if you don't love kristen already you will

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Looks like baby girl took hubby's jacket with her. Same blue jacket he was wearing in the LAX pics. I know you don't hold stock in shared clothing, but I love how this will fuck with the haters, lol. Haters gonna hate!! #teampattinsons

It’s not that I don’t hold stock in it…I just don’t get off on it. 

Like I’ve said before…it’s no secret that Kristen likes to wear Rob’s clothes…so I don’t know what the continued fascination is all about!  

Unlike some, I don’t NEED this to believe…until I see that damn jacket on her, I’m withholding judgement!…just like I already told another anon...But…Do you know how many times we’ve all looked like idiots stating that some article of clothing is the same when it isn’t?  TOO many times!

So….when I see it on her and it looks like the same jacket I might be more excited about it.  Not only that I’ll be happy for the jacket to be exercised of any bad juju it might have been contaminated with!

I’m more interested in the fact that Scott’s IG posted and deleted a pic of one of the suitcases that Rob brought back with him…that’s by far more interesting to me…first the picture of Rob at the beach with Cole and than the suitcase…and just for the peeps that don’t believe me…I got a screenshot before “he” deleted it!

Not sure who’s actually running this IG/Twitter account but parody my ass!