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So…. this is a journey in the first part of the game, in comic strip form :D (how surpising)  

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[Image is a nine-panel comic. Two stick-figure girls are talking. The first says, “You’re always talking about how hard life is for you, but come on–it must be really nice to not have to go to work or school.” The other girl, shocked and slightly embarrassed by this, replies, “Um, actually, no–and that’s a really offensive and insensitive comment. And…it kind of makes me feel bad…” The first girl says, “Oh, you’re just being too sensitive! You know what they say–‘Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can’t hurt you!’” The fourth panel zooms out and we see that the girls are at a table with a book in front of the second girl. She says “Hmmmmmmm,” squinting at the first girl. She squints down at her book. “Mmmmmm…” She squints back at the first girl. “Mmmmmmm–” In the seventh panel, she picks up the book and THWAP! Nails the first girl right in the face. In the next panel, the second girl is yelling under the table, “What do you say to THAT, Susan?” From under the table, the first girl (aka Susan) replies with nothing more than a feeble, “Ow.”]

Shut up, Susan.


≡(*′▽`)っit’s been over a year since wear a necklace of hope by @setter-kun, and I still think about this fic sometimes; I guess hunger games aus and stellar writing skills will always be my weakness

tatarangelic  asked:

Hi~ I saw a repost of your YOI comic when Viktor put the wedding ring in Yuuri's wallet (asking for coaching fees) on youtube, translated in spanish and no credits to your page :/ Here's the link : www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=CUtwpqd1JeY Wishing you a good day~ (and a good time playing botw XD)

I’m actually fine with it! But thanks for telling me of course, many artists get really mad about it.
Thanks I hope you have a good day too :) (THANK YOU, this game is everything lmao)

Guys, this is a candid. This is a candid photo of my best friend. Look at how pretty she is. Look at her. She’s incredible. How dare she look this good at random.

I Don’t Want the World to See Me (Cause I Don’t Think that They’d Understand)

Good God, I must be a glutton for punishment.

Okay, so I had this thought that I should get into Bucky’s head a bit, and then this idea was born.  This series will be a companion piece to WEMtbB - it will be a series of short stories (drabbles? I guess I don’t know the technical term) that shows some of the events from Bucky’s point of view.  It will not be continual or as often updated - just random little blurbs here and there.

This particular piece would be placed somewhere at the end of part 1 or the very beginning of part 2.  It probably won’t make any sense if you haven’t read the other story - it’s here if you want to read it.

Warnings - mmm…probably angst, some self loathing.

Word count - 478

Let me know if anyone wants to be tagged!

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Okay… So… I looked through my inktober art tags and felt like sketching some people’s ocs again while trying to deal with life for the past few weeks haha… These pictures aren’t as accurate as they should be (I should snoop research more. I tried to keep them accurate. Some more accurate doodles will arrive in the future once I know more, hehe…). Since I know my phone camera is not so nice, I scanned them and this is the result: horrible. Either way, I think this is a good way to get back into drawing…

Also, I hate to bother them, really. But I must credit (and promote!) the owners of these wonderful ocs! (if you can’t read the names on the pictures, here they are in order):

@renza15 @throwaninkpot @icebats-universe @pinkkittehisajediknight @aceofstars16 @dragonanne @fair-and-finn @jupiterlandings @takeabreathandsmile @queenoftheskittleholics

when you want to have a good time but there’s ship hate in the tags of your otp:

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I Don’t Want the World to See Me (Cause I Don’t Think that They’d Understand) #2

Alrighty…here’s another little segment/companion piece from Bucky’s POV.  It WOULD NOT leave me alone until I wrote it.  

This takes place during WEMtbB Part 7.   It probably won’t make any sense if you haven’t read the other story - it’s here if you want to read it.

Word count - 868

Warnings - idk…self loathing I guess?

Tagging: @learisa @musichowler @shifutheshihtzu

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20 questions

(no not *that* 20 questions)
What would the weekend be without a little tag game? This one had some questions I haven’t answered. Thank you for the tag @hug–warts your url makes me smile whenever I see it :)

Rules: answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you’d like to get to know better!

