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What did I find? Probably hell itself.


Even if the zombie apocalypse were to occur it would still be the best thing to happen in this disaster of a year. (submitted by @otakugamerartist)


I like to believe that once Kags gets comfortable with Hinata (on a relationship status) he starts to invade his personal space like all. of. the. time. 

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Hi! I just binge read your blog and I love the way you write. Like everyone is so in character and some of them are so funny or really sad *cough*jumin angst*cough*. Do you think you guys could do the RFA finding MC's old fanfics? Either her account or the ones on her computer? You don't have to, but I think it could be funny. Thanks for all you do! seriously, you are one of my fave mm blogs

Thank you! We’re flattered. Enjoy these:) 


  • You let him borrow your computer while his was being fixed
  • He was looking for a folder he saved there a few months ago
  • There was named “FF” which he thought it was the acronym for his most recent play “Fairy Fly” (we can’t name anything pls dont judge)
  • He was looking for his script so he opened it
  • What he found was a bunch of titles which sounded oddly familiar
  • Most of them were dated from three years ago….so curiosity got the better of him
  • He found himself surprisingly addicted
  • He’s half way through it…when he recognizes himself being described
  • You had written about a musical he was in
  • Thinking he was home alone, he started reading it in his dramatic voices
  • You hear it from the other room, and you think the dialogue sounds familiar
  • “I didn’t know you wrote fanfiction about me, babe!”
  • “I…didn’t know I would ever actually meet you. I kind of forgot about those…”
  • You’re mortified for the next few days as he keeps teasing you about it


  • He had found an old SD card lying around
  • It looked like the one he lost years ago, so he decided to check out the contents
  • He thought it would be some photos from high school
  • But instead, there was a bunch of word docs
  • He opened them and found a bunch of stories about various games
  • He was half way through, cracking up at how BAD they were
  • The characters were all mixed up and it was mostly crack fics
  • After pretty much reading them all, he takes the SD card and returns it to you
  • All he says is that he found it and figured it was yours
  • You breathe in relief
  • “This must be where I put all my fanfics from when I was in middle school. It would be horrible if anyone read them.” 
  • Yoosung can’t stop himself from giggling
  • “Yoosung, you did not!” 
  • “I did….I never saw that side of you before…”
  • He can’t stop laughing and you can’t stop hitting him


  • She had a break from work, so she decided to log into Zen’s fanclub forums
  • She noticed some young new fan recommended a fanfic author
  • Jaehee clicked on the link
  • She noticed most of the fics were from years ago, but she tried reading through some anyway
  • When she meets with you next, she starts sharing
  • She’s hardcore roasting all the fics about how they were out of character and didn’t capture Zen’s characters correctly
  • When you finally ask the pen name, she gives it
  • You laugh nervously “That…that was my old account.” 
  • There’s just a moment of silence
  • Jaehee clears her throat, “It had potential!”
  • “Thanks….”
  • She tried to encourage you to write again since you now had more experience
  • “Jaehee…my latest update was a week ago.”
  • She makes herself your new Beta reader


  • He mentioned that he recently met an actor from this show
  • You casually mention how you used to write fanfiction for that show when you were younger
  • He’s curious and asks if he can see some
  • You agree, thinking he’s going to scan over it
  • But he prints it all out and reads it…like he would a normal book
  • He didn’t realize he was about to get hit with some really bad angst
  • At one point, he forgot it was you who wrote it and kept texting you about it
  • “Yeah….I know, Jumin. I wrote it.”
  • “Oh…right…”
  • To your horror, he sends the link to your account in the chat room
  • Thankfully, he didn’t say it was you who wrote it, so you’re still somewhat anonymous
  • But you still end up getting some texts from Jaehee who figured it out
  • He encourages you to write some of your own stuff as well
  • He would help you get published if you ever wanted to start a career from your talent


  • You ask him to help back up your old laptop’s hard-drive
  • So, he has your computer for the day
  • As he was transferring files, he came across your fanfiction folder
  • He looked up some lines of text and found your account online
  • At first, he read it as a joke and would comment after every chapter
  • But he actually got really sucked into it
  • You started noticing something was up when he would be unusually protective about his recent browser history
  • Also…he commented under the name “thathackerdude”
  • Real subtle there
  • It all came out when he got to the end of one of them…and found you never finished updating
  • He breaks open your door
  • “I demand to know if they died or not! MC, don’t keep secrets from me!”
  • As a small act of revenge, you refuse to give him the rough drafts for the end of that fic 

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(( OOC: Lots can happen in a year, if the past 365 days are anything to go by. If my calculations are correct, I ventured into this not-so-little community a year ago today.

