if you don't love them then idk

so what’s about my otps-

everything is fine about my otps 

absolutely perfectly fine

my children are alive and together

they are..h-happy!

i love them and a little bit dying inside

(fuck you kisimoto)

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Today was an emotionally exhausting day wherein I stood up for myself, felt really good about it for awhile, kind of okay about it for awhile, am now feeling sad and tired and regretful and like I blew the whole thing out of proportion and everyone thinks I am so dumb and fragile and this always happens when I lose my cool once a decade, this is why I never do this, this is why I nevver

etc, ad nauseum.

Logically I know this is not true but basically what I mean is if you want to share things that might cheer me up this would be an awesome time for that.

do you guys remember season 3 CS? so good. i mean yeah emma’s walls were up and she was super guarded but i really loved all that sexual tension they had going on. plus i enjoyed their FRIENDSHIP. like they were legit friends that worked together and went on adventures and started to trust one another. sure they weren’t confirmed true love yet, or emma didn’t go full on dark swan to save him, and he didn’t die for her a million times, they had 1 kiss back then instead of 7534. all the epic stuff was still to come but yet they were friends who had each other’s back, constant banter, moments where they opened up etc. that friendship was the basis of everything we have now. from enemies to FRIENDS to true love. no otp compares. 

hey, writers!

i would really love it if we could do larry remix fic fest like they do for hp/drarry. i really love reading those and i think it would be really cool. right now it’s just a thought and idk who else reads them or knows what i’m talking about, but i’m about to tag the hell out of some writers just to make sure you see this and think about it a bit. here’s a link to the 2017 drarry remix fest, check out the faqs and info so you can see what it’s about. 

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ok so tumblr is being a pain in the ass so i’m not tagging anyone else, but please reblog or message or whatever. this is just literally a thought that i just had when the hd-remix post came across my dash, so i have no well formed ideas about it at all. it’s totally possible that this has been done before and i’m just not aware of it.

I really wanna make another cp oc


Guardvengers Icons 

We’re not a team of heroes, more like a… a… band of them.

The Guardvengers are the children of the Avengers in an alternate timeline, highschoolers by the first Avenger’s movie, each child in the ever expanding universe had their own set of skills and powers, eventually growing out of their parent’s shadows to becomes heroes in their own right. 

(Disclaimer: we aren’t this young anymore lmao. including: @pomegranatekylo as Rose Rogers, @to-live-is-to-dance as Arielle Barton, me (@kalamitis) as Kay Thorsdottir, @valuepup as “Tutu” Colson, @pages0f as Coleen Fury, @leafie as Laura Banner, @astrasavant as Carlee Stark, and @iridescent-apricity22 as Danielle Romanoff.) 

Art in the corners of these icons is by the amazing @askthederpvengers, who I’ve been following since the very first avengers movie, clearly. If you haven’t followed them, please do!!!

I’m not sure I can describe in words how much I need more of Hawke, Merrill, and Isabela getting together to steal Anders’ dirty spell book. Because you know they’d be super immature about it and that’s really all I need in life right now.

Mystic Messenger Characters as Pokemon

(Again idk but I’m bored so here it is)

Yoosung -

Originally posted by shelgon

(Ok I can’t help but imagine that Yoosung would be adorable and innocent no matter what he is and come on Rockruff is the more adorable puppy ever! Besides can you imagine how cute Yoosung would be as a Rockruff being super protective of MC? And wanting to cuddle with them?)

(And this would be him going yandere)

Originally posted by lock-wolf

(NO REGRETS! (lol))

Zen -

Originally posted by guzzlord

(Elegant, beautiful and unique (to one region anyways) I think this lovely rendition of Ninetales fits Zen rather well. He would practically melt as the MC brushed his fur and would love spending time lounging around with them.)

Jumin -

Originally posted by the-dark-flight

(Serious and cool looking I think Decidueye would fit Jumin well. He is the type to be cold and calculating in combat but when it comes to MC he would become cuddly and be happy whenever being shown affection by them. He will screech at anyone that comes too close to MC to get them away from them.)

Jaehee -

Originally posted by redenchilada

(Cute and non threatening in appearance? I think that fits Jaehee to a T. Underestimate this pokemon and you will regret it! (Seriously she is adorable and can do Judo. I love her) She’s the type that loves helping MC from chores to shopping and everything in between. The moment she senses MC is in danger she becomes very protective.)

Saeyoung -

Originally posted by pokemon

(A pokemon that hides it’s true form behind a mask? (Cloth..) It seems like it would be a good fit for Saeyoung. He would be afraid of MC seeing what he really looks like and being afraid of him like everyone else has been but at the same time he wants MC to see who he really is and accept him for it. He will also do his best to be cute and goofy to make MC laugh whenever they might be sad.)

Saeran -

Originally posted by butt-berry

(A beautiful, aloof pokemon distrustful of humans because of their upbringing? (Absol’s are regarded as harbingers of disastrous because they are usually around when calamities strike (though that’s because they can sense danger rather than cause it)) I think that would fit Saeran. He wouldn’t like being around people and would often avoid them until he had met the MC when he had saved them from being harmed. He would try to leave them soon after but MC would try and be his friend and eventually Saeran would warm up to them. Do not approach Saeran’s MC. He will lash out without hesitation.)

(I used Mega Evolution Absol because he is beautiful like Saeran!)

