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Hi can I request a drabble where you find out Jooheon the big bad gangster is actually terrified of something silly, like bugs, etc.?

(27) Jailbreak | Gangster Jooheon drabbles

The sound of a horrific scream reverberating throughout the basement and past your bedroom wall has you dashing through the doors without a second thought. Your heart is pounding already at the prospect of something horrible having happened, and you nearly hit your shoulder on the doorframe on your way out.

When you stumble into the living room, however, you only see Jooheon standing with his arms curled inwards and back hunched as if he is terrified of something. His alarmed gaze is fixated upon a particular position on the wall.

“Jooheon,” you ask slowly, “what’s wrong?”

He doesn’t seem to hear you, so you follow his gaze and spot a small, black bug marking its place on the wall. 

“A spider?”

“I have to kill it,” he whispers desperately, looking wildly around the area before spotting his gun on the table and nearly stopping your heart. You are already moving towards him at the speed of lightning when he literally dives for the pistol, but he aims it directly at the bug before you can stop him. 

“Jooheon! Wait!” You shout, hands clamping onto his arms before he can fire. “What is wrong with you!?”

He only glances down at you in confusion. “What?”

“You were just going to fire a gun in here? Because of a spider?”

I have to kill it, Y/n.”

“We can just take it outside,” you offer, moving towards the bug, but his arm briskly wraps around your waist and yanks you back to his chest.

“No!” He quite literally screams in your ear. “I don’t want you anywhere near that thing!” He has his pistol pointed at the bug again, and you try to squirm free with shouts of protest, but the iron grip of his arm is impossible to escape from.

“Jooheon! Just think reasonably about this!” You try to pry his arm off of you, but freeze completely at the sound of his safety trigger being removed. “Jooheon!

It will die today!” 

“You’re going to fire a hole through the wall?! What if the bullet bounces off and hurts us?!”

“Sacrifices must be made, Y/n.”

The scene dissolves into a mess of chaotic shouting and desperate pleading, before silencing suddenly at the sound of footsteps sounding around the hall. When Changkyun enters the scene, he only needs one second to process you being manhandled by Jooheon, who has a fully loaded pistol pointed at a baby spider on the wall. He then unfreezes his steps, ducks down to slip his shoe off his foot, and walks over to the area of conflict. With one slam of his shoe against the surface, the spider is falling off the plaster and Changkyun is retreating to his favorite position on the couch. 

You and Jooheon merely stare at him as he turns on the television with a click of the remote, before you’re shoving Jooheon’s loosened arms away from you.

“Put that thing away, now,” you grumble, hands straightening your clothes and your hair. Jooheon, however, only stares at Changkyun as if he’s the savior of this world.

“Thank you, man. You’re the best.”

Changkyun smiles. “I know.”

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Hi can you please rec all the soulmate au's you know of ?? Thank you loads!!!

If I’m Lucky by thespacesbetweenus

Harry and Nick are on break from uni and decide to take a road trip to search for their soulmates. Harry is completely gutted when just a few days into the trip Nick finds his soulmate (bonus points if it’s Louis) but he begrudgingly continues on. Late one night in a pub he hears Niall, drunk and loud and he knows immediately - but rather than being excited he’s terrified Niall won’t like him so he spends the whole evening dodging around the bar to get away from Niall. Finally they connect and it’s of course, perfect!

Time Has Brought Your Heart to Me by issueswithsocializing

Harry meets Niall, and feels a connection, so he gets to know him just a bit more.

Or the one where Harry and Niall are soulmates.

When I Close My Eyes, All the Stars Align by FallingLikeThis (Zayniam)

Harry Styles looks out the windowed wall of his penthouse apartment, staring down at the teeming masses that bring life to the streets below. Any one of the people down there could be his soulmate. Or, who knows, his soulmate could be halfway around the world. Or dead already. There’s no way to know, really, since Harry’s affliction is so rare. He bears the soulmate mark. It occurs in maybe one in a million people. He’s one of the chosen few who has one, single person that’s meant for them. Everyone else has the freewill to love whoever they want but if Harry ever hopes to find true love, he’ll have to go through a damn scavenger hunt to get it. And as if that wasn’t enough, he has a time limit.

