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i’ve hit 2k for a while now so i think it’s about time i make a mutual appreciation post!! being on this website for many years i have been blessed with the chance to meet and talk with so many amazing individuals! and then again, i’m still too shy to talk to some of you but i appreciate you always! 💓 i’ve only ever received sweet comments and messages from everyone and i cannot thank you enough, you all have such kind hearts and spread so much joy! so the least i can do is make a list of my sweet mutuals and hope that it makes you feel almost as special as what you make me feel. thank you! 💖 💖 💖

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Oh my baby, lately I know

That every night I’ll kiss you you’ll say in my ear

Oh we’re in love aren’t we?

A big ole thank you to @istehlurvz for the awesome commission of Alistair and my Warden, Eth Tabris. I can’t ever express how wonderful her work is, how she’s a joy to work with, and the wonderful work she produces. Thank you so much Sam!


robert sugden | he didn’t want a son like me


Iris and Daisy Birthday Week: - Day 5 - Marvel and Dc

» Daisy & Cisco

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46. “I’m in love…shit” 

Tony was sulking.

“This isn’t helping anyone.” Rhodey said, sounding his usual concerned self.

“It’s his fault,” Tony said sulking, swinging his bottle around on his hand, and then clumsily putting it on the side table as he slumped down on the sofa.

“He’s all-” Tony gestured vaguely with his hands, “-perfect and everything, with his hair, his outfits, ugh the way his shirt sticks to his skin - I mean, can’t he get anything that fits? And it’s just - y’know the way he looks at me? Like his eyes are searing into me, his whole -y’know - quiet concern thing, or  his easy smile…The way he just- i mean, God, why-”

“Why are you sitting here bearing your soul to me again?” Rhodey asked exasperatedly. “You should tell him, man. You need to tell him.”

“No way! No. Haha, nope.”


“He’d think I was crazy. He’d think we can’t work together anymore because I’m too distracted, too many gay thoughts-”

“Tony, shut. Up.”

Tony immediately shut up and looked at him.

“Do you think about anyone else like this?”

“Er… No.”

“Ok, so do you ever think of Steve in a non-sexual way?”

“Of course I do! I’m not that shallow!”

Rhodey looked at him, and Tony sighed.

“So, you have…feelings for Steve. That aren’t gonna go away.”

Tony didn’t deny it.

“I think he needs to know, Tony. Even if he doesn’t’ feel the same way – but you would never know that unless you told him-”

“Pfft, Steve?” Tony asked incredulously. “He’d never feel that way about me. I’m just…Not his kind of type.”
“And how would you know?”

“W-” He stopped, then sighed. “Cone on man, he wouldn’t want me.”

“Tony, you gotta stop this-”

“Look, being in love with a super-soldier from the 40s who is also living under your roof and having to work together, is hard, okay? And it’s even harder to think-”

“Wait, wait – you’re what?”

“You’re…In love with him?”

Tony did a double-take.

“Oh my god.” Rhodey had a far-off look.

“No! I’m not! That’s not what I said!” Deny, deny, deny.

“Well now you definitely have to tell him,” Rhodey said matter-of-factly.

“That is not what’s happening,” Tony said through gritted teeth, standing up all of a sudden, but Rhodey just raised his eyebrows at him.

“Tony, come on. This is killing you. It’s all you can think about.” Rhodey stood up to. “If you don’t tell him, I will.”

Tony was thinking. He had said – he said – Steve…

“I’m in love,” Tony whispered, his face melting into one of surprised happiness at the realisation - then immediately into anxiety. “Shit.”

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i hope i got ur skin color right?? coz like, it looks one way in my monitor but idk how its gonna look on urs aflskdfjasdlkfjasdl 

anyway i hope u like it??? 

singing to drown out the trolls

Look, folks, there’s been a lot of random anon flaming going around the Stormpilot tag. If it happens to you, I’m so sorry. Come message me for a hug and/or for some help in figuring out whether the commenter is a troll or a genuine critic. 

If someone on here has a genuine problem with my work, please, for the love of mercy, tell me clearly, calmly, and politely. Commenters who accuse without having read the fic, who repeat their accusations without having read my response to their first comment, are just trolls looking for attention. 

Don’t feed trolls. 

The only way to beat trolls is to sing more loudly. One comment from a troll on a fic with no comments is scary and painful. One comment from a troll on a fic with many kind comments is laughable. I’m fine, right now, thank god. Another fic author might not be, and that scares me. 

So COMMENT ON FICS! Tell authors how much you like their work. Tell them which lines were your favorite. Tell them how happy/sad/moved their story made you feel. Give them a pile of emojis that express your joy upon reading the fic. Tell them clearly, calmly, and politely what you would prefer they do better next time. Keyboard smash. Whatever feels right to you. 

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I’m gonna personally fight every person who hated on Folie a Deux and made Patrick associate it with bad memories, that album was incredible smh


going to leave for LA tomorrow w @splatterfilm so will have to put commissions on hold -I’ve also got an internship so i’m no longer going to be taking any more ; o ;

please do say hi to sam and me if you see us !! i now have blue hair alskdfjdksj
(sticker cheebs for friend, second pic is my oc winnie and sam’s oc noah !!)
ALSO you wip for future print hehe, I’M SORRY FOR THE INACTIVITY, THANKS for bearing with me !! (°◡°♡).:。

400 🎉🎉

I cannot believe that I just hit 400. Thank you all so much for following me. It means the world that many people want to follow this shitty blog of mine.

I never thought that I would be getting this many followers when I first started this blog. To be honest I never thought I would get to 50 followers.

But this blog has also helped me find some of the greatest friends I could ever ask for.

@wroetominter Montana. You are literally the reason that I began writing in the first place. You encouraged me to finally post something, and I’m happy you did. You’re also the main reason I know so many people on this website. I love how you don’t judge me too hard when I think Mexico is a state in America.I absolutely love you, and I’m glad to have a friend like you.

@phia-eilice Sophia. You are like the little sister that I’ve always wanted but never got. You seem to always be there when I need someone to talk to. Which I’m so grateful for. You’re so supportive of everything, and you know how to make me smile. I love you girlie I absolutely cannot wait to meet you soon.

@lilacminter Kailey. From meeting you in Chris Trash™, to now being in Shook with you. You have quickly become one of my best friends. I can’t wait until we possibly head to London together in the future and hopefully get YouTube to kick off soon. Love you so much.

@christophersondixon Adri. Another one of my best friends. You always seem to know what to say to me when I’m having a bad day. Which I’m forever grateful for. All of our inside jokes make me laugh at the most random times. (Dubai, Versailles and Moscow) I can’t wait until I finally meet you. Love you so much.

@christophmd Izzy. First off you are one of the sweetest people that I know. Also I love your writing. You’re imagines can make me smile and cry all at once. I hate that I don’t get to talk to you all that much. But I hope that will change very soon.

To the rest of Chris Trash™. @panicatthefalloutromance-horizon @minichristopher @wroetosivan @captain-grump (sorry if I forgot a few, can’t remember all of you, but know that I love you)
It would take way to long to name off everything about you all. Just know that I love each of you all the same. And I love each of your quirks.

To @lachlanminter as well. Lauren, I love you as well. I need to talk to you so much more. I actually miss talking to you, and one day when I go to Indianapolis I will get to meet you.

To my 400 followers, thank you so much for getting me here. It means a lot. Especially to me, because I was so nervous to post anything.
Thank you to every one who has ever requested something or just even like or reblogged one of my posts. It means the world.