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15//9 heard that i’m too pretentious on here. gonna try to keep it real, but not too negative! like….i took 2.5 hours to do my art homework, so that’s 2.5 hours wasted(hahahha no, i’m just keeping it real), but like honestly, the real me is positive and optimistic! so i am keeping it real! I am not pretentious i just like to make my audience feel happy and make them think positively! So yeah. Have a great day :)

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Person:</b> You're otp is offensive, please don't make fan content please, I don't appreciate it<p/><b>Me:</b> well excuse you let me tell you a thing or two.<p/><b>Me:</b> *clears throat* if you don't ship my ships, if you don't Like my content, then you know what you can do to stop seeing it?<p/><b>Person:</b> what?<p/><b>Me:</b> you can stay the h*ll away from my blog you intrusive little sh*t<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>
When people judge me for liking K/S, and that my fave is OMS:

Them: “But they’re OLD. They’re not even HOT. Why do you want to ship OLD people??? Shatner got really fat! That’s not HOT! WHY WOULD YOU FIND THAT HOT????

Me: “Listen… what if I told you… it’s about loving the characters… and not about them being… hot?”

also fuck you william shatner is a precious beautiful snowflake at any size or age i will FIGHT YOU

I’m sorry but can you imagine:



Roy and Kori eavesdropping not-so-subtly on all of Jason’s conversations with Batman and the rest of the Batfam and swooping in whenever things get a little heated. Like Roy’s just ‘lol sorry we gotta go do mission stuff’ and Kori just sorta hovers threateningly with a sweet smile until they gtfo of there. Jason acts all annoyed but doesn’t do anything to stop it.

Kori sticking to Roy’s side whenever Green Arrow is even within the vicinity, and Jason just slowly and methodically sharpens all his knives and cleans his guns without taking his eyes off of Ollie for a second which makes him super uncomfortable.

Roy and Jason torn between sticking up for Kori when some drama from Tamaran comes calling and letting it go because she doesn’t need their help she’s got this shit handled.

They all watch a movie but as soon as a scene involving beatings, clowns and or death-by-explosions comes up Roy turns it off right away and asks Jason if he’s okay with them watching this or finding something else.

Kori keeping eyes on her boys in the field whenever they go out but becoming super-hawk around Jason/Roy whenever they’re around Gotham/Star City.

Jason coming in late from a job finding the redheads passed out on the couch and sighing and rolling his eyes and grumbling a lot but covering them in a blanket even though Kori’s a walking furnace.

Jason being literally the greatest godfather to Lian and Mar’i. Batman is constantly worried about those children being around the Red Hood but he is just the best he paints their nails and does their hair and talks about boys (or girls) with them and doesn’t tell them squat about what he and their parents actually get up to.

Roy and Kori going out of their way to find the Joker after his umpteenth escape from Arkham and just beating the ever-living shit out of him before handing him over to the Batfam like ‘it’s not us that’s going to kill him’.

Kori the saint of all saints doesn’t bother Jason when he’s in angst-mode just sorta sits with him makes him hot chocolate sings to him etc. Roy does everything within his power to find what upset his friend and get rid of that shit right away because his friend is sad, dammit, and that is not okay.

Jason being all ‘grr I’m a loner’ but as soon as Roy calls him he is there in a heartbeat.

Roy and Kori being the family Jason never really had and Jason and Kori being the friends Roy never had and Jason and Roy being the happiness Kori never knew she wanted.


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Roses are red

Violets are blue

Mark Jefferson killed my fucking gay punk like what the fuck man I didn’t do shit to you I never trusted you from the beginning with your fucking hipster glasses and even David knew not to trust that fucking goatee of yours like what the fuck man just because I didn’t enter that photo for the everyday heroes contest like I know that you wanted alone time with Max (who doesn’t?) but seriously you freaking murderer gtfo I’ll use my gay time traveling powers so I can kill you over and fucking over again you piece of shit me and Chloe will stomp your fucking face out till you die then I’ll rewind and do it again and I will throw you into that fucking tornado you hipster asshole

I worked 40+ hours of ovrrtime, dealt with stupid high school drama that I’m way too fucking old for, I have major PMS right now, and today is the day you chose to fuck with me over some bullshit? I don’t have the time or the patience. I’m an adult and so are you so please act like it or gtfo my page hunty.

group work in college is meant to teach you to be collaborative and stuff, but it just ends up being super annoying because everyone is also taking 4-5 classes just like you with pounds and pounds of work and not everyone is going to be like “okay at 4pm we meet and work” because everyone is busy like gtfo of here with that noise. if i want to submit my assignment at 11:58pm because that’s the only chance i had to do it when the due time is 11:59pm then i should be able to without having to consult with a group

So, I’m seeing things about TD sending anon hate? Now I know the people I’m following aren’t doing this cus ya’ll are not 13. However if you’re the one acting like a child, knock it the fuck off and get off the internet. No one needs ya’ll giving us a bad name and it’s disgusting and that’as the last of it that i’m going to say. Anon hate is disgusting. 

If it wasn’t you this message doesn’t apply to you–but if it does. Get off your damn high horse and go apologize to whomever it was too. 

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the sevens favorite Netflix binge watches?