Or a Beauty and the Beast Au in which Harry’s only beastly qualities are his hair and his bad attitude and Niall arrives to spy on him for his sister but ends up staying for so much more.

We’ll be a dream by jstrattford

“But do you think so? Do you think you’ve found your soulmate?” Harry’s voice breaks through the impeding silence that it takes Niall a moment to realize that he’s asking him a question.


“I mean, do you think you’ll find them? You know, since you seem to think that it’s real,” he says casually. It’s meant to be in a teasing nature but there’s a slight strain in Harry’s voice, trying to keep himself steady.

Or: the one about Niall finding his soulmate

Elapse by lostinyou

Harry had been around many couples and the sight of seeing them brings him down. Harry felt so lonely and thought to himself when will he find someone to love. When Harry suddenly feels ill and bruises begin to appear Harry had no idea what it was until he finds out who on New Year’s. Experience Harrys life to find out what happens to him. Will he find love he been hoping for?

Coffee is the scent of love by woodlazo

AU WHERE niall is tryna study but someone keeps coming up to his dorm room to stand outside his door and run back one second later so this time he is prepared to catch this person cause he’s unable to study. so he’s standing by the door when this person comes up to his door for the fifth time and as soon as niall opens the door his forehead is met with a slap of sticky note to his head and the boy in front of him is terrified and niall is annoyed but a s soon as nialls reaches to take the note off his head this boy immediately slaps his hand down and tears away the note and rips it while mumbling it’s nothing really important and now niall really want to know cause holy hell this boy is hot so he kinda just jokingly threatens him and this tall guy pulls a pained expression but introduces himself as harry and NO not harold but just harry. so now harry nervously admits that he’s seen niall in the record shop picking out harry’s favourite music and then just the other day harry again spotted niall in the library picking out a work by an author he worships and then the day before he spotted niall getting into his building and YES harry is convinced that they are soulmates and what the fuck niall realises he is in love.

The Great Escape Part 1

11 year old Cilantro
15 year old Dillon (Cilantro’s brother)

Dillon has another escape plan.

(Authors note: This is the first fic I’ve ever written. It’s heavily dialog driven, so forgive me if the details aren’t clear ^^’)


“Dillon, that’s insane, we can’t just steal a baby!”

Dillon shook his head. “You didn’t let me finish, I told you I’ve got a plan.”

Of course he did. “If your plan involves me stealing an infant, then count me out.” Even if Dillon did have a plan for their escape, Cilantro wasn’t gonna let him kidnap a child. She had… morals.

“Cilantro, just-” he sighed. “Just hear me out. Please. This one will work.”

Cilantro looked away. She could see a spider skittering across her mat on the floor of their grimy hut. Cilantro hated spiders. “Fine. What’s your grand escape plan?”

Dillon smiled. “Okay, so here’s what we do. When you go back in to bring the witch her money, she’s going to have to leave the room to go get the herbs you ordered, right? While she’s gone, you just grab her baby… and you run!”

Cilantro scoffed, “Great plan Dillon. Ten out of ten.”

“I’m not done yet. We return to her house that night. Both of us. We demand that she opens a portal to send us out of here, and when she does THEN we return her baby. Piece of cake!” Dillon put his hand on Cilantro’s shoulder. “And then we’re free, sis. We never have to see this place again. We can go to that skeleton planet, the one mom told us about! We can go back to where we belong. Don’t you want that?”

Cilantro met Dillon’s steady gaze. The Crack running down his face from where the human had hit him days ago was still red and irritated. His eye was permanently dammaged and swirling with different colors. Cilantro didn’t want him to suffer anymore. She didn’t want either of them to suffer.

“…Fine. I’ll do it.” Dillon scooped her up in a hug and spun her arround, laughing with relief. “Jeeze, it’s not that big a deal bro.” She couldn’t help but smile though. She hadn’t seen Dillon this happy in a long time.

Tears seeped out of Dillon’s eyes as he held his little sister. “We’re getting out if here sis. We’re going home.”

Home… heh. Cilantro could get behind that idea.

Never Again

Summary: Finding out you’re about to get everything you ever wanted can be terrifying.

a/n: I don’t know what happened. I was getting ready for work this morning and I started thinking about Killian Jones getting his happy ending, then I got to work and this happened. I made @unfolded73fics read it, but all errors are mine alone.

a/n 2: This fic is angsty and contains intimations of intimacy and a minor character death that occurs off screen, if those things don’t appeal to you, probably best to stop now.

