because of a war but because of dark entities that try to spirit away the souls of humans. The monsters volunteered to drive the dark entities into the Underground and be sealed away to fight them off and to keep them from breaking out back into the surface. The monsters in the Underground protect any human that falls down from the dark entities. Thankfully these entities only come out at night. When a human child falls down the queen and king of monsters draw a name from a raffle and then assign the monster whose name was said to guard the human that fell. These dark entities must be destroyed before monsters are allowed to go free. King Asgore protects the barrier because even the barrier would not be strong enough to hold the dark entities for long. So the castle is very reinforced with numerous guards.

Undercross - Undercross is an interesting AU in which Frisk is the failed reincarnation of Chara -meaning she has half of Chara’s soul-. When Frisk falls down into the Underground Chara wakes from death and lives again. The timelines of pacifist and geno start to merge when a glitch occurs in a geno run and Frisk is stuck on the pacifist route and Chara is stuck on the geno route. The more Chara and Frisk have to reload or reset the more glitched out each timeline becomes and soon their glitching adventures start to reconnect the timelines. How will this affect the story of Undertale as we know it? Stay tuned to find out.

Undersweets - Basically the Underground is made up of sugary things and stuff. Like candy land and such. I know the idea has been done before but I don’t care I love sugar!

Nativetale - Indian themed Undertale with monsters being the indians and humans being the settlers.


Undercorpse - a Crossover AU with Undertale and Corpse Party. Where Undertale AUS come together like UF, US, OT, FF, and other Aus characters all end up in the school in corpse party and fight to survive the horrors they find inside of the school. - I will be accepting AUS from close friends to have their AUS characters put into this AU as long as you’re okay with some of your Undertale AU characters dying because what’s a story without a little drama am I right? -keeping-

Undermoon - An Undertale and Harvest Moon crossover. In which Frisk is a new farmer and Chara is the main rival farmer. -keeping-

Undersly -AN AU where Undertale characters take on the roles of Sly Cooper Characters -putting in storage-

Asriel Universe- Asriel is Steven, Rose is Toriel, Greg is Asgore and various monsters are Crystal Gems and Homeworld Gems -keeping -


Sleeplessfell- This is an Underfell based AU where the monsters of Underfell are cursed to not sleep. This is part of the reason why monsters are so hostile because they are forever exhausted from no sleep. This AU was made to help me cope with my insomnia. This will be an 18+ AU so adults only. -keeping -

Anyways I have to say it’s been a real blast UT fandom. I love UT with all my heart, and I always will! But my past fandoms are calling me back and new fandoms are also calling me. I need a break from UT, which means I most likely WON’T be rping anything UT related for a while unless it’s with CLOSE friends. Nor will I be making any fanart, or fanfictions. Unless I really feel like it. However I’ll still be taking questions for my main active AUS. I love them too much to give up on them completely! However it will be slow going. You’re gonna start to see some changes around here and see new things going on and see me start to branch off mostly into my own original ideas and stories. Along with a hodge podge of other fandoms.

Anyways I just wanted you all to know I’m burnt out on UT and need to limit how much UT related things I do in a day or how much UT related things I see or hear about. I just need break from doing a majority of UT related things. I’ll probably gain back steam near the end of the year or the start of the next year. So please, please understand that I may not want to do UT related things with you unless you’re a close friend of mine. Cause then I’ll do it because I love seeing my friends happy. However sometimes I just won’t FEEL it and tell you: No not today. — so please respect that. 

Welp that’s all for now. Oh and I also forgot to tell you, I’m gonna be changing my blog name here pretty soon.~

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hey blythe :) please don't take this the wrong way but i've been following you for a long time and you always post a lot about men and seem to admire a lot of men. and it seems like you might be bi instead of lesbian? but you just have a lot of internalized biphobia or maybe you repressed your sexual attraction to men so you could identify specifically as a lesbian for whatever reason, which is fine, but i just think you should examine it. btw i love your blog, its one of my favorites

Hey, everybody. Long time no see, literally I think it’s been a year since my last post.

