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Pansexual!Drew Tanaka

“All of the boys and the girls,
And the girls lookin’ pretty.
We’re gonna walk on down
To the holy city”

Why Not Galavant?

Want to watch an amazing show, but don’t want to be stuck with the binging commitment? Try Galavant. 18 episodes. 22 minutes each. Pure hilarity.

Seriously, if you wonder what the love child of Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with shades of Robbin Hood: Men in Tights and A smattering of Disney music would look like, well then you’re in luck! Because that’s Galavant!

It’s on Netflix. Go watch it. You won’t regret it,pinky-swear. 

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Anxieties begone! They’ll be replaced with super funny and catchy tunes.

Seriously go watch it now. If not for me, at least watch it for the amazing Tad Cooper, a little dragon we all super believed in.

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I am tired of all the people being so down on themselves because damn it you guys are amazing and I know you don’t see it, but I’m gonna publicly declare that THESE PEOPLE ARE FUCKING AMAZING AND EVERYONE CAN FUCKING FIGHT ME IF THEY DISAGREE

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Everything you are about to say, I already know.
  • Clara, I’m not your boyfriend… I never said it was your mistake.
  • Clara, I need you.
  • I don’t take orders, Clara.
  • To our last hurrah.
  • I don’t know if you’ll ever hear this, Clara. I don’t even know if you’re still alive out there.
  • I can save you.
  • This is my world, too. I walk your earth, I breathe your air.
  • Do you think I care for you so little that betraying me would make a difference?
  • You asked me what we’re going to do. I told you. We’re going to hell.
  • Clara, I’m terribly sorry, but I’m exactly what you deserve.
  • Are you okay?
  • It’s fine. I’ve found Gallifrey.
  • Yes, I’m really here. I’m back.
  • I never found Gallifrey. I lied, so you’d stay with Danny.
  • There was only one way to get to you. I’m dying, too.
  • I will hold Clara’s hand, but that’s it.
  • Clara Oswald, you will never look any different to me.
  • We should do this every Christmas.
  • I’m sorry. I was stupid. I should have come back earlier. I wish that I had.
  • The TARDIS is outside. So, all of time and all of space is sitting out there. A big blue box. Please, don’t even argue.
  • Do you know what’s rarer? Second chances.
  • Pretty Woman.
  • When do I not see you?
  • I want Clara Oswald, safe, alive, and returned to me immediately. You bring her back. You do that. You do that now. Unharmed. Unhurt. Alive.
  • I just felt that I… I had to say something. Because I’ve got a duty of care.
  • I can save you. You trust me, don’t you, Clara?
  • I’ll come back for you. I swear.
  • Don’t kiss me. Morning breath.
  • Everyone after you was random, but you being the next name, that’s what made me confront the Fisher King.
  • This is not a hug.
  • Look at you, with your eyes, and your never giving up, and your anger, and your kindness. One day, the memory of that will hurt so much that I won’t be able to breathe.
  • Every time we do something like this, I keep thinking, what if something happens to you?
  • She might meet someone she can’t bear to lose. That happens, I believe.
  • I’ve missed you, Clara Oswald.
  • I let Clara Oswald get inside my head. Trust me. She doesn’t leave.
  • Longest month of my life.
  • I’ll be the judge of time.
  • Hold my hand.
  • You will save Clara, and you will do it now, or I will rain hell on you for the rest of time.
  • I don’t care!
  • You shouldn’t have to ask.
  • What’s the point of being a Doctor if I can’t cure you?
  • What about me?
  • Clara…
  • Don’t run. Stay with me.

  • You are my storm room.
  • Making you laugh.
  • But I can remember, Clara. You don’t understand, I can remember it all. Every time. And you’ll still be gone. Whatever I do… you still won’t be there.
The Cricky mood.

A serious condition.

When you get into that mood, you’ve got a few options.

First, AO3, of course.


Okay, let’s calm down.

Second, tumblr. Obviously.

There, you’ll find a whole lot of material. Pics, gifs, heated anons trying to cancel your opinions and most of all, NEW FRIENDS.

Hi @cr7cky & @cricky-renaldo :)

Few examples.


