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Fans are entitled to their opinions about the fandoms and communities they’re a part of. If they don’t like a specific character or pairing, that’s totally okay. There’s nothing wrong with that. If they choose to express their distaste for that character or pairing in the safety of their own blog, that’s totally okay. There’s nothing wrong with that either. Especially not when the person doing the venting or ranting specifically takes precautions to make certain that post isn’t in the main tags of those things so nobody else has to see it. If someone chooses to tag something as ‘do not reblog’ you respect that and you don’t reblog it, and you certainly don’t reblog it and start a petty argument on that post because someone has a different opinion than you and it insults your ship and hurts your feelings, etc. I understand that Rebels is meant to cater to children, but most of us are adults here, let’s start acting like it.

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can you simplify the previous long post about sims replication of irl things? because I definitely don't disagree with you, but I don't fully understand and it would help me better understand🌕

um, I mean I can try.. basically what I’m saying is that personal beliefs you hold irl whether you choose for them or not will more than likely find there way into whatever you are doing.. whether it’s sims or a fanfic.. which turns dangerous and damaging when your beliefs are oppressive or racist, colorist, transphobic, etc. but, people try to mask this under “creative expression” or freedom of speech lol, but even if this is an online community it doesn’t mean that your racism, transphobia, homophobia or anti-blackness stops at your lil’ post or posts. no, it’s a part of something bigger because YOU as an actual person not just someone who happens to post crap on the internet are perpetuating views and beliefs that harm people and oppress them (and actually gets them killed) outside of simblr, outside of tumblr, outside of the lil’ bubble you live in wherever you are in the world. 

hope that helped, I can’t really make it anymore simple than that. 

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oh my god don’t remind me of the jawn era ajhjdhjfg

sherlolololy is the least real thing like it’s stated over and over again that sherlock isn’t into her or women at all and he was such a manipulative shit in s1/s2, molly deserves better than that? also originally molly was only supposed to appear in the first episode basically she was written in the show to prove that sherlock isn’t straight ajksdhjgdhg (I’m glad they gave her a bigger role don’t get me wrong. but she’s not here to get with sherlock)

and like yeah after hlv how can you ship mary and john tbh. she lied about everything, she’s a total stranger to john, he doesn’t even know her name, how can you be in love with someone you don’t know at all (& tried to kill your best friend)

anyway congrats on joining the tjlc side 👌🏻

This is Episode 66 of The Ringo Zone! We talk about Mr. Greg, with guest host Cyril the Wolf! Check out his music at cyrilthewolf.com, yo. We’ve had some weird recording wackiness, but we’ll try our best to get releases out consistently and on time, every three days. We’ll be here for you deep into the inevitable hiatus the show is gonna have after this month long nonsense ends.

Also, hey! Joe Johnston. Way to storyboard the hell out of this show. Yeah, I know, it feels weird that I wrote his full name… But if I became one of the people who refer to crew members by their first names, that’d definitely be weirder. Anyways, good luck directing and stuff, brodudemancoolguy.

The Ringo Zone can be found on our official website, here on tumblr, or on our SoundCloud page! You can subscribe to us on iTunes, and we’re also on Stitcher. We’re @TheRingoZone on Twitter, technically, and have a Facebook page, which, shockingly, actually some people do ‘like’ and mildly interact with us on. Crazy, huh?

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Do you think that the live action movie will be canon to the series, if so do you think that the fandom will universally accept it as so? Or in English even?

I don’t understand your question too well, what exactly do you mean by ‘canon to the series’? Everything you see onscreen is canon. Like, did you mean if it will take place inside the set linear storyline of the show? 

I mean, it would make the most sense? Unless, the movie talks about either previous miraculous holders or the future of Marinette and Adrien, which don’t necessarily have EXACT spots on the running storyline. If it’s not about the past/future, then it kind of HAS to enter into the shows’ already set storyline, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.

I personally think the events of the movie, if they do follow the storyline, will happen between seasons 3 and 4. We’re only confirmed for 3 seasons so far, and they’re possibly playing it safe and having it for after S3. Plus, Thomas is working on S2 and S3 right now, and he’d have to rewrite a bunch of shit just to fit this movie in, and I seriously doubt he’s wasting his time like that.