Just wanted to let everybody know I’m still alive, just got real busy after last year’s breakdown and healing from that. New major new Jacey.

Anyway I was thinking of revamping and remaking this blog and bringing Hilda back after RTX. I took the summer off of work so I’m a little bored and missing my gal. Let me know what you think, be honest, and I’ll get to work.

If you ever want to find me outside here I’m at @bugzthesweet which is my personal. I don’t do much but like things but it’s connected to my phone.

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please delete your blog it's useless. You don't have to caption everything.

Here’s a thought- maybe people who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing can use captions.  Maybe people who are learning English as a second language can use captions. Maybe people who are on mobile in public and don’t want to be rude by playing a video out loud can use captions.

Maybe, just maybe, the world is bigger than you and what you deem ‘useful’.

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Kylo Ren is an abusive piece of shit and basically mind-rapped Rey please don't reblog reylo I don't want that shit on my dash and just to let you know they're most likely related which is incest

Firstly, I didn’t think I’d actually get anon hate cause I reblogged Reylo and I’m laughing my ass off cause damn if you follow me anon you should know that I don’t give a flying diddly fuck if you don’t like what I put on MY BLOG.
But since you’re the first aggressive anon I’ve encountered to come to me with this shit I’m going to enlighten your ass real quick.

Secondly, stop calling it incest. That has yet to be confirmed. And since it is NOT confirmed you might want to settle down with the accusations. They could well be siblings, cousins, not-related-at-all etc but that hasn’t come to light yet. And since it hasn’t been confirmed you are in fact wrong until this is proven otherwise.

Lastly, let’s talk about this fandom’s fucking nerve when it comes to throwing out the word “rape” in reference to mind reading/mind invasion.
The term rape is when a person forces another into sexual intercourse. It is a disgusting act and the term itself should NEVER be used lightly. Yet you assholes want to throw it around like its nothing.
Not only are you strongly misusing and ABUSING the term to suit yourself and loathing towards the pairing, but in doing so you’re stripping away Rey’s agency in the interrogation scene. Rey isn’t and will never be a damsel in distress! STOP MAKING HER ONE TO TRY AND PROVE YOUR POINT. I’m not going to say she wasn’t terrified of him cause fuck I would be too! But that’s the thing. Though she did not want Kylo in her head, she fought back and ended up entering his head, pulling at HIS fears, his secrets, and in that moment Kylo was TERRIFIED of her right back. You can say she gave him a mind beating and took the heavyweight championship belt right from under him. AND SHE GAINED SOMETHING FROM IT TOO. By entering his mind she was able to catch some of his force abilities and that’s how she got herself out of the chair.
Now let’s all talk about mind reading/mind bending because it’s an effective yet otherwise violent way to gain information. In one of the episodes of The Clone Wars (WHICH IS CANON BTW/AND IS SO GOOD PLS WATCH IT) Obi Wan, Anakin and Mace come together to bend the will of Cad Bane (*super badass bounty hunter/one hella good villain if I do say so myself*) who was too strong willed to bend under just one person’s probing. Though different from the tactic Kylo used on Rey, it is just as painful and considered deadly. So these guys (the shows protagonists) had to come together to pull this shit off in order to gain what they needed through torture. You heard me! Torture! Cause that shit didn’t tickle. Keep in mind they had to do this very carefully cause they could have easily snapped his mind like a twig.

Now if you all are so willing to call Kylo Ren, who is a fucking villain (like hello he’s the bad guy-what did you expect??) an abusive mind-reading rapist then I guess our beloved Obi Wan, Anakin and Mace are abusive mind-bending rapists as well? Right? NO! WRONG! STOP USING THE TERM RAPE TO DIGNIFY YOUR VIEWS! JUST STOP ITS WRONG ENOUGH IS ENOUGH FANDOM!
Also please don’t think I am defending Kylo Ren because I am not. What he did to Rey was wrong. He has a lot of issues and his own demons that he constantly wrestles with. Do I think he’s redeemable? Absolutely. He feels the call to the Light, he feels it, it still lingers inside of him yet he turns away from it. In the book (ALSO CANON) Snoke calls him out on his compassion for Rey (the little bitch denies it but I see you Kylo I see you) I’ll wager that if he still feels the call to the Light and is able to feel compassion he isn’t too far gone. His redemption arc (if he gets one) is one I’m very eager to see. His biggest enemy is himself. And let’s not forget he was targeted by Snoke, Kylo Ren has been manipulated and heavily influenced by the Dark Side since he was young. It’s going to be a tough road ahead for him and he has such a long way to go but I’m hella here for it.

