if you don't know what cookie balls are

Seventeen as Things I've Said to my Friends
  • scoups: how much rice do I put in the rice cooker for nine kids?
  • jeonghan: no sorry, i don't run.
  • joshua: anime sub and dub are so different how does "he can see things i can't see" be dubbed to "i wish i had a grilled cheese sandwich right now."
  • jun: walk walk strut strut stop turn pose model status
  • hoshi: dont trust ANy1 who drinks cereal like milk
  • wonwoo: cant wait to read this book so i can finally use my cute bookmark that cost me 8 bucks
  • woozi: don't call me cute if we're not dating
  • dk: do you think pigeons have feelings
  • the8: i tried bboying once. i kicked my friend in the balls.
  • seungkwan: not to be dramatic, but i do mean to be dramatic, i don't like the way you chew gum.
  • vernon: i bought oatmeal raisin cookies by accident because i thought O.R meant oreo and now i'm upset
  • dino: does the right side of my face make me look tougher or does my left side look tougher?

“But what if they teach something important during this lecture?”  Ransom whines drunkenly, trying to climb out of his shorts without falling. It’s four am. Too many jägerbombs shot his balance to hell. He almost face-plants on the floor after tripping on an abandoned shoe, and drags himself in bed with great difficulty. 

Holster sighs.

“Borrow someone’s notes. Just flash ’em your winning smile,” he says.

“Not the same,” Ransom mumbles, looking already half-asleep. He unlocks his phone and fiddles with it for a while, presumably turning on the alarm for his eight am class.

“Dude. You’re gonna be hella hungover.”

Ransom turns over in his bed, facing the wall. Holster groans loudly.

“Fine, I give up. But don’t you dare wake me up tomorrow,” he threatens. Ransom doesn’t answer. Holster sighs again, just to be sure Ransom is aware of how much he disapproves, before shutting off the lights and sliding in bed. 

“G’night, Holtzy.”


Ransom, bleary-eyed, wakes up to the sound of Holster’s voice.

“Bro. Bro wake up. Your lecture starts in twenty minutes.”

“Alarm?” he asks, sitting up in his bed, holding his throbbing head carefully. He looks down to Holster, who’s standing next to the bed, sleep-mussed and hungover.

“Slept right through it,” Holster says. “Here.” he holds up to him some pills and a water bottle. 

“Thanks, bro.” Ransom says. He swallows down the pills, wincing at the bitter taste. When he puts the bottle back down, Holster is already sliding back under the covers in the bottom bunkbed. He doesn’t have class until three today, Ransom remembers. 

He climbs down the bunkbed and gets ready as silently as possible, bumping once or twice against furniture in the dark. He grabs the bottle of water and the pills Holster handed him earlier, and leaves them on Holster’s nightstand. By the time he makes his way out of the door, his headache mostly settled, thanks to the aspirin, and he only slightly feels like throwing up. He looks back to the familiar sight of Holster, awkwardly curled up in a ball on his bed, and his whole chest warms up with affection. As he closes the door quietly, he makes a mental note to stop at Annie’s after his class to get Holster’s favorite peanut butter cookies.

Team Sirgic || September ‘79

[Miriam had been debating this visit for the last couple days, but in the end two tins of cookies and two t-shirts later here she was. She realized she might have over done her not showing up empty handed rule. However, it was Sirius so she wasn’t the last bit worried about too much silliness. Shaking her shoulders, she tried to shake off the last of her anxiousness. She took a deep breath and finally raised her hand knocking, rocking back and forth unable to stand still as she waited. Grinning brightly when the door finally opened.] Guess you brought you presents!