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“I’ve already told you!” Hermione said very angrily. "I’m going with someone else!” And she stormed off toward the girls’ dormitories again.

“She’s lying,” said Ron flatly, watching her go.

“She’s not,” said Ginny quietly.

"Who is it then?” said Ron sharply.

“I’m not telling you, it’s her business,” said Ginny.

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About Danthony, A lot of people ship them as a couple and I'd like to see your perspective of it all and how they match as a pairing? In all honesty I like them as friends instead of lovers as they correspond well to that but in other terms it feels weird like somehow they don't balance completely. Don't get me wrong, I love Anthony and Dan and I don't have a problem with the whole ship. Just wanna see you're perspective. [I'll sign under something so if you see this I'll respond back] - WReliVM

Okay so I see it like this: I do ship Danthony as lovers but, its not a strong one. Its like a fling. You’ve gone to a new country for a summer study abroad program and you see a foreign boy(or girl) you like and you have a summer fling. 

Dan and Anthony both have similar humor. Dan’s branding is awkward, trying to be “relatable”,  always on the edge about youtube going extinct at any moment, and self deprecating. Similarly, Anthony’s humor is also self deprecating and unsure of his future. 

They are also both humble and appreciative of each other. Dan starting watching Smosh way back when and used to fangirl over Anthony. For him, Anthony has always been one of his youtube senpais. For Anthony, he also appreciates and is inspired by Dan. He loves the way Dan interacts with his audience.

He and Dan are also both such attractive, genuinely nice, and funny people. But here is the thing on why I don’t think realistically it could work out: they are both too similar. 

For Dan, Phil completes him. Dan and Phil both have similar humor, but in other ways they are so different. Ex. Dan is way more practical while Phil believes in things like the loch ness monster. They are each other’s ying and yang. Phil is also comfort and home. He is domesticity, he is a life built together. Anthony might be fun at first, but he is also so unprepared. Anthony is a new born deer in the world that is learning how to walk on its feet. 

So yes, I do ship Dan and Anthony, the sexual tension is too hard not to miss. But more like a summer fling type thing. Not a spending the rest of your life type thing. 

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I just saw a bunch of antis sending this one blog asks explaining that "Sh/ro is 25 and people ship him with the other pa/adins". Like, everything official says "five earth teenagers", but apparently that video is more reliable. If you're giving people information, you should give them ALL the information. Not just the information that you think backs your point. If you don't, you're insecure and you clearly know you're in the wrong.



  • “How could you make the Redfox kid a boy?”

Why COULDN’T I? Why could I not choose to make a male fanchild of the Redfoxes to be a son full with a broken past and personality but is on his way to redeeming himself? How could I now create a flawed Ga-jevy son who is going to also love piercings as well as art and learns from Gajeel’s rebellious criminal days to walk in the path of the light again?
What is so wrong about Gale being a BOY? Because boys can’t do what girls do?

  • “I mean, if Gale was a girl … how could you make her a boy?”

Gale is NOT the MALE version of your Ga-jevy daughter fanchild. He was made a boy and I see ZERO problems with that.

  • “that’s just wrong to me.”

Need I seek your approval for my own characters?

  • “the redfoxes deserve a girl!!”

Yes, they do. I was secretly planning on adding a little daughter to the Redfox family as a surprise but this RUINED my excitement.
You might think that I may be overreacting here but I’ve been dealing with a lot of shit with my new gens people like you send me. They are not your characters. They were made and groomed by myself and many wonderful friends who dropped in their little headcanons of the newgen children which I incorporate as a tribute to my creative followers.

If you had phrased your mail in a different way, let’s say, “HEY LOOK AT ALL MY CUTE GAJEVY DAUGHTER HEADCANONS” would it not have been so much better? Please re-read this very mail that you sent me and reflect on yourself.

My newgen ships have been criticized, especially Nash x Reiki just because they’re gay. I’ve seen my newgen arts posted EVERYWHERE and some reposters actually had the audacity to RENAME my characters and roleplay them out of character with NO MENTION OF CREDIT at all. They stole my ideas and garner lots of followers with that theft.

