if you don't love ray you are wrong

I just love Gerard Way so much he’s so wonderful I mean this ridiculous lemon haired sassy emo dad is slaughtering me with his tiny teeth and cute smile and severe lack of jawline I just really love Gerard Way you have to understand my love for this man and if you can’t listen to me talking about Gerard Arthur Way then we can’t be friends do you even understand how much I just love Gerard Way??? He’s so wonderful and his music has helped so many people and he wishes us good morning every single day without fail and he gives trans and other lgbt people a safe place to be themselves at his concerts and he tries to make time for everyone and he’s just so wonderful if you don’t like Gerard Way then I can pretty much guarantee that you are wrong :) I just love Gerard Way have I made this perfectly clear to you yet

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Yea I agree with the other anon if your in love with someone you shouldn't be with someone else for multiple reasons. You aren't giving yourself fully to the other person you aren't actually in love with them since you are with someone. Yea I don't see what you don't get about that? If felicity gets with Ray then yea I agree she isn't in love with Oliver because if she was she wouldn't be able to be with anyone else it would feel wrong hell it would be wrong because it's not who she really wants

This is in response to this ask.  

Listen.  I don’t know what to tell you.  You don’t understand what I don’t get?  Same goes.  For me, it’s simple; that’s why I get it.  You’re painting love with a black and white brush.  Maybe that’s been your experience.  It has never been mine.  

If you truly do believe this then I think this season might be a ship-breaker for you.  And I’m sorry for that, I really am.  

I keep wondering why some of you have these strange views on love and romance and I keep coming back to … Twilight.  I remember reading those books and thinking that the themes were a bit on the dangerous side, toxic.  I remember wondering what sort of message young girls would get from reading it, and other books like it.  And now I know.  This is what happens.  Now, we have women who believe that to be in love means you have to give up your *self*, that obsessive, possessive love is the only real love there is.  I just find that so sad

Would you rather Felicity, after Oliver broke up with her (because make no mistake, that is what he did… he told her they could not have the relationship she wanted to have), have shut herself up in her townhouse, staring out the window, wallowing in her grief.  The way that Bella did when Edward broke up with her?  Maybe you do but for me?  Hell. No.  She loves him, she loves him so much it probably burns, but the important thing is that she loves herself more.  And I am so glad for that because THAT is an example that young women need to see. 

(Plus, I feel like everyone is now expecting she’ll have sex with Ray. My gut tells me that she won’t… or at the very least, that we won’t see it.  But ultimately I don’t think it really matters if she does because its her life, its her choice and she’s an adult who can make decisions for herself.  If that’s a deal breaker for you, well, then I’m sorry to hear that.  May you find a more satisfying ship elsewhere.)

  • Felicity: What is wrong with me? He is brilliant. He knows the plot to every Doctor Who episode, all 34 seasons. He looks like a Disney prince. I mean he's... practically the perfect man.
  • Donna: You don't love Ray, because you're in love with Oliver.
  • Felicity: You don't know Oliver. You met him for like ten seconds.
  • Donna: I knew it in five. Honey, you lit up like Christmas when he walked in the room.

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I just need to just say something ichigo is going to end with orihime. Let me tell you ichiruki shippers why its because ichigo mom and orihime are so alike. The both saved the man they love and are both rays of light to them. I don't unserstand why you guys think rukia is going to end up with him. Rukia looks like a damn 5th grader

First. How the fuck did you even find me. My whole blog is filled with Korean men. I don’t understand? Like. 

Second. No, you’re wrong. And you can be wrong for the rest of your life because that’s just how stupid you are. 

I just need to say something

»How about you just shut the fuck up instead?

 Ichigo’s mom and Orihime are alike.

»No, they’re not. Do I need to give you examples or can you handle those three words without evidence? If you can’t, send me another message. 

The both saved the man they love 

»Wrong. So wrong. You are the definition of wrong. Go be wrong somewhere else. Bye 

 both rays of light to them.

» Wrong again. Wow. Do you even read?

“Later on, I learned that the word "rukia” means “light." She’s like a ray of light for Ichigo, which makes the name really suit her.”  - Kubo Tite

The only person that is a ray of light in bleach for Ichigo is Rukia. Masaki is like THE SUN to Isshin and their family.  Orihime is the shit that comes out of my dog’s ass. Okay? Get it now? Good.

 I don’t unserstand why you guys think rukia is going to end up with him.

»I don’t understand why you exist on this planet so I mean…

 Rukia looks like a damn 5th grader

And you look like this,

Do I need to say more or are you getting the point? The Ichihime  ship sunk the second Rukia showed up in the first chapter.

Now get off my blog before I actually try to wreck your shit.

