if you don't like mako chances are i don't like you

what overwatch mains are like (at least in my experience)
  • Genji: They never stop moving and jumping around and using their voice lines?? YOSHI!
  • McCree: there's a 99.8% chance they have depression. Not very good aim until they use their ult or stun you.
  • Pharah: The strong silent type. 60% chance of being gay.
  • Reaper: Probably 12 and/or a youtuber/streamer
  • Soldier 76: I refuse to acknowledge his assistance (except for the fact that he's handy if you don't have a healer.)
  • Sombra: Sombra mains are a myth. If there are any, they're almost certainly gay.
  • Tracer: Probably gay. Very friendly but ruthless in combat.
  • Bastion: Never trust a bastion main
  • Hanzo: Not very friendly, but has soothing calming tippy tappy footsteps
  • Junkrat: 80% chance of being gay. 100% chance if they have the junkenstein skin.
  • Mei: Interrupts your ult with her fucking ice wall. Ally meis do this too.
  • Torbjörn: POTG *Torbjorn takes a little nap in the corner while his turret gets a teamkill*
  • Widowmaker: Not very helpful, but will spout attractive french at you while sitting on the highest tower taking wildly inaccurate shots.
  • D.Va: D.va mains are indestructible and will use their ult like 3 times before you have a chance to blink.
  • Orisa: Another rarity. Probably cinnamon rolls though
  • Reinhardt: Reinhardt mains are very friendly and likely to be the backbone of your team. I love them all.
  • Roadhog: If you're wearing his Mako skin i won't even care that you hooked me from halfway across the map since I got to see your beautiful sharky face up close. Mei + Roadhog is a terrifying combo.
  • Winston: Winston mains are practically nonexistent. They're probably very shy, possibly dads.
  • Zarya: 97% chance of being a lesbian. Have better ain than you might expect.
  • Ana: Slightly scary. Will keep you healed always.
  • Lúcio: Too fast too furious. Lucio mains are beautiful people.
  • Mercy: Your new best friend, if you play your cards right. Will probably carry you through the entire match.
  • Symmetra: Symmetra mains are terrifying.
  • Zenyatta: A rare but valuable breed. If you meet a Zenyatta main, hold them close and don't let them go. They are important.

radioactivejad  asked:

Thanks again for the rules link! I tend to do ask as anon, but I love your writing so much! That's all I really wanted to tell you. The request I have is a thick/chubby s/o who is super sweet and gets shy anytime people pay her too much attention for junkrat(and roadhog if you're up to it). If you don't want to do the request, please don't strain yourself. Thank you for reading! ^-^

[Ah I am flattered babe <3 and hope ya like this]



- Junkrat loved that you were chubby, where he was so skinny he wasn’t used to getting to feel how soft, squishy and just how pleasant having abit of meat on your bones felt. 

- At first you felt so nervous about it, the way he would nuzzle your stomach, or your chest, he would always want you to cuddle him in bed, just wanting to feel you around him, soft and warm.

- Sometimes he would word things badly even if he meant them with all the love in the world, he wasn’t good with making his words work for him when it came to conversation with others. Roadhog was used to it but you weren’t as used to Junkrat’s lack of tact, he was not elegant with words.

- “I really like ya ass, it’s so big” he would coo and grab it with both hands, grinning down at you showing off his wonky smile, letting out a little cackle when you blushed and would just squeeze more.

- His partner in crime would explain the correct way to compliment you instead of his back handed ones, though you both knew he meant well. But when he did learn to handle his words around you, you were always turning bright red and trying to hide your face against his chest, arms, anything.

- He curled right up to you in bed, arms around your waist and face resting against your breasts, he would nuzzle them and make a happy noise, a soft little cackle as he glanced up at you, a sly smirk on his face as he bundled himself into your cleavage even more.

- You would have black smear marks all over them, all over your clothes, sooty hand prints on your ass all the time, he was a nightmare when it came to washing your things but the biggest compliment was how he couldn’t keep his hands off of you for very long.

- Junkrat was a bad liar, no matter how charismatic and skilled a gabber he thought he was and you knew when you asked him if he thought you was pretty, everything out his mouth was real, true, and you loved him for it.


- He loved your tummy and thighs, he was always kissing them every chance he got behind closed doors, peppering smooches all over your tummy and making you giggle which was music to his ears, the soft little chuckles and shy flinches.

- If he saw you looking down or checking your reflection he wanted to dispel any negative thoughts that might had been creeping into your mind by pulling you away, arm around you and giving your sides a quick tickle, distracting you.

- He would come up with cute nicknames like ‘my little piglet’ and would happily run his hands over all your lumps and bumps knowing he couldn’t get enough of you made you blush more then anything he could ever say.

- Being such a quite man the way he would put his hand on your leg or shoulder was comforting, showed he was there with you. He would sometimes give you a pat on the ass in passing regardless if people were watching.

- He liked how you didn’t feel too delicate, he felt he could handle you and you’d not break. He would always give you a thumbs up when you tried something on for him, be it something as simple as a new top or something more adult.

- Whenever the two of you would eat a big meal he’d rub his stomach in a pleased way and give yours a gentle poke, was a sweet and playful gesture, he never wanted you to feel bad, you were perfect to him.

- Many nights he would fall asleep just stroking a large hand down your side, If he was in one of his rare but silly moods he would pull his mask up just enough so he could blow a raspberry on your tummy.

- The thing about Mako that made you blush more then anything and turn you into a gurgling flustered mess was how he would lean down and in that deep voice just whisper ‘Your a prize, your perfect, every inch of you’

silver-spitfire-deactivated2016  asked:

Please tell me you're not going to make Mako gay. I'll cry if you make Mako gay. Not because I hate gays (I don't) but because you HAVE to leave us Makorra shippers a little bit of hope. Making characters bisexual or gay in the Avatar world is great and all but leave us some hope. Don't crush our spirits, at least let us dream. It's all we have now.

Oh no, making a character bisexual completely destroys the chance of them ever being with a girl! It’s not like bisexual mean 2 or anything! People like to view their favourite characters with a certain sexuality because they like to see themselves in the characters they love, how awful!