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If Les Mis was a K-Drama (for @todaysgonebi)

….wait, hold up…. *checks script*

  • Rags-to-riches heroine
  • who has a dead mother and a tragic backstory
  • Rich male lead
  • who is an orphan
  • with a disapproving grandfather who cuts him off
  • A love triangle
  • with a bitter, manipulative second female lead
  • who’s past is intertwined with the female lead
  • In fact a whole cast of ridiculously complex intertwining sub-plots
  • that rely on impossible coincidence to advance the plot
  • A second male lead with an interest in the female lead (Theodule)
  • who is related to the male lead
  • …..so a love QUARTET
  • They meet and then male lead loses female lead DRAMA
  • They find each other and then the female lead has to move DRAMA
  • The male lead runs off on a suicide mission DRAMA
  • A forced living situation
  • A dark family secret
  • A game of cat and mouse
  • A mysterious, unexplained illnesses
  • An over-the-top plot
  • Historical
  • (So basically a romance, action and sageuk all rolled into one)
  • One heck of an OST

If Les Mis was a Kdrama .

Les Mis is a K-drama.

오 마 미제라블! (Oh My Miserable!)

okay but trans girl cosette 

  •  cosette knowing that she’s trans since she was a tiny child and fantine being a cool mum and getting her dresses and stuff with the little money that she has
  • one of the reasons that fantine left cosette with the thenardiers is that when fantine was talking to Mrs thenardier she was showing eponine off like, ‘look at my super pretty daughter, you would never guess she was born a boy' 
  • fantine feeling confident that the thenardiers would look after cosette and didn’t mind paying the money that they asked because she thought that he little daughter was in safe hands 
  • the thenardiers being horrible people and upholding eponine of everything good and feminine whilst being transphobic to cosette, like I just imagine then being oh look at the little //madam// but still using the correct pronouns and name because then they can bring up some of cosette’s hope whilst crushing the others 
  • valjean being told that cosette is trans during the waltz of treachery the scene as one of the reasons he shouldn’t take cosette but being completely unfazed and still takes on cosette 
  • valjean being a great father and helping her pick out clothes, braid her hair and everything else that a little girl wants to know how to do
  • cosette being brought up in a convent/school run by nuns with terrible sex education, like actually terrible and for the longest time not actually realising that she’s trans because no one told her what genitals girls should have and it wouldn’t happen in a convent 
  • cosette going through puberty and not knowing why she isn’t developing like the other girls in the convent until she starts explaining it all to valjean completely distraught and valjean carefully explaining that she’s trans and what that means and just generally being a great dad 
  • cosette needing time to take this in and valjean being super careful around her and helping her do research into transitioning and tucking etc. until it gets to the point that she’s comfortable and even proud of the fact that she’s trans 
  • cosette sort of coming out to people in the convent because she feels like it’s important information and she so happy that she’s worked out what’s going on and just generally being proud that she’s trans and the nun’s reacting really badly so they leave 
  • cosette starting to go out and meet people and learning to live with the stares that she gets 
  • cosette getting hrt and that helps her bloom into the lovely young woman which she’s described as in the brick
  • marius being completely blown away by this transformation because he didn’t see cosette for like 6 months 
  • cosette meeting eponine afterwards and eponine being jealous of that fact that cosette now has a loving and open father and has been able to transition whilst she can’t (idk how the French medical system works but I’m imagining it like the British one where you have the free NHS and private sector as well, so cosette has gone via the private sector for her transition whilst eponine is stuck in the public health service) 
  • cosette being lovely and making friends with eponine and convincing valjean to fund eponine’s transition as well as hers
  • I just like the idea of cosette being a trans girl okay?

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Hey uh... I have an incredible crush on my best friend, so do you have any headcanon for friends-to-lovers Eposette?


Eponine had made a mistake of epic proportions when she had accepted this job. It had been stupid and rash, but Cosette had smiled at her and Eponine’s chest had started to feel all weird and warm. It was a literally brain freeze. She couldn’t think whenever Cosette was around.

Which was terribly inconvenient, now that they worked together. At her father’s bakery no less. Eponine had never worked in a family-friendly place before. It was strange to watch her language around kids and having to smile to people. She wasn’t good at it, so bad, actually, that she got promoted to cake decoration, while Cosette had taken her place behind the counter. It was for the best, really. Having Cosette in the same room seriously reduced Eponine’s efficiency.

Grantaire, of course, often found joy in her misery:

“Why don’t you talk to her? She’s sweet!”

“Hey, I have an idea: why don’t you talk to Enjolras first?”

“It’s completely different!”

“It’s not what the pine cone growing out of your ass tells me.”

Yes, Cosette was sweet. She was impossibly sweet. Eponine would get cavities by merely kissing her skin. Cosette was a sugar rush that made her heart melt and race at the same time. Eponine understood the kids that pressed their noses against the shop window to admire the pretty things hidden beyond, just out of each. That how she felt about Cosette.

“You have flour on your cheek,” Cosette said one night, just after closing.

It had been a long day. Summer was a busy period, full of obnoxious wedding cakes do make. Eponine rubbed her cheek vehemently.

“It’s powdered sugar. It goes everywhere,” she grumbled.

Cosette smiled and walked to her, raising her hand gently. Eponine forgot how to breathe for what seemed like a good minute.

“You’ve got some on your temple too, wait.”

She brushed Eponine’s forehead.

“You’ve got something on your nose too.”

“Butter cream. It’s sticky as fuck I just can’t take it all off with all the sugar and-”

“You’ve got something on your lips, too.”

Eponine frowned. What now? Come on, she would feel it if-

She did have something on her lips. Cosette’s. She tastes as sweet as she looked. Eponine indulged in the treat, her heart hammering in her chest. Damn sugar rush.

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Any les amis tattoo headcanons?

  • Bahorel and Combeferre both have tattoo sleeves.
  • Combeferre’s are geometrical, clean lines and angles.
  • Except for a small tattoo of a moth on the small of his back.
  • Pretty much all of Grantaire’s torso is covered in tattoos. Random doodles, most of it his own art.
  • Grantaire is, in fact, a licensed tattoo artist, and so is Éponine.
  • So of course, they’re each other’s Guinea pigs.
  • Prouvaire has lines of poetry on his to cage and on his wrist in the original spidery handwriting.
  • Montparnasse has a tendency to trace the writing on Prouvaire’s skin through the fabric of his shirt.
  • ‘Parnasse himself has roses tattooed on his shoulders and down his back.
  • There’s one that curls up the back of his neck, and Prouvaire has a habit of brushing his hair aside and kissing the rose tattoo.
  • Cosette has a tattoo of a daisy on her wrist.
  • Éponine is the one who tattooed her.
  • And finally, Marius has a German grammar rule tattooed on his wrist, because he couldn’t remember it, and got it tattooed when he was sleep deprived and slightly drunk. (And it seemed like a brilliant idea.)
  • He actually loves it though, and won’t admit to referencing it occasionally.

I… Didn’t know this existed? I feel like people /should/ know??

I mean it gets weird towards the end but:

Cosette: “you’re so hot!”
Enjolras: “thank you!”
Marius: “thank you so much”
Cosette: “i mean, you both are but i’m gonna go with this one he looks less likely to die”
(*enjolras throws his arm up and leave* *so does everybody else*)


Javert: “go on. Kill me like the convict you are.”
Jean valjean: “no. You’re free to go. Have a nice… Life.”


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