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I'm sad cause I'm starting to not like felicity and it sucks cause she's one of my faves. But I really don't like how they are putting her with all these different guys. Like I thought she is in love with Oliver but yet a week later she's kissing Barry? And don't even get me started with the whole Ray thing cause I just think that whole thing is wrong. I just don't like or understand this whole thing with putting her with anything that has a dick. Help me?

Sigh. Oh, Anon. Why do you dislike Felicity based on one episode? Why do you dislike her at all? 

Did you not watch the episode? Did you not see her heart break when he pulled away, when he told her he might never be able to give her what she wanted? Did you not see the hurt on her face? I swear I could actually pinpoint the moment her heart shattered into tiny pieces. 

What do you want from her? What would you want from yourself, your friends? If this were you and the guy told you that he could not guarantee you would ever be together, would you spend the rest of your life pining? If your best friend came to you and told you what this man, the love of her life, had said, what would you advise her? Would you call her a bitch or a slut or a whore for wanting to move on? Would you call her selfish? Or would you want her to be happy, and encourage her to try and move on? 

I don’t understand - I really, really don’t - why people feel like Felicity needs to spend the entire year pining and moping after a man who keeps dragging her back and forth. I love Oliver immensely and I know why he’s doing what he is and I know that eventually he’s going to come to his senses and fight for her…but that doesn’t mean that I begrudge Felicity some semblance, a tiny modicum, of happiness in the meantime. 

She has to spend the next year working with this man. He is not only the love of her life but her best friend too. Should she simply sit around and sulk, watching him walk further and further away, saying nothing, doing nothing, becoming a shadow of her former self? Should she stop smiling, stop living? Would that be an interesting storyline to you? Would you want to watch episode after episode of misery in the foundry? Wouldn’t that kind of bitterness ruin their friendship as well? 

As for “putting her with anything that has a dick”, firstly, I object strongly to that vile phrase. Why don’t you or anyone ask why Oliver was “sharing his family jewels” around for two years like they were candy? Oh right, that’s because it’s disgusting, and because he’s a man.  

Secondly - Felicity goes on one date - ONE DATE - with Barry. And we already know that date is not going anywhere because BARRY’S IN LOVE WITH IRIS. My guess - could be wrong - is that he probably only asks Felicity on a date to mitigate any awkwardness that might come from him having to have dinner with Iris and Smarmy Eddie. It’s probably a favour to a friend rather than a major big deal. As for the kiss, BARRY LEANS IN. WE DON’T KNOW WHAT FELICITY DOES. Even if she does kiss him, so the fuck what? Barry’s kissing her while still being in love with another girl; Oliver was sleeping with Sara while still being in love with another girl; hell, Oliver slept with Isabel to scratch a goddamn itch! At least Felicity and Barry have had some kind of real attraction to each other in the past…they aren’t just about to have hate-sex. 

As for Ray, I say this again - and sorry for the shouting - WE DON’T KNOW IF FELICITY DATES HIM, SLEEPS WITH HIM OR MARRIES HIM. We don’t know. I don’t know how many more times I can say this - please, please stop judging her on some baseline you’ve drawn out of thin air because so far in the show there is nothing to support your theories. 

Even if, when, something like that does happen - even if she dates Ray, even if she sleeps with him, even if she falls in love with him - please can we stop with the hatred of a woman who is just trying to move on in her life, to make her life easier and bearable and livable. 

Also, TWO MEN IN TWO YEARS is not “anything with a dick”. It is barely the definition of that, not that there would be anything wrong if Felicity was sleeping with a new guy every week. As long as she was happy. 

How you can call Felicity one of your favourite characters and still hate on her for doing nothing more than Oliver, Barry, Sara or any host of other characters have done, I have no idea. 

I don’t mean to be harsh, Anon, but I am just frustrated by this idea that Felicity has to just wait around in solitary confinement until Oliver Queen decides he’s ready to break her out, scoop her over his shoulders and dump her in an ivory tower. She is a human being, with human desires and needs and the urge to be happy. She is trying to move on. It won’t be easy and it won’t be pretty, but she deserves, as much as anyone does, that chance. 

And if you still can’t understand why a woman - or a man - might deal with a vicious heartbreak by going on the rebound - which, by the way, is an actual thing that people do, then I suggest you look at the world around you, at the complicated emotions that people are allowed to express and exhibit, and try to understand that humans are complex. They struggle every day to find meaning in their lives, to find happiness. Why would you deny anyone that, however they might choose to get it?

Asks like this really make me sad, Anon, so apologies if it comes across as too harsh towards you. I just can’t get behind this kind of thinking, at all. 

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Okay seriously don't take this the wrong way, but you're kind of a bitch and I love it. It's refreshing to see an author who isn't all "Omg of course I'll sprinkle every ray of Sunshine that exists on you and everybody else because you love my work!!!" on social media. You focus on the stuff that matters, aka your writing and your stories. You do you, Victoria! And keep being awesome <4

Thank you!! :)

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