So like, you get into that good vibe, yeah ? You start feeling like this :

And then you see this :

And you literally squeal. And probably look like this :

BUT.. it’s never enough, alright ? So you just wander through Cristiano’s IG posts. 

(Nobody forced him to.. HE DID IT ON HIS OWN.)


And you see those pretty faces every-fucking-where together, laughing, smiling, taking care of Junior (!!!!!). Working or not, they’re attached at the hip.

(Daddy and papa.. DON’T FIGHT ME.)

(Breathe, Cris.)

But then. THEN comes the real deal. Then comes the moment you go back to twitter, you type your own @ in the search bar and the # with it..

Oh how you freaked out about it when it happened..

.. again ..

.. and then again in the finale. You’re not sure you’re over it just yet. (Not sure I’ll ever be anyway.)


(Can you see him saying OBRIGADO ?!)


And you end up looking pretty much like this.

But you end up HAPPY. Happy crying because honestly.. aren’t they gorgeous ?


OKAY first of all your English is perfect how dare you ~♡

And second… thank you! Aaahh you’re too sweet ;u; Mob’s POV is hard, I struggled a lot with it in Cold Hands Reaching, since it was my first time writing him. I’m so, so relieved to hear it all paid off in the end! Getting the characterizations right is so important to me.

Also, if I could, I would probably just write scene after scene with only Mob/Teru interaction. I love writing that stuff! And writing dialogue, it’s the BEST, I sometimes just want to drop the narrative altogether and go PURE DIALOGUE :’D

Again, thank you so much! All these nice comments make me so happy ^-^

And then suddenly after he left I realized.. although two broken people coming together can be a perfect beautiful thing… other times it can tear us apart even more, no matter how much we love eachother.

Aaah, he’s finished. c’: Thankfully my cat let go of him and continued sleeping in my bed. xD

(And I have to say this…
Black hair, glasses, loves birds, OP as fuck. I’m getting some Will-vibes here.)

I have a soft spot for this kind of guys, don’t judge lol.

One Piece chapter 852

First a little story:

I was at school when I read the new chapter, and one of my classmates looked at my phone and said: they are lovers? *point at Reiju and Sanji* Me: What? Nooo, she *point at Reiju* is his *point at Sanji* sister. Classmate: Oh, I understand, so they’re sibling and lovers, too… so you’re reading about incest? *rather loudly* Other classmate: What’s going on? Wait… I think I don’t want to know… Me: Please, not that loudly! And what??? What are you talking about??? How did come this idea??? Classmate: Oh, I know it, I know it, you don’t have to hide it. Just look at this. *point at Reiju* What are your first thoughts when you look at her? Me: She’s thinking… Classmate: No, it’s something else… *wink*

This was a very… khm… strange conversation. XDD But seriously, none of these panels looks like Reiju is in love with Sanji XDD I don’t know why did she think this XD

But about the chapter… It was a very sweet chapter and omg I love Reiju more and more 😍

And Jinbei is a rebel XD I’m curious what exactly happened to him… (I’m talking about that wheel and how did he find them, etc…) But I would love to see Jinbei in action *^* I hope he will get a good fight *^*

And awwww Luffy still isn’t eating anything. I lovehim so much, when he says something, he keeps his words *^* I hope we will se soon a scene, where Sanji is cooking for all of them, and they sit together and talking and the most important thing: everybody is happy!!!

And Sanji’s mom is so sweet 😍 but I have two questions:

1. She didn’t think about that if she takes that drug, her children can die? Or I don’t know, but she’s a pregnant woman, I don’t think the drugs don’t damage her unborn children… Yeah, I understand this was because her children, but… They could have died… Or mybe it’s just me, but it was a bit reckless…

2. Why did she married that man??? Why??? He’s an evil ass, and she’s a very good person, how could this marriage happen? Maybe Judge married her by force, or something like this? I don’t understand it at all… But nevertheless, she’s really a very good person and she’s so cute and sweet and she has such a kind heart… Omg I love her 😍 (but of course she’s dead… thanks Oda…)

And Reiju again… wow… I freaking love her 😍 She was, and still my favourite new character in this arc, and I hoped she isn’t evil, and yesss, she’s a good person and good sister!!! 😍 I want a scene, where Pudding meet Reiju before the wedding, and Reiju is like: I know everything about your evil plan, haha, despite you erased my memories, haha! And Pudding like: why wasn’t my power good or what happened, wtf??? (I would love to see Pudding’s face XD) So Oda, don’t you dare kill Reiju!!! If you kill her, I swear I will find you!!! I WILL FIND YOU!!!!

