if you don't like jack i probably dont like you

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Hello this is not related to anything but would you like to talk about jack/shitty relationship.. doesn't matter what I love them and your fic of them is so great it's my cannon now I had never thought of it but I now I believe. You don't have to but i would love. Thanks :D


im a capital s Sucker for best friend ships & jackshitty is like the best best friend ship in the hockey comic besides jp which i also love but is decidedly tragic. theyre best friends that toe that line between friendship & romance which i also love, & i also ALSO love that they probably have this like physical & emotional closeness for the rest of their lives even after they arent sleeping together

because man jack??? his freshman year??? is not in a good place & is probably not acting like a great person, he absolutely has his reasons & im not blaming him but his freshman year is ROUGH he doesn’t really want to be there he’s probably pretty mean, pretty standoffish, cold & frustrating to be around, completely not living up to anyone’s guess about what canada’s ex-prodigal son would be like. tbh if i were to go back & edit ‘no distance’ i’d make jack MEANER. he’s got the capability to be nasty & he hasn’t had anyone warm him up yet right he’s so nasty to bits his junior year & thats after three years of having shitty hanging all over him 

anyway, then there’s shitty who is kind of a mess like on the other end of the spectrum, tbh he’s also a character people tend to make pretty one-dimensional in a lot of ways that kind of bums me out. freshman year shitty is probably pretty wild, all over the place, getting into trouble & being a little disrespectful of people’s boundaries & acting kind of sanctimonious. he’s also a mess, right? he’s just had this huge fallout with his dad, he’s probably on this mission to show his family what-for and if that means dropping acid and getting stuck up a tree at 3 am in the snow then so be it. he’s probably obnoxious. if jack is meaner his freshman year shitty’s 300% more annoying. also sidenote but shitty’s bipolar i kinda hit on that in the fic but i’ll die by it. 

& i think they’re good for each other respectively, you know? like shitty is all outward in a way that’s excessive, he’s constantly shouting about his opinions bemoaning his problems, he’s up in other people’s space, he’s flinging his own shit around & doing his best to smoke it out, versus jack who internalizes everything, keeps a tight tight lid on his feelings unless he’s really angry, doesn’t discuss things, doesn’t want to connect with people. they teach each other a lot i think, shitty learns how to listen, to respect space, to have some self control, & jack finds someone that he can connect to right, someone who shows him first-hand that throwing it all out there isn’t going to be the end of the world & that letting people in can be good.

(i like. honestly believe that jack wouldnt be in any kind of position to want to be with bitty or be friends w the team the way he is if he hadnt been befriended by shitty, like it has a huge impact on how his years at samwell go)

anyway this stuff isnt even necessarily romantic like its fact even if you dont think they hooked up but they definitely DID hook up & let me tell u the little jackshitty blurb in huddle 1 was literally the best day of my life i wept real tears & screamed ‘HE’S BI’ to cait over gchat for like 2 hours (business as usual i guess but). 

also the fact that shitty starts leaping to jack’s defense his freshman/sophomore year like it’s his job also gets me right where it hurts, like people are probably pretty awful to jack & he definitely doesn’t go out of his way to make it any better or to make himself liked in any way, & he probably resigns himself to the idea that ‘well they dont have to like me they just need to play hockey with me’ but. then here’s shitty probably getting himself socked in the eye for saying something scathing to someone at a party for ragging on jack & maybe it’s because (as shitty cheerfully tells him later as he’s grinning at jack and using his own t-shirt to stop his bloody nose) that shitty’s got danger-seeking tendencies or some shit. but he’s also someone who’s jumping to jack’s defense in spite of everything, and that hasn’t really happened to him since the draft (he doesn’t feel like he deserves it but shitty does it anyway).

idk man this got really long i can keep ranting abt jack & shitty & mental health, or doing the do, or WHATEVER but the point is that i love their weird bizarre unlikely friendship s much that i want to eat it. thanks for giving me the opportunity to rant anon