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My ex told me he found out on twitter that Big Brother players make $8,000 just for making jury and now he wants to audition for next summer and since he knows nothing else about the show other than that, he will get casted.

My current partner is a superfan who is also auditioning for next summer and since he is an eye doctor and CBS STAYS ON THESE CHEESY liners like “~The eye doctor got hit with a blindside he didn’t see coming~” and thrives off casting doctors for some weird reason he will also get casted.

And I’m going to be here, watching these two living in a house together. 


The most angry Akaaaashiii you’ll ever hear (and is not from Bokuto)

Me today afterwork: I’m gonna go home and finish my freelance work, I’m so ready and eager to do so

Someone on twitter: Happy Birthday Bokutooo!

Me: *check date* *toss everything aside* fuck responsibilities. what? priorities? what’s that?

Of course I needed to draw something for one of my faaaveeees!! Happy (belated) Birthday to my owl guuuy! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ so precious and  the perfect excuse to draw them together yaay

What the Battle for Mewni has Done to Our Sweet Children
  • River: Threw a rave every day to cope with the loss of his wife, then was flung into orbit.
  • Moon: Remembered that she had a deal with Grandma Satan after kicking it on the slime bunker for two weeks.
  • Eclipsa: Did you say, "chocolate?" Chocolate? Chocolate! CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE! CH
  • Ludo: Ask him to defeat a kingdom, he'll do it. A Wolverine with scales? No problem. But write in a book? Not in a million years.
  • Toffee: Concocted a twenty-five year plan to get his finger back, but can't figure out that he can just flip the bird with his /other/ hand.
  • Magic High Commission: Came back to life just in time to figure out who's going to be their new boss.
  • Yvgeny "Buff Frog" Bulgoyaboff: Continues to be the best dad in the show; fight me.
  • Glossaryck: Burns alive and then gets offended by the notion that he might be dead. Also, I'm not so sure about the "I don't have feelings" thing.
  • Marco: Joined the people who think @ ing Trump on Twitter counts as activism. BUT DID YOU SEE?? HER??? PUNCH???? THE THING???
  • Star: ["The Bitch is Back" plays on repeat for 10 hours straight]

Flug- “You can’t be ugly if you don’t show your face”
BH is just regular “I H8 U ALL”

It was a pleasure painting them public and share with world.

(Also little Anxiety Person in bottom corner painted also by me lol)

the foxes as things i've tweeted
  • andrew: i like hot chocolate and chain smoking instead of doing things i'm supposed to be doing
  • + bonus andrew: 20 likes and i'll kill my crush
  • aaron: exam self care is eating a pound of chocolate covered coffee beans and astral projecting into a wendy's parking lot to knife fight with god
  • neil: this is just a gentle reminder that i am pretty much permanently Emotionally Unavailable thank u goodbye
  • + bonus neil: kiss me or kill me. or both. lets just get this over with
  • kevin: i'm listening to tchaikovsky and shostakovich and getting drunk. this is the fucking #life don't bother me
  • + bonus kevin: my kink is when my teammates do their fucking jobs
  • allison: do i want to kiss her or steal her look?
  • + bonus allison: i want to look good AND fuck people up
  • seth: i'm a literal wet heap of garbage and i want to die
  • nicky: i'm not here to be reasonable i'm here to be gay and have fun
  • matt: listen to me. every time this girl breathes i want to give her everything i own she deserves the world i love her
  • dan: men are weak and disgusting. except for that one he can stay
  • renee: having good friends is a religious experience and i will protect them with my life
  • additional
  • wymack: [letting my cats outside] you are idiots. i hate you. i know youre going to get hurt. [opening door] i love u go get 'em
  • jean: je don't know, je don't care, je want u to go away

😭😭😭😭…. but I hate how some people aren’t even going with the theme. Like bitch this ain’t Prom it’s the mf Met Gala. It’s disrespectful. Y'all know how many times a celebrity gets to dress up nicely? A lot. Now go wear something bizarre but nice looking cause that’s how it’s supposed to be. If you aren’t gonna follow the theme then don’t go


Part 3 of my TodoDeku Coffee Shop AU
To be continued!
[Part1] [Part2]

Deku is a first-year in university and near his uni there is a coffee shop where he meets Todoroki that works there. Of course poor Deku falls in love with him at first sight!
Midoriya loves to spend his time at the coffee shop with Todoroki during his lunch breaks. He also brings homework from uni but of course he can’t consentrate when Todoroki is around.. he might got his phone number but he has no guts to ask him out yet 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。
More to come!