I started a little bit sceptical and hella confused. I had no idea how this thing worked pretty sure I still don’t. But a year on I’ve got a very strange new hobby that I absolutely love, and most importantly, a whole new bunch of friends.

They are the very friendliest of friends, and I am more than a little fond of them. Out of all the things that have happened over the past year, finding them has been the best thing I’ve done. I’d definitely forget someone if I tried to tag all of you, but I hope you know who you are.

So thank you to my friendly friends, who are more talented and clever and funny than I let them know (don’t want to give them a big head, after all). And thanks to you guys for sicking around. I hope you enjoy the stuff I do as much as I enjoy making it. ))

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Maybe I find weirdness in everything now but the ig thing was hours ago. It's not even 6am rn in London and she decides to engage fans again? And of course it's another larrie? Idk I just don't get it. And all of this the day his brother announces a single. Feels like they are pushing a non Larry message on this day... I just don't see the point of her engaging the fans once again, putting more attention on the subject again, hours after happening. I don't get it

It’s kinda funny timing, but who knows what anything means. Gemma goes off on Larries at least once a year, so I’m not surprised by this at all. I just find it funny because while I’m the first to tell you that some Twitter and Instagram Larries are annoying as fuck, Larries as a general group (which includes a lot of people who don’t do the really annoying stuff) are also the ones who tend to get the most accomplished in this fandom - we tend to be leading projects for the boys, we tend to be leading charity efforts for the boys, and so on. So I always find it quite entertaining that we’re continually trashed as an entire group in really rude and abelist ways every time somebody decides to be a dick on social media.

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Don't you find it highkey depressing that we have to congratulate countries for not electing Muggle Voldemorts as presidents? I mean as a French person Im relieved we escaped the worst but not thrilled in any way and certainly not proud of how roughly 1/3 people were ok with Umbridge. [this is not a hate ask at all, it's just that this overjoyed reaction I see all over the Internet has me raising an eyebrow]. Anyway I LOVE your comics, they're so funny and witty, keep doing you fellow snaek ;)

I agree - I had a moment of relief/euphoria when I saw the result, and drew my Vive La France doodle while quite tipsy and singing La Marseillaise. I guess living in the Anglo/American news world for the past year has made me paranoid.

Anyway I was swiftly Put In My Place by various gloomy French people, and tbh I agree - I’m not pro-Macron either, and a 1/3 fascist France is…not good. I still like the doodle of Emily with her nips out but if I could edit the pic I would change the caption from ‘Vive La France’ to ‘Ouffff’

Main Characters of Hannibal summed up:
  • <p> <b>Will Graham:</b> I'm unstable wahhhh!!!<p/><b>Hannibal Lecter:</b> lol I eat people.<p/><b>Jack Crawford:</b> I DON'T FUCKING CARE WHAT YOU THINK WILL, FIND THE MURDERER-oh shit I broke him.<p/><b>Abigail Hobbs:</b> Halp I killed someone...again.<p/><b>Alana Bloom:</b> Fuck you Jack.<p/><b>Freddy Lounds:</b> click, click. I'm taking photos and obstructing justice.<p/></p>
  • Frederick Chilton: Im fucking better than all of you.
  • Bedelia du maurier: I'm a mess but at least I dress nice.
  • Delirious: Have you seen Teddy?
  • Vanoss: [begins to sweat] Teddy? Whose teddy? I don't remember a teddy.
  • Delirious: My bear. Have you seen him?
  • Vanoss: You had a bear? That's weird I don't remember him. Nope I haven't seen him. Not at all.
  • Delirious: OK...? Ill go ask Lui
  • Mini: You lost the bear didn't you?
  • Vanoss: Keep you're mouth shut. I'm not ready to die today. I have time to find him!
  • Mini: How did you lose him?
  • Vanoss: I don't know! He was laying on my bed and I went to shower and he was gone!
  • Bryce: just tell Delirious. He'll understand.
  • Vanoss: we are talking about the guy who wouldn't stop pranking Nogla because he ate the last piece of cake.
  • Vanoss: I'm going to go find him! [Leaves]
  • Nogla: OK... When does it stop being funny that I took Teddy? [Holds up bear]

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I don't find it funny and I don't get why you all make fun of it?