Name | Autumn
Nicknames | My sister calls me “Miss”, my husband calls me “Pookish” and my son calls me “Mommy”. Otherwise, I’ve got nothing.
Zodiac sign | Scorpio
Height | 5′8 1/2″ (I agree the halves are important, it is what keeps me slightly taller than my husband, mother and sister all who are 5'8" I used to believe I was 5'9", sadly no)
Orientation | Bi or pan. People are beautiful. I had only dated women before I married and the husband is pretty non-binary so *shrug*
Nationality | Well I was born and live in the US. My dad is of mainly Irish and English ancestry and my mum is mostly Hungarian and German, but we have some other European threads woven in there.
Favourite fruit | Oh there is so much wonderful fruit, I too love mangos but I’m going to go with white peaches!
Favourite season | Autumn of course!
Favourite book | The Harry Potter Series, but that’s a given. For a single stand alone book I’m going to go with Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman.
Favourite flower | Oh goodness how to decide? I don’t think I have a *favourite* I do prefer flowers in the white and purple range. Let’s go with Wisteria! So lovely.
Favourite scent | Cedar
Favourite colour | Green, mostly in the pale and dark ranges
Favourite animal | Chickens. I really miss mine right now.
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Tea, absolutely!
Average sleep hours | 6-7 I guess
Cat or dog person | Cat
Favourite fictional character | I’ve been wanting to answer with Morgaine from Mists of Avalon for while, but since finding some appalling things out about the author and her husband *shudders* I feel gross. Still Morgan Le Fey is a legendary figure so let’s go with her.
Number of blankets you sleep with | One and often just the sheet
Dream trip | The British Isles (especially Ireland) or New Zealand
Blog created | August 2016
Number of followers | 470

I tag: @abradystrix @aberorca @accio-hogwarts-a-history @albvsxscorpy @brightowl @charlotte-bird @demixian @erisedsubrocs @flyingbra @halfbloodwitch @mchufflepuff02 @ohscorbus @platinasi @queenofthyme @randomfinny @sc0rpiushyperi0nmalf0y @that–1–loner @torestoreamends @unnecessaryjames @wrckng-anatomy

20 Questions~

Tagged by @laybaeby, thanks cutie pie <3

Rules: Answer the 20 questions and tag 20 amazing followers you would like to get to know better!

Name: christine

Nicknames: xtine, chanyeol’s wife :3 jk but not really jk.

Zodiac Sign: taurus

Height: 5′6″

Orientation: straight

Ethnicity: korean

Favorite Fruit: atm i like blueberries :D

Favorite Season: I like cold weather so fall, winter, beginning of spring basically what its been for the past 4-5 months

Favorite Book: i don’t read books bleh

Favorite Flower: daisies

Favorite Scent: right now its anything crisp, clean and fruity but after exo’rdium LA it’ll prob be chanyeol’s sweat

Favorite Colour: teal/turquoise-ish colors

Favorite Animal: PUppIESSSSSS

Favorite Beverage: ginger ale

Average Sleep Hours: mmmmm i sleep a lot now that i’m not in school anymore… can range from 5-10 hours dont judge me

Favorite Fictional Character: toothless

Number of blankets you sleep with: one


Blog Created: honestly i don’t remember….2-3 years ago?

Number of Followers: ~1900

Want to tag (it’s really ppl i’ve seen on my activity feed and i’d like to get to know y’all but it’s ok if you dont wanna~~): @i-notice-ur-senpai @tomunio89 @silvanadeee @aerielles-adventures @chanyeolspcy @nice-receive-jongdae @babyeol @a-dyo-rable @glorious-soobooty @chanshine @chanyeoltho @kenzo-shirai @lwhats-a-biasl @smol-pilots @chogiwanyeol @ksoomylovinghusband @inblockbap

and ofc anyone else that wants to do it! just tag me pls so i can see!!

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Relationship status: single af lmao
Favorite color: purple
Pets: none rn :(
Wake up to: good food
Cats or dogs: dogs man, dogs are the best
Coke or Pepsi: big k cola my dude
Day or night: yes
Text or call: texting is more my thing
Chapstick or lipstick: both is good
City or country: city because holy hell driving 30 mins just for mcdonalds is a pain in the ass
Last book I read: killer angels by michael shaara
Last song I listened to: rise above this by seether

Five facts about me:

  1. i prob mention this too much but i’m a photographer and it’s oneof my fave hobbies
  2. also a drama nerd
  3. i make some killer snickerdoodles 
  4. i came out to my mom a week ago that was fun
  5. the two sports i love are ultimate frisbee and badminton

i’ll tag @thechivalrousfox @halloweennut @xontly @sometimesitcomesdowntothis @untiloikawa @tdrenagin @lunarlatte and anyone else who feels like doing this

anonymous asked:

If you had the chance to go on a date with Roman Godfrey, how do you think it would go? What would you want to do?

even if i had the chance, i probably wouldn’t go. i always see a lot of those roman x reader posts in the tag and a lot of them just erase a lot of his (negative) traits to fit their narrative of a ‘perfect’ guy. sure, it’s just fanfiction, but for me as a writer and someone who really loves roman as a character, it always bothers me when people turn him into someone he’s not.

he does have his good sides, but from what we’ve seen his relationships turn unhealthy pretty quickly. i see things like “he gets a little jealous sometimes :)” … no. he is obsessive. in a way he’s a spoiled kid, he doesn’t like hearing the word ‘no’ and can be controlling. not really someone you’d want to date if you ask me. 

