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billybobjoewon  asked:

You're making a game! any details? ♥v♥ i can't wait!

This is the sketch I have for the cover of my game( which I have been working on since late August) , which the working title right now is 

Are you brave or Skele-not?

It’s a side-scroller game with animated cut scenes staring a female character of color as the protagonist with her male best friend trying to stop the up-rise of the underworld and enslavement of mankind (of skeleton based zombies)

it’s a big comedy horror style game, with lots of references pop culture and gamer logic. 

here’s an example of what these characters will look like ovo 

if you want to know more about it follow me on my sketchblog here

Hey, random update, I’ve turned off the messaging feature on this blog. If you’ve got a question, as always, feel free to send me an Ask. I prefer this system because it allows me to respond to you and provide information that has the potential to benefit or be interesting to our wider readership. Plus, for whatever reason, people seem to be more polite in the Asks - a lot of the IMs I’ve received lately have been pretty rude, maybe because there’s less accountability, I don’t know.

In any case, if you’ve got questions about museums, science on YouTube, natural history research or collections, women in STEM, my inbox is open. Questions I don’t answer as frequently are things like

  • what should I study in school
  • how can I get a job in XYZ
  • what jobs does the Field have in X field of study 
  • how can I get an internship/volunteer position
  • how much will a job in the sciences pay me 

because the answers are dependent on your location, experience, background, the job market… I just don’t have all of that information and you’d benefit from doing research yourself. Really! It’ll help you figure out what you want to do, and how you can make it happen.

And if you send me a message that says something like:

  • you inspired me to study biology/volunteer in a Museum/become a paleontologist!!!!!!

I sometimes don’t respond because I keep them to look at and warm my heart on frigid days <3