cause we’ve been there 37 times only in the past YEAR, i’m here since 2013 and i’ve been there 560 trijillion (its a number i decided) times before…. as i stated earlier, memes and laughing posts about this shitshow both for harry and louis doesnt mean we dont feel sorry for them that have to do this and deal with white old men who think this shit is selling albums and images when they’ve been proved MORE THAN ONCE that it doesn’t. I am terribly angry and sorry that their teams prefer to sell THIS as their images rather than make them shine by themselves which absolutely doesnt mean involving their relationship or a coming out or whatever because that’s their private life and doesnt need a circus or to be used to sell, but just..let them be known for what they are, exactly like a competent team like the one that handled dunkirk promo did with harry. did he need a victoria secret model at some azoffs revival concert to sell the movie? NO. He was himself during interviews and the public LOVED it. Did Louis needed nasty with her ugly outfits to walk beside him to be appreciated and loved during that facebook live interview to introduce BTY music video, where he talked about himself and his song and his music and he was relaxed and at ease? NO, and fans truly loved that moment and wished for interviews like that one, the public would have loved the real colours of louis and his personality and to see how smart he is (it didnt happen but we could dream for a second) . THAT is what should sell and how they should present their personas, not with some desperate model who needs a fashion show contract or some nasty ugly soul whose life revolves around being a beard cause she has no other talent leeching off two wonderful boys full of potential and skills and talents that can be on top of the world if only supported by decent people. (especially louis cause harry at least has some sort of support from the label, not the kind of support that makes people appreciate him fully, but still something more than what louis has)  

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I found funny how once Jhope was so close to Jimin's face and Jimin said "guys don't kiss" and in ep 2 of Bon Voyage Jimin was so close to Jk face that he almost kissed him. And don't forget when Jimin non-stop asked Jk to kiss him. Like Jimin wtf? Haha

This is Jimin’s mind with all the rules he set himself to follow in life, you dig in a bit deeper and you find the disclaimer: “The rules do not apply to Jungkook”.

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just saying karkat is very abusive considering karkats brash and loud nature triggers daves ptsd and daves very recluse in his emotions whereas karkat seems to depend on others to validate him. they rly don't work for each other at all and by shipping them ur continuing the problem.

First of all, I thank you for coming to me, an abuse survivor who identifies as Karkat, to tell me your piece of mind I absolutely didn’t need nor care about.

After that, let’s get into what you said, ok? Dave doesn’t show, at any point, to be triggered by Karkat being loud and brash, he actually said that he finds it funny to rile him up. It wouldn’t make sense for him to find his behaviour triggering, too, because some of the things that bothered Dave the most about Bro (who is, you know, Dave’s canonical abuser and the reason he has ptsd in the first place) was his being almost completely emotionless and uncaring towards him - aside from the obvious, because he was also constantly beat up and it’s hinted that he was sexually abused by Bro, but that’s not what I’m talking about here.

Also about Karkat depending on others to validate him: how would that make him abusive? Asking for attention isn’t abuse?? Plus, considering that Dave also depends on other to validate him (see how he behaved with John, Rose, Jade, Terezi and Karkat himself through the comic), what you pointed out doesn’t make that much sense. 

And about Dave being reclusive in his emotions, that’s a consequence of his abuse, and I don’t see how Karkat fits in this, again. It just seems to me that you’re grasping at the straws to point out something that isn’t there.

tldr: I don’t care if you dislike davekat. I don’t even like how Karkat is written all that much, but you calling it abusive is bullshit that does nothing but irritate me. Wanna ship Dave with someone else? Go on, I’m not stopping you, but stop screaming abuse at something that isn’t abuse just to justify other ships, it’s absolutely disgusting.

(Edit: if you’re a cishet shipper I would appreciate you not interacting with this post, thank you)

Why didn’t B.A.P win any shows for Wake Me Up?

my thoughts on a question nobody asked me but have them anyway lmao


  • not enough people streaming on melon. literally this is the main one
  • maybe could stream a bit more on youtube?
  • needed more people voting live and for pre-votes
  • I can’t think of any more hmm did I mention melon streaming??