and we’re pretty much polar opposites when it comes to our interests and personality, it would be either awkward or incredibly boring, something neither of us would enjoy. 

i guess knowing a character so well kinda ruins the whole fantasy. sorry, this probably isn’t really the answer you were expecting !!

i got tagged by @foreverleia! thank you! <3

• lipstick
• iphone
• earphones
• loose change
• my journal

• posters
• clothes scattered everywhere
• books
• various stationary (i’m obsessed)
• my small star wars and marvel collection

• get my shit together
• get into a good college and finish with flying colors
• travel and try to be more adventurous
• get a career related to the things i love doing (i.e. writing, not interacting with a lot of people)
• get my shit together

• star wars
• s tar wa r s
• star WARS
• riverdale? maybe

• finish clone wars
• finish kotor
• update/write my fic
• start on my anime to-watch list
• finish reading the firebird series

• i’m bisexual
• i don’t ship bughead (if you do, go for it! i mean, i kind of see why people like it…but yknow…it’s just not my cup of tea)
• i only started to get into star wars and marvel about a year ago (i watched the whole star wars series for the first time at around march-april and rewatching the whole mcu + starting to read actual comics turned me into who i am now)
• i love dan and phil i love phil and dan
• i’m turning 18 this year yay

tagging @captain-cassian @erosjyn @realreykenobi @sionis @binarysunset :)

Tag Game

I was tagged by @chickenleggy, thanks!  =) 

 Rules : Answer the questions and tag people.

1. How tall are you ? 157.4 cm.  I’ve given up trying to get taller.  

2. What color and style is your hair ? Brown, wavy in the mornings, and approximately a meter long.  I haven’t actually measured it.  

3. What color are your eyes ? Dark chocolate brown.  

4. Do you wear glasses ? Since I was six.  

5. Do you have braces ? Used to, but not anymore.  

6. What is your fashion sense ? Uh…  I mostly just wear black, and hope for the best, haha.  

7. Do you have any siblings ? Yes, three.  All younger than me.  They’re a menace, but I love them.  

8. What kind of student are you ? I’d like to say a good one, but my work habits are pretty shit, and my time management skills are even worse.  

9. What are you favourite subjects ? Physics – and I loved History back in high school.  

10. What are your favourite TV shows ? Doctor Who, The X-Files, and that’s pretty much it…  I think.  

11. Favourite books ? Do you have to do this to me?..  OK, 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, the HP series, Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, Vixen by Rosie Garland (though the ending sucks), The Count of Monte-Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, and frankly the list goes off into the sunset, so I’ll just stop there.  

12. Favourite pastimes ? Drawing, writing, reading, and I like going for a run once in a while.  =)

13. Any regrets ? I don’t do regret.  Maybe a few times when I wish I’d studied more diligently, but ultimately I don’t regret anything.  It’s brought me where I am right now, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.  

14. What is your dream job ? Queen of the Known Universe would be great, but I’m gunning for Software Engineer at the moment.  

15. Do you want to get married ? Maybe.  

16. Do you want to have kids and how many ? It’s complicated.  I like the idea of children, but parenting done right is difficult and I’d be terrified to fuck it up.  I suppose if I’d had a really great, supportive partner, maybe.  But in any case, two’s the limit.  

17. How many countries have you visited ? Nine.  Japan, Russia, Canada, Netherlands, the US, the UK, France, Belgium, and Germany.  Traveled a lot, as you can tell =) 

OK, so that’s done!

I tag: @sugakane-fandom@queenleviosa20241, @i-put-the-star-in-bastard, @acciopuff, @glittery–grandma, @teenageclarisse, @credxncebarebone

Enjoy.  If you want. 

i was tagged by @honeyuuri (thank you!! 💖)

A- age: 23
B- biggest fear: secret  :^)
C- current time: 1:05am
D- drink you last had: mate cocido
E- everyday starts with: looking for my glasses and checking my phone
F- favorite song: at the moment is chandelier by sia
H- hometown: south of gran buenos aires
I- in love with: love? i don’t know her
J- jealous of: pretty people??
K- killed someone?: uh i killed a mosquito today
L- last time you cried: yesterday reading a fic. i cry every day lmao
M- middle name: not telling
N- number of siblings: none
O- one wish: to get my life together???
P- person you last called/texted: my mom
Q- question(s) you’re always asked: “are you okay? you don’t look good” i’m okay, it is just my face…….
R- reasons to smile: music, art, good food, soft dogs, nice people!!
T- time you woke up: 9:30am
U- underwear color: what kind of question lmao
V- vacation destination: i don’t know, i want to see the ocean!!
W- worst habit: procrastinating, overthinking, avoiding people???
X- x-rays you’ve had: arm, leg, abdomen and lungs
Y- your fave food: pasta
Z- zodiac: sagittarius

i’m tagging @bornforvicturi @nikiforovies @milababacheva @katsukisnikiforov @lesdienne