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so I was strolling around the mall today and guESS WHAT I FUCKING GOT FOR JUST $20


***shoutout to the cashier at too cool who’s also a fellow army and told me not to get a bag bc I should stare at these all day u da real mvp

It’s something about her that takes me home, something about the warmth in her eyes that I will never see in another girl.
It’s something that I dream about.
It’s something that makes this world a better place.
It’s something that turns the earth into flowers and trees.

How I wish she was here with me.

She makes it easy to fall in love.
She makes it easy to look at her when she’s looking somewhere else.
She makes it easy to forget there was ever anything out of place on this planet.
She makes it easy to not get enough of her voice, and how her words lace from her lips and carve into my skin without even trying.
She makes it easy to find purpose in a place it’s hard to even be.

How I wish she was here with me.

She is something ethereal, something about how her face lights up like the streets on Christmas Eve when she listens to her favorite song.
She is something imperfect, but who ever said imperfections are wrong?
She is something I couldn’t have imagined if I tried.
She is something I hadn’t thought I was capable of feeling, I can’t possibly deny.
She is sun and she is storm, she is calm and she is the raging sea.

How I wish she was here with me.

—  my poetry
Baby girl, I’m afraid the boy you love is long gone. He will always live in your heart but out here, he doesn’t exist no more.
—  AR
Love Is Not Over Pt.3

Why are you getting farther away? So far that I can’t reach you?

|Part 1||Part 2||Part 3||Part 4||Part 5|

Needless to say that it’s not proofread. I have exams … Okay sorry.

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It was easier to get distracted when you were busy cleaning and preparing for the get-together. You liked that. Not having to think about anything.

As the hours went by, your care for his failure to remember something he never let slide unnoticed before, for his growing disinterest for you. You were still comforted knowing that soon the boys would be there. It was a nice way for them to get away from their hectic lives, a way for them to gather again in the same place at the same time. But mostly, it would be a nice way to bring some light and laughter in the dark and depressed house you now couldn’t even call home.

Your phone lit up with a text from Jin. “ Happy birthday ! I’m on my way. Be there really soon ”. You smiled thinking that ‘At least someone remembered’. As similar messaged soon flooded from your mom, close friends, in laws, and distant family. You were proven wrong. However, it didn’t make you feel any better. It was from everyone but the person you were waiting for. They weren’t Yoongi and you needed him.

You sighed, flipping the phone over and ignoring it, unable to take one more disappointment. Not after you would urgently and excitedly reach for the phone every time it rang hoping it was him, only to be hit by reality. Yoongi didn’t care anymore, and the worst part is that you couldn’t blame him for it. It was just a broken relationship between the two of you, and you felt the deadline closing in. You could just rush it a little. Let him go already.

Minutes passed with your face buried in your palms, trying to hold back the tears. It would show and you didn’t want to worry the boys. Fortunately, before your mind could get darker again, you were interrupted by the doorbell. You quickly stood up walking to the small screen, Jin smilingly looking back at you and waving like he knew you were looking. Unlocking the door, you moved to the doorway, waiting for him with a silly thankful smile.

“ It’s been a longtime ” He hugged you closer as soon as he walked through the door.

“ Who’s fault is that ?” You pulled away and glared “ You’re the one who is always busy ”

“ Am I just going to be ignored ?” Jungkook said when he suddenly walked in with a forced frown “ Hyung forgot to tell you that I’m coming with him ?” Surprised, you exchanged glances between the two almost scolding Jin with your gaze. “ I knew you would get too excited ” Jin just walked in laughing.

You looked back at Jungkook, smiling at him. He returned it opening his arms for you “ Don’t I get a hug ? I missed you ”.

“ Of course ” You stepped closer letting him wrap you tightly “ I missed you too, Jungkook ”

“ Happy birthday ” He left a light peck on your cheek before letting you go completely, closing the door behind him and following Jin in.