I’ve seriously been trying to be nice and tolerant about this issue but this is the last straw.

DO NOT dictate what an artist should and should not do to her own FCs. If you tried investing so much into your own characters to share with people and end up with shit like this, you’d understand how I feel. Everyone has their own opinions and preferences when it comes to fanchildren of their ships. You can share your ideas, keep them to yourself or create this fanchildren. But you can’t go around beating down other artists’/writers’ ideas of their own fanchildren.

Show some respect. And now, may we have a little word from Gale:

Mary Morstan and the Fandom: 'It's a Love/Hate Thing'

In light of recent events, I’ve decided to write a post compiling my thoughts on Mary Morstan as well as trying to understand what makes Mary the Sherlock fandom’s Apple of Discord. Put your seatbelt on baby, we’re going for a bumpy ride.

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tbh i think you're just in denial about shipping kagehina. i mean, sure, their friendship is great and all, but you seem to like shipping them and disguising it with the word "friendship", even if you don't know it yourself. but i could be wrong; it's only from my speculations.

you make it sound as if anything other than romantic involvement isn’t quite important….I’m all for deep bonds, which happen it friendships too.

92Y Interview
  • Interviewer: Well, I, uh, need to think about....
  • Dylan (Thomas): *Zones out a little and starts stuffing the microphone under Thomas' butt*
  • Thomas (Newt): *Laughs and mouths* What you doing?(probably)
  • Interviewer: ... Up on the walls and imagine that it might be different than something like Teen Wolf, I don't know.
  • Dylan: ... *Chuckles* Were you talking to me? I'm so sorry, dude!
  • Interviewer: Dylan's having a meltdown.
  • Dylan: I am so sorry - I space out sometimes.
  • Chris (Ben): DYLAN. WHAT - WAS - IT - LIKE - DOING - TEEN - WOLF - VS - THE - MAZE - RUNNER.
  • Interviewer: Thank you
  • Chris: *Faces interviewer* You're welcome.
  • Dylan: I'm sorry - I'm really, truly sorry. I - wrong time to start jamming the mic into - into Thomas'....
  • Thomas: xD

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I know you're a huge Emma stan but like the fact you believe Emma deserves someone like Hook? I mean don't get me wrong he's come far but how can you ship them if you love her?

lol seriously? so you don’t think emma deserves someone that makes her smile when she’s crying?

that wipes away her tears?

that would always come back to her?

that believes in her?

that makes her feel beautiful?

that would give up the one thing that means the world to him because she means so much more?

that would cross realms for her?

that would go to the end of the world for her?

i mean ship whatever you want but to believe she doesn’t deserves someone like that? well sorry, but you’re wrong. she deserves that and so much more. 

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is it okay for straight people to be deeply invested in tjlc? im afraid that im crossing the line between shipping gay people and fetishizing them

you are not doing anything wrong by being a straight person who participates in tjlc. i’m sorry there are people who make you feel like you are <3

like it’s possible to approach a ship in a fetishy way (this……isn’t limited to straight girls and m/m couples btw………….) but simply being emotionally invested in the ship and contributing creatively to the fandom really isn’t that. 