He slid his left arm under her thigh and used his shoulder to nudge her leg to lie at an angle. Finally satisfied with the positioning, he laid his head on her inner thigh, curling his left arm around her hip to hold her in place and resting his right hand next to her sex. He could feel the heat radiating off of her as he stared at her still flat stomach.

The shock was starting to wear off, as a range of emotions started to battle within. A child, a family, something he never thought he’d have again. Yet here he was, awake, alive, holding on to his future and terrified it would slip out of his grasp at the blink of an eye.

He could feel her fingers threading through his hair, a light pressure, a signal that she was there with him. Not pushing, not directing, simply reassuring that it was real, that she was real, that they were real. He let his eyes fall shut against the swirl of emotion in his head, pressed the fingers of his right hand into the crease between her thigh and her sex, feeling her blood thrum through her body, calming him, centering him.

He let himself remember. The centuries faded away and he was once again that boy being shooed out of their home, letting Liam lead him away by the hand, tears streaming down his face. He could hear his mother’s screams, saw the midwives scurrying in an out of the house, saw the tension on their faces. He was too young to understand, but he knew those screams weren’t good, weren’t right. He wanted to run away, to hide, to never hear his mother scream like that again, but he was frozen in place, watching, waiting.

As suddenly as they began, the screams stopped, all movement in and out of the house stopped. The silence was deafening, it was worse than his mother’s screams. He wanted to ask Liam what happened, he wanted to break that terrible silence, but before he could the door to the house opened and one of the midwives walked out with a bundle in her arms. The sight of the blood soaked sheets stunned him into silence, the grim look on the old woman’s face as she dropped her burden into a barrel and turned back to the house without a word told him more than words ever could.

After that day his dealings with women were few and far between. His life was lived on ships with men. Until there was Milah, but in all their years together having a child of their own was never a consideration. At first, because she was enjoying her freedom, living life with a passion and a sense of adventure she never thought she’d have. They sailed the world, or at least what they knew of the world, fighting, loving, living as if each day could be their last. A life of extremes was not a life for children.

Then the guilt started to set in, and Milah longed for Baelfire. By then he was of an age that he could join them on their adventures. They talked of finding him, of convincing her husband to let the boy come live with them, to live a life of adventure and excitement and passion. But that was never meant to be. There were no screams this time, her life was ripped away by another, his chance at a family taken by jealousy and hate.

After that, he swore off the idea of family, latching on to his revenge. Until that fateful day when his path crossed that of the boy he would have called his own. The boy he would have devoted himself to, the boy for whom he would have changed the course of his life, for whom he would have given up his revenge. But the boy didn’t want him, rejected him, hated him. The boy who ripped his heart out with a look, and proved once again that a man like him was not meant to have a family.

He may have known women in the centuries that followed, cold comfort after spending too much time among men trapped on an island of children that wanted nothing more than to kill him, but those women hadn’t made him feel anything. No, Emma was the first woman in centuries to give him hope, to make him believe that his life wasn’t wasted, that he could be a good man, that he could live the life he had wanted. And now, she was here, in his arms, living proof that he was loved, that he could be a part of a family, his own family, his own blood. The sheer terror that it could be taken away in an instant overwhelmed him, made him gasp for air, tense his hand and press his face into her thigh as the tears fought for release.

He felt her gentle tug at his hair in response, pulling until he titled his head back and opened his eyes to look at her as she rested her other hand on his exposed cheek.

She stroked his cheek and nose, brushing away the tears as her own eyes grew wet. “We will love her, and protect her, and she will have the family we both dreamed of. You will never be alone again. Never.”

He drew a deep breath before tightening his hold on her. “Never alone, never again.”

So, every December, my roommate gives me whatever cheap calender she can find at whatever dollar store she’s in at the time.

This year, the theme is “slightly creepy owls” (they seem to be getting creepier every month; I’m a little nervous about December tbh).

And THIS glorious specimen is the choice for July. Because nothing says patriotic fervor better than a terrifying attack owl.