Very important, even if the entire fandom hates the movie to death, we have no choice but to accept it as part of the canon, because it is canon. For a random example, let’s say that I don’t like the fact Adrien is blond; Well okay, that’s fine but it IS canon, there’s nothing I can do about that, I have to accept it as fact. Adrien is blond, end of discussion. We can’t be like the SPN fandom with its animated series and pretend it doesn’t exist, we have to accept this movie’s events as canon, especially if it takes place inside the linear storyline.

And dude, If you really hate the english dub, just wait for the French/Korean/Whatever language dub you prefer? The fandom will watch the movie in whatever language comes out first, so don’t worry about that. We are a very international fandom and finding translators shouldn’t be hard. 

I hope I answered what you meant, lol, sorry.

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Hey how are you doing? :) Aside from undertale, do you have other fandoms? as in, do you like anime, some tv show or a movie? Also I've seen your crossover art with Mononoke hime X Undertale, so do you watch a lot of Ghibli movies? Which one is your favorite?

:3 I’m okay, thank you so much for asking! Nobody was interested in me that much before ;-;

Undertale is my biggest obsession rn, and the only fandom i do anything with…

I am in love with animation in general - disney, anime, avangard you name it, i propably know it and love it (also i just rewatched Frozen, is it weird that i want to draw skelebros with ice/fire powers, I’m so weird, jfc)

I love horror movies, especially monster/creature ones (Alien franchise forever), I watch many of them, even if they’re considered bad XD I admire practical effects, like John Carpenter’s The Thing is amazing, or Hellraiser (like omg this movie)

In terms of anime I have a giant sentiment for old ones, where eyes were big and animation done completely by hand (today’s anime looks a bit generic to me, i’m sorry), like I adore Slayers <on many personal levels, not only because i found Zelgadis hot af>

I watched many Ghibli movies, not all of them <yet> but my absolute number one is Mononoke Hime exactly. I was like, 11 y.o when i bought VHS of it and watched it with my family and no one was as disturbed by the violence in this as me <i have a weird family> I was enchanted with the story and creatures and demons and gods and oh man this movie - so freaking good, my god. I know many consider Spirited Away their fav and best Ghibli movie, but i saw it when i was older, and despite loving it, I assumed it’s more for kids. Still creative as hell and beautiful, but….dunno, maybe nostalgia won in this one?

None of this is a fandom matter in my case, unfortunately XD I was always too caught up in my own ocs XD

Also omg don’t ever ask me stuff like this again, i can write about myself for hours, you do not want that, let me tell you

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What was the clexa fic you read where they drew on their hands and it shows up on the others skin?

I just answered this lol.  Talk about timing haha.  It’s called Unspoken Words by C_AND_B. :D

If I ever answer a compliment or something nice with ‘lmao thanks’ it usually means thank you but i can’t show this well enough bc i probably don’t agree but i appreciate the very nice sentiment bc you’re a lovely person and i am trash please don’t hate me i just can’t cope with you being nice when i am such trash

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Hii *waves hand* you doing a "follow for follow" or how do I get you to follow me? Also, are we going to send random asks here instead of the other blog or what's happening?


Well, I’m following blogs with nice tagging systems (in most of the posts at least) and a constant content Marvel (MCU, comics, Netflix shows, actors), DC (cinematic universe, comics, actors). (I might even throw some Voltron around here).

And it’s ok, love. All asks related to that blog go to that blog. Any other randomness you’d like, you can send it to any of them. There’s no problem at all. 

 This blog was mostly created so I can share stuff without spamming the other one. And for you to know who is following and liking your stuff. 😊 

To the ones following me here, thanks a lot and…

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I made this into an animation because from what I’ve seen Tumblr often eats my asks to Deo and the only way I can show stuff to them is to try to tag them and hope it works. I would’ve said more but the app I use often glitches out and destroys my frames. Even for stuff like this.

Anyway. I hope this helps you bones. I know I can be annoying so this is a sorry for all those times too. I’ll probably be animating this song for you if I can. I just feel bad for not finishing up the other one I was doing and messing up on the newer one I did a few days ago.

But kikis pizza delivery service did a great job of talking about self care tho- that conversation between Kiki and steven shows exactly the right way to discuss if what you’re doing for someone or something else is overwhelming. And the right way to respond when someone you’re depending on needs self care. I love my pizza daughters and this was just a quality episode.


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