if you don't like jay you don't like me


So I played the demo of UnderTale and it’s such a cute game :o 

I haven’t been in the best mood so I made this to remind all of you (and myself) that you are filled with determination

Stay Determined~

All Jaywalkers when they hear..


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Aww how sweet he is! Immediately including Chase in the chaining ceremony. He is truly a nice guy like you can tell he’s super conscious about not leaving ppl out & appreciating them.

Spoiler Alert?
  • Damian, is forced to watch " The Legend of Tarzan" at a family night: So where are those buffaloes and Lions? Are they alright? Did the crocodiles get hurt?
  • Damian: I know that's just a movie, but still.

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Date a demisexual who has fallen head over heels for you but is too anxious to tell you


sometimes i think that bruce is always slightly bewildered and confused at his kids like he’ll see dick hanging from the chandelier but talking on the phone to somebody like nobody’s business and jason is chucking pieces of coco puffs at tim who doesn’t even acknowledge it but if the coco puff lands close to him he will eat it or plop it in his coffee because ooh coco puffs and cass is watching makeup tutorials on youtube while working out like a boss and damian is screaming that HE DOESN’T WATCH ANIME but nobody even asked him if he does???

and bruce continues on, whispering to himself

my life is normal everything is normal i’m not crazy and i’m not hallucinating and everything’s okay

and they’re all mine mine MINE MINE MINE


I remember the day you told us you were leaving 
I remember the makeup running down my face 

The fans you left behind, they really need you 
You’re the reason why a lot of them still breathe 

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia 
and forget about the stupid little things 
like the way your smiles can brighten the darkest days
and the memories I never can escape 