(this is about 200% funnier if you read Copperbadge’s assorted stories and musings about Tony Stark and Lovelace the demented cyborg owl….like, did Tony end up with a second owl? did he decide that Steve needed Captain Owlmerica so that he wouldn’t feel left out? did Lovelace end up with a patriotic dye job?)

“I have played by the rules for so long…

No, not your rules. You work at the behest of a system so broken that you didn’t even notice when it became corrupted at its core. When I first broke your rules, a sitting President had authorized assassination squads in Laos and the head of the FBI had ordered his men – you – to conduct illegal surveillance on his political rivals. Your rules have changed every time it was convenient for you.

I was talking about my rules. I have lived by those rules for so long, believed in them for so long, believed that if you played by the right rules, eventually you would win… but I was wrong, wasn’t I? And now all the people I cared about are dead, or will be dead soon enough. And we’ll be gone without a trace.

So now I have to decide… decide whether to let my friends die, to let hope die, to let the world be ground under your heel… all because I played by my rules.

I’m trying to decide. I’m going to kill you. But I need to decide how far I’m willing to go, how many of my own rules I’m willing to break, to get it done…

I wasn’t talking to you.”

– Harold Finch (The Day The World Went Away, 5x10)

Spider #3

The worst part of finding a spider in your room isn’t the ‘finding’ part. The worst part is when you look away for one second and it runs away and hides and then you have no idea where it is and have to deal with the fact that during the night, the spider could crawl on you.

WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME WHO FINDS SPIDERS IN MY ROOM? Why couldn’t it be butterflies I find instead (in times of trouble, I reference Ron Weasley, yes).


i sing you like a song i heard when i was young | niall/harry | 17.7k 
Ch. 1 of 2

Niall never thought he’d find his way back home. But then, the wind works in mysterious ways: a stranger at the door, an impossible escape. A whisper that changes everything, forever, again. 

A high fantasy witch AU

No, Nos, do not think about what the plot would be in that age reversal AU. 

(Do not think of Elsa’s powers coming to light, do not think of Anna mouthing “run” to her little, terrified sister.  “I’ll find you.”  Do not think of an eight-year-old child running through the forest and the mountains.  Do not think of a certain gruff ice harvester and reindeer finding a scared child.  Do not think of how Anna meets Kristoff.  Do not think of Anna’s rage at the foreign dignitaries who tried to harm her family.)

i tried to catch a spider that was in my room so i could take him outside, but the little bastard leapt out of my hands and absconded into the curtain behind my piano. like, listen little buddy, i’m trying to save ur ass. i’m willing and able to catch you and take you outside where you may fulfill your purpose and a tiny harmless creature. if my nana finds you, you’re fuckin dead. nana doesn’t have the time or the patience to pick up ur sorry ass and take u outside. ur signing ur own death warrant

anyway i named him carl

I find the differences between Carmilla’s interactions with her two siblings very interesting. Carmilla was much more aggressive when it came to Will, literally punching him in the jaw to keep him away from Laura. Whereas with Mattie, she still stands her ground with “I won’t let you hurt her… I’m serious”, but she does it in a much more passive manner, actually waltzing her away from Laura, despite Mattie posing a much larger threat to Laura’s safety, and her own for that matter.

It seems to me that Mattie is older than Carmilla, meaning that she was around pre-Ell and pre-being buried alive. Mattie was probably a mentor to Carmilla, teaching her about all the wonders that come with immortality, meaning she likely has a much more powerful influence on Carm, even now, than Will ever had (who came around after Carmilla’s traumatic experiences embittered her), which is definitely going to play a major role in the future.

character creation

(should I start a skyrim blog for these kinds of posts? do you find them annoying? let me know)

So it’s funny how much I actually roleplay in Skyrim when slipping into the guise of different characters. Phil, for example, HATES draugr. Maybe not as much now that he can stealth-kick their butts more easily, but he still loathes the creepy sound of them shuffling around.

Phil: Why couldn’t those dumb Nords have tied their feet if they knew this sort of thing happened with the dead?? Then this whole problem could have been avoided.

But my second character (who I won’t name yet I’m just waiting to make an intro post) doesn’t mind draugr, in fact he kinda likes them. “Don’t blame the draugr, poor things don’t know any better” is his mentality. I think he probably tries to talk to them but ends up getting smacked with an ancient Nord sword for his trouble. :P