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170424 Jackson’s Ending Speech in Perth

“We are now in the last stop of our Australian tour, and we’ve been to different cities, we’ve met different cities, we met different people. We also ate different food. But the only thing—Everything was different. But the amount of energy and passion you guys have – that Australian people have – was really a memorable moment for us. And I know sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it’s really tiring while supporting us all the time. Because of all the rumors. Because all the other issues. At the end of the day, I just want you guys to know, we are still us. I’m still Jackson. Still the old Jackson that you guys know. Through the highs and lows, and every day, what kept us going on, and no matter how tiring everything is we all suck it up and shut our mouths and just work our butts off – because of you guys. Because we want to make you guys proud. We will be back soon. I’ll see you guys next time. Until then, be healthy mentally and physically. Thank you very much.”

[© shared with permission from @jiminsofts on Twitter]


I’ve been thinking a lot about how quickly the Louie side of the fandom adopted Steve Aoki and our complete rejection of James Arthur. And it’s actually startlingly simple: Steve Aoki showed, from the word go, that he genuinely loves and respects Louis Tomlinson. He came in to our lives by flying across the world (skipping winning an award) to perform Just Hold On with Louis to honor Jay. Then he started speaking. And we learned that he’s a great guy. But we never would have cared without his apparent love for Louis.

Contrast this with James Arthur who talked shit about Louis and 1D in the past, who’s made all sorts of problematic statements, and now thinks that a Twitter follow is going to garner the same support. You forgot one thing: we’re elephants with receipts. You don’t get to talk shit and expect us to forget. We wont.

BONUS POINTS to Steve for continually talking about how awesome the fandom is and how any artist would kill for this kind of support. 

Shawn's Atlanta Q&A Breakdown
  • "I feel very close to you guys. You guys know maybe too much about me." - Shawn
  • "What's one thing you've always wanted to ask a fan?
  • -Idk you guys pretty much tell me everything on twitter ahaha"
  • "Was it hard for you to stay away from drugs?
  • -*laughs* just stay away"
  • If Shawn wasn't touring right now, he would probably be at university and have no idea what to do with life
  • "Favorite song right now?
  • -"Morning" by Marc E. Bassy"
  • Shawn had to choose between making music or listening to others, and he chose to listen to their music instead
  • "Would you date a fan?
  • -Sure!!"
  • Shawn has played soccer for 5 years, and hockey for 2
  • he funniest thing Shawn saw recently on twitter, was when the fans were growing crazy about his loose curl
  • "What was your first thought in the morning?"
  • -My first thought was that I was in Atlanta!"
  • "Would you rather swim with sharks or go sky diving?
  • -Sky diving" he hates sharks
  • "what's your pet peeve?
  • - I don't know what my pet peeve is until someone does it"
  • in his free time, Shawn plays guitar and walks around the city. "It's lame, but sometimes it's just fun" in his free time, Shawn plays guitar and walks around the city. "It's lame, but sometimes it's just fun"
  • Fan: "Why aren't there any boys like you at my high school?"
  • Shawn: "Maybe you should move to Canada"
  • Shawn got his ears pierced when he was in grade 2! Woah
  • "Favorite book?
  • -Honestly, I think I've only read one book in my entire life"
  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • My mind: whenever I'm alone or if I'm feeling gray, there's one place I can go to brighten up my day it makes me want to sing that's how the show should end but wouldn't it be good if I could sing it with a friend fine whatever I'll join in too I might go outside to feel more alive without twitter where would I be I guess It'd be fit to stop posting sh-RUBBISH but tumblr's a part of me there's so many websites and so little time plus one or two you should avoid just don't stop watching youtube or we'll be unemployed the internet is here the internet is great when you've got lots of followers who need a real mate it might be antisocial but these days that is fine 'cause life is so much better when you spend it all online a place where you can be yourself no matter if you're geeky find friends that share your hobbies even if they're freaky where any question in your head is answered in an instant who care if you procrastinate your one shot at existence the internet is here the internet is great when you've got lots of followers who need a real mate Without the internet we never would have met We wouldn't be here on a stage doing things we might regret dance break who cares if you're a loser and everybody knows it or if you spend your life drawing whiskers on your noses even if your chances of getting tanned are slim or if you like vicariously through the life of a sim sheltay zomo the internet is here the internet is great when you've got lots of followers who need a real mate it might be antisocial but these days that is fine 'cause life is so much better life is so much better life is so much better when you spend it all online
  • Psychic: wow what a bop
[translations] 2017.09.12 NCT Dream We Young fansign at Gangnam