Redirecting; I really shouldn’t have to explain why I like the things I like and why I post certain things on my own blog. In reference to shipping Reylo I really enjoy their dynamic and you can’t deny Adam and Daisy have intense on-screen chemistry. Now if the writers decide to take their story down a romantic, platonic friendship, sibling rivalry, (whatever tbh) road I’m all in. I’m just a fan excited and willing to go in any direction.

You can kindly fuck off now.

jeauxlyne  asked:

Have you ever done any women in the caribbean? I have to do a report on them and I just wanted to know! Sorry if this isn't very specific, I'll be happy to elaborate if you don't get what I mean. (Also this blog is beautiful keep up the good work! <3 )

Have some in the book, but haven’t done any web entries yet. Off the top of my head, people to look at:

  • Nanny of the Windward Maroons (Jamaica)
  • Mary Seacole (Jamaica, England, Crimea)
  • Anacaona (Haiti)
  • Las Mariposas (Dominican Republic)
  • Haydee Santamaria (Cuba)
  • Celia Sanchez (Cuba)
  • Carlota Lukumi (Cuba)
  • Henrietta Faber (Cuba – possibly identified as trans man, though; haven’t done enough research to say)

If any readers have other suggestions, please reply with them!

anonymous asked:

Can you please keep drawing Pearl as really skinny like in the show? That's my body type and whenever I feel bad about my body or get made fun of, I just think about how pretty and confident she is. (You don't have to though. I get that it's your blog)

//((Of course! What I want to do with this blog is to create as many headcanons that people can identify with! Like, have the character be more relatable on different levels other than personality such as body type, ethnicity, etc etc~ Basically: LOTS OF DIVERSITY! I also tend to base my headcanons off of the show very heavily!//))

Something I just realized the Hannibal fandom doesn’t have much (any?) of is body swap au. I feel this is a terrible tragedy, because instead of the usual freak out + search for remedies, we’d just get Hannibal planted naked in front of a mirror, memorizing every single pore and trying to mimic all his favorite “Will faces,” and just generally being so pleased to be taking up residence in Will’s body, before he gets the bright idea that he can mark Will as much as he likes without having to actually cause him any more pain. Meanwhile, Will has roadrunnered off to McDonalds and back to menace Hannibal from the doorway with a Big Mac.

“Drop the knife and I’ll drop the food.”

“That hardly qualifies as food, Will. Please stop waggling my eyebrows.”

anonymous asked:

"You’re the ones who get your panties wet looking at drawings of two characters sharing a glance, and I’m the one who needs to grow up?" please, you don't shit about me, but I do in fact know a bit about you from this sad ass blog, like do you have anything better to do than update an anti blog that does nothing and will make no difference but talk trash about someone who worked their ass off for a story that you once loved. Ya just a sad, salty ass who didn't get what you wanted boofuckinghoo

someone is really upset :D Why’re you so obsessed with my blog?? 

Look, I never rated Naruto on the same level as my other favourites. But it’s still a series I invested time and money, I can bitch about it if I feel betrayed. Naruto hate is everywhere, even before the ending. It’s not just about your dumb ships. Your dumb ship is just a small part of the problems in this series. This series is not some highly respected masterpiece, deal with it. If you’re are so salty about criticism, go to another fandom of better series, go join FMA or Avarta the airbender. 

Spare me that “work his ass off” shit, I don’t care. I don’t respect him as a writer at all.