‘Cause I’m not fine at all… 

BTS quotes for the zodiac (funny)
  • Aries: It's because hyung wanted to dominate you
  • -Suga
  • Taurus: English is not a barrier when you are as cute as me
  • -Jimin
  • Gemini: I rap like Jay-Z
  • -Jin
  • Cancer: You very dirty water is my face don't touch
  • -J-hope
  • Leo: Infires. Infires man yeah
  • -Suga
  • Virgo: Pardon?
  • -Jungkook
  • Libra: I'm rich. So expensive glasses. I have chains. You like this chains? 3 dollars
  • -Suga
  • Scorpio: Yo Jay-Z. Yo Kanye West. Yo Jimin. So much height difference
  • -V
  • Sagittarius: You know that truly, you are a worse dancer than rap monster right
  • -Jungkook
  • Capricorn: I wish that I could come here with my girlfriend but I don't have one
  • -Jin
  • Aquarius: Jimin you got no jams
  • -Rap monster
  • Pisces: Jimin I love you. Oopa I can't. Jimin I love you
  • -V reenacted by Jin
  • chad: being a weebrony is the worst man
  • tony: ikr. noone really appreciates meninists or nice guys now... :/
  • chad: yeah like those femenesineist bitches are so crazy man they already have the right to vote so like ??? what else do they want
  • tony: i know man. theyre always opressing us cishet white males. what have we ever done?? we discovered america, we made the world the perfect utopia it is today (-: what have us whitecishetmales ever done wrong???
  • chad: ik man ik it's so fucking unfair I think we should just shoot girls now as well as black ppl
  • chad: like honestly why limit the deaths to black people lets just kill everyone
  • tony: us intelligent nice guy cishet males can survive on our own. who needs thugs and sluts????? not us
  • chad: totally yeah we can totally just have kids from our huge muscles and they'll all be white dudes like us bc we only want respectable people on our utopian planet
  • todd: We came from a female? Ha, a slut has never had me in them. Those girls always try to date me though. Playing games like when they say "hello" and don't want sex? Those sluts all mess with us bros before hoes
  • tony: does anyone know how to get Mountain Dew stains out of my original Hatsune Miku silk body pillow??
  • chad: yeah man just cum on it it'll come right off lemme link u to some hentai
  • tony: I politely asked a girl for nudes?? and she didn't send them to me?? so I told her that she was a slut and she deserved it tbh - I was nice to her. I gave her the right to vote?? and she doesn't send me nudes??
  • todd: Man have you seen the lesbian porn? I love lesbian porn. But I would never be friends with a gay guy. Gotta love that lesbian porn guys.
  • chad: omg gay dudes are so gay it's disgusting get them out of my country
  • chad: and lesbian porn is the best lmao
  • tony: I can't believe that gays have the right to marry?? Like I love lesbian porn, don't even get me started, but them marrying??? disgusting
  • todd: Man let me tell you I just called Nicki a fake skank and this ugly SWJ said that she has a right to dress and act how she wants?? Please, you will not be respected if you act how you wish to. Fucking ugly SWJ and feminazis get out.
  • chad: oh and tony yeah well bitches who don't give u nudes when you ask nicely are total whores man just stab em all
  • tony: This is why we need meninism tbh
  • todd: Don't even get me started on those girls who claim to be lesbians, but won't make out with their friend for me? Like, uh, I'm sorry, you owe me this since I hit on you but you aren't into guys.
  • tony: Like I'm respectful to a girl and I don't stab her, so I kindly ask her for nudes or to make out with her friend?? And she fucking says no? Like without a white cishet male like me, she could probably be dead right now.
  • chad: yeah we are so much more important than girls and so much more entitled and no feminism doesn't exist
  • todd: And like those guys who hit on me?? Like, can't they tell I'm not a fag like them??? I mean I don't swing that way!!!
  • todd: What do you mean that describes what I do to lesbian women
  • tony: We need meninism because when we ask a girl for nudes she says no and we gave her basic human rights, like we deserve nudes.
  • chad: what no way lesbians are different bc they don't exist and they're all doing this for us it's all to entertain us cis straight white males
  • todd: And like, have you seen how women react to me just feeling their boobs? I mean, if you don't want them squeezed, than cover them!
My Friend Watching the Shadowhunters Series
  • Me: Hey Jay, lets watch the Shadowhunter series together
  • Jay: Ugh no. Doesn't that like have gay ships and stuff. It sounds boring to be honest.
  • Me: Please!
  • Jay: Fine, just don't expect me to like it.
  • Sometime later~
  • Jay: OMFG Alec is so adorable!
  • Jay: Hmm I don't like this Jace dude
  • Jay: Clary, no. Just no.
  • Jay: Izzy needs some more clothes
  • Jay: aww, poor Simon.
  • Jay: Raphael is awesome!
  • Jay: Aww! Malec, Malec!
  • Jay: Clary! Why you be mean to Simon.
  • Jay: I really hate Jace
  • Jay: No, you know what? That is too much clothes Izzy! Off with it.
  • Jay: Why is Magnus and Alec so good!
  • Jay: C'mon Clary, you have a stake in your hand, use it to kill Jace!
  • Jay: C'mom Simon you're a vampire now, kill Jace!
  • Jay: God dammit somebody kill Jace!
  • Jay: ALEC LIGHTWOOD DON'T you dare propose to Lydia!
  • Some more time later.
  • Jay: I need the books.
  • Me: So you liked it
  • Jay: Fuck no. I'm only reading it for the Malec.
  • [these are all direct quotes too]
the signs as orange is the new black quotes
  • Aries: "Do not defend your boner to me right now."
  • Taurus: "Hey, you ever think about Jay-Z and Beyonce fucking? 'Cause I do. Like, even more than I do myself, even."
  • Gemini: "You don't go Jessica Simpson when you got Rihanna."
  • Cancer: "You smell like a fucking turtle tank. Go take a fucking shower."
  • Leo: "She a lesbian. They lesbianing together."
  • Virgo: "I can't do shit with 'I'm sorry.'"
  • Libra: "Are you jealous that I'm kind of pretty now and you're not?"
  • Scorpio: "I want to fuck Jesus in his hand-hole."
  • Sagittarius: "O'Neill, scatter the nuns! Run nuns, run!"
  • Capricorn: "Don't leave me like this! Don't leave me straight!"
  • Aquarius: "Why did you bring us to a gay bathhouse?"
  • Pisces: "All I wanted to do is eat the chicken that is smarter than other chickens and to absorb its power."
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faggot should never /ever/ be used. Its incredibly triggering to some people, and if you use it unknowingly, you're likely to offend someone. I don't care if you're gay - don't use the term faggot. Ever.

Jay says:

yeah no

of course yes it is triggering, if someone specifically says “please dont say that around me” you should 100% respect that

but like?? some people use words like the f slur for self identification and as a label and it makes them feel very good abt themselves? it’s not your place to say “no you cant use it at all ever”

in the same as I dont have a right to say “dont ever use the t slur, ever, it’s not okay to ever say that” just beacuse I’M not okay with it, in the same way that i cant say “anyone can say the t-slur, it’s not offensive” just because i am okay with it, you dont get to police EVERYONE’S use of the word that is theirs to use