MC -

Originally posted by guzzlord

(As a male or female MC and everything in between I think the MC would be perfect as a Ribombee because they are adorable and innocent looking like they are. Seriously who wouldn’t love getting a little hug from this cutie? Pretty sure all the MM characters would melt with an affection MC Ribombee giving them hugs hehe)

V -

Originally posted by cobalon

(A pokemon that can’t see, is mysterious and adorable? I think it fits V pretty well. I think V would be sad as a  Nihilego at first because of how out of place he feels being in a different world but after encountering the MC and bonding with them he becomes happier and loves being around them. He’s pretty shy around other people though.)

Rika - 

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(Rika is Lusamine. Seriously the insanity she showed Lusamine seemed to immolate as well.)


*desperately wanting straight eyebrows* 

my ultimate bias is chanyeol :0 

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anonymous asked:

omgg please share your thoughts on a merlin au with morgana!lena and arthur!kara. i saw the post you reblogged way back when and the idea sounds amazing! i truly wish that kind of plot had fic because it could be so angsty and compelling and complex....

hum, well. this depends on if we’re doing like, lena and kara’s personalities and storylines put into a merlin au setting, or more like, morgana and arthur’s storylines as lena and kara? bc that distinction is sort of small, but changes basically everything bc morgana and arthur are siblings. and their pendragonness is vital and important and also, imo not romantic. (i mean…. being totally honest, very very occasionally, it is. just a lil bit.) but by and large, the pendragon siblings break my heart, and i love them very hard in a non-romantic way.

so, if we’re going the, keep with merlin storylines route, i think morgana would actually end up being saved by arthur!kara? at least, there’s no way they would end the way they did on the show. (except for the poetic-ness of dying on the same day. right fucking next to each other.) bc while arthur could be dense as fuck, and kara can sometimes be a tiny bit oblivious, she picks up on things in a way that arthur doesn’t really? she’d push morgana harder i think, than arthur did on the show. probably not a whole lot, bc his fear of magic was built into him over and over again by uther, and then slapped in his face again and again when he was on his own. but, i think, just by their personalities, arthur!kara would pick up on morgana’s trauma earlier? and actually try to do something more abt it. lbr, a lot of “morgana, you just need to rest” bullshit was misogynistic, and fucking stupid. and gender swapping arthur to kara would inherently have an affect on that. so, maybe merlin still lies to morgana, but maybe arthur!kara listens? maybe, she refuses to let morgana be alone with this and sees how much the lack of information and lies are affecting her, and decides that they need to know what is happening. so, quests! and merlin being a twat and trying to redirect them whenever they get close to something, but now, it’s two against one. (no, scratch that, it’s totally 3 to one, gwen would absolutely come. and in this, morgana and arthur!kara would probably confide in her more.) and… with arthur!kara now knowing abt magic, and that someone she loves and trusts has it… i mean, that’s all merlin ever wanted? so, he’d probably stop trying very hard to keep info from them. he might even fess up. and, maybe there would still be some fallout to arthur!kara and merlin’s relationship directly after the fact. sort of like the winn and james superheroing behind kara’s back. and maybe, arthur!kara still wouldn’t trust magic much. wouldn’t trust morgana and merlin with it at first. maybe she’d be fighting for ways to suppress it, until she saw how much it hurt morgana (and merlin) but, this arthur!kara would see the affect she was having, and would probably forgive merlin, and get fully back on morgana’s side early enough that she doesn’t rage against everyone. that she’s not alone. so then…. everyone knows? everyone’s honest? everyone’s friends? everyone’s against uther? MORGANA ISN’T ALONE AND SCARED AND LIED TO!!? and also, she and arthur!kara find out that they’re siblings earlier, and uther still dies, and they reign over camelot together side by side, and morgana and merlin do as much magic together as they want, and whoops!, you probably didn’t want sibling feelings with this combo but SORRY PAL. THE PENDRAGON KIDS MEAN A LOT TO ME. EVEN IF IT’S ARTHUR!KARA. my bad.

if instead, we go the other route, which is stick more with lena and kara’s stuff. we’ve still got morgana!lena and uther!lillian family angst abound, only now there is A LITERAL KINGDOM at stake. and it would make sense that instead of alienness that kara has, it’s magic. so…. she is either both arthur and merlin in this? or, she is the golden haired knight with magic, and merlin is alex, magicless, but always steadfast and loyal at her side. (maybe both knights?) so, kara would be a knight, with magic, trying to hide that while trying to do her utmost to save the kingdom and it’s people on the regular. and, morgana!lena wouldn’t have magic? i don’t know, that’s so much a part of the morgana narrative it’s hard to think of it as separate. but lena being nothing more than a beautiful and flawed human being is Very Important to me in all versions….. so…. maybe uther!lillian suspects arthur!kara, her best knight, has magic? and magic killed her husband and drove her son mad, so she hates and forbids it. and teaches morgana!lena the same. but, then comes along arthur!kara, who is (not her sibling in this version, you’re welcome) and she challenges everything that uther!lillian has drilled into her head since birth probably, when her father died and lillian took over ruling the kingdom. and it definitely got worse when lex dabbled with magic, and then went mad, and now, it’s Not Something We Talk About. but, morgana!lena would probably have her own aversions, bc of seeing what it did to lex, so there’s that added angsty element. ohh, would arthur!kara maybe go dark instead? nah, i like it the other way around. hum, well, then i don’t know actually, maybe morgana!lena needs magic. i’m not sure. but! what i AM sure of, is KISSING and fancy clothes, and arthur!kara trying to sweep morgana!lena up onto a horse only for morgana!lena to show her up with that AND swording, a la canon. 

sorry, pal, it’s late and i’m tired and i got stuck and ran out of steam. but yes. this would be a fun au, and that manip was gorgeous.