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Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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My Valentines gift to you is a dumb Andromeda Age crossover comic. Your gift to me can be pretending to laugh. Thank you.

~☼~☼~☼~☼~Hi there ~☼~☼~☼~☼~

My name is Celeste Magenta MoonRaven and I’m a 4th level wicca and also a godkin! I’m the incarnation of Loki but I also godphone satan and my three totem animals- wolf, crow, and cat! They all speak through me and always tell me the truth! 

I run a coven with me and four of my friends and we are the best coven in town. We get together every saturday and watch American Horror Story and Practical magic and Charmed, and then we do witchcraft and use my sisters ouija board to talk to James, my dead boyfriend. He’s really nice once you start talking to him! I even went to his grave and we made out once.

And dont tell me I’m uneducated because I read all of Silver Ravenwolfs books and I’ve done blood rituals and even killed a person with my MAGICK

Love and blessings!