“ Can you two just stop growing ? You make me look really bad ” The eldest joked as he put down the plastic bag he had in his hand on the kitchen table “ Your cake. I know Yoongi will be too busy with recording so I took it upon myself.”

“ Thank you ” He didn’t even remember You forced a smile on your face, signaling for them to sit down while you moved to make tea for them.

There was a heavy silence after that, one that Jungkook didn’t catch as he was ridding himself of his jacket to take a seat. Jin just followed your every action, intently studying your expression for what he certainly seemed to find.

“ So, Is everything okay ?” You froze at the question and turned to look back at Jin, who sighed realizing it might not sound like just a normal one anymore. Even that implied to everything that happened, he felt guilty for reminding you when it seemed like you were finally smiling.

“ You know ” You sighed “ Just like you would expect it to be, Jin ”. Maybe it was the shine of tears in your eyes as you snapped or the venomous tone spilling from your tongue that had them both taken aback.

“ I’m … I’m sorry ” The stutter filled your eyes with even more tears, just the more you tried to hold back the more it erupted harder “ It’s just … really hard to smile, right now ”. you tapped your fingers nervously on the counter before giving up and leaving, going into your room to calm down.  

“ What’s going on, hyung ?” Jungkook turned to Jin, asking for an explanation.

“ Just … Let it go, it’s a long story ” The elder sighed, his thumbs tracing circles on his temples “ It’s her choice to tell you or not ”

Jungkook pushed his chair back standing up, he had always been the closest to you among the group, in age and in personality. You were there for him when he had a hard time figuring out himself and his future, it was inevitable for him to feel at blame for clearly not being there for you. He was gone too long.

“ Give her a moment ” Jin grabbed his wrist trying to stop him.

“ I can’t, not when she’s crying like that ” Jungkook jerked his hand away “ This is Y/N. I’ve never seen her cry ”. The elder just sighed again, his head down, going back to his original position.

You stood in the middle of the room, taking in deep breathes in a desperate attempt to get your anxiety ridden heart rate back to normal. Since pacing around was only making it worse, and making you dizzy, you just stood still for a moment. You couldn’t believe yourself, that you just broke down in front of them like that.  

There were three quiet and hesitant knocks on the door before the knob turned and Jungkook walked in. You wiped the tears, facing away from him.

“ Y/N ?” He breathed out unsure of what to do “ Did … Did Yoongi-hyung do anything to you ?”. You shook your head, clearing your throat to once again find your voice without it breaking at each word.

“ Because I swear if he did ” He took a step forwards, his fist clenching tightly.

“ No, it’s not him. He didn’t do anything … at all ” You choked out the dry trails of tears growing damp again “ Don’t worry about it, jungkook, I’ll be okay ”

“ I don’t believe you ” He sighed “ and I’m sorry I haven’t been here for you like you were for me ”.

“ Don’t say that ” you turned to him once more, his face twisted in an expression you’ve never seen before “ I know you couldn’t help it, you’re busy ”.

“ It’s not a good excuse, it should never be a good enough one ” Jungkook sighed again “ Tell me what’s wrong. Maybe I can help. ”

“ Believe me ” you shrugged “ There is nothing you can do ”

“ Y/N … ”

“ I know, I’m being very pessimistic but it’s true. Don’t bother, I’m just having a bad day” You forced another smile, your puffy eyes forming a line “ let’s go back out, the others will be coming soon ”

He just nodded, returning your smile with a very similar one and turning for the door. You stopped him, one hand aimlessly rubbing your eyes and the other holding onto him.

“ Jungkookie ” You called, trying to act cute, maybe to turn the dark mood around.

“ Hmm ?” He looked down at you, a genuine smile dancing on his lips “ what ? ”

“ Thank you ” You mouthed nodding your head. Jungkook pulled you closer, hugging again, his hand messily playing with your hair.

“ Don’t ever thank me ” He chuckled “ It’s my job to try and fix hyung’s mistakes ”. He said it so seriously it cracked you up into laughter, tightening the embrace on him. Thankful for at least this moment.

“ What’s going on ?” The stern, almost angry, tone startled you both away. Yoongi was standing by the door, leaning on the frame with his arms crossed in front of him. He didn’t seem to misunderstand, at least to you, just annoyed.