Bamon haters be like......
  • Bamon fan: Oh wow did you see that Bamon scene! It's obvious that Damon and Bonnie care for each other and these are the reasons why. I'm so excited for my ship right now.
  • Anon checks out the Bamon/Bonnie tag: "Oh no we can't have this. I can't have any Bamon fan getting excited, happy, or hopeful over Bamon. Because I don't agree with that view. Let me go on Anon and try to bring them down a notch."
  • Bamon fan: Alright that's your view tho. We see things differently and have a different opinion. To me that is Still a meaningful scene for Bamon."
  • Anon: No it's not. That scene would have played out the exact same way if you replaced Bonnie or Damon with this and that and this and that and this and that character."
  • Bamon Fan: I don't care about the other characters. The writers wrote it to happen between Damon and Bonnie and no other character. That's still a meaningful Bamon scene. I/m still excited and hopeful for my ship."
  • Anon: NO but the scene played out this way. And you must BELIEVE that it played out this way simply because I BELIEVE that it played out this way. You MUST think the way that I do and see things the way that I see them simply because I tell you to do so. DO what I TELL you to do and agree with me. Anyone who doesn't view the show as I view it must have their shipper goggles on.
  • Bamon Fan: "Dude you can't make me see the show the way that you want me to see it. I have my views and you have yours. These are the reasons why I believe that Damon and Bonnie care for each other and have a meaningful relationship. Can't I just believe in my ship?"
  • Anon: "Nope. You have to see things the way that I try to MAKE you see them. And if you don't agree with me you're WRONG, WRONG, WRONG."
  • Bamon Fan: "Cool, still gonna believe and ship though. And I'm still going to express my views on Bamon. LOL but keep tryin tho, keep tryin' and failin'"
  • dfab fandom: *sees male character*
  • dfab fandom: omg but what if he's a trans man? *writes lengthy dissertations using transmisogynistic tropes as evidence* omg this is canon what do you mean you disagree are you transphobic?
  • dfab fandom: *sees female character*
  • dfab fandom: omg but what if he's a trans man? *writes lengthy dissertations using misogynistic tropes as evidence* guys this is totally canon if you disagree you're wrong lol we need representation this is more important
  • dfab fandom: *sees male character*
  • dfab fandom: you know what? I guess they could be a trans woman... yeah let's ship them with our transmasc headcanon character, but like it's okay if you don't see them as a woman
  • dfab fandom: *sees female character*
  • dfab fandom: I don't know... I'm pretty sure that's a cis woman though? Like I support trans women but like I just feel like it would be forced and inaccurate, like does it add anything to the story? and like it's pretty sexist to imply that a woman is trans because of certain aspects of her body? I really wish trans women would stop being so forceful with their own subjective interpretation of canon

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I have a soul. If you can't understand that fiction should have no bearing on real life then you're naive. I'm sorry but if you see a ship with an age gap and think as a 15year old "hell yeah I'm 15 I could be with a 30 year old" you're deluded. And you know what? I've been there. And I don't blame anyone but the person who took advantage of me and my own naïveté. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. Shippers don't take advantage of people, pedophiles and rapists do. Target them.

shippers create the environment that allows pedophiles and rapists in fandom to flourish. it is not “deluded” or at all rare for teenagers to think there isnt anything wrong with much older people to be attracted to them?? theyre often flattered and hopeful? kids are literally not capable of being aware of how young they really are and this youth-fetishizing culture– in AND out of fandom– validates their belief that they’re definitely old enough and can handle anything. it encourages that naivety that abusers take advantage of. like good for you i guess that you can see this gross shit happening and not associate your experiences with it but you don’t speak for every survivor, going with the status quo doesn’t make you objectively right.

i really cant understand how you could have gone through that and come out of it seeing no problem with people in fandom literally getting off on those awful experiences. shippers are straight up fetishizing your abuse and the abuse of others and excitedly discussing it among themselves as if it’s something that exists in a vacuum and never really happened to real people, real people who may be following them. i cant comprehend how that would not be the most frightening violating thing to think about!! just blocking tags is not a proper solution when the attitude itself is unsafe for survivors and makes it impossible to trust anyone not loudly opposing abuse fetishization, which is exhausting and terrifying. and if this wasn’t a trend across the board in media then maybe your abuser wouldnt have felt validated in their desire to do that to you. why are you arguing against taking measures to stop future harm?? like that is literally all we’re trying to do and i’ve had plenty of teenagers thank me for it. grown adults shipping creepy shit do not need protection the way kids being influenced by their creepy shit do and dont fucking DARE ever place the blame on those kids to me again. you are being selfish and heartless. bye