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If you saw this you’ve been cursed by the Dapper Man himself. You have to pay him or he’ll take your soul, and throw it right into Villainous trashcan fandom, where you’ll never enjoy fresh air or rl friends.


Fake Texts w/Jimin | Bestfriend!AU

So I tried something??? Idk what people will think of it or if it’s even any good but I had this in my head for ages and kinda wanna look at maybe doing fake Texts or drabbles or something? Any feedback (((or requests))) would be so very appreciated!!

  • THAT person/friend: *walks in* Oh hey, what's up? What're you doing?
  • Me: Uhh, browsing Klance. What does it look like? *thou should leave, peasant.*
  • THAT friend: Oh ew! So you're an anti?!? Freak!
  • Me: *you.. have my attention now...* W-what?!? No! Why would you think I'm an anti??
  • THAT friend: Well everyone knows that the Klance fandom is filled with antis. Klance is overrated anyway. But you wouldn't understand. You're an idiotic anti!!
  • Me: HEY!! Klance may be overrated, but that doesn't stop me from shipping it. I really love this ship, but that doesn't mean I'll attack others for not thinking the same!! Shipping is for fun and it's not supposed to be used as a means of threatening others.
  • THAT friend: But you don't like Sheith!!! You said so yourself!!
  • Me: Actually, I see Keith and Shiro as having a more brotherly relationship. Broganes. Besides, I HAVE in fact liked or reblogged (or both) cute Sheith stuff before.
  • THAT friend: Well, you're TOTALLY against Sh//aladin right? That's anti.
  • Me: Not EVERY relationship is a romantic one. I just see Shiro as more of a father or even idol figure to the paladins. It's still a close bond, but nothing really romantic... To be honest, I personally ship Shiro more with Allura or Matt. Shatt and Shallura are both good for the soul.
  • THAT friend: Kallura though? What do you have against THAT, HUH?
  • Me: I don't really see the chemistry there..? I mean I get that in all versions of Voltron before, Kallura was practically canon, but, in Legendary Defender I don't really see it. As I said, they're more just 'good friends' to me. That doesn't mean I have anything against the ship, it's just that I personally happen to dislike it. That doesn't mean anything though. Those who ship it can continue shipping it no problem! If it makes them happy, why would I want to take that away from them? Who am I to do that?
  • THAT friend: Well of course you're going to hate on any ship with PIDGE in it right? Because that's "pedophilia?"
  • Me: Well, no. Pidge don't need no man, nor woman. I just see her as that type of character. Her love is more of a family love. Close bonds with friends that fit into the 'you're like a brother to me' category. Lauren said herself that all ships are valid. Jut because someone ships someone else with Pidge with someone doesn't mean I'll hate on them for not having the same view point as me.
  • THAT friend: AND HUNK? Is his ass too PURE for your freaky anti shipping?
  • Me: (I'm not an anti shut upppp!!!) Well no, I more ship Hunk with Shay to be honest. I love Hunk, but he's more of a Mom Friend figure to the Voltron paladins and crew. He's sweet but I still see more of a close friendship.
  • THAT friend: Well what about Klance? Couldn't THAT be considered simply a 'close friendship?'
  • Me: Well.. yeah to be honest, it COULD. I found Klance before I found Voltron, so I guess that's just my own stupid bias. But even if I'd watched Voltron first, I would've shipped Klance, I'm sure of that. No matter what anyone says, it IS true that they even each out nicely. Just because someone else doesn't ship it doesn't mean I'll make an attempt to chop their head off, even though Klance is my OTP. If it even becomes canon, that's just an added bonus. The creators ARE leaning in that general direction right now, but heck, that could change, right? It's just my opinion and it's not gonna change, but I'm not going to hurt someone else for dissing it, even though I don't agree.
  • THAT friend: *scoff* Whatever, freak anti.
  • Me: *sigh* Listen, I don't know where you got this anti thing from, but just because some Klance shippers are anti doesn't mean ALL of them are. All ships and fandoms in general have antis, and though none of us like it, it's just a thing we'll have to deal with. All we can do is be nice and try not to bite each others' heads off, but DON'T make the mistake that everyone in a certain category must be this or that. It's not right and you have to accept that. Believe me, if I had ANY control over this discourse, I'd try to do everything in my power to at least make it better. Unfortunately, I'm just one person over the internet, so I can't do much accept sitting back, watching, and putting in my shitty opinion here and there.
  • THAT friend: ... You had to get deep, didn't you?
  • Me: Huehuehue, fuk u 2.

minneapolis winter aesthetic, driving edition

  • periodic car horns outside (’f you ask me they sound vaguely like ducks with bad senses of direction who just scream whenever they get too close to each other)
  • driving very slowly down a hill with a four wheel drive truck patiently following your snail’s pace ass because listen buddy We’ve All Been There
  • guestimating where the parking spaces in the lot Probably are
  • plan an extra thirty minutes to brush six inches of frozen nonsense off your windshield and dig trenches behind your wheels before starting your commute
  • the windshield wiper thing when you park and pull them up so they don’t freeze and your car looks like a bug with antennae 
  • the knowledge deep within your soul that if necessary you will pilot this vehicle directly into a snowbank and you have made your Peace with this reality
  • lane dividers are a thing of the past just stick to the right of the road and pray
  • that look/nod of We’re All Doing Our Best It’s Okay when you fuck up and panic and the other driver sees you

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most of these are band related so umm… if you’re not into that, I threw in a couple dnp ones? 