  • very rushed promotions to squeeze it in before the tour: only 2-3 weeks instead of the usual 4 (and usually groups don’t/can’t win in the first week of promotions anyway, so that only left around one week of being on shows in which we had a chance of winning)
  • I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s TS’s fault, but generally, fewer people tend to buy physical single albums than full or mini albums because they’re essentially paying the same price for less (eg rose was the first time I bought a B.A.P single album), but actually rose is so far their second highest-selling single album, which is pretty impressive 

things out of our control:

  • tough competition: comeback at the same time as other groups with better melon streaming / larger korean fanbases
  • music bank and music core being cancelled during the first week of promotions. mucore doesn’t have a winner anymore, but mubank was arguably our best chance at winning after the show, and because the first ep was cancelled, that was shown during the second week (whereas if that ep was a new one from the 2nd week then we could have possibly had a chance of winning), and then that was it, promotions over…
  • changes to how winners are chosen on the show: no more tudou streaming and I think no more laifeng votes? still not exactly sure what they are, but before we could collect our strength and buy them points on the show (as dumb as it sounds) and spend ages doing extra streaming on a website that kept crashing and deleting views, but now the show cares more about melon streaming too (like the other music shows) (do u see how important digital streaming is)

but don’t let that make you sad! from what I’ve personally seen, the general reaction (both fans and not) to wake me up / rose has been more hyped and impressed than it has probably since matrix. B.A.P have said they have more comebacks scheduled for this year, so hopefully we’ll be able to get them what they deserve next time.

PS: people sometimes compare B.A.P’s youtube views to other groups, where we usually don’t do as well. then there’s the usual topic of some fans leaving and moving to other groups during the hiatus etc etc etc……. well actually, our youtube views aren’t really that different from pre-hiatus? I remember when 1004 (their main breakthrough and at the height of their career back then) was released on the 3rd of february, jongup’s wish was for the mv to reach 1 million views by his birthday on the 6th - 3 days later and it still didn’t reach 1 million. on the other hand, wake me up reached 2.25 million views in around 5 and a half days. with the explosion of kpop in the last couple of years, some groups enjoy immense success on a whole new scale. our achievements only seem inferior if we compare them to others - let’s focus on ourselves and see how far both B.A.P and we as fans have come, and think about how we can continue to go forward!

PPS: nice things I’ve noticed recently (last few months since noir/skydive): 

  • more content creators in the fandom making things: more gifsets, graphics, fics etc
  • said content getting more recognition
  • a sense of humour! crack blogs, more people making funny videos and text posts and funny edits
  • honestly I keep finding new B.A.P blogs to follow - more people joining the fandom or existing fans choosing to take more part in the fandom on tumblr!
  • fans on tumblr interacting more with each other! through networks or just starting to talk to each other on here :D
  • B.A.P trended on tumblr for yongguk and himchan’s birthdays!
  • himchan and youngjae gaining more recognition in general these days
  • keep it up guys I love you all
A Visit From Walter
  • Wilford: *walks into conference room* Hey guys, just so you know, my brother is visiting.
  • All but Wilford: YOU HAVE A BROTHER!!!???????
  • Walter: *walks in wearing watermelon themed clothing, chowing down on a watermelon, and twirling his own pink mustache* Hello my good men.
  • The Host: *utter shock*
  • Dark: Well we're fucked.
Fandom train got me like
  • *choo choo*: Hello Everyone. All aboard the fandom train. Before we can begin our journey; please remember all the names in this handy dandy booklet to your right.
  • *while reading through the booklet*: You might want to forget all responsibilities while browsing for fanart in one of our many rail compartments.
  • *while getting comfortable*: If you find yourself sleepless and not exhausted at all, there are hundreds of writers available to crush your heart with some fanfictions. Please don't ignore video creators and their funny moments part 20 as well. Time will fly.
  • *ding dong*: Please notice the discussion board at the end of the train. We wish you a comfortable journey that will never end.

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Why care about the whole Jimin hates white people thing. I'm white and I don't mind at all, I actually find it funny. It's obvious it's a joke and people fucking around, it's nbd? Besides these types of jokes run around the internet and if anyone thinks it's serious all they need to do is ask and people will answer. Whoever doesn't like the joke can just not interact w it and that's it.

I keep asking this but no one can give me an answer. Why use Jimin? How about let’s use your own face and put the same caption?

What you all aren’t saying is that you all use Jimin to make the joke more acceptable to more people. It’s normalizing hate because you use a familiar face to convey it and because Jimin is someone that’s like a separate person from yourself, you somehow don’t make yourself accountable for the hatred. But use Jimin as a vessel to normalize it and make it ok. I don’t care what you hate. I’m saying that it’s really shitty to use Jimin as a face for it so that you can pass it off as a joke and let people in and think it’s ok to do it.

It’s very very very heartbreaking it comes from our own fandom. Please don’t use jimin for your hate. I don’t care if you just think it’s just a joke. Don’t drag jimin into this.