Seating arrangement: Haechan Chenle Jeno Mark Renjun Jisung  [captainofdream]

1. OP told Renjun that he danced Gashina really well during Weibo live yesterday & asked if he practiced to it, Renjun said no it’s due to the same promotional period so he saw it & he drew the point dance of Gashina on the corner of his page too [mark_of_myeye]

2. Chenle’s NCT DREAM visual ranking: 1. Chenle 2. Jeno 3. Renjun 4. Mark 5. Haechan 6……. Jisung ㅎㅎㅎ [990802mklee]

3. Jeno says that the fun part about assembling models, is the sense of satisfaction that comes after finishing the model. Jeno is afraid of the sound of bees. [byyourside_mk]

4. OP asked Haechan how it feels to be called ‘sunbaenim’, he said it’s a little awkward! Haechan recommends listening John Legend’s All Of Me before bed too [fairy_sicheng]

5. OP was full of praises for Renjun’s voice, and asked him to recommend her a song suitable for her. Renjun recommended EXO’s 나비소녀 (Don’t Go) [findsun606]

6. OP asked Jisung why was he at Hangang yesterday, he said they went for a shoot! & he prefers to call Chenle “Chenle” instead of “Chenle hyung”  [nct_tts]

7. Chenle wishes to room with Jaehyun the most, among the 127 hyungs. [0205_rum]

8. OP asked Jisung what he wishes to do in 2017, Jisung said,”NCT LIFE”. OP asked,”With NCT DREAM?” Jisung wrote,”Dream 7″ [captainofdream]

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anonymous asked:

Are you really gonna end TribeTwelve if your house is damaged? Why not make the best of this situation and incorporate it into new videos for production value? Maybe update your Twitter temporarily saying your footage was corrupted and you need to relocate for a while? Sorry, I really just don't want TT vids to end.

This is it. This ask was the last straw that broke me. The dream home that my parents built 20 years ago for our family is likely going to be destroyed in several hours by a direct landfall of a Category 4 hurricane, nearly the strongest storm ever to hit the continental United States, due to 130+ mph winds, flooded by a 10 - 15 foot storm surge, leaving my family Nimby and I homeless. I was set to take my medical school entrance exam on the 28th and moving up north next month. I had been studying for months, and when the track changed from a Miami hit to a direct west coast hit, I broke down. Been having varying degrees of panic attacks since, barely eaten. Nimby has been hiding for days, he doesn’t have the luxury of understanding what’s happening and he’s barely eating or drinking because he’s so confused and scared. My family and I are still in the direct path of asthe storm’s eye and we’re not sure if we’re guaranteed safe. Do you have any iota of what I’m losing? I’m potentially losing my home, my car, my town, my possessions, my chance to get into the Optometry school class of 2022, decades of memories, our main source of income… and me ending my stupid video series is what you decide to message me about right now? Really? REALLY? How dare you. How fucking dare any of you send me those heartless asks right now. My nightmares have become reality and life as I know it is basically over. I really can’t handle any of this anymore so I’m going dark. I’ll post updates here or my twitter accordingly. I hope you sleep well tonight. See ya