“ You’re home ” You said, still holding Jungkook’s forearm, before walking towards him to notice the dark deep circles under his eyes “ Are you tired ?”.

“ Am I interrupting ?” His eyes didn’t seem to meet yours but looked over you at the younger, who looked back stunned at the question.

“ Don’t be silly, hyung ” Jungkook shrugged, brushing it off as a bad joke from the other, but it didn’t seem so “ I’ll be outside, I can hear the commotion already ”

“ Yeah, Taehyung, Jimin and Hoseok are here ” Yoongi’s voice was still emotionless which worried you. Did something go wrong with work ? You thought not daring to ask, afraid the answer would be denied from you.

“ I need to change, I feel disgusting ” He emphasized on the last word like it was directed at you. You stared at him wide eyed, you never really had much of a problem changing in front of each other. The two of you were married after all. However, his tone was more alarming.

“ Yoongi, what’s wrong ?” You felt like you were stepping around on thin ice, hesitant whether to actually ask.

“ Nothing. I just want a little privacy”

Oh, sure. Yeah … Of course ” You nervously faltered, staggering towards the closed door then stopping “ Can I talk to you after you’re done ? I have something to say ”.

“ Later ” Was the only thing he said, sounding like he didn’t even want to make an effort.

You just walked out.

The atmosphere out of the room was exactly how you expected it to be, giggles and jokes being thrown everywhere. It felt like you were finally able to breathe, away from the poison. You all sat around the dinner table, sharing mostly embarrassing stories and beautiful memories. A challenge to see who would get emotional first. Yoongi didn’t join for a longtime, leaving you worriedly glancing at the closed bedroom door once in a while. However, when he did, he just seemed to be in a foul mood for some reason.

He sat next to you, finger circling the outline of his wine glass as he seemed to be engulfed deeply in thoughts. You peered at him, answering whatever question was directed at you by the boys with only half the attention you were giving him. It was always this way, you worried about him and you being there. It was tiring.

“ Yoongi ” You whispered, close to his ear, wanting to wake him up. He called for this get-together but wasn’t participating in any shape or form in it, and everyone was noticing. Since he didn’t seem to hear you the first time, you called his name again a little more louder “ Yoongi … are ”

“ What ?!” He snapped at you, a death glare shooting your direction.

“ What’s wrong with you ?” You stuttered, this being the first time he ever raised his voice at you, especially in front of anyone.

You … You’re what’s wrong with me ” He sighed, breaking whatever you still had intact. The blood froze in your veins and you blanked for a moment, just idly blinking while everything around you went silent. Everyone just as flabbergasted as you were.

“ You really are a jerk, hyung ” Jungkook suddenly stood up “ I can’t believe you would do that ”

“ What’s going on ?” Jimin turned to you, as if you had an answer.

“ Yoongi, you crossed the line ” Jin, who had been silent for most of the time, had finally had enough Having been noticing the heavy tension radiating from the two of you for the entire time. He stood up as well, grabbing his coat from around the chair “ I can sit around any longer ”. Before he took another step he turned to look back at him, anger clear in his eyes “ Did you even remember that it’s her birthday today ? I don’t think so ”

Something shifted in Yoongi’s gaze with that and he instantly looked at you, anger replaced with an unspoken apology. “ oh god, Y/N … ” He leaned towards you, trying to grip your hand in his. You avoided the contact, jerking you hand from him maybe too brusquely, then moving away as if scared.

“ Forget it. It’s too late now ” You smiled “ I’m sorry guys, but I think I’m going to call it the night”. They couldn’t really try and keep you from it, the night was ruined, and the air felt stuffy around all of them. The doorbell, again, saved you. You were about to move towards it when Jin interrupted you, blocking your way.

“ I’m leaving anyways so I’ll open it on my way. It’s probably Namjoon ” He squeezed your shoulder as he started walking. Jungkook following right behind him.

“ What did I miss ?” You heard Namjoon’s distinguishable hoarse voice joke at the sight of the two, already leaving this early.

“ Ask Yoongi ” Jin replied angrily as he left. That was your cue to do so as well, quietly slipping away into your room.

Hope you liked it, I’ll try to update sooner.