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Hey, you know who I feel doesn't get enough love in these batfam headcannons? Lucius Fox. Imagine all the times the kids have come to him with some insane gadget request or they crashed the Batmobile and don't want Bruce to find out. I don't know, maybe it's just me. You think you could come up with a few funny Lucius Batfam head cannons?

(sorry it’s taken so long for me to get to this)

-Lucius would get a series of panicked phone calls because “Hey, how bad would it be if I asked you to maybe completely remake the Batmobile in like… a day? This is totally theoretical of course, but if you could…” and he would sigh and just say “Bring whatever’s left in and I’ll see what I can do”

-Tim gives Lucius these blueprints that he sketched on a napkin after having an energy drink cocktail potent enough to kill a water buffalo and Lucius is thinking “I don’t get paid enough for this”

-Sometimes Lucius will comply and make some of the less crazy requests from the kids (and occasionally Bruce) just to surprise them, though he usually only does this for special occasions like birthdays and holidays

-If he’s feeling a bit vindictive, he’ll make the fam do a whole bunch of ridiculous things just so they can appreciate how much trouble he goes through  and then as soon as they finish, he just laughs at them and tells them that he already finished what they asked for a week ago

-The family does get him gifts and whatnot as thank you presents because they know how difficult it is to try and make these things (this was discovered after the kids tried to make their own equipment and they failed miserably only to come into the lab and have Lucius just give them this look of pure judgement)

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ASH BRANDON DAVIS JUST PUT OUT A SUMMARY FOR THE GRIMES FAMILY 2.0 DELETED SCENE. I've been crying since I read it, but I'm so pissed/confused as to why gimple would ever delete such a pivotal scene

Yeahhh… wasn’t the finale ninety minutes? I’m positive there was something they could’ve cut in favor of the Grimes family moment. Like, I dunno, Jadis trying to get a dick appointment with Michonne’s man. Funny as their reactions were, this would’ve been so much better to see. ESPECIALLY BOOKENDED WITH RICK AND CARL FINDING MICHONNE AT THE END. 😩

But you know what? I’m just glad we’re getting it at all, ‘cause it could’ve ended up on the cutting room floor with our sex scenes. 😒But we got a good bit of Richonne this season and we’re getting even more, so it’s fine. 

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I find karamel abusive because I find it abusive, but I don't blame the shippers. I worry because I am a mom and hate to see young impressionable viewers not be able to really be critical of what they view. Mon-el may be foreign but they see him as nothing less than a fully functioning adult human and because Kara is all over him, it makes all the wrong things he does seem acceptable. It is played for laughs when it really isn't that funny in real life. Not "ship hate", just concern.

I appreciate you not blaming the shippers, and I really appreciate your concern, but the thing is: from my point of view, Karamel is not abusive, not even close – and I’m 36 years old, I’m very far from being a young impressionable viewer. And what I hate is to see some feminists taking feminism the wrong way by not being able to really be critical of Kara’s flaws just because she’s a woman.

Being a woman doesn’t make us perfect, being a woman doesn’t make us flawless, and men shouldn’t have to agree with every shitty thing we do or say just because we’re women.

I’m aware of all the flaws Mon-El had in the beginning (yes, HAD, because he went through one hell of a character development throughout the season). He was selfish, immature and a coward, but he was NEVER abusive towards Kara.

Kara, on the other hand: 1) forced him to do things her way instead of asking his opinion when trying to make him fit in (not even his civilian name he got to choose himself); 2) tried to push him into becoming a hero overnight (it took her 12 years + Alex being in danger for her to become Supergirl); 3) kept judging him for being from Daxam; 4) disregarded completely his opinion when dealing with Mxyzptlk, despite the fact that he had previous knowledge about 5th dimensional beings and she had none; 5) ignored his suspicions about Jeremiah and told him to leave her home (by the way, he never said “I told you so” when it was proved he was right).

Mon-El had a hard time listening to Kara in the beginning, but – newsflash – she didn’t listen to him either. They both learned to listen to each other eventually, but it took her even longer to learn the lesson. Remember when she pushed him into talking to his mother even when he said they shouldn’t, and he almost got sent to Daxam in a cell because of that? (And, once again, he never blamed her for that or said “I told you so”…)

Neither Kara nor Mon-El are perfect, and I’m glad they’re not, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to relate to any of them. They both have flaws, they’re growing together and learning from their mistakes, and I love them for that.

TL; DR – Every time Mon-El disagreed or argued with Kara was in reaction to her being either self-righteous or judgmental towards him. He was not being abusive. He was standing up for himself, and he had every right to do so.