I’ve been wanting to draw a ‘creepy’ picture of myself and Crona for a long time… and also tbh I’m REALLY drawn to the creepy faces that Crona makes <3
(I swear I’m not actually licking my arm)

(Crona is agender and my headcanon is that he goes by he/him and she/her, please respect his gender identity and use those pronouns for him when referring to my art)
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related , thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum  ^u^ /)


“Did you know they [the flowers] all have symbolic meanings?”


You want to change things? You’re gonna have to go out there and change them yourself, because there are no fairy godmothers in this world.

You call yourself a FAN? I’ll have you know, I’ve been watching Blue’s Clues since I was BORN! My whole life, I have been an avid Blue’s Clues watcher! You are NOTHING to the fandom! I sold my soul to Steve when I was 7! You are a mere sesame seed compared to me! You are a fake fan!!!

types as tumblr things
  • ISFP: despises people who reblog stuff with tacky advertisements for their blog. may have been one of these people three years ago.
  • ISFJ: typography that is literally just Halsey/FOB/other overhyped lyrics in the same bolded italic font on a two-panel solid background
  • ISTP: digs on the staff programmers constantly; supports the x-kit guy, so it's all good
  • ISTJ: statistically, either the x-kit guy or someone who makes amazing themes for six months and quits because people start making contradicting demands of them
  • INFP: still falls for ostentatious queerbaiting without fail until the trash show is all you see on your dash for a year
  • INTP: tags anything about aliens or conspiracy theories as #MEEEEE OMG THIS IS ACTUALLY ME UGH; may or may not have any actual theories, but has certainly never described them to another human
  • INTJ: maintains four slightly different blogs; no one knows why
  • ESFP: #photo #girl #boy #college #life #relatable #lol #love #quotes #music #party #yeah #tumblr #follower #follow for follow #friends #smile #attention
  • ESFJ: reblog this if you wouldn't gleefully run over [demographic] with a truck (optional bonus: to make my dad love me again through the power of tumblr)
  • ESTP: chillin in the fitspo tag, unintentionally gathering a generation of budding anorexics
  • ENFP: dear [people with X mental illness/sexuality/favorite weird pizza flavor]: every one of you is beautiful and loved and contain universes. *actually thinks people other than poor suckers like themselves will read this and feel like universes again*
  • ENFJ: structured, cited call out essays that destroy careers
  • ENTP: yoooooo my 10k followers... what color shirt should i wear today? give me REASONS
  • ENTJ: *bitterly making posts like this*
He was fire and ash,
And like Aphrodite, born of the sea foam,
He was born of the blood of the battlefield.
It was there he was destined to die,
Sweat slicked and grieving,
Cursing the gods, cursing you,
For making him what he was.
Neither mother nor lover
Could hold him there; could comfort him.
He was alone.
He was lonely,
Unable to find his way back to himself.
Oh, the follies of the mortal.
Invincible is a matter of soul, not body.
When you abandoned him,
You took his armor
And pulled his still beating heart
Out of his god blessed chest.
—  How you wish he were a phoenix (m.h)
I need blogs to follow

Hi! I decided to make my soul suffer even more so I got into BTS, Seventeen and HOTSHOT.

Can you please reblog or like if you post about them so I can follow you?

I need more:

  • BTS (especially: Suga, Jungkook and Rap Monster)
  • Seventeen (especially: Vernon, Joshua, Woozi)
  • HOTSHOT (I need more Timoteo and Jun Hyuk in my life)

And I realized I don't have blogs of goups I already follow, so please like or reblog if you post about:

  • Red Velvet (especially: Joy and Irene)
  • Block B (especially Zico and Taeil)
  • VIXX (especially Leo and Hyuk)
  • SHINee (especially Key and Taemin)

Also reblog or like if you post about EXO, especially:

  • Tao
  • Sehun
  • Suho
  • Lay
  • Xiumin

Thank you for your attention!! *throws hearts and rainbows at you*

the signs as stuff my dad has said to me
  • Aries: "See that horizon? WALK TOWARDS IT."
  • Taurus: "All problems can be solved thanks to ingenuity and douchebaggery"
  • Gemini: "you're a perfect person. Just don't talk, or you'll ruin it."
  • Cancer: "can't remember what you wanted to say? That's what bitchin does to ya"
  • Leo: "Just realize everybody hates you. Then you won't be disappointed!"
  • Virgo: "I'll steal an idea so quick, you won't even know you had it!"
  • Libra: "you knew what you were getting into when you decided to have me as a father"
  • Scorpio: "everything you hate about me is you"
  • Sagittarius: "If you don't think I'm amazing, that just proves you don't know me."
  • Capricorn: "shhhhh shhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh... just let me neglect you..."
  • Aquarius: "it would really suck to get a parking ticket right now, after ALL the laws I've broken"
  • Pisces: "my soul just barfed. But you can't see it. Because you can't see souls. Because souls don't exist"

I figured out a nice way to paint digitally and decided to practice it which is why the picture is rlly boring
I draw Crona so much he’s so easy for me to draw so I practiced painting him

fun fact: this is my 93rd picture of him that I’ve drawn in the like 6 months since I watched Soul Eater

please do not like or reblog if you are kin or anything related with Crona, thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum!   ^u^ /)


Final Lines: I think we’d all be lying if we said every time we get a script we didn’t thumb through it really fast to see if we’re alive! I mean it’s like real life. You never really know how much time you have, even with other people. So, I don’t think anybody on the show’s gonna die in a hospital bed with all their loved ones holding hands; smiling. You know? It’s one of those [shows].      - Norman Reedus